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March 31, 2004

Here’s another Power Rangers alum appearance (it’s like these things happen weekly now!): Wild Force‘s own Jessica Rey appeared in the role of Alana, a salesperson at a clothing store, at the beginning of tonight’s episode of the new CBS sitcom The Stones. She’s looking as hot as ever. 🙂

Ooh, an extended cut on the Hellboy DVD by year’s end… 🙂

Yay. The week’s half over already. Today, I ..watched more on the DVR. Last night’s Century City was great. lol @ the chick with the penis.. and the thought of Oprah Winfrey as President. I also finally got around to watching my Mighty Morphin Vol 3 VCD. And I burned the latest three Arrested Development episodes to a VCD. 🙂

Once my dad left for work, I finally watched a few more Robotech episodes, followed by a really great movie: Swimming Pool. I bought the DVD for the female nudity (mostly from the HOT Ludivine Sagnier), stayed for the great story. 🙂 It’s about this author who is offered to stay at a house in France while she works on her next book. I found it somewhat bland.. until Julie (Sagnier) showed up anyway. She’s nude. A lot. >:) Then the movie changes to a murder mystery in the last 40 or so minutes. Very nice.. and the ending was just made me go “What?!?”. I didn’t quite understand it. At least until I got to the IMDb forum (warning: spoilers). Overall, a great movie. I’ve added it to my ‘watch again’ stack too. 🙂

Once my dad arrived home, all hell broke loose. He’s continuing to push me to change. I can’t. He’s asking me to “clean up my room”. But the area he’s asking me to “clean” is a whole bunch of crap stacked up that I need to keep, not throw out, like he’s asking. And he’s not going to let me go out media buying every Tuesday. It now has to be on his schedule. Sure, take away the one main thing that keeps me sane, that keeps me from being so damn depressed all the goddamn time. Who cares if I fucking die. I sure don’t, now I know he doesn’t either. I’m only in his way. Just a useless bag of meat and bones…

See ya..i guess..

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March 30, 2004

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - New Line Platinum Series Edition 2-disc DVD with metal faceplateThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973) - Special Edition DVD

Today’s media buying was as simple as the usual visit to Best Buy. They had a special where you buy the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) 2-disc Platinum Series Edition for $30 and get the original 1973 TCM for free. 😀 Adding last week’s gift card lowered it to a total of just under $22. Whee. I only remember watching a part of the original on TV years ago. …I wonder though.. which one should I watch first? 😐

According to, The Wonderfalls move to Thursday I mentioned yesterday is now permanant. It will now air following Tru Calling at 9PM ET starting this Thursday, April 1st. I just hope that Wonderfalls does well in the ratings there…

ICv2 News has learned that when TechTV is dissolved, presumably later this year, the Anime Unleashed program will migrate to the G4 cable television network.

Coooool. 🙂 *has G4, but not TechTV*

This morning, I woke up from one of my strangest dreams yet. We’re going to the movies. Yay. But first, I had to sit outside the theater waiting. Then I had to sit through a few annoying previews, including one for a Spy Kids movie that seemed to last forever. Then, the movie started. The screen said it was Spider-Man 2… but I don’t think it was. I felt like I was suddenly in the movie. There were business looking people all around. We were in some sort of headquarters with monitors all around. The guy in charge began showing some videos. They were black and white and seemed like they were from security cameras. Anyway, they watched the screen as what looked like the ghost of Jesus faded in and out as he was moving across the room. The guy in charge began talking as the film played. He went on and on forever. At one time, I remember him referencing “Passion of the Christ’. At this point, I turned on a camcorder of my own and started filming the room for a moment. When I stopped it, someone took this card with the video on it away from me and put it on thier laptop. I remember I said a line here and reminded myself to look for it in the movie when it gets to DVD, even though I thought they would probably replace me with someone else later. Anyway, they played the video.. and what seemed like the ghost of Jesus was walking through this very room when I taped it. He even followed my movement of the camera as I had moved it back and forth across the room. Again, he faded in and out as he walked. Everyone was very much creeped out. Heh. And that’s where it ended…

Today, I woke up before the alarm again. Eventually, I finally got to watching the Fearless unaired pilot I burned to VCD the other day. It’s a real shame this series was cancelled before it ever aired.. or made any more episodes. Rachel Liegh Cook as Gaia Moore was hot. Great cast and story too. This was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (of CSI fame) after all. The series was picked up for Fall 2003 by The WB, pushed to mid-season, then cancelled. I had heard there were problems with the cast. *sigh* Maybe I can try out the book series it’s based on sometime… The rest of the day was just blah. Passions is getting so funny. We’re starting to watch it live.. Tonight’s Scrubs had to be the highlight of the night.

