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abc sched / media buys / today

February 28, 2006

ABC has issued a press release announcing that Alias & Invasion return to their schedule on Wednesday, April 19th 2006 (maybe Lost will start new episodes then too?). Also, Hope & Faith is returning on Tuesday, March 21st.. k..

I awoke in the morning and my dad had already went to the hospital. I watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. He returned home at around 10:30, and he told me they think his tumor’s pretty big. And that he’ll have to stay in the hospital for another whole week for the operation. Ugh.. We watched last night’s Deal Or No Deal (*rolls eyes @ the useless Donald Trump cameo*), then my dad watched the news.. At 1PM, we watched the new Passions. The only interesting part was the house break-in this time. lol @ how it was shot.. Then we went out for a little media buying, since it was Tuesday after all..

I had considered getting the 2-Disc Walk The Line DVD, but changed my mind. Instead, I only got next week’s release of Full Metal Alchemist Vol 8 and a couple free magazines. *shrug* ..I moved on to Borders, but found nothing. Next, we went to Kroger and I picked up some more groceries. Then we returned home.. As soon as we got there, we watched last night’s Medium (very good episode once again). Then it was time for my dad’s news, so I returned to my room to inventory and news-gather. We had yet another “whatever you can find” supper, then I finished up online just before 8PM..

We watched the new episodes of Deal Or No Deal, the last double dose of Scrubs (both awesome episodes.. lol @ the Grey’s Anatomy line: “Oh, I do love that show. It’s like they’ve been watching our lives and then just put it on TV.” :p ..but omg @ the ending of the second ep 😦 ) and War At Home (lol). Then my dad and I pretty much went to our rooms at about the same time..

Today was okay. I guess. *sigh* See ya..

[ Bush Approval Rating At All-Time Low ]
[ Media Treadmill Blackout On Key Issues Of Port Story ]
[ Congress Bill Takes Rights To Know What’s In Your Food ]
[ New Cancer Study Obligates FDA To Recall Aspartame ]


prmf vol 1 date / free ride / emma / tmnt sched / fma movie / today

February 27, 2006

TVShowsOnDVD reports to expect Power Rangers Mystic Force, Volume 1 released to DVD on June 6th, 2006. Unfortunately, there’s also this news: “This is a good place to mention that I’ve talked to Buena Vista recently, and they are sticking with single-volume releases; there are no plans for season sets of Power Rangers anytime in the near future.” …What? I never guessed June 7th. That’s a Wednesday. Only an idiot would’ve guessed that… *runs & hides*

Just a reminder… Power Rangers Time Force star Erin Cahill’s new sitcom Free Ride debuts on FOX this coming Wednesday night at 9:30PM ET (after something called “American Idol”, whatever that is). The series will then swoop in and steal American Dad‘s timeslot (9:30PM ET) on Sunday, March 12th.. πŸ™‚

Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s Emma Lahana returns to Rangerboard… to try to get help in trying to remove a MySpace imposter.. Yup.. Anyway..

It looks like there has been a minor change in plans for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Instead of episode #97: “Insane In The Membrane” that most were expecting to air next Saturday morning, we get an unknown number episode “Tale of Master Yoshi”. What does this mean for their the highly-promoted countdown to the airing of the 100th episode? Unless it’s just a retitle, they’ve really screwed up again. Congrats. -_-

FUNimation has announced that they have acquired the US rights to the Full Metal Alchemist movie, and will release it on DVD the same day as the 13th and final volume of the TV series: October 3rd 2006. Yay. So can’t wait. πŸ™‚

I was up quite late again last night. I even fit in another chapter of Area 51.. I awoke the next morning after 10AM as my dad went off somewhere. I got online for a bit, watched some TV, then read a little more of Area 51. My dad returned home from the hospital at about 11:30. Soon after, I went to Kmart to get a few groceries. We returned home, put the stuff away, had a rather late breakfast, and watched the new Passions. Yay @ it actually being interesting. Even though I’m mostly just interested in Theresa’s turning to the dark side..

Next, I watched last night’s Unfabulous (however much I actually got of it anyway), Zoey 101 (aww, I was expecting some kind of difference by the end.. but no), and SciFi’s Passions from this morning (haha @ not that much really happening.. lol @ “make it look like an accident” *makes bomb* wtf). After all that, I ran out of crap to watch. So I returned to my room nearly 90 minutes earlier than usual and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, and I finished up online around 6:45..

