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starz fall hard / cw fall premiere dates / ps home 7.1.10 / today

June 30, 2010

Starz shows their true stupidity and cancels both Party Down and Gravity. Ugggghhh. Party Down was soooo funny! ..And Gravity was finally going somewhere with its storyline in the now-final episode, even having a painfully sharp cliffhanger that will now never be resolved. Great job, Starz! Fucktards.

In more positive news, The CW has already announced some Fall 2010 premiere dates. Yay. The new cheerleader drama Hellcats will premiere September 8th at 9PM ET, followed by Nikita on September 9th at 9PM ET. 90210 & Gossip Girl are back September 13th, followed by One Tree Hill & Life Interrupted on September 14th (yay!). And finally, the classic Thursday night duo of Smallville & Supernatural are reunited on Friday September 24th. 🙂

PlayStation Home will see a rather significant update tomorrow (Thursday) with the debut of the Midway carnival space. Purchase tickets to play the ten carnival games for over 100 virtual prizes, plus get a free “Darla’s Den” personal space. I have soooo been looking forward to the Midway space in PlayStation Home.. but now I’m not so excited upon learning that the place is pay-to-play. You have to spend real money for virtual tickets just to play the carnival games for virtual prizes. Sony claimed Home was free, and it certainly is.. if you want the bare minimum of virtual items. Paying for virtual clothes is one things, but virtual tickets too? Ugh… I am excited for the FREE Independence Day event and mini-game though. That sounds cool. 🙂 ..And I’ve gotta get that Apartment UFO. :p

I awoke in the morning and soon watched Make It Or Break It (very good episode, this is definitely my favorite ABC Family show right now).. while uploading my first PS3 video creation to YouTube. I actually created it last night and fell asleep while uploading to Facebook since I couldn’t get YouTube to work (changed password, duh!). Of course it’s Power Rangers, the best parts of the “Fighting Spirit” episode that I watched yesterday. Click here to check it out. Completely edited and uploaded from my PS3. Pretty cool. 🙂

I checked out PlayStation Home for a bit, then watched the final eight episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (more great episodes.. Thunder Storm! yes, Lothor is a buffoon, thanks for finally admitting it! ..the Rangers stumble into the “Take On Me” universe in “Drawn into Danger” — haha — and the final four episodes wrapped everything up nicely). I was just going to watch four today. But my dad returned home from dialysis and then went to bed rather quickly, so.. yeah..

I checked out PlayStation Home again for a while (scorpion stomping in Sodium One! finally upgraded my boots to level 4, sweet), followed by some time in LittleBigPlanet (decided to spend some time on this game again due to the iimpressive Marvel stuff coming July 7th.. may just have to buy more than just Venom and the level kit :p).

I got the PS3 offline a little earlier than expected due to rising boredom (not because my dad was bitching like a 10-year-old), then got online to news-gather. In primetime, nothing. Again. So I stayed online for another hour to get some extra things done instead. We then watched America’s Got Talent (haha) and Persons Unknown (another very good episode.. wonder what was up with the obvious censoring though.. did they think they would get away with multiple utterances of “asshole”? Perhaps they would have on SyFy? *shrug*).

And that’s about it for another lame entry. Bubye.

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adult swim aug / media / today

June 29, 2010

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim have revealed their August schedule… Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will go on hiatus after its 26th episode on August 7th. 😦 The first two Bleach feature films will run back-to-back on August 14th. August 21st will see reruns of the last two new episodes of Bleach, before new episodes begin on August 28th (followed by Kekkaishi).

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry again. Ugh. I then watched some morning TV before getting back online for a while. But soon, my dad finally woke up. We got ready and soon headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to Target and got nothing (I was hoping they’d stock the new Predator Blu so I could use my gift card on it.. no luck). Then I headed to Best Buy and picked up Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition and Hancock on Blu-ray. But now that I think about it, I should have gotten the Predator two-pack instead. It had both Predator Blu-ray movies together in a box, including this new edition. Damn. Can’t even find the thing listed on any sites..

I got my usual icee, then we headed t o the grocery store for a few things. Upon returning home, I got the PS3 online and updated my firmware. Yay.. new features I probably won’t use all that much. I hear it does fix the lead years bug too though.. I got on PlayStation Home for a bit, then watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (great episodes, especially “Fighting Spirit”.. yay, White Ranger clone’s gone.. Norton Morton.. really Kalish? Really? :p).