See ya…

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March 29, 2004

Dark Horizons & Sci Fi Wire have some very exciting X-Files movie news from an interview with David Duchovny — a new movie is coming:

“It’s definitely happening”, the actor said. “Chris has a great idea for the new movie and I expect we’ll be able to begin shooting in the next year or so.”

Yay. 😀 He also mentions a yet-another new character that may show up in this non-mythology movie…

Thanks to Canada’s Family Channel (who didn’t premiere PRDT until about a week ago), we now have the Power Rangers Dino Thunder closing theme mp3. Yay. 🙂

I did some math for The Tribe. This coming Friday at 8PM ET on Starz WAM, they’re airing episodes 191 & 192 (according to the airing schedule — just find the second group of numbers in captions within the envelope’s javascript links). If they continue from these numbers every Friday night until the end of Season 4 (some are already on the schedule), Tribe Season 5 would debut on WAM on June 4th. Very interesting…

For those who watch Wonderfalls and Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital, there’s some timeslot swapping going on soon. Kingdom is moving to Thursdays at 9PM. This week, it will air it’s final first-run episode at it’s old Wednesday 10PM slot, then air another new episode the following night at 9PM. FOX is trying out Wonderfalls following Tru Calling this Thursday night opposite Kingdom instead of its usual Friday night timeslot (maybe it has to do with the Thursday Wonderfalls premiere episode repeat performing better in the ratings?). Ugh. Both of these will now be up against this Apprentice bullshit that people seem to like (not me). Do they want to kill these shows?

This IGN article contains some new PlayStation Portable specs. Wow. They all sound awesome.. It’s making me worried about the retail price though… The device is due in US stores by March 2005.

Now this is.. something: Alivan’s, for wands “like Harry Potter”. *rolls eyes* And if that doesn’t get you, the wands are all in a $30-65 price range… *blinks*

Today.. was a Monday. As expected, it was as bland as yesterday was. I watched Saturday’s delayed Century City on DVR, as well as John Henson Project, and Saturday’s first of two Gargoyles. 🙂 Then it became pretty boring. My dad finally got his pictures back (after having to return them 345646 times for getting the order wrong). Two pictures of our home just happen to have some sort of ghostly apparitions. Weird. Later, I discovered I had more money than I thought I did. So I can go out media buying again tomorrow after all. Whee. 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot lately… I still remember the good ol’ days when I would chat for all hours of the night in a little chat room called #dominion. I grew as a person in that chat. I opened up to the people there, I even.. cybered for the first time. >_> I had a circle of friends. But all of that was before the chat room was mercilessly destroyed by a frozen bitch. She just came in and demolished everything I had ever known. And, in the end, she won. Everyone parted ways, and only we talked to one another once in a while. I tried to move on to another chat. It isn’t the same, but I’ve grown to like this new chat room somewhat… How times have changed…

See ya…

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sunday 3.28.04: the boredest day ever

March 28, 2004

Bored. Bored. Bored. All morning. I got up to my alarm.. then slept on the couch for a bit again. lol. My dad went off to church with his camcorder to show it off or something (he only has it because it’s ‘free’ until May from the rent-to-own place). I stayed home to be bored out of my mind. Oh, and I finally burned a VCD of that Average Joe 3 episode with Alison MacInnis’ appearance. I watched it (okay, I fast forwarded to Alison).. and now I agree: Adam’s a real ‘tard. It’s the last time I watch that crap… I also finally watched the Radio Free Roscoe season finale from the DVR this morning. Wow. What an intense episode.. and now I can really say this: dang cliffhanger! *shakes fist*

