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January 31, 2005 has revealed the release date for Roswell: The Complete Third Season on DVD. All of the final 18 episodes will be in US stores on June 7th. Soo can’t wait. 🙂 ..That’s also happens to be the release date I’m estimating for the Power Rangers S.P.D., Volume 1 DVD.. also has front & back cover art for the upcoming DVD release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Volume Two. Again, all 13 episodes of the 1987 animated series’ 2nd season will be included, and for a bargain of a price. Also note that DVDEmpire’s cover art read “Season Two” on the front, while this revised art now reads “Volume Two”.. A good idea, in my opinion.. since Season 3 includes 47 episodes.. Volume Two will be in stores on April 26th. 🙂

ABC has revealed their plans for February sweeps as well. There’s even less interesting info here than the two before it. But lol @ an upcoming episode of Lost being titled “…In Translation”. :p ..And look, Peter Jennings is having a two-hour special report on UFOs. I expect it to be as full of bullshit has his special on the JFK assassination, where he presented a complete BS theory that Lee Harvey Oswald did assassinate JFK.. alone.. *rolls eyes*

The guys over at Digital Bits have taken the time to straighten everything out concerning the recent MGM DVD lawsuit. Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with your discs. For all the details, just click here.

I stayed up late last night listening to Coast To Coast AM again. ..I would like to listen to it on my small radio. But I can’t. It’s still lost somewhere in these huge piles of stuff moved over to my bed. The assholes that caused me to move my desk so they could continue to downgrade our gas heat to electric are taking their fucking time to do it. They can wire two a day, then get an electrician to connect them later. So far, they have only wired up two (on Wednesday) and connected only one (on Friday). Maybe the electrician could have connected the other one too? They were both ready to be. One’s still hanging out of my wall here. Grrr. And after these two, they have to do two fucking more. My dad is pretty sure they’ll be done by the end of this coming week. But I very much doubt that.. So I watched “City At War” from the Vol 14 DVD.. and missed about half of the 3 episodes when I fell asleep a bit. Damnit. 😦 ..Ah well. It isn’t like I haven’t seen them before..

I wake up halfway through the noon hour and have breakfast for lunch. :p Passions wasn’t that interesting yet again. Except maybe for the Paloma and Gwen scenes.. After that, I got ready to finally watch Sky Captain.. but then my dad just left to get his $50 license plate sticker. Grrr. So I turned it off and got online for a little while instead. Then, I played San Andreas for a few hours. My dad calls and says he won’t even make it home for supper. Instead, he’ll be helping that relative I despise pack away some crap into storage. And he doesn’t know when or if he will be done. Grr. At around 7PM, I get off the game and.. back online again.. He came back home soon after.

In primetime, watched the usual CBS comedies (the 3 new episodes were pretty equally hilarious). Then, we played with the cat for a while. And that was about it. 😐

Believe it or not, tomorrow (Tuesday) is my 22nd birthday. And I bet it’ll be as uneventful as the last ten or so.. *sigh* See ya.

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Sunday 01.30.05 — wasting more time…

January 30, 2005

There used to be a great Power Rangers chat on AIM, consisting of many members of RangerBoard. The chat room name changed frequently, but the chat was almost always great. But anymore, it’s become a”Mutant Chat”.. a group that uses comic characters to RPG. Barely any PR chat anymore. And Kyl seems to be becoming a little power-hungry since his AOL account can kick anyone he wants to from the room for any reason, including me a few times. And now he doesn’t even invite me anymore because I won’t take part in the RPGing and non-PR chat. 😦 But it’s not his fault. I just think he’s been a little corrupted, like lots have been since we first stepped digital foot on the internet (even me). Anyway, I guess if they’re not going to chat about PR there, I see no reason to keep loitering there. ..While on topic, a large amount of Rangerboard’s threads have been off-topic lately as well.. *sigh* I at least hope PR discussion returns with the new season next weekend..

Last night was rather uneventful. I just watched whatever I could find on TV until I fell asleep. Then I woke up 30mins before the alarm this morning. Then I just watched whatever I could find on TV. :p Booorrreeeddd. My dad’s already calling his sister / my aunt that moved out late last night and started on her way to Florida.. *sigh* *starts a running tally of how many times he calls today*

Everything this morning was just a big waiting game until DinoThunder: The Hidden Episode. It just finished, and it was an almost complete waste of time for those who bought the DVD with it. But I DVRed it to add it to the end of my PRDT tape. 🙂 And my dad actually watched a part of MMPR:TM. Heh. ..Now, my dad has left on another errand, and I have nothing to do.. but watch more crap..

