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February 28, 2005

Kyl415 reports on RangerBoard that another Power Rangers S.P.D. marathon is now scheduled for April 3rd on ABC Family and Toon Disney. Both will end with an all-new episode, episode 1509: “Idol”. πŸ™‚

Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s Emma Lahana has indirectly confirmed on her message board that a Dino Thunder / S.P.D. teamup is being filmed. Awesome. I just wish Ranger Productions Ltd weren’t such cheap bastards and give a plane ticket to Jason David Frank too.. :/ finally reports on those upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVDs. Volume 15 – Alien Invasion will arrive on DVD March 15th, then Volume 16 – Worlds Collide will be available April 26th. Yeah yeah, we’ve heard all this before.. but they also have thumbnail DVD cover art for Alien Invasion. Check it out. πŸ™‚ ..Or check it out slightly larger art here.. :p At least that “all new” thing is finally gone.. also reports that the remaining seasons of The Ren & Stimpy Show will make it to DVD before years’ end. Ren & Stimpy – Season 3 & 4 is currently set for release on June 28th, and Ren & Stimpy – The Remaining Season will come in the fall. Nice. πŸ™‚

David Heyman, producer of the upcoming fourth Harry Potter movie, The Goblet of Fire, told SCI FI Wire that filmmakers, led by director Mike Newell, trimmed the 700-plus-page book by following a simple principle: “Anything that doesn’t really relate to Harry and Harry’s journey is less relevant.”

😦 …The ‘elf liberation’ subplot has been removed.. *shrugs*

Yay’s @ Troubles beginning for Point Pleasant. Their Thursday repeat of the pilot episode has been pulled for an O.C. rerun. *celebrates*

I stayed up late again last night and watched two more episodes of Robotech: New Gen. Two episodes left. Yay. πŸ™‚ ..But the cat found a way to the top of the TV. We’re worried he could cause the stack of boxes on top of the TV to fall (DVR, VCR, DVD). They’re not exactly sitting on a flat surface. Ugh.. I also listened to Coast To Coast AM a little. I can’t believe what I heard. It sounded like Art Bell actually the bullshit fed to us in that ABC UFO special. *rolls eyes* The Roswell incident is not just a myth, and alien abduction is real. A lot of the facts were edited out or never mentioned in the special.. But after they got past that, there were a few revelations that even I didn’t even know. ..This former government disinformation agent claimed that it’s true that aliens like Tibetan music and strawberry ice cream. At least the one that was held in captivity from the Roswell crash until late 1951.. πŸ™‚

I woke up a few times during the morning, but I didn’t really wake up until sometime past 11AM.. The cat had been very evil this this morning, trying to get on the TV some more. But my dad punished him. It almost woke me up earlier this morning.. So eventually Passions started. More stalling. *sigh* Boooring. Except for maybe a few moments. :p ..After that, my dad went to the mailbox and dragged in a meat salesman with him. My dad was reluctant, but eventually bought $95 worth of chopped steak patties and ribeyes. ..I’ve never had a ribeye, so I was against it.. I even tried to tell him so with some casual body language. Once the salesman left, he explained that he would cancel the check. :/ ..And now we’re set to have some for supper tonight. *rolls eyes* ..I decided to watch the first two episodes of Coupling Season 4 instead of that movie that I had planned. It’s about time I started watching them anyway. The show is sooo funny.. During that, my dad made a couple of those damn ribeyes early for some reason. I tried one, but as expected, I came out hating it. I barely even ate half of it.. Then I got online for a while, had supper (luckily not ribeyes), and briefly got online some more.. :p

In primetime, I watched the CBS comedies. But they were all reruns this week, so I didn’t pay as much attention as usual.. except for the hilarious episode of Two & A Half Men. :p Then, instead of the CSI Miami repeat, we watched / taped the new episode of Medium. Great episode. πŸ™‚ ..Too bad the next episode isn’t for two weeks.. 😦 And surprisingly, there were virtually no problems taping it this time around after propping the tape door open. ..Maybe it overheats because there are no vents in it whatsoever? *grumbles once more about it being a cheap piece of trash from Wal-Mart*

About the Peter Jennings UFO special last week on ABC… I remember a mention on Coast To Coast AM that, when the ABC cameras were there to record Art Bell’s segment, they said that they sighted a UFO. I was surprised when it wasn’t mentioned on the special. But later, I realized why…

Anyway, today wasn’t that bad. *shrug* See ya.

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Sunday 02.27.05 — wasting more time.. what else?

