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Sunday 10.31.04 — Halloween? not here…

October 31, 2004

It’s going to be different starting next Saturday. Daylight Savings Time ends today, but my state doesn’t get involved with it. So the shows I watch on cable are now an hour later, including Dino Thunder. This would make PRDT and TMNT back-to-back.. when I tape both of them. So I have to start DVRing TMNT to tape later and do the rest of the PRDT spoiler descriptions while it’s airing. Heh. At least there won’t be a basic deadline to meet in that department anymore…

Yup, I’m up this late yet again.. but all I did was look at a few sites. No video game. :p I am getting a little scared just reading about sightings of a moving ghost car in San Andreas though. Freaky. ..Goodnight..

The morning consisted of waking up over an hour late because my alarm decided not to turn on, then I watched the some of the VH1 countdown and the DVRed Best Week Ever… then fell asleep again.. until recently. *sigh* All that time wasted…

I watched last Wednesday’s LAX on the bedroom DVR, then got online, and barely had a supper. After my dad went outside, I watched the last two episodes of Arrested Development (just a week short of its season premiere next Sunday night πŸ™‚ ), then my Mighty Morphin Season 3 Vol 6 VCD — “I’m Dreaming Of A White Ranger” (original VHS version with a few extra / alternate scenes) and “A Ranger Catastrophe” Part I & II. Great episodes, especially the latter two.. but my burner screwed up on it too. Looks like around four minutes missing from the closing of Part I / opening of Part II. Grrrrr.

Just saw Toon Disney’s Power Rangers Dino Thunder promo for “A Test Of Trust”… Mesogog: “I must have a creature that is worthy of my new-found power!” *huge robot-monster-looking foot attempts to stomp the Rangers* Conner: “What the–?! Look out!” *huge monster claw swats the Rangers away* Conner: “Time for a little intergalactic action!” “Just you and me!” *Conner goes Triassic; him and the monster zoom out into Earth’s orbit!* Monster: “You got it.” Mesogog: “I’m just getting started.” *a green/blue/purple megazord emerges from the water!* Conner: “Now what?” Trent: “Hang on, guys!” *Dino Stegazord forms* …Whoa…

Well, tonight’s new Desperate Housewives was awesome. Except, according to my dad, “it’s getting like Passions”. :p We couldn’t believe how fast the hour passed. Can’t wait for the next episode… πŸ™‚

Today was average, I guess. Still wish my life didn’t suck as much as it does… See ya.

[ Vote For A Man, Not A Puppet ]
[ Israeli Secret Agents Liquidate 310 Iraqi Scientists ]
[ Cheney Calls Iraq, Afghan Wars Brilliant ]
[ Voters Claim Abuse Of Electoral Rolls ]
[ This Is No Way To Elect A Leader ]
[ It’s The War, Stupid ]
[ Bush Was Debate-Wired – NASA Photo Expert Proves It ]
[ Great Apes ‘Spiraling Into Extinction’ ]


Saturday 10.30.04 — Tommy: “Well, it looks like it’s over.. Ms Randall.”

October 30, 2004

*sigh* I work on the entries all day long. Moreso on the weekday versions. And it was just gone. No reason whatsoever. I saved the draft, loaded another semagic file, then loaded the draft.. and it was gone. I’m fucking tired of all this negative shit.. I need to get out some of this newfound stress.. by killing people.. *goes to play San Andreas*

This time, I mostly just shopped for more clothes, failed a mission, and listened to the radio for awhile. *shrug*

Here’s a Friday recap of the things I remember doing for those who want to know (all two of you)…

Early morning: San Andreas playing — a visit to the carnival thing on Los Santos’ farthest point southwest.
Morning: late awakening; watched / taped the DVRed life as we know it — awesome; watched the DVRed Drawn Together – interesting.
Afternoon: Passions was okay; watched Arrested Development ep 19-20; San Andreas play — parachuting in downtown Los Santos, motorcycle re-organizing, finally got to buy some clothes
Evening: watched / taped The Tribe — great episodes; watched Joan of Arcadia — stupid episode about “stealing” from the homeless; watched Hope & Faith and Less Than Perfect Halloween episodes — funny


