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I awoke in the morning, then had to reboot my computer in order to finish yesterday’s entry. Grr. All this severe weather is really starting to annoy me. Thunderstorms nearly every day, interrupting my TV, interrupting my internet. Some places in my states got six inches of rain last night. :/ ..So I finished the entry, then I shortly napped before heading out to media buy.

First, I headed to Target. I was intent on at least getting Remember Me on Blu-ray for $25.99 minus last week’s $10 gift card. But after thinking about a while, I actually passed on it altogether. The bastards at Target didn’t even get any copies with slipcovers on them. And the studio appears to offer them that way now since a sticker was on the plastic (I later visit Best Buy to find they have it in slipcover with sticker.. for $26.99). Looks like I’ll wait for a price drop, and perhaps see it on Netflix while I wait. The sticker mentions a free Robert Pattinson post by mail (OMG! *rolls eyes* ..if it were Emilie de Ravin, on the other hand.. *drools*).. Target is also offering Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 1 Collection – Collector’s Edition DVD set for $40. I just had to ask an employee to confirm that price. My copy shipped from Amazon this morning for $26.99 plus free shipping. Haha. :p

Next, I moved on to Best Buy and only picked up Watchmen on DVD for $5. Someone on a DVD forum I regularly visit brought up that it was a good time to finally get the theatrical version on disc at that price, so I did (the Blu only has the Director’s Cut 😦 ). I really wished I had gotten Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut when it was released, but it was pretty much just a repackaging of everything I had already purchased separately and it wasn’t on sale anywhere.. so I just couldn’t do it. 😦 ..I did download that Ultimate Cut though.. >_>

I got my icee, then we headed home. I got online to inventory the new discs while my dad watched his boring morning TV again. But I eventually took over the TV (after he left), then I watched the first six episodes of American Dad Vol 5 (lol). And after that, I wasted some time in PlayStation Home (finally decided to try that soccer minigame.. I put myself in the queue to play it.. then I can’t work it anymore.. I waited for nearly an hour before giving up). I then followed that with Family Guy (“Partial Terms of Endearment” the episode FOX were too big of pussies to air because it deals with abortion.. so it aired on the BBC instead.. lol, good episode).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Wipeout (back for another summer season.. now making it more obvious than ever the showrunners just love shoving people into pools) and two hours of America’s Got Talent (fairly good, I guess..). And that was pretty much it.

Lately I’ve been considering giving Power Troopers a new and updated shot. Yes, the series of stories I wrote a loooong time ago.. that were pretty much just Power Rangers fanfic. lol. :p I wanted it to be separate, so I changed the name of the group and their mecha.. and yet used a bunch of other characters from the series and first movie nonetheless. Not sure yet, but if I do I’d probably go all original with it this time around, with maybe a subtle reference or two.. *shrug*

See ya.

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