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January 31, 2006

Rangerboard’s Shirley Chong has posted an interesting new interview with Power Rangers Time Force‘s Red Ranger(s), Jason Faunt. Check it out.. 🙂

The N has green-lit a second season of 13 episodes for South Of Nowhere. It will begin filming in late spring and the episodes are set to begin airing in October 2006. Yay. 🙂

The WB has decided to move Supernatural to Thursdays at 9PM ET, directly after Smallville, beginning on March 16th. That’ll make it one “super” night. :p … *hides*

Speaking of something super, Warner has announced new details concerning its DVD release of Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. The 14-disc set (including all five Super films – Superman I – IV & Supergirl) is scheduled to be released in November 2006, to coincide with the DVD release of Superman Returns. “The Donner Cut” of Superman II will be exclusive to the boxed set and will consist of 50% never-before-seen footage (70% of it directed by Donner). Click the link above for more details on this and many other releases Warner has planned for 2006.. 🙂 reports that.. Amazon reports that Scrubs: The Complete Third Season will be released onto DVD on May 9th. Yay. 🙂 ..TSoD also reports that the new repriced & repackaged X-Files DVD boxed sets that began being released today (Tuesday) don’t include the Special Features discs from the original releases. I had even considered upgrading to these thinpak case releases (even after buying the originals for at least $80 each), but then Fox had to go and screw it up. Ah well. 🙂

FOX has set its February sweeps month schedule. Unfortunately, it’s disappointing this time around. It includes the two-hour season finale of Arrested Development on February 10th, a special Monday night episode of House on February 20th, a special Tuesday night episode of War At Home on February 28th, and the series premiere of Free Ride (starring Time Force‘s Erin Cahill) on March 1st. It looks like most of their shows are going into reruns opposite the Winter Olympics coverage. Grrrr. If all the other networks do this, I’ll have nothing to watch. Damnit. *pouts* 😦

CULT (The CW) – Rockne S. O’Bannon’s drama pilot, about a man’s (Matthew Bomer) investigation of a string of mysterious deaths and disappearances surrounding a TV series named “Cult,” has been terminated following last week’s announcement of the merger between The WB and UPN. The new network’s limited real estate was cited as the reason by industry insiders. Warner Bros. Television was behind “Cult,” which was to be directed by Yves Simoneau from a script by O’Bannon.

Aww.. 😦

MR. & MRS. SMITH (ABC, New!) – A small screen version of the recent Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt-led feature, about a suburban couple secretly working as competing assassins, is being developed by its director, Doug Liman. ABC has given a pilot order to the project, which is being targeted for midseason 2007 at the earliest. Simon Kinberg, who penned the feature script, is on board to write the pilot with Liman likely directing should his schedule permit. Regency Television and Fox TV Studios are behind the hour, which will be executive produced by Kinberg, Liman and Doug Bartis via the latter two’s Dutch Oven (previously Hypnotic) banner.

Ooh.. 🙂

SciFi Channel has slightly changed their schedule. Passions will now begin from the first episode on February 13th at 9AM, a week later than previously announced..

I stayed up past 2:30AM last night, for once. To bad there wasn’t a promo to capture. :p ..I awoke the next morning freezing cold. Even more than usual because my dad turned down (or off) the bedroom heaters to try and save some money. *sigh* I read another great chapter of Area 51, briefly got online, had some breakfast, and watched some morning TV. But soon, we went out to media buy..

First, I checked out Best Buy and was only able to purchase Avatar Book 1 Vol 1. Grr. I really wanted the new TMNT volume (I hear they’ve finally stopped including the commercial bumpers). The website says the DVD was in stock, yet the guy I spoke to couldn’t even find the damn thing in their database.. I added a visit to WalMart to try and find the DVD there instead. No luck (though I did notice they were down to one Mystic Force Knight Wolf Battlized Ranger figure.. but I’m not into the toys so..). Then I went to Target. Again, no luck.. Next, I complained like a damn baby to my dad once I realized the person back at Best Buy could’ve gotten the search wrong. We went all the way back out to Best Buy with the little gas my dad had left. I asked two others separately to look for it. It seemed they couldn’t find it either. One couldn’t spell “mutant”, and the other one gave me some bullshit explanation that the website only indicates which stores the DVD can be sent to for in-store pick-up. Grrrrrr. So mostly due to some computer/employee fuck-up, I left the second time with nothing..

