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the no news strikes back / media / today

December 31, 2009

I awoke at like 2AM to finish up the previous entry, then went to sleep again. And then I woke up again at about 5 or 6AM to my dad being awake and watching his news.. And then I fell asleep again until my dad woke me up at 8:30AM. I got online for a little bit, then we soon got ready and went out to media buy.

But first, I headed to the bank and took out some funds to pay the cable bill ($140/month).. Then we headed on to Target, where I got my new cell phone. Yay. It’s the new $20 Verizon Wireless prepaid phone from Samsung. My previous one from Virgin Mobile (also $20) didn’t have all the cool features like this one does, including a camera. Heehee. Gonna have some fun on Twitter with this methinks.. I passed on The Hangover Blu-ray at Target because they had no remaining copies with slipcover and Digital Copy.

So I headed to Best Buy.. where they also didn’t have any copies with those features. Damnit. Only the first pressing had them. I went ahead and price-matched it down to Target’s $17 anyway, then also picked up Jennifer’s Body on Blu (and oh man, I would do so much to that body.. *drools*) and Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2 on DVD. I got one of the last two copies of it with the Limited Edition steel slipcase, then it rang up for $44.99 at the register.. so I had to wait in the long returns line at Costumer Service to get over half my money back, down to Best Buy’s $19.99 sale price this week. Luckily, it worked. 🙂

I moved on to Speedway and got in on their new Dew Club (under Speedy Rewards, buy six 20oz of any flavor Mtn Dew — doesn’t have to be all at once — and get one free :p ). Our next stop was the grocery store, where we both bought.. some groceries. I got caught shoplifting though.. damnit. Gotta be more careful next time. :/ ..We returned home and I set up my new phone, moving all my numbers from old to new and resetting up Twitter with it. I got quite an easy phone number to remember too. An abundance of 0’s, 1’s & 4’s. :p I also inventoried the new discs..

It didn’t take very long after the mail arrived though for me to have head out again., This time, we went all the way down to the hospital for another leg rewrapping. At least this session was more pleasant. 🙂 Cut off wrappings, clean, rewrap, complete. You know the deal.. We returned home and I ordered pizza for supper from Pizza Hut. ANY pizza for just $10 — just had to get in on that. And it tasted just like the Pizza Hut I remembered having years and years ago and wanted to have again (*greasy Meat Lovers’!*). Awesome! … *heart attacks*

Anyway.. after that, I got online to news-gather etc etc etc.. In primetime.. of course, nothing to watch on TV. So we watched The Hangover: Unrated instead. It was pretty funny.. but perhaps my expectations were still a bit too high.. My dad liked it I guess, though he fell asleep for part of it.. After it was over, we started watching all the New Years’ Eve shows on TV. My dad was surprised to see Shania Twain on FOX..

Not too long after midnight, my dad sort of nodded off to sleep.. so I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home‘s New Years’ festivities. I soon found out that you can see the Central Plaza ball drop by just changing your PS3 clock to just before midnight before turning on Home. So the ball dropped, played Auld Lang Syne, then gave me a free virtual hat and shirt. Cool. Unfortunately, the male version of the shirt is broken. Hope they fix that. I glitched onto the platform under the ball and had some fun there until nearly 4AM. For details, check out the 40 new images dumped in my photobucket. lol, I’m a stripper (both female and male.. but mostly female.. because it’s funner to stare at).. *denies friend request after friend request from idiot guys* :p

My dad eventually woke up at 3AM and headed to bed. Then I shut off the PS3 by 4AM and returned to my room for the night… See ya. And Happy New Year! 🙂

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a new no news / today

December 30, 2009

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then stayed online while I VHSed the Power Rangers RPM finale (the VCR stopped during it, so I had to try again later.. think I’ll be watching the last four episodes again on Friday 🙂 ). After that, I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for a little bit before my dad returned home from dialysis. He then watched his news.