Whoa. Just finished watching Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s new episode, “House Of Cards”. …Whoa… The episode begins with Ethan and Devin playing a card game of Dragon War outside the school. Cassidy overhears them and comments that it’s completely lame. Kira is surprised that she agrees with her. The guys stand up for this, one of their favorite past-times. Kira mentions that it’s against school rules to play cards, but they continue nonetheless. While playing, Ethan discovers the rarest card of all, the Ruby Dragon card. Devin sees the card and forfeits the game. At this point, Ms. Randall catches them in the act, and gets them to hand over their cards. The four leave as Ms Randall takes a look at the Ruby Dragon card, commenting that he’d make a perfect monster. Next, we see Tommy doing something we haven’t seen him doing in while: teaching Dino 101. πŸ™‚ He tries to get an answer out of Ethan, but he he doesn’t reply. Kira explains what happened with the cards. Tommy lands on Ms Randall’s side, but says he’ll talk to her after school to try and get them back.. After school, Ms Randall takes the Ruby Dragon card and transforms into Elsa… just as Tommy walks into the room! “Well, it looks like it’s over.. Ms Randall.” “It’s a shame, Tommy. We could’ve had something.” “Dream on.” Battle commences. Eventually, Elsa knocks Tommy down, transforms back into Ms Randall, and leaves her office. Tommy lets Ethan know he just found out something about Ms Randall. He then follows her out into the schoolyard, where the battle continues. Eventually, the bell rings and they now have an audience. When Ms Randall transforms back into Elsa in front of everyone, almost the entire student class witnessing it run off. Elsa tells Tommy she resigns as Principal and departs.. Trent belly-aches over losing the Ruby Dragon card and Trent says maybe he could do something about that and runs off. Tommy leaves to address the school board on the Ms Randall situation. Elsa prepares to make her monster.. until Trent shows up to retrieve the card. They fight, but in the end, Trent is knocked out by Elsa’s newly-created monster. Conner, Kira and Ethan show up for training in the woods, but find Trent to be late. The Ruby Dragon comes to them, and they all do their usual Super Dino morph and another battle begins. Meanwhile, Anton Mercer shows up at Evil HQ to find Trent. He begins to transform into Mesogog yet again, then tells him to go his Ranger friends, who need his help. White Ranger joins the battle in the nick of time and tries to take the monster on himself. But he kinda fails. The monster mentions that Trent has a secret he’s keeping from the team. Elsa and some T’drones decide join the battle. And she pesters Trent about the secret as well. By this point, the others are really wondering what this secret could be. Red, Yellow and Blue Rangers join to form the Triassic battlizer. He takes some ‘drones out with a cannon blast, and Elsa & Ruby Dragon escape. The rangers question Trent over what the secret is, but he refuses to reply.. Back at Dino HQ, Trent finally tells them a lie and says the secret is that he went into Evil HQ to get Ethan’s card back. He is berated by Tommy for his foolish actions. Then Trent leaves. But Kira doesn’t believe him. Just then, the Ruby Dragon stages an attack. The four Rangers morph and meet the monster head-on. Another battle commences. Blue Ranger calls on his hoverbike to help take this foe down. White Ranger joins the fight, and all five combine their weapons to form the Z-Rex Blaster. A blast from it destroys the monster. But not for long. Elsa makes her monster grow, and the Rangers call on all three megazords (Thundersaurus, Mezodon and Dino Stega) to take him down. After a short fight, a 3-in-1 blast takes Ruby Dragon down once and for all. Mesogog warns Elsa that her time is running out.. But Elsa has a plan of her own involving the Ruby Dragon card.. Ethan says he has learned his lesson about playing cards at school. Then, Conner, Kira, Ethan and Tommy come across Trent and Anton in the school hallway. Anton’s cellphone.. beeps.. and he pulls it out of his pocket. But a certain playing card comes out and falls to the floor. The Rangers question them about how the Ruby Dragon card got into Anton’s pocket, but they both act dumb. At this point, Anton collapses. He’s about to transform into Mesogog! Anton jumps up and runs down the hallway. Trent pleads to leave him alone, but the Rangers don’t listen. They follow him. Anton leads them into Tommy’s vacant classroom, where he transforms into Mesogog in front of everyone! Trent’s big secret is finally revealed. And his Ranger friends feel betrayed… Next week — “A Test Of Trust”: The countdown to the final face-off continues! Mesogog and Anton Mercer are divided into two separate beings.. and Tommy asks Trent to give up his Ranger powers for his betrayal…!

Just finished watching this week’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — “Worlds Collide, Part I”. Awesome episode. Fortunately, they didn’t start replacing our apartment’s front door until just after it was over. Damn, they’re loud. At least they’re doing it. My dad has been bitching about how loose the door is when locked (you even have to deadbolt lock it to keep it closed!) and about how much air comes in and out through it for months. :/ But this leaves the living room TV unwatchable. Booorrrreeedddd…

But back to TMNT… is reporting that another DVD release of the original Ninja Turtles animated series will be released in Spring 2005. Niiiice. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, no other information is currently available..

I just want to say.. thanks to Kids’ WB for starting a new series called The Batman, getting me somewhat-hooked after four episodes, then going into reruns to make me forget about the show enough to miss DVRing today’s new episode. And there’s no longer a repeat of the new episode during the week. Thanks again! *rolls eyes*

Also, I tried to watch my scheduled DVD episodes just now, but my dad took over the TV like Hitler.. except he didn’t kill me. 😦

I pretty much wasted the day away. I was able to watch the first X-Files DVD episode, but I started the second one.. and fell asleep almost immediately. 😦 I woke up long enough to take the DVD out, then slept all afternoon. Until my dad woke me for supper. *sigh*

My dad went outside to discuss with his friend / neighbor the best way to ignore tomorrow’s halloweeners, so I put in San Andreas and played it for a good five hours or so. I tried another mission. Failed. Tracked down a quadbike that I had heard about and added it to my collection. Eventually, my dad came in and I showed him some things in the game. Like the country radio station I knew he’d like, the auto repair place, the food, dance club,horse betting, the bar etc. He even coached me a little in a pool game.. :p Now he has changed his mind and agrees with me that it was worth the $50. Heehee. πŸ™‚ *goes to watch MadTV*

Happy Halloween! …I guess… And the links section below is longer because I had catch up from yesterday.. See ya.

