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Could it all be over?

May 17, 2002

The X-Files…
September 10, 1993 – May 19, 2002

October 6, 1999 – May 14, 2002

Power Rangers…
August 28, 1993 – Fall 2003

Could it be true? Could PR actually be ending after 10 years and 11 seasons? According to the Dark Horizons website, it’s true…

Power Rangers (TV): After 10 years and several incarnations, the kids franchise is finally being put to rest next season.

*sigh* See ya…


X-Files’ End

May 11, 2002

I remember tuning in that night when The X-Files’ pilot episode aired. I liked the show right off the bat. But my dad didn’t. And this was a time when there was only one TV in the house. So, I never saw it again until sometime in season 3.

I had met a girl who I strongly attracted to, and she said she was a witch. Actually, a wiccan. We got close. She said her favorite show was X-Files. I think I lied and told her I watched too. Then I started watching every week.

Tami was the only, closest female I ever had for a girlfriend. But nothing happened between us and we eventually parted ways. And I still miss her to this day.

I continued watching X-Files until now. I’ve bought every DVD season so far and every episode guide as well.

The X-Files finale coming up may just be the #1 finale that I can’t wait to see this year, even beating out Roswell’s finale at a VERY close second.

Well, see ya…

Roswell’s End

May 11, 2002

The end is here. Roswell was the first show I stayed with since its beginning…and now to its end.

One day back in late 1998, I was at the local K-mart for some reason I don’t remember. I had just months before finished reading the best, and first, book series I had ever read. It was called “Extreme Zone” by M.C. Sumner. I bought and read all eight books and went through a terrible case of withdrawal once the series concluded. I wanted to find another book series. I found that series that day.

I immediately saw the word “Roswell” and was immediately intrigued. I was still into UFOs and aliens like I am now. The book was titled “Roswell High #1: The Outsider”. At a “special introductory price” of $1.99, it was hard to pass up.

I bought it and read it. And liked it. I kept buying and reading every following book up until book 5 of what was to become a 10-book series. I was curious when book 6 would be released since the release date always seemed to be pushed back.

Not long after that, I began hearing small bits of info about a TV series being made for the 1999-2000 season. I tried to uncover any information I could on the show. I was very excited and hoped the show would be picked up by a network. And it was.

FOX offered a mid-season replacement spot for Roswell, but TheWB offered a full season. They went with WB. I prepared a tape a month or so before the pilot actually aired in order to tape the series. Once the series started, I was happy I did. Roswell’s ratings for the pilot episode was the best for any pilot that has aired on TheWB. Atleast at the time.

I taped every week from then on, enjoying it more and more every week. Even after the changes for the final 6 episodes of season 1, it became even more intereasting to me. It was my #1 favorite series from day one, dethroning X-Files for the rest of both series’ runs.

Roswell did lose some of its magic since that pilot episode though. There was just something missing that I couldn’t put my finger on. I did enjoy the complete series run. I still tape every single episode and I have never missed one (because I have no life, remember?).

And now, this Tuesday, this series that I watched grow from a series of books, to a hit tv series, and now back to a book series beginning in September, is ending.

See ya (and don’t miss SciFi channel’s Roswell reruns beginning in January 2003!)…

Theme of the Week 17

May 8, 2002

If you suddenly faced the end of your life, is there anything you would regret not doing in your life? Why haven’t you done it?

Hmm… *thinks* Nope… can’t think of anything…

See ya.

Theme Of The Week 16

May 4, 2002

I might start doing these more often since I have nothing else I can think of to make an entry about at this time…

This week’s topic is:

When did you feel that you had really left your parents, and were living on your own? Or, if you haven’t, when do you think you will?

NEVER! lol. Well, if you’ve read my past entries, you’ll know I have no talents and no way of making it on my own. I will live with my father until he or I passes away. If he goes first, I will most likely get so depressed and just end my life. Then, we’ll finally all be together again…in wherever you go when you die…



May 4, 2002

Can’t really think of anything to type here recently… hmm…


k, bye.