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pr rpm 10-11 titles / pris dvd look / true blood s2 date / today

March 31, 2009

KyL416 & BurgundyRanger have revealed the next two Power Rangers RPM episode titles. First up, episode 1910: “Ranger Blue” will premiere on May 2nd at 12:30PM ET. Episode 1911: “Doctor K” will then follow it on May 9th.. at 12:30PM ET. New episodes will also air on May 16th & 23rd, then the season’s first reruns follow on May 30th. The backstory episodes finally reach their conclusion, I see. Can’t wait to see all these. 🙂

RangerBoard member Pepper from Germany has purchased the Power Rangers In Space DVD set and has provided a look at a couple menus.. This’ll definitely be the first thing I order on Friday. Can’t wait. 🙂

HBO has officially announced that True Blood will return for a second season on Sunday June 14th. They’ve also released some “teaser picks” from the new season. Check them out. 🙂

I awoke in the morning to my alarm, watched some morning TV, then soon got ready and headed out.. to grocery buy.. Yup. No DVDs this week, as I stated before. So my dad and I just went to a bunch of different stores for groceries.. I bought a few things here, a few things there.. and before we knew it, the back seat was full of bags. Glad I had all this money left over. And my dad was broke, so I got some items he’d usually buy as well. So a few hours later, we returned home and watched Ellen. And then I watched United States of Tara (good episode) and Everybody Hates Chris (hahahaa, liked the whole.. moving of secret items.. thing.. as well as the continued vandalism :p all, better than usual).

After that, I foolishly decided to get on PlayStation Home.. and waste the rest of the afternoon there. I should really get to the shows on the PS3.. but.. oh well. I mostly screwed around in the Xi spaces again. And scoffed when my dad kept repeating that I was a loner just because I was walking around alone.. then was in the other room when I helped someone on my friends list. :p ..We soon had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Reaper (haha, very good episode this week), The Mentalist (the hypnotism stuff was pretty cool, though it didn’t almost laughable a few times) and House (wow, a great episode this week 🙂 ). Then I.. eventually returned to my room for the night..


[ Global Economy Set For Record Fall In 2009 ]
[ It’s Time For Banks To Bow To Govt ]
[ Brown – Thinking Positively About Monetary Policy ]
[ UK – No More Money To Put Into Economy ]
[ GM CEO Gets $23M Estimated Pension ]
[ Crude Oil Price Collapse See Industry Consolidation ]
[ Rense Statement – Regarding The Alex Jones Issue ]


no more us prjf dvds / today

March 30, 2009

A source at TVShowsOnDVD now confirms that Power Ranger Jungle Fury will not be completed on DVD in the USA due to a considerable drop in sales from the complete season Operation Overdrive volumes to the Jungle Fury Volumes 1 & 2 DVDs. Thanks to all the people who didn’t buy them in order to wait and see if the season will be completed again. Thanks to you, it isn’t. Disney is releasing the remaining volumes in the UK however.. with the cover art we would have gotten.. And it’s possible we’ll get no RPM DVDs either..

I awoke in the morning and watched Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! (HAHAHA– oh, who am I kidding…), then got on PlayStation Home for a while. I went to the Adventure Lobby and eventually completed its minigame, then a friend of mine was nice enough to get me to the one remaining locked space I needed. Yay. In “Alpha Zone 1 – Maximum-Tilt Lobby”, you pilot a hoverbike through trees with the six-axis controller. No pushing of buttons needed once you get in there and select your bike. It’s a pretty cool game. 🙂

My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen. But I left the PS3 online the whole time.. and in Home.. until it was over. My dad eventually went to bed, then I.. typed with my friends a little before deciding to watch Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under The Hood on Blu-ray. “Tales of the Black Freighter” was great (of course), and “Under The Hood” was pretty good too (even though a frand said otherwise :p). I didn’t like the lack of a real menu though, as well as the lack of BD-Live features promising “film footage not seen in theaters”. 😦 ..Even though Warner’s BD-Live video sucks right now with a tiny video window playing among a sea of white on-screen. At least that’s what The Dark Knight was like..