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[ Bush Stifling Evidence Of Global Warming – NASA Scientist ]
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the unlucky streak strikes back

October 29, 2004

It seems life has dealt me a bad hand yet again. I had a news-filled entry ready for posting… but, Semegic ate it. It’s gone. A whole day’s work.. just.. *poof*. Like that. *sigh* Just kill me already…

Edited to add most of the news I planned to post, re-assambled item by item.. only in less words than originally written:

Kyl415 has posted some Jetix November highlights… —————–Highlights of the JETIX action/adventure programming seen mornings on ABC Family and evenings on Toon Disney are:

Kids are invited to get in the spirit of Election Day when JETIX presents a Kids Only election themed programming event MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1 through MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8 (7:00 a.m., ET/PT) on ABC Family. Viewers can vote online at for their favorite “Power Ranger” episodes of all time, leading to a Viewers Choice marathon on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14 (7:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET/PT).

In the finale episode of “Power Rangers DinoThunder” the heroic Power Rangers face mighty battles against Zelzord and Mesomonster, and in the end must choose between preserving their own morphing powers and vanquishing the evil aliens.

This episode premieres during JETIX on ABC Family SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20 (9:00 a.m., ET/PT), and during JETIX on Toon Disney SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 (7:30 p.m., ET/PT).

During the series finale of “Power Rangers DinoThunder” viewers get a sneak peak of the upcoming 13th edition of the global phenomenon, “Power Rangers.” Entitled “Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta,” the new series premieres in February.—————–

The just-mentioned Power Rangers Power Picks election marathon poll is now online

DVDAnswers has received the DVD cover art for Family Guy – The Freakin’ Sweet Collection. has put together a three-part “Mini Survival Guide” for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Included are strategies for everything from turf wars and street racing to dating and parachuting. Check it out…

Fullmetal Panic! The Second Raid will be directed by Fullmetal Panic! Fumoffu? director Yasuhiro Takemoto and again animated by Kyoto Animation. Seemingly, unlike the comedic Fullmetal Panic! Fumoffu? anime series, the new animation will be a serious adaptation of the two volume Fullmetal Panic! Owaru Day By Day novel story, with the action occuring partially in Hong Kong.” Another one? Damn, I’m still waiting for Fumoffu‘s US release…

ABC has layed out it’s November sweeps plans… Click here. Beware of spoilers for the upcoming episodes.

What a perfect way to start the weekend! -_-

more spd cast / prdt dvd site update / degrassi tng special / wonderfalls dvd / homer / today

October 28, 2004

Batman192 has come across a post on a IMDb board for actress Alycia Purrott, the blonde hottie from the MTV movie, Jailbait. The poster claims that she has been cast as Sydney, the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.D.. Check out the Rangerboard thread for plenty of pictures.. Damn, I hope this is true. πŸ˜‰ Also, The Days‘ Brandon McLaren has been cast as the Red Ranger (he’s the black dude on the bottom row of this DVD cover)…

The official Power Rangers Dino Thunder DVD website has been updated with descriptions and details for the final two DVD volumes of the season, as well as new wallpapers promoting the releases. Check it out. πŸ™‚

I guess those few seconds of footage in The N’s Degrassi TNG “New in November” promo were a real teaser. The network has issued this press release concerning a very special two-part school shooting episode, which will premiere on The N on December 3rd (Part 1) and 10th (Part 2).. even though the promo made us think it was coming in November. :/ Be warned though, the press release does contain spoilers for the episodes…

How perfect… 20th Century Fox has officially announced Wonderfalls: The Complete Viewer Collection for DVD release on February 1st 2005.. my 22nd birthday. Teehee. Check out TVShowsOnDVD for all the details. πŸ™‚

Homer Simpson for President! :p

Late last night, I stayed up playing San Andreas again. This time, I did a mission, then finally was able to use the gym to get some muscle. Then I rampaged a little in between. πŸ˜‰ The morning wasn’t much, as usual. But later, we did watch / tape last night’s episode of Lost. Awesome episode.. and that Japanese chick is kinda hot. :p But where was Emilie? 😦 After that, I watched last night’s hilarious episode of South Park, that mirrors the current presidential election. Also, I’m glad to finally see something that supports my view of it: “I think voting is great, but if I have to choose between a douche and a turd, I just don’t see the point.” πŸ™‚ Wish I could download that funny song from the closing credits though.. Passions was actually pretty good again.. After that, I watched two more episodes of Arrested Development on DVD.. then returned to San Andreas (I’m getting predictable). I weight lifted and took some more pictures.. at the beach. *ahem* I wonder if you can somehow move the pictures taken to a PC, since the manual claims they are saved to the memory card as “standard jpeg” files. Hmm… Those evil comments from pedestrians are being to turn around. They’re complimenting CJ’s muscles now. ..I wonder at what point in the game does CJ date.. and “score”? *shrug* ..I stopped for supper, then got online for a while. Later, we watched the first half of Joey, changed to Blue Collar TV because it was actually new. Then my dad bitched. He didn’t want to see that green screen show that I think sounds stupid (but I’m still interested in seeing it at least once). He changes it over to a memorable repeat of Will & Grace, then an awesome new episode of CSI Vegas. πŸ™‚ And that’s about it.