In the afternoon, I watched the final four episodes of Kyle XY: Season 3 (great finale.. damn the cliffhanger that’ll never be resolved except for the included featurette explaining what would have happened during the following season.. they only wanted to do one more season apparently, but ABC Family wouldn’t even allow that.. assholes). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. During that, I got the news about an accidental download of the movie Armored on PSN and got the PS3 back online again to download that. The movie’s still in some theaters, but it was somehow discover on PSN for free. I got it downloaded, but it was gone by 8PM. :p

In primetime, there was nothing to watch yet again. And my dad began bitching about watching something that was new and on my PS3 over a rerun.. on TV. He’d rather watch a rerun for some unknown reason. O_o So okay.. We watched reruns of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, The Office and Jay Leno. Though I did get online here and there out of boredom. Blah.

Well.. see ya. Busy day tomorrow..

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lost final season sweepstakes / today

December 29, 2009

[Current Music Download|Muse – Uprising @ MultiUpload]

ABC has announced the Lost The Final Season Sweepstakes. Go to and answer six questions correctly in order to enter to be one of 815 winners who will receive a “message in a bottle”, or a bottle containing a USB drive that resembles Desmond Hume’s fail-safe key that’s loaded with a sneak peek of the the February 2nd season premiere. Cooool. Gimme gimme. :p

I awoke quite early in the morning again and finished the previous entry.. then soon fell asleep again.. Later, I got online again as my dad watched his boring morning TV reruns.. followed by his news. In the afternoon, I finally took over the TV and watched three more episodes of Kyle XY: Season 3 (more good episodes.. four to go already), then played some more Lego Batman.

I haven’t been getting the PS3 online or checking out PlayStation Home in days because I’ve created a Power Rangers RPM Complete Season torrent and felt I should seed it non-stop for a few days before I begin disconnecting the PC again. :p ..We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime… again, nothing to watch.. So I turned the PS3 back on and we watched last night’s Men Of A Certain Age (haha, good episode), the last Flashpoint (wow, good episode.. and finally caught up 🙂 ) and tonight’s Better Off Ted (rofl, very funny episode tonight :p). After that, I soon returned to my room for the night.

See yas.

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no news?! really?!? / today

December 28, 2009

I awoke pretty early in the morning once again and got online for a bit. But eventually, I fell asleep again.. I awoke again and soon watched the first three episodes of Kyle XY: Season 3 (very good episodes). My dad returned home from dialysis and we had some lunch.. then I got online again as he watched his news.

But soon, it was time to go. We got ready and soon headed over to the hospital. They cut off the old leg wrappings, cleaned them up and wrapped them up again. The usual for the most part.. We both pitched in $5 for the gas tank (in my dad’s case, his final $5 until Thursday) to get all the way there and back. We returned home and I took up most of the rest of my time playing some more Lego Batman (haha, fun). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, it was all reruns yet again.. and I didn’t have any movies to watch. My dad watched all the CBS comedy reruns. I watched a few of them while mainly getting online and distracting myself with other things. Though we did watch another episode of Flashpoint at 10PM (good episode.. only one left before I’m caught up.. with everything on the PS3).

And.. that was abut it for another day. See ya. 🙂

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Sunday 12.27.2009 — Happy New Ye–! oh wait, not yet..

December 27, 2009

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry. I returned to the living room and my dad and I had an argument about picking up the Sunday newspaper. We’re nearly out of gas and money that must last until Thursday, so yeah. I offer again and again to pay for the gas with what little I have left, but nooo.. I eventually fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until after 10AM. I then watched Doctor Who: The End of Time Part One (wow, awesome.. cannot wait for Part Two next week).

My dad eventually awoke and we watched four episodes of Flashpoint (episodes 302-305.. ah, very good episodes.. they had piled up on the PS3 for a while now, so it was nice to free some more HDD space). My dad football game was nearing, so I gave the TV over to him and headed to my room and got online. A few hours later ,I went to the bedroom DVR and watched an episode of 90210 (the next series I plan on clearing from the bedroom DVR one episode at a time.. it became more enjoyable once I began MSTing it, haha).

