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eureka 7 finale edited / today

April 30, 2007

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block cut four and a half minutes from the final episode of Eureka 7 that aired on April 28th (including the opening monologue & part of the epilogue). Then they added opening and ending credits that weren’t there originally. They did this after making the full unedited episode available on their online video player, Adult Swim Fix, for only 12 hours. After a lot of fans complained on the Adult Swim forums, an AS employee posted a reply claiming the editing wasn’t intentional. Then revealed that the episode will re-air unedited this coming Saturday night, May 5th, at 1AM ET. πŸ™‚ The Eureka 7 DVDs have begun to come out faster now that the TV run is over. Volume 8 will arrive in stores on July 17th, just a little over a month after the release of Volume 7 on June 5th..

I awoke in the morning, watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. Then I watched the remaining four episodes of Teen Titans: Season 3 (great stuff..). My dad returned home from dialysis, then proceeded to take a nap because he wasn’t feeling that great. 😦 I got online for a while, then woke up my dad up when he asked to be. We had some lunch and watched Passions (lol @ Sheridan and Fancy’s schemes *rolls eyes*), but then my dad returned to bed. I watched Family Guy (lol), American Dad (lol) and Saul of the Mole Men (a recap episode already..? ugh).

After all that, I watched Spider-Man: The Venom Saga (wow, the story goes fast when you’re watching five episodes in Disney’s “movie” format.. I had a hard time following the latter two episodes due to all the season-long plotlines that aren’t explained.. it’s insane not to release complete seasons of this series on DVD.. I had just gotten into it when it was pulled off of Toon Disney, so I only got about halfway through Season 2 😦 ). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up at the usual time..

We watched How I Met Your Mother (lol.. aww @ how it ended πŸ™‚ ), Old Christine (lol) and Two & A Half Men (lol). My dad still wasn’t feeling good, so he chose to go to bed early. 😦 I continued on and watched King of Queens (lol.. ooh, multi-parter), CSI Miami (eh, didn”t pay all that much attention really.. it was okay) and Heroes (whoa, awesome episode πŸ™‚ ).

Once that ended, I watched some Tonight Show before it was time for a new episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive — 1709: “Follow The Ranger”. This episode actually wasn’t as bad as other recent episodes… but that’s still not saying much. The plot is somewhat original (for PR). The megazord is defeated in battle and is stolen by Flurious and Moltor. The Rangers got out in time.. except Mack for some reason, so he’s captured. Mack causes a fight to break out among the villainous brothers and uses their fighting to get away. Then the new Super Drivemax Megazord defeats Flurious and Moltor. None of that “changing power levels to accommodate the story” crap for once. I was disappointed at first that it was another Red Ranger episode.. but *shrug*. It was okay, I guess.

I fell asleep on the couch not long after that and had to complete the LJ entry some time after 4AM. :p See ya.

[ CAFRs – The Govt Owns It All By Investing YOUR Money ]
[ CA Dem Party Calls For Bush/Cheney Impeachment Investigation ]
[ Rep Murtha Brings Up Impeachment ]
[ Multiple Sex Scandals Could Sink Bush And GOP ]
[ Roberts – Bush Has Destroyed Iraq And America ]
[ Video: Canadians Fight North American Union ]
[ Eyewitness Inside WTC 7 – Explosions Before Collapse ]
[ Freeway Collapse No Relation To WTC Buildings ]
[ Herman – Truthers Versus Debunkers – The 911 Big Picture ]
[ Hunt’s JFK Murder Confession Ignored By Establishment Media ]
[ The True Story Of Nikola Tesla And His Murder ]
[ Aspartame Alters Genes, Is Carcinogenic – New Studies ]
[ Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer ]


Sunday 04.29.2007 — mnbvcxz lkjhgfdsa poiuytrewq

April 29, 2007

I awoke in the morning, having forgotten to turn my alarm on. Ah well.. I looked through the newspaper’s ads and had some breakfast. Then I watched Bleach (eh it was alright), Blood Plus (alright again), Eureka 7 (final episode.. awesome finale πŸ™‚ ), The Batman (I was interested to see how they’d treat Martian Manhunter), three more DVD episodes of Teen Titans: Season 3 (great stuff) and Beakman’s World. Then I gave up the TV to my dad at noon.. even though he was fast asleep..

