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November 30, 2003

Ugh. Sunday is so boring. I tried to watch that Kim Possible movie, but I gotta watch the ending again later.. since I fell asleep. But it was a great movie up until that point.. Now I’m trapped in my room until my dad’s life-or-death-must-see football game is over. Anyway, some news:

Here’s some new Power Rangers Dino Thunder info according to the toys that are beginning to be released. The main megazord will be called the Thundersaurus Megazord, while the evil version is called the Triasaurus Rex Megazord. The 5th (White) Ranger will be called Dino Hunter (according to TVTome anyway), and his zord will be the Dino Stegazord. Also, those cool dinos that the Rangers are seen riding on in the ABC Family promo as well as the promo sheet are called Raptor Chargers… πŸ™‚

Here‘s an article about music rights on TV DVDs (with a portion about Roswell‘s music problems):

Facing The Music: Legal Hurdles Can Keep TV Shows From Coming Out On DVD
Randy A. Salas, Star Tribune

Published November 30, 2003

More people are tuning in to TV shows on DVD than ever before. This year alone will see a projected $1.5 billion in sales in the genre, up 66 percent, with more than 450 TV titles added to the 750 or so already out.

But fans expecting the imminent release of oft-requested series such as “Beverly Hills 90210” or “WKRP in Cincinnati” might as well get comfy on their couches, because it’ll be a long wait. The reason? The amount of popular music featured in those series.

The expense of securing legal rights to these songs is “the single biggest obstacle” to releasing TV shows on DVD, said Peter Staddon, senior marketing vice president at Fox Home Entertainment, the leading seller of DVD TV series.

If you want to release a show on DVD, “count up the songs and open your checkbook,” producer Paul Brownstein advised industry insiders at the recent TV DVD Conference in West Hollywood, Calif.

The problem of “clearing” music rights predates the advent of DVD and even of home video in many cases. Back then, shows that used popular music paid for broadcast rights, and that was it. TV producers never dreamed the shows would have an afterlife on home video, where shows can be watched unedited, commercial-free and often with inviting supplemental material on DVD.

“When they were creating these shows, they didn’t pay for stuff they weren’t going to use,” said Gord Lacey, who runs a Web site devoted to TV on DVD ( “Now it’s coming back to bite them.”

It can affect shows from the ’60s to the ’90s, from sitcoms to dramas. “Even shows as recent as five years ago wouldn’t have necessarily cleared any of the music for anything other than the initial broadcast,” Staddon said.

Fox, which acquired “WKRP” as part of a bigger deal six years ago, gets many requests to release that 1978-82 sitcom hit on DVD, Staddon said. Trouble is, the series was set in a radio station, to a soundtrack filled with pop music.

Rights to those songs could cost “a couple of million dollars,” Staddon said. “When you amortize a couple of million dollars over, say, a couple of hundred thousand units you’d sell, [it would add] $10 per set. It makes things prohibitively expensive.”

An obvious answer is to charge an extra $10 for each set. But that can create a vicious circle, he said: The higher price might reduce sales to only 150,000 units, which means the price would have to be raised more, which means fewer units sold, and so on.

Substitute players

Another option is to replace the music. That has happened with DVDs of “Felicity,” “Dawson’s Creek” and MTV’s “The Real World,” Lacey said.

But while that lowers production costs, it can diminish the show’s appeal and alienate fans, Staddon said.

In the ’80s show “Wiseguy,” starring Ken Wahl, a multi-episode storyline famously concludes with an emotional scene set to “Nights in White Satin,” by the Moody Blues. But when the four-disc set was released on DVD in August, the classic rock song was replaced by a generic tune and orchestral music.

“It is such a painful omission that it hurts,” one fan of the series wrote in a Web review.

“No one was more disappointed than I,” Wahl told fans on his Web site, blaming “prohibitively excessive prices” to clear the music rights.

It was that, he added, or not release the DVD at all.

Lacey, who was involved in an upcoming DVD release of “The Kids in the Hall,” suggested a compromise.

“I think the happy medium with the music is that you try to determine what the key songs are, license them and then use replacement music for the rest,” he said.

That’s exactly what Fox is doing with the fan favorite “Roswell,” a 1999-2002 teen drama coming to DVD in February.

Instead of replacing music arbitrarily, Staddon said Fox “went back to the original show’s producer, and said, ‘Look, we’re having a problem with some of the music clearance. Can you help us with this?’