February 27, 2005

I awoke pretty early after staying up a little late. 😐 We had breakfast, and tried watching VH1’s Top 20 Countdown again.. but I got tired of that dork who’s now hosting every week. Instead, I watched a new-to-me episode of Unfabulous that I DVRed yesterday (“The 66th Day”). So funny, but the end was sad. 😦 After that, we played with the cat some more until my dad went out on an errand.. just a few minutes ago.. *bored*

A website was taking forever to load, so I left my room and sat down on the living room couch. ..And I fell asleep.. I had a dream where my dad and I were in a shopping area. He was stopped to be interviewed for the local news.. for some reason. I no longer remember why. 😦 Later, we were home. There was a knock at the door. ..It was Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. O_o My dad went outside to talk to them so they wouldn’t be able come in and talk to me. Since I’m some kind of fan of theirs. Because I’m a straight male. *ahem* Anyway, they went outside and stood in front of the window. I tried to overhear their conversation. My dad laughed evilly a little every time he noticed me looking. Then, I saw the reporter and a news van from a different local news than before. I guess they heard of him through the other local news people. *shrug* I soon gave up and ran into my room. I started writing a LJ entry on a.. fast food box. And I had written another on it previously. I guess I could find nothing else better to write on? It started with “I am absolutely furious at my father”.. But soon after that I woke up. :/ And it was one of those dreams that I thought was pretty real.. until I woke up. Weird…

So I finally watched those two X-Files DVD episodes that I’ve been meaning to watch for a while now. Maybe now I can continue watching Season 2 (on the weekends). They even had defects on my bedroom DVD player. Ugh. That makes four episodes with defects. I’ll probably end up buying a new Season 2 DVD set some time down the road.. :/ My dad went and bought some of those KFC Snackers.. but they got the order wrong. And my dad wasn’t too happy. He said the “n” word a whole bunch of times. And he says he isn’t racist anymore. *rolls eyes* He told me once that he was even in the KKK quite a few years ago.. -_-

We just watched the Academy Awards all night. Because no other networks seemed to want to air new episodes against it. 😦 There were a few funny commercials though, like the two new ones for Sierra Mist. :p *drools @ Katherine Heigl taking her shirt off on the Gray’s Anatomy promo* ..The evil neighbor next door overdosed or something. A fire truck and ambulance stopped out front for a while. I guess they took him away. But they told the paramedics that he had some kind of diabetes attack. :p ..A small part of me hopes he doesn’t make it.. Evil. ..I messed around and played with the cat all night too. It wasn’t a completely bad night, I guess…

See ya.

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Saturday 02.26.05 — “Toast, you want some? It’s buttery.” *wiggles fingers*

February 26, 2005

I stayed up a little late once again. :p I transferred the new Degrassi TNG episode to VHS, then watched yet another episode of Zoey 101. This one (from last weekend) had to be one of my most favorite episodes so far. I’m glad I finally got caught up. :p Now I’m heading to sleep..

I woke up to the alarm at 7:30PM and watched various crap until 8:30. :p Then I watched the new Power Rangers S.P.D. episode. It was pretty good. Mora was annoying as usual.. but maybe that’s on purpose? Bridge had my favorite moment from the episode though. It’s in the LJ entry topic.. :p I’m still questioning whether or not I should continue the episode descriptions. I found Dino Thunder worthy of my time, but not so much this season yet. And there’s barely any feedback.. :/ After that, I watched Best Week Ever (lol @ the Jacko and Bush segments). Then, I watched / taped another awesome new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (though next week’s episode looks much more interesting). My dad woke up around that point. We had breakfast and watched last night’s Reba. πŸ™‚

But, now I’m bored. Oh, I still have the description to do.. damnit..

That description took longer than usual to write… but I did take a break somewhere in the middle.. :p *runs off*

I can’t believe how uneventful this day really was. I went into the living room and fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours (I did only sleep for 4-5 hours last night). I woke up and watched Comedy Central’s MadTV repeats and had supper. The cat’s not feeling too well. He threw up twice, and he hasn’t eaten that much lately. 😦 We’re thinking that he’s getting too finicky.. After MadTV ended, my dad insisted on watching his damn basketball game. So here I am back in my room.. 😐

I watched last Wednesday’s episodes of That 70s Show & Simple Life: Interns on DVR. I’m still not sure if I want to continue watching 24 or wait for the next season DVDs. I’m now four episodes behind (they’re all waiting on DVR). So I pretty much just played with the cat and watched a little Forrest Gump until MadTV started. haha @ the Lost parody, but lmao @ the O.C. parody called The B.S.. But that “drunken intervention sketch” just stole the show. LMFAO! :p

And so ends another exciting / boring day.. :/ See ya.

