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Sunday 05.31.2009 —

May 31, 2009

I awoke in the morning, looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (like I said, nothing), then soon watched two episodes of Bleach (haha’s @ the one funny moment.. these were alright I guess) and two episodes of Code Geass (omg, great episodes– and that ending to the second one! O_O final two episodes next week already 😦 ). Then I just played inFamous for the rest of the time I had (gained a lot of Neon ground from the Reapers, then collected some items.. really liking this game).

As my dad began watching his NASCAR, I had some lunch and got online for a bit.. then I ended up back in the living room watching some of the race. I quickly fell asleep for a few hours. Damn. I then returned to my room, got online briefly, eventually had some supper, then went to the bedroom DVR and watched Supernatural (4/30 episode.. yup, a bit behind on this one.. pretty good episode though) and Ugly Betty (5/7 episode.. also pretty good).

I was going to watch another, but I finally brought up a grocery store visit, so we headed there instead.. We returned home and I watched Cloverfield on Blu-ray. I loved this movie. It’s probably why I have two DVD copies and now a Blu-ray too (one DVD was in a military case-style steelbook and the other had a bonus DVD, so yeah). πŸ™‚ My dad went to bed about halfway through, then I watched some MTV Movie Awards afterward. This is probably the first time I’ve actually watched MTV this year. :p

Definitely the only awards show where Twilight would win Best Movie over The Dark Knight.. And once the awards were over, I was reminded why I haven’t watched the channel in so long. DJ & The Fro, a new animated “comedy” series that seems to heavily steal its format from the classic Beavis & Butt-Head. In between the episode’s plot, the duo watch and riff on some rather retarded internet videos.. rather than music videos. Yup, better not to remind the current generation what MTV stands for..

I got about halfway through that bullshit before I gave up and got online. But before I called it a night, I got back on inFamous for a few hours. I beat down more Reapers, but also did quite a bit of item collecting which got me two new trophies. πŸ™‚

And that was about it. See ya.. and happy new month..?

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[ Zionist Israel Investing In Mind Control Research ]
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[ ‘Experts’ Were Unprepared For A-H1N1 Swine Flu ]
[ Video: Time-Lapse Of Massive Changes On Earth ]
[ Jimi Hendrix Murdered By His Manager ]


Saturday 05.30.2009 — prlg german dvd cover art / playstation home e3 press

May 30, 2009

MarioRanger has posted a look at the German DVD cover art for the June release of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Season. I’ll agree with Golden_Lightning and say “Eh it’s alright.” And also add “Haha, those Rangers look like action figures.” :p

It’s now been confirmed that Sony’s E3 press conference on June 2nd will be streamed in PlayStation Home this year, at the new Presentation Podium space. Unfortunately, it will be on delay by one or two hours.. “-NO, picture frames won’t be available yet with the 1.21 update, but YES, we are getting them. You will hear more about them very soon, we promise (hint: it’s a good idea to hang out in Home during E3!)”. Interesting…

I awoke pretty early in the morning and watched Best Week Ever (haha).. then fell asleep again.. A few hours later, I awoke again and began watching / VHSing TMNT Back To The Sewer (the series finale that I missed taping months ago finally re-aired this morning.. a nice send-off…. probably could’ve been better). Then I eventually followed that with Batman: The Brave And The Bold (wow, could this be my favorite episode in the series so far? possibly.. lol, mostly because of all the lampooning it does.. there’s some funny stuff here, particularly during the convention scene :p).

I was thinking about watching the rerun of last week’s Power Rangers RPM episode 1913: “Brother’s Keeper”.. but I changed my mind. *cough* ..As my dad headed out to the grocery store, I took the chance to get the PS3 online. I played completely through the inFamous Demo (it’s been confirmed that the Home Cole costume will unlock on June 4th if you beat the demo, so.. now it’s done πŸ™‚ ), then got into inFamous for a while too (wow, really enjoying the story.. difficult not to just keep doing the story missions :p).

My dad returned home, saw me playing, then went to sleep.. I got on PlayStation Home for a bit, then eventually wanted to watch a movie. My dad woke up at this point, so we watched Sex Drive (I downloaded the joke unrated version and liked it, so I bought the DVD with Best Buy bonus disc on release week.. then waited until now to watch it.. my dad really enjoyed it too, very funny movie). We had some fast food for supper and watched some Deal Or No Deal (first time I’ve really watched it in ages), then returned to my room and got online for a while..