Today was fairly good. See ya…

[ Florida Computers Snatch 1,000s Of Votes From Kerry ]
[ Prominent Americans Who Don’t Buy Official 911 Story ]
[ Russia Tied To Iraq’s Missing Arms ]
[ Young George Bush Flips The Bird At TV Camera (WMV) ]
[ The Truth About The ‘Hobbits’ ]
[ Homeland Security Agents Visit Toy Store ]

spd guests / family guy dvd ..again / psp japan price / gits sac reminder / life grounded / today

October 27, 2004

TripEisen620 has come across a few guest roles for Power Rangers S.P.D.: Sarah Thomson (who will play “Dianne”) & Dwayne Cameron (who will play “Dru”, and previously played Ethan’s bully in Dino Thunder‘s “Bully For Ethan”).. has all the info on the December 14th DVD release of Family Guy – The Freakin’ Sweet Collection: The Best Of The Family Guy (yes, that’s the full title 😐 )…

Sony of Japan has announced that the Playstation Portable (PSP) will go on sale in Japan on December 12, at a retail price of 19,800 yen ($185). By comparison, the Nintendo DS will go on sale in Japan on December 2 and retail at 15,000 yen ($140). According to official statements from Sony, the PSP’s rechargeable Lithium Ion battery will allegedly last for four to six hours for gameplay, or four to five hours for movies, on average.

Niiiice. πŸ˜€

For those still unsure if Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex deserves your DVD purchase, here’s a reminder that the first season will begin airing on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim every Saturday, starting November 6th at 12:30AM EST and repeat the following Thursday at 1:00AM EST for 26 weeks. πŸ™‚ reports that The WB has canceled Grounded For Life. *sigh* 😦

I stayed up late again last night playing more San Andreas. I managed to finally find a bar, and I played a little basketball (2 shots went in.. out of 34645). This morning had very little going on, like usual. Later though, I watched various things on the DVR, including last night’s Wanda Does It and Saturday’s first new Dragonball GT episode in a while. Passions was the usual: nothing much happened. A while after that, I watched two more episodes of Arrested Development.. then blew off another movie I was going to watch for the 346456th time.. and played San Andreas instead. Teehee. I followed a cop all across town. It looked like he was just randomly walking. Then after all that time, a random guy just came up to him, punched him, and shot him to death. :p With the armor/health/money and weapons cheat codes, I was able to last a while running though Las Venturras.. away from the cops. Damn permanent four-star. lol @ jumping into the water from a high point in order to swim to Las Venturras.. CJ: “Oh Shi–! *splash* ..After I was caught by the cops though, I simply rampaged all over the place. Whee.. I stopped for supper, then went online for a bit. In primetime, we watched the new episode of Smallville. By reading the spoilers, I was looking forward to this one.. and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. πŸ™‚ And thanks to the affiliate for finally fixing the picture (if they are to blame). From the beginning of this season, I’ve been told the episodes have been shown in widescreen. But my affiliate wasn’t. Until tonight. The annoying post-ad-break ads at the bottom of the screen looked bigger and more annoying though.. *shrug* ..After that, we changed to CBS and watched King of Queens (lmao) and Center of the Universe (*barf*), followed by a nice episode of CSI: NY (i want one of those sushi parties dangit! πŸ˜‰ ). And that was about it.

Now this is art…

Today was slightly above average. πŸ™‚ See ya…

[ LiveJournal User Visited By Secret Service After Anti-Bush Comments ]

[ Coverup? 3 Of 4 911 Black Boxes Were Found! ]
[ US Gave Date Of Iraq War To Britain 5 Months In Advance ]
[ 58,000 Ballots Missing In Florida! ]
[ Wanted – Enemy To Justify $344 Billion War Budget ]
[ The Fluoride Factor – Fluoride Leading To Rise In Worldwide Health Problems ]
[ Hobbit-Like Human Ancestors FoundCould ‘Hobbit’ Species Still Exist? ]
[ Japan’s Lost Generation Finds Solace In Suicide ]

bopr dvd oddity / tru canned? / freakin family guy dvd / cbs & wb nov sweeps // snapback / today

October 26, 2004

SnoopsWarner has posted on RangerBoard about a mysterious video clip hidden on the Best of Power Rangers: The Ultimate Rangers DVD, that flashes a quote: ‘”By witholding a DVD release you are ignoring… the unsurpassed video and audio quality that the format offers.” -Open letter to George Lucas in Variety.’ Very weird.. and ironic..

Eliza Dushku and Shawn Reaves told fans at a London convention that their Fox series Tru Calling has been canceled, Dark Horizons reported. The news comes after Fox scaled back its second-season order for the show, then bumped its premiere date from the fall.

…How many great FOX series have been cancelled now? *sigh* Idiots.

