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Sunday 10.31.2010 — HALLOWEEN!

October 31, 2010

I awoke later than expected in the morning.. after falling asleep earlier than expected last night. Damn.. I posted the previous entry, then watched Bleach (Will Goku and the other Z Fighters survive?! Find out next time on the next super-serious episode of Dragon Ball Z!!1 -_-), Kekkaishi (another good episode this week 🙂 ) and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (nice two-part sneak preview episode, really reminded me of Goosebumps.. there were a few very brief moments where even I was creeped out by the living doll.. the dad brought up buying a doll for everyone and the teenaged son asked that his look like Megan Fox, lol :p *high fives*).

After that, I checked out PlayStation Home for a little while to check out the Halloween festivities. The game that’s been in Central Plaza for a few weeks now was still there, but an orange disco ball had appeared and the sky was also raining something dark-colored. Hm. And there was a cool souvenir for the event. I added it to my other trophies in one of my personal spaces, then headed out to party in my new mummy suit. Haha.

But soon, it was time for my dad to watch his damn NASCAR race. And so I got online for a while, soon uploading the pictures from today to the usual photobucket folder. I also finally watched today’s episode of 145 Days of Power Rangers.. and got into a little room cleaning.. But once my dad’s race was over, I snuck back into PlayStation Home and picked up another holiday freebie that I had missed (yay).. then went over to Netflix and streamed The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. It looked from the promos on TV a while back.. but it didn’t offer all that many laughs outside what I had already seen. :/

Once the movie ended, we watched Funniest Videos. But soon after that, my dad chose to go to bed early.. so I watched Community (zombies, ugh.. so tired of seeing zombies.. didn’t care for this one all that much, except that ending, haha), Scared Shrekless (haha, not bad) and The Walking Dead (zombies, awesome! :p ..this was actually done rather well, I really liked it.. and my dad woke up and couldn’t go to bed before watching most of it too.. good ending, looking forward to next week’s episode already :p).

I tried uploading today’s episode of 145 Days of Power Rangers many times throughout the day, but was stopped in one way or another. And just as I was almost done uploading it (very slowly) late tonight.. my cable internet connection went out completely. Ugh. 😦

See ya.. I hope.


Saturday 10.30.2010 —

October 30, 2010

I awoke early the morning to my dad making a commotion, then got online to watch the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. But soon after that, I fell asleep again.. A few hours later, my dad awoke me again to tell me he was leaving for the store. :/ I soon watched Todd Margaret (lol), Degrassi (good episode.. Fiona.. *drools*) and Ugly Americans (haha @ the house subplot :p).

I followed that with the final seven episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force (I was going to only watch four, but my dad fell asleep.. so I got them all out of the way.. “Light Source” was pretty good, as well as the finale “Mystic Fate”) and Bored To Death (lol). By this point, my dad was awake, so we watched Castle (eh.. only the second episode this season though :p) and three episodes of Flashpoint (yes, WAY behind on this one.. three out of the seven new episodes that aired in August & September.. oh hey, there’s Ellie from Degrassi TNG :p ..all good episodes 🙂 ).

We had some supper, then watched a couple movies on Blu-ray — Predators (perhaps reviews lowered my expectations.. because I really liked this movie 🙂 ..maybe they could do another? definitely felt more like a sequel to Predator than Predator 2 did.. when the basic premise was set up at the start, I was really reminded of Lost.. a movie version of that would be awesome) and Paranormal Activity (it creeped me out all over again.. I must be a weakling :p ..I’m really getting curious when the heck Oren Peli’s Area 51 movie is coming out.. I’m more interested in that than this Paranormal Activity 2 really :/).

My dad fell asleep for a good part of Predators, but managed to watch all of Paranormal Activity. He didn’t think there was all that much to it though. But he was MSTing it a bit though. :/ ..See ya..

power rangers samurai sneak peek! / today

October 29, 2010

BurgundyRanger has gotten the Nicktoons schedule for the rest of November and the network has scheduled a “sneak peek” of Power Rangers Samurai during their “All Heroes Weekend” Marathon over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. The sneak peek will air on Thursday November 25th at 9PM, Saturday November 27th at 10PM and Sunday November 28th at 9AM during the marathon. I’m so glad to finally hear something about this ever since the classic Power Rangers episodes were postponed indefinitely. The Power Rangers Official Facebook Page now claims that the reruns may not come until after the new season has begun..

