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media buys 9.30.03

September 30, 2003

I don’t have an addiction…not at all… *cough*

10th Anniversary Edition DVDDreamcatcher WIDESCREEN DVD
Dido - Life For Rent CDNow That's What I Call Christmas! Volume 2 CD

First, it was off to Best Buy, where I got Ninja Scroll (which I have yet to see), as well as Dido’s new Life For Rent CD. An annoying clerk or whatever noticed I had Ninja Scroll and proceeded to “prefer” the TV series DVDs. I may get them..if I like the movie enough. No sign of Now Xmas 2. Next, I went to Circuit City. There, I expected Now Xmas 2, just like almost two years before when I bought the first Now Xmas on release date. Not there either. Then I headed to Target, where I got one of the last few widescreen copies of Dreamcatcher. Then I looked for Now Xmas 2. They only ordered one copy and put it on the shelf. It must have been my continuously bad luck that made that one copy’s case cracked. Ugh. So I go home and buy it online (with the last bit on money I have in my bank account). *sigh* ~fin~

My dad is already on the phone. It would surprise me if he didn’t leave as soon as he puts down that receiver. It’s what usually happens. *sigh* See ya…


pursuit / edgemont canada theme mp3 / links

September 30, 2003

I finally finished reading Roswell: Pursuit (part one of two). Wow. It really was a great book, possibly within the top three best Roswell novels so far. The story was sorta slow (something sometimes seen in multi-parters) and the mentions of 9/11 and terrorists was minorly annoying. Besides that? Awesome. Too bad I must wait until November for the concluding book, titled Turnabout, though. The wait’s going to be virtually unbearable. But what’s worse is that Turnabout is the final Roswell book as well… 😦

I thought I would share this: Edgemont Canada theme (mp3). I recommend the usual “Save Target As…”. I recorded it from‘s main page since Edgemont hasn’t aired here in the US in quite a while. To be honest, I prefer the USA theme (The Odds’ “Someone Who Is Cool”, of which I have a full length mp3) and hope that is used when the series begins airing here again. 🙂

I better wrap up this entry. It’s almost time for media buying… See ya.

[ Congressman Introduces Legislation To Expel Iranian Visitors and Students From The U.S. ]
[ US Public Schools Fail To Teach History, Study Charges ]
[ Deadly Hep-C Virus Could Be Passed By Kissing ]
[ Orangutans Could Be Extinct In 20 Years ]
[ China Fury Over Mass Japanese Tourist Orgy In Hotel ]

Joan a hit / income / alone / lotsa links

September 30, 2003

CBS’ new 8 p.m. supernatural drama Joan of Arcadia premiered Sept. 26 to the network’s best timeslot ratings in three years and won its first face-off against NBC’s Miss Match, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Yay. 🙂

I got my first check a few days early today and it’s only $41, like they said it would be. Ugh. And my dad refuses for me to put it in my account (which is pretty low right now) until I get this supposed ‘other check’ on the 3rd. Grrrrr. I hate how this government continuously fucks with me.

I miss my dad. We’ve lived with each other since my mother passed away almost 15 years ago. We used to do all kinds of stuff together. Then he found friends. And family moved in nearby. He’d rather spend time with them than with useless me. We used to go to baseball games and movies. I haven’t been to a game in years. He keeps saying “we’ll go this year” then when I bring it up he complains “it’s too hot”. And we only go to movies when I pay for it. We can’t even watch primetime TV in peace. Someone always has to call, or come to the door…for him. I just hate being alone…

Police Raid Indy Music Stores for ‘Mix CDs’. Ugh. The RIAA is just going too far…and they happen to start this in my home town too…

Oh look, a deck of cards worth buying… 🙂

One final note: the new suit for the Catwoman movie looks horrible. See ya.

[ Major US Vote Fraud Election Scandal Looms – Evidence ]
[ Diebold Internal Memos Admit Voting Machine Flaws ]
[ White House Denies Rove Leaked Secret Info ]
[ Job Losses At Great Depression Level ]
[ Meteorite Rips Through New Orleans Home ]
[ Hundreds Flee Meteor Strike ]
[ Free Celebrity Autographed Pictures ]

today / media / virus / edgemont in USA / links

September 29, 2003

This Sunday was…slightly better than expected. I woke up at 6:30AM..then went in and out of sleep a bit later on. At least I got to tape Rocko..and actually watch a good part of it. I also watched those shows I DVR’ed on Friday night, as well as two more Smallville episodes (only one so far I don’t recall seeing). My dad arrived home from church at about 4PM, which very much surprised me… Then, in the evening, he abandoned me again for that ex bitch…

Now I’m a little worried about next Tuesday’s media buying. I have plans to buy two DVDs and two CDs yet there’s only about $75 in the bank. And Tuesday is the day before I get my next check. Heh. I’m still pondering dropping the buy of the Dreamcatcher DVD though, based on the bad DVD reviews I’ve read…

I check e-mail. More viruses. I’m just not going to count anymore. It’s definitely over 200 so far though. Gr.