And then I.. stayed online all night.. and nothing else happened. :/ See ya.

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[ ‘Role-Play’ Of Economic Crisis At Northern Rock Years Ago ]
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[ H1N1 Swine Flu – What You Need To Know ]
[ A-H1N1 Claims 5th Life In Texas ]
[ Five Countries Report First H1N1 Flu Cases ]
[ NASA Inks $306M Deal With Russian Space Agency ]

abc new summer / today

May 29, 2009

You thought the TV season was over? Well apparently we were wrong.. ABC will begins new episodes of Better Off Ted on Tuesday June 23rd at 9PM ET. Coool. πŸ™‚ ..ABC will also be airing the final episodes of the canceled sitcoms Samantha Who? and In The Motherhood back-to-back starting Thursday June 25th at 8PM ET. ABC will also air the remaining episodes of Cupid starting Tuesday June 16th at 10PM ET.. And in related news, ABC will be pulling next Wednesday’s new Surviving Suburbia in order to air a second new episode of The Goode Family (ugh, the only reason I watched Goode is gone.. so hooray?)..

I awoke in the morning and finished the previous entry, then I got on PlayStation Home for a little while.. My dad returned from dialysis and I let him watch his Price Is Right.. but eventually took it back once he was done with it and.. returned to PlayStation Home. But then I pretty much played inFamous for the rest of the afternoon. I got some missions taken care of, then caused enough mayhem to turn my electricity red (and made a separate game save with it).. then unlocked three or four more trophies too (thought I’d be going around and around that train track for forever). :p

At about 6PM, I shut it off and got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Castle (another pretty good episode..) and Flashpoint (very good episode.. one more to go 😦 ), then caught the rest of a local baseball game on TV.. before watching The Soup (lol). And.. that was about it again.. Blah.

Oh yeah, I find quite odd that I can’t see the new PlayStation Blog Europe. What. are they blocking some countries from viewing the site? When I go there, there’s either nothing at all or a “400 Bed Request”. I was only able to view it the first day (yesterday).. then that was it. Ugh. The Home managers have been getting annoyed about all the information that’s posted by the EU before the US.. See ya.

[ Army Chief – US Able To Fight N Korea If Necessary ]
[ Warmonger Obama Takes Pentagon To Defcon 2 ]
[ Army Base In KY Shuts Down After Spate Of Suicides ]
[ Enhanced Thermobaric Weapons Used In Afghanistan ]
[ Iraq Faces Mother Of All Corruption Scandals ]
[ Millionaires Go Missing ]
[ Manipulation – How Markets Really Work ]
[ ChΓ‘vez Distributes ‘Must Read’ Books In Venezuela ]
[ Gay Teen Voted Prom Queen At LA High School ]
[ Global Warming Causes 300,000 Deaths A Year ]

dvd ads may 31-jun 6 / fringe & office dvd press / today

May 28, 2009

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of May 31st to June 6th: Best Buy & Target.. Nope. Nothing for me here again this week. I was considering this week’s US Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.. but it isn’t in either of these ads. Though it is on Best Buy’s website for $26.99.. I think I’ll hold onto that money since Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction will finally become a Greatest Hit next month and I’ll have to buy it at the new $29.99 price point before those ugly red cases show up..

Warner has issued a press release announcing the September 8th DVD & Blu-ray release of Fringe: The Complete First Season. All 20 episodes will included (of course), and the six hours of special features will include many featurettes, three audio commentaries, unaired scenes and a gag reel. The Blu-ray will add a few other features, including what sounds like a BD-Live audio commentary on the season finale episode (a one-time RSVP event like that of Christopher Nolan’s BD-Live commentary that occurred a week after The Dark Knight was released on Blu).. Universal has also issued a press release for their September 8th DVD & Blu-ray release of The Office: Season Five..