I watched / taped the new episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force — 1603: “Code Busters”. I enjoyed this episode just about as much as last week. It was pretty good. The Mystic Titans (zords) were cooool. I also enjoyed the brief Necrolai battle (haha @ shots still not getting that close to her.. because of the revealing costume.. that looks to be altered for the US version anyway), the introduction of Phineas, and the first look at the master of the underworld.. even though it was only an eye. Next week is looking pretty good too. Yay. πŸ™‚ I hope Xander doesn’t continue to try and reason with the monsters every week. It’ll get old fast.. I got back online after it was over, but returned to the living room at 8PM. We watched King of Queens (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol @ that Darth Vader-like scene.. great episode, I’ve sooo missed this show.. and sooo want it on DVD), Two & A Half Men (lol nice ending), Courting Alex (haha.. but it couldn’t keep my interest) and CSI Miami (another pretty good episode). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was okay. Mystic Force made it better. It’s refreshing to actually be liking the new episodes again. They better release them all on DVD. All BVHE has to do is release an extra volume or two, or even increase the number of episodes per volume just a little. I think I’ll e-mail them again soon. And I think everyone else who wants a complete release should too. You could even include that you want releases of older seasons too.. See ya.

[ US Government Lurches Toward Collapse, Disintegration ]
[ Bush Cabal – Defeat Is Victory, Death Is Life ]
[ Bush Gang Liquidating Your Public Lands ]
[ Bush Bike Crash – Tried To Pedal / Speak / Wave At Once ]
[ There Is NO Iranian ‘Crisis’ – US Media Chumped Again ]
[ Diana Investigation Confirms Evidence Of Cover-Up ]
[ EPA OKs Dumping Nerve Agent Into Delaware River ]
[ A Dumbed-Down Educational Process – Where Is The Outrage? ]

Sunday 02.28.2006 — oh frell, frakking fake cuss words suck..

February 26, 2006

I was up a little late online, then I couldn’t get to sleep. So I got online s’more. And got sidetracked with some other things. And before I knew it, it was already this late. Ack. I’m off to sleep.. until the alarm goes off in 2 hours.. or earlier if my dad wakes me up.. 😐

I awoke a little before the alarm as my dad leaving to get the newspaper. I paid for some breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds. They weren’t that good.. My dad soon returned, and I looked through the paper’s ads while playing a Dave Chappelle special that I had liked late last night and wanted to share with my dad. But he fell asleep during.. I watched last night’s Full Metal Alchemist soon after (great episode), then I fall asleep for a few hours. And then it was.. now.. :p

After a brief time online, I watched Freddie (lol) and 24 (whoa) on the bedroom DVR. Then I took a break, rediscovered that someone stole my copy of Jak II right out of my home (*shrug* another $20 game to repurchase..), and got online for a bit. Then I watched Friday’s Battlestar Galactica on the bedroom DVR, the first episode I’ve ever seen. I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. The CGI seemed a little cheap, the reverse video shots and overuse of “frak” annoyed me a bit, and it was slightly difficult to tell all the cylon clones apart. :/ ..I’ll probably watch again next week..

After about 2 or 3 hours online (including some minor LJ profile editing), I was starting to get hungry. So we had some supper and watched Simpsons (lol), War At Home (lol), Family Guy (lol.. except that Ashlee Simpson part.. she shouldn’t have been blamed for something someone else did.. probably even on purpose.. since SNL sucks and needs promotion), American Dad (lol) and Grey’s Anatomy (haha awesome πŸ™‚ ). Then I returned to my room for the night..

Yay. Today was uneventful too.. See ya.

[ Bush Wants Military Control In ‘Extraordinary Circumstances’ ]
[ Bush’s Mysterious ‘New Programs’ – Planning For Martial Law ]
[ Makow – Surviving The New World Order (II) ]
[ Weird Alaska Volcano Seismic Activity – Catastrophe Near? ]
[ H5N1 Spreads, Learns, Becomes More Dangerous ]
[ H5N1-Infected Ducks Return To Cambodia ]
[ Hong Kong – Wild Birds Confirmed Killed By H5N1 ]
[ George Carlin’s New Rules For 2006 ]

Saturday 02.25.2006 — a day that shall live in infamy.. only not..