We watched Passions. It was somewhat interesting. I’m so rooting for Theresa, even though she’s been acting rather crazy lately.. Next, I watched episodes 11 & 12 on the GitS SAC 2nd Gig Vol 3 DVD (the first was pretty touching, nice little backstory for the main character.. and the second was just awesome). After that, I kinda fell asleep on the couch for a bit. Then returned to my freezing bedroom to inventory the new DVD and to news-gather. I was rather busy with the latter, as you can see above. :/

I got done online at 8PM again and headed to the living room. We watched According To Jim (lol) and Rodney (lol). But then our evil dictator had to interrupt the night with his bullshit. My dad didn’t want to hear it, so he returned to basketball and I returned to my room. I checked out Anime Network for the first time in a while and watched Cromartie episode 26 with bonus Fuccons episode (lol). I played with the cat a little, finally had a little late supper, then returned to my room. Again..

I can’t believe there’s still money in the bank after the last Tuesday of the month. Usually, it’s down a lot more than it is now. I did pass on a few DVDs this month that I probably would’ve otherwise gotten. And next month looks even lighter DVD-wise. Yay. See ya..

[ UN Will ‘Save The World’ In Exchange For Global Govt ]
[ The Looniest Of All 911 Conspiracy Theories ]
[ Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story Is A Hoax ]
[ Blood Money – Illegal Iran / Iraq Weapons Trail In DC, UK – Part 1 ]
[ Blood Money – The Devil Is In The Details – Part 2 ]
[ Most Iraqis Doubt US Will Ever Leave ]
[ US Consumer Savings Rate Lowest Since 1933 ]
[ Brokeback Mountain – Understanding Propaganda ]

“This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address fall on the same day. As Air America Radio pointed out, ‘It is an ironic juxtaposition: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication, and the other involves a groundhog.'”


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January 30, 2006

Kyl417 seems to have a new description for Power Rangers Mystic Force that reveals a villain’s name…

Banished to an underground world for years and now more powerful than ever, those who practice the dark magic have broken free from their underground world to take over Earth. The only hope for survival lies in the ancient legend of five mystic warriors who must learn the ways of magic to defeat the evil Morticon. These warriors are the Power Rangers Mystic Force… Magic That’s Beyond Belief!

Also, Disney Channel has been sighted airing some Power Rangers Mystic Force promos as well (redirecting to Toon Disney’s premiere date, of course). 🙂

This Friday, February 3rd, will premiere a new web exclusive series of eight short 2-3 minute episodes titled Degrassi Minis. One will be released each week, and the series even includes the return of a past character… Click here for the press release and episode schedule (with spoilers). 🙂

In order to cash in just a little bit more before M:I 3 hits theaters, Paramount will release a new Mission Impossible: Special Collector’s Edition DVD on April 11th.. Meanwhile, New Line is releasing The Wedding Singer: Totally Awesome Edition to DVD on April 25th. It will include a new five-minutes-longer unrated version of the film..

Ain’t It Cool News reports that the final nine episodes of Justice League Unlimited will begin airing in Cartoon Network on February 11th… 😦

Once again, I foolishly thought that I could stay awake. I read a chapter of Area 51 and settled back to search– you know what by now– and fell asleep too early. Just after 1AM. 😦 ..I awoke the next morning at about 7AM and soon got online for a bit. Then I watched some of the usual morning TV.. My dad had to call AAA again to get a jump, then went off to find a place to help with his electric bill. I took the time to.. search for that damn promo. And they finally aired it again after their movie, just before 10:30AM. I finally got it. Yay. 🙂 I got online for awhile.. My dad soon returned with no luck, and his damn depression ruined my post-promo good mood. 😦 I had to get away from that BS, so I got back online..

My dad got another tax thing in the mail, so we went off to the tax.. service place. I stayed in the car and nearly fell asleep. But my dad forgot something at home and had to return later. Then I went to a couple places to get a few more groceries.. We arrived home and I watched Unfabulous and Zoey 101 on DVR (both were pretty good) while my dad went back to the tax service. He returned even more sad. He couldn’t get a return from how little he had. *sigh* We watched today’s rather useless episode of Passions (except for that ending and “Hanna Nicola Smyth” lol). I payed for a little supper, got everything straightened out on the DVR, and got online to news-gather. I finished up online at about 10 minutes until 8PM..