Also, for those who buy the Power Ranger Dino Thunder toys (i.e. not me), make sure to check out this week’s Toys R Us ad for 25% off coupon for all Dino Thunder toys…

More bored. All afternoon. I watched another burned L Word episode.. only to find that the end was cut off. I slept for two hours. Woke up to an early supper, an ending to dad’s nascar race, and dad heading off to church again “so someone can use this camcorder”. Argh. He’s starting to spend time with the neighborhood flunkies again too. Whee…

*yawn* The day’s finally over.. and I’m happy it is. It’s been soooo boring. Life really does suck more when you’re virtually broke. And when your only constant human contact begins to abandon you again. …lol @ tonight’s Arrested Development. Simpsons and Malcolm were okay too…

A part of me wishes I hadn’t given up on trying to make a life for myself all those years ago. But it’s now too late. Now I must tread upon the path I have taken to its end. Some part of me hopes that end is near…

It’s starting to get annoying when all these strangers who read my journal suddenly AIM me and want to talk like I’ve been thier friend for 348756 years. I don’t even know them and they bring up all this personal stuff I write about here. It just freaks me out, I guess. But one of them thinks I’m so special, they even provide a link to my picture in thier AIM profile. 🙂 I hope I never get that pathetic…

See ya..

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saturday 3.27.04: “What is that thing?” “Aww man, my insurance company’s never gonna buy this.”

March 27, 2004

9:05AM (Ninja Turtles spoiler warning)
I had a hard time staying awake this morning. My alarm woke me up, then I fell asleep on the couch. :p Fortunately, I didn’t miss Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. because this episode was a very good one. “City At War, Part Three” concluded the saga very well, and that shocking revelation at the end… I had no idea that the Shredder would return to the series this soon. 🙂 Can’t wait for next week…

9:36AM (Dino Thunder spoiler warning)
Wow. Just finished watching the new Power Rangers Dino Thunder episode, “Golden Boy”. This was definitely another great episode. I like how we open an episode with a battle for once, but with the monster having such a cool power as teleportation.. I sorta wish it got its own episode. Check out my favorite quote from the episode in the entry title. It’s between Trent and Tommy when they first meet up with GoldenRod. Also.. Marah.. er, Cassidy.. was so hot this episode ( she isn’t always? :p). There was more Zeltrax ‘settling the score’ talk. I wonder what’s up with that? I like the mystery of it though. One thing I wonder is if we’ll ever see BrachioZord do more than.. carry. I hope so. That thing rocks. I liked the ending too. It was “Hollywood happy” kind of ending we always get. I did like it when Trent discovered the invisiportal in his father’s office, raising suspicion over who he might be… The preview for next week’s “Beneath The Surface” didn’t air in it’s usual spot, but later on. Argh. Anyway, it looks like we’re getting the DimetroZord next week. Woohoo. …Y’know, the one that’s all light blue with a sawblade on its back? k. 🙂

I was going to watch last night’s Radio Free Roscoe season finale on DVR, but it didn’t record the whole episode. So I must try again tonight. Ah well. I watched a few other things instead, including yesterday’s Passions (it’s getting good again.. and argh, another weekend cliffhanger :p). While I did that I burned a few more VCDs. Whee…

I just finished taping Dino Thunder‘s “Game On” for keeps. I still don’t think the episode itself is that special though… I’m now torrenting another Tru Calling episode. After this one, I only have one more to download to complete the series up to now on VCD. Yay.

Damn. Now I’m really bored. Just finished watching some more stuff on the DVR: this week’s Tru Calling and The O.C. episodes. Tru was fuckin’ awesome. Easily one of the best episodes so far. There was a lot of back story finally laid out; some questions answered while others popped up. I like episodes like that. 😉 I still wish I had gotten that Tru Calling music video though. *shakes DVR for ending the recording as the video began* 😦 I wish I could at least download en encode somewhere… After that, I watched the O.C. episode I only DVRed to see former Roswell star Colin Hanks’ guest appearance. For most of the episode, I was left very bored. And the headache didn’t help either. 😐 I doubt I’ll keep watching this series… But I cannot wait to see next week’s Tru. 🙂

Tonight consisted of.. watching TV and falling asleep. *shakes fist @ that comfy chair* So I doubt you would want me to go into detail about that… And so ends a quite uneventful Saturday. See ya… 🙂

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March 26, 2004

Batman192 comes through again with yet another week of Jetix on ABC Family airing schedule. 🙂 Expect a livejournal airing schedule entry update soon… But let’s get to the important part:

Saturday, April 17, 2004
Power Rangers DinoThunder (8:30 am ET/PT) “White Thunder, Part 1” — Trent finds the White Gem and becomes the Evil White Ranger.