“He actually rescored some of the show with new music. Then he’s going to go on the DVD and say, ‘We did this. I think it’s a better product as a result of it. The alternative was not having it out on DVD.’ “

‘Malcolm’ in a muddle

Even current shows can be problematic. Last year, Fox released a three-disc set of the first season of “Malcolm in the Middle,” a show that debuted in 2000. The set sold well enough to merit a second-season release, but higher costs to clear the music have so far scuttled the project, Staddon said.

Brownstein, who is producing the DVD release of “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” said he didn’t have any music-rights problems with the ’60s series, which generally used a few old standards at most. But some of his TV properties are worse off, especially variety shows. One episode of the ’70s variety show “Cher” had 30 songs in it, and a Van Dyke special used 60, some just in medleys and snippets, he said.

“You add that all up, and it becomes impossible to release,” Brownstein said.

So what are the fates of these shows?

It’s uncertain, Staddon said, noting that TV producers do a much better job today of clearing music not just for broadcast but also for home video. Every show has to be treated on a case-by-case basis.

“There isn’t a blanket deal that we can put in place,” he said. “Going back to something like ‘WKRP’ — which is at a radio station, so it features lots of songs and lots of artists — each one of those songs is a separate negotiation. You could get 95 percent of the music cleared, and if one person is still holding out for something outrageous, then you’re back to square one.”

Randy A. Salas is at

Β© Copyright 2003 Star Tribune. All rights reserved.

I posted the whole thing here because I had a problem registering (for free) on their site to view it myself. Anyway, I hope they chose the right “key songs” to license for the DVDs, like the article claims. I’ll most likely buy all the seasons anyway, but I just wouldn’t be as happy with it if they chose the wrong songs to replace…

David Duchovny has recently done a few game reviews for Razor magazine, including the ones he’s worked on, The X-Files: Resist or Serve (due in February) and XIII (out now). In the X-Files review he mentions that filming for the next X-Files movie could start filming as soon as within the next year. Yay. Maybe I’ll pick up this issue (Dec/Jan 2004) when I visit Borders in a few weeks…

The Christina Aguilera WB special that I’m taping tonight has been pre-empted by my WB affiliate until midnight because of some crappy basketball game. Her official site has confirmed the special will be part of her Stripped…Live In The UK DVD that set for release on January 13th. πŸ™‚ [All I’ve found so far is this small back cover art for the french version of the DVD.]

Well, my dad left for some reason (I wasn’t listening when he explained). He’s probably with that ex.. watching that basketball game or whatever. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go into the living room and try to enjoy the big screen TV tonight.. while he’s gone.. See ya.

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November 30, 2003

Entry #1001. Hooray. *throws confetti everywhere else* …j/k.

What happened today (after that last entry)? Nothing. Except the usual unexciting crap that eventually just all ran together… and before I knew it, it was already evening…

Anyway… Rachet & Clank: Going Commando has been deemed IGN’s Game of the Month for November 2003 (alongside Final Fantasy X-2)! Yay. And I’m almost certain I’ll be buying it (with a Best Buy $5 off coupon) sometime after my 2nd, larger check comes next week. Also, my dad and I are trying to decide what he should get me for Christmas. We’re down to a PS2 Network Adapter.. or a CD burner… What do you think? 😐

Queer Eye Guy An Imposter – HAHA. I knew it…

*looks at the time* Dangit. I better get to bed. 😦 See ya…

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“Knock Knock” “Who’s there?” “Little Boy Blew” “Little Boy Blew Who?” “Michael Jackson.”

Saturday morning 11.29.03: overall..blah..’cept for TMNT..

November 29, 2003

Entry #1000. Hooray. *throws confetti @ people he dislikes*

After being awake for an hour watching the Ninja Storm marathon, I give up on it and change it for some music vids on VH1. I don’t want to be totally tired of the episodes. In a few months, I might have to watch them all again in Power Rangers’ first DVD boxed set…I hope. πŸ™‚

I eventually got to.. organizing my DVD collection at DVDAficionado in order to help out the webmasters. The picture server is taking a beating so I’ve made two subfolders, “Anime” and “Television”. I even continued to organize during the commercials of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today’s episode: “Turtles In Space – Part Four: The Arena”. This was another awesome episode. I loved it from beginning to end. I’m already looking forward to the “Turtles In Space” DVD next year.. and, of course, the final episode of this saga next week. πŸ˜‰

I finished up the organizing and got back to VH1. With a little mp3 downloading on the side. *cough* Dangit. I can’t find the Radio Free Roscoe theme on mp3 anywhere.. 😦

I decide to pass on the Kim Possible repeat as my dad finally woke up. I don’t feel like watching those Ninja Storm repeats on ABC Family or Kids today either.. So instead, I waited for my dad to leave on some errands (he was still bitching about how I acted last night.. threatening to destroy Christmas for me.. like he had done last year..). Then I watched a few more DVD episodes of RahXephon.

