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shameless episodes cleveland renewed / nof cut / avengers emh vol 1 & 2 / today

February 28, 2011

Showtime has renewed their new hit series Shameless and Episodes for second seasons. Awesome. I’ve really enjoyed both this season.. Also, TV Land has picked up Hot In Cleveland for a third season of 22 episodes. Cool– er, hot? :p

While on the other end of the spectrum, ABC has cut down the first season of No Ordinary Family to 20 episodes, with its finale now set for April 5th. Aw man. 😦

Disney is now packaging the first two volumes of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on DVD in the same way as the past DVD releases of X-Men & Iron Man, even prominently featuring Thor on the cover art due to his feature film coming only weeks after the DVDs are released on April 26th. Neat. Doubt I’ll get them though.. But I’ll definitely be in for a 1990s Spider-Man release to coincide with its upcoming feature film. 😉

I awoke in the morning to my dad heading off to dialysis late again. :/ I got online for a bit, then watched last night’s Robot Chicken (lol).. before falling asleep again.. I awoke a few hours later and watched an episode of The Cape (ooh, Mena Suvari.. good episode). My dad soon returned home from dialysis and we eventually watched some of the usual morning TV. Blah. And then he fell asleep again..

I got online for a bit, then soon watched three more episodes of The Cape (not that bad.. a bit above average, perhaps.. especially the two-parter with Scarecrow– er, The Lich >_> ..all caught up, two episodes left, and one’s tonight :/ ). My dad went to bed, then got up, then went to bed.. then got up.. and fell asleep on the couch for most of the afternoon. -_- He didn’t know why he got out of bed that last time either. He checked the mail, then was worried about getting our mail because we had moved.. even though we most definitely hadn’t in years. 😐

After those episodes were done, I played through some more Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (a level and 3/4 or so? got to the Sandman boss battle and got stuck again, wheee.. that Ultimate black suit is sweet.. as expected :p). Once I got stuck, I noticed that it was after 6PM and that my dad had woken up. I shut off the PS3 and got back online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol.. great episode, actually hope something happens with the Barney plot.. at least for a little while..), Mad Love (hahaha), Chuck (haha, another very good episode tonight 🙂 ..just watch that top secret project Casey’s working on end up only being a wedding gift :p), Gossip Girl (also pretty good.. hope something happens with Blair/Dan by seasons’ end though 🙂 ) and Mike & Molly (rofl, very funny episode this week).

I got online for a bit, then eventually fell asleep listening to music on my PSP again. Argh. :/ See ya.


Sunday 02.27.2011 — Power Rangers Samurai “Stick & Stones”

February 27, 2011

I awoke in the morning and soon watched Bleach (I totally called Nel turning into some hot chick last week moments before it happened, but I didn’t expect the “camera” looking at her chest so much.. thanks though! this show had me so bored for a while.. until now.. so keep it up! :p), Kekkaishi (good episode 🙂 ), Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (great show.. I need to catch up on buying these DVDs.. and the Naruto Uncut half-seasons..) and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (lol, stupidest one I’ve seen yet.. that girl’s worst fear is a lady with pantyhose on her face? lol.. good casting on the baddie, really reminded me of that creepy guy from Freakazoid :p ..I like the idea of kid guest stars, like the younger sister from Modern Family here and that kid from Wimpy Kid a week or two ago).

My dad woke up during all that, then we eventually had some breakfast.. and he spouted his usual things about a couple other people living here or just stopping by all the time.. then he fell asleep again.. I watched Gokaiger (episode 02, and I liked it.. yes, I’m watching sentai.. this anniversary season features pirate-themed Rangers who can transform into past Ranger teams, so I had to check it out.. really hope Saban can use it for the 20th anniversary 🙂 ), soon followed by last week’s Power Rangers Samurai (again, best episode so far.. wonder how many of those people on the rollercoaster at the end were crew members :p).

