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Saturday 09.30.2006 — perverted

September 30, 2006

I’ve been up a little late screwing around with my new Xanga account. I may actually post there again, contradictory to what my only current post says. :p ‘Night.

I awoke surprisingly early to my cat. :p At about 5:30AM. Ack.. We had some breakfast, then my dad fell asleep while I watched Best Week Ever (lol), Degrassi TNG (niiice, ripping off “Fast And The Furious” now :p) and South of Nowhere (I’ve soo missed this show.. *drools @ teenage lesbian hotties*). lol @ The N’s new “therapy” promos featuring characters from both shows..

After a short break, I also watched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward (the new regular season episodes begin.. and it still sucks). My dad took off somewhere once he woke up, then I got online for a bit.

I watched the Power Rangers Mystic Force: Dark Wish DVD (it wasn’t as exciting the second time.. I even fell asleep.. though that could be due to the late night and early morning). We then went out to the grocery store for a few more things and returned home. I managed to find a movie to watch.. that we had already seen (Romy & Michelle: In The Beginning *drools @ Katherine Heigl’s breasts*), but then I fell asleep for a few hours. When we awoke, we had some supper, then my dad took off outside..

After some sitcom repeats, I watched Fantastic Four (eh, pretty good I guess..), Legion of Superheroes (interesting, better than the first episode anyway.. haha @ the person voicing the green guy in the this series also voiced the green guy in the superior Teen Titans), Naruto (I’m a perv, so I felt right at home in this episode 😉 boo @ the editing that had to be done), Zatch Bell (“sure, it won’t seem weird at all if we change an entire episode about one mamodo telling the other that she loves him into one where she’s just thanking him for saving her” *rolls eyes* ..looked that way to me anyway) and BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night…

The final day of the month. And only three months to go this year already. Whew. See ya.

[ Torture Bill States Non-Allegiance To Bush Is Terrorism ]
[ ‘Shadow’ Agency To Issue North American Border Passes ]
[ Bush/Cheney/Neocons Pushing America Over A Cliff ]
[ Paranoia – The New America – In Case I Disappear ]
[ Ben Franklin, The Occult & The Hellfire Club ]
[ Iraq Insanity – Rummy/Cheney To Send 250,000 More Troops? ]
[ Jamail – A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq ]
[ Republicans Are The Real Cut-And-Run Cowards ]
[ Major Cover-Up Suspected In GOP’s ‘Pagegate’ ]
[ PDF: Actual Transcript Of Foley/Page IM Log ]


prmf dark wish edit / aicn comic / snakes on a dvd / ifc anime / today

September 29, 2006

For some idiotic reason, a line spoken by Vida in Power Rangers Mystic Force‘s 1618: “Dark Wish” (Part 1) has reportedly been changed somewhere in between its TV debut and its release on DVD. When in Titan mode, she turns into a ball and says “Let’s have a ball!”. That line has now been changed to simply “Bomb mode!” for the DVD release… Why? I see no reason. -_- [Update: I watched my Dark Wish DVD today. In Part 1, there are two zord scenes. In the first, Vida says “Let’s play ball!”. In the second, Vida says what sounds more like “Ball mode!”. I thought “Bomb mode!” didn’t make any sense.]

AintItCoolNews reports that the actor to play the title role in the upcoming Iron Man movie has been chosen. Robert Downey Jr will be playing the role of Tony Stark in the upcoming comic book film.. Meanwhile, AICN also reports that Spike TV has canceled the comic-inspired Blade: The Series after only a single season of 13 episodes. 😦

New Line Home Entertainment has scheduled Snakes On A Plane for DVD release on January 2nd, 2007…

IFC now announces that they’ll only be airing the first four episodes of the anime series Basilisk beginning October 6th at 11PM ET, as a “sneak peek”. The series will then air in its entirety next year, most likely paired with the premiere of another anime series Gunslinger Girl on January 12th..