Wow. Also, SirStack’s VERY reliable Power Rangers Spoiler Warnings episode list is reporting an episode title for Dino Thunder‘s 27th episode: “Fighting Spirit”, with an airdate of August 7th, 2004. 🙂 Edit: SirStack has provided some additional information:

Good old Latham Gaines sent out an autograph to a fan, and used the front page of the script for the 27th episode of DT. It’ll be written by Jackie, directed by Paul Grinder, and use footage from Abaranger #40.

Also note that the title could change in post-production…

In a surprising move, ABC Family have bought the cable rights to Smallville for upwards of $26.4 million! Wow. That’s $400,000 per episode. ABC Family also purchased cable rights for The Jamie Kennedy Experiment at an average of about $200,000 per episode. Both series are set to begin running on Power Rangers‘ home network in Fall 2004. 🙂

Starz WAM!’s “big announcement” concerning The Tribe was tonight. I was really looking forward to it. The announcement is that the show’s fifth season will premiere in the US each Friday at 8PM. When, you ask? …”soon”… Yup, that’s all they said. Grrrr. :p

Other cool news is that FOX is planning on having all-new episodes of their series in the Summer, including Wonderfalls. Yay. 🙂

Sony set a May 4, 2007, release date for a proposed third Spider-Man movie and announced that stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst will reprise their roles, the Reuters news service reported.

O_O Planning a little too far ahead, aren’t we?

G4 and TechTV are merging. Yay. I like G4, but always wanted to actually see TechTV (my cable doesn’t carry it)…

On Fridays, a person usually looks forward to the weekend. But I have nothing to look forward to (well.. except PRDT ..and TMNT). 😦 Today has actually been rather bland. I woke up early again, watched some of the usual DVR stuff: yesterday’s Passions, Mad Mad House, and not really anything else. Then I was fighting off sleep until my dad left for work. Then I finally watched my burned VCD of an episode of The L Word. I was interested because.. the show is about lesbians.. and it’s on Showtime. But once the episode was finished, I actually enjoyed it.. and for non-perverted reasons. I may have to download some more episodes. Tonight’s TV was nothing special, except for the new episode of Wonderfalls, which was awesome. 🙂 I hope this show lasts… Oh, I also liked the “Season 2” premiere of Star Wars: Clone Wars too.. atleast until the DVR cut it off, anyway…

*rofl @ the Steven Seagal Mountain Dew ad* Well.. see ya…

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March 25, 2004

I previously reported the odd movement of all the Power Rangers video listings from to Disney Video, except for the upcoming Dino Thunder release. Well, now the listing is there. Animation, my ass… reports that production has officially begun on an all new season of Family Guy. Yay. 🙂 This would be a fourth season comprised of at least 22 episodes. They’re set to debut on television in early 2005…

Ugh. I was a fan of the ABC series Karen Sisco since the beginning. Now this news (also from FutonCritic) confirms that it’s been canceled. The USA Network will air the three unaired episodes of Sisco beginning next Wednesday, March 31st at 10PM ET. Some good shows just don’t stick… 😦

Sony has moved up the release date of Spider-Man 2 to June 30 from July 2 in a move to maximize box-office receipts over the July 4 holiday weekend, Variety reported.