I awoke pretty early in the morning, then got online to watch the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers, followed by the new South Park (lol, good episode).. then I eventually fell asleep again. I awoke some hours later and watched Men In Black: The Series (haha, Halloween episode), Batman Beyond (ooh, remember really liking this one back in the day) and two episodes of The Twisted Whiskers Show (lol). My dad returned home from dialysis and we soon watched some Ellen. I got online for a lot of that time though.

Once he fell asleep, I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force (ah, “Heir Apparent”.. the episode that felt quite a bit like a finale, but wasn’t.. it was pretty good, and the series got slightly better at that point), then played some more hours of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. I was going to stop at some point to get on Home.. but I didn’t. And then I got into the finale battle.. and then the game was over. Already. :p Another alternate ending fork at the end, only less subtle than the first time (Press L1 or R1). I did the Light Side ending for the first playthrough and finished just as supper was ready. Plus I reached Level 7 in trophies (just barely, by 1%). Yay. I’ll get the Dark Side trophy later, and perhaps some others.

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (haha, felt just a bit like a more serious take on a Lois & Clark episode, very nice), The Good Guys (lol, another very good episode), Primetime: What Would You Do? (eh, only watched half of it.. got bored by the rest.. especially the war protesting bit *rolls eyes*) and The Soup (lol).

And that was it.. See ya.

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transformers prime series premiere event / today

October 28, 2010

The Hub has recently issued a press release detailing the five-part mini-series event planned as the series premiere of their new CG-animated Transformers: Prime. “Darkness Rising” Parts 1 & 2 will premiere on Friday November 26th at 4PM ET, following premieres of the news-magazone show Hubworld (a Transformers-themed episode) and a Hub Exclusive: Transformers Prime special starting at 3PM ET. And then the mini-series will conclude with “Darkness Rising” Part 3, 4 & 5 premiering on December 1st, 2nd & 3rd at 6:30PM ET. So looking forward to this. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and finished the previous entry, then soon downloaded and watched 145 Days of Power Rangers. Then I took over the TV and watched Men In Black: The Series and Batman Beyond. My dad soon headed out for pre-operation hospital appointment… then I got onto PlayStation Home for a little bit (free Starkiller costume for one day only, sweet.. and I had to get the matching dual lightsabers.. two lightsabers for $1.49 here, when I bought all three previous ones for $5 each :/ ).

Once PSN and hence Home went down for maintenance, I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force (fell asleep one or two more times again.. but didn’t really feel I missed much.. at least I saw the Piggy scene that I had wanted to see again.. and man, Madison is so hot >_> ..and man, Vida cannot stop overacting :p). And then I played through most of the next level of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (got to a more difficult area and gave up for the day).

My dad finally returned home by about 2PM. We watched some Ellen (bleh).. then I eventually watched that remaining half-episode of Rocko’s Modern Life (lol), and followed it with the new Tower Prep (another very good episode, hehe 🙂 ).. before returning to PlayStation Home for a bit (the dolphy races are new and improved as well.. a new track and new items to unlock, woohoo 🙂 ). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched The Big Bang Theory (lol), Shit My Dad Says (lol), The Office (lol, especially the cold open), Outsourced (haha… that Australian chick is hotter though.. though perhaps I prefer Australian chicks…) and The Mentalist (October 7th episode, so behind.. and the Power Rangers‘ Command Center building makes another TV appearance, wow).

See ya.


October 27, 2010

Before falling asleep last night, I watched an episode of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And not long after I awoke the next morning, I fit in four more episodes (now up-to-date.. the first seven episodes are one long origin storyline.. and I quite enjoyed them, unlike Wolverine & The X-Men.. I liked who I assume was Wolverine in Captain America’s WWII scene and a newspaper reference to Punisher, ha.. and was quite surprised when “Breakout Part 2” was almost one long epic battle, wow.. hope they can continue this style in the future, and a similar complete season DVD & Blu-ray like Lionsgate has released for Wolverine).

I fit in 145 Days of Power Rangers (love that ending to “Return Of An Old Friend Part I” 🙂 ), then soon watched Men In Black: The Series (good episode) and Batman Beyond (also good episode). And then I played through another level of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (this level seemed so long.. so many things to do.. that had had to break afterward).