After some more time waiting, it was finally time for today’s new episode of Power Rangers Samurai — “Sticks & Stones”. After three episodes of what seemed to be left out, Bulk and Spike finally become a part of an episode rather than feeling like something unrelated. Plus Spike didn’t do that annoying laugh again. But the main focus of the episode this week was the Emily the Yellow Ranger. We finally got a little bit of back story, in the form of a flashback to Emily’s past with here sister. I really liked this episode, probably even more than last week’s episode. 🙂

The rest of the afternoon was mostly wasted online, visiting websites and waiting for dekabroken’s encode of today’s Power Rangers Samurai episode to show up. It showed up a few hours later than usual, then I transfered it to my PS3. I have all four episodes on my PS3 HDD so far. :p ..We eventually had some supper, then maybe watched fiive minutes of the Oscars the whole night. So boring. We instead watched Desperate Housewives (yes, from last week :p ..good episode, a character now goes to dialysis like my dad, so..), The Mentalist (wow, some episode this week 🙂 ) and Shameless (haha, very good episode :p ).

And eventually, I fell asleep.. and that was pretty much it.. See ya.

Saturday 02.26.2011 — The last beta tester to PlayStation Rewards Select!

February 26, 2011

I awoke.. eventually.. and got online for a bit. I got me some breakfast, then my dad eventually headed off to dialysis.. I then watched Transformers Prime (another very good episode this week 🙂 ), Degrassi (also pretty good), Greek (I’m going to miss this one 😦 ), Skins US (oops, missed the latest one.. now caught up.. and it was the most pedestrian episode yet, eh.. let’s go camping in Canada, where we DON”T film this series! :p) and Nikita (wow, great episode.. haha @ “show me the gaspworthy event that I know is coming already!” ending :p).

And after some more time online.. I then watched Hellcats (a sign that I watch too much TV: knowing what events are going to happen just by seeing the recap :p ..good episode though). My dad returned home from dialysis near the end of that. The pain in his arm had stopped, so it was because he hadn’t gone to dialysis very often lately. :/ ..We watched some Working Class (haha) and The Mentalist (not bad).. before he fell asleep again. He eventually went to bed.

I watched the final two episodes of Glory Daze (been putting them off for a while due the series’ mediocrity.. but it was announced it was canceled yesterday, so I just got them out of the way now).. followed by Being Human UK (zombie! another very good episode.. I should catch up, have two more to watch :p). My dad woke up again, we both had some frozen things out of the microwave for supper.. then we eventually went right back to bed again.. *sigh*

After some more time online, I checked my e-mail and noticed that I had finally reached the Select tier in PlayStation Rewards. Yay. 🙂 So a bit after 10PM, I got my PS3 online and upgraded my avatar. Fancy shmancy. :p You get some new avatars denoting “Select”, a dynamic theme and a PlayStation Home item. Unfortunate that you mainly have to spend money on PSN in order to level up every year, something that I don’t really do very often (except in Home). It’s in beta now, but should be available pretty soon to all of PSN…

I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while and visited some friends, then I played through the end of Level 2 and all of Level 3 of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. I got two more trophies, making for a total of 400. Woohoo. :p Then I shut off the PS3 and prepared to sleep..

See ya.

pr samurai ep order confirmed / thor tales of asgard blu dvd / today

February 25, 2011

Tommy Lawson has finally confirmed that Nickelodeon is in fact airing the Power Rangers Samurai episodes out of order. The first episode aired was actually episode 3. The long-awaited origin story (likely episodes 1 & 2) may finally air as the tenth episode around late April or early May, if the previously-mentioned official hint from Saban is true.. I’d say it was Nickelodeon’s decision to do this. They have a history of doing so, plus this is the first time in this series’ history that the production crew and the network aren’t under the same company. :/

After all this time, Marvel is finally trying the animated direct-to-video film genre again.. and just in time for a related theatrical blockbuster. :p Lionsgate will release Thor: Tales of Asgard onto Blu-ray & DVD on May 17th. And like the superior DC Universe series, the discs will feature an animated series episode — from The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Neat. 🙂

I stayed up quite late again last night. I didn’t get to sleep until maybe.. 4AM? I slept for some hours, awoke for a but.. then slept for a few more hours. My dad passed on going to dialysis due to a few inches of snow on the ground, but said he would go tomorrow instead. :/ We watched a bit of morning TV, then I got back online for a little while.. I returned to the living room for a little Ellen.. but then got online again..

In the afternoon.. I didn’t really watch much to start. Just some crap between more time online. Though later on, I watched House (good episode), Castle (very far behind on this one.. as soon as the alien hypotheses came up, I knew it wouldn’t be that.. really don’t like these kind of bait-and-switch episodes) and Skins US (caught up on this one, I guess.. good episode too 🙂 ).