Well, I think I’ll go now. I still have a few DVRed shows from this last week to watch. I also DVRed last night’s Kim Possible TV movie on Disney Channel. The time travel plot sounds interesting, but I doubt I’ll get to it today. I still have some sleep to make up. πŸ˜› See ya..

personal crap entry: night ruined… and repaired…?

November 28, 2003

Today was simple enough. Three more episodes of RahXephon. Wednesday’s Thanksgiving-themed episode of Passions… then boredom. Later, I played Simpsons: Hit & Run one more time before it was time to return it…

My dad managed to screw up another night. I wanted pizza for supper tonight since I hadn’t had it in a while. And a night at home.. alone. The annoying ex bought a fiber optic xmas tree.. for us. My dad went to pick up the tree.. and came back with the ex as well. They wanted to watch the crappy basketball game together. Here. With the pizza. I made up that I wanted to tape the pilot episode rerun of Joan of Arcadia to help screw thier night up. I was only considering it before that bitch came through the door…

Anyway… Degrassi‘s back tonight! Whee. And tonight’s new episode was so great and.. 100% INTENSE. lol. Especially that ending. Whoa. And it looks like next week focuses on drug abuse. O_O My only complaint was that they started it so early that my DVR wasn’t able to record the first 3 or so minutes. Now I’m recording the shows later tonight. I may have to rewatch Degrassi later, since my unwanted guest, my PC crashing, and a headache all took my attention. The new Radio Free Roscoe was cool too.. for what I saw of it. πŸ™‚ I guess I’ll be watching both again tomorrow…

I’m glad my dad finally took the hint. He left (with her) by 9PM to return the game I rented last week. So I am able to watch / tape the Joan repeat without interruption. I’m hoping they repeat the following six episodes so I can get every episode taped. Next week is a new episode already though. πŸ™‚

Now every time I look at the new fiber optic xmas tree, I can’t help but think of the book “The Day After Roswell”. A man in the military (actually, the author.. that passed away a few years ago) claimed that he handled Roswell crash debris and said that fiber optic cable was among the technology that was originally found in the crash (and reverse-engineered). Heh.

I admit it. I don’t like the idea of my dad and his ex getting back together. I just don’t want them here. Together. I’d rather be completely depressed and alone than be in her company. I guess the things we did yesterday wasn’t that bad because there were others (that I can actually stand) with us. My dad lies to me. He once was out all night long and didn’t arrive home until morning. The excuse? He played cards for so long, then he napped on thier couch. Ugh. I actually like that he lied there though (for once). *gets sick at the thought* My dad’s idea of us moving to Florida, and in with that bitch is a joke. It’ll never happen. I’d rather kill myself…

I’m hoping tomorrow doesn’t become another overall peice of hell like tonight has. …See ya. 😦

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Mr. & Mrs. Jones Go to the Movies!

November 28, 2003

I thought I would post this to archive it just in case. It’s just so funny. πŸ˜€

Mr. & Mrs. Jones Go to the Movies!

“Gee Mrs. Jones, Ass Kicker 9000 the Motion Picture is playing at the MEGA PLEX UBER MOVIE HAUS, shall we check it out?”

“Why yes Mr. Jones, you know I can’t resist your kung-fu ways!”

So it’s off to the MEGA PLEX UBER MOVIE HAUS we go! And by golly, it looks as if 47,000 other people had the same swell idea! Well, at least we are all being herded by a “phresh” theater staff of “playaz” with “Nelly” inspired band-aids. “Word up!” to that dress code, fellas!

Two for Ass Kicker 9000 the Motion Picture please! What? ONLY $9.75 a pop? Oh wait, I forgot to add the $1 service charge! Whew, for a minute there I thought we were underpaying. Thanks for the all the service Fandango! And hey, Cheeto-munching ticket-booth girl with a sparkling “can-do” attitude, why don’t you just go ahead and take an extra finski for your efforts while we’re at it?

Whoooo’s got a hankerin’ for some movie snacks? Well, I guess I do, because I’m standing in line for them! What’s that, you say? $20 for a box of styrofoam with butter-flavored grease on top and two cups of ice? Sign me up!