February 25, 2006

I awoke to my alarm and got to watching right away. First, I watched Spider-Man, Viewtiful Joe (still watching.. still don’t know why) and Web Junk 20 (lol @ the clip from my local news). We had some breakfast somewhere during those, then I changed it over to 4KidsTV and caught two more TMNT shorts. I wish I had kept the others on the DVR now, so I could’ve put them altogether on a TMNT tape instead off scattered between episodes. I’ll have to try and look more next Saturday morning for more of them..

Eventually, the new episode of Ninja Turtles started. It was pretty good. grr @ that shout out bullshit at the bottom the the screen.. I see why they skip it on the “Mutant Outbreak” DVD though: it doesn’t fit with the storyline that surrounds it.. I did some more short searching, but only got a couple TMNT profile promos. :p ..Soon after that, I watched John Doe (I wish this were on DVD) and Best Week Ever (lol @ Trump vs Stewart). Then we went out to a couple stores. I lent my dad a few more bucks for some stuff..

Upon returning home, the druggie / cable-stealing next door neighbor just happened to ask about our cable internet service. My dad was too stupid too think what he could do with the information he told him (how much we pay a month etc). Maybe he’ll try to hook into my internet now. Asshole.. We went inside and watched a very revealing episode of SciFi’s Passions. I really liked how the witch predicted what would happen to Theresa in the show seven years later (present day episodes). Now that’s some major foreshadowing.. πŸ™‚ Next, I watched the Power Rangers Mystic Force premiere one more time before waiting for its DVD. *rolls eyes @ the magi staff crossbow mode that shoots “laser arrows”* :p ..I tried finding something else to watch.. but found nothing.. So I decided to write all this.. and now I’m gone again..

I fell asleep for a few hours, then woke up and had some supper. Eventually, I watched Zatch Bell (*yawn*), Drake & Josh (haha), Naruto (pretty cool), Ned’s Declassified (lol.. *drools @ Moze*), BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol) and Justice League Unlimited (awesome episode.. great political commentary about current world events.. the episode is titled “Patriot Act” after all). Unfortunately, I missed DVRing the one and only airing of the new Skin episode. Ugh. I swore I had set it a week ago (since that’s how long the on-screen guide goes), but nope. And I had found out way too late. Now I’ll have to wait for SoapNet to air the whole series over again.. if they even do.. -_-

Today was pretty uneventful. I sorta hope tomorrow will be too.. See ya.

[ Patriot Act On ‘Fast Track’ For Approval – Constitution Has Been Ripped To Shreds ]
[ Bush White House ‘Discovers’ 250 Plame Emails ]
[ UAE Terminal Deal Much Bigger Than First Reported ]
[ Dubai Firm Will ‘Delay’ US Port Takeover ]
[ H5N1 Makes A Worrying Advance – Confirmed In France ]
[ Did Hospital Euthanize Patients In Katrina Flood? ]
[ NASA Detects Mystery Explosion Nearby & New Comet ]

bloodrayne dvd / today

February 24, 2006

After an incredibly brief and critically-bombed theatrical run, VideoETA reports to expect Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne on DVD May 23rd, in both Rated & Unrated Director’s Cut editions. Haha.. but I’ll probably buy it for Kristanna Loken’s sex scene anyway.. >_>

lol @ Peter Griffin doing the Top 10 on Letterman. :p I was about to listen to Coast To Coast AM for the first time in a while, but I fell asleep. 😦 ..I awoke the next morning, got online, watched some morning TV, and had some breakfast. Then I watched two more episodes of SciFi’s Passions.. Not long after that, we watched today’s new episode.. Then I watched Spider-Man from Jetix (ooh, X-Men.. another animated series I never watched) and Ultimate Avengers: The Movie on DVD (it was pretty good.. the only part that annoyed me was the cheap animation. when something moved really fast or a mouth, it would get some kind of line artifacts around it.. ugh). Next, I just watched some X-Play and returned to my room to news-gather.

I read some Area 51, but soon returned online again. I tried to take the TV from my dad at 8PM, but failed and returned to my room.. At 9PM, I finally got control and we watched Close To Home (yay a series that takes place in my home state), Reba (lol) and Instant Star (another pretty good episode πŸ™‚ ). I changed it over to the news for my dad, then returned to my room for the night..

Another week complete. I don’t know why I so look forward to the weekend. There used to be a reason (school), but now.. it’s just two days were boredom intensifies. :/ ..Oh yeah. Someone wanted some Wild Things 3 screencaps featuring Wild Force‘s Sandra McCoy like 25363667 years ago. Well I found a few: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 & Image 4. Yup, that’s her making out with another girl. >:) ..See ya..

