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July 10, 2011

I haven’t written an LJ entry in a while now. Why? Well, because nothing has been happening. I got Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Extended Edition on Blu-ray and immediately watched through that in six days (half-movie a day, like when I completed my collection of Extendeds on DVD :p). I also finally watched Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Season 1 on DVD. I bought it months and months ago but waited for the second season premiere to finally watch them all again (Wednesday night at 8:30PM ET on Nicktoons.. and about time! Season 1 completed airing in 2009! Damn Disney for buying up Marvel and halting everything.. and canceling Spectacular Spider-Man! Grr!). The Volume 1 Blu-ray was exclusively at Best Buy in the US.. so it should’ve been no surprise that it didn’t sell well and no more Blu-rays of the series were released. Gr. And the Blu-ray (which I also own) featured the series in widescreen while these DVDs cut it to full screen. Ugh. :/

Besides that, not much has been happening.. except video games and more video games. I’ve fallen into a more immersive experience to try and forget all the drama.. as I mentioned before. I’ve always had a tenancy to want to keep my hands busy in one way or another, so this fits. And due to PlayStation Plus (activated the free month later on an alternate account, teehee), the free games from the Welcome Back program, and the games I’ve recently bought that I haven’t finished either.. there’s way too many options to choose from. Burnout Paradise went on sale this week (only $8), so I bought it.. and had to start my game all over again. I previously had a free EU version downloaded during PS+, but that expired.. and the game save didn’t work with the US version. :/

Yay, I have food stamps now.. but of course I spent over half of them foolishly on expensive crap right at the start of the month. Then again, some of this microwave crap is expensive. No way to get around it.. unless I just starve or something.. Plus I made a few possibly-hasty DVD purchases at the start of the month and am running a bit lower than usual in the bank as well (or maybe that was due to some damn cable bill BS). Wish I could return this Avatar: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray now.. that I only bought to exchange the slipcover for the banged-up one my copy had. Plastic’s still on it.. so it should be no problem. I should probably actually watch my copy too…

My aunt let me go to Best Buy at the start of the month and that was great.. but I usually just get new releases on Tuesday and there are barely any definite new release purchases coming up this month, hence the possibly-hasty purchases. Naruto Uncut Season 3 Vol 2 DVD set for twice as much as Amazon. Ack. Too late to return that one though. I’ll start watching Season 3 tomorrow. I passed on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood at Best Buy too, found them at about half the price on Amazon and bought them too. Now I just need the last DVD set coming next month before a complete series viewing.. And now back to Avatar. $40. I thought to myself that I’d get the money back once I return it so it’s fine (and the better-looking-than-mine slipcovers just tempted me too much). I just didn’t think about how long it’d be before I could return to Best Buy. Stupid me. 😦

With the lack of entries lately.. even though I’ve been starting to get the PC online a little more often recently.. I’m considering not paying up to LiveJournal for more time on my paid account.. when it expires in October. Oh, that gives me plenty of time to think about it, I guess.. The spam comments are starting to get more abundant, then I have to delete them one at a time.. on Firefox 5 that seems to have some annoying bugs in it. Grr.

Well, back to my PS3 I suppose. Those Aurora orbs in PlayStation Home won’t collect themselves… See ya.