Huzzah! The theater’s getting dark! Hello, what’s this? Could it be the movie? No-sir-ree, it’s 20 MINUTES OF TV COMMERCIALS!!! YAY! A PIZZA HUT AD IN GLORIOUS 35MM FILM! Boy, that giant slab of half-melted cheese on a grease-soaked crust sure does look appetizing blown up to the size of Texas! The ONLY thing that could top that is one of those bitchin’ Coke-sponsered mini movies, AND GUESS WHAT, THEY’RE SHOWING TWO!!!! Now if they’d run one of those Fandango ads that seem so popular with we Gen-Xers, I’d sure be gettin’ my dollaz worth tonight you betcha! OH WAIT! HERE IT COMES! HAR HAR, THOSE FANDANGO GUYS ARE A SHARP WITTY BUNCH!!! GOOD TO SEE MY SERVICE CHARGE IS BEING WELL SPENT FANDANGO!

Now what do we have here? Apparently an entire high-school wrestling team has decided to show up late! Boy-howdy, they must be gettin’ together after ‘the big meet’! By the time they get done re-arranging their seating 15 times, they are certain to provide witty banter through-out! Hot damn, looks like we were in right place at the right time!

Opening titles!!! Can’t wait to hear that Money-A$$ digital sound! Now if only Stu up there in the projection booth COULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO TURN THE THING ON PROPERLY we wouldn’t be hearing all the audio come from the FRONT SPEAKERS. No worries, I’m sure they’ll work that out by the 10th reel!

Ooops! Looks like someone didn’t bother to center the projector properly! That’s ok… pick an appropriate moment… LIKE THE RED-HOT BOOTS-KNOCKING SCENE… to adjust it.

“Ya know Mrs. Jones,” I whisper, “I sure do like Ass Kicker 9000 the Motion Picture, but I must say I love the zesty conversation between Jocunta and Laquifa about how big Shanti’s ass looks in faux-leather better. It’s too bad they are on the other side of the theater, because I can only hear about 75% of their conversation… but my goodness how they are lettin’ ol’ Shanti have it! You go girl!”

Wow! 10 minutes have passed and no one has opened their pie-hole! If only my suspension of disbelief could be interrupted by Investment Banker Chad’s “Viennese Waltz” cell phone ringtone! And there it is! Listen all, listen to Investment Banker Chad!

Well, Ass Kicker 9000 the Motion Picture is all done, and Mr. & Mrs. Jones return home… to our totally kick ass 5.1 DTS home theater with our totally kick ass flat tube TV with our totally kick ass couch down the hall from our totally kick ass pantry in our totally kick ass Investment Banker Chad free pad, eagerly awaiting another excuse NOT TO USE IT by spending another big night at the big big screen!

thanksgiving / links

November 27, 2003

Before heading off to the Thanksgiving meal, I got to watch the rest of Full Metal Panic! Mission.05. Wow. It’s been a really great anime series so far. Too bad the next volume isn’t out until January now. This volume sorta left off on a subtle cliffhanger. 😦 I didn’t have enough time to watch anymore RahXephon though…

Later… So I’m back. It wasn’t… terrible. At least my dad let me out of this prison for one day anyway. The Thanksgiving meal at Golden Corral was nice. Then my dad wanted to see a movie (at a cheap-ass theater.. he was paying). We were too early for all the movies, so I had to go with them to some pottery store to waste some time. I got a few things from the vending machines in the “waiting area” or whatever. Then we were almost late for the movie. I recommended The Rundown (because it was one of the few movies there I wasn’t waiting for on DVD.. and I didn’t want to see a comedy with the laughing hyena) and we saw it.. well, most of us.. half of the group left at that point.. leaving the annoying ex (hyena) with us. I fell asleep for a little while halfway through the movie. And to me it seemed like a typical action movie, one you’d like to see once. Then we had to drop her off. Her house was like a museum of knick knacks. Freaky. Nice fiber optic Xmas three though. I see why my dad wants to get one next year. Oh, and my dad wanted to stay. I didn’t. He dropped me off at home and now here I am. Only my dad left again, to watch some crappy basketball game at her house. Ugh. Actually, I’m starting to.. tolerate being in the company of her.. except that horrible laugh..and the smoking… and how she and my dad forget things as simple as movie titles within minutes.. repeatedly… 😐

So, in all, I was out from about 11AM to 5:30PM. I wish I could go out more like that. But my dad would rather spend time with them instead…

I’m hoping more TV shows will be released like this.. only not with crappy reality shows like “The Simple Life”…

So I tried to watch X2 to conclude my day. But, I fell asleep for a good part of it in the middle. Damnit. Ah well. It was a great movie, but I wasn’t that excited about watching this time around since I had seen it in theaters just a few months earlier. My favorite deleted scene on the DVD had to be Jubilee’s. I hope they get the same actress back for future X movies.. she’s hot.. πŸ™‚

Well.. I think I’ll catch Conan O’Brien and then get to bed. See ya.