Next, I wasted some time messing with PS3’s new Video Editor & Uploader. I tired to cut a clip from “Fighting Spirit” an put it on YouTube. No luck of course. Perhaps I’ll try again later.. I returned to PlayStation Home a little longer, then we soon had some supper. And then I got online to news-gather…

In primetime, we watched Wipeout (yes, throw those objects right in those people’s faces while they’re running an obstacle course 😐 ), America’s Got Talent (yeah, I suppose Puerto Rico is a part of America.. good episode) and The Good Guys (lol, awesome episode this week, wow).

Hm, yes. I think I shall continue posting some sporadic news on my twitter rather than here. I’m lazy.. See ya. 🙂

back to the future 25th dvd blu / today

June 28, 2010

Universal has released details on the October 26th DVD & Blu-ray releases of Back To The Future Trilogy: 25th Anniversary.. Trilogy. I missed getting this on DVD, now I may get it on Blu-ray. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen the two sequels yet (saw the first movie on TV some years ago). Cover art could be better, as well as the edition title.. but ah well. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. And then I watched a bit of morning TV, followed by five more episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (21-25.. hmm, White Ranger clone not as bad I remember him.. yet.. still bad though.. a shame that Emma Lahana never released that album 😦 ..up tomorrow, Fighting Spirit! :D). I then got onto PlayStation Home for a while (finally checking out the other regions again.. rarely visit them anymore since most things end up in NA eventually anyway :p).

My dad returned home from dialysis, then eventually went to bed.. I watched Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole (ummm.. yeah *delete*), The Boondocks (lol, awesome episode this week 🙂 ) and Ellen’s Somewhat Special Special (my dad woke up by then.. so yeah). I spent a little time in ModNation Racers trying to beat the impossible career race (grrr), then we had some supper and watched Scoundrels (eh..).

I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, my dad mainly headed back to bed again. I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ha, not bad.. except I’m not liking where Ashley is headed, argh) and two episodes of True Blood (can’t believe I got this far behind.. great episodes.. but omfg @ the ending of the latest episode O_O ). And that was about it.

I noticed that my legs are starting to swell again. Physical Therapy gave me two pairs of temporary.. things to put on them so they wouldn’t do that. And then my dad refused to go there anymore just because we couldn’t afford to pay the continuing hospital bills. The leg things got all stretched out, fall down to my ankles repeatedly and just no longer work. What does my dad suggest? Holding them up with duct tape. Yes, really. It doesn’t matter if they’re up because they won’t stop the swelling anyway. My dad refuses to take me back to the hospital, insisting on trying to find an option himself.. only when I remind him of the problem. Otherwise, he just forgets it. Out of sight, out of mind. Oh, and today’s his birthday. But he surely doesn’t care. That’s his motto, after all.

See ya.

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Sunday 06.27.2010 —

June 27, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry. I fell asleep too early again last night. Argh. I eventually looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. Soon, I watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (wow, appears to be getting better every week 🙂 ), Kekkaishi (haha, nice show), iCarly (lol, quite funny this week), Big Time Rush (lol), Victorious (lol, plus some nice skin from the females.. thank you, beach episode 😉 ), Doctor Who (awesome finale, kinda ended up scratching my head near the end though.. some things just didn’t make much sense there.. the fez bits were priceless :p) and five more episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (16-20.. from great episodes like Bone, Bully & Translation.. to the somewhat-groanworthy Mackeral :/ ..and now White Ranger clone up for tomorrow, ack).

After all that, I got online for a while. Quite a while. All afternoon. I ordered some pizza for supper, then my dad was mostly in and out of bed for most of primetime. I watched Sons of Tucson (lol), Unnatural History (ooh, nice episode.. but a break after just three episodes? ..but then again.. that’d be July 4th. so nm :p), The Soup Presents (both “Scandals” & “UK” specials.. liked the latter one more, some clips I don’t recall seeing before) and Team Coco Presents The Conan Writers Live (lol, very funny special.. why must November 8th be so far away? 😦 ). During all that, I also got online some.. but that was about it..

See ya.