Since half of the CBS shows were reruns, we watched Surface (wow, it’s turning into a disaster movie for the finale.. nice.. and haha @ redubbing “asshole” to “buttwipe” in the cafeteria scene), Two & A Half Men (still pretty funny the second time around), Courting Alex (still slightly better than its predecessor) and CSI Miami (coool). After all that, I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ The Decline And Fall Of America ]
[ US Plans To ‘Fight The Net’ Revealed ]
[ Al-Zawahri Calls Bush A Butcher, A Failure & A Liar ]
[ Torture The Innocent – Release The Most Wanted ]
[ UN Plan To Spend $7 Trillion To Solve All World’s Problems ]
[ Your Monthly Credit Card Payment Just Doubled ]
[ US Primary Health Care About To Collapse Say Physicians ]
[ Army Forces 50,000 Soldiers Into Extended Duty ]
[ Paraguay – Mystery Fish With Hands & Feet ]

[ Free Tickets for Feb 8th Screening of Final Destination 3 ]

Sunday 01.29.06 — what i see is what’s to be…

January 29, 2006

Once again, I thought I’d be able to stay awake a bit late to try and catch that Mystic Force promo. Of course, no luck on either.. I awoke the next morning and eventually took over the TV again (as my dad returned to bed). I watched the new episodes of South of Nowhere (whoa, especially at the lesbians making out.. season finale next week already? *pout*) and Full Metal Alchemist (wow.. awesome). Now I’m trying to catch that promo again. I doubt it’ll air during the day anyway. It aired Wednesday night at 12AM and Friday night at 11PM, so.. it could air again tonight.. *shrug* :/

I got back to work promo searching. I also played with the cat a little. Then I watched / taped last night’s new episode of Skin (the first of the unaired episodes anyway.. it was pretty good).. and got back back to searching for that promo again. But I gave up at noon and watched The Soup on E!. And now my dad has thrown me off the the living room TV for the afternoon so he could watch his useless sports crap. Fine with me. I have a bit to watch on the bedroom DVR anyway..

First, I watched 24 (wow, loving this season.. maybe one more before I wait for DVD), Bones (also pretty good), Freddie (lol), That 70s Show (lol) and Bernie Mac (eh it was okay). Then I took a break and read a chapter of Area 51. Once I returned, I watched Crumbs (the best episode yet.. I just wish it was on a different night so my dad could see it too) and Veronica Mars (great episode.. Lucy Lawless’ character was awesome.. hope she becomes a recurring). And we had some supper somewhere during the last two. Now it’s time to go.. k..

I joined by dad and watched 90 minutes of Funniest Videos. Then followed that up with Simpsons (lol), War At Home (lol.. one of the best yet), Family Guy (rofl), American Dad (lol) and Grey’s Anatomy (wow, rather good.. next week looks even better). I was promo searching throughout the night also. No luck, of course. *sigh* I returned to my room afterward and remembered to set a DVR recording for tomorrow night’s world premiere ofFlight 93 on A&E, the first of the 9/11 “official story” bullshit films..

Today was better than yesterday. Except I still haven’t gotten that promo.. My 23rd birthday’s on Wednesday. It’ll probably be one of the most uneventful birthdays ever. Yay. 😐 See ya.

[ Makow – Was Hitler A ‘British’ Agent? ]
[ US Tells India To Back Off Syria Oil Deal ]
[ India Changes Tune, Defends Iran ]
[ Saddam, Attorneys Walk Out Of His ‘Trial’ In Protest ]
[ NO Evidence Tamiflu Works Against Bird Flu ]
[ The “Iron Sun” Debate – Part IV ]

Saturday 01.28.06 — deeeeep hurting.. and boredom..

January 28, 2006

Last night, I returned to the living room as my dad went to bed.. and changed it to Toon Disney in order to try and catch that damn PRMF promo. I thought I’d be able to stay awake… But the next thing I knew, it was early the next morning already. I turned the TV back on and got back to work. But soon fell asleep again.. I awoke to my dad watching his damn news. He soon gave the TV back to me though and returned to bed.. I watched most of that hour of The Batman, followed by Viewtiful Joe.. even though I fell asleep during and didn’t care enough to rewind and see what happened. Now I’m back to trying to capture the promo. *sigh* I have a feeling this will be a long and boring weekend…

I soon took a break and watched Best Week Ever (lol). But when I went to watch Web Junk 20, I found VH1 changed their plans yet again. I got another DVRing of Best Week Ever.. making my loss of the promo last night all that much more useless. -_- My dad came back out of his room and napped on the chair instead..

I pretty much watched Toon Disney all day long, waiting for that damn promo to re-air. I took breaks throughout to watch John Doe & Web Junk 20. I also played with the cat a bit. Booorrrrred. But my dad looked even more so. And more than a little pissed about the all-day takeover. We had a rather lame supper and I read two chapters of Area 51.

I took another break later on to watch some Funniest Videos, only to discover it was an episode we had already seen. 😦 As part of the promo search, I had to watch SPD again. I’m really tired of seeing it and wish I could put the experience behind me.. Next, I watched the new episodes of Zatch Bell (lol) & Naruto (awesome). I was surprised when my dad went to bed soo early. *sigh* ..Later, I watched the new BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo before finally returning to my room..

