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no news / today

July 31, 2009

I awoke even a bit before my dad awoke today. Ugh. Or maybe he woke me up and momentarily returned to his room. Eh, either way.. I got online while he watched his news.. and was so damn booooored. Once he took off to dialysis, I transferred two episodes of Caitlin’s Way to VHS (didn’t really mind watching them.. and stayed online instead), then got onto PlayStation Home for a little while (checking out all the new stuff that I didn’t have time for yesterday.. after falling asleep at the controller).

My dad returned from dialysis, read the paper then slept a bit. The mail arrived and he took off with his check to buy some things. It’s odd how I ended up with about $80 still in the bank rather than the usual broke.. like my dad. It probably has something to do with my new leg-impaired trips to media buy. *shrug* ..I watched another Ghostwriter mystery (“To The Light” Parts 1-5.. ooh, this was one of my favorites.. it brought back a lot of childhood memories.. too bad the latter two parts became pillarboxed though 😦 ), soon followed by two more episodes of Caitlin’s Way (watched these.. the season-turned-series finale that changes the cast line-up.. pretty good actually.. but now airing out of order due to The N airing them in production number order rather than airing order.. still more episodes to go :/).

After that, it hit 5PM and I got online to news-gather. We eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched Surviving Suburbia (lol) and some Goode Family (ugh). I got online for a bit, then returned for an According To Jim rerun, followed by The Soup.. Then I fell asleep all night somewhere in there. Ack. :/

Soooo.. what should I watch next, starting on Monday? I’d like to continue watching PR and watch Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. But.. I’d also like to get this DVD set of Dragon Ball Z out of the way and start buying them again. Especially now that Dragon Ball‘s finally coming out. I’m way behind. 😦 ..Hmm. Anyway, see ya..

[ Video: 12,000 US Kids To Be Swine Flu Vaccine Guinea Pigs ]
[ New Evidence That Swine Flu Virus Is Man-made? ]
[ Lull In H1N1 Cases, But ‘Big Surge’ To Follow ]
[ Swine Flu Call Centre Staffer Speaks Out ]
[ UK Docs To Get Big Bonus Per Swine Flu Jab ]
[ Wal-Mart Weighs Role In Swine Flu Vaccine Plans ]
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[ The Zionist SPLC Has Become A Danger To America ]
[ Irish Say It Is NOT ‘Anti-Semitism’, It’s Our RIGHT ]
[ Bjerknes – Occult Jewish Plan To Exterminate Gentiles ]
[ JonBenet Ramsey Murder – Satanic Ritual Sacrifice ]
[ John Ramsey And Beth Holloway Twitty Are Dating ]
[ Arkansas State Grand Jury Votes To Indict Obama ]
[ 43 US Dead In July In Obama’s Afghan War ]
[ After $182B Bailout AIG On Verge Of Collapse… Again ]
[ House Passes Fascist Food Safety Bill ]
[ Insane Food Bill 2749 Passes House On 2nd Try ]
[ Conspiracy To Poison Your Faith In Organic Food ]
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[ How Long Has There Been Hell On Venus? ]
[ Jupiter, Saturn Shield Earth From Comet Hits ]
[ McKinnon Loses Appeal To Stop US Extradition ]
[ Pet Cat Catches, Takes The Bus For 4 Years ]


pr rpm 1924 spoiler / family guy banned episode / today

July 30, 2009

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1924: “Ancient History” will premiere on Saturday September 19th. Additionally. BurgundyRanger has confirmed that new episodes will air during every Saturday in September, as well as the first Saturday of October. But after that comes an eight or ten-week hiatus due to ABC’s sports coverage. The final six episodes will then be premiered during December and January. :/

PRRPM Episode 1924 – “Ancient History” – Untested technology is found in an Alphabet Soup dumping ground. Truman tries to keep the technology from Venjix but instead stumbles upon a video log that pins Dr. K responsible for the start of Venjix. Truman wants to arrest Dr. K. But if he does, she won’t be able to help the rangers with the dangerous Paleomax technology.

“Responsible for the start of Venjix”? Heehee. *hopes*

At San Diego Comic-Con, creator Seth MacFarlane revealed that a future episode of Family Guy that dealt with the touchy subject of abortion may not make it to broadcast on FOX. And then a few days later, FOX confirmed they would not air the episode, titled “Partial Terms of Endearment”. The episode is now likely to show up on a future DVD release instead.