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Power Rangers S.P.D. 1505: Dogged

February 26, 2005

1505: Dogged

The episode opens at the SPD Academy. Z is reading, but is interrupted by Bridge eating his toast over her shoulder. Bridge: “Toast, you want some? It’s buttery. *wiggles fingers*” Z: “Buttery? *wiggles fingers*” Bridge: “Buttery. *wiggles fingers*” :p Syd walks into the room, wondering where Peanuts, her stuffed animal, went to (last seen in “Confronted”). Bridge misunderstands. “We’re all out of peanuts, but I have some toast. Want some? It’s buttery. *wiggles fingers*” Syd explains that Peanuts is the stuffed animal she’s had since she was five (*snickers @ his closed captions saying ‘stuffed anal’ instead*). Z jokes that she’s only had it for a year. Haha. The door reopens behind Syd and she sees her missing stuffed animal in R.I.C.’s robotic mouth. Z enjoys Syd’s predicament.. On Gruumm’s ship, Mora is being mora-nnoying. Hahaha. *ahem* Anyway, Gruumm walks in on her playing ‘tea party’ and asks her for a plan of action. She comes up with something, but he must play ‘tea party’ with her to get it. -_- But Gruumm refuses just as Broodwing shows up. How convenient. Gruumm convinces him to have tea with Mora. He sits and Mora begins to explain a plan to bring together all of Broodwing’s monsters. She stops when she notices Broodwing isn’t drinking his tea. After some refusing, he raises the empty cup up to his mouth.. that he can’t reach through the glass cylinder over his head.. Back on Earth, Piggy is being forced to hand over some kind of formula to menacing-looking rhino-like alien. The alien puts the formula into his weapon and fires at Piggy. He’s almost instantly turned into green slime, then almost instantly returned to normal. They argue a little more. The alien offers him a dozen rotten eggs for the correct formula. They trade successfully. A policeman sees them and comes running. Piggy scrambles into the nearby dumpster, as the alien places the new formula in his weapon. He fires at the policeman, and he turns to green slime. And this time, he doesn’t turn back. The alien collects the slime triumphantly..

Back at SPD Academy, Syd walks into Bridge’s quarters to find his computer counting down. Bridge walks in and Syd pushes him down just as the computer reaches zero. But instead of an explosion, a piece of toast flies into the air. “Toast done.” They stand up, and Bridge explains that he upgrades his computer to make toast. Syd hands him the new issue of “Extreme Upgrade”, just as R.I.C. walks into the room. Syd tries to shoo him away. Bridge gets excited. He and Boom plan to upgrade his computer with a super processor. “…maybe even a waffle iron.” Syd sarcastically shows interest in the magazine, and it takes a while for Bridge to notice. R.I.C. tries to get Syd’s attention again. She attempts to shoo him away again. Bridge comments that he thought she liked dogs. She replies that she does, but that R.I.C. is more of a “glorified appliance”. Just then, a woman says a somewhat-nostalgic line over the intercom. “Power Rangers, report to the command center immediately.” The Rangers meet with Cruger in the command center. Cruger explains that there have been many missing persons reports in the industrial district. R.I.C. tries to get Cruger’s attention, but he simply says “not now”. Syd volunteers to check out the area, while the others stay to monitor signs of alien activity. R.I.C. walks up to Syd and he tries to get her attention again. She tries to shoo him away again. But he spits up some liquid onto her leg. Syd complains about what he did to her suit. Cruger tells R.I.C. to get away from her. He replies by backing up right next to Cruger and lifting he leg. He drains some of his blue “coolant” on Cruger’s foot. Haha. A couple of the Rangers try to hold back laughter. Syd wonders why they even keep R.I.C. around. Cruger says that he’s obsolete and will most likely be deactivated any day now. Syd comments that R.I.C. should have been taken care of already, and that he should be replaced. She even offers some of her daddy’s money to help solve it.. She then walks off to do her job.

Syd drives the SPD jeep into the industrial district. Only when parks does she take notice that R.I.C. is in the back seat. Syd tells him to stay in the car.. Somewhere else, humans run from the alien menace. An unlucky couple get tripped up and are turned into slime. He collects the slime just as the four remaining SPD Rangers show up. They do their poses, which are starting to get old by now. The alien creates a force of Krybots, and the Rangers ready their weapons. Then, they attack. But they take them out pretty quickly. They all attack the alien criminal next. But they don’t do so well, and the alien gets away.. Syd visits the site of the first missing person, and Piggy’s dumpster home. Syd asks if he saw anything out of the ordinary ‘last night’ (didn’t look much like night to me). He says no.. until Syd threatens him with deodorant. Piggy points her in the direction where the skirmish went down. Syd finds a small puddle of green slime. She collects a sample. But Broodwing just happens to be there as well. He releases a group of Krybots on her. She tries to take them out herself, but she is no match. A Krybot fires upon her, but R.I.C. jumps in the way of the laser blast. She then touches some bricks and her hand becomes rock hard. She knocks a metal drum in the Krybots’ direction.. and they’re all taken out at once. >_> She then comes to R.I.C.’s side with worry on her face..

Kat scans the sample of green slime back in her lab and finds it to be a petroleum-based energy fluid with traces of human DNA. Cruger thinks it could help find the missing people. Syd enters the room and Cruger thanks her for her work. Syd said she wouldn’t have been able to bring it back if it weren’t for R.I.C., and asks how he’s doing. Kat and Cruger tell her that the damage was extensive and the parts are no longer being made, so they had to deactivate him. Syd then finds R.I.C. among computer parts being sent to be recycled. She outsmarts the cadet doing this job and takes R.I.C. to Boom and Bridge. They ask them if they would like to do the “ultimate extreme upgrade”, and their eyes light up. They then get to work.. The monsters have gathered on Gruumm’s ship for a “tryout”. The first one we see has a very familiar head (Deviot from Lost Galaxy). He explains his power, but Mora dismisses him. And so does Gruumm. All the way across the room, in fact. πŸ™‚ The next one mentions his power as “alien hand puppets”. Gruumm destroys him right afterward. Then the alien after that explains how he can change humans into green slime / energy fluid. More comments “nice”..