Once that ended, I.. returned to PlayStation Home and Maximum Tilt. After trying and failing multiple times to reach 25,000 points (the amount needed to receive Xi fragment 3), I was quite surprised when a race ended and I actually got it. Yay. Now I have four fragments and two butterflies. :p Check out this video detailing all three spaces of Alpha Zone 1. And haha, I’m in there (the back of my avatar for a few seconds at about 3:38, then my name at about 4:22). I’m famous. :p ..I then tried to get Game Test Area into “Expert Mode”. I heard you had to succeed (6 minigames in under 6 minutes) 10 times in order to do it. I guess I haven’t done it that many times yet. Made a new personal record though..

My dad soon woke up. And at 6PM, I had to finally shut off the PS3. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol), Two & A Half Men (rofl, especially funny this week.. surprised at the jokes they got through to air), Rules of Engagemnt (I admit it.. lol) and CSI Miami (very good episode this week). And after that.. nothing.. I miss Conan.

Night night.

[ Why End Of America Is Closer Than You Think ]
[ Alarming News – Bank Losses Spreading ]
[ Shares Slide As Global Bull Run Fades ]
[ Russia Backs Return To Gold Standard ]
[ Obama Calls On Banksters To Sacrifice On Pay ]
[ Antiwar Left Can’t Admit Obama Betrayal ]
[ Obama Seeks Muslims For White House Posts ]
[ Biden’s Daughter Videotaped Snorting Lines ]
[ North Korea Preparing For Another Missile Test ]
[ US Deploys Navy Ahead Of North Korea Missile Test ]
[ Note To Cheney – Khmer Rouge Torturer Faces Justice ]
[ Pro-Zionism – Defending The Indefensible ]
[ China Cyber Espionage Network In 103 Countries ]
[ China Hackers Control UK Embassy Computers ]
[ UK Could Be Shut Down By China Hackers ]
[ Smart Students Play Dumb To Avoid Bullying ]
[ Violent Gangs From World Over Infest US Cities ]
[ Internet Infected With Conficker Worm – What’s Next? ]
[ Man Decapitates 5 Year Old Sister In Front Of Cops ]

Sunday 03.29.2009 —

March 29, 2009

I awoke in the morning to my alarm.. then awoke again about an hour or two later. Damnit. I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (barely.. not enough time now), then watched Bleach (had a difficult time paying attention again.. blah) and CSI NY (heh, not bad). Then I got on PlayStation Home for a while. Someone got into the new Xi space yesterday that’s not due to open until Monday. As soon as I heard, I had to get in on that. And so I did..

“Alpha Zone 1 – Game Test Area”… is some sort of minigame testing area. From there, enter “Hexopolis” to play and win six minigames in under six minutes in order to get the third fragment. I was going to wait until tomorrow before doing that.. but I did anyway. I was able to complete it on my second try, then did it again even faster. The minigames are fun. There’s a small room that serves as a finish line and shows you your best time. Someone on my friends list was also in another room that’s locked from the Game Test Area — “Alpha Zone 1 – Adventure Lobby”. There, you play a classic text adventure game. Right away, I didn’t know how to play it and got outta there. :p There’s also another locked room some have made it into (but I haven’t) called “Alpha Zone 1 – Maximum-Tilt Lobby”. There’s videos of all three spaces on YouTube. The Game Test Area (at least) should be open tomorrow from The Hub’s “A1” pod.

My dad’s NASCAR race was starting, so I shut off the PS3 and got online for a while. I’m.. just now watching the lonelygirl15 videos.. so don’t spoil please. I just got a computer powerful enough to play YouTube videos correctly last year, so yeah.. Before I knew it, it was already 4PM. How the heck did that happen? Anyway, I headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Supernatural (a bit better than usual, nice) and Bones from a few eeks back (ditto, a bit better than usual 🙂 ).