I awoke in the morning, had some breakfast, and watched the first half of the Avatar Book 1 Vol 5 DVD (awesome episodes). I then watched some morning TV and played some more Sims 2 (mostly just watching them do whatever the heck they wanted). My dad returned from his hospital appointment in a fowl mood. We watched Passions (ooh @ the ending.. can’t wait to see how the writers disappoint us yet again), then my dad took off to deposit a check.

I watched the other two episodes of the Avatar Book 1 Vol 5 (so awesome.. yay @ Season 1 complete on DVD). When my dad returned, we watched last night’s episodes of My Name Is Earl (*lol’s.. then drools over the cleavage*), The Office (lol @ that blue light scene at the end) and CSI Vegas (nice.. but no conclusions yet? darn :/ ). Then it reached 5PM, so I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online at 8PM..

We watched Ghost Whisperer (pretty good episode), Close To Home (the parts that kept my attention were okay) and The Soup (lol).. I tried my best to ignore my dad. He told me that I embarrass him, then continued to try and bring me down. I returned to my room once everything was over.

Everything around me breaks. My computer. My DVR. My video game. My father. My life. I try to live on while everything crumbles away around me. I try to fix some things, but too many things are broken. I can’t fix everything. I’m doomed to break as well…

[ Bush Given Authority To Sexually Torture US Children ]
[ Woodward: Bush Lies – Iraq Situation Getting Much Worse ]
[ ‘To Call Bush The Devil Is An Insult To The Devil’ ]
[ Ignorance Is Strength, War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery ]
[ How Did America Sink So Low In Just 6 Years? ]
[ Beijing Secret Lasers Designed To Disable US Satellites ]
[ Pollster – 2000 Election Was Stolen From Gore ]
[ Global Warming – ‘One Degree And We’re Done For’ ]
[ McDonalds, Others Sued For Serving Cancerous Chicken ]
[ New Power Suit Amplifies Human Strength ]

heroes comic / x-men 3 dvd / gta4 xbox / today

September 28, 2006

NBC has started an online comic series to coincide with the new sci-fi TV series Heroes. A new issue is expected to be released alongside each new episode, for a total of 22 issues this season. Click here to view the first issue on the NBC website with Flash 7, or click here to download it as a 12MB PDF file. 🙂 *hopes for the “never to be seen again” 75-minute version of the pilot episode on DVD* *coughextendedAliLarterstrippingcough*

Check out these technical specs, cover art, and menus for the UK DVD release of X-Men: The Last Stand and compare them to what we’re getting here in the US next week. Brett Ratner claimed in an IGN article that this stuff was still being put together for a Two-Disc DVD to come out later. But look, it’s all right there on the Two-Disc UK DVD. If I know Fox right, we won’t be seeing the Two-Disc DVD here for another six months… *rolls eyes*

AintItCoolNews reports this news about the next Grand Theft Auto on the Xbox 360…

Rockstar Games is not only releasing GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 for 360, but they’re also going to release 2 “chapters” to be released on X-Box Live within months of release. There are promised to be additional levels that translate into many more hours of gameplay, not just costumes and vehicles.

Okay, now I’m actually considering getting an Xbox 360 instead of the PlayStation 3. Someone please slap me. -_-

Once I finished up the previous entry, I had some breakfast and stayed online for quite a while. I finally got off of it just before Passions started (blah.. show us who he’s having the affair with?! I have a feeling there’s going to be a twist contradicting the clues we’ve been given). Then I watched Jericho (*yawn*) and the last two DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 5 (so awesome, so ready for tonight.. damn, the Best Buy bonus disc’s 100th episode documentary is like twice as long as the version on the official release). Once those were over, I got back online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 7:30..

We soon watched the new episodes of Smallville (whoa, that was awesome.. looking forward to the new season), Grey’s Anatomy (*rolls eyes @ the whole girl must choose between two guys thing* the more comedic parts were good though) and Six Degrees (not as good as last week, but still pretty good.. and Roswell‘s Shiri Appleby shows up next week 🙂 ). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

The computer is getting worse than ever. I now turn the monitor off whenever I’m not using it. I was online all morning, so the damn thing began acting up again. I had to keep hitting it to try and get it to normal. It keeps changing to a purple color and shutting off completely. I think the vibration from the speakers while playing my mp3s set it off. I’ve also been having problems with my hard drive. It has very little space left. I download nothing and the amount of space that’s left keeps changing. 😦 See ya.

