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December 31, 2003

This entry was written just before my computer went down. I submitted it as a private entry and just now (1/3/2004 3:13PM) got my computer back up and running. The next entry will explain further…

2003 has gone by way too fast, it seems. It’s also a little hard to believe I’ve been here on LJ for almost a full year as well. I noticed my entries-per-day have dropped a lot in the last few months. Through it seems to have only changed from many open & short entries a day to one or two ..not-so-open & long entries a day. At least that’s how I see it. And I blame that feminazi bitch overtaking the dominion chat room for it (thus disbanding a large number of my friends). My spirits haven’t been anywhere that high since. Anyway, I’m not going to do one of those cheesy “year in review” things I’m seeing frequently on the “latest posts” page because you could easily go back into the archive and read what happened there. I even took the time a few months back to add all the entries from my previous blogs here (all labeled in “mood”). :p

After all that killing and sadness in Now and Then, Here and There, I really wasn’t expecting such a happy ending when I watched the series’ last three episodes today. Yup, I had even forgotten the conclusion since the last time I’ve watched it. But overall, it’s a great anime series. A part of me just wishes I could have bought the four-disc boxed set (with an extra features disc) instead of the three un-numbered volumes. I also watched yesterday’s Passions, as usual. It’s great to see the supernatural storylines that first attracted me to this show aren’t dead after all…

The smaller of two checks for January came in today ..and I spent almost all of it immediately (the larger one’s due Friday). First, I bought the Power Rangers Dino Thunder Black Quadro-Battlized Ranger action figure. And I really only bought it for the bonus video including the Ninja Storm episode “Nowhere To Grow” and that Dino Thunder “inside look” that I posted a download link to yesterday. I also bought a few Drew Barrymore movies on sale that have been sitting on my wish list for a while (Never Been Kissed & Ever After), as well as Jason Mraz’s CD (also on sale).

Oh yeah. Here’s some (small) shots of the Quadro-Battlized figure / video packaging that Danny Torres sent to me: Pic 1 & Pic 2. I took a few shots before I ripped mine open too… so expect them here at some point. Since it’s my dad’s camera, he’ll end up developing the film sometime this year… I hope.

My dad has bought some Hard Lemonade for tonight.. I guess. And he offered me one…in a way… Weird.

Well, my PC’s acting gay again, so I’m just gonna wrap this up and reboot for the 2nd time today. See ya.. and happy new year! :p


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December 30, 2003

Danny Torres comes through for the Power Rangers fandom again. He previously encoded the Ninja Storm / Dino Thunder promo from the PRNS Volume 2 & 3 VHS’s (before it was available on the PRNS Vol 4 & 5 DVDs) for his “Winding Thunder” website. Now he’s encoded the Dino Thunder “inside look” from that “Nowhere To Grow” VHS that comes packaged with the Dino Thunder battlized ranger action figures. It’s all sentai footage and runs for about 1:15. Click here to download both the “inside look” and/or the previous promo he’s encoded in RealPlayer or MPEG flavors. 🙂

The Cartoon Network has released its early 2004 broadcast schedule. Witch Hunter Robin is scheduled to premier on Monday, February 16th at midnight.

Yay. I’ll finally be able to see it. Then decide if I want to buy the DVDs…

Yesterday, I found in the Excite TV listings that CBS had cancelled the Joan of Arcadia repeat this Friday at 8PM for some crap Michael Jackson special. But now they’ve rescheduled the repeat for an hour later at 9PM that night. Yay.

Wow, another Tuesday with no media buying. But that’s mostly because I’m broke. I’m probably getting a small check tomorrow, so I’m aiming to pick up a few things with that (including a Dino Thunder action figure.. now I must own that “Nowhere To Grow” video!). Today was the usual bboring. Except it was slightly worse. I didn’t wake up until noon, so that set me behind on a lot (ok, not that much really). I got up and watched the usual Now and Then, Here and There and Passions. My dad’s starting to get into the latter one.. even if he’s bashing how unrealistic it is every five minutes. :p

If you can believe it, I’m starting to get a bit annoyed that my dad is always here. He works only two or three days a week now at a retirement home cafeteria. And he’s off all this week. *eek*

Yay. New Year’s Eve tomorrow. But to me it’s almost like a normal day. And that’s what my dad usually says.. until he slips out the door and doesn’t return until way after midnight. Leaving me here alone and depressed. Like always. See ya…