Can’t wait to finally see Pink’s new video, “Trouble”, on Making The Video tomorrow before TRL (which..i never watch). 🙂

Some awesome Edgemont news is in! According to the administrator of the official Edgemont forum on, there are two American broadcasters interested in adding Edgemont to their schedules! Yay! There’s no news yet on which network will receive it or when it will begin airing though. Stay tuned. 🙂

Dumbest Generation Yet – Mindless Hive America – Oh. So I have my government to blame for the state of myself. *sigh* (Especially make sure to read the “America’s Failed Public School System” article a little bit down the page..and check out the related Spying On America Through Children’s School Journals)

More Evidence Mossad Killed JFK Over Israeli Nukes: The Missing Link In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy – I always thought our own government killed him for trying to reveal their secrets, including the alien one. This one sounds more..believable. JFK was our last true president…

Why You Should Not Vote: Rigged Computers Plus Corrupt Candidates Equal No Freedom – My dad hasn’t voted since JFK, and I’m proud of him for that. I’ll never vote while these voting computers are still around. Yet Bush still corrupted the paper votes in 2000 since he had friends in the right places…

..Ya think this is a better way to include the links? Well, I think so anyway..

See ya.

title change / LJ improvements / today / links

September 28, 2003

Just as Power Rangers Ninja Storm‘s “Go Team Evil” was renamed “Double-Edged Blake”, “Unhappy Campers” Part I & II has been retitled “General Deception” Part I & II according to And I still won’t be able to see Part II until weeks later on ABC Family. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

There’s some new features coming soon to LiveJournal…

We have some monster disk storage on its way and we’re working on getting a lot more bandwidth. (or rather, getting better bandwidth rates by committing to higher minimums) We’ll soon be offering options to upload large pictures for the userinfo page, posting by camera phone, and making mp3 posts from your phone. All these things were infeasible in the past, but with tons of disk and tons of bandwidth, it’s play time….

Wow. Mp3 entries by phone and userinfo pictures sound most appealing to me. I wonder if these options will only be available to paying members or not…

Saturday was quite boring. I watched all the shows in the morning (as you know), watched some Smallville on DVD, went to the grocery store… then I was here in front of the computer the rest of the day. I’m too dependent on this thing damnit. …I only hope tomorrow is more exciting…and I know it most likely won’t be…

Well, I’m off to bed. See ya!

[ CIA Seeks Probe Of White House – Officials May Have Broken Laws ] 🙂
[ “Threat Matrix” – New US TV Program Brainwashing ]
[ General Clark Praised Condi, Powell, Rumsfeld, And Bush: “We need them there” ]
[ Congress Cuts Pentagon’s “Big Brother” Program ]
[ Diebold’s Shocking War Against ]
[ New JFK Assassination Theory ]

Saturday morning 9.27.03: “no more child’s play”

September 27, 2003

My alarm is useless again this morning. Gr!

Anyway… Luckily, I woke up an hour before Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was set to start. Today’s episode: “Return To New York, Part One”. This was another very good episode. And the way this story is leading is very promising. Can’t wait for Part Two and Three. And the rest of Season One, for that matter.

The most frightening commercial had to be the one dedicated to “Mr Cheeks”, a character from Ultimate Muscle..with a butt for a face, who would be hosting FoxBox next month. I hope Ninja Turtles is a repeat that week…

I check my e-mail and surprising get only 26 virus e-mails within 2-3 days this time around. Maybe the popularity of this virus is on the way down? I hope so.

After catching that Kim Possible repeat, it’s finally time for Power Rangers Ninja Storm. First up: “Go Team Evil”…wait, it isn’t that, but “Double-Edged Blake” instead. Weird. And according to SirStack and the latest week of ABC Family listings, both are episode #1331. It’s most likely a name change, since the episode does seem “Go Team Evil”-themed in a way. I think they made the right choice in changing the name though. Also, the commercial bumpers apparently think this is a Wild Force episode. I’m hoping Lothor’s promise of “no more child’s play” in this episode is true. Next: “Eye Of The Storm”. Commercial bumpers claim this is a Wild Force episode too. Heh. The episode was great though, and the role of Shane’s older brother was played by the actor’s real older brother, Robbie. The Hurricane Megazord was ultra cool. After these episodes, I’m looking forward to seeing these final episodes coming up. Now the wait begins for “Unhappy Campers” next week…

Edit: And it seems next week I’ll have to switch to the ABC Family airings of Ninja Storm as well (to tape in order anyway) since my retarded ABC affiliate is pre-empting “Unhappy Campers, Part II” for GOLF! Excuse me while I attempt to write a nice e-mail to WRTV…

See ya.

tiga dvd / Friday tv / weekday bopr ending / sched update

September 26, 2003

Here’s some interesting Ultraman Tiga DVD news:

Ultraman Tiga Volume 1: The Prophesy will include the first 13 episodes, UNCUT and presented in Japanese with English subtitles. The Ultraman Tiga Starter Set will include The Prophesy and an Ultraman t-shirt, in a special collector’s box. (Presumably, the box will be designed to hold future volumes of the 52-episode series.) Tiga was butchered for its U.S. TV run last year; it’s great to see that these releases are really geared towards serious fans and adult collectors.