After that, I got online to news-gather. I also sorta pre-ordered LA Noire on Amazon.. while knowing very little about it. It’s from Rockstar, so it’ll probably be awesome nonetheless. I’ve always wanted a futuristic open-world game, but I guess that would be more expensive to design etc. But I can’t help but feel bashed over the head when two straight games from Rockstar both take place in the past. Ugh. inFamous is probably the closest we’ve gotten to my dream so far. And now I’m slightly underwhelmed by what very little I’ve seen of inFamous 2 as well. Still got it pre-ordered too though. :p

I ordered some pizza for supper, then my dad “went to bed” all night (he sleeps sitting up in bed, wtf?) while I watched Smallville (haha, good episode.. liked the reference to Batman & Wonder Woman.. a Matrix episode a few weeks ago.. and now The Hangover this week.. what could possibly be next? :p), Fringe (wow, good episode this week.. pleasepleaseplease don’t cancel this one Fox, grrr.. when it was on Thursday, I had to download illegally to see the episodes, but now I’m watching live every week in the Friday night “death slot”, and this season has been awesome..) and The Soup (lol).

And.. that was about it..? See ya.

abc family start dates / tahm close season / today

February 24, 2011

ABC Family has issued press releases for the returning drama series Secret Life of the American Teenager & Make It Or Break It. Both return with new episodes on March 28th. Don’t know why they couldn’t do just one.. :p

Meanwhile, due to all the drama going on with Charlie Sheen, it has been decided to stop production on Two & A Half Men for the rest of the season. Ugh. 😦

I got onto PlayStation Home last night and checked out my yacht. NASA TV had already been added, so I checked that out for a bit.. and also hung out with a friend for a bit. Then I finally shut that off and watched Conan.. at like 3AM. Then I fell asleep.. I awoke the next morning and got online for a little while. And I made sure to stay out of my dad’s way as he vomited again. 😦 I eventually returned to the living room.. and then well both fell asleep for some hours.

Upon awaking, I got online for a bit again and then checked out PlayStation Home for a little while (newly-updated yacht is sweet.. watched some of the NASA TV feed). And then I watched Raising Hope (lol, and I rarely lol to this one.. spitting orange soda back into a bottle, wtf? probably couldn’t get away with teen usage of chewing tobacco.. wusses.), Traffic Light (lol, nice episode.. liked Carla Gallo’s character here) and another episode of Skins US (probably should watch the UK version instead, right? four episodes in and enjoying it so far.. I watched the first episode of the UK version a long time ago, then put it aside to watch sometime in the future.. it’s on Netflix streaming if you want to check it out.. it’s like the US show, but with nudity, mm :p ..and it’s overall quality is probably better too).

After some complication connecting, I returned to PlayStation Home in time to watch the NASA shuttle launch. I notice that the live stream would shut off if you walked too far away from the screen.. and I noticed a big lack of syncage during the post-launch press conference. :/ I stayed in Home and bought a some more virtual clothes. The new Gentleman’s suit from Lockwood’s new Figment line looks awesome. But the pricing is annoying. Buy one piece for $1.49-1.99 (including the cane!), or get all five pieces for $3.49. Tough choice there, amirite? Now I’m using it as my new Men In Black outfit, with some classic shades and an earpiece. Took some photos. :p

My dad slept and slept. Then I woke him up at 3:30 and he took off to the pantry of whatever for some free food. Didn’t get much though. And then he soon went out again to get some additional groceries with his remaining $3 and $3 cash that I had on me. 😐 ..I soon shut off the PS3 then got online to news-gather. Passed on ordering pizza again today. Definitely getting it tomorrow though.

In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol, of course), Rules of Engagement (haha), The Office (lol.. I was looking forward to Todd Packer returning.. but not like this), Parks & Recreation (lol), 30 Rock (ooh, the chick from Kick-Ass, nice), Outsourced (haha.. end this already plz) and Conan (lol, as always.. my dad had fallen asleep, so I got this out of the way live for the first time :p). And then I just returned to my room..