Saturday 06.26.2010 — Hey, leggo my stego! / strange dream

June 26, 2010

I awoke in the morning, got online for a bit, then soon watched Party Down (haha, very good finale), Gravity (good finale here too.. but wtf @ that ending -_-), The Whitest Kids U Know (lol, very funny), five more episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (the White Ranger saga.. last year, Doug Sloan did an episode that shouldn’t have been a “Part 4”, now this year he does one that should have been a “Part 4”.. haha.. good episodes, especially “Leader of the Whack”.. wanted to hate it for being all jokey all of a sudden in a season of mostly serious business, but deep down I loved it.. sorta like the plot of the episode itself :p), Scoundrels (eh, not bad.. I guess), The Gates (slightly better.. I suppose) and The Soup Presents. I fell asleep during that last one, for a few hours…

Over the last week or so, I’ve been having these rather realistic dreams. I never really mentioned them before because I think they went to the back of my mind and I all but forgot about them once I awoke. In this series of dreams, our family was still alive and living prosperously. My dad, my mom.. and we talked to our other family members all the time, unlike here in reality. My mom went into business at some kind of store. It might’ve been for clothing. But the most memorable part was when two very distantly related family members showed up to stay with us for a week or two.

I don’t recall how exactly we were related, or even their names. I think they might’ve been sisters, and somewhat older than me at the time. I was still in school, but it had let out for the summer.. Well, the most memorable moments would definitely be all the times I or other family members (mainly I) would catch them in multiple states of undress. >_> Sometimes underwear, other times even less. One rather odd time.. they were taking a bath together. I guess that isn’t very realistic. :p

We would go out to places together, involving some long walkway place one night where we would stop, sit and get caught in some things. Don’t think I can describe it much better than that. It was weird scene.. But finally I fell asleep today and it was time for them to leave. I was sad, mainly because I was wanting to see more of them, both figuratively and literally. *ahem* So their father came and took them home, but they left a few items which I then gathered up to remember them by. I had unfortunately taken so few pictures during their stay. 😦

Perhaps later, I was at the store that the family owned. This family arrived and trashed the place, then began stealing our merchandise. Don’t recall where my family was. I was all alone in the store for some reason. I began to cry, from real tears to fake ones once I realized it was working on them. They took less than that had originally grabbed, then returned to their old beat-up volkswagen that the kids had to push or pull to even get it started down the street. Once they were gone, I surveyed the damage and began to cry for real.. And that’s about where I woke up. Actually, now that I think about it.. it may mot have been multiple dreams over a week or so, but it just felt that way. It was the most realistic dream(s) I’ve ever been able to remember though. Something else…

I awoke from the dream and got online to immediately get it all down before I forgot it. Then I pretty much wasted all night only. We eventually had some supper.. but yeah, mainly online all night. That gave me a lot of time to look into things. The sci-fi book series Extreme Zone that I first read way back in the day finally has a couple released as ebooks.. but Book 2 & 4 in an eight-book series? O_o ..If I had any kind of ebook device, I’d buy them again though. I have the original paperback books, and I once attempted a school library binding collection.. but only have 1, 2, 4 & 8. :/ I also found my five-year-old book series guide (geocities has since deleted the original version).

Anyway.. see ya.


June 25, 2010

I awoke in the morning to find that my dad didn’t go to dialysis again. And he mainly stayed in bed.. all day.. *sigh* He got up a couple times for the mail and supper though.. And so I had the TV all day. I actually got a little bored with it though at times. I watched The Hard Times of RJ Berger (lol, the girl coming to school naked with nothing but HUGE backpack straps.. and her bottom out of frame.. but still awesome.. the main predicament near the end was a bit unbelievable though, given the clothes he was wearing), check out PlayStation Home (two bucks for a die that I can roll anywhere I go.. awesome.. :/ ), then watched Rookie Blue (good show, not bad.. guess what this show’s about? new cops! ..totally didn’t expect that :p ..mmmMissy Peregrym 🙂 ).

I follow that with five more episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (6-10, still good.. they mentioned a “two-way” again, but no girl was involved this time >_> ..White Thunder up for tomorrow, oh boy) and Memphis Beat (another cop show, sweet! :p ..but really, it was pretty good too..), then returned to PlayStation Home for a few hours (wanted to just check things out, then got involved in a minigame that took up the rest of my time 🙂 ).

My dad awoke and we soon had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. My Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 1 Collector’s Edition DVD set came in the mail today. It’s the previous Book 1 DVD set (packaging and all) put into a new book-style slip cover with a “Art of Avatar” preview book (full book sold separately) and a brand new bonus disc in a cardboard slip thingy. Glad I didn’t buy the previous season sets, or I’d be a bit angry right now. From the very beginning, I thought the series should have book-style packaging on DVD and they finally delivered. I just hope we don’t have to wait until the second movie for a Book 2 Collector’s Edition. :p

In primetime.. I let my dad watch a whole baseball game while I mainly stayed online. I did watch some of it. It was the Indianapolis Indians after all. I have such fond memories of going to see those games. *sigh* ..After the game, I watched The Soup (lol).. and that was pretty much it..