[ Big Brother Watching Americans’ Email, Computer Data ]
[ Google Slaps Worldwide Ban On China Critical Website ]
[ Optimism About Iraq In Extremely Short Supply ]
[ Protecting Rights Of ‘Holocaust Deniers’ Protects Us All ]
[ NBC Bungles Coverage Of Winter Olympics ]
[ India – 12 Yr Old Latest Suspected Bird Flu Death ]
[ Four Years In Prison For Feeling Woman’s Rear End ]

black spidey / smallville s5 dvd / masters of scifi / today

February 23, 2006 has posted the very first official image of Spider-Man’s black Symbiote suit from Spider-Man 3. And yet they still refuse to confirm that Venom will appear in the movie.. :p

TVShowsOnDVD reports something that I’m sure everyone knows already. Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season will be released on DVD in Fall 2006. Yay. But I did not know that they were making “webisodes” again this year. Hmm. I’ll probably wait and see them on DVD though, just like “Chloe Chronicles”.. :p

IDT Entertainment & Industry Entertainment, the ones behind Showtime’s Masters Of Horror anthology series, have been given a green light by ABC to produce Masters Of Science Fiction. SciFi Wire reports that episodes may begin airing as early as mid-June 2006.. Coool. πŸ™‚

I awoke later than expected, watched the usual morning TV and had some breakfast. Then I watched a couple episodes of SciFi’s Passions. It’s nice seeing the back story I missed. lol @ Theresa’s screw-ups.. I’ve been tempted to start watching the new Battlestar Galactica.. but I’m worried about not knowing what the heck is going on.. I got online for a bit, then watched the new episode of Passions (yay @ Theresa’s plan working.. I’m having a bit of trouble keeping the new and old separate in my mind :p )..

After that, I watched Drawn Together (rofl.. and haha @ all the cameos: Stimpy, Popeye, Peter Griffin, that Transformer..), Samurai Champloo (ooh, we’re nearing the end.. *shakes fist @ cliffhanger*) and Spider-Man (coool.. again). Next, I finally watched Saw II on DVD. Wow. If you enjoyed the first, you’ll surely enjoy this one. I liked this one even a little more than the first one (even though the internet spoiled a part of the twist ending for me). So can’t wait for Saw III.. but will probably end up doing so anyway. The trailer for Tamara was pretty good too. I might have to look that one up.. Then supper was ready and I got online to news-gather.

There was nothing at all to watch in primetime.. so I casually watched Just Married on WB. Pretty good movie. Maybe I should’ve purchased it on release day after all. My dad had gone off to a friend’s place to watch some game, but returned in time to see the end.. Then he wanted to watch the rest of some other game. I played with the cat a little, but soon returned to my room for the night.

Strawberry soda is weird.. See ya.

[ Bush Even More Dangerous Than He Appears ]
[ David Irving Sentenced For Denying Jewish Superiority ]
[ Bush Port Sell-Out – The Dismantling Of America ]
[ Dirty Little Secret Behind The UAE Port Scandal ]
[ Arab Co. & White House Had Secret Agreement ]
[ Air Force Plan: Hack Your Nervous System ]
[ Bill Outlawing Nearly All Abortions Passes In SD ]
[ Evidence Of Child UFO / ET Encounters To Go To UN ]
[ UFOs Filmed At WTC On 911 ]

aquaman cast / my net tv / samurai 7 tv / today

February 22, 2006

The Futon Critic reports the addition of two cast members to The CW’s upcoming Aquaman TV series, Ving Rhames and Maria Quinones, and includes descriptions of their characters (near the bottom of the linked page). Meanwhile, SciFi Wire reports that Justin Hartley (perhaps best known for recently ending his stint playing Fox Crane on Passions) will replace Will Toale and take on the title role of Arthur Curry. Interesting..