The B-Squad Rangers meet in the command center and are briefed by Cruger that more people have gone missing and that it’s really getting serious. Then Cruger sees that Bridge isn’t there and asks where he is. Just then, Bridge and Boom walk in and introduce R.I.C. Version 2.0. R.I.C. runs in happily (yay.. he actually barks now). They point out his new features: “We’ve got your basic CD/DVD player, a projector, a refrigerator..” Cruger comments that he would be great at a party, but not to S.P.D. Boom disagrees and points out that they’ve upgraded his weapons systems, surveillance capabilities, and installed new tracking software. Syd tries out said new tracking software for the first time, using a sample of the green slime she collected. R.I.C. sniffs the slime then runs through the door, leaving a hole behind. Cruger growls at the sight of the damage. The Rangers follow R.I.C. in their jeep. The robotic dog leads them to a field and stops. Syd grabs a shovel and starts digging all by herself. None of the others believe in R.I.C.. 😦 The robot and the others leave as Syd continues to dig. Soon, it begins to rain. Jack enjoys a soft drink from R.I.C.’s fridge as they all believe him to still be buggy. Sadness shows on R.I.C.’s face. Meanwhile, Syd continues digging. The hole begins to fill with muddy water, but she continues nonetheless. Soon, the earth beneath her gives way and she falls into an underground cave of some kind. Inside, Syd finds lots and lots of green slime in vials.

She manages to climb out of the hole (oh it stopped raining too), and is about to report in when the rhino-like alien shows up. “Okay, I’m filthy, cranky, and my new shoes are trashed. Do you really wanna mess with me?” Syd morphs into the Pink Ranger and attacks. But she gets kicked aside, then attacked before having a chance to call for backup. Her morpher falls into some muddy puddle, making contact impossible.. O_o R.I.C. somehow hears Syd in trouble or something. Then the alarm blares, letting them know Syd is in trouble. R.I.C. runs to her rescue, leaving another hole in the exact same spot as before. Cruger: “I just had that fixed.” Meanwhile, Syd gets newfound confidence from R.I.C. and attacks.. but is not that successful. Just as the alien was to take care of her, R.I.C. zooms in and knocks him down. Then he grabs onto the alien’s arm with his mouth. The monster waves him around, trying to get him off. While he’s not paying attention, Syd attacks with her Delta Max Blaster. She then flies by and cuts off one of the alien’s rhino-like horns.. The rest of the Rangers join them, and discover that R.I.C. sensed she was in danger. Jack stops Syd from firing her weapon at the criminal, and instead gets R.I.C. to take over. Jack throws a metallic bone into the air. R.I.C. jumps up and catches it, transforming into the Canine Cannon. Syd uses her morpher (that’s.. suddenly fine.. somehow) to judge the criminal. In seconds, the judgment scanner finds the criminal guilty. The Rangers group around the cannon, aim.. and fire! The monster is..!! ..contained in a card.. :/ Just then, the vials of green slime in the cave turn back into their original people (and aliens). Syd goes over to R.I.C. and pets him..

Jack: “Another case solved by the brilliant B Squad.” Syd comments how R.I.C. came through for them all, then Z says that Syd came through for R.I.C. too. Once again, a woman over the intercom says: “Power Rangers, report to the command center immediately.”. They meet there to find that R.I.C. is getting a special commendation for his extraordinary service in the line of duty. Syd then says that R.I.C. Version 2.0 is great, but misses the old R.I.C.. Bridge says they didn’t completely change his programming and that some old R.I.C. is still in there somewhere. Cruger: “I can verify that to be true, cadets.” Camera pans down to a fresh puddle of coolant near Cruger’s foot. Everyone laughs. The end.. for this week, anyway.. :p

Next week — “Abridged”: The B-Squad must track down a bank robber. Jack: “We have a bank that was sliced into, money taken, and a very beautiful eyewitness.” Bridge: “I would like to follow some of my own leads.” *Bridge sniffs eyewitness’ dog* Eyewitness: “Um, am I under suspicion?” Jack: “We would’ve had the bank robber if Bridge wasn’t off on some wild goose chase.” Will they find who they’re looking for? Will Bridge’s own investigation come up with anything? Find out next week! πŸ™‚

life postponed? / shaun comic / today

February 25, 2005

Slow news day, it seems. This is all I got… :/

The final two episodes of life as we know it were previously reported at as airing on March 3rd and 10th. It looks like this has changed. ABC now has two hours of Extreme Makeover scheduled for March 3rd instead. My local ABC affiliate is pre-empting the second hour for that St Jude special that’s been aired to death on Thursday night. Insane.. I want those last two episodes of life, ABC! 😦

The cult zombie film Shaun of the Dead will become a four-issue comic-book miniseries published by IDW Publishing, produced with the participation of director Edgar Wright and star Simon Pegg, debuting in June, Variety reported.