Yay.. again. 🙂

Today… has been only slightly below average. I woke up about an hour before the alarm after staying up to nearly 3AM again. Ugh. I watched yesterday’s Passions (boring), last night’s South Park and Chappelle’s Show (lmao), the finally Kingdom Hospital. It seems to me that it’s getting somewhat better, even though the ratings sure aren’t… After a short visit to the grocery store (much after), my dad sneaks out to Rent-a-Center. He comes back with VHSC camcorder. He says he’s just trying it out for now. This is actually the first one we’ve ever had.. unless you count one of those cheap black-and-white kiddy ones I owned during the late 80s… It’s pretty coool. Later, I fit in some more X-Files: Resist Or Serve playing time. I’m progressing slowly but steadily. Damn is it dark. Sometimes, your trusty flashlight is the only light on the screen! I keep hearing that it’s a Resident Evil rip-off… but I’ve never played that, so yay. :p

See ya..

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March 24, 2004

It’s that time again… no, not that… it’s time for more of ABC Family’s Jetix airing schedule. Whee. Thanks, Batman192! Here’s my updated airing schedule livejournal entry (that I doubt anyone cares about anymore). And here’s that pesky description….

Saturday, April 10, 2004
Power Rangers DinoThunder (8:30 am ET/PT) “Ocean Alert” — When the famous TV star, Nikki Valentina comes to Reefside, everybody wants a piece of her, including Mesogog.

I’ve been really busy lately, so I completely forgot about this interview with Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s Emma Lahana at The part I found most interesting was that she lives with friend and costar Katrina Devine. Coool. 🙂

I was watching Tuesday’s episode of the futuristic court drama Century City this morning when I spotted Power Rangers Lost Galaxy & CSI‘s own Archie Kao in the cameo role of a bartender in 2030 Los Angeles. Neat. 🙂

Something I find awesome about this new X-Files game (besides the gameplay.. and the two separate paths you can take as Mulder or Scully) is that the three episodes this game comprises are actually numbered and titled. Here they are… 7×97: “Renascence”; 7×98: “Resonance”; 7×99: “Reckoning”. 🙂

It looks like the third Ratchet & Clank PlayStation2 game out this fall finally has a title. It’s Ratchet & Clank: Up The Arsenal. 🙂

Ooh, higher resolution Star Wars Trilogy cover art… 😀

Oh lookie, Nickelodeon’s makin’ movies. Some sound promising (“Angus, Thongs…” movie and series being developed by the Pete & Pete creators), some just okay (Spongebob? eh..), and some just sound horrible (live action Where’s Waldo?!?!?). :p

Today was.. very under average. I woke up before the alarm again, even though I was up until 3AM messing with this slow-as-hell computer. Had to get things done. I eventually got to the usual DVR watching to find that two shows that I recorded before I lost everything were back on the DVR: Friday’s Wonderfalls and Power Rangers episode #500 from a few weeks back. Weird. So I watched Mad Mad House (damnit i’m getting addicted to this crap show), 8 Simple Rules, and Century City (this series has potential). Later, I watched episodes 13 & 14 on the new Robotech DVD.. and I almost fell asleep on episode 14 (clip show!). After wasting over 14 hours encoding video before burning a Tripping The Rift VCD.. the thing has an error and refuses to burn it. Grrrrrrrr.

Damn. I should have downloaded Semagic sooner. This thing rox. …see ya…

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media buys 3.23.04 / pr newsbytes / tmnt / today

March 23, 2004

The Macross Saga - Collection 2 DVDResist Or Serve PlayStation2 GameSwimming Pool - Unrated Version DVD
Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 15 CD

First, I stopped at Best Buy. Upon picking up Robotech, I discovered how honkin’ huge package was. It includes a box that holds the next two DVD volumes and another thicker box that holds some ‘limited edition’ toy I could care less about. Then I went to pick up Chappelle’s Show: Season 1 since it was on sale.. but it was out of stock! 😡 Then I picked up the The X-Files: Resist Or Serve PS2 game. I couldn’t pass up the deal they had: $29.99 – $10 Best Buy Gift Card at checkout = $19.99. Whee. Finally, I picked up Now Vol 15. It’s getting more and more to ‘complete the collection’ than ‘enjoy the music’ when buying these. Especially now that I have this CD burner. :p I was going to get Honey on DVD too, but I decided not to ( Fun fact: the movie is said to feature a small role by Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s Kevin Duhaney.. as a drug dealer :p ). Then, I went over to Target in a lame attempt to give Honey a second chance. But I ended up getting Swimming Pool instead (it’s been on my shopping list for weeks)…