Today sucked. I don’t think I’ve ever been as bored as I was today.. See ya.

[ FL Gov Jeb Bush Shredding Abramoff-Related Docs? ]
[ VeriChip RFID Implant Hacked! ]
[ Iran Crisis ‘Could Drive Oil Over $90’ ]
[ Russia To Benefit Politically, Economically From Iran Crisis ]
[ Climate Expert Says NASA Tried To Silence Him ]

superman dvds / today

January 27, 2006

Warner has plans to release all the Superman films on Special Edition DVDs later this year, just like they did with the Batman films last year. Also expected to be included is a never-before-seen Richard Donner Director’s Cut version of Superman II. Coool.. Click here for an article with lots of new details..

I fell asleep while trying to capture the new PRMF promo before posting the previous LJ entry. Early the next morning, I tried catching it some more.. but my dad soon woke up. Damnit. So I returned to my room, finished up the entry, and was online for a bit. I finally listened through.. a good part of the Now #1’s CD, then got online again, watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. Next, we watched last night’s episodes of My Name Is Earl (rofl) and The Office (lol) and I took over to try and catch that new promo. At 1PM, we watched Passions (okay episode.. lol @ the bollywood sequences).. then I went back to promo-searching. All afternoon. The boredom set in rather quickly, even during the Kim Possible episodes.

I was glad when it turned 5PM and I returned to my room to news-gather. While still trying to get the new PRMF promo and having a bit of supper. I finished up online at about 7PM. I couldn’t wait anymore to see the new promo, so I downloaded it. *drools @ Madison* :p Then I read two and a half chapters of Area 51 (one of them was only a couple paragraphs :p) before watching Ghost Whisperer (awesome.. yay backstory), Close To Home (wow pretty good) and Reba (lol). Then I read that half chapter of Area 51 that I had left behind. Man, they should’ve made this into a movie when a script was sent out quite a few years back. I really like how the book series involves everything, with ‘scenes’ taking place all over the world.. Soon, I returned to my room for the night.. The PRMF promo I have been looking for finally re-aired at the end of The Tick, but it played at a point when I was DVRing something else. Fuck. My perfect stroke of luck continues.. *headdesk x50* 😦

Heh. What I find kind of funny is how my dad kept bitching about me “wasting” all my money on DVDs. Now that I have been cutting back on some of my purchases, he complains on a boring afternoon something like “where are all those movies that you buy?”. I’ve cut back, so most of the purchases I’ve made recently have been anime or animation. :p I only have four definite buys listed on my shopping list text file for February, two of them being animation. But who knows? Maybe I’ll decide to get some of the seventeen questionable buys I’ve got listed. *shrug* ..See ya..

[ Bush’s NSA Pleads Ignorance Of The Law! ]
[ World Cup Soccer To Be Police State Sales Pitch ]
[ Revelations About WTC Towers In 9/11 Oral Histories ]
[ Inquiry Into Diana’s Death More ‘Complex’ Than Expected ]
[ New Orleans May Lose 80% Of It’s Black Population ]
[ Pandemic Unlikely Until H5N1 Passes Human-To-Human ]
[ Cashless Society – Training Kids To Use Credit Cards ]
[ Scientifically Advanced Countries Reject Fluoridation ]
[ The ‘Iron Sun’ Debate – Part III ]
[ Less Than Satisfying Encounters With Humanity ]

prmf female promo / monster warriors / avp 2 / ultra tv / today

January 26, 2006

Yet another Power Rangers Mystic Force promo has aired. This one shows off the female Pink & Blue Rangers (Vida & Madison). Believe it or not, it debuted during Toon Disney’s Midnight ET airing of S.P.D. on Wednesday night.. Click here to download it. 🙂

There’s a new Power Rangers-esque live action kids series on the block called Monster Warriors. It’s created by Jetix and so far will only air on YTV and Jetix Europe. Hope it eventually makes its way to the US. Looks interesting.. 🙂

Tom Rothman, “Head of Fox”, has revealed that Alien vs Predator 2 has been set for an August 2007 theatrical release and that it will take place in a “contemporary setting”.. Hmm.. :/

ULTRA (CBS, New!) – “Joan of Arcadia” creator Barbara Hall has scored a pilot order for a new drama based on the Image Comics property of the same name, about Pearl Penalosa, a single city-girl superhero balancing the demands of greatness with her love life and social calendar. CBS Paramount Network Television is behind the project, which Hall will write and executive produce with David Engel and David Alpert serving as co-executive producers.