See ya.

pr samurai ratings & titles 7-9 / greek canceled / ps home nasa live stream / today

February 23, 2011

The ratings have come in for the third episode of Power Rangers Samurai. The February 7th premiere of “The Team Unites” brought in 2.785 million viewers, which a Power Rangers episode hasn’t done in at least a few years now. “Deal With A Nighlok” on the following Sunday improved to 3.115 million viewers. But this last Sunday, “Day Off” was only viewed by 2.890 million viewers.. I didn’t think “Nighlok” was that good of an episode either, but “Day Off” was definitely better..

Three more Power Rangers Samurai episode titles have also been revealed: episode 7 will be “I Got A Spell On Blue” (lol), episode 8 will be “Forest For The Trees” and episode 9 is “Test Of The Leader”. Looking forward to these, but even moreso the mysterious episode 10 that may just finally be the Samurai Rangers’ origin story.. if the official Power Rangers twitter and facebook pages are to be believed: “All will be revealOed…”. :p

ABC Family proves once again that they just don’t care. They have canceled Greek and its series finale will air on March 7th. Bastards. 😦

Tomorrow, February 24th, NASA and PlayStation Home will make history. At 4:50PM ET, NASA will launch its final shuttle.. and it will become the very first live-streaming event in PlayStation Home. But you can only watch the stream if you or a friend owns the Sunset Yacht personal space (formerly Amaterasu). For the event, they’ll also be updating the personal space with some cool new features such as setting the time of day. This sounds cool. I purchased the yacht a little while ago and felt slightly jipped by its features, so this should be fun. I also always wanted to see NASA TV. My cable service doesn’t carry it. 😦 …So anyone wanna come to my yacht? …Yeah, didn’t think so. 😦

I awoke in the morning, from some dream where I was collecting coins.. or something. I can barely remember upon waking up.. I got some breakfast, then watched the final two episodes of Dark Skies (more very good episodes.. damnit cliffhanger). Damn you NBC for canceling it! But then I saw their attempt to not be canceled in the form of the Shout! DVD set’s “Season Two Proposal”. They said they would skip ahead to 1997 upon getting off the mothership..? Ack, not so much agree with that. Unlike most DVDs, I actually watched through most of the bonus features, including the brand new 54min documentary with interviews with the creators and two main cast members. And now I’d like to watch the international version of the pilot movie that’s also in the DVD set as well. The changes sound interesting. 🙂 They couldn’t use black suits on the previously-dubbed “Men In Black” because Men In Black was filming next door at the time? Crazy.

My dad returned home from dialysis during this, then soon fell asleep for a bit. He mainly watched Ellen while I got online for a bit, then I watched Conan (lol), Bar Karma (weird show.. it’s written by the audience.. so maybe that’s why..) and Gossip Girl (haha, good episode). Then I spent a few hours playing some Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (from Blockbuster Online.. such a n00b, stuck in the boss fight in LEVEL TWO! -_-). My dad began talking about supper, so I shut it off and got online to order the pizza I was wanting to get (any pan pizza $10 at Pizza Hut, wow). But I didn’t shut it off in time. My dad had started supper instead. Crap. And like usual, he made an extra plate for a person he insists is here. I ask who but he’s rarely able to give me a name..

I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched The Middle (lol, good episode this week), Better With You (lol), Modern Family (lol, this was also pretty good), Mr Sunshine (lol, face licker), Hot In Cleveland (lol.. a tabloid named TMI, perfect :p) and Retired At 35 (lol). And that was about it really. Or I just really want to get back to my virtual yacht in PlayStation Home.

See ya.

cbs on netflix / today

February 22, 2011

Netflix has now struck a two-year deal with CBS to add their programs to Netflix Instant Streaming. Included in the deal are episodes of Medium (still haven’t watched that final season yet), Flashpoint (a bit behind on this one too), all Star Trek series & Twin Peaks. Yay. 🙂 …I seriously need to get a router for my PS3, and a LOT of extra time…

Speaking of which, a lot of Nickelodeon shows have also recently been added to Netflix Instant Streaming, including Rocko’s Modern Life (Season 1 has been available for awhile, 2-4 have now been added), Hey Arnold and Rugrats. Also, iCarly: Season 1 has been added.. A lot of ABC Family series have been added as well, including Kyle XY, Make It Or Break It and 10 Things I Hate About You. See what I mean about needing a LOT more time? :p

I awoke in the morning.. and my dad was asleep yet again. And so I got online for a little while.. But eventually, he finally awoke and we watched some of the usual morning TV. But soon, we headed out.. to media buy.. I went to Target and picked up All Star Superman on Blu-ray. Their exclusive version includes two additional bonus episodes of Superman TAS on the DVD disc. I haven’t ever really seen most of the Batman and Superman DCAU series.. yet I don’t watch any of these bonus episodes either. It’s just nice to have a bonus. I prefer disc-based exclusives though. The toys with the Best Buy versions just don’t entice me.