[ Jesse Ventura – Feds Plan To Attack US Cities And Kill Americans ]
[ Reese – As Crazy As It Sounds, Bush May Bomb Iran For Israel ]
[ The Staggering Costs Of Bush’s Iraq War ]
[ Vermonters Proceed With Secession Talks ]

rip mr collins / kamen rider us / today

September 27, 2006

Edward Albert, best known in the Power Rangers community for playing the role of Wes’ father in Time Force, passed away on September 22nd at the age of 55. He will be missed. 😦

Media Blasters has announced on their website that they have acquired the Kamen Rider First motion picture for release in the US. For those who don’t know, Power Rangers spin-off Masked Rider was based on footage from a Kamen Rider TV series…

I awoke reasonably early in the morning and watched last night’s second Dead Like Me (awesome) and Monday’s Oban Star-Racers (pretty good). Then I checked out some of the usual morning TV and played some more Sims 2 (I made my first pirate sim, yay *considers making another using the peg leg*). My dad returned home at about noon, so I shut it off soon after. The cable was really acting up today. It began going off for minutes at a time, as compared to the usual second or two at a time (the internet also had problems). We called the cable company about it and they scheduled an appointment for today. But they then called back an hour or so later and claimed they had fixed it on their end already. I’ll believe it when I see it. :/

We watched Passions (what happened again? oh yeah, nothing), then I watched two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 5 (awesome, two to go.. tomorrow, the day of the new season premiere :p) and “Volume One, Chapter One” of Heroes (great start.. *drools @ Ali Larter’s stripping scene* storytelling technique stolen from Lost, I see.. the preview at the end made me hungry for more). Once that was done, my dad went out and bought some fast food for supper. Then I got online to news-gather. I finished up close to 8PM.

We watched Bones (eh, it was okay.. eww @ the tub-o’-man), Justice (great episode) and CSI NY (also pretty good). But we missed part of the first and second because the gawdamn cable went off again. Those damn cable people are really starting to piss us off. They’re just too lazy to come out here. Grrr. Before I could finish up the entry, I fell asleep until morning. Damnit. I awoke and finished it up then.

See ya.

[ CENTCOM Sergeant Details Traitorous Stand Down Orders On 911 ]
[ Documents Reveal ‘Shadow Government’ Far Along With North American Union ]
[ Top Ten Signs Of The Impending US Police State ]
[ 71 Anti-War Protesters Arrested At US Capitol ]
[ House OKs Torture & Gives Bush Get Out Of Jail Free Card ]
[ House OKs Another $70 Billion For Bush’s Iraq, Afghan Wars ]
[ VT Congress Candidate Wants Arrest Of Bush, Cheney ]
[ Bush Refuses To Release Full Intel Iraq Report ]
[ Roberts – Why Bush Will Nuke Iran ]
[ Gas Prices Are Down – Go Back To Sleep ]
[ Proof – Zionist Complicity In The Nazi Holocaust ]
[ Morgellons Is Real, Doctor Is Convinced ]
[ Do You Really Own Anything Except Toilet Paper? ]
[ 20 Damning Facts About Voting In The USA ]
[ ‘Stolen Elections’ Author – 2004 Vote Count Off By 9,000,000! ]
[ NM State Senator Tells Bush – Pull The Plug On Aspartame ]