After some time online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Supernatural (another great episode), Ugly Betty (wow), 30 Rock (lol.. I guess) and Scrubs (lol). Now I’m back online again already.. :p

We had some supper, then watched Funniest Videos (lol). My dad took off outside while I watched Simpsons (haha), but returned in time for Desperate Housewives (good episode). Then we watched Mind of Mencia (lol) and Reno 911! (rofl) before I returned to my room for the night.

..Yup.. I’m but a shell of a person anymore, so I mostly only put out these boring bare-bones entries. *sigh* See ya.

[ New Documentary: ‘WTC – Demolition Of The Republic’ ]
[ Makow – ‘Tolerance’…A Sneaky Attack On Your Identity ]
[ Mistress: LBJ Bragged He Had JFK Killed ]

Saturday 04.28.2007 — deja vu

April 28, 2007

[Current Music Download|Fall Out Boy – Thnks Fr Th Mmmrs @ SendSpace]

I intended to post the previous entry before going to sleep. But things don’t always work out that way. I fell asleep in the front of the TV, then woke up a few hours later to work on the entry. But then I got impatient with how long it took to load a page, so I returned to the living room.. and fell asleep again. I woke up once again at about 6:30AM and finally finished that entry and posted it just as my dad woke up..

I took over the TV and watched Best Week Ever (lol.. ugh @ Sizzler again) and Acceptable TV (“L33t HaXXors” was awesome). We had some breakfast, then I watched some music videos. My dad bitched about it, so I changed it to a MadTV rerun. At 9AM, I watched the new episode of TMNT Fast Forward (actually I fell asleep during one of the middle parts and had to rewatch after.. eh, the ending was okay anyway). After that, I watched Bill Moyers’ Journal: Buying The War (a documentary about how the media spread lies which helped Bush take us to Iraq.. it was a PBS show, so I was surprised when I didn’t fall asleep).

My dad watched some of the NASCAR qualifying, then I watched three more episodes of Teen Titans: Season 3 (coool), followed by last night’s Identity. Not too long after that, we finally watched DΓ©jΓ  Vu on DVD. Glad I bought it. Awesome film (my dad enjoyed it too). I liked how the sci-fi aspects snuck up on you later in the film, and how they made them seem believable. The opening seemed like any other terrorist-themed movie, but then.. πŸ™‚ This and Enemy Of The State would make a great double feature. They do share a director after all, not to mention the topic of surveillance..

I rebooted, then burned some CDs. We had some supper, then I got online for a while. I eventually watched another episode of CSI NY (the 4/11 episode.. must.. catch.. up..)… then got back online again. I played with the cat until 10PM, then watched Ned’s Declassified (lol) and Naruto (wow). After all that, I returned to my room to watch some MadTV (*rolls eyes @ the Heroes spoof*)..

See ya.

[ NY Cops Report Phony Bomb – Frame 911 Truther As Terrorist ]
[ CIA Chief Tenet Says Bush Planned Iraq Long Before 911 ]
[ Putin – ‘Mutual Destruction’ Danger With Bush Missile Plan ]
[ Putin – Bush Talk Of Missiles To Stop Terrorists Is ‘Hilarious’ ]
[ Pentagon Backs Up – Under Fire For Ethnic Profiling ]
[ Deputy Secretary Of State Caught Whoring – Resigns ]
[ FDA Public Input On Supplements Deadline Pushed To 5-29 ]
[ Video: Absolute Evidence Of NASA Moon Walk HOAXES ]
[ Video: Astronauts Refuse To Swear They Landed On Moon ]
[ Video: Hoaxed US Moon Landing Video Rehearsal? ]

scifi summer / today

April 27, 2007

SciFi Channel has issued a press release detailing its summer premieres of new & returning series. Flash Gordon premieres on August 10th, Doctor Who returns July 6th, and Eureka returns July 10th.. πŸ™‚