Also, my dad returned home from dialysis. I had to wake him up again this morning, over an hour after he was supposed to leave. And then he returned home feeling weak. He’s so getting tired of going.. yet appears to can’t get it into his head that he has to go. They trying to put another thing in his other arm now that one is clogged, but he doesn’t want to do it. The first arm feels bad already.. Plus he’s apparently not eating enough. It fits with how very little he buys at the grocery store each visit. There’s a lot of times where he doesn’t realize he’s hungry until I’m already eating something. :/

We watched some morning TV, then I fit in five more episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force (fell asleep during one.. but it was that annoying Jenji intro episode, so oh well.. :p ..Gatekeeper Part 1 & 2 wasn’t too bad though) and another half-episode of Rocko’s Modern Life on Netflix (lol).. before my dad began bitching about seeing his damn news.

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched The Middle (lol), Better With You (lol), Modern Family (lol, actually the best of the night.. surprisingly), Cougartown (lol.. Scrubs cast now :p) and Glee (good episode 🙂 ).

And.. it. See ya.

cat shit one dvd blu / icarly s2v2 dvd / media / today

October 26, 2010

The Cat Shit One CG anime (which actually features neither cat nor shit) will see a US release on DVD and Blu-ray exclusively at in December, following a free streaming of the English dub on YouTube in November. I rarely watch anime in its original language, but this title just drew me in.. and I liked it. I’m looking forward to seeing the dub, and may just consider a Blu-ray purchase when it comes. 🙂

After a disappointing break, it seems Nickelodeon is getting back into the half-season DVD set business with iCarly: Season 2, Volume 2, set for release of January 4th. Nice. Had me a bit worried there for a second. :p

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online to download and watch today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. But not long after that, I fell asleep.. A few hours later, I awoke and watched as all the weather drama unfolded. Severe storms kept taking out the power a few times.. But once all that was over, I rebooted and got online for pretty much the rest of the morning.

Once my dad finished up on the TV (news), I took over and watched Men In Black: The Series (don’t remember how much of the Maury Island event was mentioned in the movies.. hope they keep the story straight between them, this episode and the new sequel.. Men In Black 3 was originally going to be a direct-to-DVD movie with new actors.. glad they got the budget for it now, probably due to the 3D gimmick), Batman Beyond (a bit surprised to see blood on Terry this episode.. nice touch), Twisted Whiskers (lol).. and finally five more episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force (“That was the scariest story I’ve ever heard!” lmao, so crappy.. as was how gullible the Rangers were in the otherwise highlight two-parter “Stranger Within”).

By this time, I was starting to get annoyed that the UPS truck(s) still hadn’t arrived with my discs. Grrrrr. I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while.. and then they finally came. All three of them in one truck. Yay.

The Paranormal Activity Blu-ray is just $12.99 at Amazon & Best Buy this week. I saw it on Netflix first and waited for it to get cheap. :p ..After unwrapping the new discs, I put in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and played through the first level.. that’s almost a carbon copy of the demo I played a few weeks ago. Good game so far, but according to others’ reviews it may not be worth full price. :/ I was about to start the next level when my dad bitched that supper was ready. Damnit.

I got online to news-gather for a few hours.. In primetime, we watched No Ordinary Family (very good episode this week, series continues to improve), two episodes of Raising Hope (until the internet was mentioned in the second episode today, I really thought this series was set in a different era or something.. why ruin that? 😦 ..good Halloween episode though 🙂 ), Two & A Half Men (rofl, so funny) and Mike & Molly (lol.. this one continues to improve, nice).

And that was it.. See ya.


October 25, 2010

Before falling asleep last night, I found time for the new Childrens Hospital (lol)… I awoke the next morning and got to downloading and watching 145 Days of Power Rangers (the parade of previously-refused monsters-of-the-day continues!), then I soon watched the first two episodes of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (ugh @ cutting the first five episodes all up and releasing them as micro-episodes online.. I’ve seen at least half of these episodes already now, damnit.. like this tried-and-true format better.. thanks for yet another fail, Disney!).