In a new news item, further explains the editing of the Family Guy episode “Road To Rhode Island” before it reached DVD. I reported about it yesterday, remember? The episode will be included on the December 14th DVD release Family Guy: The Freakin’ Sweet Collection, along with character commentary by Brian and Stewie, four other of Creator Seth MacFarlane’s favorite episodes from Season 2 and 3, and more. All for under $20. πŸ™‚

Both CBS and The WB have issued spoiler-filled press releases for the various new programming airing during the November sweeps period. I personally found the Smallville spoilers most interesting.. πŸ™‚

It was about time the other shoe dropped. Yesterday was just too good. I played GTA San Andreas for a good 2 1/2 hours late last night, and I was awake until about 4:30AM (and slept for only about 4 1/2 hours). I rebooted the computer and didn’t open any of the programs, so I could encode and burn the Zeo VCD at last. I wake up this morning to find that it stopped at a “disk write error” blue screen at only 23%. And no, I didn’t download anything to fill space. *sigh* I didn’t expect the rubber band that is my horrible life to begin snapping back so soon…

In the morning, we had breakfast (the best scrambled eggs evar!!!!1 it helps having a former cook as a father), and I.. played San Andreas for another few hours. Whee. So far, I’ve already wasted money at a strip club, took a hike in the wilderness, killed some rival gang members, betted on a few horse races, and swam a bit too… and that’s only Los Santos! Beautiful. I agree with IGN: this really is the best PS2 game ever. I wish I could go to the other cities without having the cops come after me like crazy though.. I had to stop for Passions though. And nothing much happened in today’s episode either. 😦 After that, I watched my Mighty Morphin Season 3 Vol 5 VCD (“Stop The Hate Master” Part 1-2 & “The Potion Notion”.. Love & Hate!). Great episodes. Can’t wait for the intense storylines coming later in the season.. Soon after that,… I played more San Andreas. :p For about three more hours. Mostly just more exploration, but this time I bought my camera along. Yes, you can take and save pictures within the game. So far, most of my pictures are of.. women. I did get a nice shot of the “Vinewood” sign though (which is the game’s version of “Hollywood”). Maybe next time I’ll get a private lapdance at the strip club (for only $300). πŸ˜‰ ..Supper was barely anything (we’re still broke in that department). I got online for a while, then watched whatever was on TV, including NCIS (featuring an appearance by another non-regular Roswell alum: ..that UFL guy..). At 9PM, after my dad had left, I watched the GTA episode of and the new Scrubs (for the 34552556th time, I want this series on DVD!). After that, I returned to G4TechTV for more GTA-themed episodes: X-Play and Unscrewed (the former was better than the latter). I gave my dad more money for food (really broke), ..and that was about it. 😐

If it wasn’t for those six-some hours of awesome San Andreas gameplay, today would have seriously sucked. :/ See ya.

[ Bush & Kerry Related To Vlad The Impaler – Dracula ]
[ Ruppert’s 911 Expose Bestseller Being Slowed? ]
[ Bush Wants Another $70 bn For Failed Iraq War! ]
[ They Can Get You If They Want ]
[ This Year’s Flu Vaccine Targets Wrong Strain ]
[ Fox News Does Not Favor Bush – Murdoch ]
[ Ridge – No Security Necessary On Border ]
[ US Again Asserts It Will Control Space – Period ]

shayla interview / new shiri series / new family guy & predator 2 dvds / live akira director / today

October 25, 2004

Continuing in the tradition of Rangerboard member interviews, AndrosTheRedRanger has posted an interview with Power Rangers Wild Force‘s Ann Marie Crouch. Very well done, in my opinion. Check it out. πŸ™‚

Roswell‘s Shiri Appleby has been cast in a new pilot episode…

Rachel Blanchard (“7th Heaven”), Jacob Pitts (“Eurotrip”), Shiri Appleby (“Roswell”), Merritt Wever (“Signs”) and newcomer Reggie Austin (“The Next Action Star”) have been announced as five of the seven principal cast members on Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick’s latest, 1/4Life, an ensemble drama pilot for ABC about a group of twentysomething friends who live under the same roof and examines the period of transition that comes after a person graduates from college and has to come to grips with life in the real world. No character specifics were given about the Touchstone Television-based project, which will be written by the duo with Herskovitz directing.

Good luck, Shiri! πŸ™‚

To help promote Seth MacFarlane’s latest animated effort, American Dad, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment plans to release Family Guy: The Freakin’ Sweet Collection on December 14. The single-disc set will feature five of MacFarlane’s favorite episodes from the show’s second and third seasons, including the original, uncensored version of “Road to Rhode Island” with optional commentary by the cast and crew. Also included will be interviews with MacFarlane about both American Dad, which premieres on Sunday nights this January on FOX, and the upcoming fourth season of Family Guy. The release features an MSRP of $19.99.

*shakes fist for not including the original cut on the DVD boxed sets* For those who don’t know, a joke was edited out of that episode after 9/11 that involved Osama Bin Laden going through airport security. Now I must buy this release too. At least it won’t cost much…

Fox has also announced a Predator 2 Collector’s Edition DVD. I loved the first one… but is this movie any good?

In an interview with French website TΓ©lΓ©rama, Katsuhiro Otomo has stated that Pitof, the director of Catwoman, is set to direct the live action adaptation of Akira.