Heh. :p

I stayed up late yet again last night. This time, I watched yet another Zoey 101, as well as two episodes of Robotech: New Gen. lol @ the way they dubbed the ‘peeping tom’ scene in episode 80. “I just wanted to help.” :p ..and haha @ the mystery killer out for revenge in episode 81 being voiced by the same guy who voiced the original Magna Defender in Lost Galaxy. Well, that’s what it sounded like to me anyway..

I awoke pretty late in the morning again. My dad tells me that those damn text chat messages cost some major prepaid minutes on my phone. Grrrr. Before, I had a little over 100. Now, it’s down to 24. -_- My dad tried to buy more, but he claims they were out of the $25 block of minutes that we usually get. O_o We had fast food for lunch and watched a rather boring ‘stalling’ episode of Passions. Well, the ‘girls at the club’ storyline was actually the only interesting part.. After that, I watched / taped the new episodes of The Tribe. Wow. I totally didn’t expect that punishment to work, but a part of me did expect that ending to second episode. :p But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t a little surprised.. Then, I watched / taped last night’s Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs – Seeing Is Believing. It was pretty basic really, but they left a lot out. I got pissed off when the special seemed to agree with the government’s final report on Roswell. Mogul balloons? Bullshit.. The ‘abduction’ segment was pretty bias too.. It ended with no problems to the tape, except for it getting stuck inside again. 😦 Then I got another “Lex Email” text message about the meteordogs. Hehe.. Earlier, my dad had picked up a few groceries and bought some more minutes for my crap phone. *shrug* ..I got online, had supper.. got online.. I tried to find a nice S.P.D. AIM chat, but all I found was the elite’s ‘mutant chat’ room.. :/

In primetime, I watched a surprisingly okay episode of Joan of Arcadia. πŸ™‚ Then I watched Robot Chicken (rofl) and Ashlee Simpson Show on DVR. After that, I watched Degrassi TNG (wow, more than I was expecting) and Radio Free Roscoe (the couple-shuffling is starting to go so fast, it’s making me nauseous :p ). It’s RFR‘s final “season”?! *sigh* 😦

Well, today was somewhat above average. :p See ya..

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wild things 3 dvd cover / fox ce dvds / titanic se dvds / csi tarantino / today

February 24, 2005 now has the DVD cover art for Wild Things 3: Diamonds In The Rough, starring Power Rangers Wild Force‘s Sandra McCoy. *drools while recalling her nude scene* It will be available in stores on April 26th (or currently on the Starz Mystery Channel). πŸ˜‰ also has details on Fox’s upcoming 2-Disc Collector’s Edition DVDs for I, Robot, The Day After Tomorrow, and Man On Fire. Additionally, The Digital Bits’ Rumor Mill reports that the new Man On Fire DVD will include an alternate ending and an extended version of the movie. All will be released on May 24th.. Said Rumor Mill report also claims that the UK’s Alien vs Predator 2-Disc Extreme Edition DVD will make it to the US.. if the current US DVD sells well.. *bangs head on desk*

The Digital Bits’ Rumor Mill also reports that a Titanic Special Edition is on the way.. and they’re going to be ripping off New Line’s release schedule for the Lord Of The Rings films: 2-Disc first, then a 4-Disc. -_-

C.S.I.: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (CBS) – Feature helmer Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill) has signed on to write and direct the show’s fifth-season finale, which is currently slated to air on Thursday, May 19th. Tarantino reportedly is a huge fan of the series and a schedule opening coincided with the finale’s production in early April. No details however were released about the episode. The news marks Tarantino’s third TV directing gig, the others being a 1995 episode of “ER” and an installment of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last year.

*ooooohh’s* πŸ™‚

I stayed up very late last night. First, I watched another episode of Zoey 101. Then, I watched / taped last weekend’s episodes of Shinzo (almost fell asleep :/ ).. and watched another Zoey 101 after that (only two more to go). Soon after, I finally went to sleep.. somewhere after 5AM.. :p

I awoke rather late in the morning and had breakfast for lunch again. Soon, we watched Passions. But the story was mostly just stalling.. *shrug* After that, I watched / taped last night’s new episode of Lost. As usual, it was another great episode. I so can’t wait for the DVDs. My tapes are really getting messed up by the VCR (overheating) and DVR (playback defects). Grrr. *shakes fist @ life* ..Then, I finally got to watch the new Fifth Element DVD. I love this movie. I should get to selling off the old DVD somewhere.. As soon as my dad recognized that he had seen it before, we went off to sleep. :p The DVD auto-setting the audio to DTS could get annoying with repeated viewing though (I only gots Dolby 5.1). When that finished, I got online for a bit.. had supper.. then got online some more.. :p

In primetime, we watched Joey (lol) & Will & Grace (lol.. well the ‘pastry chef’ subplot was funny anyway). Then, we watched a pretty good episode of CSI Vegas. πŸ™‚ ..I had to DVR ABC’s UFO special for tomorrow. 😦 lol @ our cat sitting up like a human.. I even took a couple pics. :p And getting my first “Lex Email” text message from pretty cool. And it coincides with the episodes..