Very interesting. I may just add it to my wishlist after all…at least a rental anyway. They’re both set for release opposite Ninja Storm Vol 4 & 5 on December 9th.

Oh yeah, I updated the Power Rangers Region 1 DVD Guide page for the upcoming releases. Check it out.

The last Degrassi Crash Course was cool. I really can’t wait for the new season starting next week now. Radio Free Roscoe had to be the best of the two though. Wow. Is it legal for a straight guy to be a shipper? *ahem* Joan Of Arcadia was quite interesting too (for what I saw of it between the weather reports). I was immediately interested once I saw the babe playing 16-year-old Joan in the commercials. Then the science fiction plot interested me too: teenage girl talks to God. I really liked it and I’m looking forward to next week. Then I saw the new Hope & Faith sitcom, which I found very good. Then Life With Bonnie following that…I fell asleep…

Now for some bad news for ABC Family’s Best of Power Rangers. The last weekday airing will be on October 10th and will be Lightspeed Rescue’s “The Last Ranger”, ironically enough. This leaves only the two airings on the weekend (and that marathon on October 19th). Ugh. This totally sucks.

Time to update the airing schedules page (again). Then bed (I hope). See ya!

Edit: Airing Schedules page updated! Only Power Rangers though, including the line-up for the first of two marathons next month as well as the end of Best of Power Rangers on weekdays. Now off to bed..I hope.

PRNS Vol 4 & 5 DVD episodes / thursday / boeing / kelly

September 26, 2003

Buena Vista’s has finally added Power Rangers Ninja Storm Volume 4 and Volume 5 to their database, revealing which episodes to be featured..for the most part. Volume 4 includes “The Samurai’s Journey” Part I, II, and III, as well as another unknown episode, based on the 80-minute 4-episode runtime (I’m guessing either “Nowhere to Grow”, “Boxing Bopp-A-Roo”, or “Pork Chopped”). While Volume 5 will include “Scent Of A Ranger”, “I Love Lothor”, “Good Will Hunter” & “All About Beevil”. Nice choices. 🙂 Again, both arrive on shelves December 9th, to join their buds, Volumes 1 through 3.

The (NBC) Thursday night shows were cool.. except for Coupling. I thought it was crap. But maybe that was only because I had seen the original UK version of the episode twice already. If they came up with original episodes, I might just enjoy it. If you like the US verson (for some reason), buy the UK series. Season 1 has already been released in the US at a very affordable price and I’m already awaiting UK Season 2’s DVD release in the US late this October. 🙂

Remember that Boeing 747 refueling plane that was supposedly stolen by terrorists and not covered in most of the national media (oh, here it is)? It was supposedly found in Guinea, but now this… Missing Boeing 727 NOT Found In Guinea. Based on what is said there, it would seem like someone is covering up something… Strange.

British Prime Minister’s Approval Rating Plummets As Kelly Inquiry Ends: I still think Kelly was offed for telling about the “sexing up” of that report on Iraq, so there would be more of a case for war. None of this “suicide” BS…

I’ve just stayed up super-late compiling this entry. I should get to bed. See ya.

[ WTC Sci-Fi Channel UFO Is CGI…Not UFO ]
[ A Cool Hand-Eye Coordination Test ]

obliviousness / virus / nightmare / links

September 25, 2003

“I saw something in the paper today that made my skin crawl. Apparently, the arctic ice shelf is breaking up. This is what I don’t understand. How come everybody knows about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez breaking up, but no one seems to care about the arctic ice shelf breaking up?” –David Letterman Wednesday night. Haha. So true.

It slipped my mind to check my e-mail for a few days…and it has reached it’s 10MB limit. Hopefully, not many were bounced. I think it’s because of all the damn virus e-mails I’ve been getting. I think I last checked e-mail Sunday or Monday and now I’ve gotten exactly 100 virus e-mails in that amount of time. Ugh. I wonder what’s causing this. They’re all coming from strangers…

A Nightmare Before Christmas PS2 game? What will they come up with next? … Oh. An FF7 movie.

Well..see ya..

[ Repost: Largest Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Up, Wiping Out Unique Ecosystem ]
[ History Of Bush’s Iraq War -Told Entirely In Lies ]
[ Iraqi Child Killed By US Vehicle ]
[ US Absolves Troops In Killing Of 8 Iraqi Policemen ]
[ Huge Insects Destroy 40 Foot Tree ]
[ Skyscrapers ‘Sinking’ Shanghai ]

another school dream

September 25, 2003

I had a freaky dream. I ended up not wearing pants to school. And this duck..with a tail? .. was rubbing up against my crotch in class. Then soon after, e died. We all knew because we heard that hospital machine sound indicated a heart has stopped beating..somehow. One of my classmates (who looked like a Degrassi character) looked under the table and saw it. “Richard doesn’t have any pants on!”.. Then another classmate at the same table (also looking like the Degrassi character Spinner) looked under and commented “eww. it looks like a rolling biscuit.” Next thing I knew, I was staying after class and the teacher claimed I had some disease or something. The principal came and couldn’t help looking too. It was even reported on what looked like… even thought that would be totally off-topic. Strange. See ya.