“The Bush administration is trying to create the infrastructure of a new regional North American government in stealth fashion, under the radar and out of public view. Where is Congress, asleep at the wheel?” “What we have here amounts to an administrative coup d’etat. Where does the Bush administration get the congressional authorization to invite two foreign nations to the table to rewrite U.S. law?” — Jerome R. Corsi

pr blockbuster sched / 24 s5 dvd / dvd ads oct 1-7 / media / today

September 26, 2006

Surprisingly enough, October 7th & 8th’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: A Jetix Blockbuster has turned out to be “Master Vile And The Metallic Armor” Parts 1-3. This is only the third (and fourth) Jetix airing for these episodes. My guesses were correct for the other two: October 21st & 22nd’s PRNS blockbuster is “Samurai’s Journey” Parts 1-3 and October 28 & 29th’s PRDT blockbuster is “White Thunder” Parts 1-3. All at 9AM ET on Toon Disney…

TVShowsOnDVD reports a couple of new special features that have been added to the December 5th DVD release of 24: The Complete Fifth Season. You can now expect the usual “DVD Exclusive Season Six Prequel” and “Season Six trailer” alongside everything else. Yay. 🙂

Click here for the Best Buy, Circuit City & Target retailer ads for the week of October 1st to 7th. I was just going to get the basic X-Men: The Last Stand DVD because it looks pretty apparent that another release is coming later, but that Target exclusive Deluxe Edition with tin packaging intrigues me. Hmm.. I’m definitely getting that South Park Hits Vol 1 DVD though, since I’m not enough of a fan to get the season sets at their prices. Plus: it includes the hilarious “Trapped In The Closet” episode (among thirteen others and the never-before-released “Spirit of Christmas” short).. 🙂

I once again awoke earlier than expected, then got online for a bit. We watched some morning TV, then we got ready and headed out for a little more media buying..

First, I headed over to Best Buy (of course) and picked up GitS SAC 2nd Gig Vol 7 (the final volume, yay). But PRMF Dark Wish was nowhere to be found. 😡 I moved on and purchased it at WalMart instead (like Volume 1). We went to the grocery store for some things, then I got my icee and we headed home. Once we returned, I inventoried the new discs. Soon, Passions started (not much interesting yet again), then I checked out the special features on the PRMF Dark Wish DVD (the featurette is like science lesson, but the PSAs are nice to have on DVD.. but I wants Madison’s videography! 😦 ).

Then I watched two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 5 (awesome), followed by last night’s Prison Break (also awesome.. haha’s @ the escapee’s communication website). My dad made some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up online pretty close to 7PM..

I took over the TV while my dad was outside for quite awhile. I watched Dead Like Me (awesome), House (great episode.. but aww, Leighton Meester’s story was wrapped up already *watches her disrobing scene in slow motion*), Standoff (nice, different plot formula than usual) and Eureka (pretty good episode). My dad came in in time to catch the latter two.. but fell asleep by 10PM. :p He has to get up early in the morning again tomorrow, so I left him like that as I returned to my room for the night.

[ Evidence Of US Govt Use Of Mini-Nukes On WTC ]
[ Repost: Doctor Claims US Govt Use Of Micro-Nukes In OKC Bombing ]
[ A History Of Shameless Zionist-Nazi Cooperation ]
[ What Chavez Really Said – A Hell Of A Speech ]
[ Bush’s Own Church Urges US Troops Out From Iraq ]
[ Global Temperatures Highest In Millennia ]
[ Earth May Be At Warmest Point In One Million Years ]
[ Unmanned Rocket Crashes In New Mexico Desert ]

pr blockbusters / 24 s5 art / today

September 25, 2006

BurgundyRanger has revealed that the third and final Power Rangers “Jetix Blockbuster” of October is going to be for Power Rangers Dino Thunder, airing on Toon Disney October 28th & 29th at 9AM ET. I’m guessing this one will be “White Thunder” Part 1-3.. since it’s the only three-parter all season. A Mighty Morphin blockbuster airs on October 7th & 8th (most likely to be “The Wedding” Parts 1-3, since this is a Halloween special), then a Ninja Storm blockbuster is scheduled for October 21st & 22nd (most likely “The Samurai’s Journey” Parts 1-3, based on the promo). :/

DVDActive provides us with a better look at the 24: The Complete Fifth Season DVD cover art. Cannot wait to see this show’s best season yet all over again in December. 🙂

I awoke earlier than expected, but my dad had already left. I took this time to get a little breakfast and watch Zoey 101 (another season, another cast member lost 😦 lol @ the ending trying to be all dramatic), Ned’s Declassified (lol, crazy stuff.. especially the cartoon sound & video effects :p) and Robot Chicken (lol @ Bod by Zod.. exact opposite on the weasel stomping song.. I just never got Weird Al). I played some more Sims 2 until my dad returned home. Then we watched last night’s Family Guy (lol) and War At Home (lol).