I watched two more X-Files episodes on DVR. I fell asleep during the first (“Firewalker”).. but I didn’t like that one that much anyway. I looove the second episode though (“Red Museum”). They make it seem like a regular episode until the second half where it’s revealed this is a alien mythology episode. Yay. 🙂 I didn’t even know it was a mythology episode until I first saw it on the DVD a few years back…

I tried to find things to watch on TV. No luck. So I finally put in San Andreas and played it some more. But my dad came back home soon after. He had gone to see my aunt again. She didn’t leave last night, but he saw her off today. The only relative I hate has even offered my dad a free plane trip to them in Florida as soon as April. Am I a part of the equation? My dad worded it like he was going alone at first, then reworded later. I don’t really care.. We went to the grocery store. I helped him remember what to get. :p We got home, had supper, watched whatever we could find.. More booorrrreeedd..

In primetime, we watched Malcolm (lol) , Simpsons (lol) and Arrested Development (lmao). Then there wasn’t much to watch. *shakes fist @ Desperate Housewives repeat* Even though I was trying to stay away from it because I’m planning to watch all of the Season 3 DVDs before Season 4, we watched some of Family Guy and was surprised when my dad actually liked it (he sees all cartoons as for kids). We also watched that Simpsons rerun. *yawn*

Today was rather boring. I had planned to watch new DVDs all this next week. But with the wiring downgrades still not done in my room, I’ll probably have to postpone them too.. *sigh*

See ya.

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Saturday 01.29.05 — giant alien octopus trying to take control of the world! film at 11!

January 29, 2005

*drools @ Sandra McCoy in celebration of Wild Things 3* ..Huh? Oh crap. *quickly hides pics* >_> ..Um.. g’night. *runs off quickly*

Okay, so I actually went into the living room and listened to Coast To Coast AM. There’s a really good guest though, for once: Alex Jones. 🙂 He’s talking about everything from the elite trying to gain control of the world, the 48 murdered microbiologists since 9/11, and even the Lone Gunmen pilot episode.. Dean Haglund claims the government came in and asked them to do the storyline: remote-controlled passenger planes being controlled by a government faction to cause a false terrorist attack — which is pretty much what really happened on 9/11…

I woke up to my alarm. Then to my dad waking up. :p We had breakfast and my dad went off to replace his tire (it was still under warranty, so it’ll be free)..

Just finished watching the new episode of Ninja Turtles. I liked this very fictionalized take on the Illuminati. I very much doubt the real Illuminati is controlled by an alien octopus though. :p Pretty awesome episode nonetheless.. And the new mousers look great next week. 🙂 I’ll have to start DVRing this series again starting next week. Can’t believe S.P.D. is one week away already..

Right after TMNT (and the previous update), I watched a whole bunch of stuff that’s been piling up on my DVR during the last week. I watched this weekend’s Best Week Ever, the series finale of Grounded For Life (i’ll miss this show.. even though they made this feel more like a season finale, in a way), Reba (haha.. that’s blonde’s such a bitch), and the first episode of Ashlee Simpson Show Season 2. This episode led up to the SNL screw-up that was totally blown out of proportion. I had a sick feeling in my stomach as they all felt excited for her appearance and everything, while I knew what was to come. 😦 It’s not even her fault. She woke up with her voice being all raspy, so they decided to use an audio track. And the audio idiots upstairs started playing the wrong song (..maybe on purpose?). When I first saw that, I felt sorry for her.. and just wanted to reach into the TV and hug her.. I even think she’s hotter than Jessica too. Jessica just has this average beauty. *yawn*

Anyway, after that I just fell asleep on the couch a little and struggled to stay awake. My dad got his tire replaced, I recorded that S.P.D. promo to my S.P.D. tape.. I was considering dropping House completely from DVR recording, even the latest episode. But I’m glad I didn’t. We watched the episode instead. And it was great. Maybe even the best one I’ve seen yet. Can’t wait for the new episode.. Then, I tried to watch another show on the DVR, but my dad wouldn’t sit long enough for me to start it. He called his sister. They’re packing up for Florida already. So he went to see them. No mind asking me if I want to come. She’s just my favorite aunt that I’m too damn shy to speak to, so they think I don’t like her.. like everyone else in the family.. Grr.