This is getting sooo damn annoying. I’m getting so damn tired of waking up so damn early.My dad wakes up at 5AM everyday, so its probably due to him. He’s always up first.. and then I am. And of course I can’t get back to sleep, so all I have left to do while my dad watches his bullshit news for many many hours is get online to waste some time. And that gets pretty damn boring after awhile. Especially when it happens every damn day.

And then as if he read my mind.. or took my comment about him watching hours of repeating news.. he said I could watch whatever I watched. So eventually, I watched That’s Impossible (the “Weather Warfare” episode I linked to a few days ago.. my dad found it hard to believe, even though it was scientifically explained how it’s possible.. but all that probably went right over his head) and then Michael & Michael Have Issues (lol, my favorite episode so far.. very funny.. I think this one won my DVD purchase.. if it ever comes out.. and if I’m able to buy it when it does..).

I fell asleep for a little while as my dad watched some morning TV. Then I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home. All day. Because it wasn’t back online from its content update until around 5PM. Ugh. I killed most of the afternoon (while impatiently waiting) on more Namco Museum Essentials.. then finally got into PlayStation Home. There is quite a lot of new stuff this week.. hence the impatience.

Since it got back online so late, I opted to keep the PS3 online up to 7PM. We had some supper in there somewhere.. then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there wasn’t anything on TV. And due to recent events, I wasn’t really in the mood to watch anything anyway. I ended up just staying online most of the night and my dad eventually took off outside to talk to an actual human being (unlike me).

And.. that’s about it? Goodni– er, see ya..

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[ Illuminati, Child Prostitution & The Secret Service ]
[ Video: Ahmadinejad DID NOT Threaten To ‘Wipe Israel Off The Map’ ]
[ What If Obama Was In Fact Born British? ]
[What If Westerners Were All Suddenly Sterile?
[ Science May Solve Watergate Missing Conversation ]
[ Mysterious Bright Spot On Venus ]
[ Major Event – UFO Crashes Into Ottowa River ]
[ UFO Expert Finds Ottowa River Crash Strange ]
[ US Accused Of ‘Insulting’ Gary McKinnon ]

pr disney and toei / tmnt blu-ray full of fail / infamous movie / today

July 29, 2009

RangerBoard member VengeanceGOD had the opportunity to speak with a Disney executive about the end of Power Rangers. And according to the executive, it sounds like Disney was trying to change Power Rangers and ended up having a disagreement with the original sentai’s production company TOEI. Could that have been what got the show.. ended?

Warner Bros has sent out review copies of the August 11th Blu-ray release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Film Collection: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Some pictures of the rather.. original packaging have shown up over at DVDTalk.. and the responses are not good. Including mine. All four movies are included in pizza box packaging, on two over-lapping digipak platters stuck to the too-thin-to-be-a-pizza-box cardboard. This leaves a bunch of space in the middle of the box to hold a bunch of useless swag items. Yuck. I was going to pick this release up. Then I heard that the discs will include NO special features (except for the most recent TMNT, which will be a carbon copy of the current Blu-ray). And now this crappy packaging shows up. Now I’m thinking I may get TMNT on Blu by itself and hold onto my DVDs of the others. At least until I see if Warner can pull off something better around the time that new live-action (“dark” “reboot”) movie comes out…

The Hollywood Reporter.. reports that Sony Pictures is looking to make a movie based on the recent hit video game inFamous. That sounds like a really cool idea. I’ve really enjoyed the game so far and really felt it would make a good movie as well. I hope they can pull it off. πŸ™‚

I awoke rather early once again and got online for a while. Then I played some Namco Museum Essentials.. and then got online again. And watched Monday’s episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man (awesome episode, as usual πŸ™‚ ) and Aaron Stone (pretty good, I guess)…… then got online again. I’m sensing a pattern.

My dad returned home from dialysis and watched some of his usual morning TV while I was was mostly.. online. But then we went to bed and I watched 10 Things I Hate About You (lol, very good episode.. liked the small “fashion tips” plot :p) and Ruby & The Rockits (hmm, somewhat of an improvement over episode 1….. but then I fell asleep like halfway though…). Then I got online again. I just really didn’t know what to watch today. I didn’t feel like starting a new TV season DVD just yet and I don’t have all that many movies that my dad has no interest for.