We eventually had some supper, then in primetime watched Funniest Videos (haha), Simpsons (lol), Party Down (another very funny episode.. I’m liking it), Family Guy (soooo funny this week, mostly in part to the Stewie subplot lol), American Dad (lol this was rather good too) and Jim Gaffigan: King Baby (lol.. think I enjoyed it more than my dad though.. he prefers the rednecks). Then I eventually returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

[ The Race To Financial Safety Is Now On ]
[ The Problem Is Not Bankers – It’s Society ]
[ Global Currency Gains Ground ]
[ Hedge Funds Vow To Fight As G20 Gathers ]
[ The Anger Building As G20 Meets In London ]
[ GM CEO Resigns Under Obama’s Pressure ]
[ Military Escalation & Obama’s ‘War On Terrorism’ ]
[ Suicide Watch For US Soldiers In Iraq ]
[ US And Iran Open Afghanistan Peace Talks ]
[ North Korean Missile Challenge To Obama ]
[ Iran Scientists To Help North Korea Missile Launch ]
[ Gates Reveals Schism In Obama White House ]
[ Obama’s Involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange ]
[ Video: Rev James Manning – Obama Is Not A Black Man ]
[ Video: Why Is Alex Jones Mad At Prothink? ]
[ Massive Chinese Computer Network Uncovered ]
[ VW To Launch 258 MPG Car – Cost $600 US ]
[ NZ Women Are World’s Most Promiscuous ]

Saturday 03.28.2009 — “Are we trying to destroy Corinth or give it a streak free shine?”

March 28, 2009

I awoke in the morning.. and over the course of said morning, I watched Transformers Animated (eh it’s okay), Castle (episode 2.. *sigh* pilot better than series again.. at least so far.. I think I’ll give it another episode), In The Motherhood (lol.. though a few parts.. eh..) and My Name Is Earl (lol.. aw).. soon followed by Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (very good episode.. I’m hearing it’s going into reruns for a bit after episode 15, so two more weeks left) and.. the first episode of SpongeBob that I’ve seen in over a year or more (just looking for something while awaiting RPM.. and hm, not bad.. heh).

Next up was of course Power Rangers RPMepisode 1905: “Handshake”. Another very good episode this week. After a battle, Tenaya 7 attaches her robotic hand to one of their cars and infiltrates The Garage. Hilarity ensues as it also infiltrates the Red Ranger’s shirt (harhar) and the pool table (Whack-a-Mole!). I thought it went a bit too far when it actually talked to them with that finger wagging at them. But I really liked how they ended up destroying it though. Also, the Black & Green zords are introduced. And Ziggy is still comedic in-suit.. and in-zord (nice). Meanwhile, Dillon is apprehensive about his training due to not knowing anything about the mysterious Doctor K. And so in the end, Doctor K reveals herself to the shocked Rangers. What a great set-up for the Ranger origin stories to begin next week. 🙂 Also.. Venjix’s voice sounds similar to Zordon’s, particularly in this episode. And with both of them being tubes, this seems like an evil version of the Command Center. Has anyone else made this connection yet? Hmm..

So I got online for a bit, then watched Ben 10 Alien Force (the one-hour finale.. found it difficult to pay attention really.. the story has to go so damn fast.. perhaps I won’t watch next season.. like I never watched the original series either :/). My dad awoke and I then watched Twilight on Blu-ray. As I should have expected.. I didn’t like it.. all that much. Oh well. Maybe it was because I had already read the book and knew everything that was going to happen. Or maybe it was the horrible special effects used when the vampires were walking or running that made it seem like they were almost floating along. I recall that effect looking good and creepy when I first saw Mars Attacks!, but here.. it just gets me rolling my eyes.. Hopefully the next one will be better. And perhaps I won’t read the book first anymore. My dad fell asleep pretty early on, of course. Lucky..

Once I had gone though all the special features (more discs need intros on extended & deleted scenes like here, rather than audio commentaries), I returned to my room and got online for a while. We had some supper and watched some Family Guy reruns (should really pull out the old DVDs again sometime), then returned to my room.. again.. I eventually made it to my bedroom DVR and watched the two latest episodes of Gossip Girl (very good episodes.. soo missed this show), then caught some MadTV and SNL. And that’s about it..

See ya.

