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office webisodes dvd / media / today

August 31, 2010

On November 16th, Universal will release The Office – Overtime: Digital Shorts Collection onto DVD. The disc will feature the various webisodes for the series, including some never before released on DVD. The release will also include a nice list of special features, including a couple convention panels that sound like they may have been on previous Target exclusive bonus DVDs. I never got those.. so neat. The SRP for the DVD is just $14.98. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online, then got ready and soon headed out to media buy. My only stop today was to Best Buy, where I picked up the Best Buy exclusive release of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy on Blu-ray. It includes everything from the previous DVD release, including both theatrical & unrated versions, the Wake Up, Ron Burgundy lost movie, and all special features (even those from the Best Buy bonus disc.. that I also have). It even includes the journal included with the special edition DVD set, and add some trading cards on top of that. But I’m not pulling those out. It’s in little box thing on the front of the slip cover. I’d rather keep it in good shape than open it. Looking forward to seeing the theatrical cut for the first time though. 🙂

I got my usual icee (yum), then headed home. I got online for a while.. but then we soon headed out to the grocery store and we both got some things. We returned home again and I watched four more episodes of Lost: Season 6 (it’s pretty cool seeing these “flash sideways” in a new light now that I know how it all ends, especially those in “Happily Ever After” 🙂 ..two days left already). I then got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Leverage (pretty good episode, as usual 🙂 ) and two hours of America’s Got Talent (some pretty good performances this week.. and luckily, I didn’t fall asleep until after the next-to-last performance :p ).

Hector David Jr doesn’t want to add me to his fan page on Facebook. He’s posted some video from a Power Rangers 2011 cast photo shoot, but I can’t see it until he adds me. He rejected my request once, now he’s just leaving my second one unanswered so I can’t re-request. *pouts* 😦 ..Well, see ya..

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August 30, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then watched Childrens Hospital (haha–waitwtf? O_o) and four more episodes of Lost: Season 6 (I especially enjoyed “Lighthouse”, good seeing that again.. “Dr Linus” was good too, so miss seeing Tania Raymonde more often 😉 ). My dad returned home from dialyss, we watched some morning TV, then he eventually went to bed.

I watched Haven (eh..), then wasted some hours in PlayStation Home (considering returning to Dead Space now that I’m tired of Red Dead for now.. but not sure yet.. so this :p). I got online to news-gather.. and my dad made me order a pizza for supper. :/ ..And then I was just a few minutes past 8PM.. but too late, My dad watched his baseball game and I stayed online for a lot of the night.

He went to bed later though. I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (head desk) and True Blood (DVRed from HBO.. pretty cool seeing the stuff before and after for once.. very good episode too 🙂 ). My dad coincidentally awoke (yeah right) a little after 11PM. The he saw some late night TV as I returned to my room.

Blah. [Translation: Too lazy and/or feeling crappy to collect bottom links today. Sorry.] See ya.

Sunday 08.29.2010 —

August 29, 2010

I awoke in the morning and checked out the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. and Friday. Yup, I said there was nothing for me to get.. and now there is, of course. Best Buy exclusively released Anchorman on Blu-ray TODAY for $19.99 (store exclusive through the end of the year anyway.. and I hear it includes all special features from the previous DVDs, including the Best Buy bonus disc 🙂 ). That I just gotta pick up Now 35. Damnit. :p

I told my dad how HBO & Showtime were already turned on and he found a movie to watch for a bit (I first discovered it.. erm.. late last night).. We had some breakfast, then I watched Kekkaishi (pretty good episode), Bleach (man, if they had aired this episode with all those others and just dropped the story like that, I would have been PISSED.. but it’s the first new one in a while, so yeah.. it was alright, I guess.. I still miss this show when it was fun though), first four episodes of Lost: Season 6 on Blu-ray (finally got these started, yay.. good episodes, looking forward to seeing all these again.. maybe I’ll understand it this time :p ) and Rookie Blue (good episode, found it difficult to keep my attention though 😦 ).