I eventually went for.. more Namco Museum Essentials. This first PSN game that I paid for doesn’t have as many Home Rewards as I expected.. but at least it has trophies too. You collect stamps by achieving certain things in the games and you build up to a trophy, then a Home Reward, then another trophy. Heh. I achieved two trophies and two Home Rewards (on Pac-Man & Dig Dug) before it reached 6PM. Not bad.

I checked out my new items in PlayStation Home, then got online to news-gather. We had supper.. In primetime, we watched Wipeout (damnit, rerun of a rather recent episode *watches anyway*), America’s Got Talent (eh) and.. last week’s Leverage (getting behind again,. crap.. good episode too). Then I returned to my room for the night.

Leg appears to be getting worse, especially after every Tuesday outing. Wish I could.. at least get some kind of wheelchair or something.. Eh, I dunno. See ya..

[ It’s Official – WHO Says Flu Vaccine Should Be MANDATORY ]
[ Obama To Send Troops To ‘Help’ FEMA Battle Swine Flu ]
[ Judge – Suspend Constitutional Rights Over Flu ]
[ US Sets Rules For Getting Swine Flu Vaccine ]
[ Pandemic H1N1 In Quebec Swine Lack Human Link ]
[ Bad News – Swine Flu Genetic Changes In Brazil ]
[ Spitzer Unleashes Scathing Criticism Of Fed ]
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[ Banks ‘Too Big To Fail’ Must Be Broken Up ]
[ ‘Change’ Obama – More Troops To Afghan War? ]
[ The Death Of Liberty – The Final Scene ]
[ Skolnick – The Red Chinese Secret Police In The US ]
[ NY Gives Homeless Tickets To Leave City ]
[ Engdahl – Long Term Effects Of GM Foods On Humans ]
[ Video: Aspartame Danger – Check EVERY Drink You Buy ]
[ Humans Driving Earth Next Great Extinction ]
[ Hacker McKinnon’s Moral Crusade Over UFO Secrecy ]
[ Deep Secrets Of A Rand UFO Think Tank Exposed ]

krdk new episodes aug 1st / media / today

July 28, 2009

BurgundyRanger comes through with some better late than never news, confirming that all-new episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will begin airing this Saturday morning, August 1st at 11AM ET, on CW4Kids. As it was originally estimated. Haha. Awesome. I can’t wait.. New Power Rangers RPM is also in store for this Saturday. πŸ™‚

I awoke early in the morning yet again. Ugh. So getting tired of that.. on days that my dad is here to watch hours of useless “news”. He tells me this one channel he watches just repeats everything all morning, yet he watches it anyway… I got online for a few hours, then sorta fell asleep once I went to the living room. I awoke a little after 9AM and started to get ready.. and then I headed out to media buy..

Due to my damn leg, I didn’t want to be out for very long. I was planning to go to best Buy as well, but ended up getting everything at Target instead. Everything was pretty much the same price anyway. Dollhouse: Season 1 has a longer runtime listed on the DVD than the Blu-ray.. and everything on the discs is the same. Don’t know what’s up with that. The packaging themselves claim the Blu-ray is 540mins and the DVD is 641mins. It could easily be a typo, I suppose. But Amazon is claiming 641mins for the DVD and 694mins for Blu. WTF? :/

I picked up the Blu-ray anyway though. I was really looking forward to making Dollhouse my first TV Blu-ray purchase. But they really should have done a full slipcover rather than this lame looking cardboard thing glued over the plastic wrap that I’ll now have to carry with the Blu everywhere since I doubt it’ll fit inside. Grr.. Green Lantern: First Flight comes in another nice Green-ray case (sweet). The Target “exclusive disc” was only with the 2-disc DVD and only included Justice League episodes “In Blackest Night” Parts 1 & 2. But the Blu-ray seems to have two more episodes than the basic 2-disc DVD, so maybe they’re included anyway? I can’t put the disc in right now to find out. 😦

Looking forward to finally watching The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete First Season all over again.. though I may wait until after Season 2 finishes on Disney XD first.. I’d like Dollhouse right away too, due to the two unaired episodes (the original Pilot and season finale Epitaph One).. but I’ll try and wait until closer to the second season premiere. :p