Interesting.. but only because it’s based on a comic book.. :p

I stayed up and read a chapter of Area 51 before falling asleep.. I awoke the next morning to see my dad had already gone off to the handout place. I tried to capture a smaller DVRing of the latest Mystic Force promos while watching episodes of Kong & Kim Possible. No luck, of course. Then I gave up and watched last night’s new episodes of Drawn Together (lol.. that wasn’t that bad.. don’t see why it was pre-empted in Season 1) & Samurai Champloo (coool.. *drools a bit @ the hot spring scene* :p). My dad returned home with even less than usual. *sigh* We watched the usual morning TV, but the Ellen birthday episode my dad was so looking forward to was interrupted barely 20 minutes in by our fucking evil dictator, Bush. So we laughed at some technical screwup they may have done on purpose and then had some breakfast instead. Then my dad fell asleep while I watched last night’s CSI NY (pretty good episode.. *drools a bit @ Wild Force‘s Sandra McCoy’s scantily clad yet brief appearance* ..she was already on CSI Vegas with a pierced “kitty”. Why not go 3 for 3 and be on CSI Miami next? :p).

I took my dad’s nap for an advantage to go over all the DVR recordings (I need some space for tonight) and to transfer one of the Mystic Force promos to the tape. I’m already past 14 minutes of PRMF promos.. though I did include the Happy Meal promo and all Mega Match-Up promos.. I got online for a bit before Passions started. Interesting episode today. Tomorrow looks stupid though.. Once that was over, I taped last night’s Lost while reading three quite exciting chapters of Area 51. My dad found this boring and soon headed off to his sister’s place again. I soon watched episodes 9 & 10 on the GitS SAC 2nd Gig Vol 3 DVD. The enjoyed the latter court episode more.. When those were over, I returned to my room to news-gather, and eventually had some supper. While looking for the new promo, I noticed Toon Disney has started airing a new episodic promo for “Wormhole” — “The team-up episode never seen before!” Haha. So funny..

I waited in my room for the 75 minutes after getting done online, watching Toon Disney and waiting for them to air the new PRMF promo. I also checked out next week’s ads online. I guess Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 1: Water, Volume 1‘s release was pushed back. Best Buy has it in next Sunday’s ad for only $12.99. Yay. 🙂 But they’ll also have both True Crime: NYC & Gun for $20 each. *ponders which he should get (if any), since they’re both “sandbox” games like Grand Theft Auto* ..At 8PM, we watched Smallville‘s 100th episode (I’ve been waiting for this for months and was surprised how it went down, even after reading those spoilers. superb episode.. haha’s @ those fake photos spread on the internet of Lionel & Jonathan in the Fortress), CSI Vegas (a rather good episode here too.. nice ending), Will & Grace (lol) and Four Kings (lol). Next, I checked on some DVR recordings (what else, promo) then returned to my room..

Today was rather.. okay. Again.. See ya.

[ Noise Of ‘Nuclear Hit’ On US Gets Louder ]
[ Houston PD Running Nuclear Disaster Drills ]

[ Osama & The J. Edgar Hoover Memorial Vacuum Cleaner ]
[ Special – New Facts Emerge On 911 Financing ]
[ Are Concentration Camps Coming To America? ]
[ Israel Tried To Kill Bin Laden In ’96 – Report ]
[ Zionist Thugs Threaten Another Writer & Program Guest ]
[ The “Iron Sun” Debate – Part I & Part II ]
[ Deadly Cruises – 14 Vanish In The Last Two Years ]

mmpr complete run on jetix? / robotech teaser / today

January 25, 2006

Here’s some very exciting news from Kyl416’s Power Rangers airing schedule. On the same day as Toon Disney’s Power Rangers Mystic Force premiere, it seems ABC Family will begin airing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In order. From the beginning. No skipping. At least in the first week and a half anyway. Starting February 20th at 8AM ET, they’ll air 101: “Day Of The Dumpster” on Monday, 102: “High Five” on Tuesday, 103: “Teamwork” on Wednesday, 104: “A Pressing Engagement” on Thursday and 105: “A Different Drum” on Friday. Then the next week will begin with 106: “Food Fight” on Monday and 107: “Big Sisters” on Tuesday. That’s four episodes making their Jetix premieres. Unfortunately, it looks like Toon Disney isn’t participating in this special run. They start at “Day Of The Dumpster” on the same day, but then begin skipping a lot of episodes. But still.. wow. I think I just might be even more excited about this than Mystic Force.. 🙂

Harmony Gold has put online the NATPE teaser trailer for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, in both High Resolution and Low Resolution Quicktime formats. Wow. It’s looking pretty good. Can’t wait.. 🙂

A little after 12:30AM, they finally aired Mystic Force‘s Madison profile again. And I got it. Yay. About damn time. But I still would like to get a few of them on smaller easier-to-keep DVRings though. I was barely able to finish another chapter of Area 51 before I fell asleep.. I awoke the next morning.. and tried catch those promos. Again. >_> Then we we watched the usual morning TV and had some breakfast. Then we finally watched the new Medium (pretty good episode 🙂 ).