I got online and once again checked out the CSToys stream of Power Morphicon.. all afternoon.. and into the night too. :p It was cool seeing all the Power Rangers cosplayers and actors. But this was at the CSToys table. They mainly only featured the Japanese stuff. And me being only a Power Rangers fan, all the henshins and names for names for items just went right over my head. I felt totally out of place. They mentioned PR every once in a while, but it was mainly not. The guy hosting the stream once called the Ninjetti (from Mighty Morphin Season 3) cosplayers the Ninja Storm Rangers. :p Can’t believe they sold a dino buckler (aka MMPR morpher) for over a $1,000! Forgot the real number because the chatters kept throwing up other prices. :p

In primetime, it would have been nice to finally watch True Blood as it aired for once now that we have HBO. But that wasn’t possible. My dad and I watched most of the Emmys instead. Glad to see Jim Parsons finally get an Emmy for his role as Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. Sooo watching that show over Community in the fall. I don’t see Modern Family being as great as these guys think it is though. And I’ve never seen Mad Man, but it sounds like something I’d easily fall asleep during.. like I did during that first episode of Rubicon. :/

That was about it. See ya.

Saturday 08.28.2010 — It’s Morphin Time for one last time on broadcast TV

August 28, 2010

Power Rangers fans at this weekend’s Power Morphicon 2 have gotten in contact with Tony Oliver, who is now working on the still-untitled 18th season of the series. Some fans thought Power Rangers Samurai was the title just because it appeared among his credits on his website. Truth is he just found the imdb listing with the fan-made temporary title and copied it over. :p The character names appear to not be final either, since the scripts are referring to the Rangers by their colors.. He also said that there would be some “big surprises” among the cast of the new season. I wonder if that has anything to do with casting director Iris Hampton getting in contact with Paul Schrier (aka Bulk) recently..? The new season will also “stay very true” to its Japanese counterpart Shinkenger. That makes sense, due to all the Japanese aspects that can’t easily be ignored or removed from the footage.

I awoke in the morning and got online to post the previous entry. And then I watched the first five episodes of Hell Girl (IFC has started re-airing it five days a week at 2:30AM, so.. and wow, it’s very repetitive so far.. like watching one of those procedural dramas or something :p ..I guess I liked it though, since I watched all the episodes from this past week anyway). My dad awoke, we had some breakfast, then he headed out.

I got online for a little while, then watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (“Day Of The Dumpster”.. the SDCC 2010 promo dvdrip I shared on twitter this morning.. yeah, I kept the link until today due to this being the 17th anniversary of this series premiere episode’s first airing :p).. followed by the last two episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (and good riddance! but also sad because these are the last episodes to air on broadcast TV 😦 ..and it just happens to be happening on the 17th anniversary of the first episode of broadcast TV :p ..a lot more annoying effects here, but it’s possible that it’s only because I watched the untouched MMPR episode right before it :p ..liked the montage near the end, think I’ll put on my youtube via my PS3 🙂 ).

I spent pretty much the rest of the day online, watching the CSToys webcam at Power Morphicon 2010. It was pretty neat. Though at one point, I did head into the living room and fell asleep for a little while. But we had some supper, then I got right back online again. And that was pretty much it really. :/

Well.. see ya. 🙂

gay pr goes mainstream 2 / today

August 27, 2010

The news continues to spread… to TV Guide, CNN.. and Baltimore Sun (yeah, pretty much just taking whatever links I find). Oh, and here’s another article at TMZ where Scott Page-Pagter appears to refute David Yost’s claims. Oh boy. :/ ..How long before it reaches TV? Seeing that he has two projects slated for 2010 on imdb, he’s probably looking for some publicity for them. So that’s possibly why these interviews are happening now.. I’m hearing that TMZ will also be crashing Power Morphicon 2 due to all this. Ugh. 😦

I awoke and got online, then eventually watched two episodes of Degrassi TNG (oh, sorry.. just Degrassi now, my on-screen guide made it official.. took them long enough.. the two-part finale, very good episodes.. especially the ending, wow.. already looking forward to get season 🙂 ), Unnatural History (heh, good episode) and Make It Or Break It (wow.. why are all these people still friends with her, let alone talking to her? such a bitch, lol :p ..good episode, looking forward to the finale). My dad returned home from dialysis.