Not long after that, we watched Passions (yay, the witch is back.. and not much else exciting happened :/ ). I then watched two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 5 (great episodes.. I finally got to see what I missed on “Cyborg” due to the weather crap) and played even more Sims 2 (I’m afraid I’m addicted *ashamed* *hides face*). But when it reached 5PM (damn that was fast), I shut it off and got online to news-gather once again. We soon had some supper, then I finished up online pretty close to 8PM..

We watched The Class (I’m starting to not like this show as much as I first did.. jokes about a guy committing suicide just doesn’t seem all that funny to me), How I Met Your Mother (lol, still awesome), Two & A Half Men (lol, Steven Tyler looks older than ever), Old Christine (lol) and CSI Miami (haha @ the motor oil scene between Brendan Fehr & Adam Rodriguez, two Roswell alums). I also DVRed Prison Break and Heroes for later (of course). Once they were over, I returned to my room.

I then returned to the living room at about 12:30AM to watch the new episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force episode #1627: “The Snow Prince”. Yes, “The Snow Prince” was the title shown on-screen. Three words rather than the usual two. The episode itself wasn’t all that great either. Blah.. Next time — 1628 & 1629: “Light Source” I & II. October 9th at 8PM ET. There was no promo so I have no idea what’s gonna happen. These episodes are Power Rangers‘ 600th & 601st episodes. But I’m not expecting much from Kalish, especially after this episode.. See ya.

[ Ex-Army CENTCOM Officer Exposes 911 Treason ]
[ USCENTCOM Sgt 911 Inside Job Whistleblower Posts Credentials ]
[ Proof An A3 Hit The Pentagon? – The Target Wall ]
[ More On The Secret North American Union Conference ]
[ Bush Seeks Immunity For Violating War Crimes Act ]
[ Plain Evidence – How America Is Propagandized ]
[ US Government Admits Lyme Disease Is A Bioweapon ]
[ Osama bin Laden & Lee Harvey Oswald ]
[ Nicola Tesla’s Fabulous Electric Car ]
[ UK Sought To Cover Up UFO Investigation Unit ]

Sunday 09.24.2006 — the new fall season.. of averageness..

September 24, 2006

I stayed up a bit late playing more Sims 2, then got online a bit while transferring Six Degrees from DVR to VHS. But now I must sleep.*walks off like a tired sim in Sims 2*

I awoke in the morning to my dad taking off to get the newspaper. I looked through the ads and didn’t find anything all that helpful for Tuesday. 😦 We then had some breakfast, while I took over the TV for a bit. I watched Eureka 7 (great episode), Samurai 7 (pretty good , actually.. the final episode is next Saturday), Trinity Blood (ooh, I like multi-episode storylines.. and the episode was probably my favorite so far), Bleach (..blah.. :/ ) and two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 5 (great episodes, nice idea to place the Vengeance webisodes on the same disc as the Vengeance episode 🙂 ). Once all that was over, my dad woke up. His NASCAR race was soon starting. And so here I am, back in my room again…

Oh look, Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid Of The Dark? is heading to DVD this Tuesday. Neato.

After some time online, I turned to my bedroom DVR and watched this past week’s episodes of ‘Til Death (lol), Happy Hour (lol), Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (I got about halfway through before nearly passing out from the boredom, then I gave up.. slightly enjoyed that opening scene though), Kidnapped (pretty good start to the series *shrug*) and Smith (whoa, awesome). And I just now finished all that up. Now it’s time for supper..