But not long after they ended, I fell asleep.. and awoke to my dad returning from dialysis. We watched some morning TV.. and my dad eventually fell asleep. Right after them, I fit in a DVRed movie from our short stint of having HBO — The Unborn. Good timing, amirite? Great movie too, in my opinion.. and not just for the lovely sight of Odette Yustman. Though that does help. Yum.

And then I watched Men In Black: The Series (ah, the episode where the alien from the movie returned, and his actor returned to voice him.. pretty cool.. too bad it was a bit of a background thing to the main plot though) and Batman Beyond (good episode). I was a little sidetracked around this point. My dad had gotten his new debit card in for the new bank and and I had to set it all up for him, taking up a lot of my time. :/

Not longer after them, I started Power Rangers Mystic Force with its first five episodes. I thought the Madison character was cute and I identified with her since she was shy too.. but then the season became all about the Red Ranger with very little spotlight time for the others. Ugh. I lost some interest during the last of these episodes.. Once it ended, I wasted a little time on PlayStation Home before 6PM. My dad once again got Taco Bell for supper. I’m starting to think it’s not so much the grocery shopping he’s getting worse at.. and he might just be feeling too tired to stay in there too long. 😦

I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched.. well, my dad decided not to sleep at all during the day, so he was getting pretty tired and weak by this time.And so he went to bed pretty early into the evening. So I watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, good episode), Rules of Engagement (lol), Chuck (wow, good episode tonight) and The Event (another very intriguing episode.. liking it more every week.. but next week is being pre-empted for an SNL special? FUUUUU-).

And that was about it for the night. I ordered all of tomorrow’s discs on Amazon using my current free trial of Amazon Prime. I at least ordered two of them in the same order.. but nope, three packages.. all expected to be here tomorrow. They better not keep me waiting all day again. Gr.. And it’s apparently a good idea to do that. My dad’s pre-operation stuff is tomorrow morning. He was considering not showing up right up to the last minute because he doesn’t want them to mess up his other arm like his right one is now. 😦 ..See ya..

Saturday 10.23.2010 —

October 23, 2010

Did you happen to watch the Nickelodeon Original Movie The Boy Who Cried Werewolf tonight? No? Well, it was a pretty good in my opinion. Oh, and also, former Power Rangers executive producer Douglas Sloan and Power Rangers Ninja Storm writer Art Brown both served as executive producers and writers on this movie. I think it’s interesting how Doug Sloan did all those TV movies for Disney, and now he’s moved on to Nick just as Power Rangers switches hands to them as well. Hmmm.. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf airs again Sunday night at 7PM ET on Nickelodeon.

I awoke in the morning and soon watched 145 Days of Power Rangers, then.. eventually watched Big Time Rush (wow, you can see they had a lot of fun with this Halloween special.. and I did too :p), Degrassi (very nice episode this week 🙂 ), Todd Margaret (lol), Community (lol, pretty good for once :p), 30 Rock (lol here too) and Nikita (liked this one as well.. hope I continue to with the upcoming changes).

My dad went out to the store.. a few times during the day.. But eventually, we watched my next Netflix selection — Cop Out. Thumbs up for trying, Kevin Smith.. but again, I just wasn’t feeling it. Haha’s @ the 80s synthesizer music score. That was my reaction every time it came up. :p ..I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for a bit (dolphies.. and took my “Santa Jedi” avatar out for its first brief spin :p).

But then I got onto the Netflix app and we watched P2. Wow, I really enjoyed this movie. I wants it on Blu-ray, but there’s no US release yet. Damnit. Rachel Nichols is yum, and she acts here rather well too. I might just go get the DVD while waiting for Blu, since its going for peanuts. :p ..We soon got some supper from Taco Bell (XXL Chalupa, yum).

In primetime, I was only for a while before watching the premiere of The Boy Who Cried Werewolf on Nickelodeon. It was a pretty solid movie, for TV kids fare. I liked it. Power Rangers‘ Doug Sloan is listed as one of the film’s executive producers and writers. The other writer is Power Rangers Ninja Storm‘s Art Brown. Perhaps that’s why. The full werewolf outfits reminded me a little of those old rat costumes they used late in MMPR Season 2. :p ..And of course there were promos for the upcoming iCarly and Victorious movie events.. and still no mention of Power Rangers. *shrug*

Well, see ya.