[ More US Tent Cities As Recession Wears On ]
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[ G20 Activists – Why We Are Protesting ]
[ Fears That Cop Tactics Will Cause G20 Violence ]
[ G20 Protesters Face Police With Tasers ]
[ Banks To Close During G20 Protests ]
[ Obama Orders 4,000 More Troops To Afghanistan ]
[ US Liberals Begin To Confront Obama Betrayal ]
[ Obama Accused Of Being A US Domestic Enemy ]
[ Obama Birth Announcement Forged? ]
[ Makow – Filmmaker Calls 911 Attacks ‘A Hoax’ ]
[ Russian Scientists Prepare For Mars Mission ]

dvd ads mar 29-apr 4 / today

March 27, 2009

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of March 29th to April 4th 2009: Best Buy & Target. I thought The Day The Earth Stood Still was out today according to my own personal DVD release schedule text file.. but it isn’t.That’s coming out next week. Now I have nothing to get. Perhaps I’ll finally help out my broke father instead.. or get some more virtual crap for Home.. or both.. This week’s non-me-worthy releases include Slumdog Millionaire and Marley & Me. The Slumdog Blu-ray will be available for a very special Best Buy Reward Zone member price of $25.99.. or just a buck cheaper than everyone else will get it for. :p Still, a nice gesture. If they only did it more often and for movies I actually want.. Oh, and Target will have the two most recent James Bond movies, Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace for just $24.99 each on Blu..

I awoke in the morning and.. finished up the previous entry, D’oh. Then soon watched South Park (lol, opening scene was the best), UFO Hunters (once I saw it was about the Dulce underground alien base, I had to DVR it.. wow, some episode too.. there were a few things even I didn’t know.. that ending with the hotel felt stupid though), and two more episodes of Wolverine And The X-Men (episodes 21 & 22.. wow, very good episodes.. keeps getting better.. *shakes fist @ the series’ volume DVDs* season set or gtfo). My dad returned home from dialysis.. so he saw his Ellen (that he really enjoys complaining about just because she’s gay 😦 ), then his news.

I soon took over though and watched the latest two episodes of Ben 10 Alien Force (eh, they were alright I guess).. before getting onto PlayStation Home (new Xi stuff again, yay.. and clues point to the first teleport pod being activated Monday 🙂 ). I eventually got bored of that and decided to watch a movie… so I watched Zeitgeist: Final Edition. Again. Awesome movie. Tried to get my dad watching, but he saw the religion part and refused to believe it.. Then as it was nearing its end, he was all “this is all in that game?” .. -_- ..So I watched this one because I wanted a refresher before finally seeing Zeitgeist II.. soon..

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. In primetime, we watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (very good episode this week), Dollhouse (wow, now that the FOX-meddled episodes are over.. good times.. especially looking forward to next week.. *Dark Angel*), Howie Do It (damnit, changed a new one t o a rerun.. and I watched it anyway only because my dad likes it.. I’ve been losing my like for the show every week) and The Soup (lol).

And that was all I wrote. See ya.

ratchet & clank future 2 announced / today

March 26, 2009

Insomniac Games has officially introduced Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time for PS3 release (on Blu-ray Disc) this fall. Awesome! The world premiere of the teaser trailer for the new game will take place during this week’s episode of GameTrailersTV on SpikeTV, airing this Friday night at 1AM ET.. I really want to buy Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.. but it still isn’t a Greatest Hit in the USA yet (I own every single R&C title on PS2 though). I’ve had a feeling ever since I noticed that it did become a Greatest Hit in UK & Japan.. that they may re-release it in order to include the PSN downloadable title Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty on disc with it. Or perhaps I’m really hoping for that since I prefer not to download it.. and also prefer not to pay a huge price just to import a disc release of it from elsewhere. I just want it on a disc. 😦

I awoke in the morning.. then finished up the entry. :/ We had some breakfast and watched some morning TV, then I returned to my room again. I wish I could get on Home to see the new stuff, but my dad’s in there watching Ellen. Blah.. So my dad watched his news, then I soon took over the TV and.. got on PlayStation Home. The US only got a new space for a game I don’t care about (as well as a new Xi puzzle), Japan got a new free shirt in the Mall, and the Hong Kong server finally got some more Japan spaces.. only in English now. Yay. They also got the RE5 space partially opened, with a store (aka an extension of the Mall.. only with RE stuff) and a minigame (Treasure Hunt.. for huge bugs.. in crates!).