Once it became noon, I got online for a bit. Then Passions soon started. The part I found most interesting had to do with the discovery of that hidden room. :p ..I watched a little of the Montel episode that followed, then fell asleep. When I woke up it was nearly 4PM. I moved to my room and watched Magma: Volcanic Disaster on the bedroom DVR. It was rather cheesy though, like a mini-budgeted version of most.. big-budget disaster movies. Amy Jo Johnson wasn’t in it as much I expected either. I lost interest near the end and began news-gathering. I finished up way earlier than expected (a little after 6PM)..

I read another chapter of Area 51, had to make my own supper, then read another chapter.. At 8PM, we watched Still Standing (lol), Yes Dear (lol), Lost (whoa.. Charlie’s being driven crazy) and Invasion (pretty good episode again this week.. haha @ my dad not being able to differentiate between the current event & flashback scenes). And the VCR again didn’t screw up. It barely even got warm. Wow..

Today was okay.. It took ABC Family almost five years to realize what we wanted all along: a complete run of Power Rangers. But for right now, I’m hoping they at least get through Season 1 before giving up on it.. Maybe in another five years, they’ll realize we want full seasons on DVD (or whatever format’s popular by then). :p See ya..

[ On 911… An Ill Wind Blew Clinton To Australia ]
[ Bush / Cheney Campaign Funds Paid For Hijacker Flight Training? ]
[ Bush NSA Visit Predictably Scripted ]
[ Impeachment – White House Prepares For The Worst ]
[ A Military Attack On Iran Could Cost US Dearly ]
[ Bush’s Iraq / Afghan Wars Overextending US Armed Forces ]
[ Brown Paid For Katrina Data Now Refuses To Share It ]
[ Iris Scanning For New Jersey Grade School ]
[ Google Agrees To Censor To Gain China Access ]
[ Japan – How Did Spinal Cord Get In US Beef Imports? ]

lost runs long / surface s2? / the cw / dvd dates / evan almighty / media buys / today

January 24, 2006

ABC has just announced that the timeslots for Wednesday’s night’s all-new episodes of Lost and Invasion have changed for this week. Lost will run from 9PM to 10:01PM ET, and Invasion will run from 10:01PM to 11PM ET. Make sure to change your DVR recordings accordingly.. :/

NBC has revealed some more new info concerning many of its TV series at the TCA Winter Press Tour. Despite its February 6th episode being promoted at its finale, Surface is still under consideration to return with new episodes next fall. So don’t expect complete closure in the end.. 😦

In a very very odd move, The WB and UPN are merging into one network called The CW (CBS + Warner). The WB & UPN will cease to exist separately in September 2006. Uh oh.. >_>

TheDigitalBits reports unofficially that Peter Jackson’s King Kong will be released onto DVD on March 28th. Also, The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe will tentatively be released on April 4th.. 🙂

Steve Carell, the comic star who will headline Evan Almighty, told SCI FI Wire that the follow-up to Jim Carrey’s 2003 hit Bruce Almighty is envisioned as the beginning of a series of movies, each with a different star.


I tried staying up late to capture the new Mystic Force promos on the DVR, but I fell asleep too damn early. Then I woke up a little early the next morning and continued to try. Still didn’t get any of them. Except for that one last night. *sigh* But then my dad woke up at 6:30, so I had to give up again. I returned to my room and got online.. while still trying to DVR the damn promos. We watched some morning TV, but I still couldn’t stay away from Toon Disney. I have to catch these promos. Grrrr. But soon, it was time to go out and media buy (after setting some DVRings to try and catch those promos)..

First, I stopped by Best Buy. Just because the damn website incorrectly has a release date set a week later, they couldn’t help me on Avatar Book 1 Vol 1. That was what I was most looking forward to, so of course they had to screw that up. Grrr. I found GitS SAC 2nd Gig Vol 3 on the new release table and not the shelf where it’s supposed to be. 😦 Then it took someone like 10 minutes to look up DBZ Uncut Vol 7 before they went in back and got it for me. No problem getting Now #1’s though.. I moved on to WalMart, looking for Avatar and that TMNT “DVDouble Shot” disc. No luck on either of course. I even asked someone, but they just looked at were I had just looked and gave up. Ugh.. Then I went to Target for one last hope of getting Avatar.. and that was stamped out too. -_- I bought some Diet Pepsi, an Icee and some money for gas since my dad bitched about running out again (and one Tuesday still to go this month)..