I awoke in the morning and immediately got online to finish up the previous entry.. and then I pretty much stayed online all morning too. There wasn’t all that many other options with my dad watching his damn morning shows again.. At about non, we finally headed out to the grocery store and I spent most of what little money I had left for month on a bit of food for myself. And there’s still a week to go. 😦

Once that was over of the way, I returned home.. and got onto PlayStation Home for a little while (Ghostbusters stuff, yay! *buys*) before spending the rest of the afternoon in inFamous (I keep enjoying this game more and more.. awesome). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched last night’s episodes of Wipeout (haha.. oh boy) and Reno 911! (lol), followed by the latest two episodes of CSI New York (another show’s season complete.. and the finale, whoa.. love cliffhangers like that one). And after all that, I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

[ WWIII Has Started – Israel Pushing For Iran Attack Again]
[ N Korea Threatens War, Tears Up 50 Yr Armistice ]
[ World Scrambles To Find Response To N Korea ]
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[ Child Cases Of Diabetes To Double ]
[ Oz Face-To-Face Bigfoot Exclusive – ‘Bloody Scary!’ ]
[ Roswell Debris Confirmed As ET – Lab, Scientists Named ]

pr rpm spoilers 14-17 / krdk games / dragon ball evolution dvd / warner & universal tv dvd / today

May 27, 2009

[Current Music Download|Working for a Nuclear Free City – Silent Melody @ MediaFire]

And now all of a sudden, spoiler descriptions have again surfaced for Power Rangers. Check out these descriptions, for Power Rangers RPM episodes 1914 to 1917, below…

PRRPM Episode 1914 – “Embodied” – Seeking answers to Dillon’s past, the Rangers go outside Corinth to a place Dillon thinks he remembers. They fall right into a Venjix trap and come face to face with Venjix himself. A mysterious duo come to the rescue and stop Venjix from destroying the Rangers.

PRRPM Episode 1915 – “Ghosts” – Still on the search for answers to Dillon’s past, Dr. K figures out that Venjix has sent them on a wild goose chase. Before she can warn them, they walk right into an ambush. Good thing the mysterious Rangers from before show up in time to give them a helping hand. The Falcon and Tiger Ranger reveal themselves as Gem and Gemma.

PRRPM Episode 1916 – “In Or Out” – Scott decides to join Gem and Gemma in a more offensive approach in the battle against Venjix. Colonel Truman defaults to his usual ‘defend the city’ tactics and ends up trapping everyone inside while a Venjix bot sucks all the air out of the city. The remaining Rangers make a deadly escape from Corinth and regroup with Scott in order to save the city.

PRRPM Episode 1917 – “Prisoners” – Gem & Gemma plan on destroying a factory they were held at as prisoners to work for Venjix. Their plans change when Dillon finds out that his sister might be a prisoner there. Sneaking into the factory, Dillon downloads information and searches for his sister. His search is cut short when he has to return to help his friends stop the latest Venjix bot designed to destroy Rangers.

Adness Entertainment has now partnered with Namco Bandai Games in order to develop handheld and console video games based on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Cooool. The games could begin appearing in retail stores as soon as November 2009. πŸ™‚

20th Century Fox has announced Dragon Ball: EvolutionThe “Z” Edition… for release on DVD & Blu-ray on July 28th. Special features will include eight deleted scenes, three featurettes, a music video and a gag reel. The Blu-ray will add a digital copy and a game.. No matter how bad the reviews are, I’ll probably pick it up anyway. Just hope there’s a good first-week price on the Blu-ray. I’m sorta hoping it has batter art than that DVD. Ack @ Goku’s face. :/

Warner & Universal have now announced some new TV seasons coming to DVD before their series’ next seasons. Warner Bros has set Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season for an August 18th release, with One Tree Hill: The Complete Sixth Season on August 25th and The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season on September 15th. Universal will release both DVD & Blu-ray versions of Heroes: The Complete Third Season on September 1st and The Office: The Complete Fifth Season on September 8th. Yes, US Office on Blu-ray for the first time ever. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and finished up the previous entry, then soon watched The Whitest Kids U Know (lol) before getting on PlayStation Home for a bit. My dad eventually returned home from dialysis, a bit later than usual and feeling worse than usual. I let him watch Ellen, even though we eventually found it was a rerun, as well as some news.