Eventually, I got online for a bit.. and my dad eventually went to bed for a nap. I returned and watched Warehouse 13 (haha, body-switching episode.. a bit disappointing we couldn’t see more of Laura Harris though, as in scenes.. and skin.. >_> ..when’s The Faculty coming to Blu-ray anyway? ..oh yeah, it was a pretty good episode 🙂 ). Some cable company rep came out soliciting additional crap.. and I fell for it.. only because he said our cable bill wouldn’t change. But it did, by just a couple bucks though (I pay just about the entire thing anyway). For the HBO’s, Showtime’s and a phone line we probably won’t use? When my dad awoke, he said he would talk with them.. but didn’t call and instead said he would talk to them when they come out next week. :/

I soon watched two more episodes of True Blood (ah, that was one the possibilities about who she was that I was guessing.. so I’m slightly underwhelmed.. but very good episodes though, and female nudity is always helpful in that decision :p ). I also looked through the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight data DVDs that I had burned today, making sure they were in good shape. But they were in too good shape. I don’t want to delete the encodes now. I would do a season torrent, but.. the folder’s 12GB. I saved a lot of trailers, CW4Kids promos and interviews. In addition to the episodes themselves, which are mostly dekabroken encodes.. like my Power Rangers RPM torrent which I’m still seeding. :p I also have the widescreen dvdrip of the first episode, and the unaired pilot with a different actor for the title character..

We had some supper (fast food.. why not?), then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime? Nothing on. well, not much. I watched the new Victorious (lol, funny episode.. no Felix Ryan though.. damnit imdb, lying to us twice!) and got online for a bit.. then watched Futurama (lol, the comic convention segments were sooo hilarious.. it was definitely downhill from there though :p ) and The Soup (lol).

And that was about it yet again.. See ya.

gay pr goes mainstream / today

August 26, 2010

After first hitting the Power Rangers fandom, the recent David Yost news has now spread to the more mainstream celebrity news sites Perez Hilton, TMZ, Entertainment Weekly and StarPulse (lol @ those incorrect pictures :p). David Yost has also done an interview with The Advocate, which will be released online next week. This news has also been huge on twitter today, with the terms “Power Ranger” & “Power Ranger Azul” (azul being spanish for blue) becoming trending topics both in the United States and Worldwide top ten lists.. Even though those unnamed higher-ups at Saban deserve to be berated for what they did over a decade ago, I hope all this doesn’t turn into bad publicity for the 18th season of Power Rangers next year. 😐

After the previous entry was done, I got online and checked out PlayStation Home up until the time it was taken offline for maintenance (shortly after 3AM), then watched the this week’s first two episodes of Degrassi TNG (“Purple Pills”.. good episodes.. and Fiona in that dress.. *droooools* ..and in Part 2.. what kind of fighting was that? *light shove* *light shove* girls don’t really fight like that, right? :p ). Eventually, I slept.

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then I snuck onto the PS3 and got onto PlayStation Home to check out the smaller-than-usual weekly update.. then finally proceeded to try and make a Power Rangers suit out of the virtual clothing options available. It didn’t turn out very well, even after buying one of the recently-released superhero costumes. Today’s release of the “Stick Figure” costume is sooo lawsuit-worthy. lol. It’s a Nightmare Before Christmas style skeleton guy with a mohawk. It looks quite similar to Jack Skellington. I bet it was made from a request on the PlayStation Home official forum. It wouldn't be the first time. There's already some futuristic suits that look like they're right out of the Appleseed anime movies. :p

Eventually, I shut it off and finally watched the final three episodes of Dexter: Season 4 (wit h the father and cat providing plenty of interruptions.. it was annoying.. but that was an awesome finale to the season.. those bastards at The Soup spoiled an event in the season finale for me right after it aired though, so it was no longer an “OMG” scene as originally intended.. gawdamnit.. 😡 ..already look forward to Season 5 on DVD next fall! :p).

I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while though, had some supper, then finally shut it off in order to get online and news-gather. Shortly after 9PM (when my dad got bored of the Colts preseason game or whatever), we watched my next Netflix selection — The Bounty Hunter. Uninventive movie title aside.. the.. story wasn’t all that inventive either really. Perhaps a little bit. Some good laughs though. It was a worthwhile rental anyway. 🙂

After that, I returned to my room for the night and that was about it.. See ya.