We had some supper, then.. there was nothing to watch on TV yet again tonight.. and I didn’t have any moves to watch (that he would like) either. And so we watched two more episodes of Flashpoint (episodes 306-307.. more good ones.. I’m finding Amy Jo Johnson really attractive again, heh.. it’s been a while actually.. back during MMPR.. impressed by how she looks pretty much exactly the same 17 years later :p), followed by Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (missed DVRing it last week.. “Big Brother”.. very informative.. mostly stuff I already knew, but still..).

And that was about it for the night..? See ya..

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Saturday 12.26.2009 — The Power Rangers Series Finale: 17 Seasons, 700 Episodes

December 26, 2009

I awoke rather early in the morning once again and then got online to finish up the previous entry. I returned to the living room once I was done.. and watched some of my dad’s boring news before falling asleep for a few more hours. I awoke again and soon decided not to wait for the final airing of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on CW4Kids. Instead, I watched dekabroken’s webrips of the three remaining episodes back-to-back (I’ll be linking to them on Twitter soon after his HQ rip of today’s episode is released). Very good finale. I liked the ending.. after all the recapping in the clip show, that is. :p So Grace’s Books is now a Borders..? Sweet. Harhar.. I really hope the series gets a DVD release someday..

Once I was done with all that, I got back online for a little while. But then it was finally time to watch the series finale of Power Rangers RPM — episodes 1931: “Danger And Destiny, Part I” & 1932: “Danger And Destiny, Part II”. A pretty good finale, if I do say so myself. Some parts could have been better, but… that final scene was awesome. I was all “Is he..? OMG!”. Totally wasn’t expecting that. :p I was hoping for more with the relationships (especially Ziggy/K), but at least they ended the way we expected them to.. Also, there was two versions (15secs & 30secs) of a new promo for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers next week. And it’s pretty good for a ABC Kids promo. :p

I was surprised when a package arrived in the mail. For a moment, I thought it may have been one I was expecting.. but instead it was my free I Am Legend Blu-ray from Warner Bros’ “Buy 5 Get 1 Free” deal. Their selection of free discs was very slim. Not too many ones I was interested in owning and I hadn’t seen yet. So in the end, I chose just to upgrade my DVD to Blu-ray.. even though they’ve already re-released the film on Blu with more special features but its some stupid over-priced boxed set with swag in it or whatever. 😦 That and my 2-disc DVD is in an awesome-looking steelbook..

Next, I watched Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side.. on DVD. I somewhat regret not getting it on Blu now. Weird how the fact pop-up track makes the feature letterboxed and pillarboxed like the Blu-ray does. Though I liked it about as much as the last one, Blue Harvest.. which is only “eh, it was okay”.. After that, I went into PlayStation Home by 3PM ET in order see something happen.. and ended up only seeing the “Festive Tree” turn into what’s probably a New Years’ Eve ball. Neat.. I guess.

I then caught Matt Austin (Green Ranger in Power Rangers SPD)’s John Hughes documentary Don’t You Forget About Me on the Encore channel. I really liked it.. and it really made me want to see more of his movies. Of the 80s teen movies.. I’ve only seen Ferris Bueller.. and that was some edited version on TV. :/ ..We soon had some supper, then I got online. Soon, I headed to the bedroom DVR and watched three episodes of Bones (neat @ Power Rangers Zeo‘s Nakia Burrise having brief cameo in the first one.. ha’s @ the lame Avatar promotion in the second.. + *drools @ Kaylee Defer as a sexy nerd* ..and the third was the Christmas episode with Emily’s real-life sister Zooey Deschanel 🙂 ..haha’s @ the sister comments even that wasn’t who she played in the episode.. all in all, good episodes.. and now I’m all caught up.. on this series anyway 🙂 ).

And that was about it for the night really.. See ya. 🙂

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Christmas Day 12.25.2009 — Not a creature was stirring…

December 25, 2009

I awoke in the morning and got online, then checked out PlayStation Home (more holiday stuff.. the last present in the EU.. santa’s chair, cool). And then I fell asleep for a little while.. I awoke a few hours later and we soon had breakfast and watched a bit of the Christmas Day parade.. before I changed it to something else.. I got back online as my dad checked out his news, then we soon watched my next Netflix selection — (500) Days Of Summer. Very cute and charming movie. I liked it. I might buy on Blu someday. Haha @ that ending. :p ..My dad fell asleep pretty early into it.