So I got the usual icee and then returned home. I got online for a bit while my dad watched his.. stuff. Then I took over and watched the last six episodes of iCarly: Season 1 (more good episodes πŸ™‚ ..”iCarly Saves TV” was somewhat new due to it being an extended version).. soon followed by my first visit to PlayStation Home in a little while. And even though I hadn’t been there in a bit.. I still bought virtual clothes. Damnit. :/ And then I bought Namco Museum Essentials off PSN just because it features a whole bunch of Home unlockables. >_>

At around 6PM, we had some supper and then I got online to inventory the new discs and news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Dating In The Dark (*watches for two minutes* *deletes* okay, maybe not..), True Blood (wow, great episode this week.. and not only due to Jessica’s panties :p), America’s Got Talent (VEGAS! … *yawns*) and Better Off Ted (oh, it didn’t air tonight at the last second in order to air Bachelorette bullshit instead.. gawdamnit, they’re treating this show horribly.. and they’ve already picked it up for Season 2 in January 2010). After that, I got online.. and it was then that I noticed that I forgot tonight’s ABC Family sitcoms. So I went and downloaded them instead. Damn. 😦

I intended to stay awake and get some things done.. but I fell asleep all night instead. Damnit. See ya.

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[ Mom Decapitated Baby, Ate His Brain – Terminal Endtime Madness ]

x-men origins wolverine dvd blu / degrassi & icarly movies / today

July 27, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine will hit DVD shelves on September 15th as 1-disc and 2-disc DVD versions, as well as a Blu-ray. The 1-disc DVD will include a single featurette. The 2-disc DVD will add to that two commentaries, deleted & extended scenes, two more featurettes.. and the digital copy. But the Blu-ray will include ALL that as well as a trivia track and FIVE exclusive featurettes. The cover art is alright, I guess. I’m in for the Blu.. even though I’m hearing this movie really sucks. But eh, at least they’re saying it’s better than X-Men 3. :p

The N’s first original two-hour movie (actually comprised of a four-part episode) Degrassi Goes Hollywood will premiere on the network on Friday August 14th at 8PM ET. The movie will feature star-studded appearances by Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Perez Hilton, Pete Wentz, Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Carlson and Cassadee Hope. Six original songs by the series’ cast members will also be featured and they’ll be released on the Degrassi Goes Hollywood: Music From The Original Movie! soundtrack, digitally on July 21st and in stores on August 4th.. Meanwhile, Nickelodeon has moved back their iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx one-hour movie premiere by one day and it will now debut on Saturday August 8th at 8PM ET. πŸ™‚

Before falling asleep, I watched the evening’s episodes of Robot Chicken (haha @ a skit from Robot Chicken Star Wars 2 Extended being in this episode as well :p ..otherwise, hilarious episode) and The Mighty Boosh (lol, liked this episode).. at 2 or 3AM or whatever. Then I finally slept.. I awoke the next morning and got online for a bit before watching another MST3k (..fell asleep for most of it.. but it looked like another one of those painful movies even they couldn’t make better, so oh well). Then I got online again before watched six more episodes of iCarly: Season 1 (I missed the opening for a couple episodes here, so that’s.. about all that was new.. good episodes though).

My dad returned home from dialysis just as I started the episodes, so he soon went to bed for his usual nap. Once they ended, I.. got online again.. for most of the afternoon. I just didn’t know what else to watch now that I had gotten iCarly done so early. :p As my dad woke up though, I watched last night’s Robot Chicken again (to VHS it.. damn you VCR that is built to fail after six months or so so that you’re forced to buy another one! grrr), then got online again. But then I watched Square Roots: The Story of SpongeBob SquarePants (cool documentary..).

I got online to news-gather, then eventually had some supper.. In primetime, my dad took off for another damn nap while I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha @ a whole summer passing between this episode and the next..), Make It Or Break It (I really liked Razor, he was cool.. then the writers shipped him off and replaced him with this douche.. damnit.. good episode otherwise) and Raising The Bar (another very good episode this week..). My dad woke up just in time to take back the TV.. and that was it for the night..

See ya.

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Sunday 07.26.2009 — mmpr remastered update 3!