When he was done with the TV, I took over and played some more inFamous (really liking this game), then checked out PlayStation Home for a while (fun with avatars, lol.. couldn’t believe it when these guys thought my overweight girl avatar was still hot >_>). My dad wasn’t feeling good at all, so he slept most of the afternoon.. I shut off the PS3 at about 6PM and got online to news-gather. Then my dad woke up and we had some supper..

In primetime, my dad was sleeping again. So I watched Reaper first (season finale.. and possibly my favorite episode this season, nice πŸ™‚ ..please bring it back). Then my dad woke up and we watched The Goode Family (Mike Judge saw his King of the Hill cashcow finally failing, so he created this carbon copy family comedy? I think I don’t like it more than KotH.. I just can’t stand the overabundance of “green” crap these days, so this show that’s full of it? ugh.. did like the vegan dog’s search for any kind of meat he could find though, haha), Surviving Suburbia (haha, pretty good.. hmm) and The Unusuals (very good episode.. damn them for canceling it 😦 ).

And.. that was about it..? See ya.

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[ US Army Ready To Stay In Iraq For A Decade ]
[ Cyber Warfare Attack Tools For Mass Destruction ]
[ UK To Ban Car Radios Next? ]
[ Cancer Treatment Makes Fingerprints Vanish ]
[ Multivitamins Linked To Younger Biological Age ]
[ New Tunguska Theory – UFO Intervention ]

tmnt 25th anniv dtv details / today

May 26, 2009

[Current Music Download|Mandy Moore – I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week @ MediaFire]

4Kids representative TMNT4Kids has revealed more somewhat minor details concerning the 25th Anniversary Direct-to-Video movie. The film will air as multi-part episodes on TheCW4Kids before being released uncut on DVD & Blu-ray “before year end”. It’s an original story that takes place in the TMNT 2k3 universe and it will not be in the animation style of BTTS (yay). There was talk of the film getting a screening at the San Diego Comic Con this year, but those may just be rumors..

I awoke in the morning, watched Mighty Boosh (haha), then got on PlayStation Home for a little while. But then my dad woke up and I eventually let him watch some of his boring mornings shows (including Ellen) while I got online for a while. I kept looking and looking for a UPS truck. Must. Have. inFamous.. Finally, I retook the TV and watched last night’s Greek (very good episode this week).

And then inFamous arrived during it. And it did include the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta code (I’m more looking forward to the Home clothes though.. the code that’s e-mailed to me later 😦 ). Once it was over, I put the disc in and played through the first few missions.. then checked out PlayStation Home for a bit.. and played through a few more inFamous missions (as well as a little rampaging and goofing off.. lol @ the peds saying I was showing off when I actually was :p ..then they said I was crazy when I was jumping across these short columns down the sidewalk, haha).. then briefly visited PlayStation Home again. Heh. I already got five new trophies out of it too. Nice. πŸ™‚

My dad got some fast food for supper (blah), then I eventually returned to my room to news-gather. Usually lately, I’ve been keeping my PS3 online as late at 7PM. But I retired at about 5:30 today. Probably because I wanted to get in on some people giving away the inFamous GameStop-exclusive Gigawatt Blades codes in some forums. I want them too. *pouts* 😦

In primetime, we watched two episodes of According To Jim (haha), Mental (season premiere.. those head zipper bumpers before every commercial were a bit annoying.. but I liked it.. *sees Jacqueline McKenzie* ..I miss The 4400.. *cries*) and another CSI New York (very good episode.. again.. surprisingly :p). And then I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

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[ Claims FBI Used Cash Promise To Dupe US ‘Terrorists’ ]
[ IDF Preparing ALL Possible Measures Against Iran ]
[ ‘If Israel Doesn’t Take Out Iran Threat, No One Will’ ]
[ ‘Israelis Have Returned Us To The 5th Century’ ]
[ WHO – 12,954 Confirmed Flu Cases (One Million+?) ]
[ A-H1N1 Spreading Faster, Wider Than Data Shows ]
[ NY City Confirms 2 More Swine Flu Deaths ]
[ WHO’s Hazardous Pandemic Phase Daze ]
[ Obama Urged To Fight ‘Buy American’ Measures ]
[ Media Ripped For Obama Birthplace Cover Up ]
[ Video: Obama Brings Indefinite Detention To America ]
[ Should US Prisons Take Lessons From Gitmo? ]
[ Attention To Hate Laws, At Last ]
[ Giant Blob Found Deep Beneath Nevada ]

robot chicken star wars ii dvd extras / today

May 25, 2009

Warner Bros has revealed a July 21st release date for Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II. The single-disc DVD will feature the TV version as well as an extended cut of the half-hour special, plus over 90 minutes of special features. Cool. πŸ™‚