Uh oh…

As usual, not much happened in the morning. I watched the last episode of Hawaii on my bedroom DVR late last night while downloading some Zeo episodes to burn to VCD. Great episode, better than the past ones. Too bad NBC has placed it on hiatus. 😦 Then, I had to close all these programs in the morning and delete more just to encode and burn the VCD. How do three episodes that come to a total of 64 minutes.. equal 57 minutes on VCD? Well, after about six minutes are removed from somewhere within the third episode. I guess I’ll have to try it again tonight. Grrrrr.. I meant to watch a few DVRed shows this morning, but I got wrapped up in an IM chat… Before I knew it, it was time for Passions. But today’s episode wasn’t that exciting. I got a headache at the constant rehashing and bait-and-switch tactics used in the storyline. Then I fell asleep. :p My dad woke me once it was over, and we watched two more episodes of Arrested Development. More hilarious episodes. So can’t wait for the second season to begin (on Sunday, November 7th.. after The Simpsons). Then, we watched my Fire In The Sky DVD (actually, my dad slept through most of it). As great as I first saw it.. and second saw it.. and thir– er, you get the idea. Heh. Then, I watched what I missed of Passions on the DVR. As expected, nothing exciting happened. Except for Gwen finally going insane. Woohoo. πŸ˜‰ Then we had a reasonable supper, and then we headed to GameStop (with some paranoid bitching from my dad.. he doesn’t trust being out of the home for long after dark with the drug dealer / thief living next door). On the way, I actually had this feeling like my heart was going to jump out of my chest or something. Weird.. When I got there, I noticed they had some “bad party” atmosphere going on. There was a separate table for ones who reserved GTA San Andreas, and a table with free candy and cans of soda (no, I didn’t take any). I couldn’t believe how many items had the “GTA:SA” logo.. even the salesperson’s nametags. Maybe they’re GTA stores now… So I just went to checkout, found no official PlayStation magazine just yet, asked for the game, payed (damn, that debit/credit machine takes forever to complete a transaction.. maybe because it had to dial-up to the internet? lol), and I was out. More simple than I thought it would be really. We hurried home and I played it for a quick hour before the CBS comedies started. I stopped, watched Still Standing, then moved my PS2 into my room for another hour of gameplay. I couldn’t stay away! :p I ignored Listen Up and the Raymond repeat, then stopped to watch the new episodes of Two & A Half Men and CSI Miami. Great episodes. But damn, I need that Ultimate Codes cheat disc for GTA:SA. I’ve gotten too used to the one for GTA:VC.. : /

Overall, today was pretty damn good. πŸ™‚ See ya…

“Live the life you want to live; do the things you want to do, it’s entirely up to you. But however you choose to do it, do it now. Drop everything and do it right now. It’s the best PlayStation 2 game ever made. Period.” – video game review for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Rating: 9.9 out of 10).

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Sunday 10.24.04 — umm.. the clock’s still ticking…? *yawn*

October 24, 2004

Have you noticed by now that I’m trying to post a new tidbit each day leading up the release? Heh. Anyway.. someone has “scanned” the first San Andreas review in the official PlayStation magazine. It reveals that you could have heart attacks and dates with girls, you can use a jetpack, and there’s confirmation of an Area 51-like place called Area 69. Haha. I’m so checking that place out… There’s also base jumping (aka parachuting from skyscrapers), a flight school, and supposedly 150 hours of gameplay. I mostly checked out the screen caps though. I’ll read the review when I buy the magazine in a few weeks.. :p

Just saw Ashlee Simpson get screwed up by her band on live TV. Poor Ashlee. They started playing “Pieces Of Me” for a second time and you could hear her singing without her lips moving. She just walked off the stage. Hope this quote (that a friend found) isn’t real: Lucky Magazine: “What are your takes on lip-synching?” Ashlee Simpson: “I’m totally against it and offended by it. I’m going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. Personally, I’d never lip-synch. It’s just not me.” If so.. Uh oh…

yup, my dad’s all-important sports events are airing again this week.. so I’m stuck in my room once more… So I awoke after only 3-4 hours sleep (something exciting came up last night.. that I was told not to talk about yet), had a little breakfast, and watched more DVD episodes of X-Files, Arrested Development, and Nadesico. I’m hoping to watch the last episode of the latter later today.. Then, we watched the first half of Say It Isn’t So on Comedy Central. My dad changed the channel at that point for his sports crap (I set it to DVR the rest though). I had always wanted to see the movie, and I may buy the DVD at some point in the future now… The ads in the morning’s paper weren’t that exciting. Best Buy is claiming they won’t get San Andreas in until Wednesday. I guess I’ll just forget that offer and go with GameStop instead…

Also, G4TechTV will be airing Grand Theft Auto-themed programming all day long on Tuesday to coincide with San Andreas‘ release. Included will be two hours of premiere episodes — also GTA-themed, of course. πŸ™‚

So I actually cleaned up my room a bit after my dad bitched about it a few days ago. And he doesn’t give me any kind of recognition for the work. *sigh* I’ve mostly been watching G4TechTV.. because I can’t find anything better. Teehee @ Chris Leery on Fresh Gear. His voice brings back some nice Fox Kids memories.. πŸ™‚

I went back into the living room after the sports was over, and we watched the rest of Say It Isn’t So on DVR. My dad made the last big supper for a while, then escaped once more. I watched Ned’s Declassified… and Unfabulous.. at least until I discovered they were reruns. With the latter one being aired for the first time just last week. Ugh. Nick don’t care whatsoever..