I also set the DVR to record Toon Disney’s airing of Dino Thunder: The Hidden Episode on Friday evening. That’s exactly what it was called on the DVR’s listings too. I wonder whatever happened to “Power Rangers S.P.D.: Before It Began”..? I wish ABC Family’s listings had a separate 10-minute listing for it tomorrow morning, like Toon Disney does.. It makes it much easier to DVR.. 🙂

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. I played some San Andreas, my dad came home with a quite-late supper.. and I played more San Andreas as my dad watched most of his basketball game on my TV. I like flying a helicopter high into the sky.. then parachute down. 🙂 And my dad told me that my aunt was leaving at 1AM tonight. *sigh* I’ll miss her.. My dad is trying to ask me what I want for my birthday, but it can’t cost too much.. and just about everything I want is. I’ll probably just point out some things in the Sunday newspaper ads…

See ya.

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Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life

January 29, 2005

I can really identify with some of these lyrics…

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don’t belong
And no one understands you
Do you ever wanna runaway?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming

No you don’t know what it’s like
When nothing feels all right
You don’t know what it’s like
To be like me

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you’re down
To feel like you’ve been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one’s there to save you
No you don’t know what it’s like
Welcome to my life

Do you wanna be somebody else?
Are you sick of feeling so left out?
Are you desperate to find something more?
Before your life is over
Are you stuck inside a world you hate?
Are you sick of everyone around?
With their big fake smiles and stupid lies
While deep inside you’re bleeding

No you don’t know what it’s like
When nothing feels all right
You don’t know what it’s like
To be like me

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you’re down
To feel like you’ve been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one’s there to save you
No you don’t know what it’s like
Welcome to my life

No one ever lied straight to your face
No one ever stabbed you in the back
You might think I’m happy but I’m not gonna be okay
Everybody always gave you what you wanted
Never had to work it was always there
You don’t know what it’s like, what it’s like

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you’re down
To feel like you’ve been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one’s there to save you
No you don’t know what it’s like (what it’s like)

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you’re down
To feel like you’ve been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one’s there to save you
No you don’t know what it’s like
Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

sandra goes wild / degrassi tng s2 dvd / gits2 dvd replacement / dead not dead? / today

January 28, 2005

Power Rangers Wild Force babe Sandra McCoy (Kendall in two episodes) will be starring in the direct-to-video sequel Wild Things: Diamonds In The Rough, which will be coming to DVD on April 26th. I expect it to be as bad as Wild Things 2.. meaning: only good for the.. softcore porn scenes.. *adds it as a definite on his upcoming releases list* >:)

It’s been announced that Degrassi: The Next Generation – Season Two will be coming to DVD on June 21st. The 4-disc set will include all 22 “director’s cut” episodes (The N edits the episodes before airing) a whole lot of extras. Now this is almost worth that high price they got away with for Season One..

Dreamworks has offered a replacement program for their Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence DVD. A production error (not an intentional decision) caused early versions of the DVD to be produced without the intended subtitle tracks, but only SDH (subtitles for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired). The replacement discs will include the English subtitles, the program is now available here.

First, they announce that was intended.. now this. It just goes to show, if enough people complain… I’m still not buying it though. I wanted an english dub. 😦 ..And I didn’t like the first movie all that much anyway..

DEAD LIKE ME (Showtime) – MGM executives have confirmed the company is looking into syndicating repeats of the recently axed Showtime drama to other cable networks as well as local stations across the country. Any deals however are secondary to finding a new first-run home for the series, which MGM says is still a very real possibility. “We’re now talking to basic cable networks about moving it, and we ultimately will syndicate that,” Jim Packer, MGM’s executive vice president of television distribution for North America recently told Multichannel News. “It’s a model that we are very comfortable with.” To date, 30 hours of “Dead Like Me” have been produced.

Yay. I may finally be able to.. see it.. 🙂

I stayed up late once again. This time, I watched / taped Sunday’s Super Milk Chan. Hilarious, even if a little outdated. 2K bug? One of those lollipop spinner things? (Wish I still had one of those..). Then I watched / taped two more episodes of Shinzo. I’m starting to remember why I liked this show so much. And I’m taping it because the english dub has never been released on DVD.. :p Also, I’m taping them from ABC Family since two episodes a week is easier to follow with my very busy taping schedule than Toon Disney’s one episode every single day..