Hot on the heels of the creation of The CW, FOX has set plans into motion to start their own new network called My Network TV. It launches on September 5th and.. yeah.. Just check out the press release.. >_>

FUNimation has announced the US televison debut of the anime series Samurai Seven. It will debut on VOOM HD Networks’ ANIMANIA HD channel on March 1st at 9PM ET and on IFC on April 1st at 10:30PM ET.. Is this series any good? I might check it out. :p

I stayed up a little late again last night, mostly wasted on a visit to MySpace for the first time in quite awhile. *shrug* I got to sleep at about 3AM.. I awoke the next morning, watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. Blah. I got online for a bit at about noon. Eventually, the day’s Passions started. *yawn @ Sheridan’s wedding* It’s just a way to make the “Luis is alive” discovery even more dramatic. :p ..Once that was over, I watched Domino on DVD while my dad mostly slept. Wow. Very good movie. Almost more worthy of a rental though. The DVD’s so light on extras.. Then I watched / taped another episode of Spider-Man (cooool) and returned to my room to news-gather afterward. And I stayed online right up to 8PM..

We watched the two new episodes of Still Standing (lol), then checked out Criminal Minds again because nothing better was on. I lost interest rather early and returned to my room.. I DVRed yesterday’s & today’s separate re-airings of Power Rangers Mystic Force‘s two-part premiere just to check out the official episode titles. It’s pretty interesting: Part 1 is only “Broken Spell” & Part 2 is “Broken Spell II” (no “part”s anywhere). *changes personal episode list text file accordingly* *yay’s @ the return of roman numerals to the ep titles* *then laughs, recalling the screw-up during the DT finale where they were labeled “Part 1” & “Part II”* :p

I’ve only more recently discovered what a hole I’ve dug for myself over the last few years. I was more depressed over being completely alone than for the possibility that my father could pass away. I’ve subconsciously removed all emotional ties in fear of being hurt again. I treat him like a roommate, a chauffeur. Not a father. He returned from the hospital talking about the hospital stuff and all I could talk about was what’s on TV that evening. I’m a shell of the person I once was. As if I was dead already.. See ya..

[ CBS Correspondent Killed Story At Pentagon Request ]
[ Entire US Electoral Process In Grave Danger ]
[ Secret Service Agent – Cheney Was Drunk At Shooting ]
[ Appeal Filed To Lengthen Irving’s Prison Sentence! ]
[ Bush Ignorant Of Port Deal Until Already Approved! ]
[ Bush To Veto Any Effort To Block US Port Contract ]
[ Lake Champlain – Two Fishermen Video Tape ‘Champ’ ]

Relient K – Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been

February 22, 2006

I watched the proverbial sunrise
coming up over the Pacific and
you might think I’m losing my mind
but I will shy away from the specifics…

’cause I don’t want you to know where I am
’cause then you’ll see my heart
in the saddest state it’s ever been.

This is no place to try and live my life.

Stop right there. That’s exactly where I lost it.
See that line. Well I never should have crossed it.
Stop right there. Well I never should have said
that it’s the very moment that
I wish that I could take back.

I’m sorry for the person I became.
I’m sorry that it took so long for me to change.
I’m ready to try and never become that way again
’cause who I am hates who I’ve been.
Who I am hates who I’ve been.

I talk to absolutely no one.
Couldn’t keep to myself enough.
And the things bottled inside have finally begun
to create so much pressure that I’ll soon blow up.

And I heard the reverberating footsteps
syncing up to the beating of my heart
and I was positive that unless I got myself together
I would watch me fall apart.

And I can’t let that happen again
’cause then you’ll see my heart
in the saddest state it’s ever been.

This is no place to try and live my life.

Stop right there. That’s exactly where I lost it.
See that line. Well I never should have crossed it.
Stop right there. Well I never should have said
that it’s the very moment that
I wish that I could take back.

I’m sorry for the person I became.
I’m sorry that it took so long for me to change.
I’m ready to try and never become that way again
’cause who I am hates who I’ve been.
Who I am hates who I’ve been.

Who I am hates who I’ve been
and who I am won’t take the second chance you gave me.
Who I am hates who I’ve been
’cause who I’ve been only ever made me…

So sorry for the person I became.
So sorry that it took so long for me to change.
I’m ready to try and never become that way again
’cause who I am hates who I’ve been.
Who I am hates who I’ve been.

tmnt titles / naruto dvd sched / marvel ani slate / super dvd set info / green mile se dvd / today

February 21, 2006

Thanks to the Official TMNT Website and Yahoo! TV, we have the next four episode titles of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — #96: “Trouble With Augie” (February 25th), #97: “Insane In The Membrane” (March 4th), #98: “Return Of Savanti, Part One” (March 11th) and #99: “Return Of Savanti, Part Two” (March 18th).. πŸ™‚