Then, I watched the awesome Toon Disney promo for next week’s Power Rangers Dino Thunder — “House Of Cards”… Ethan: “She has the Ruby Dragon Card!” Elsa (places card in Genome Randomizer): “With the flick of a switch, you will make a wonderful new creature.” *monster attacks* Conner: “Elsa didn’t waste any time.” *Super Dino Mode!* Ruby Dragon (to White Ranger): “Why don’t you tell your friends the truth?” *Ms Randell transforms into Elsa on screen and Mesogog is shown in what looks like a classroom as this is being said* Ethan: “All of this is one crazy week.” Elsa: “Attack!” Ruby Dragon: “Nice view!” *shoots red bolts down at the Rangers, and does the same to the three Megazords* …Wow…

Right after the last update, I watched Nadesico episode 9, the last of Volume 1. They sure knew the perfect point to separate the episodes onto volumes. This episode was great, a little more serious than the ones in the recent past, and it furthered the love triangle plot quite a lot. Then, in the next episode preview, they said that it will be the “swimsuit episode” so the pervs like me would be all “OMG Must buy Volume 2 nooooowww!”.. er something. :p ..After some more time online, we watched / taped tonight’s new episode of Desperate Housewives. Looove this show. The episode was great too. Can’t wait for next week.

Today was only slightly below average, when I think about it. I’ve convinced my dad to take me to pick up a copy of GTA San Andreas at 7PM tomorrow, when GameStop is supposed to start selling them. I hope I’m able to get a copy.. Well, see ya…

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Saturday 10.23.04 — the clock is ticking…

October 23, 2004

Strip Britney Spears Naked!

Wow. This San Andreas fansite Q&A has a few pretty cool spoilers for the game. Also, I’ve heard that GameStop and east coast EBGames stores will begin selling the game Monday evening at 7PM ET, I’ll probably still wait until Tuesday though.. 😐

Just finished watching Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s new episode, “Drawn Into Danger”. It was pretty good. Next week looks even better… The episode begins with Conner, Ethan, and Trent playing a game of Soccer after school. Trent beats Conner with a move and goes on to score. Conner then asks and discovers Trent used to play on a team when he was younger. Conner asks if he’d like to be his practice partner tomorrow, but Trent says that he can’t. He’s meeting Carson Brady, a comic book artist, at the Cyber Cafe. Ms. Randall comes up behind them and berates them for using the field without a permit, but Conner shows that they do have one. :p Back at Evil HQ, Mesogog approaches Elsa as she’s working on a new plan. She shows him a glowing pen. At the Cafe, Carson Brady’s comic book signing has begun. Cassidy and Devin arrive “under cover” dressed as superheroes, like a few other fans. Trent meets Carson for the first time. They talk about how Trent’s father doesn’t approve of his drawing, and Carson says he was once in his shows and tries to convince him that he’ll come around. Ms Randall pushes through the crowd and acts like she’s a fan, only to give him the special pen. She makes him promise to use it on his next project. Devin comments that Ms Randall could be “an evil she-villain in disguise”, but Cassidy replies that he’s been watching too much TV (haha). That night, Carson begins working. He picks up the pen and it takes over his hand, making him draw all night.. In the morning, he’s surprised to find a finished work under his head. Conner and Ethan play some more Soccer, and Kira comments to Tommy that he might’ve been changed by a personality-altering meteor again. Heh. Conner scores a goal, then the entire world around them goes back and white, like a comic book.. Outside looking in, Carson approves of the work he barely remembers doing.. The monster of the day, Fridgia, arrives and attacks the rangers in the comic book dimension. The four rangers morph and strike back with their fighting abilities and weapons. But it doesn’t go as they had hoped. It begins to snow around them to remind them who’s in charge here.. Anton Mercer is working in his office when he comes across a few of Trent’s drawings (a couple first seen in “White Thunder Part I”). He decides to make a call.. Carson stops by the Cyber Cafe to give Trent an early copy of his latest work. He comments that he felt possessed while drawing it. Trent notices this is a Power Rangers comic and shows Hayley. They notice the rangers true identities are within the pages. Hayley asks how it ends. Trent finds that it ends quite badly for the Rangers. Trent goes to Carson for an explanation, while the rangers get beaten down even before they could go Triassic on Fridgia’s ass. Trent questions Carson, and he tells him of the new pen (but doesn’t mind asking where he got it). Trent tells him he can’t publish this and he refuses. Trent makes sure the coast is clear and then reveals his secret identity, the White Ranger, by morphing. He then explains how the Rangers may have gotten trapped inside his comic book. White Ranger then takes the comic book and pen, and draws himself into it. White Ranger is sucked into the comic book right away. Within, the Rangers are getting their asses handed to them.. then White Ranger shows up to help. They all go Super Dino on Fridgia. They all attack at once this time, and they eventually destroy him. The five Rangers come out of the comic book victorious. But then, Fridgia shows up in the real world. Conner takes out his Triassic Battlizer and destroys his ass once and for all using the Dragon Yo Yo. White Ranger then asks for the pen, throws it into the air and destroys it as well (still no need to ask where he got it). At Evil HQ, Elsa comments that Anton Mercer is gaining ground in the battle over his body. Mesogog is angered and tells her he doesn’t want to ever hear that fool’s name. Mesogog makes a comment that Elsa might not be here long enough to see his plans come to life… Carson and Trent are having a joint signing at the Cafe. They’ve collaborated together on a comic book. Carson says Trent has real talent, and reveals to him that Anton Mercer financed the new comic book. Trent is very surprised. Still in costume, Cassidy says to Devin that she would make the perfect superhero. Then changes her mind when someone’s bike is stolen outside.. Ha. Next week: “House of Cards” — The monster of the week reveals to the other Rangers that Trent is keeping some secrets from them. And Tommy asks him if this could be true. Could this be the beginning of the end?! …Most likely. There’s only four episodes left, after all… Stay tuned!