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December 29, 2003

The airing schedules have been updated for the week! According to Excite, Smallville doesn’t return with new episodes on January 7th after all. 😦 But I have added this week’s Ninja Turtles episodes on Cartoon Network. I’m thinking this is a “sneak preview” week before they begin full-time in March. In my opinion, it’s a perfect choice for a timeslot and I hope they keep it. 🙂

Ah, Monday. Back to the grind. Today I woke up, watched some more Now and Then, Here and There (very depressing anime series that shows the brutality of war), watched Friday’s Passions, then.. nothing else, really. Sleep. Boredom. The usual. Until today’s repeats of The Tribe. I really felt for Ellie in these episodes somehow. Though I was surprised how easily she gave up on her suicide attempt…

I got a reply to my latest “Power Rangers on DVD” letter to Buena Vista. It’s nothing I didn’t already expect…

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding POWER RANGERS. We appreciate your interest.

POWER RANGERS DINO THUNDER has not been released on video or DVD, and we do not have any information regarding an expected release for this title.

We will let our Marketing Department know of your interest.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any other questions concerning our videos and DVD’s, or if you would like to purchase one of our movies.

Argh. I shouldn’t have mentioned Dino Thunder before writing about previous seasons on DVD. At least it’s getting passed on to Marketing though… and maybe I’ll write again in a few days.. 😀

To conclude my day, instead of watching repeats in primetime, I played more State of Emergency (while my dad watched his precious basketball game). I’ve already reached the last section of the city. But I wouldn’t be able to finish the game without these codes. 🙂

Grrrr. The Joan of Arcadia repeat I was looking forward to tape has been pulled on Friday for.. a Michael Jackson special. It’s just another reason I barely ever watch CBS: crap programming.

Well, see ya…

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December 28, 2003

Oh lookie, an official Dekaranger site is now online. And here’s the series story:

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: In order to protect the Earth from the Space Crime Organization Alienizer, the SP Licenses were given to five space detectives. The Hot Blooded Detective, DekaRed. The Elite Detective, DekaBlue. The Intelligent Detective, DekaGreen. The Psychic Detective, DekaYellow. The Fine Detective, DekaPink. They are here to arrest the Alienizer. The Hybrid Magnum is released, a gun that transforms into two guns for DekaRed. Coming out, PatoStriker, PatoGyra, PatoRailer, PatoArmor and PatoSigna. Tokusou Gattai is carried out, and DekarangerRobo appears! Seemingly, a transportation mecha will appear, the last one in Sentai to be the GrandLiner.

Space detectives. Sweet. I hope that in the Power Rangers 2005 series, we get a PRiS/PRTF-esque storyline (only without the time travel). I’ve really been missing space in PR…

Sundays always suck for me. And this one’s no different. I woke up after a few short hours of sleep, watched part 2 of that Power Rangers Wild Force finale. A real shame they couldn’t afford a team-up this year… and that they couldn’t get Sandra McCoy back to play Kendall for this last episode.. I also watched the next two episodes of Now and Then, Here and There. I may watch Lain again soon after I finish this series up. 🙂

It’s really depressing when nothing ever goes my way… and it rarely does. Some may know that I gave up on a real life years ago. I just hated all the pressure. All I have now is media. Mostly DVDs and television. And my computer that gives me my only real connection to the outside world. This just happens to be the item screwing up within my life today. Without this thing, I am like a deep sea diver without his oxygen tank. Or a depressed young man who is forced to look upon his life and think he would be better off dead…

Whew. I was so bored that today seemed to last forever. I’m glad it’s finally over. See ya.

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December 27, 2003

Today has been… sleep. I slept maybe two or three hours last night (I was up late listening to Art Bell.. Richard Hoagland had some new proof there could have been life on Mars at some point.. click here for a recap). So I was pretty sleepy for most of the day. I got up this morning and watched Part 1 of the Power Ranger Wild Force finale, taped an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (since it will be going off TV altogether by the end of January), then slowly drifted off to sleep on the couch. Soon after my dad left for work, I finally got into bed for a few hours. Then I woke up and watched / taped today’s episodes of The Tribe. I think I might use 8hr tapes for the whole season.. since it consists of 52 25min episodes. I’m so glad WAM has no commercials during episodes. I’m even thinking of taping a few episodes during The Tribe‘s Season 4 marathon that goes from 3:10AM to some time around 4AM during New Year’s Day… Then I watched the first two episodes of Now and Then, Here and There. It’s a pretty good anime series, and I’ll be watching all 13 episodes this week…

I sent another e-mail to Buena Vista Home Entertainment. I just couldn’t wait any longer for a new Power Rangers DVD release to pop up on a shopping site… but I’m already doubting they’ll be anymore helpful. But I did also recommend they release more of the classic episodes on DVD, so I hope they’re considering that…

I hope tomorrow doesn’t suck as much as today did. It most likely will though.. See ya.