In the morning, I awoke and had breakfast.My dad had to give the neighbor upstairs a drive somewhere. He’s a nice neighbor though. Rare in this neighborhood.. Not much else happened in the morning. Just the usual.. The maintenance guy came in again for like a second, but then that was all for the day.. Passions was pretty good, but tomorrow looks way better. 🙂 After that, I watched / taped this week’s hour of The Tribe. Some great episodes. It really left me wondering there for a moment.. and so the end surprised me. :p Then, I watched episodes 15 & 16 of Ghost In The Shell: SAC. Awesome episodes. I like the small continuing storyline of the Tachikomas. Kind of a sad ending though.. if that was the end. 😦 ..Can’t wait for the next DVD. 🙂 ..I fell asleep watching a somewhat interesting episode of Oprah.. I wake up over an hour later to my dad going insane. He had just called AAA. One of his tires was flat, and he immediately suspects the asshole neighbor next door did it. But he eventually comes to his senses when he finds the nail.. My dad finally orders pizza for supper once he’s calmed down a bit, and I get online right away because I’m not on time.. The repair and pizza guys came at around the same time. I get online and have supper at the same time since I’m so behind..

In primetime, I watched the new episode of Joan of Arcadia. Pretty good episode. I thought Hilary Duff’s character was the most interesting. But now Hilary’s sister appears in a three-episode arc beginning in two weeks. Does she follow her sister everywhere or something? I’m tired of seeing her really.. Then, I watched Hope & Faith (average at best) and Less Than Perfect (same). After that, I eventually left my dad to watch NUMB3RS. I just don’t find it interesting.. Ugh. Math. *headache* :p

Today was rather average in all. More snow tomorrow.. just when my dad began considering washing his car.. :/ But yay, new TMNT.. See ya.

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lost to lose hawaii? / sw ep3 crawl / mgm dvd settlement / cbs feb / pokemon causes cancer / today

January 27, 2005

The hit supernatural drama Lost may be looking for a new place to set up camp if Hawaii closes a loophole in its tax laws, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported.

Uh oh… *rolls eyes @ the end of the article, where an unnamed Touchstone representative suggested using virtual scenery like in Sky Captain* -_-

Lucasfilm has revealed the screen crawl that will open Star Wars, Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith in theaters this summer. Check it out. 🙂

Someone has sued MGM (and invited other consumers to get in on the action) arguing that the studio’s widescreen DVD releases are basically just full frame transfers with the top of the image blacked out (the specific wording is that the image “width” of MGM’s 1.85 and 1.66 DVDs is the same). MGM isn’t admitting any truth to this, but they seem to have settled the suit anyway to make the whole thing go away. Freaky. :/ .. I think I have about 6 or 7 of those DVDs listed.. hmm..

CBS now outlines their February sweeps plans… I don’t see much interesting here, except maybe for the CSI spoilers. 🙂

Scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) have identified a new gene that, when aberrant, can cause cancer. They’ve named the gene POKEMON.

LOL. >:)

As usual, I stayed up late last night. But since I was up so late online, I only watched Saturday’s Full Metal Alchemist on DVR. Pretty good episode.. but that cliffhanger.. wtf? A whistle? O_o ..Then I was going to watch Ghost in the Shell: SAC on DVD.. but then I noticed how loud the Dolby 5.1 sound was (Nadesico‘s DVDs are only 2.0, so..). And with my dad sleeping in the next room.. I decided to try fitting it in tomorrow instead, during the day. Hah. Good luck with that. :/

I awaken in the morning even before my dad. Hmm. We have breakfast, and watch the usual stuff on TV.. Blah. I slept on and off for the rest of the morning. My dad awoke me for Passions again. It wasn’t that interesting today.. except maybe for the Ethan / Theresa / Gwen scenes.. and Sheridan’s revelation.. *shrug* My dad left to file his taxes soon after.. and I watched Montel. >_> Then I played a little more San Andreas. This time, I didn’t rampage all that much though.. I mostly just changed some settings around and resaved. :p I did try to get into that Prickle Pine safe house.. without buying it. Apparently, you can go inside through the upper left window. But I found nothing in there. Damnit. I wish I could unlock the purchase of more properties without doing anymore missions. 😦 *wants more garages, since his are full* ..I stopped at about 4:30 and watched Ghost In The Shell: SAC episode 13 (yup, I was only able to fit in one). Great episode though. 🙂 My dad arrived home with somewhat good news: the tax refund was more than he thought it would be.. but he’ll probably save it all so we can finally move (we’ve been living in the same crappy apartment for 10 years, I think).. Then we had supper, and I got online..