Just finished watching the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: “Space Invaders, Part III”, and end to a storyline.. in title alone. I loved this saga, and next week looks great too: “Worlds Collide, Part One”. It begins where this one left off.. I like long saga storylines. If only PR would be so daring in the current seasons..

Almost right after TMNT, I watched more episodes of X-Files (I fell asleep 😦 ) and Arrested Development (rofl), and Nadesico (lol.. I think I’m hooked now O_O). Then, I watched Best Week Ever, and deleted the morning’s DVRing of The Batman. Damn reruns. Now I’m trying to keep control of the living room TV.. so I gotta go.. :p

Ugh. I took over the living room TV and played GTA Vice City for a few hours. My dad just slept most of that time. I wasn’t really enjoying it all that much for some reason. Maybe I am finally tired of just rampaging every time I play. Or maybe I just don’t like it anymore after hearing of all the improvements that are going to be in San Andreas…? *shrug* The anticipation is killing me. :/ …So my dad made a pretty lame supper then escaped pretty quickly. Sooo bored now…

Today’s as bad as those Sundays I used to have. Uggh. I tried to take the free time to watch two more episodes of Nadesico so I could hopefully finish up Volume 1 tomorrow (nine episodes for $15. Nice. I might just get Volume 2 of 3 as well). But complications arose when my CD burner decided to act all retarded while I was trying to watch them. It couldn’t finalize a media CD-R (of.. pictures..). So I paused it to try and work it out. Eventually, my dad came barging in and acted like a complete ass over the paused DVD. We’re both not in too good of a mood today. ..I’m also downloading some Wild Force dailies from “Reinforcements From The Future”, and had to delete quite a lot just to download the largest one. I’ll probably just burn them to CD-R, like I did those Piper scenes…

Today started great.. and went downhill to the end. *sigh* Here’s hope that tomorrow won’t suck near as much. See ya.

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forbes rates pr sales / one minute please / star wars ep3 teaser 1 / today

October 22, 2004

The Walt Disney Company, owns three of the top ten character franchises according to’s annual “Top Earning Fictional Characters List.” … Disney’s Power Rangers and Disney/Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear were included in’s “Near Misses” list.

Yay..? πŸ™‚ Included on their “near miss” page is a neat tidbit of information: “Coming Attraction: A new, seventh Power Ranger (July 2005)”

ABC has announced that next week’s episodes of Desperate Housewives (Sunday) and Lost (Wednesday) will each be airing for one minute longer into the next hour. No reason was given. Why not remove a minute of ads? Oh wait, that means less profit. Nevermind…

Lucasfilm has announced that the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith will be attached to most prints of Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles when it opens in theaters on 11/5.

Just thought some would like to know… πŸ™‚

As usual, the morning was mostly nothing. Though I did tape / watch a two-month-old Hilary Duff special to finally get it off the DVR. After the first ten minutes, I lost interest though.. and fell asleep. :p After that, I watched / taped last night’s all new episode of life as we know it. Love this series. Between all that, I continued to feed my growing GTA: San Andreas anticipation by finding a forum and listening to the radio station preview. I can’t stop. 😦 Later, Passions was the biggest letdown of the week. The story went nowhere. Usually, my dad’s the one to be annoyed by it, but now I’m starting to be too. I wish that witch would be more active. Like the good old days… *sigh* Once that finished, I watched two more DVD episodes of Arrested Development (lol), watched / taped today’s new episodes of The Tribe (whoa), and finally watched / taped that Smallville Backstage Special from ABC Family. I lost interest in it pretty fast too though. 😦 I wasted more time online, and probably had the biggest supper in a while.. in the form of a ‘tv dinner’. 😐 Later, I watched Degrassi TNG (wow.. and *drools @ the bikini babes in the carwash scenes* *saves on DVR for forever*) and Radio Free Roscoe (awesome episode..but poor Lilly 😦 ). It looks like I don’t have to worry about these shows for a awhile though. It looks like they’re going into reruns again until November 26th. And by the way: *gasp @ the new Degrassi teaser*. Whoa. Why must we wait a month? 😦 ..Then, I watched an okay episode of Joan of Arcadia, a funny episode of Hope & Faith, then an even funnier Less Than Perfect. My dad finally got back and we watched the DVRed episodes of Grounded for Life and Reba. Whee…

Today was pretty average. Blah. I wish my life wasn’t so bland. And I wish I could make this into a GIF LJ icon. It describes my life so well. 😦 See ya…

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