See ya.

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today / dino thunder power up

June 24, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online, then watched a very small bit of morning TV before getting online for most of the morning. Waiting for my dad to get off the TV. lol. He finally did at about 12:30 or so, then I got onto PlayStation Home. lol @ the new cat & dog suits. They have their own kind of walk. It’s pretty funny-looking. I got the orange cat suit (to somewhat match my cat) as well as the brown bull dog. You change the body’s width to get the suit to open it’s mouth. The cat has his wide open, while the dog not so much but with a tongue sticking out. :p

And from there, I checked out ModNation Racers (mainly to make my first golf cart, woot.. got a voucher code online that gave me the proper pieces.. yay 🙂 ).. and then finally watched the first five episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. It was a great start to this season. *drools @ Kira* The first five were kind of like a movie in a way, with Tommy’s return and all. This is probably my second favorite Disney season though, behind RPM. I just can’t excuse the White Ranger clone debacle. Blargh. I notice they didn’t mention Forever Red in “Legacy of Power”. Perhaps there was another untold adventure with the Time Force Rangers that made those events never happen? And maybe that same adventure caused Lord Zedd & Rita to have a son? Haha. Nonetheless, that’d make a heck of a fanfic. :p

And then I returned to PlayStation Home and did a little redecorating of my personal spaces. I kept forgetting to put out the Alien Invasion event trophies. They’re UFO-shaped lava lamps in silver and gold. And it’s pretty awesome how they project an image onto the wall. 🙂 ..My dad had gone to bed, gotten up, then went back to bed again. And then he woke up again and we had some supper. I eventually shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather.

In primetime, my dad wanted to watch a baseball game again. So I gave in and let him watch his game. But then he decided to watch the movie anyway. That movie was my next Netflix selection — She’s Out Of My League. It was a pretty fun and funny movie. We both liked it a lot… And that was pretty much it.

See ya.

human target s1 dvd blu music replacement? / today

June 23, 2010

Human Target: The Complete First Season has been officially announced for a September 21st DVD & Blu-ray release. Cannot wait to see these again. Jackie Earle Haley was great in this, as he was as Rorschach in Watchmen. 🙂 But what’s this on the back cover — “Audio Mix Enhanced from Broadcast”? Music replacement? Argh. Hope not..

Before going to bed last night, I watched Check It Out (Robert Axelrod again, ha) and The Whitest Kids U Know (lol, especially @ the senator campaign ad :p).. I awoke the next morning and got online for a bit. Then I watched Gravity (pretty good episode.. some interesting things happened), Party Down (lol, very funny episode), Sons of Tucson (lol, over a week old episode.. time to empty my PS3 DVR a bit) and Dragon Ball Z Kai (I’ve just seen this story so many times already.. I’m starting to get way behind and whenever I watch an episode, I just about always end up falling asleep during it :/ ..may have to give up on this one eventually).

So yeah, I fell asleep.. then I awoke and watched the final eight episodes of American Dad Vol 5 (I just really wanted to get this DVD done and over with.. now I can start Power Rangers Dino Thunder a day earlier.. yessss). My dad came home from dialysis during this, went to bed, got up again, and eventually went back to bed again.. I got onto PlayStation Home for a bit, then checked out ModNation Racers briefly (I cannot finish this Sinkhole race anywhere in the single digits.. it’s impossible -_- ).. before moving on to Saints Row 2 (wanted to play something else.. and I must admit this is more fun than GTA IV, sucks we’ll have to wait until late 2011 for Saints Row 3 though 😦 how you can use the Plastic Surgeon to make your character look however you want.. so of course I immediately made a hot female character wearing only a G-string and pasties.. oh, and fake cat ears *ahem* >_>).

I totally lost track of time playing that game. Before I knew it, it was already after 8PM. Ack. My dad woke up not long after that and I shut off the game. We soon watched America’s Got Talent (some good ones this week, for once), Hot In Cleveland (lol.. and my dad thinks its an old show just because it’s on TV Land -_-) and 100 Questions (lol). And that was about it.