I was done with the previous entry, then I went to watch the opening of Conan and fell asleep way too early. I awoke the next morning and posted it. And saw that my dad hadn’t turned off the computer monitor after I had talked to him about doing that if I had ever fallen asleep with it on. My TV was left on and he turned that off. He just didn’t care about me enough to walk those few extra feet and push another button. Now the monitor’s probably going to go all screwy again, flashing to shades of blue, purple and yellow. It hasn’t done that in a while since I’ve managed to turn it off at night. Grrr. 😑

I fell asleep for a while, then watched the first three episodes of Teen Titans: Season 3 (great stuff). I only did so early so I may watch a movie in the afternoon, but my dad has other plans for then, so *shrug*. He came home and voiced them. Then we watched the segment of The View about the sick 9/11 first responders. 😦 Rosie tried to bring on other people to help reveal the true story of 9/11, but the show manager or whatever is stopping her. That’s why she quit too..

My dad took off and I made some ramen for lunch.. since we’re really running low on money and food now.. until Tuesday. 😦 My dad returned and we eventually watched Passions (Is Fancy going to do what I think she’s going to do? Ugh.. and ugh @ the blackmailer just letting Theresa go *rolls eyes*). Not long after that, we finally watched Stranger Than Fiction on DVD. Still a great movie.. since I first saw it in a theater late last year.. and have now purchased it on DVD. :p

Once that was over, my dad baked a cake while I watched last night’s CSI Las Vegas (lol @ old horror movie music over the flashback things.. very good episode). Then he started on supper as I got online to news-gather. We had supper, then I finished up online not long after 7PM.. At 8, we watched Ghost Whisperer (it’s nearing the end of the season, so it’s time to ramp up the continuing storyline episodes.. and this one was awesome πŸ™‚ ), Close To Home (ooh, I like the multi-part thing going for this one..), The Soup (lol.. not so @ my dad for hating Rosie just because she’s a lesbian) and Instant Star (very good episode). My dad headed to bed early as you might have guessed..

See ya.

[ Canadian MPs To Study ‘Secret’ NAU Movement ]
[ Ron Paul – Concern Over Future Of The Dollar ]
[ Video: The Amero – North American Union Currency ]
[ Video: Apollo 11 Astronauts Appear As Bad Liars ]
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[ China To Force Rain Ahead Of Olympics ]
[ Bush Approval Down To 28% – Cheney To 25% ]
[ Tenet Says He Was Made a Scapegoat Over Iraq War ]
[ Rice To Reject House Subpoena To Testify On Iraq ]
[ Are There Actually 300,000-350,000 US Troops In Iraq? ]
[ Three Million Germans Slaughtered After War Ended ]
[ Federal SSRI Rx Tracking, Cho And Violent Withdrawals ]
[ Aspartame – FDA Spins News On 2nd Cancer Study ]
[ EMF Death – Wi-Fi, Cell/Portable Phones And Power Lines ]

fox sweeps / today

April 26, 2007

FOX has issued a press release detailing its May sweeps schedule, including some season-ending spoilers for House, Bones, Simpsons & Family Guy. Drive has already been pulled from the schedule, effective immediately. House reruns will take their place. Ugh. -_- The Simpsons‘ 400th episode season finale will feature the voices of Kiefer Sutherland & Mary Lynn Rajskub playing animated versions of their characters from 24. :p

I had another dream where I spent a day at a water park with family. It was fun. Then we went to one of their homes afterward and I felt out of place. So I left… I awoke, we watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. When my dad took off, I watched last night’s Halfway Home (ha) and the Lost ending again (whoa).. My dad returned and we eventually watched Passions (the blackmailer storyline continues to be the only thing that interests me at this time).

After that, we watched Medium (*shakes fist @ editing the episode due to the VTech bullshit* it seemed odd without some sort of look back at what happened previously.. the episode was pretty good besides that.. looking forward to the three-part season finale starting next week). Then I watched the remaining three episodes of The Office: Season 2 (lol.. now to move on to Teen Titans). I finished all that a little after 5PM, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I watched Monday’s 24 on the bedroom DVR (pretty good.. but this season in all hasn’t been as great as last season 😦 ).

