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March 31, 2003

I stayed in bed almost all day long, probably because of all the fucking crap that happened last night. So I stayed up until about 4AM, woke at 11AM, back to sleep at around 2PM, then was awakened at 5:20PM (in time for DBZ). Fun. …*sigh*

Only two more episodes of DBZ to go. I’m gonna miss this series. Can’t wait for DBGT (even though I hear it’s not that good). And I saw Passions today, and was actually interested, mostly because that witch was back. Only the soap’s supernatural storyline interests me, and it’s the only soap I watch…

Tomorrow’s Tuesday. Gotta make sure to wake up early since the mail arrives early now. SO I could get the DVDs early too. Teehee.

I think I’ll finish watching this dreadful episode of Roswell (“I Married An Alien”) and then turn on the PS2 for some GTA Vice City. See ya.


Michael Moore’s next film

March 31, 2003


Fahrenheit 911: United Press International reports that “Bowling for Columbine” Director Michael Moore has selected his next project and this should prove even more controversial than either ‘Columbine’ or his now famous Oscar speech. “Fahrenheit 911” will examine the ‘murky relationship’ between former President George Bush and the family of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Moore says “The primary thrust of the new film is what has happened to the country since Sept. 11, and how the Bush administration used this tragic event to push its agenda. It certainly does deal with the Bush and bin Laden ties. It asks a number of questions that I don’t have the answers to yet, but which I intend to find out”. Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions is currently considering a deal to handle the feature.

This sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

Oh, and look, that hilarious thread I found a few weeks ago has been archived…

See ya.

as the dominion turns (bad)

March 31, 2003

So last night, in #dominion, these three or four people just started making fun of me. It had hurt because I had thought atleast two of them were somewhat friends of mine. Guess I was wrong.

I can’t believe how Barb (the new dominion op that almost everyone despises, including me) is being controlled. This person nicknamed ladykatt in the room is her “friend” and tells her whatever she needs to do.

#dominion was once a wonderful place. People actually chatted there. Then Barbarella came and destroyed it. She banned people for the stupidest and smallest things. There’s not many real chatters left. From before.

The man known as dave in #dominion is now being targeted. I think he’s a nice person, yet they make fun of him. He’s been going there longer than me, Barb told ME to warn dave that he’s in danger of being banned too. Because “people” have been complaining to her. I fear I am next.

Ladykatt is controlling Barb like a puppet and I just now put it all together. She’s behind the degradation of dominion as much as Barb herself. It’s so sad to see the chat I’ve learned to love since first arriving there in Fall 1998 become such a cesspool for evil…

The end is sooner than I thought.


just woke up

March 31, 2003

I had another dream… I had thought ABC Family had redone the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue opening sequence and was using a whole new theme. Then I woke up and found out it was just the video currently playing on MTV, on my tv. Haha (It was Foo Fighters -Times Like These by the way…).

See ya..

Alright, one more entry, then sleep…

March 31, 2003

Maybe after a long night/day of sleep, I can finally stop being so depressed and start sorting things out…or go back into my media shell of false happiness. See ya.

All I Want : A poem by Prometheus

March 31, 2003

All I want,
Is a woman to love,
And for her to love me back,
All I want,
Is a mate to cure my loneliness,
To hold when I am sad,
All I want,
Is a girl to make my life livable,
To feel her warmth on a cold winter’s night,
All I want,
Is a princess and for me to be her prince,
To feel truly loved for once in my life,
All I want,
Is to be lonely no more,
To be free of the darkness that enslaves me,
All I want,
Is something I will probably never get.

( Just a couple links I may need in the future… )

Blind bashing…

March 31, 2003

What’s sad is when some of the closest things to friends you have online begin making fun of you, bashing you when they only see under 10% of the whole picture. They don’t really know me at all.

They think I’m 100% dependant on a computer when I’m not. They think I would die without this box. I’ve gone as much as a week without it before, to my memory. They think when I am anti-war, I am anti-soldiers. That is also untrue. I do support the troops and hope they return alive. I do not support our fake President sending them off to war for fake reasons. But I guess their minds may be too simple to think of that option.

I failed at this life, so I blind myself with media and other things until the time comes when I will pass on. A part of me continues to watch Power Rangers and “kids” shows like it to hold on to the last bits of my life, before I failed. To remember when I was actually happy with life and my body actually worked correctly. Those times have passed…

I wish I could return to those times and I try my hardest to do just that. But to do so completely is impossible. So I am waiting for end. I wouldn’t like to suicide, but small things push me every day. Some days, bigger things. It’s a sad sad world. And I have no way to make a life in it.

I’m happy Bush is bringing on the end of the world. I just hope I’m one of the first to die.


Bush = the end of the world…

March 31, 2003

“Doctor, could you inject my face with some Botox so I won’t look surprised when Bush blows up the world?” –MadTV 3/29

Man, I was laughing my ass off at that Saturday. I’m not sure which character said it exactly, but I had seen that old-lady-like character on the show before. I just thought I should immortalize the quote here. See yas.


March 30, 2003

I just remember a dream I had while I was sleeping. I remember only parts now. I remember a school gymnasium and I sitting in the bleachers, then I remember being evacuated for some reason. School was cancelled for the day, at only around 9AM. In the dream, I actually had friends. And they were all black, unlike me. We went to see a movie instead of going home right away… and that’s about all I remember. Strange.


March 30, 2003

I slept. On and off. All day long. It be fun.