In primetime, I was going to watch Joey.. but I had no idea it was going to be a rerun until it started. So I stayed online a little longer instead. Since my dad was off at his friend’s place watching another basketball game, I eventually went into the living room and watched GitS:SAC episode 14 on DVD. Another awesome episode. 🙂 Can’t believe there’s only 10 episodes left to be released in Season 1. I hope there will be a Season 3… Then, I rewound the DVR recording of Point Pleasant a bit and watched it as well. Don’t want such a poor series to take up precious DVR space. The episode actually wasn’t that bad. The best episode of the three so far, but I find that the series is still poor on average. :/ My dad arrived home when it was about over, and I returned to my room when it was..

Today was rather average. Because no one came to cause more distractions. I bet they’ll be back tomorrow though. I hope they finish. I don’t like my desk sitting diagonally in my room. And my other smaller desk taking up most of the hallway. 😦

I find it interesting that this guy who caused a horrible train accident in California may get the death penalty for multiple counts of murder, when he caused it while attempting to commit suicide. He parked the car on the tracks, but found he couldn’t do it and got out. And now he may get what he wanted in the first place… See ya.

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pr spd ornament / tmnt s2 dvd / fox february / drawn together s2 / today

January 26, 2005

Hallmark and Disney continue in their series of Power Rangers ornaments with S.P.D. for 2005. Red Isis Ranger brings this image to Rangerboard of the next ornament. Expect the ornament in Hallmark Gold Crown stores this October. ..I knew I should’ve started collecting these.. But they just cost too much, in my opinion.. has revealed info concerning the April 26th DVD release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season Two. It will include all 13 episodes of the classic animated series’ second season. They even have cover art. I don’t think it’s as good as the Season 1 art, but it’s what’s inside that counts, right? 🙂

FOX has revealed its February sweeps plans. Included are spoilers for many new episodes of Arrested Development, 24, That 70s Show, House and more. It’s also revealed that the Family Guy Sunday repeats will continue into February..

DRAWN TOGETHER (Comedy Central) – The cable channel has quietly announced season two of the animated comedy will premiere Wednesday, October 19 at 10:30/9:30c. The second half of South Park‘s ninth season will also resume that same night at 10:00/9:00c.

Coooooool.. But that’s a long wait. 😦

Once again, I stayed up late. This time, I watched / taped the first two episodes of Shinzo from the DVR. I’m thinking Saban made that first episode as a pilot presentation to get their show green-lit or something.. then completely forgot that Episode 1 was really episodes 1 & 2 together. And so they shelved it. That is until Disney bought them and decided to air it.. It was pretty boring watching an extended version of what I had just seen in the second half of episode 1 in episode 2. : / The new Power Rangers S.P.D. promo was a surprise though.. Then, I watched Saturday’s next-to-last episode of Dragonball GT. An awesome near-finale. 🙂 Can’t wait for the “epilogue” episode next week..

I awaken maybe 3 hours later, to the alarm. All because the damn maintenance man is coming so early. 😦 …But then he didn’t come until after noon. Grr. I had a pretty good breakfast, and got a little sleep in over the course of the morning though. On and off.. My dad even got the guy to install his all-important peephole, so he could spy on the hallway’s goings-on once again. I don’t really care. My dad barely even watched Passions. I did though, or what I could hear of it. :/ Great episode. I like the ‘girls at the club’ scenes the most.. again. 😉 But Theresa in the shower was nice too. :p ..The guy finished up for the day just as the show was ending. They’ll have to come back tomorrow. And my dad says they probably won’t be done until Friday. *sigh* -_- ..My dad left on an errand, and I took over the TV to rampage San Andreas some more. I stopped when the game froze though. 😦 I got online for a while, had supper… then got online for a while.. :p

In primetime, I tried to stay online for another hour to waste time since Lost was a rerun and my local WB affiliate had decided to air the new Smallville much later tonight for some fucking college basketball. Grrr. At 9PM, I watched Simple Life: Interns. lol. Fake reality shows are the best reality shows. 🙂 The scheduling is pretty stupid though: a whole hour this week, then a two-week wait for the next half-hour? 😦 ..After that, my dad arrived home from watching another basketball game elsewhere and we watched tonight’s new episode of King of Queens from the DVR. Pretty funny.. Then we waited for a little over 30 minutes for the new episode of Smallville. Really great episode.. except for the plotholes about the red Kryptonite.. Chloe: “Oh. Someone stole my red Kryptonite ring again. Time to get another.” :p And I read spoilers a while back that said it would end with a cliffhanger (a part 1 of 2). I guess they couldn’t fill the hour enough to have the “did they or didn’t they?” ending. I had also read spoilers that that three witches episode a while back would be a two-parter too, and that never happened. 😦 But I’m happy they redeemed Alicia a little. I looove the character (and the actress ever since Los Luchadores on Fox Kids 😉 ). I really hope she sticks around, or at least isn’t killed off. *drools @ the hotel room scene* *saves on DVR for forever.. or until he needs the space* :p

Today has seemed incredibly long. I’m somewhat happy that it’s over. Damnit, it’s only Wednesday.. See ya.