July 26, 2009

The plot thickens… Disney has recently filed (as in May 15th) a bunch of new trademarks on the term Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. These include everything from “toys, games and playthings”, “electronic games”, “clothing”, “bags; backbacks”, “paper” & “cardboard articles”, “books”, “school supplies”… But probably the most important ones would have to be for “Audio recordings; video recordings; audio and visual recordings in all media; video and computer game cartridges, discs and software”.. Looks like next year’s season of Power Rangers may just be remastered Mighty Morphin. πŸ™‚

While on this topic, Rangercast has now posted audio of the Otakon 2009 panel in which Tony Oliver first revealed that remastering work was being done on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Seasons 1-3. Coool. πŸ™‚

Oh, hey. What about that “big announcement” out of the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight panel at San Diego Comic-Con? Well, Stephen Lunsford let the cat out of the bag since none of the con-goers did. “There’s going to be 25 more episodes and a whole new line of toys coming out after summer.” Alright, so more toys.. and CW4Kids will be airing all 25 of the remaining episodes next TV season (probably with a short break for Christmas somewhere in there). That’s good to know. πŸ™‚

I awoke.. then fell asleep.. then awoke again to my dad somewhat watching his TV. Once he more fully fell asleep, I took over the TV and watched two episodes of Bleach (the first episode was pretty good, but then I got a bit bored again on the next one :/ ), six more episodes of iCarly: Season 1 (the second full disc watched — Season 1 Volume 1 Disc 2 :p ..only one episode was new to me this time — Halloween, of course — but I did enjoy the episodes nonetheless πŸ™‚ ) and Bill Engvall Show (my dad finally woke up and sat down, so yeah.. for most of it anyway :/).

It was nearing time for my dad’s onslaught of sports (a local NASCAR race and another local baseball game), so I got out of there and got online for a while. Er, most of the day I mean. -_- ..We eventually had some supper, then we watched some Family Guy and ‘Til Death reruns before I got back online for a bit. And in primetime, I just opted to watch Zoom on FOX. Now I want the Zoom soundtrack. It was a nice trip down memory lane. The movie itself? Flawed, definitely. But I still somewhat enjoyed it, I guess. I wanna start seeing Kate Mara in better roles than this dangit.. And that that was about it for the night.


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[ The Laziness Factor – This Is NOT What Built America ]

Saturday 07.25.2009 — *snores*

July 25, 2009

I once again awake at 5AM in the morning. Damnit. -_- I got online for a while, then watched Degrassi TNG (nice, a better episode than usual πŸ™‚ ) and The Assistants (lol, another very good episode). After that, I fell asleep for a bit again.. then awoke to my dad watching TV. But once he was finished with some infomercial, I watched Funny People: Live (a DVD bonus feature on TV! >_> why were the clips so damn short though 😦 ).. followed by the first seven episodes of iCarly: Season 1 (I thought I’d start these DVDs next.. even though I’ve already seen most of these episodes in repeats recently.. three here were new to me, and iWanna Stay With Spencer & iNevel were definitely good enough to see again.. I’d like to finish these DVDs before the upcoming “movie”).

I got online for a bit while my dad took over the TV for his usual sports stuff. I then returned to the living room.. and nodded off to sleep again due to said sports stuff. Then I got online again.. and that was about it for the night….

I think I shall keep expanding my hold on my unused Netflix account until the end of the year. If PS3 streaming isn’t implemented (like it is on xbox) by then, I’ll finally cancel it. Microsoft and their retarded exclusivity deals with expiration dates.. >_>

Yeah, that was random.. and before that, rather useless.. I’m out dis bitch. SEE YA!

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pr rpm 23 spoiler / today

July 24, 2009

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1923: “And… Action” is likely to premiere on September 12th. This episode has a rather interesting description as well…

PRRPM Episode 1923 – “And… Action” – For the first time ever join Ziggy as he takes you behind the scenes of Power Rangers. See how explosions and stunts are really done. As well as the funny moments that don’t make it into the episode, but keep the Power Ranger set a lively place to work as a ranger.

A behind-the-scenes special in the middle of a season? “For the first time ever”? Ooookay.. :p

I awoke in the morning.. at a more normal time for once. Perhaps because I woke up briefly at 2AM rather than the usual 5AM.. I watched the last two episodes of Beyond The Break (wow, better be another season after that ending..), then got online for a while. My dad returned home from dialysis, then soon went to bed for a nap. I then retook the TV and watched another MST3k (“Master Ninja I”.. verrry bad movie.. ha’s @ early 1980s Demi Moore).