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power rangers homophobia / today

August 25, 2010

The Power Rangers fandom was shaken up a bit today by a tweet from the actor to play the Blue Ranger in next year’s 18th season, Najee De-Tiege… “RT @iRipRunways Any dude that says any gay shit to me will be unfollowed and or blocked. I don’t mind gay ppl I’m just not one of them so dont disrespect me.” He has since apologized.. This coming just a few days after an interview with the original Blue Ranger, David Yost, was released by No Pink Spandex in which he revealed he experienced homophobia from crew members on the set of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 😦

Before going to bed last night, I stayed up past 3AM and watched Futurama (lol, good episode), The Hard Times Of RJ Berger (lol.. and wow, some ending.. soo glad Season 2 is coming.. now if only Amazon’s Season 1 was real pressed DVDs and not DVD-Rs which degrade faster 😦 .. *burns data DVD of illegal encodes instead.. for now*) and that episode of Scream Queens 2 that I missed the ending of (pretty close to dropping this.. I only watched all of Season 1 due to Lindsay Felton :p ..not enough here to keep me watching this time). Eventually, I fell asleep.

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Then I had some breakfast and watched three more episodes of Dexter: Season 4 (wow, great episodes today.. especially the Thanksgiving episode.. looking forward to the final episodes tomorrow). My dad soon returned home from dialysis (well, not all that.. soon.. he took the driver today.. he hates all the time wasted waiting on him to pick him up), then I eventually got online again.

Not long after my dad went to bed for his usual nap, I returned. I chose not to play a video game and instead watched Haven (pretty close to dropping this one too.. barely enough here to keep me watching), Warehouse 13 (good episode here, as expected :p) and two episodes of Persons Unknown (Saturday’s aired episode 10 & the website-only episode 11.. what was up with the scene from the earlier episode in ep 10? I was all “wtf”, then it went back to the episode :/ ..and very bad move putting episode 11 only on the NBC site, there were some revelations there that may make some feel lost during next week’s two-episode finale 😦 ..good episodes though).

I got online, then we eventually had some supper (hmm, same old burgers.. or TV dinners.. the only two options given anymore, blah -_-). And then I stayed online past 9PM because he just had to watch the Minute To Win It thing that I’m just tired of now. I did catch most of America’s Got Talent however. And then I watched two episodes of Big Lake (hahaha.. tolerable) and The Big C (the previous show made this one look a bit better, haha.. good show, this is.. no clue why she doesn’t tell everyone? but then again, all the light-heartedness I’m enjoying may exit if done so.. as in the episode’s plot, I agree: Laura Linney has a nice rack, lol :p ).

And that was about it.. See ya.

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walking dead amc halloween / tmnt 4 film favorites / media / today

August 24, 2010

AMC has set a Halloween night premiere for the new series The Walking Dead. The series will premiere at 10PM ET for a special 90-minute episode. If you haven’t guessed by the title and premiere date, it’s about zombies. :p This looks promising. I may watch it live rather than DVR or download. Click here for the press release, as well as a trailer. 🙂

Warner Bros is re-releasing the four TMNT films for the bargain bin with the September 7th release of 4 Film Favorites: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection. At a retail price of just $14.99 (and it will likely be even cheaper in-store), you get two double-sided DVD discs featuring all special features from the current DVD releases packed into one regular-sized DVD case. I already have all of these separately, so I doubt I’ll pick it up (unless the Blu-rays are repackaged as well).. but I thought it was worth mentioning nonetheless. I have 4 Film Favorites of the classic Superman & Batman movie series.. but haven’t gotten around to watching them yet. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online. Then we watched some morning TV and had breakfast. But soon, it was time for me to head out and media buy…

First, I headed to Best Buy and picked up Lost: Season 6 on Blu-ray (Awesome! can’t wait to be underwhelmed by that finale again :p) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever on DVD (okay.. non-anamorphic widescreen, check.. the version only edited for time to air on TV, check.. flimsy eco case with annoying holes all over it, check.. cover art thrown together in under 20 minutes, check.. awesome start with the franchise, Paramount.. just watch the new animated series be just as crappy as this). I passed on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 2 for now however. Best Buy jacked up their price on it. Part 1 was just $30, but this was $40. Screw that. I’ll have to buy it online later instead. Don’t enough for it this month already. Glad there’s nothing to pick up next Tuesday. :p