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tru renewed / TMNT 03 to CN / today / links

November 26, 2003

Disney Consumer Products – Power Rangers. It’s just a lot of promotional info with a Dino Thunder image included. ..Neat..

Fox Broadcasting Co. has picked up seven additional episodes of the supernatural series Tru Calling, starring Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumna Eliza Dushku, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Yay. This makes for a total of 20 episodes for Season 1. And I’m surprised it isn’t completely tanking opposite ‘Friends’. I still need to find time to watch these Tru episodes on DVR though (while transferring them to the Tru tape at the same time). By tomorrow night’s episode, there’ll be three episodes waiting on the box. 😐

Thanks to Poweranimals for pointing this out to me:

FOX BOX Animated Series To Join Cartoon Network Lineup In Spring 2004
FOX BOX To Continue Airing First-Run TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES In Its Saturday Morning Lineup

New York, NY (November 24, 2003) – 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE) announced today that it has licensed the U.S. cable television rights to the first 40 episodes of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES to Cartoon Network. These episodes of the animated series will be part of Cartoon Network’s lineup beginning Spring 2004.

The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES series will continue all first-run broadcasts of new episodes on the FOX BOX, 4Kids Entertainment’s weekend morning four-hour program block. 4Kids has already picked up the series for the 2004-2005 broadcast season. In addition, 4Kids will continue to be able to broadcast the first 40 episodes of the series on the FOX BOX.

β€œThe TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES have won the hearts of a whole new generation of fans,” said Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment. β€œWe’re pleased to be able to broadcast the series with Cartoon Network. Now that we’re adding the Cartoon Network audience, we’re certain that many more kids across the country will become part of the growing craze and get β€˜Turtle-ized.’”

Now in its second season on the FOX BOX, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, which is produced by 4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Licensing, Inc., features the colorful characters, exciting ninja action and irreverent humor that sparked TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES mania more than a dozen years ago, but updated for today’s kids with an all-new edgier look and feel.

The legend of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES begins when four, ordinary pet store turtles are exposed to a mysterious green ooze. The turtles are rescued by a kind and intelligent rat named Splinter, the former pet of a ninja master, who adopts them, and takes them to live with him in his lair below the streets of New York City. After realizing they are all being mutated by their exposure to the mysterious ooze, Splinter teaches his charges the ninjitsu skills he has observed, and trains them in the honorable and heroic Bushido code. The four TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo – use their new skills to battle the evil Shredder and The Foot Clan, his formidable legion of ninja warriors, in the 30-minute action-adventure comedy series.

– “Tales of the TMNT” – the new comic book series from Mirage Studios that will feature various writers and artists telling stories that happened to the TMNT between Volume 2 and Volume 4, is scheduled to debut in January 2004.

– 4Kids Entertainment has launched a killer TMNT site! The address is – this is the place to get all the hype on the new show, along with online games and tons of other kewl stuff! wOOt!

lol @ “wOOt!” Anyway, this sounds cool. Will I watch? I doubt it. I already have the first half of season 1 on DVD… and I’ll have the rest by March 2004. πŸ˜€

Today, I watched three more RahXephon episodes, as well as two Full Metal Panic! episodes..and the Passions that I DVRed yesterday. And I may keep DVRing it too. Much better way of watching it… And since tomorrow I will probably be busy / bored out of my mind while away from home (we’re going out for Thanksgiving with our other family members..and my dad’s bitch ex), I most likely won’t get to today’s Passions until Friday. I’m missing the witch (and Timmy!) and the supernatural storylines.. I was going to watch X2 after all that but my dad chose that moment to come back from work…

Tonight was probably one of the better nights in a while. My dad doesn’t ..spend enough time with me as he used to. And tonight he did. In front of the TV. But no, probably not because he wanted to. I know it was only because that ex bitch didn’t get off work until 10PM tonight. So right at 10PM, he got the phone call that I expected. Ah well..

This TBS movie, National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Reunion, is pretty bad… but their daughters are hot..and they fought in mud.. so it’s not all bad. Well.. see ya.