Starting at 8PM, my dad and I watched Smallville (pretty good episode.. I hope the “Legends” comic things are on the DVD), Grey’s Anatomy (I haven’t been liking this one lately, but I got back into it slightly with this one.. I watch because I think my dad enjoys it more), My Name Is Earl (lol) and The Office (lol funny episode.. but it left me feeling “this is it?” ..maybe the story continues next week.. *pouts @ the promos claiming these are the final four episodes of Scrubs* 😦 ). I soon returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ Rosie Tells ABC To Screw Its 911 Censorship ]
[ ABC Told Rosie Not To Talk About US Dead ]
[ Fox News Lies, Claims Rosie Was Fired ]
[ NeoCon ‘Stop Rosie’ Founder Admits Defeat ]
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[ Fascist America In 10 Easy Steps ]
[ How The Elite Raped Russia In The 1990s ]
[ Zionists Need To Return What They Stole ]
[ The 1988 ‘Holocaust’ Testimony Of Joseph Burg ]
[ With No Border, Salvadoran Gangs Flourish Across US ]
[ Holocaust Or Hoax? – The Global Warming Debate Heats Up ]

robot chicken star wars / kyle xy s2 / passions directv / new digimon td / today

April 25, 2007

George Lucas and Seth Green have joined forces for a new Adult Swim 30-minute special, Robot Chicken: Star Wars. George Lucas and Mark Hamill, among other celebrities, will lend their voices to the special that mocks scenes from the franchise of films. Cooool. It will premiere Sunday, June 17th at 10PM ET.. then re-air at the top of every hour all night as part of a Robot Chicken marathon. O_O

ABC Family has issued a press release detailing their 2007 summer and fall schedule, including the return of Kyle XY and Fallen. The second season of Kyle XY premieres on Monday, June 11th at 8PM ET. Another press release details Kyle XY‘s upcoming “interactive experience” on the website. The website currently has a countdown to the season premiere. Nice. πŸ™‚

DirecTV has struck a deal with the canceled NBC soap Passions. The series will air its season finale on NBC September 7th, then its storylines will continue on September 17th with its 9th season premiere on DirecTV’s exclusive channel “The 101”. It will then air Monday through Thursday, with an encore marathon during the weekend. Ugh. I like the show.. but I don’t want to get some crappy dish just to see it. -_-

For those that care… “Disney’s ABC Cable Network has acquired broadcast rights to the 48 episode Digimon Savers anime television series. The series will air on the Toon Disney network this fall under the American title Digimon Data Squad.” Click here for additional information.

I had a dream where I was in this convenience store where all these people actually cared about me and were giving me stuff for my birthday. Then I ended up going to high school again and hanging out with some male friends. But then some of them were stars of Degrassi TNG. :p I overheard a secret from one of them, then tried to tell another one of them. But I couldn’t. So I just took off and tried to get back to where I originally was.. and I woke up..

I watched some of the usual morning TV, then all four final episodes of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Vol 4 (so awesome.. and I also enjoyed the OVA episode as well :p *hopes for a fourth season*). Just as those ended, my dad arrived home from dialysis to rain on my illusion of happiness, talking about a guy who died after not going to dialysis for three weeks. And how depressed he was. At least I try my best to cover my neverending depression. I retreated to my room and got online just to get away from him. 😐

We watched Passions (I like the Theresa storyline for now.. but that about it), while my dad continued being depressed. *sigh* Then he went off for a nap while I watched four more episodes of The Office: Season 2 (lol.. as well as the webisodes.. only three more and some special features to go). I finished that up before 5PM for once. My dad woke up around then as well. I got online to news-gather, then had some supper. I finished up with that, but only had enough time to watch the last Da Ali G Show left on the DVR..

At 8PM, we watched According To Jim (lol) and Notes from the Underbelly (lol). But at 9PM there was absolutely nothing to watch, so I found episodes of Wanda At Large (haha) & South Park (rofl @ the Bush/Turd & Kerry/Douche episode). The night ended with a new episode of Lost (pretty good episode.. *yay’s 4 Sun* *omfg’s @ the ending* O_O ). After all that, I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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[ Last GI To See Tillman Told To Shut Up About His Death ]
[ Total Control Of Guns Is Total Control Of People ]
[ Secret US Program Tracks All Controlled Drug Rxs? ]
[ NAFTA/NAU Superhighway Hits Bump In The Road ]
[ Honeybees Vanish – Scientists Race For Reasons ]
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[ I Am A Holocaust Denier And I Am Unafraid ]
[ First Earth Like Planet Found 20 Light Years Away ]
[ Cassini Images Show Bizarre Hexagon On Saturn ]
[ New Empirical Approach In Search For ET Intelligence ]
[ Football Field Sized UFO 50 Feet Over Texas School ]