Within the Naruto ad in the February 13th issue of video retailer magazine Video Business, it’s been revealed that edited episode DVDs of Volume 1 & 2 are to be released on March 28th & May 30th 2006 respectively. Also, the first uncut boxed set is due in July 2006.. πŸ™‚

On the included insert for the Ultimate Avengers: The Movie DVD, it reveals the release months for the upcoming schedule of Marvel straight-to-DVD animated films. Ultimate Avengers II will be released in August 2006, Iron Man is coming in October 2006, and Doctor Strange will arrive in February 2007.. πŸ™‚

Warner Home Video has revealed a few more details concerning the 14-disc Superman: Ultimate Edition DVD boxed set at tonight’s Home Theater Forum chat…

JimBowers: Regarding the Superman-The Movie DVD in the upcoming Superman Ultimate Edition 14-disc DVD box set: will we see more deleted scenes, trailers and documentary footage? The key deleted scenes are: Jimmy and Superman floating above Hoover Dam, Superman attempting to catch the XK-101 rocket, and Superman flying past the World Trade Center after rescuing Lois from the crashed helicopter.
Warner: We can’t give you the exact details of what you’ll be seeing in the 14 disc set, as that is all in progress at the present time, However we can confirm the following important facts
Warner: We will be releasing both the extended cut of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE (the one on DVD now) and the original, shorter theatrical version as well.
Warner: Further, we will be releasing both the SUPERMAN II theatrical cut, and the “Donner cut” both in the box, or available singularly
Warner: Lastly, SUPERGIRL is coming, but SUPERGIRL will not be part of the 14 disc SUPERMAN set.

LaurenceGarvey: ‘we expect the two Columbia serials in the 14-disc superman set
Warner: The Columbia (now owned by us) theatrical SUPERMAN serials will be released this year but through our “TV group” that’s handling the TV series, and it will not be in the 14 disc box

PhilGee: My eternal thanks for announcing an ultimate 14 disc Superman boxset…my question is regarding the possibility of a Superman IV extended cut as part of the set. Apparently you have no plans to do it and i was just wondering if you could tell us the reasons why? Do you know for sure whether the cut footage (apparently stored at the Deluxe film labs in England) has been destroyed? Thank you
Warner: We have located all the footage for SUPERMAN IV, and will be including a great deal of deleted scenes. But no change in the version.

KyleHughes: Will Superman Returns be in the 14-disc set? Can we PLEASE have a bloopers section for each film & the deleted scenes that have been released in the tv edits? Please let us know an official outlet where Superman fans may leave their input for the 14-disc set. Thank you so much!
Warner: Superman Returns will be in the box, but I am not certain of all the extra features on the discs. Work is still ongoing.

Man, what will be in the 14-disc box? It’s only five movies.. :/

Here’s another interesting piece of info for the chat mentioned above. I didn’t really care for pretty much everything else mentioned. All really old movies..

Warner: We haven’t mentioned it anywhere else yet, so here’s a scoop. We are doing a 2 Disc SE of GREEN MILE later this year

After all the excitement over the Mystic Force premiere, I stayed online quite late into the night. I finally headed to sleep sometime after 3:30AM.. I awoke the next morning rather late and prepared to go out. My dad had his blood test rescheduled for next Monday & Tuesday. :/ ..Eventually, we took off..

First, I headed over to Best Buy and picked up Domino & Ultimate Avengers. And couldn’t find anything else to get.. Next, I moved on to Target and looked over that $88 DVD recorder. They were out of stock and I had to get a rain check. If I had gone on Sunday, they probably would’ve still been there. Grr.. And finally, I stopped off at Walgreens for some groceries.. and candy. And finally returned home..

I unwrapped the new media and inventoried them. And soon, today’s episode of Passions started (I mostly enjoyed the mentions of the supernatural past & Theresa’s new strategy to get Ethan.. it’s been pretty good lately). Then I watched the three MST3k shorts on the Vol 3 Disc 4 DVD (lol, especially @ the unaired “Assignment Venezuela” short). And followed that up by watching / taping the first episode of Spider-Man‘s second season (awesome). But then I ran out of stuff to watch and returned to my room to news-gather nearly an hour earlier than usual. Then stayed online pretty much all night because there was nothing to watch and my dad was watching a damn basketball game. Borrrrreeeddd..