Eventually, I got bored of Home. So I then watched Chuck (wow, very good episode), Heroes (wow, another very good episode) and Eastbound And Down (some episodes are hilarious, others less so.. this one was one of the latter.. and this was the season finale? after only six episodes? ugh). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Smallville (great episode this week, haha.. particularly a great ending 🙂 ), Grey’s Anatomy (better than past episodes, I suppose.. surprised by that start..), The Office (wow.. and hilarious 🙂 ) and 30 Rock (haha, must admit that was.. good.. I guess). Then I.. returned to my dark and lonely room for the night. Hooray.

See ya.

[ Chang – Total Global Meltdown, Civil Unrest ]
[ Banks Braced For City Riots During G20 Summit ]
[ Americorps Has Stench Of Authoritarianism ]
[ US Backing For World Currency Stuns Markets ]
[ Obama Accused Of Being A US Domestic Enemy ]
[ Video: Bjerknes – Obama And The Bankers ]
[ Chase Bank Turned Blind Eye To Madoff ]
[ Geithner Wants Power Over Hedge Funds, Derivatives ]
[ Geithner Power Grab Worries Editors ]
[ Roubini – Stocks Will Drop, Banks Go Belly Up ]
[ BoE Chief’s First Shot In Wider War ]
[ Clinton Admits US Role In Mex Drug Wars ]
[ Holding US To Climate Standards It Can’t Achieve ]
[ Clinton Ducks Extraterrestrial/UFO Disclosure ]

labou dvd / stewie on bones / cn programs 2009 / guitar hero home / today

March 25, 2009

The family movie Labou has been announced for DVD release on May 19th. The film is written and directed by Power Rangers SPD director Greg Aronowitz, and also stars SPD‘s Chris Violette (Sky / Blue Ranger), Monica May (Z / Yellow Ranger), Kelson Henderson (Boom) and Barnie Duncan (Piggy) in supporting roles. Chris Violette is even on the DVD’s audio commentary track. 🙂

Family Guy character Stewie Griffin.. will make a very “unique” guest appearance on the Thursday May 7th episode of Bones airing at 8PM ET. Haha. See if you can glean another details / spoilers from this jokingly-written press release.. :p

Cartoon Network has revealed its upcoming slate of movies & TV series. Among them is the new spin-off series Ben 10: Evolutions, the live-action Ben 10: Alien Swarm movie, the Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins (origin story) live-action film, a Scooby Doo – Mystery Inc animated series.. and a selection of live-action reality shows. Ewwwww. -_- The live-action series Prepped from Paul Dini (Lost & Batman Beyond) sounds a bit promising though. Maybe..

Activision will debut the new Backstage With Guitar Hero space in PlayStation Home tomorrow, complete with a mini-game and prizes. Wow. I have no chance at succeeding at that..

My dad and our cat awoke me at 6:30AM. I played with him for for a bit (…the cat), then went to my room and got online for a while. My dad went back to bed for a nap eventually, so I watched The Whitest Kids U’Know (haha, something else) and Aaron Stone (Part 1 of 2.. pretty good episode, I suppose.. not much of a cliffhanger ending though). My dad woke up and then I started feeling sleepy. Just as I was about to finally fall asleep, my dad started talking to me again. Fucking great. And whenever he talks to me, it always seems to be his money problems that I’m so sick of hearing about. He let the power bill get behind.. and now he’s thinking about doing the same to the rent. What a sharp mind he has. -_-

Since he ruined my chance at sleep.. again, I get back online again for a little while. But I eventually returned to the living room.. and fell asleep. Once I awoke, we watched the rest of Ellen and I got some lunch. Once my dad ‘s news was over, we watched Primetime: What Would You Do?, then I followed that with Roommates (hahaa.. eh.. blah) and Castle (finally got around to the first episode.. good start).

Next, I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home. After yesterday having nothing new with Xi, I wasn’t expecting anything. But then I got there and there was something new. Yay. But of course I couldn’t even get started on solving it myself before some idiot kept running around telling everyone the new code. I wanted to find it out on my own.. but oh well. -_- I had a lot more network errors out of Home today too.. I also played LittleBigPlanet for a very brief amount of time before my dad began bitching about his news.