dvd ads apr 29-may 5 / mst film crew dvd / media / today

April 24, 2007

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of April 29th to May 5th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. The only definite buy for me this week is an anime title, so it’s not in any of the ads. I am considering The Hitcher, but it may just be netflix’d. The Spider-Man 3 video game is coming out for all the gaming systems, including both PS2 & PS3. And it sounds like some features will be different for each of them. Best Buy will include $10 in Concession Cash with purchase. I assume it’s like Movie Cash, but for the theater snack bar only. 😐 Wal-Mart has secured the exclusivity for a free movie ticket. Circuit City will include the Spider-Man 2 game with purchase. I may take part in the latter offer now that my copy of Spider-Man 2 has been stolen. I just hope they still have both in stock when I get there on Thursday, or I’ll get neither. 😦

The MSTing will live on… Shout! Factory is teaming up with some of the writers and stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to start a new DVD series of B-movies called The Film Crew. Each film will feature “a built-in ‘crew’ commentary track and live-action interstitials”. Their first release, The Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark, will hit stores on July 10th for a $19.99 SRP. The Film Crew: Killers From Space will follow on August 7th. Later in the year, expect Giant of Marathon & The Wild Women of Wongo. Cool. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Y’know those vanity cards that are different after just about every episode of Two & A Half Men and must be paused on the DVR to be read? Creator Chuck Lorre has them on his website, including a few CBS censored (like last night’s one). Some of them are pretty funny.. We watched some morning TV, then soon went out to media buy…

First, I headed to Kroger and used the CoinStar machine. I’ll be needing some extra money next Tuesday.. Then I moved on to Best Buy and purchased DΓ©jΓ  Vu (*hypnotized by shiny slip cover*) and Spider-Man: The Venom Saga (I’ve been impatiently waiting since the first Spidey film to see Venom in a future sequel.. then I read some spoilers for Spider-Man 3 and was underwhelmed on how they treated Venom, so I bought this “movie” five-episode compilation from the 1993 animated series.. and it just happened to be on sale for $10.. and I may already be replacing it soon due to the packaging being all screwed up.. I didn’t look that close 😦 ). Then I was lucky enough to find Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Vol 4 on the shelf a whole week early. Yay. So I used that extra money today and now I don’t have to go next Tuesday after all. πŸ™‚

I tried to get a couple of those dinosaur puzzle things, but they rang up at $10 each (as I somewhat expected), so I didn’t get those.. We went to a few other places, including to get my icee. Then we returned home.. Right away, we watched The Real Wedding Crashers (it was.. reasonably funny), then I got online to inventory the new discs.. Then we watched Passions (yay @ axe to the wall.. blah @ just about everything else.. no wonder this show’s ending in September).

Once that was over, I watched last night’s new episode of Heroes (sooo awesome.. can’t wait to see these again on DVD in August). Then went back to a local channel and discovered that there was a prison riot going on in.. the state. So I guess criminals brought from Arizona + privately-owned prison that treats some better than others = riot. 😦 ..We watched the coverage until my dad fell asleep ( :p ), then I watched three more DVD episodes of The Office: Season 2 (rofl). It was cute how much the cat strives for attention. He sat in my dad’s lap and got right back up because he was still sleeping, then came to me instead. :p

Once those ended, it was 5PM and my dad woke up. I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper. I prepared to watch another CSI NY, but found it was an episode I had already seen.. somehow.. At 8PM, we watched Drive (pretty good episode.. *yay’s @ what happened to the annoying speaks-to-God black woman*) and House (wow, great episode πŸ™‚ ). And that was it. Nothing else worth watching was on. So I returned to my room.