Anyone happen to know what movie or photoshoot this Emilie de Ravin pic is from? *drools* It’s my favorite pic of her, even more than that nipple one. :p Sooo can’t wait to see Emilie’s character’s focus episode of Lost on March 1st. It’s about time she got another episode. Her next movie, The Hills Have Eyes, looks rather good too. πŸ™‚ ..See ya..

[ ‘A Scanner Darkly’ Reveals Near Future Police State ]
[ US Reclassifies Many Public Documents In Secret Review ]
[ Chemtrail Climate Change To Eradicate Useless Eaters ]
[ David Irving Jailed 3 Years For Holocaust Denial ]

prmf cast pt 2 / prmf ep title 7 / tmnt season 5 toys / kong & crash / crumbs / dictator’s day

February 20, 2006

Now that Power Rangers Mystic Force has premiered, here’s some cast and crew I either got wrong in the previous newsbyte or left out altogether…

Peta Rutter – Udonna (White Snow Ranger)
Antonia Prebble – Clare, Udonna’s apprentice (guest-starred as Krista in PRDT)
Geoff Dolan – voice of Koragg (Knight Wolf Ranger) (voiced Omni in S.P.D.)
Barnie Duncan – Toby, Rock Porium record store manager (played Piggy in S.P.D.)
Kelson Henderson – Phineas, a troll (played Boom in S.P.D.)
Koichi Sakamoto & Bruce Kalish – Executive Producers
Jackie Marchand – Story Editor
Theme Song written by Marco Marinangeli & Chaka Blackmon already has the next Power Rangers Mystic Force episode title. Episode 1607 will be “Fire Heart” and will premiere on Toon Disney March 28th. Since 1603: “Code Busters” is a Red Ranger-centric episode, I hope this one isn’t. Focus on all the other rangers before cycling back around.. :/

Check out what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will look like in fifth season beginning this fall, “Fast Forward”, by checking out these toys. Included are the new characters of Serling (a robot), Cody Jones (a descendant of Casey), and the Dark Turtles (evil versions of themselves πŸ™‚ ). This next season’s going to be pretty interesting..

DavisDVD reports final DVD specs for March 28th’s Peter Jackson’s King Kong (both 1 & 2-disc versions.. with a director’s cut said to be coming later in the year) and April 4th’s Crash: Special Edition.. Damnit, I’ll have to buy them both twice.. :/

ABC has already quietly sent the excellent sitcom Crumbs into hiatus, with no plans to air it again in the foreseeable future. Idiots. They begin it on Thursday opposite CSI and.. whatever else is on at 9:30, then they move it to Tuesday for one week before removing it altogether. Thanks for giving it a chance, guys! *rolls eyes*

I awoke fairly early in the morning, got online for a bit, watched some morning TV, and played with the cat. The usual.. Eventually, we went out to pick up some groceries. My aunt called my dad while we were there, claiming the hospital called her and they said to come back today for some blood testing, then to come back tomorrow morning. My dad got pissed, thinking she called the hospital to move up the surgery just because she wanted to use his car (and gas) again. If true, glad I never got to thank her. 😑 My dad refused to go upon returning home. He said he wanted to wait until the beginning of the month to prepare for the surgery.. After some time online, I watched last week’s three remaining episodes of SciFi’s Passions (I miss Timmy 😦 ) and last night’s Boondocks (lol pretty good episode). After that, I got online to news-gather a little early. I finished up at about 6:15.

My dad straightened it out with the hospital. He has to go down there sometime tomorrow for that blood test. They have no intention of doing the surgery just yet.. We had some supper, then I watched / taped the one-hour season premiere of Power Rangers Mystic Force. I’m liking the Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings vibe they’re going for.. Yay’s @ the romance beginning to form between Madison & Nick. The writers better not drop it.. Thanks for mentioning there’s someone higher than Morticon in the chain of evil command instead of mentioning it out of nowhere in the middle of the season like last year. And Clare is this year’s Boom, the comic relief. I wonder if that’s a wig.. There were some minor things I didn’t like, but overall.. I very much enjoyed this, even more than S.P.D.‘s premiere. I hope this season stays consistent, unlike SPD. *rolls eyes @ the people on Rangerboard saying its too childish* It’s a kids show! ..My dad fell asleep during it though, so I passed on watching House afterward (DVRed it) and got online for a bit instead. My dad eventually woke up. I returned to the living room just after 9:30, then we watched House at 10PM (rather good episode). Once all that was over with, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was okay and Power Rangers Mystic Force only improved on it. πŸ™‚ See ya..

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