After supper, I was ready to watch Funniest Videos. But he took off outside, so I played s’more Sims 2 instead. Not long after she returned, I shut it off. We watched Simpsons (lol), American Dad (lol), Desperate Housewives (lol, great start to the new season) and Brothers & Sisters (sooooo boring, the show I have to blame for falling me asleep). I awake hours later, returned to my room, and finished up the entry.

So yeah. See ya.

[ Ex-Army CENTCOM Officer Exposes 911 Treason ]
[ More Evidence ‘al-Qaeda’ Is A CIA-ISI Contrivance ]
[ Hugo Chavez’ Charges Against The Bush Regime ]
[ Chavez – Bush May Try To Kill Him For ‘Devil’ Remark ]
[ Chavez Had Every Right To Call Bush The Devil ]
[ Chavez – US Detained His Foreign Minister At Airport ]
[ Makow – An Appeal To The Illuminati ]
[ Secret Canada Meeting To Implement North American Union ]
[ Got Cash? You Must Be A Drug Dealer – America Is Gone – Part 1 ]
[ H5N1 Detection In North America ]

Saturday 09.23.2006 — stick it? i’d like to stick it to her.. *butt-head laugh*

September 23, 2006

I woke up at 3AM and freaked out a little over losing the broken part of my glasses. But I soon found it and returned to sleep for a few more hours.. I awoke, had some breakfast, and watched Best Week Ever (lol). When my dad took off somewhere, I then played some more Sims 2 (got my new family moved into a rather simple house).

After a while, I shut that off and watched Legion of Superheroes (they cancel Teen Titans and make a poor imitation to take it’s place? ugh.. calling Superboy Superman is pretty stupid too.. they probably only changed the name after first announcing the series because “Superman” is more recognizable and would get more poor souls to check out this show.. idiots) and Avatar: The Last Airbender (why call this episode “The Secret Of Ba Sing Se” when its really “City Of Walls And Secrets”? the humor went a little over the top again, but the sinister secret revealed at the end made up for most of it 🙂 ).

Next, I watched two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 5 (“Reckoning” was especially awesome.. thanks for putting that.. “character who passed away laying in the fortress” deleted scene on DVD.. the one that was sorta leaked to the internet via a picture.. that was something else) and Stick It (it started out a bit slow, but in the end.. I almost didn’t regret purchasing it.. probably would’ve been better as a rental). Now I’m catching Good Boy! on ABC Family. So stupid.. Oh, supper’s ready. *runs off*

My dad keeps watching Fox News no matter how much I tell him that they’re pro-Bush. This morning, they talked about how some French newspaper said that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for about a month. In actuality, he’s been dead for years. The CIA supposedly even tried to help keep him alive by setting up a surgery around the time of 9/11. But it didn’t really help him all that much, and he died months later. Bush and our government are trying their best to “keep him alive” to blame him for any future attacks Bush’s friends orchestrate.. Fox News was screening calls to only air the pro-Bush opinions during another report this evening concerning Hugo Chavez. Oh yes, Chavez is most certainly a terrorist for just speaking his mind about Bush. Well, that means I am too. And many, many others are as well. And eventually, the time will come where they’ll drag us all out of our homes for speaking against our great dictator. Then he will try to do what Hitler failed to do: complete world domination. There’s already plans to combine the USA, Canada and Mexico into a North American Union. Then it’ll spread elsewhere. The group behind Hitler failed back then. Let’s hope they fail again…

After supper, my dad took off outside and I took over the TV to watch the last four episodes of the TMNT 2k3 Season 4 DVD (awesome episodes.. I want the Lost Season DVDs right now gawdamnit.. and I want to go back and watch all the episodes over again in order now that said Lost Season pretty much ends the series as we know it forever 😦 ). My dad came back in from outside and we watched some Deal Or No Deal up until 8:30. Then I watched the new Fantastic Four (“Hard Knocks”.. action-packed from near-beginning to end, and Hulk showed up as well.. but the story was so packed within the time given, it should’ve been a two-parter 😦 ).