Since I signed up for Netflix, I seem to be becoming more interested in purchasing more TV on DVD than movies. The only downside of that is that I’m having a hard time watching everything. I’m nearly done with The Office: Season 2. Next, I’d like to watch Teen Titans: Season 3 & Simple Life 4 (I waited for a season 5 start date to be revealed — May 28th).. before May 8th, when the first of May’s six must-own TV DVD sets is released (The 4400: Season 3). And four of those are all on May 22nd. Ugh.. See ya.

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[ Senate Leader Reid – Iraq War ‘Lost’ – Bush Is A ‘Liar’ ]
[ Ohio Vote Fraud – The GOP’s Cyber Election Hit Squad ]
[ Dems Want More Federal Controls On Our Food ]
[ Non-Stick Cookware Chemicals Found In All Newborns Tested ]
[ Life On The Planet Is Hanging By A Thread ]

proo 09 preview / steelbook dvds / dbz s3 dvd date / today

April 23, 2007

Jetix is just too damn lazy to put together an online “sneak peek” reel for the next Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episode. So the brief ending scene from next Monday night’s episode, 1709: “Follow The Ranger”, is now on the video player. Ugh. -_-

20th Century Fox is trying out a new double-dip DVD release technique. They first tried it in the UK, but now it’s coming to the US on June 5th. The first wave is comprised of Cast Away, Die Hard, The Day After Tomorrow, Fight Club, Man On Fire, X2: X-Men United and The Omen. MGM is following suit on June 12th with Hannibal & Platoon. They will all be packaged in the way-cool Steelbook DVD cases recently seen on the Best Buy versions of The Grudge 2 & The Departed. All of them seem to be their previously-released two-disc editions for a retail price of $22.98 each.. I’m sad to say that I’m actually considering double- and triple-dipping some of these. Ugh. :p

VideoETA already reports an August 28th DVD release date for Dragon Ball Z: Season Three – The Complete Frieza Saga Uncut, including episodes 75-107. Dragon Ball Z: Season Two – The Complete Namek & Captain Ginyu Sagas Uncut, which contains episodes 40-74, is expected on May 22nd..

I stayed up quite late again last night. Argh. I didn’t get to bed until 3AM.. I awoke the next morning at 10AM, had some breakfast, and watched a couple more episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 (why wasn’t Baxter Stockman in more episodes? I actually enjoy them.. And was that supercomputer buddy of his Nano?). My dad returned home and I soon got online for a bit.. At 1PM, we watched Passions (*yawn*) and CSI Las Vegas (it took me a week to finally watch this one.. and it was only a recap episode :p).

My dad headed off to bed early, then I watched Zoey 101 (yum @ the Jamie Lynn cleav– er nevermind >_>) and Beakman’s World (another trip down memory lane.. of much simpler times), followed by three more DVD episodes of The Office: Season 2 (lol great stuff). My dad woke up, we had some supper, and I gave him back the TV. I got online to news-gather. I finished up rather close to 8PM..

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (how come this rerun’s title has been changed? I thought it was new for a second :/ ), Old Christine (lol very funny), Two & A Half Men (lol), King of Queens (lol very funny episode.. both due to the video store subplot with the character from a previous episode.. and the surprise role played by Adam Sandler.. especially the latter.. lol, he went crazy :p) and CSI Miami (pretty good). I also DVRed Drive, Heroes and Real Wedding Crashers. Such a crime that I have to wait an extra day for Heroes. 😦

See ya.

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[ ‘Superpill’ Could ‘Treat’ 2,000 Genetic Diseases ]

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
— Noam Chomsky

Sunday 04.22.2007 — the lack of a future

April 22, 2007

I awoke and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Best Buy’s “Night At The Museum” puzzle looks a little more interesting than I had anticipated. It’s a T-Rex skeleton. Neat. I wonder if I can grab a few without buying the DVD. :p ..We had some breakfast, then I watched Bleach (pretty good episode), Blood Plus (also good.. but not exactly DVD worthy yet), Eureka 7 (omfgawesomepisodewhyarethedvdscomingoutsoslowlyimustownthisonenow episode next week 😦 ), a couple DVD episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 (eh, they were okay), and three more DVD episodes of The Office: Season 2 (rofl awesome)..