I got my icee (I put the Cherry and Mountain Dew together to make Code Red >:) ), then headed to the grocery store for more groceries. Not long after returning home, I watched three more episodes of Dexter: Season 4 (why only three? I want this one to last a bit longer since I’ve never watched it before.. that and it’s Showtime, so the episodes are longer :p ..more great episodes, getting very good now 🙂 ). And after that, I wasted some time in PlayStation Home (virtually dance on a bench in many different outfits! woohoo! *falls asleep*).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, my dad watched Minute To Win It while I got online for a while longer. And then we watched America’s Got Talent (some good acts.. but I still lost interest in the show near the end.. and got online again).. And so that was pretty much it. See ya.

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August 23, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then I soon watched a couple episodes of Scream Queens 2 (hmm, not bad I guess..). But I fell asleep during the second one until after my dad had returned home. The cat woke me. :p ..I got online for a little bit, then my dad had to go to bed again. He sometimes eats something after dialysis.. and other times not. The times he does, he appears to feel better. You’d think he’d learn.. but nope.. 😦

I watched the first three episodes of Dexter: Season 4 (very good start to the season.. looking forward to seeing where this goes 🙂 ), then played Red Dead Redemption.. until right up to 8PM (more multiplayer, trying to unlock some trophies.. and leveling up, of course.. it’s pretty annoying though when someone just wants to shoot any player in sight.. including the one only wanting to collect flowers >_> ..I waited until one killed me enough times to get wanted, then took that asshole out.. then he left, haha :p).

My dad awoke somewhere before 8PM, had another damn TV dinner for supper.. then proceeded back into his bed for a bit. I am sick of microwave food all day long. I at least want some “real” stuff for the main meal of the day.. but no. I at least somewhat understand it though, since today is a dialysis day and all.. I guess.. I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (hahahaa–ugh), then my dad returned and we watched some Regis & Kelly (today’s episode that I thought was new but wasn’t.. damn DVR lied to me!) before the first two episodes of Big Lake (lol, this one makes fun of the basic sitcom premise.. it was pretty good).

And then I returned to my room for the

Sunday 08.22.2010 — Time to punch the fuck out of it!

August 22, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online, then soon watched Kekkaishi (haha, pretty good episode), The Troop (season finale.. and a good one at that.. looking forward to Season 2 🙂 ) and Titan Maximum: Season 1 (yup, all nine episodes.. just under two hours.. it does play a little better this way, instead of one 15min episode a week.. with this DVD release being uncensored, I expected the bleeps to be gone.. but not the fuzziness over Sasha’s Barbie boobies in episode 2.. noice, lol :p ..the comic isn’t a closing to the series as I said before, it’s more of a prequel.. please bring this one back for Season 2 *pouts*).

After all that, I eventually snuck onto PlayStation Home to check my sweet new sub sandwich for my avatar. lol. It and a t-shirt are a part of Subway’s promotion of their new Fiery Footlongs. I’ve been quite active in their contest, since it features many PlayStation-released prizes. So far, I have won TWO copies of LittleBigPlanet 2 (releasing to stores in mid-November, but winners are promised to get them a bit earlier than that *crosses fingers*), a PSP game download of Locoroco 2 (don’t have a PSP yet, so it’s useless.. yet I like the mobile game version I bought on my phone), a couple PSN video rentals of Men In Black (a movie I own on DVD at least two times over so far, so they’re also useless to me) and another video rental for Clash of the Titans (the new version, I think.. and I haven’t seen this yet, so I may consider using it).

My dad woke up and soon wanted to head out to eat for lunch. We headed out to Hardee’s and got some of their new chicken strips (yum), then returned home.. Upon arrival, we watched five episodes of Leverage (great catching up on this show.. a lot of good episodes, especially the one with Bill Engvall and Malese Jow.. yum.. at the latter, not the former :p I only have two more to watch before being caught up :p). My dad got us more fast food for supper, even though I wasn’t really all that hungry.

We watched some animated comedy reruns on FOX. before I gave up and got online instead. There I watched History of Power Rangers: Time Force. Another great installment. Makes me want to watch Time Force again. Damn. :p I also agree on his few early thoughts on Wild Force. It is underrated IMO.

And that was pretty much it for another night.. and day, I guess. See ya.