After confirming Naruto was no more than a boring old recap special, I passed on that and watched s’more Deal Or No Deal instead. CNBC was showing the premiere week episodes over again from 8PM to 1AM.. I took over the TV again briefly to watch BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol), before returning it to Deal. Then I eventually returned to my room for the night.

😐 See ya.

[ Another 911 Pentagon Video Released – Showing Nothing ]
[ Top Military, Intel & Govt Critics Of 911 Commission Report ]
[ 80 Radiation Hot Spots In NYC – Officials Won’t Say Where – WTC? ]
[ Is Ambassador Wanta Being Used As A NWO Patsie? ]
[ RFK, Jr – Will The Next Election Be Hacked (Too)? ]
[ Ukraine Radar/Stealth Detection Systems Sold To Iran ]
[ First-Grader Suspended Over Plastic Squirt Gun ]
[ The Top Secret Warplanes Of Area 51 ]
[ More TVs Than People In American Homes ]

superman ultimate / tmnt 87 vol 6 eps / tmnt lost / ff7ac / ps3 update / bnl / today

September 22, 2006

Whoops. I spoke too soon. *hides his Superman comments from yesterday* Warner has now announced a 14-disc Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD tin set for Region 1 at a $99.92 SRP. Like the Australian set I mentioned yesterday, this one will also include all separately released forms of all four Christopher Reeve films, the Superman Returns 2-disc set, the Look, Up In The Sky! documentary, and much much more.. Damn, this is so tempting. I barely remember seeing the original Reeve films on TV like forever ago, and I think I liked them too. Hmm..

Video Universe now has an episode listing for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987): Volume 6. The disc will include the following episodes in this order — 329: “The Turtle Terminator”, 339: “The Great Boldini”, 347: “The Missing Map”, 346: “The Gang’s All Here”, 345: “The Grybyx”, 338: “Mr. Ogg Goes To Town”, 328: “Shredderville”, 332: “Bye, Bye Fly”, 342: “The Big Rip-Off”, 343: “The Big Break-In”, 344: “The Big Blowout” & 401: “Plan Six From Outer Space”. 🙂

Meanwhile, aprilsfan over at the’s TMNT 2k3 forum claims that the “Lost Season” contains a lot more “death and violence”, and there’s even a scene where “a serpent is ripping off Karai’s clothing”. Interesting… >_>

Here we go all over again… Square Enix has announced plans to release a new alternate version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on Japanese DVD and Blu-ray, which will include additional footage not included in the first release of the film. Let’s hope Sony can release this in the US promptly, unlike the last release…

Sony has announced that HDMI, the one main difference between the two versions of the PlayStation 3 (besides hard drive size), has now been added to the lower-priced standard model as well. There’s also word that the retail price for the standard model has been lowered by 20%. Nice moves, Sony. 🙂

I recall someone on my friends list being a fan of Barenaked Ladies. So yeah. here ya go

Thanks to Eric Schultz, who has alerted us to a Starbucks CD exclusive for Barenaked Ladies called BNL are Men. This 14-track album will contain 2 songs from their current release while adding a whopping 12 unreleased tracks. The album CD will be released at Starbucks on October 3 and will be available until February of 2007. This will be an obvious collectible many years down the road so BNL fans, don’t miss the opportunity.

I awoke somewhat early in the morning as my dad was heading off to his hospital appointment. I got some breakfast, played some mp3s, then got online for awhile. After that, I watched two more episodes from the TMNT 2k3 Season 4 DVD (great two-parter). And then played the Okami demo on OPM disc 109 (whoa.. gotta buy that one.. when it gets cheap), followed by some more Sims 2 (made a new “family”, haven’t moved them in anywhere yet though). My dad returned home from the hospital and soon got all demanding over having the TV back, so I shut it off.

He watched the news, we had some lunch, then watched Passions (lol @ all the fake Fox discoveries on his way to finding his fiance with another guy.. *acts all surprised for different reasons than expected* :p). We then watched CSI Vegas (ah, a normal ol’ episode.. until they surprise you at the end 😉 ), followed by two more DVD episodes of Smallville: Season 5 (eh, these were good, especially Lexmas.. but I can’t wait to see episode 100 again tomorrow :p). When those were over, I got online to news-gather once again. We had some supper, then I finished up online at about 7PM..