He watched some TV before I took over again and watched the last four episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 1 (last disc, very good episodes.. might as well break here since Season 1 Vol 2 opens with a clip show, haha :p what to watch next week before I get busy with Chuck: Season 2 the week after that, hmm.. currently thinking Kyle XY: Season 3..?), followed by Medium (yay, finally caught up on this one.. good episode too.. hopefully I can watch it live when new episodes return now). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather (should’ve known there would be nothing there today).

In primetime, there was nothing on.. except four new episodes of Til Death. Yes, four. Back-to-back. Crazy scheduling. But we watched all four (lol.. and ha, a Christmas episode was first). And after that, I watched The Soup (another clipdown.. neat). But not long after my dad went to bed, I got the PS3 online and returned to PlayStation Home. Free golden boxing gloves in the EA Red Poker Room. I put them together with my blue-dressed guy with a huge afro. lol. Then I.. took my scantily-clad female avatar for a dance in front of a pole at Club Fight Night. Haha’s @ the guys hounding me. Totally didn’t think about all the plainly-dressed newbies that would be showing up due to all the gift PS3s this Christmas. There were quite a few of them.. I did a little scorpion stomping at Sodium before getting offline for the night.

Supposedly, some other gift unlocks tomorrow in PlayStation Home for having all the holiday giveaway items, which I do. Heehee.. Well, see ya. And enjoy the series finale of Power Rangers tomorrow.. *sigh*

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Christmas Eve 12.24.2009 — like any other day… including no news..

December 24, 2009

[Current Music Download|Fountains Of Wayne – I Want An Alien For Christmas @ MediaFire]

After finishing the previous entry late last night, I decided to get the PS3 online and check out PlayStation Home. But while it was loading, I fell asleep.. I awoke very early the next morning and got onto PlayStation Home for a bit (ooh, EU free stuff I didn’t even notice.. the festive clothes are coool), then watched the final two Season 2 episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man (wow, awesome episodes.. I had DVRed the first one then waited over a month for Disney XD to re-air the finale episode.. about time, damn) and Robot Chicken (VHSing the new Christmas special to complete it even though I already bought it and the whole season on DVD last week :p). My dad eventually awoke and I got online.. then I soon fell asleep.

I awoke again and got online for pretty much the rest of the morning while my dad watched his boring morning TV. My aunt called to say he had contacted a few people to deliver some free stuff to us for Christmas. Cool. So my dad waited all day for a phone call that never came (well, one did call but not the other).. I soon took over the TV once again and checked out PlayStation Home for a while (ooh @ Christmas version of Japan’s beach.. it’s dark now, Santa’s sleigh can be seen in the sky.. and there’s new Treasure Hunt items, including some stranded-on-an-island-looking clothes.. all cut up or whatever, coool).

I finally pulled myself away from Home by 4PM and watched four more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 1 (great episodes.. one more disc and day to go.. I’m now considering watching Season 1 Vol 2 as well). We had some supper, then I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. In primetime, there was again nothing to watch.. except for the final three episodes of Raising The Bar on TNT. Alexa Nikolas was looking different here in the first of the three episodes than I had seen her before. Still hot though, maybe more so. :p Good episodes. Gonna miss this show a bit. 😦

I got online for the night.. then heard a Family Guy rerun on TV in the other room and went to watch.. and then fell asleep for the night. I had a dream where I slept into the afternoon and missed the “premiere” of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. :/ I awoke at about 4:30AM and finally finished up.. this.. entry..

See ya.

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no news *Coily sound* / today

December 23, 2009

[Current Music Download|Theory of A Deadman – Bad Girlfriend @ MediaFire]

After I finished the previous entry at like 1:30AM, I got he PS3 online and bought the new Pirates of the Caribbean levels on LittleBigPlanet. Coool. I played through the first level, then soon fell asleep with the PS3 on once again. I was awoken in the morning to switch it back to the TV before my dad had to go to dialysis.. I awoke again later and got onto PlayStation Home (aww no more free stuff), then played some more LittleBigPlanet.