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December 26, 2003

ShadowForce posted this interesting info at the Power Rangers newsgroup on what will become Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s sixth ranger:

I know that had an updated PRDT toy page, with pictures of the entire first-wave line of figures, including Abaranger’s AbareMax. I was in Wal-Mart earlier this evening, and in a place separate from the other Dino Thunder figures (somewhere with the overstock of toys in the front of the store) were a couple pegs of figures, including an armored Red one. I looked at the box, figuring it’d say “Red Talking Thunder Power Ranger” on it. To my surprise, it was “AbareMax,” but with a New Zealand-ized name… *Triassic (Talking Thunder) Power Ranger* (On a side note, when I got into line and it was scanned, it popped up ‘6th Ranger’.)

Verrry interesting indeed. Maybe this ranger will pilot the Triasaurus Rex Megazord? To check out his entire post, just click here.

Chris Funaro provided a bit more info on that early script that ended up being Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie in a recent RangerBoard post:

The real travesty was that we never got Race to the Volcano. It repairs all the deficiencies or lapses in judgment which plague the released T:APRM. It’s a fast-moving, intelligent little PR movie (which, from the content included, was likely doomed to a PG-13 and heavy editing anyway). I really “felt” the logic behind making Justin a Ranger when reading it, which I could never really say watching the program. It was the only way this kid was ever going to open up to another human being.

He said he was scanning all of the pages to be placed on his website quite a while ago, but I guess he just can’t find the time to scan so many pages. I can identify with that.. Also, I was surprised by this quote from the Mighty Morphin movie director, Bryan Spicer, when referring to the Power Rangers TV series: “A show that’s only tolerable with a fast forward button handy.” I will never look at his “director” credit before certain episodes of 24 (as well as The X-Files, Dark Angel, The Lone Gunmen, and CSI: Miami to name a few) the same way again. 😦

Today was.. okay I guess. I watched the last two episodes of Passions back-to-back..the latter being yesterday’s episode.. that I watched on a tiny TV at my dad’s ex’s new apartment.. while waiting for that Christmas gathering to begin. Then I finally survived watching another episode of Dragonball GT that was DVRed weeks ago.. only to have the “episodes behind” tally return to three this evening. Heh. Then Passions got DVRed for viewing Monday. Later, I played more State Of Emergency. I’m finally getting the hang of it. It’s a pretty cool game, especially with the “skip current mission” code… oh hush, I only skip about.. half of them. :p

Tonight was pretty boring. No new episodes. Anywhere on TV. I taped the Joan of Arcadia repeat again. One more down, four to go (three after next Friday). Then I’ll have every episode taped. 😀 After that, I tuned into that Degrassi TNG “every episode ever” marathon. I was surprised to see a few episodes I have never seen before…

Well.. see ya.

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December 25, 2003

Today was pretty good, for the most part. I got to get out of this hole I live in for almost one whole day. Awesome. It rarely happens anymore. My dad has no Christmas spirit at all. I was actually happy that I was spending the day with these people related to me in some way (his ex not included.. and damn was her place crowded). But my dad was bitching all the way home about how crappy his gifts were. *rolls eyes* And I’m not saying they weren’t crappy. It was just that I think there’s more to Christmas than gifts. The ex I despise actually got me something expensive-looking: a glass chess / checkers set. I don’t know how to play Chess, and I haven’t played Checkers in years. :p Besides that, I got a wallet (with no money.. my dad says that’s bad luck on the giver or something.. haha), some Old Spice (apparently they thought I needed it), and.. lotsa candy. 🙂 The ex liked the DVDs she thinks I gave her but didn’t. She didn’t like the cheap “jewelry” my dad got her though. Haha. Two others there also got swords from Christmas. My dad didn’t understand how useful one could be in everyday life. I didn’t either.. until I was able to hold one of them for but a moment. Having a sword would be pretty awesome. 😉 And a part of me is happy that Christmas is over. I actually felt sick of it today, for the first time in my life…

Wow, ten virus-infected files found on the computer. Well, at least they’re gone now… 🙂

Damn. I still have three free PS2 Jampacks to give away before December 31st. This is really showing me how far my LJ readership goes.. :p

A recent issue of Video Store magazine claims Cartoon Network will begin airing Evangelion around the time the first Director’s Cut DVD is set for release (January 13th). It also mentions that there will be a trailer for the Director’s Cut DVDs on the promo DVD with January’s issue of Newtype USA. 🙂