I wasted time until 8PM, when we watched Ghost Whisperer (I’m enjoying Jay Mohr’s character.. hope he sticks around), Close To Home (*shoves it down your throat that this series takes place in my home town of Indianapolis, Indiana by mentioning it or showing it every five seconds* Nice work on the green screen outdoors shot, since the series is filmed in LA and all.. don’t really like that JAG guy’s new character all that much though) and The Soup (lol). After all that, I returned to my room for the night..

Another boring week complete. Many more to come.. Who ever came up with the idea to have jobs? Or the idea that you must hide your true nature under a cleaned exterior in order to be accepted? Why must you have to go to school? Why must we all conform to certain sorts in order to enjoy life? The other choice is being forced to stay depressed and alone in your own little world, while the conformed ones move on without you. See ya. You know where I’ll be…

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[ NYC Again Sprays Crowded City Streets With Pesticides ]
[ Illegal Alien Mexican With HIV Rapes 5 Yr Old US Child ]
[ FDA’s First Public Meeting On Putting Nanotech In Food ]
[ e Coli Found In Unpasteurized Milk – Several Taken Ill ]

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September 21, 2006

The second of three Power Rangers “blockbusters” has now been revealed to be three episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. I’m guessing it’s “The Samurai’s Journey” three-parter. This will air on Toon Disney October 21st & 22nd. We still have no idea what three episodes will air as part of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “blockbuster” on October 7th & 8th though.. now has a look at the Toys R Us exclusive series of Red Ranger action figures, featuring the leaders of Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, In Space & Lost Galaxy. I barely have any Power Rangers action figures, but I must admit that these look great. 🙂

And now Warner has confirmed the November 28th DVD street date for Superman Returns. :p They also seemed to have updated the cover art as well. I would’ve preferred the blue banner on the 2-Disc Special Edition, but oh well.. Meanwhile, Australia is getting what we here in the US should be getting: a Collector’s Edition 13-disc tin set that includes all five Superman films (even the Donner Cut of Superman II & the Look, Up In The Sky! documentary). They also seem to be getting more special features with Superman Returns (with way better cover art and tin, might I add). -_-

G4 has ordered up Spaceballs: The Animated Series from MGM. Oh boy… >_>

I awoke rather early in the morning, finished the previous entry, and had some breakfast. But I soon fell asleep again. I didn’t wake up until nearly 10:30AM. We watched some of the usual morning TV, then went off to the grocery store again. And once again forgot my icee. 😦 We then returned home, had some lunch, and watched Passions (eh, slightly better than it has been). Then we went out yet again. My dad had to pick up his new glasses, and I got my icee. Yay.. We returned home and I watched Jericho (all that I expected it to be.. and that wasn’t all that much.. but seeing Sprague Grayden & Ashley Scott on TV again was nice 🙂 ) and two more episodes of Smallville: Season 5 (awesome).

My dad headed outside for a bit. I got online once the latter show was over in order to news-gather. I finished up close to 7PM, then took over the TV while my dad was asleep in order to finally watch Eureka (pretty good yet again). Then I woke him up in time to watch the new episodes of My Name Is Earl (lol, that was crazy :p), The Office (lol), Grey’s Anatomy (nice start to the season.. felt like Lost with all the flashbacks :p) and Six Degrees (I thought I would like this one, and I do quite a bit already.. It’s pretty cool how all the characters cross paths in both small and big ways.. I’m also intrigued by the mystery surrounding Erica Christiansen’s character — what’s in ‘the box’?! :p ..this one is definitely another J.J. Abrams masterpiece, my favorite new series so far, so I hope it sticks around for a while). Once all those were over, I returned to my room for the night.

The week’s almost over already? Time flies.. when you’re trying your best to ignore all the depressing events all around you.. See ya.

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