According to TVTome (which is about as reliable as IMDb in my book, but with SirStack back in some form of control over the PR guide…), Bruce Kalish will take over for Doug Sloan and Ann Knapp Austen as Executive Producer of Power Rangers 2005. Interesting… Let’s just hope he doesn’t screw it up. :p

Finally, Rangerboard’s Red Tiger provides a download of the latest Power Rangers Dino Thunder promo for the “Fossil Fury” marathon. Thanks! 🙂

Check out this Power Rangers Ninja Storm DVD news for Region 2 (UK) PR fans… and the not-so-nice comment… Grr.

More on Alison’s appearance on Average Joe 3: My friend RangerFan192 provides us with this zip file of screen caps. Thanks. 🙂

Maybe that date change for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol 9: Turtles In Space DVD from May 4th to 18th isn’t true after all. The new issue of Video Business magazine lists this in there TV buyer’s guide for release on May 4th. And this information for the weekly guides usually come directly from the company releasing them. Hmm..

Today was boring besides those media buys above. We actually watched Passions live because of what happened yesterday. It was very difficult with all those damn commercials. lol. I also watched a few other things I had DVRed the previous night.

Gotta go begin my search for an mp3 of the Wonderfalls theme (Andy Partridge – I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls)… see ya…

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melody & alison / PR2k5 / tmnt dvds / today / links

March 22, 2004

Power Rangers in Space‘s Melody Perkins follows in Catherine Sutherland’s footsteps… and plays a corpse. She was Barb the waitress on tonight’s CSI Miami episode. She’s seen on the slab and alive only in a few flashbacks. I hope she has better luck finding work in the future. She’s a hottie! 😀 ..*ahem*..

Speaking of hotties, there’s word that Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue‘s Alison MacInnis may have appeared on Monday’s Average Joe: Adam Returns as one of the hot girls sent in to seduce Adam. Her first appearance is in a pink bikini.. :p Hmm, maybe will have a torrent online soon.. They have the first episode, after all..

I received a Licensing Show program in the mail today. Yup, the same one where the next Power Rangers series is first announced. No mention of PR in the preview though (of course). It’s being held in New York City’s Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center beginning June 7th through 10th. The admission to the Exhibit Hall (where I believe the PR stand is) is free if you register before May 7th. Wish I could go. 😦 has posted some info on the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) DVDs. But what I find more important is that TVShowsOnDVD is going to contact FUNimation about those missing recaps at the beginning of certain episodes on the recent Volume 7 and 8 DVDs. Yay. 🙂

Today started out well enough. I actually got more sleep. Yay. Then I caught the new “Fossil Fury” Power Rangers Dino Thunder marathon promo on DVR. Double yay. Then I went to the grocery store and stocked up on a few snacks. Triple yay. But then, like a rubber band snapping back, things went wrong. The cable boxes were acting up when we got home. It was showing all sorts of strange symbols. Upon calling the cable company, we learned there was a widespread problem. Okay. Eventually, it went back to normal TV. Then while Passions was recording… off it went, screwing the recording in the process. Not once, over and over. Okay. We’d just watch all the little segments recorded in the morning. No. It’s not over. It acts up again. When it pops back on, everything I have been recording on both DVRs is GONE. The living room one was filled to near capacity. There was a Joan of Arcadia episode I needed to transfer to VHS. There was many episodes of Freakazoid that I DVRed over a year ago on my bedroom DVR (the series doesn’t even air on TV anymore). There was that promo. And just about every Dino Thunder episode so far. No. All gone. Bu-bye. Fuck you, consumer.

Anyway, this is odd for a (former) UFO Research Center to receive a FREE review copy of a book. This is the first time it’s happened to me. It’s some book called “X3, Healing, Entities, and Aliens”. And by the description, it seems like it’s one of those new agey “aliens have come to save us” bullshit.. books.. and the author’s from Israel. Hmm. I might just give it a read anyway though… What’s crappy though is that my neighbor upstairs got this book in his mailbox… wtf? It has my address on it, complete with “Project Prometheus UFO Rsrch Ctr”. *ugh*

See ya…

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