Something I find disappointing is that the new video volumes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm have failed to get into the top sales for its first week, according to Video Store magazine. The previous volumes have been able to break into the Top 25 VHS at least…

Well, I think I’ll go now. See ya. 🙂

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December 24, 2003

It looks like that Evangelion PS2 game may be coming out in the US after all… It’s the cover story for the next issue of NewType USA (January 2004). This is from the issue preview: “COVER STORY: Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Truth After Ten Years. An in-depth look at the new PS2 game Evangelion 2 and the Eva Renewal Project. Includes an interview with Evangelion 2 mecha designer Ikuto Yamashita.” The issue’s due in stores by January 1st. 🙂

Nothing much happened today. It was like a normal day since the family gathering.. thing isn’t until tomorrow. We went to K-Mart and I got my dad to buy a few things for me (Sprite remix.. and a Maxim calendar).. since I’m broke. Whee.

The Tribe Season 2 didn’t start today where I expected it to. Instead, Season 4’s starting over again. That’s alright too because I didn’t become hoked until mid-Season 4. Now I gotta find a separate airing time that airs the previous seasons.. hmm..

I still have three Winter 2003 Jampack PS2 demo discs to give away before the promotion ends on December 31st. I have very few friends. 😦 If you want one, just contact me with your e-mail address…

Hmm, my dad’s off straightening out our plans for tomorrow and there’s all repeats on TV… I think I’ll go play some more State Of Emergency. See ya…. and have a merry Christmas.. er whatever.. :p


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December 23, 2003

If you remember, Cartoon Network acquired the rights to air repeats of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series that originally airs on Fox Box Saturday mornings. It looks like CN has already scheduled a “testing week” for December 29th to January 2nd at 4PM ET, featuring the series’ first five episodes. I might even tune in. 😉

Cyrax9 posted this article at RangerBoard claiming that Bandai will be re-releasing old Mighty Morphin toys soon. Interesting…

I might check this out:

ALIEN BLOOD (Sci Fi Channel) – Brad Johnson, Lilas Lane and Carl Weathers are set to star in the telefilm, about an alien army that invades earth and demands the sacrifice of one million humans. Robert Staad is directing the UFO Films project, which is current filming in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It sounds somewhat interesting anyway… 🙂

Today was.. mostly sleep. I got up, watched yesterday’s Passions (it had to be the freakiest episode ever.. and Ron Rogge –Captian Mitchell of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue— appeared briefly as a delivery man), and an episode of Mr. Bean that I DVRed last night (I had never seen that episode before either *gasp*). Then I fell asleep on the couch for many hours. WHen I awoke, the mail was here, including the new issue of Blender with Britney on the cover looking like a half-naked druggie… 🙂

There’s still three copies left of the Winter 2003 Jampack for me to give away from PlayStation Underground. Contact me with your e-mail address if you want a copy! The disc includes the following PS2 demos: NFL GameDay 2003, NCAA GameBreaker 2003, Downhill Domination, Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution, Whiplash, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtle Power, Need For Speed Underground & Finding Nemo. 🙂

There. Damn that trojan horse virus freezing the computer.. and making me lose this entire entry.. and making me recompile it all. 😦 See ya…

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Fountains Of Wayne – I Want An Alien For Christmas

December 23, 2003

I first heard this song on the Christmas episode of “Roswell” a few years back and decided to download it right away. I even bought a rare single CD including the song just to have a hard copy. This song has become one of my (many) favorite Christmas songs… 🙂

This year for Christmas
There’s something I’d really like
So if you’re up there somewhere Santa
Please don’t bring me another bike

I don’t need any ugly sweaters
And I don’t play much basketball
But there’s something kinda special
That I want most of all…

I want an alien for Christmas
Bring me an alien this year
I want a little green guy
About three feet high
With seventeen eyes
Who knows how to fly
I want an alien for Christmas this year

He can live in the bath tub
So don’t worry about a thing
And I’ll take him out for walks
When it gets nicer in the Spring

I’ll always keep him company
He’ll never be alone
And we can hang around the house all day
And watch the Twilight Zone

I want an alien for Christmas
Bring me an alien this year
I want a little green guy
About three feet high
With seventeen eyes
Who knows how to fly
I want an alien for Christmas this year

I want an alien for Christmas
Bring me an alien this year
I want a little green guy
About three feet high
With seventeen eyes
Who knows how to fly
I want an alien for Christmas this year
I want an alien for Christmas this year

[ Download song here (if Tripod allows) ]