back to the future 25th dvd blu / today

Universal has released details on the October 26th DVD & Blu-ray releases of Back To The Future Trilogy: 25th Anniversary.. Trilogy. I missed getting this on DVD, now I may get it on Blu-ray. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen the two sequels yet (saw the first movie on TV some years ago). Cover art could be better, as well as the edition title.. but ah well. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. And then I watched a bit of morning TV, followed by five more episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (21-25.. hmm, White Ranger clone not as bad I remember him.. yet.. still bad though.. a shame that Emma Lahana never released that album šŸ˜¦ ..up tomorrow, Fighting Spirit! :D). I then got onto PlayStation Home for a while (finally checking out the other regions again.. rarely visit them anymore since most things end up in NA eventually anyway :p).

My dad returned home from dialysis, then eventually went to bed.. I watched Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole (ummm.. yeah *delete*), The Boondocks (lol, awesome episode this week šŸ™‚ ) and Ellen’s Somewhat Special Special (my dad woke up by then.. so yeah). I spent a little time in ModNation Racers trying to beat the impossible career race (grrr), then we had some supper and watched Scoundrels (eh..).

I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, my dad mainly headed back to bed again. I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ha, not bad.. except I’m not liking where Ashley is headed, argh) and two episodes of True Blood (can’t believe I got this far behind.. great episodes.. but omfg @ the ending of the latest episode O_O ). And that was about it.

I noticed that my legs are starting to swell again. Physical Therapy gave me two pairs of temporary.. things to put on them so they wouldn’t do that. And then my dad refused to go there anymore just because we couldn’t afford to pay the continuing hospital bills. The leg things got all stretched out, fall down to my ankles repeatedly and just no longer work. What does my dad suggest? Holding them up with duct tape. Yes, really. It doesn’t matter if they’re up because they won’t stop the swelling anyway. My dad refuses to take me back to the hospital, insisting on trying to find an option himself.. only when I remind him of the problem. Otherwise, he just forgets it. Out of sight, out of mind. Oh, and today’s his birthday. But he surely doesn’t care. That’s his motto, after all.

See ya.

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