The morning started awesomely, I suppose. I awoke, got online briefly, then checked out PlayStation Home in order to do the day’s Xi puzzle. After that, I watched Donnie Darko on Blu (theatrical version.. awesome, loved it, will have to watch director’s cut again someday), followed by S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale on Blu (lame clone direct-to-video sequel.. didn’t really like it, then I fell asleep like halfway through it..). If I knew my dad was in his room in bed rather than at dialysis where was was supposed to be, I probably probably wouldn’t have watched the movies today at all. I had to turn the first one’s volume up quite a bit just to understand what the heck they were whispering. Haha.

My dad came out of his room once the movie loudly started, then returned there once I turned it up too loud for him.. But he came back out after the second film and we watched his Ellen. Then I made the mistake of changing it over to the NASCAR race that was rained-out yesterday. I though he’d just check it out for a bit, then I’d take over again. I kept the PS3 online and everything. But instead, I ended up just sitting there waiting. For hours and hours. In fact, I wasted the whole afternoon. I think I must’ve fallen asleep a few times too. And when I noticed the time was finally reaching 5PM, I said “fuck it” and returned to my room. Ugh. But perhaps I deserve it after all the TV time I’ve taken from him lately..

So I got online to news-gather and we eventually had some supper.. that I wasn’t particularly hungry for.. The news-gathering didn’t take as long as usual (possibly due to the holiday), so I had to waste some time online after that. Boooorrrreeedd.. And my dad ensured an even longer bout of boredom by deciding to watch the two-hour Indy 500 award ceremony. Watch as each driver gets their paychecks and make their usual yawnworthy speeches. Gawdamnit.

Once that was finally over, we watched the latest two episodes of Ghost Whisperer (the first episode was alright — Alexa Vega — but the season finale was a bit better.. when I brought up Medium airing after this show in the fall, my dad complained about that show always being the same and I said Ghost Whisperer is more “the same”). And then I returned to my room for the night..

The wait for inFamous tomorrow is killing me. Probably because I’m so damn bored right now. But it’s coming release-date delivery via UPS tomorrow, with Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta code.. and eventually the pre-order exclusive PlayStation Home clothing. Yeesss.. See ya.

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[ Iran Sends Warships To Gulf Of Aden ]
[ Obama Orders Gates To Update Iran Strike Plans ]
[ German Patriots Turn Selves In For ‘Holocaust Doubting’ ]
[ Obama May Cede Torture Ground To Cheney ]
[ PDF: Secret Special Maritime Jurisdiction Of The US Exposed ]
[ China Warns Federal Reserve Over Printing Money ]
[ Mass Firing Of Hollywood Agents As Recession Hits ]
[ A-H1N1 Swine Flu Claims Second New Yorker ]
[ Video: Obama Admin To Implement Govt Flu Shots? ]
[ Workers Must Demand Universal Health Care ]
[ PDF: 12 Basic Life-Saving Cell Phone Use Precautions ]

Sunday 05.24.2009 — booooorrrrreeeeedddd -_-

May 24, 2009

Once I finished up the previous entry, I.. got on PlayStation Home. But as usual, I didn’t last too long. I got on EU Home to get my inFamous VIP T-shirt via PSN code. I wonder if they’ll distribute it in the US Home too.. I briefly awoke a couple times, eventually getting the PS3 closed and shut off.. Then I awoke around 4AM and started watched some On Demand stuff.. My dad woke up and he eventually watched some news. It really doesn’t make much sense that the news is on all morning for Indy 500.. yet the actual race is blacked out and airs in primetime instead.