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tmnt s3 dvd dates / gta sa top sales / xxx idiocy / misc bits / today

January 25, 2005 now lists the next two volumes of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series. Volume 15: Ways Of The Warrior – Alien Invasion will be released on March 15th, and Volume 16: Ways Of The Warrior – Worlds Collide will be released on April 26th. The DVDs are expected to include the “Space Invaders” & “Worlds Collide” three-part episodes respectively. These episodes opened the show’s third season…

Despite all the hooplah about how many copies of Halo 2 Microsoft sold, according to the NPD Group, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sold more, making it the top selling game in 2004. Overall, the PS2 had six of the best selling games of the year; Xbox three, plus one GBA title. The GameCube had none.

Woohoo. 🙂

LOL. MGM has decided to re-release Vin Diesel’s horrible xXx as an unrated director’s cut to coincide with xXx 2, which Vin will not appear in. What’s so funny? The DVD will include a mini-sequel of the death of Vin Diesel’s character, Xander Cage. And they had to hire another actor for the role in it.. *facepalm*

Cingular Wireless Goes Live With MobiTV — What’s next? A MobiDVR? :p ..I’m glad I don’t have this though. It would really cost me.. :p

Cell Phone Number Featured On ’24’ Connects For More Than 50,000 Die-Hard Fans — Cooooool. 🙂 Quite like something Scrubs did earlier in the season. ..Wish I had the number though.. 😦

FUNimation has announced plans to re-release the Dragon Ball Z movie 1: Dead Zone on May 31st at a $24.98 retail price. Rumor has it that this release will be digitally remastered… has a March 15th release date for the Now That’s What I Call Music! Volume 18 CD. But no other details on the release are known at this time

I stayed up late again last night and tried out the new San Andreas cheat codes. The “carnival” code is freaky. Seeing those people with the burgers and chickenhead on their heads outside the restaurants is very different. lol @ beating the hell out of the clowns though. 🙂 The “super punch” is pretty funny too. One punch kills, and they fly a long way back sometimes. I love the “cars fly away” code. Any car you hit with your car.. just floats away. Wow. And before I knew it, it was 5AM! Ack..

In the morning, I waken at 9:30AM.. to the alarm. :p We went media buying almost immediately…

First, I stopped by the Wal-Mart grocery store.. only to find they hadn’t put their new DVD releases out yet. Grr. So no Sky Captain here.. Next, I went to Best Buy. I passed on Predator 2 (for now) and got Nadesico Vol 3 of 3 (Essential Anime Edition), Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol 4, and a couple free discs. They still didn’t have TMNT Vol 14 or Robotech Remastered Collection 7 though. 😦 I even tried to ask someone besides the guy who gave me the bullshit reply last week concerning TMNT Vol 14.. but the guy just went and asked that guy. Damnit. :/ Then, I went to regular Wal-Mart, passed on Predator 2 again (for now), and bought Sky Captain (Widescreen, with Wal-Mart exclusive bonus disc) and TMNT Vol 14 (yay). Last, I went to Target and bought a Power Rangers Dino Thunder collector’s tin (1 of 3). The tin is pretty cool, and is meant to hold the PRDT trading cards. I’ll use it for extras though. But I think I have so many, I’ll have to get another one when I can afford it. :p There’s also 4 packs of cards inside (1 each of Series 1 & 2, and 2 packs of Series 3). All for only $9.99.. and with the mini-handle on the side, it looks like a tiny PRDT lunchbox. 🙂 I saw these at Wal-Mart also, in case you want to know.. In the end, I had just under $2 left in the bank. I’ll have to wait a couple days after next Tuesday for that week’s new releases (check on Feb 3rd).. We got home. I found one new card within the four packs in the tin. It was a hologram one too (ZD09H). :p Then everything went to hell…

One of the maintenance people came to survey my room. He gave us an hour to move everything away from the wall. We threw away a lot of trash that I had collected.. somehow, and moved the magazines onto my bed. But my dad finally saw how “trashy” my room really was. He was furious. We almost fought. Physically. 😦 I was so furious by his comments that I hit him a little. He said he could “clean my clock” (who says that anymore anyway?). He kept on complaining, and about how embarassed he was over my room. I kept telling him to shut the fuck up.. under my breath. I don’t give a fuck what others think about me.. He also kept saying what I say to myself on a daily basis: “I wish I were dead”.. We missed Passions because of all this. We had to DVR it for later..