After some more time online, I returned and finally watched Watchmen: Director’s Cut. I definitely liked it more than I did in the theater, due to the 2 or 3 new things I actually noticed. All the other minutes were most likely extending present scenes.. I only paused twice during the three hours and six minutes. Phew. Glad to own this great film on disc. πŸ™‚ ..After some time considering whether or not to check out PlayStation Home, I moved on and got online to news-gather (after 5PM). And we soon had some supper.

In primetime, I didn’t feel like watching another movie after.. that one. :p So we just watched Surviving Suburbia (hahaha) and Goode Family (ugh, find it more annoying every time I watch), followed by a couple repeats of According To Jim (lol) and 20/20 – Over A Barrel: The Truth About Oil (they stayed mainstream for the most part, but they did speak a little truth I didn’t expect.. little bits).

I returned to my room for the night.. and watched Conan. He did a skit where they visited Bang Zoom Studios, the anime dubbing studio. lol. Very funny. They meet MMPR alum Tony Oliver and dub some lines for Ghost In The Shell. lol @ them making sure to mention all the fan service and bare breasts. :p

Well.. see ya.

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gta iv liberty city episodes xcox / today

July 23, 2009

Rockstar Games have now announced an October 29th disc release for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City on the XBOX 360. It will include both DLC episodes The Lost And Damned & The Ballad Of Gay Tony on a disc. Owning Grand Theft Auto IV will no longer be required… Now all we must do is wait for Microsoft’s silly little exclusivity deal to run out and then it’ll be ported to PS3. Hooray. :p Or they’ll release them separately on PSN before a disc release in order to maximize profits. Psh..

I awoke too early in the morning yet again (grr), got online for a bit, then eventually fell back to sleep.. I awoke again later t o my dad watching his usual morning TV.. so I retreated to my room and got online again.. Eventually, my dad news was over and I took over the TV. I watched another MST3k (“The Unearthly” bad movie though).. then soon followed that with V For Vendetta on Blu-ray (it took until a third viewing to make it official, but.. yup, this is my #1 favorite movie ever, bumping Contact down to #2.. for now.. love this movie!).

Next, I got online to news-gather.. then.. eventually had supper.. In primetime, my dad wanted to watch the local baseball game again. We watched the final two episodes of Samantha Who? (haha.. not that bad of an ending, not too cliffhangery at all), followed by Leverage (it got off to an odd start.. but it ended in the right place πŸ™‚ ).. in between a lot of stops to watch said baseball game. I must admit I was.. interested in the outcome just a bit. My dad and I used to go out and watch the games.. back in what feels like a different lifetime now. 😦

I eventually returned to my room for the night.. See ya……….

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warcraft movie / today

July 22, 2009

Variety has confirmed that Sam Raimi will direct the live action World of Warcraft movie for Legendary Pictures, in partnership with Warner Bros. Ain’t It Cool News reports that the film is anticipated to develop with a budget over $100 million. The film will start shooting after Raimi films Spider-Man 4 next year. Wow.. lol. :p ..I’m more looking forward to more Spidey, even though the last one wasn’t 100% awesome..

I awoke too early in the morning again and watched some music videos, then eventually fell asleep again. I awoke and then got online for a bit as my dad watched his usual morning TV.. But eventually, the afternoon arrived and I took over the TV again. I watched another episode of MST3k (lol, especially @ Mr B Natural.. no wonder it was released by itself when they couldn’t get the right to release the episode’s movie on video.. I was laughing almost the entire time, wow) followed by The Punisher on Blu-ray (very good film, a “training wheels” Blu-ray though with a short tutorial before the movie automatically starts.. found it a bit hard to pay attention though, this was my third viewing and purchase of the movie after all :p).

I followed that with Beyond The Break before getting online to news-gather. We eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched True Blood (awesome episode. loved it.. I wanna see Jessica naked already dangit :p), America’s Got Talent (*auditions over 20 minutes early for an interview with that Britain’s Got Talent woman* *falls asleep immediately), Better Off Ted (lol, funny episode) and Michael & Michael Have Issues. (lol, hilarious episode this week.. even better than last week).

And that was about it for the night.. except when I swore I felt another gawdamn worm crawling in my sock again, went looking for it and found nothing.. then theorized that it may be burrowing and hiding underneath my thick underskin due to a mysterious new lump or two. I keep feeling their crawling down there, then find nothing…… I’m so fucking losing it…….. See ya!

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