Random thought: *sees pic of the Magiranger team, notices that blue is female, and is suddenly worried about what he’s to do for a default LJ icon next year* :/

In all, today was very, very.. average. See ya.

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more prg in march / alien autopsy dvd / today

February 23, 2005

Major schedule changes ahead for Jetix on ABC Family, beginning this coming Monday. Kyl415 reports that a double dose of Power Rangers Generations will now air from 7:30AM to 8:30AM ET, and that S.P.D. has a new Friday morning timeslot. Also, Generations is getting two more timeslots during the weekends: Saturday & Sunday at 7AM ET. Wow. Also, Batman192 provides us with the March 2005 schedule for PR Gen & S.P.D., showing these changes as well as episodes expected to air.. reports that the famous documentary Alien Autopsy: Fact Or Fiction? will finally make its DVD debut on March 15th.. πŸ™‚

I stayed up very late last night. I watched / taped Super Milk Chan (lol). Then watched 95% of Saturday’s Dragonball GT.. because that’s all that was DVRed due to CN not airing on schedule. 😑 Then, I finally watched another awesome episode Fill Metal Alchemist. πŸ™‚ I also freed up some more DVR space. I’m DVRing a lot this week. :/

I didn’t wake up until after noon (I had stayed up until 5AM). We had breakfast for lunch again and played with the cat some. Eventually, it was time for Passions. My enjoyments is waning recently, just because my dad keeps bitching about the inaccuracies. *rolls eyes* Nothing much was that interesting today.. After that, my dad went off on a few errands, leaving me here very bored. So I got online for a while. Eventually, he got back and we watched last night’s awesome new episode of House. πŸ™‚ After that, I just played with the cat a little and got online some more, then had supper and played with the cat some more.. Then, got online again.. >_>

In primetime, we watched the new Smallville. It was a wild episode indeed. I joined that Verizon Wireless thing they mentioned during the commercials on my phone. And I joined some kind of text chat that I now can’t turn off. Grrrrrr. It continued to annoy me throughout the rest of the night with a new text message every minute or so. I watched what I could of King of Queens (lol), Yes Dear (also lol), and CSI NY.. Wow. Best episode yet. I liked the sex talk from that hottie from 24: Season 3 most. “I like to be on top.” :p ..So I tried to turn the text chat off twice, but it’s still sending messages. I tried to post a message to the group. It says I can’t because I’m not a member of said group..? -_- I eventually retreated to my room for the night..

One last comment: Mars Pictures Reveal Frozen Sea Of Water — “The team think a catastrophic event flooded the landscape five million years ago and then froze out.” Wow, that sounds amazingly like what’s about to happen here on Earth. Temperatures are rising and the ice caps are melting. But this time, I don’t think the human race can just jump to the next planet in order to survive.. not without help from beyond anyway…

See ya.

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jdf declined teamup / lemony snicket dvds / gits sac vol 5 dvd / wonder babes / today

February 22, 2005

Lisa J (aka ) brings us this unfortunate news about an upcoming Power Rangers S.P.D. / Dino Thunder teamup… 😦

According to a source, JDF was asked to be apart of the DT/SPD teamup if he would do the voice over with some dude in costume…in other words, they weren’t gonna fly him down to NZ. Because of that, JDF has declined to be in the DT/SPD teamup…but hey! Things can change over *looks at watch* 2-3 months. That’s the verdict for now.

Paramount has announced all four DVD editions of Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events. There will be 1-disc and 2-disc editions in both widescreen and full screen. What a waste of metal and plastic.. except for the 2-disc widescreen. Just click the link for all the special feature details..

Bandai & Manga Entertainment have announced the release of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Volume 5 for release on March 22nd. Click here for the press release. πŸ™‚

The New York Post reported a rumor that writer/director Joss Whedon is eyeing either Jessica Biel or Kim Basinger to slip into Lynda Carter’s tights in a Wonder Woman movie.