The guy worked for maybe an hour. Maybe a little more. We watched Not Another Teen Movie (edited, of course) on Comedy Central to waste the time. Then he said he would return bright and early in the morning (9AM) to continue his work. I’d probably still be asleep on the living room couch (where I sleep every night.. since my bed’s covered) at that time. *sigh* I am considering moving this desk over to the other wall though, and moving out my bed. :/ We watched Passions at 4PM. Gladly, it wasn’t that much of a stalling episode. I liked the ‘girls at the club’ parts the most. rofl @ Kay mentioning that Miguel (who left town) is working as a gardener to help support her and his child (a reference to the actor who played Miguel also playing the role of that teenage gardener on Desperate Housewives!). Once it was over, it was time for my dad’s “news”, so I went to get online for a bit. The guy made another hole in the wall. Ugh. No wonder it’s so cold in here.. Or that could be because we had the window open.. to help get rid of the fumes.. Still smells though. 😦

In primetime, my dad went outside for some reason.. and I ended up watching Power Rangers Generations on Toon Disney for the first time. :p I watched Mighty Morphin‘s “Gung Ho!”. I had seen it plenty of times, but never so clear (my cable company gets Toon Disney in much cleaner than ABC Family). But right at the end, I fell asleep. I did only sleep maybe four hours early this morning after all.. My dad woke me up just after 9PM. I rewinded the DVRing of Scrubs and watched it. Verrry funny episode (I want this show on DVD, damni– oh wait.. nm). Then, we watched the funniest episode of Committed yet. 🙂 After that, we watched / taped last night’s Medium. It was definitely the best episode yet. 🙂 But the VCR stopped recording and overheated yet again. Grrr. And when it does, it’s always in the same spot: around 39mins in. I’ll just start recording it from the last commercial break on the tape later…

Anyone else tired or those Jamster ringtone commercials, especially the “Ringtone Idol” ones? “A rapping rhino? How hip!” *rolls eyes* So cheesy..

Today really sucked.. but there were a few nice elements too. Like the DVD.. and the TV.. That’s why I can’t stop getting DVDs. It evens everything out. Without them (among other media), it’d just be.. all bad.. See ya.

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spd site / new x-files dvd / scrubs dvd art / cn anime update / today

January 24, 2005

Jetix has launched their official website for Power Rangers S.P.D.! Included are a couple of games, an archive of promos, a revealing of the ABC Kids premiere date (February 26th?), “e-mail a ranger”, and the image used for the Disney Adventures ad is now available as a wallpaper. Check it out. 🙂

Fox has decided to release even more of The X-Files on DVD. After all nine seasons have already been released? Yup. They actually plan on releasing a boxed set of 16 “government conspiracy” episodes from the first three seasons. Let the milking begin… :p

Buena Vista has released DVD cover art and a brief description for the upcoming Scrubs: The Complete First Season 4-disc DVD boxed set, due in stores May 17th. I agree that the box art isn’t perfect, but I can’t wait to purchase this set.. even though it looks like the set will be a Smallville-like “book” release. *shrug*

Adult Swim anime programming director Kim Manning revealed several details about the Cartoon Network’s forthcoming plans for anime… The Cartoon Network has licensed all 167 episodes of Inuyasha for American broadcast. No broadcast scheduled has been revealed yet.. In response to poor ratings, the Cartoon Network will not acquire new episodes of Case Closed. The network will continue to air the 50 episodes it owns broadcast rights to.. The Cartoon Network has no plans to co-produce a third season of The Big O.. The Cartoon Network has allowed its broadcast rights to Outlaw Star to expire.. The Cartoon Network presently has no plans to seek American broadcast rights to Naruto, the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, or Robotech. That doesn’t rule out any possibilities for the future.