I’ve been buying less moves this month.. perhaps even so far this year. The ones I consider yet pass on, like this week’s Due Date, go into my Netflix queue instead. And due to less buying, I still have some funds left over this month. My dad’s broke though.. which brings us to what we did next. I paid for a bit more of gas since the car seemed to be running low again. My dad has really screwed up this car. First, he accidentally pushed down on the gas and brake once. It started sounding worse and worse as he kept using it.. and now makes no sound at all. So one of the breaks is probably completely broken now. And the gas meter thing doesn’t work right anymore, which led to a few extra calls to AAA for some gas. The side the brake broke on also has a tire that must be refilled with air all the time. Not to mention how.. less well he drives now.. He’s constantly veering where he’s not supposed to be and not noticing when a light has turned green.

We returned home and got today’s Ellen out of the way. Then I watched last night’s Conan (lol), followed by two more episodes of Dark Skies (wow, wasn’t expecting that in “Both Sides Now”.. now only two left.. damnitdamnitdamnit), Mike & Molly (lol) and Big Time Rush (lol, nice episode.. Gage Golightly ❤ ..though I'm sure her character will disappear and never come back, no matter the happy outcome 😦 ).

There was quite a bit of confusion from my dad about so many people coming and going from our home when we actually have no guests at all. He also appears to think that I am someone else sometimes and has to be reminded who I really am. Eating, something he doesn't really do often enough, seems to make things somewhat better.. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, I watched No Ordinary Family (another good episode 🙂 ), V (didn’t like last week’s episode due to all the “unexpected death” :/ ..but this week was better, looking forward to seeing how this season ends) and Glee (omg, Brittany is briefly seen “stripping” at Rachel’s party.. then her bra is seen as being left behind during a clean-up scene.. wow.. damnit for not seeing that on-screen :p ..good episode 🙂 ).

I was preparing to watch something else when my dad awoke at about 11:30PM. He was really out of it. He asked me if there was a nurse on duty and thought that he was in the hospital. He was looking for some Tylenol for his pains. He found something else and returned to bed.. He had told me the other day that he’s tried to tell the people at dialysis about these pains, but they wouldn’t listen. And the visit to the hospital last week only got him a small Vicodin prescription that has already run out. *sigh*

See ya.


February 21, 2011

I awoke in the morning.. to my dad once again not going to dialysis. Ugh. His excuse was that he had an “attack” last night. The pains along his neck, shoulder and arm are once again making it hard for him to sleep. And the “attack” was mainly a lot of sweating. 😦 I soon watched some of the usual morning TV, then got on my PSP for a while (bought a cheap $2 game “5-in-1 Arcade Hits” off PSN, it’s not bad). And then once the battery ran out (I have a bad habit of falling asleep while playing MP3s on shuffle :p), I got online for a few hours.

But once my dad headed out to the grocery store (after having to remind him yet again earlier that he still had some food stamps left), I soon returned to the living room and watched two more episodes of Dark Skies (after the first four hours last Monday, I’ve been watching only two episodes a day.. I thought I had only seen the pilot when it first aired before I gave up on the series only because it was set a long time ago.. but some of these episodes have been familiar anyway, hmm.. enjoying it.. but now there’s only four episodes to go 😦 ).

Then I followed that with last Monday’s House (my dad said he wanted to see it.. but of course he fell asleep halfway through.. his couch sleeping is a little strange, sitting up like some zombie or something :/ ..I’ve seen him do it in his bed too though, now that I think about it). After some time online, I watched Bones (a bite late Valentines episode.. good ending though), Episodes (lol, very good season finale) and Eagleheart (haha, so.. stupid.. but it fits right in on Adult Swim).