Eventually, I took over the TV and watched two episodes of Bleach (eh, it’s getting all-serious again.. and I’m disliking it again 😦 ). I fell asleep during the latter of the two episodes.. for a few hours, I think. Then I tried to watch the missed part again.. and fell asleep again. But then I watched two episodes of Code Geass (wow, great episodes), the last six episodes of Get Smart: Season 2 (I watched three.. then watched three more.. my dad was glued to the radio listening to the Indy 500 and I took advantage.. maybe I’ll watch some movies tomorrow), Party Down (season finale.. pretty good) and Legend of the Seeker (one more down, three to go.. a particularly good episode too).

By this point, the Indy 500 was over and my dad was preparing to watch the NASCAR race. I got online for a bit, then headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (season finale.. very good episode, and yay @ the very last scene :p) and Ugly Betty (pretty good I guess.. I’m behind on this and Supernatural on the bedroom DVR 😦 ). Then I got online and pretty much wasted the rest of my night there. :/

Updating my personal Spectacular Spider-Man episode list today, I noticed that it’s going be just over a YEAR since new episodes have aired in the US. Damn. The Season 1 finale is all 06/14/2008, and now the US Season 2 premiere on Disney XD is 06/22/2009 (a one-hour, two-episode premiere). Ack. I cannot wait to see these episodes.. and I’ve waited long enough. Yes, I downloaded the UK airings or whatever, but opted to wait for the US airings to watch them instead..

See ya.

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[ 18 US Soldiers Have H1N1 In Kuwait ]
[ Navy To Try H1N1 Vaccine On Human Subjects ]
[ HR 985 To Protect Obama From Birth Certificate Fraud ]
[ Obama Govt Borrowing 50 Cents Of Every $1 It Spends ]
[ Tony Blair Believed God Wanted Him To Kill ]
[ Who Is An Anti-Semite? ]
[ Mother, Son Still Hiding From Forced Chemo ]
[ Video: Memphis UFOs – Jetliners Stacked Up On Airport Approach? ]

Saturday 05.23.2009 — [insert too-long PR RPM quote from entry here] + pr rpm 16-17 titles

May 23, 2009

A secondhand source at Rangerboard has again confirmed more Power Rangers RPM episode titles. Episode 1916: “In Or Out”.. will premiere on July 4th. :p The following week, July 11th, will see the debut of episode 1917: “Prisoners”. The weeks of July 18th and July 25th will then be more repeats..

I awoke pretty early in the morning.. and soon watched Reno 911! (lol), The Soup Presents (haha), Free Radio (lol.. aww, finale already), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (this episode reminded me of Nightwing.. an origin episode about him would be cool), Transformers Animated (the last episode ever, hooray! ..fell asleep like halfway through, then tried watching that part again.. and fell asleep again.. oh well *delete*) and four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 2 (lol, especially @ the “all Asians looks alike” bit.. bet they’d never pull off something like that on TV today.. the Asian woman was hott.. then I remember that she must be really old by now, since this show is nearly 40 years old.. six episodes to go).

At about the time Power Rangers RPM started, I began feeling somewhat weak. I didn’t know why. So I watched episode 1913: “Brother’s Keeper”. What a great episode this week. I really enjoyed it. Ziggy: “Is there a reason why you won’t call us by our real names?” Dr K: “There’s a reason for everything.” That was a real Zordon moment, wasn’t it? :p Too bad all the reasons may not be revealed though.. During the episode, my Code Geass Part 3 DVD arrived in the mail. Yay. Now my Season 1 is finally complete. Bring on Season 2. Best Buy better stock the damn thing on July 21st..

I got online for a bit. I was still weak, yet wanted to go to the grocery store. In fact, I’ve wanted to go since Thursday. So even though I was feeling all weak, we got ready and heeded over to the grocery store. As I walked through the store, the weak feeling got worse and worse. And they didn’t even have what I was looking for. Damnit. My dad noticed I wasn’t feeling good, but barely mentioned it.. and actually laughed a few times..