My dad returned home from dialysis and and he watched some news and eventually went to bed.. I watched four more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 1 (great episodes.. so glad that the Season 2 Vol 1 DVD was announced today for Feb 16th release.. cannot wait 🙂 ), then returned to LittleBigPlanet (I finished my first playthrough of all the Pirates levels already and got two new trophies, then collected all the prizes in the first level 🙂 ).

I was pretty surprised when the Kyle XY: Season 3 DVD arrived in the mail today. It was officially released yesterday, but Amazon shipped it on Monday and claimed an estimated delivery date of December 28th. :p So sad that it’s the final season.. I also fit in this week’s new Men Of A Certain Age (haha, good episode) before we had supper. Then I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, there was nothing on yet again.. of course. So we watched Medium (still a few behind.. well, one now.. good episode), The Mentalist (ooh, flashbacks, nice.. good episode) and Flashpoint (running out of new episodes.. might as well start Season 3 of this one.. have nine episodes of it waiting to be watched :p ..awesome premiere episode with an ending I wasn’t expecting 🙂 these don’t air on CBS until next year..).

And that was about it for the night.. I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already tomorrow. I used to have the Christmas spirit, but not anymore. My dad doesn’t put up the tree or the lights in the window anymore because he’s afraid the cat will mess with them. And of course we’re broke by the end of the month.. always.. like now.. I can’t even make the hospital appointment to rewrap my legs again tomorrow because we’re just about out of gas. And new money doesn’t arrive until December 31st. The oven broke down while I was in the hospital, so some of the little food we have left we can’t even eat. Bah– I should shut up now. Ever since I’ve been medicated with Prozac, I’ve been feeling a-okay. No depression at all.. except maybe when my dad comes out and voices how he wishes he were dead.. But.. not even then really. I’m even more of an emotionless robot than before, it seems.. Ah well. See ya. And Happy Holidays. 🙂

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no news, just.. / media / today

December 22, 2009

I awoke at about 4AM or so and got online to finish up that previous entry.. for a few hours.. And then I fell asleep for a few more hours. My dad woke me up at 9:30, we got ready and then headed out to media buy.

First, I headed to Best Buy and picked up District 9 on Blu-ray — the $30 Best Buy Exclusive Collector’s Set that includes MNU Bulletproof Vest slipcover and Production Notes booklet. It looks awesome. 🙂 Oh, and I also got Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side on DVD.. of course. I passed on getting it on Blu because I have the whole series on DVD and the series isn’t yet produced in HD and widescreen.. so what’s the point? :p Plus I price-matched Best Buy’s $14.99 price on it down to Frys’ $9.95. Sweet.. Oh, and I ordered the Kyle XY: Season 3 DVD on Amazon since I had a $20 gift certificate from an online survey that I did. Only paid $7 for it then. 🙂

We headed to the grocery store after that and we each got some more groceries. My dad has almost run out of money for the month.. and there’s still a week left. 😦 ..We returned home and I got online to inventory the new discs. Soon, I watched four more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Vol 1 (very good episodes.. nice to see them uncut for the first time ever.. only watched them on CN before now) before checking out PlayStation Home again (neon Home logo looks cooool). I then played a little.. LittleBigPlanet (waiting for the Pirates levels to be released.. c’mon damnit.. oh look, levels with actual water already, probably from EU PSN) before supper. I waited until 7PM for those levels to show up.. before finally giving up..

I got online to news-gather… In primetime, I decided to watch District 9. I just couldn’t wait any more hours to see this after waiting since early this year to see it. Great film. I really liked it. My dad lost interest in it pretty quick and kept repeating that “that would never happen” for some reason. *rolls eyes* The Blu-ray has two versions of the menu: Human & Alien. And the interactive map feature looks a lot like an archive of the D-9 website. Cooool. But tiny text that I can’t read on my big-screen? Not so much. :p ..I only had enough time for Better Off Ted afterward (lol.. Khandi Alexander as his mom? .. Really? :p) before the news started and I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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