See ya.

media / today

June 23, 2010

I awoke in the morning, then had to reboot my computer in order to finish yesterday’s entry. Grr. All this severe weather is really starting to annoy me. Thunderstorms nearly every day, interrupting my TV, interrupting my internet. Some places in my states got six inches of rain last night. :/ ..So I finished the entry, then I shortly napped before heading out to media buy.

First, I headed to Target. I was intent on at least getting Remember Me on Blu-ray for $25.99 minus last week’s $10 gift card. But after thinking about a while, I actually passed on it altogether. The bastards at Target didn’t even get any copies with slipcovers on them. And the studio appears to offer them that way now since a sticker was on the plastic (I later visit Best Buy to find they have it in slipcover with sticker.. for $26.99). Looks like I’ll wait for a price drop, and perhaps see it on Netflix while I wait. The sticker mentions a free Robert Pattinson post by mail (OMG! *rolls eyes* ..if it were Emilie de Ravin, on the other hand.. *drools*).. Target is also offering Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 1 Collection – Collector’s Edition DVD set for $40. I just had to ask an employee to confirm that price. My copy shipped from Amazon this morning for $26.99 plus free shipping. Haha. :p

Next, I moved on to Best Buy and only picked up Watchmen on DVD for $5. Someone on a DVD forum I regularly visit brought up that it was a good time to finally get the theatrical version on disc at that price, so I did (the Blu only has the Director’s Cut 😦 ). I really wished I had gotten Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut when it was released, but it was pretty much just a repackaging of everything I had already purchased separately and it wasn’t on sale anywhere.. so I just couldn’t do it. 😦 ..I did download that Ultimate Cut though.. >_>

I got my icee, then we headed home. I got online to inventory the new discs while my dad watched his boring morning TV again. But I eventually took over the TV (after he left), then I watched the first six episodes of American Dad Vol 5 (lol). And after that, I wasted some time in PlayStation Home (finally decided to try that soccer minigame.. I put myself in the queue to play it.. then I can’t work it anymore.. I waited for nearly an hour before giving up). I then followed that with Family Guy (“Partial Terms of Endearment” the episode FOX were too big of pussies to air because it deals with abortion.. so it aired on the BBC instead.. lol, good episode).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Wipeout (back for another summer season.. now making it more obvious than ever the showrunners just love shoving people into pools) and two hours of America’s Got Talent (fairly good, I guess..). And that was pretty much it.

Lately I’ve been considering giving Power Troopers a new and updated shot. Yes, the series of stories I wrote a loooong time ago.. that were pretty much just Power Rangers fanfic. lol. :p I wanted it to be separate, so I changed the name of the group and their mecha.. and yet used a bunch of other characters from the series and first movie nonetheless. Not sure yet, but if I do I’d probably go all original with it this time around, with maybe a subtle reference or two.. *shrug*

See ya.

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June 21, 2010

I awoke in the morning and finished up the previous entry, then I got onto PlayStation Home (the thing kept losing the “network connection” right after loading up.. then the third delete & reinstall of the app this week alone fixed it.. damn..). While waiting for the install though, I watched last night’s The Boondocks (lol, Tyler Perry cult.. awesome).. and then returned to PlayStation Home. For many hours in fact. I met some new people and kept being invited from space to space with them. Pretty neat to be.. not all alone for once.

My dad returned home from dialysis, then soon went to bed.. and I stayed in PlayStation Home the whole time. Shortly after 2PM, I finally pulled myself away from it long enough to watch the last four episodes of Family Guy Vol 8 (lol, very good episodes.. the deleted scenes were rather funny too.. nice to separate them by episode this time, but it would’ve been even nicer to have put them in each episodes’ “extras” menus that currently only features commentaries and “original televised episodes”).

I then went to ModNation Racers for a bit. I keep trying the best I can to beat the Sinkhole career race, but I have no luck whatsoever. The differing difficulty from race to race in career is annoying. I hear they’re working on it though. Pretty soon, I might just gave up on this game until I hear of a patch… My dad woke up again, then eventually made some supper.. and went right back to bed again. I briefly got on PlayStation Home again before opting to get online to news-gather instead.

In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha, I liked the testimonial montage.. the rest was just okay..). My dad then woke up again with no recollection of getting up for supper… then we watched The Good Guys (my dad’s liking this one, as do I 🙂 ) and Persons Unknown (another very good episode.. really liking this show, I see why they plucked it from SciFi for airing a big network instead.. I wonder if the season finale will be two hours since the Season 1 DVD is out August 17th and the season wouldn’t be done airing in time otherwise :p).


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