We returned home and I was feeling worse than ever. The weakness was now joined by what felt like a fever (but not to the touch) and my throat got really dry and hot too. Also, I had brief bouts of pain throughout my body. I got online for a bit, but my dad complained.. so I returned to the living room and then fell asleep.. for about five hours.. I woke a couple times, but the horrible feeling consisted. It eventually went away for the most part by the end of those five hours. I took some tylenol and that helped a bit.. then I soon got online again as slight headache came on. And I nearly fell down a couple times.. *sigh*

And.. that was pretty much it.. Still not feeling all that great. 😦 My thinks it was my blood sugar acting up, but I think it’s more likely to be my recent lack of sleep. One night, I think I only slept for like three hours. A few other nights I’d go to sleep at about 2 or 3AM, then wake up at 6 or 7AM. :/ ..See ya..

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[ Dollar’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated ]
[ Economy Down, But Cost Of Living Is Going Up ]
[ A-H1N1 Synthetic Flu May Be Test For H5N1 ]
[ WHO – World Should Prepare For Severe Flu ]
[ Genetic Analysis Of Swine Flu Virus Released ]
[ A-H1N1 Swine Flu Found In US Soldiers In Kuwait ]
[ Flu Vaccine Puts Kids At Risk ]
[ As Israel Rages, US Plans For Iran War Resurface ]
[ Israel Lobby Tries To Prep US Opinion For Iran War ]
[ Israel To US – We Reserve ‘Right’ To Bomb Iran ]
[ Israeli Jets Practice – Tension With Iran Grows ]
[ Obama Steers To Endless War With Islam ]
[ Nazi Precedent For Obama Health Plan ]
[ Obama’s Nazi Doctors And Their ‘Reforms’ ]
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dvd ads may 24-30 / ghostbusters come home / today

May 22, 2009

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Click on the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of May 24th to 30th: Best Buy & Target. Wow. Absolutely nothing in these ads for me… Nope, nothing… *eyes new Mandy Moore CD* :/

Loot, creators of the Living Room Stage Set personal space for PlayStation Home, have released a funny new trailer promoting the May 28th debut of Ghostbusters.. in PlayStation Home. There’s been talk of a themed space as well as virtual versions of the famous Ghostbusters costumes. Cooool. πŸ™‚

I awoke some time around 4AM to my dad getting ready to leave. Damn. I had fallen asleep prematurely again.. I got online and finished up the previous entry. Then my dad left and I eventually got the PS3 online again and went to PlayStation Home. I hung out at a few places.. then I think I briefly fell asleep.. I awoke and soon did the Xi thing for the day. I was pretty surprised when I saw it was a LittleBigPlanet community level that needed to be played to get the next code. I then eventually completed it and inputted the code.. Next, I watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 2 (hahaha).

My dad returned home soon after I started the episodes, then he eventually went to bed for a nap.. I played the InFamous Demo some more (I finished the first mission and mainly just rampaged otherwise :p), then soon returned to PlayStation Home.. where I pretty much stayed all afternoon. First, I tried to glitch in the Resistance space for a bit, then headed over to EA Complex for a game of poker. There’s some weird glitches there now. People sitting strangely and the points during the game don’t seem to add up either. One guy in my game put all in and lost, then still got some back. And near the end, I almost won a game. So close.

I see a poker bracelet a lot more likely to unlock than those damn Resistance items. Complete Waves 1-4 for the white T-shirt that was just thrown together in 10 seconds. I’m unable to complete Wave 3. Every single time. Complete Waves 1-4 to 100% (destroy all ships) to get the cool-yet-silly-looking spaceship hat. And now there’s a rather frickin’ cool looking jacket you can unlock.. if you achieve 1,000,000 points. I think only a handful or so have done that so far.. But anyway.. I got bored with it all and got off of it ah hour earlier than the norm lately, then got online to news-gather. We also had some supper.

And then in primetime, we continued to catch up since there was nothing new on again tonight. We watched The Mentalist (very good episode.. that 20-something teenager was sorta hot.. >_> ), CSI New York (wow, they went all intense with the holocaust stuff.. all *throwing it in your face* ..had to make sure I was still watching the same show), The Mentalist (the season finale.. pretty good here too) and The Soup (lol). And that was about it for the night..

So it seems the inFamous Cole Home costume from downloading the demo will actually become available in the coming week. Yay. And double yay because I just now got a shipping confirmation from Amazon on inFamous. UPS via “Next Day Air Saver”. Cannot wait to start playing when it arrives on Tuesday. :p See ya..

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