I got on my PSP a bit, then we eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather for a little while.. In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, very good episode this week) and Mad Love (this show isn’t that bad.. again this week, hm). My dad fell asleep by this point and there are no remaining 2.5 Men episodes left to air now.. so it was a rerun. So I decided to watch tonight’s Chuck (another good episode, of course),last night’s Robot Chicken (lol, especially @ the Jason skit) and Human Target (the season finale.. that took me a while to get around to watching.. loved the action, rolled my eyes over the Chance/Pucci relationship crap.. with the way it ended, I almost wouldn’t mind if it was canceled now.. Season 1 was so awesome 😦 ).

And that was about it for the night.. See ya.

unending pain

February 20, 2011

Since my lest entry, a lot of things have happened.. and nothing at all has happened. There were many things (mainly shows) that I really wanted to comment on in a non-twitter capacity, but I passed on doing so most of the time…

And then things got worse when my dad began getting pains in his former dialysis arm. He was unable to sleep some nights. After much complaining, he finally went to the hospital last Sunday. They kept him there for some hours, then let him go with nothing but a small prescription for Vicodin. He seemed fine upon returning home.. but now it’s a week later and I was awoken just now to more groaning. The pains have returned.. and I have no clue what to do. I tried to contact my family members, but they have more immediate-to-them problems to deal with.. so they don’t care enough.

He also feels “bloated” even though he’s barely eaten anything all day.. Now I’m feeling hungry. Great.. I guess our utterly depressing lives are finally about to reach their inevitable conclusions. I’m getting so sick of this planet anyway..

Power Rangers Samurai in HD! And all out of order!

February 8, 2011

I was going to try and return to daily posts on Monday, but got lazy.. and didn’t. Damnit.

Power Rangers Samurai premiered last night. For weeks beforehand, fans were wondering how they could possibly fit all the premiere-y plot elements seen in the promos as well as that from the spoiler description. Some even claimed that the episodes would be airing out of order, as Nickelodeon is known to do sometimes. And as soon as the episode aired last night, that became apparent. This seemed more like a third episode than the first. Everything was suddenly just.. there. No introductions, not even for Bulk & Spike (whose intro-y scene is seen in the “Bulk Is Back” video).

I enjoyed it, but I was also thrown off by it not being an origin story. Plus I am very glad I don’t watch the sentai seasons. This season will be very close to it original Japanese version.. Nonetheless, the ratings are already in and it did rather well (up against Cartoon Network anyway). “Ratings for Power Rangers Samurai (8pm, NICK): 2.785 million viewers, 1.7/3 HH, 0.5/1 A18-49, 1.6/5 T12-17, 3.9/12 K2-11.”

Many argued that this was the intended first episode due mainly to Nickelodeon‘s production number of “101”. But today, it was revealed that, well.. I’ll just let the Saban Brands Media quote speak for itself: “Originally that was episode three but was switched with episode one. So it is considered episode one and episode one is considered episode three.”. But that sorta doesn’t make sense because the original episode 1 / new episode 3 doesn’t sound very much like an origin story either.

However, Tristanism over on RangerBoard claims something a bit different: “I received a similar message a day or two ago that suggested they switched out the “real” premiere in place of this one as well. Except this particular message suggested that we weren’t getting the “real” premiere until around week 8.” Now this makes a bit more sense.. mainly only because we don’t yet have any information for episodes that far out yet. :p

So I guess now we must play the waiting game, and enjoy some possibly-out-of-order episodes of Power Rangers Samurai until then. :/ I rewatched the episode tonight and enjoyed it a little more the second time around. Instantly looking forward to the next episode, Sunday at 12 Noon ET! 🙂

Power Rangers Samurai — Episode 2001 ..or 2003: “The Team Unites”
SD 480p AVI download by dekabroken
HD 720p MP4 download by dekabroken
HD dekabroken encode on YouTube ( did he get the whole thing in one YT vid?)
My opening credits upload to YouTube (also using deka’s HD encode)

The episode has yet to appear on or on Nick On Demand (as scheduled). I’m too old-fashioned when it comes to downloads and usually don’t pay for them. I will however purchase any and every DVD or Blu-ray that Saban will offer.. so get with it already! 😀