We arrived home. I checked my DVRings for those promos. Of course they weren’t there. And I got another $5 certificate for Best Buy. Great timing! ..Soon, Passions started. Not much happened there yet again. Ugh. Afterward, my dad went to get some gas and I checked on the DVRings that were set during Passions. Guess the outcome. I soon gave up on getting these gawdamn promos.. at least until Jetix starts later tonight.. My dad soon arrived home and I watched last night’s great new episode of Surface. We had started Medium when my aunt’s husband came over, asking to move a couch into the house. So he went.

I returned to trying to capture the damn promos. But I fell asleep until nearly 6PM. At which point, I got online to inventory the new media and news-gather. Unfortunately, my dad forgot all about the boiling water that he turned on to help warm up our home. And so did I. Eventually, the pot emptied, got all hot, and spread a rusty smell throughout the home. Then the smoke alarm went off. I took the battery out while I refilled the pot.. and made some supper in the microwave. Then I news-gathered and tried capturing those damn promos at the same time. And afterward as well.

My dad came home pretty close to 8PM, but I stayed on the promo-hunting. Those Spider-Man & Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! actually weren’t that bad.. Unfortunately, it seems Toon Disney wants to promote the fuck out of A.T.O.M.‘s premiere next Monday night instead airing the new Mystic Force promos. *sigh* I can’t really get them on ABC Family for my tape since the reception for that channel is not that good.. but I’ll try tomorrow anyway. I haven’t even seen the profile promo yet.. At 9PM, I gave up for now and watched the two new episodes of Scrubs (rofl.. especially at those huge potholes :p). Then watched the new episode of Love Monkey (it’s improving.. but lol @ the useless musician cameos by Ben Folds and LeAnn Rimes.. *meets up with main character on street* *small talk not involving the plot* *leaves* :p). Once that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

With the Mystic Force promos and the DVD(s) I was most looking forward to being taken out of reach.. it wasn’t all that good of a day. 😦 See ya.

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prmf blue profile / tmnt dvdouble shot & 2006 debut / nbc changes / abc tca / today

January 23, 2006

As expected, a second Power Rangers Mystic Force “videography” profile promo premiered today. This time it was Madison herself, the Blue Ranger, in front of the camera. *drools a bit* :p Check out this thread to download and for some screenshots. There was also another new general promo that premiered today, featuring “the Talking dragon tree, red rangers fire god form, the blue alien guy that has machine parts in him, and new battle footage”. Both will eventually be up for download over at this thread. 🙂 ..Another version of that long “swirling helmet” promo has also been airing with a more serious-sounding announcer that makes the promo somewhat better.. reports that WalMart now has a series of “4Kids DVDoubleShot” DVDs available in their toy department, including three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles releases, for $4.98 each. Why am I reporting this here? One the of the releases, “Superhero Turtle Titan”, includes an episode yet to be released on the regular DVD volumes. Grr. Guess I’ll be checking out WalMart tomorrow..

While on this topic, it’s been revealed that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will return to FOX’s 4KidsTV with the first all-new episode of 2006 on February 4th: #93 — “Scion Of The Shredder”. Cooool. Soo can’t wait. 🙂

Here’s some rather interesting news from NBC… First, My Name Is Earl and The Office have both been picked up for an additional full season of 22 episodes.. After their Olympics coverage, Apprentice will move to Mondays (yay @ Thursday comedy night staying) and Deal Or No Deal will return for a full week (Feb. 27th – Mar. 3rd) then claim a weekly timeslot on March 6th (among a few other changes).. And finally, there’s talk of four new one-hour episodes of Friends set to air in 2007.. 🙂

TheFutonCritic now has an article covering some of ABC’s questions at the TCA Winter Press Tour. It covers Lost, Invasion, Desperate Housewives, the cancellation of Emily’s Reasons Why Not after only one airing, and more. Nothing really sounds all that bad here.. 🙂

I fell asleep too damn early the night before and wasn’t able to post the previous LJ entry until I awoke the next morning. Ugh. Hate when that happens.. I watched some boring news before getting online for a little while. Then we watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. Eventually, my dad went off on an errand and I deleted a few things off the DVR, as well as watched last night’s new Boondocks (lol, especially @ the ending). My dad soon returned and watched the news. I read the rest of that Area 51 chapter that I stopped during yesterday.. Eventually, Passions started. A few things happened, I guess. But I was more interested in my mail for most of the time..