October 22, 2010

My dad stored a container of gas in the apartment overnight. That explains the annoying fumes last night and less so today.. So I awoke and got online, soon watching 145 Days of Power Rangers (it’s nice staying up past 2AM to get the download started, then watching the next morning.. and the episode quality doesn’t alternate if you download instead of stream, so..). I then watched Twisted Whiskers (lol) and Men In Black: The Series before falling asleep again. But once I awoke, I fit in Batman Beyond as well (good episode, as always).

My dad eventually returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. He returned a little late though. I didn’t want to go with him to the store yesterday, but I had changed my mind since. Too late though. He went to the store on his way home.. and got nothing at all to make a meal out of. Wow.. I got online for a little while, then got the PS3 online. I booted up the now-better-working Netflix app and streamed Zombieland. Eh, trying to get a little into the spirit of the season. :p And I liked it. It was pretty good. 🙂

After that, I soon watched The Big C (good episode), Eastbound & Down (haven’t been liking this season so far.. but this latest episode was pretty good actually), Fringe (last Thursday’s episode, finally :p ..awesome episode too) and Craprica (oops, extra R, teehee.. still boring, but a little less than some other episodes.. so yay?). After that, I got online to news-gather. And then my dad and I got into a small argument about where to get some fast food for supper (since his grocery buying this morning was completely unsuccessful).

In primetime, we watched Smallville (was expecting a Hawkman appearance would be a no-brainer for this episode.. but nope.. guess it had to be more difficult for them.. wow @ that ending O_O), Good Guys (lol, good episode), The Soup (lol) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (for the second week in a row, Anakin leave Ahsoka on her own while he does something more interesting off-screen.. or we’ve seen the events already.. or we will.. the chronological order of these episodes are a bit wonky :p ..but at least Ahsoka’s story was way more interesting this week, a good episode 🙂 ).

And.. see ya..

avatar bd-live update / today

October 21, 2010

TheDigitalBits reports that new BD-Live content is now available on the current Avatar Blu-ray, with additional content appearing in the coming weeks, all previewing content that will be included on the November 16th Blu-ray release of Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition. Neat. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and soon watched 145 Days of Power Rangers, then eventually followed that with Men In Black: The Series (good episode, of course) and Batman Beyond (wow, very good episode). I was watching these while waiting for an upload to finish before checking out PlayStation Home. But my dad woke up and we soon watched some morning TV.

My dad was about to go to the grocery store.. but then he couldn’t. The gas tank was empty. My dad was pretty sure it was full recently. But the gas gauge on the dash kept changing from one side to the other, so he wasn’t sure. And so began a long day of him in the house. *sigh* ..I got online for a bit, then eventually checked out PlayStation Home (after some maintenance downtime started right as I was getting on it the first time.. I didn’t buy anything though, just checked out the Halloween event).

I finally got the now-very-defecting Netflix app working long enough to watch the last three episodes of Hell Girl (well, that’s done with.. and IFC didn’t even re-air all 26 of them in their weekday 3AM timeslot.. what starts out very procedural before a story about halfway through.. that reaches a very nice conclusion.. wish the other two seasons were available though). Maybe Netflix is getting a lot of people trying out streaming now or something. Because I keep getting a connection error over and over before it finally connects, then the on-screen text and images take forever to load.. if ever. The streaming played near-flawlessly however.. Hope they fix that crap.

I returned to PlayStation Home (completed the Halloween event reward costume.. then headed off to the Japan server to see their highly superior Halloween celebration.. wow), then we eventually had some supper before I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol, good episode), Shit My Dad Says (lol), The Office (lol), Outsourced (picked up for a full season, a bit surprised really) and the two episodes of Blue Mountain State (Sam Jones III is poof, gone with no reason given.. except that the first episode has to do with finding a replacement.. I liked that episode, unlike the second one.. Rashomon? I just see that as lazy writing for the most part.. overall, Season 2 not as good as Season 1 so far).

My dad only watched the first two shows or so though. The rest of the night was spent dealing with his car problem. By 11PM, it was finally resolved though. *phew* But of course, before he went to bed, he was somehow able too fill the apartment with that gasoline smell. WTF? I don’t care if it’s getting really cold out there tonight. I’m turning on the damn fan.. See ya.