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PRDT villainess actress? / PR trading cards

November 26, 2003

Also, it looks as if another Power Rangers Dino Thunder cast member may have been identified. Juniper posted this in a RangerBoard thread concerning the as-yet-unnamed villianess who speaks in the latest Dino Thunder promo on ABC Family. I did a little digging. Here’s the actress’ IMDb page: Miriama Smith. I do see a resemblance in that picture at IMDb…

Check this out:

Bandai also plans to offer an assortment of trading cards based on the popular Power Rangers property. These cards, with their sleek, eye-catching designs, will mark the first time trading cards for the popular boys brand have been available since the first season of the television show nearly a decade ago.

And I too am wondering what happened to those announced Ninja Storm cards. First, I heard they were CCG, then the good ole’ trading variety. Hmm..

I think I’ll add some things to my Dino Thunder page, then head off to bed. See ya.

media buys 11.25.03 / PRDT premiere & footage / links

November 25, 2003

X-Men United (Widescreen) DVD Full Metal Panic! - Mission.05 DVD

My dad has to wear scrubs and a hair net for where he’s going to work. It seems to me like a retirement home cafeteria or something. And before I could buy anything, I had to wait for him to pick up said scrubs. Then, I went to Best Buy and picked up the Full Metal Panic! Mission.05 DVD, as well as additional copies of the free DVDs. Then, I went to the mall for the first time in a while (maybe this year?) to check out the Disney Store for those Dino Thunder items. None were to be found, but I did notice some cool Ninja Storm items. I swore I would buy that Ninja Storm jacket.. if it wasn’t only in kid sizes. 😦 Also, I’m so out of shape that I nearly died walking back out to the car. Fun. Then I headed to Circuit City, whose ad claimed if I bought the X-Men 2 DVD, I could get the X2 PS2 game for only $5. I passed on buying the DVD at Best Buy for this deal… and when I got there the game was “out of stock”. Surrre. Let’s see how many Tuesdays I decide to visit their lousy store now…

Next Saturday morning, ABC Kids is airing Power Rangers Ninja Storm repeats of 1319: “Scent Of A Ranger” and 1320: “I Love Lothor”. If they continue in episode order to the end, the run concludes on January 31st — possibly making February 7th the Power Rangers Dino Thunder premiere date. πŸ™‚

Check out this RangerBoard thread for some exclusive Power Rangers Dino Thunder footage! …Actually it’s a very funny “fandub” of a Abaranger scene, but I thought I would share anyway since it’s just so funny. :p

Now it’s time to go mess with these new DVDs. See ya.

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“US ARMY (Backwards that’s “Yes! My Retarded Ass Signed Up!”).” — , RangerBoard

PR news x 3 / turnabout / today / links

November 24, 2003

It looks like there will be a slightly longer wait for the Power Rangers Dino Thunder Happy Meal promotion at McDonald’s. The “Brother Bear” promotion ends Nov 26th. After that, a “Haunted Mansion” promotion ends Dec 18th… so that’s where I’m thinking DT’s will now start. To tell you the truth, I’m only interested in this because the promo is said to have some kind of preview of the first episode. πŸ™‚

The Lion & Lamb Project has named the top 12 most violent toys, video games, and DVDs.. and the Power Rangers Ninja Storm toys are in 2nd place in thier “dirty dozen“. I saw this on my local news this evening and just had to share. πŸ™‚

Zarius of the Power Rangers TVTome site claims a “reliable source” confirmed that Blake Foster was lying about his return in Power Rangers Dino Thunder in retaliation to a few immature Power Rangers fans who were attacking him on a message board. So supposedly he isn’t actually coming back. Though Zarius’ “source” does claim there’s still another past Ranger returning next year…

I finally finished reading Roswell: Turnabout last night. WOW. I was surprised how they all split up in the end. And Alex’s final goodbye even made me shed a tear or two… I still hope there is some continuation of the series eventually.. like the possibility of a movie if the DVD boxed sets sell well.. πŸ™‚

Today, I began watching RahXephon from the beginning by watching episodes 1 through 3. Its final three episodes are to be relesed on DVD in a few weeks so I thought I would watch all the episodes again. It’s a cool anime series.. very Evangelion-like at some points. I also watched JFK (Saturday was the 40th anniversary of the tragic event). I almost managed to stay awake through the first three hours. Go me.

Expect an update to the airing schedules page in a few hours (or just check RangerBase now). [Edit: Updated with two more weeks of Power Rangers ABC Family listings as well as next Saturday’s ABC Kids reruns that no one cares about! πŸ˜› ] See ya.

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