Once Passions was over, we headed out to the grocery store again. Just so I could get a few more things before the sale was over.. When we returned home, we watched My Boss’s Daughter on DVD. My dad saw a commercial for it on ABC Family and didn’t even remember seeing it, so I decided to watch it again. It’s pretty damn funny, though a bit cheesy and unbelievable at times. 🙂 By the time that was over, it was 5PM already. So I got online to news-gather, had a rather lame supper during a reboot, and then got back online. I finished at about 7:30, then waited for some of the new Mystic Force promos to air. But Toon Disney’s suddenly getting stingy on airing them. I wasted the rest of my free time before 8PM waiting and didn’t get any of the three I was hoping to capture. 😡 I’ll have to spread out my DVRings tomorrow in order to try and get them. Madison’s promo didn’t air on ABC Family at all, then debuted on Toon Disney at 11AM..

At 8PM, we watched the new episodes of King of Queens (lol), How I Met Your Mother (definitely my favorite of the night yet again.. sooo want it on DVD), Two & A Half Men (rofl.. nice to see Charlie in a different situation for once), Courting Alex (lol.. it’s an improvement over Out of Practice anyway) and CSI Miami (pretty good episode). After that was over, I returned to my room. During the 9PM hour (with no DVRings to overlap), I tried to get those damn promos again. No luck. Grrr. I fear it’s going to be a long night..

Today began okay.. and ended okay.. I guess. See ya.
ooh, hidden text! ..unless you view it anywhere other than its original page.. >_>

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Sun 01.22.06 — ..un-blah sunday..

January 22, 2006

I was online for quite awhile, finishing up my previous entry and looking through the friends page. Next, I read another chapter of 1984.. and now I’m finally heading to sleep..

I awoke at 7AM to my dad.. waking up. He wasn’t able to start the car again. So he had to call AAA yet again just to get the morning paper. I watched a DVRing of E!’s Coming Attractions. There’s some good trailers this week: Pink Panther, Superman Returns.. and one I’d most like to see, V For Vendetta. All three look pretty good, but I’d probably enjoy the last one the most..

Man, I’m getting so annoyed by our shitty cable reception. We pay like $120 a month for cable (TV & Internet), we shouldn’t have gawdamn interference on the channels. It’s been doing this for a while, but has been getting worse recently. Vertical lines through the picture. It usually does it on the 40s & 50s channels. It’s why I prefer getting the new Power Rangers episodes on Toon Disney: ABC Family is 46 and almost always with interference, while Toon Disney is 106 and is soooo clear. *sigh*

I looked through the newspaper ads for Tuesday (unfortunately, most of the things I’m looking for aren’t being advertised) and had some breakfast. Then I watched last night’s episodes of Full Metal Alchemist (whoa so awesome) and Skin (the last of the aired episodes). I channel surfed a while after that, eventually landing on G4 to watch a little Brainiac (very interesting stuff)..

My dad and I went to see Underworld Evolution with two of my free tickets. I didn’t like it as much as the first, but it was okay. This one definitely had more gore than the first. The first had a nice style to it, but this one was just action, action, action. I did enjoy Kate Beckinsale’s nicely-shot gratuitous sex scene though.. *drools* For those who haven’t seen the first film, I’d buy or rent that first.. even though they did do a little recap thing at the start. I’ll probably buy it on DVD to complete my collection.. and for that sex scene.. :p The previews were pretty cool too. lol @ She’s The Man (with SPD‘s Brandon Jay McLaren). Gotta buy that. Ultraviolet was also pretty damn cool.. even if it looked a little like a Resident Evil movie (which I also like)..

But like just about everything I do, something bad had to happen. I think the audio was too loud in that theater. By the climactic scene, my tooth was aching again and pretty badly. By the time I got home, the pain went down a lot. But still, I’ll have to deal with this remaining pain for at least the rest of the day. Ugh. 😦

I was online for quite a while (at least a few hours). I helped pay for some fast food supper and then watched about 90 minutes of Funniest Videos. Next, I watched the new episode of Unfabulous (I was surprised when my dad was entertained by this too.. he wasn’t much by Ned yesterday) and began reading Area 51 (an awesome nine-book series by Robert Doherty — well seven in the main storyline, two prequels followed). At 9PM, we watched Desperate Housewives (awesome episode.. and the VCR didn’t screw up) and Grey’s Anatomy (a rather good episode too). After that, I soon returned to my room for the night..

Another weekend complete. And my toothache was practically gone by 9PM. Yay.. Damn theater audio being too loud. Wonder if I can sue.. :p See ya.

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“The writers on our show are paid for translating the Japanese episodes into the American version of Power Rangers. They are not paid to come up with original stories.” — Bruce Kalish, the true villain of Power Rangers (well, except maybe Disney)