*drools, especially for Biel* Hope it’s true. πŸ˜‰

As usual, I stayed up late again last night. This time, I watched another episode of Zoey 101 on DVR. My perverted mind was expecting something more with the ‘hidden webcam’ thing. Ah well. Pretty good episode nonetheless. :p After that, I tried to watch Evangelion episodes 3 & 4. I had to go and play it in my room again because of the defects caused by the living room DVD player. I stopped it pretty early in the living room, so I didn’t get as pissed as last time. Anyway, it’s great to see the episodes so clearly. πŸ™‚ ..Here’s something I forgot to tell you about. My dad talked to that bitch that I despise on the phone again last night. Then, he told me about going somewhere with her tomorrow (Tuesday) and that she’ll be buying the airplane tickets for the Florida trip soon. I don’t think I’ll go. I don’t want to take the chance of losing all my crap here unattended. And no internet connection for a week? I’d be so bored, and feeling so disconnected from the world. So I’ll probably die here from depression in April… stay tuned! 😦

I wake up in the morning and it’s almost noon. I had planned to go to a place or two in the morning, and my dad usually wakes me up. I’ve been telling him about this for at least a week. But he’s nowhere to be found.. I got online in my room until he arrived home. He explained that they were in fact buying the Florida airplane tickets for April (my dad had to come along because they decided to use his AAA card to save some of her money). He departs early on Sunday April 10th, returns on the evening of Friday April 15th. I’ll be here alone a whole week… So we had breakfast for lunch and watched Passions. Haha @ that trick they pulled on the viewer at the start of the episode. :p And Whitney’s being such a bitch..

After that, I was able to go media buying.. but since there was no new releases that interested me this week (and not enough money to buy them with anyway), I just went to Borders. And bought a magazine. I was looking for the April 2005 Black Belt magazine too, for the 6-page article on Power Rangers‘ Jason David Frank. But they only had the March issue. Someone already managed to find said April issue too. 😦 Then, I made my dad look around PetsMart. But I guess my dad is stingy when it comes to pets. He didn’t buy anything for our cat. 😦 Next, we went to Walgreens, and I bought a few things. Then, we headed home and watched / taped last night’s new episode of Medium on DVR. Wow. I really loved this episode. May even be my favorite episode so far.. πŸ™‚ You know the rest: online, dinner, online… :p

In primetime, there wasn’t really all that much to watch. I did some other things, including looking through the new issue of TV Guide that I had gotten in the mail today. *yay’s @ Roush comparing Point Pleasant with Passions and saying Point is not as good* πŸ™‚ I let my dad watch some basketball game. That bitch that I despise called again, asking him to come over. He said he would come. Then later in the night, she called again, wondering why he didn’t come over. My dad lied and said that he fell asleep in his chair. Haha.. Scrubs was so funny again this week. teehee @ the Ed McMahon cameo. :p Then, we watched Committed. It was pretty funny too. πŸ™‚ Then, I played with the cat for about an hour while half-watching my dad’s Judging Amy. And that was about it..

Somehow, I’m starting to feel a little better about that week alone while my dad’s in Florida. More big-screen TV time. πŸ™‚ But I still fear that it will worsen my depression… My dad said he might try to go down there again, with me, before next winter. He’s hoping by then that we’ll be living somewhere more safe.. *shrug*

Random comment of the day or whatever: *shakes fist @ the democrats downtown trying to get Indiana under Central time* Bastards. They’re voting on Thursday to keep it in Eastern time and finally observe Daylight Savings Time. But the democrats want Central. 😑 ..k..

See ya.

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tmnt season 4 & 5 / arrested reply / eva movie r2 dvd / tv dvd re-releases / today

February 21, 2005

In the course of announcing some new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, they revealed some interesting things about the new animated series as well…

Currently in its third season, the action-packed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series continues to bring the Turtles to kids with an unparalleled blend of action and humor on both the Cartoon Network and FOX’s 4Kids TV. A total of 117 episodes of the series are now completed or in production, taking the Turtles well into 2006. During the fourth season, to air this fall, the series will introduce the Mutants and Monsters storyline. The new segment will be threaded through the Playmates Toys product line and marketing efforts, and will culminate with Mutants & Monsters month in October on 4Kids TV.

With there being 26 episodes a season, Season 4 will end at episode 104. If there are 117 episodes in production, that must mean the show has already been renewed for a 5th season. πŸ™‚

In the wake of reports that Arrested Development will end its season early, worried fans of the show have been besieging Fox with e-mails begging that the show be kept on the schedule. That’s not unusual. Fans have mounted numerous campaigns to keep TV series alive. What is a little different in this case is that Fox Entertainment president Gail Berman has actually responded to the show’s fans. “Thank you for your e-mail and your passionate support of Arrested Development,” Berman writes in a message addressed to fans of the show. “While the show has finished production for its second season, contrary to the rumors you may have heard or read on the internet, it is NOT canceled.” Well, that’s good news… unless they only mean not canceled.. yet.. >_>

The official Dragon Ball Z website now has a promotional trailer for the upcoming uncut volumes of the Vegeta Saga. Nice. Sooo can’t wait. πŸ™‚

Manga Entertainment has announced a three-disc Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth / End of Evangelion – Special Edition DVD.. for Region 2. 😦 I really hope it comes to Region 1 soon. The set looks cooool. πŸ™‚

There seems to be a new DVD trend starting… TV on DVD re-releases, like the recent news of CSI: Season 1. Argh. I just hope re-releases don’t get out of hand like the movie DVDs have.. :/

Last night, I stayed up late once again. This time, I watched “Road To Rhode Island” (original uncut version) from the most recent Family Guy DVD. The Bin Laden scene once omitted was pretty funny. πŸ™‚ ..After that, I watched two more episodes of Robotech: New Gen on DVD. I’m kind of glad and sad at the same time that there’s only six episodes left. 😐 At least Shadow Chronicles is coming up..