My dad went out to pick up something, then returned. I wanted to finally watch the CSI Las Vegas episode that the living room DVR recorded over a week ago, but my dad didn’t want to. I’m starting to wonder how long it will take to actually watch it. :p ..I gave up and returned to my room..

I got online for a while, then my dad left because he could find nothing to do. I played with the cat a little, then fell asleep in a chair. So bored. I was about ready to finally watch something on the bedroom DVR when I noticed that yet another video game had gone missing. Spider-Man 2 is now nowhere to be found. Quite a few movie DVDs and video games have gone missing in the past. I suspected someone with a key to our apartment entered while we were gone and they were being stolen. My dad didn’t believe it and shrugged it off because it wasn’t his property that was being stolen. He just didn’t give a shit. I’ve purchased True Crime: Streets of LA three times because it was stolen twice. On Tuesdays, I used to lock up my room.. but eventually stopped. And now another one’s gone. There were signs of our front door being messed with recently (the door knob was loosened). Watch as my dad again won’t give a fuck. It’s not his money going down the drain after all..

Since my dad was still gone, I played some Gun. I finally opened up the rest of the tiny map. It’s neat being able to sandbox in the old west though. When you’re alone in between the two cities, bandits attack. Heh. *mines for gold, gets $10* *wins poker tournament, gets $10* How realistic. :p ..I hope someone eventually makes a more futuristic and/or space themed sandbox game though. That’d be cooool..

My dad returned home and we had some supper. I told him about the missing game and he didn’t even consider it was stolen until I mentioned the loose door knob. But at least he did for once.. We watched Funniest Videos (ha), Simpsons (lol, an MMORPG episode :p), War At Home (awesome season finale, pleease bring it back.. rofl @ the ending :p ), Desperate Housewives (pretty good episode), Mind of Mencia (lol) and Reno 911! (lol).

I didn’t give Circuit City’s deal much of a thought.. until I realized Spider-Man 2 was gone. Next week, you can buy Spider-Man 3 PS2 for $40 and get Spider-Man 2 PS2 free. Or they’re $20 each, in another way. I spoke a little excitedly to my dad about this.. and he reminded me about my future after he’s gone. The one that I won’t have. With the way I’m treating myself, I am surprised I haven’t died yet. I was hoping it would do the job I’m too much of a wuss to do, but no luck yet…

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Saturday 04.21.2007 — the lack of life

April 21, 2007

I awoke and watched Best Week Ever (lol, but I disliked the new format for The Sizzler, hope it goes back to normal next week), Human Giant (lol), TMNT Fast Forward (eh, this one was alright), Acceptable TV (haha’s @ Gayliens), Instant Star (whoa) and three more episodes of The Office: Season 2 (rofl.. one of the main reasons why I wanted this on DVD was to own that opening scene where they move Dwight’s desk into the restroom.. definitely one of my favorite moments that has been stuck in my head since I first saw it).

We went to the grocery store again.. and I spent too much again. Grrr. Now I guess I can only afford one more Tuesday (but the next one after next is on the first, so I just have to wait a couple days).. We returned home and watched my next Netflix selection — My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It was reasonably funny. And silly. They did a fairly good job mixing a superhero movie into a romantic comedy (but it’s definitely a bit more of the latter). Glad I didn’t buy that when I was considering it though (on release week, it was $20 😦 ). Anna Faris was hott..

I got online for a while and discovered something quite odd. I was planning to price-match Bully at my usual Best Buy from an old ad. Then my usual Best Buy went out of stock on the game, according to the website. The only one without it in and my dad didn’t want to go to the next closest one.. A few weeks later, my dad said he would be heading out to the area where that Best Buy was, so I got all excited about getting Bully from that store. Then that store claims it was out of stock as well. The story of my life, I tell you. The story of my life.

We had some supper, then I went to my room as my dad watched his NASCAR race all night. I watched Ugly Betty (lol.. so sad ending 😦 ), BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (rofl so funny), Naruto (wow great episode), Supernatural (lol @ the line about the weather being Canadian.. because I’m pretty sure it’s filmed in Vancouver.. great episode, but too bad Alycia Purrott’s character didn’t get to interact with the brothers 😦 ) and Painkiller Jane (pretty good episode). Then I watched some SNL (lol @ Regis & Kelly skit)..

See ya.

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