Damn. I wanted to see Naruto.. and that FMA movie.. 😦

I stayed up late once again last night. First, I successfully transferred Desperate Housewives to VHS.. then it overheated and stopped again. :/ I wasn’t paying attention. I was on my computer reading the first chapter of the Gantz manga that I had downloaded. Damnit. I should watch the anime first. I’m only interested in the manga all of a sudden because I read that it was even more graphic than the anime. >:) ..Then I watched episodes 17 & 18 of Nadesico. More great episodes. Seventeen was intense (but I’m glad that character died.. they were soo annoying), and eighteen was interesting as well. Can’t wait for the last eight episodes..

I awoke in the morning and.. nothing much happened. We just watched TV. And later, I played with the cat.. Eventually, Passions began. I found today’s episode bland.. except for the Theresa / Ethan / Gwen parts. Almost everything else felt like writer stalling. :/ After that.. I played with the cat some more. And watched more TV (booorrreeed). The Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger actor (can’t recall his name) made a cameo appearance with almost all of the Fat Albert movie cast on Dr Phil with Bill Cosby.. Then I watched Oprah.. for Lisa Ling.. *drools* Her report was sad.. but I’ve been drooling over Lisa since she was on Channel One News in high school.. >_> Soon, the news started and.. I fell asleep. I was awoken at 6:30 for supper, and we watched a Seinfeld syndicated rerun. I had forgotten how funny that show really was. Next, I got online..

Primetime was filled with reruns once again.. Why does CBS feel the need to tease us so? *all new monday* *all reruns monday* *all new monday* etc. *roll eyes*.. Anyway, I was behind on news gathering so I got online for the whole night. I also found that there were new GTA: SA codes revealed. And that a PSP Grand Theft Auto is on the way very soon, and will supposedly be a 3D return to Liberty City. I was hoping for an updated return to LC on the PS2 or 3, but this isn’t that bad. I just hope it is 3D, which hasn’t been confirmed yet. Can’t wait to try them out (the game & the codes). 🙂

Damn, today sucked. Sooooo boring. 😦 See ya…

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Sunday 01.23.05 — wasting time..

January 23, 2005

Wow. I just finished watching episodes 15 & 16 of Nadesico. More great episodes. These included some good revelations (that I won’t spoil :p), and the series seems to be coming up on its grand finale (10 episodes left). These were also more dramatic than previous episodes. 🙂 I almost want to buy the last volume (with the final 8 episodes) on release date this Tuesday.. but it took a few weeks for my Best Buy to even get Volume 2 in stock. So I might not have a chance.. *shrug* My Best Buy hasn’t even gotten the last collection of Robotech Remastered in yet.. and it came out at the end of last month. O_o

Ah well. ‘Night.

I woke up to the alarm… then fell back to sleep about 30 minute later. :p *shrug* I awoke about 30 minutes ago and had.. breakfast..? I also watched the end of Misery on TV with my dad. Never knew the movie was like that (good).. Hmm.

Damnit. I watched episode 2 of Point Pleasant. It could barely keep my attention at all. So boring (my dad even left once I started watching it). Then the ending was like “whoa”. Now I want to see next week’s episode. Help.. me. 😦 The show’s like an O.C. carbon copy.. that suddenly gets some supernatural stuff injected into it. Like there could’ve been a previous season without the daughter of Satan. That would’ve been completely boring. Like The O.C.. :p Maybe someone can edit these episodes down to the supernatural bits. I’d probably enjoy those mini-episodes a lot more than this crap.. Blah.

Then I taped a couple more Power Rangers promos onto the beginning of my first S.P.D. tape. Then I watched them all over again since those might be the last ones added.. I can’t believe S.P.D.‘s only just under two weeks away already! 🙂 It feels like Dino Thunder ended just a couple weeks ago…

So my dad returned home and we watched I Love The 90s: Part Deux a little bit. When he fell asleep, I started playing some more San Andreas. I mostly just rampaged again. lol @ that cop in the LVPD HQ: “I’m taking people and killing names.. oh wait..” ..or something like that. I stopped when supper was ready and watched some more I Love The 90s: Part Deux. Then came to the computer once I was done… :/

I finally got around to watching last Monday’s episode of 24 from my bedroom DVR. Awesome. Still don’t know if I want to stop and wait for the DVD or not though. I like the instant gratification. 🙂 After that, I watched the new Malcolm episode (lol @ the baby thing), the Simpsons repeat, and the new episode of Arrested Development (rofl). Then, we watched / taped the new episode of Desperate Housewives. Verry good episode, but the VCR overheated and stopped recording again.. so I have to retape it later tonight. 😦

Today was quite average. And partly boring. *shrug* See ya…

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