In the morning, my dad woke me up a bit too early.. after he had slept in for a bit.. 😦 Eventually, we went out to pick up a few things. And got home just in time for Passions. Today’s episode was rather interesting, especially the whole deal with the Crane plane ( :p ). After that, we watched Shaun Of The Dead on DVD (well, my dad slept through most of it.. again). It was an.. okay movie. Very funny, but I didn’t expect the drama. Unlike the Dawn remake, it probably would have been better as a rental. :/ ..A little later, I got online.. had supper.. and got online. Blah.

In primetime, we watched the usual CBS comedies. They were all pretty good. Then, we watched the new 90-minute episode of CSI Miami. haha @ the “deja vu” line at the beginning of the episode. When I first heard of this episode, I thought it was a rerun. :p Very awesome episode though. πŸ™‚ ..And that was about it..

I went to RangerBoard again tonight.. and I’m really getting tired of over half of the threads being off-topic (they probably shouldn’t have put a couple of those “elite” Mutant Chat guys in charge). Anyone care to recommend another Power Rangers board? Thanks..

I just discovered that another one of my DVDs was stolen. And I have no idea when. It was probably that asshole wiring up the place behind this desk. My dad even mentioned to him my collection’s worth and how I catalog them online (after the other ones were stolen). Idiot. The title is Meet The Parents (Collector’s Edition). I had it out in the main stacks with a couple others that I had placed out so I could watch them in the future before the sequel’s DVD. *sigh* I wonder if I’ll even find another copy in stores anymore, with that crap Bonus Edition out there now..

See ya.

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Sunday 02.20.05 — wasting an afternoon.. almost..

February 20, 2005

I woke up bright and early at 7:30AM to my alarm. And I eventually fell back to sleep. Until about noon. And now I’m bored…

So first, I watched Wednesday’s That 70s Show (lol.. but was disappointed that Eliza Dushku wasn’t onscreen in the bikini 😦 ), and the latest two episodes of Simple Life: Interns. I wasn’t able to find time to watch them until now. I liked the disclaimer at the end of last week’s episode (“no dead bodies or human remains were harmed in the making of this television show”), further defining the show as a ‘non-reality’ series. πŸ™‚ Then, my dad got some more subs from Subway.. even though it was a little early for supper. *shrug*

Paris Hilton’s Sidekick and laptop got hacked. And now her address book, note book and photos stored within are available on the net. I feel sorry for her… But that pic where she’s kissing another girl (that’s actually a guy).. topless? Nice. >:) ..I just wish most of them weren’t so damn small..

I wasted the last few hours just going from website to website.. and listening to the free preview of NASCAR iN Car during the Daytona 500. I laughed whenever Tony Stewart cursed on the radio. He has such a temper. :p And yay, Jeff Gordon won. ..I’m bored..

I was online for a little longer, then watched the new episode of Malcolm In The Middle. Then I moved into the living room and watched the new Simpsons. lol @ “viewer discretion advised”.. for gay marriage. Too damn sensitive. Idiots. I found the kissing Homers both funny and disturbing. :p lol @ making fun of FOX reality shows. I heard this episode took two years to finish. No wonder it felt so.. old. ..I forgot all about the Simpsons repeat until I saw the commercial. *sigh* No Arrested Development this week, or next. Just because they think Simpsons repeats will do better in February sweeps. *rolls eyes* ..At least it’s coming back on March 6th with two episodes. πŸ™‚ So I didn’t want to give FOX the ratings on the Simpsons repeat.. in case they could track it somehow through cable. So I watched the only thing that I could find: a fairly old episode of Judgment Day on G4. :p After that, we went on over to ABC to watch / tape the new episode of Desperate Housewives. Great episode. Too bad the next new episode isn’t scheduled until a month from tonight (March 20th). :/ ..I’m really starting to consider buying the Season 1 DVD.. especially after my VCR overheated and screwed up the tape a little. I thought I had succeeded for once too. I pressed stop and.. then it happened. Grrr. Soon after that, I went back to my room..

I don’t think the St John’s Wort has been working. It’s said to be a natural antidepressant, but I haven’t been feeling any better. I’ve been taking it for almost a week now. Though it could be the extra depression my dad is throwing on me with his fucking ‘death’ talk. He said he couldn’t taste his Diet Pepsi today. It tasted like water. What’s up with that? *sigh* A part of me really doesn’t want to leave this Earth.. but if he does.. I might not have a choice..

See ya.

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