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Scrubs (haha. not bad), Better Off Ted (lol.. a fair improvement over the first episode IMO 🙂 ), Lost (wow, very good episode) and Monday’s 24 (also very good). It was difficult to pay attention to Lost though.. once my dad just admitted that he had stolen some of my food. I bought the stuff, so he should at least ask first. But no. I also suspect he took some of my expensive cookies.. before I hid them from him. I even brought up how they had “disappeared” in the past. He just said that they would be “safe”.. then I later discovered they weren’t..

He must think I’m a retard. But he’s the one who’s incapable of saying “wash” without an “r” in the middle. He also seems to forget a lot, making me explain things to him.. again.. and again.. and again.. and he sometimes still doesn’t get it. But anyway.. See ya.

[ Brown Pushing Rothschild Vision Of Global Economy ]
[ Treasury Wants New Powers To Intervene ]
[ Treasury And The Fed Don’t Need New Powers ]
[ US/UK Recovery Plans Are A ‘Way To Hell’ ]
[ Tarpley – CDS ‘Godfather’ Says ‘Blow ‘Em All Up’ ]
[ Deflation? Not If You’re Buying Food ]
[ The Criminalization Of Everyday Life ]
[ Incriminating Evidence Of Israeli War Crimes ]
[ Makow – Giesbrecht Plight Proves Taliban A Fraud ]
[ Now UK Big Brother Targets Facebook ]
[ Pharmaceuticals Found In Fish Across The US ]
[ Red Meat Linked To Increased Mortality ]
[ Gore Sequel To ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ ]
[ Eerie ET Image On Google Street View ]
[ Video: Good Footage From New MOD UFO Files ]
[ School Bus Sized UFO Hovering In TN Backyard ]

no news / media / today

March 24, 2009

I awoke in the morning, and almost immediately got ready and headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to Best Buy and picked up the overly-expensive Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under The Hood on Blu-ray. $26.99 for about an hour of feature content. Yay. :/ Best Buy has a $19.99 DVD steelbook version as well, but I opted for this instead. Steelbooks are getting to be too abundant anyway, causing them to be less coll in my eyes. :p I have a whole box of them already. If there were exclusive features inside, that’d be different.. I also picked up the Now 30 CD. I had heard of its release just days ago, which is definitely not the norm for me. I.. still have Now 29 left unlistened and it came out in November. Haha.

I finally got someone to answer me about the Code Geass Part 3 DVD. They took one look at the “Backordered” listing on their site, said it must be “online only”.. and that was it. Ugh. -_- ..I moved on to my icee, then headed to the grocery store for some things. My dad should really make lists. He just goes in there, buys things.. then comes back home and notices a bunch of stuff he forgot. Only difference now being that he literally can’t afford anything else for the next week. 😦

So I.. picked up.. the new Otaku USA. The April 2009 issue has a six-page article on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. It even gets mentioned on the front cover. Cooool.. SO we returned home and watched Ellen, then I watched the last four episodes of Reno 911: Season 5 (yay, over.. haha’s @ the random cliffhanger.. I was a bit surprised by all the strip club boobage during this season being un-mosaiced 🙂 ..Season 6 begins April 1st) and last night’s Secret Life of the American Teenager (for the first time, I can finally say I hated an episode of show.. usually, there were enough good moments to stay interested.. but with story being stretched, the moments I liked were few and far between :/).

I made my way onto PlayStation Home (oh, nothing new.. *wanders around aimlessly* *exits* heh, I always “go home” before exiting.. as in my home space), followed by some time on Lego Star Wars (well, I did horribly on the next level.. haha). We had some supper, then I got online to inventory the new discs and to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Reaper (haha, very good episode this week), Medium (wow, also pretty good) and The Mentalist (pretty good). Then….. my room.. Yeah. See ya.

[ Niki Raapana – Join The ‘Quiet Revolution’ ]
[ China Proposes World Currency ]
[ CIA Fronts Include Wikipedia, CBS, Ad Giants ]
[ IMF – Economic Crisis Will Engulf The World ]
[ Obama, Geithner Gambling With US Financial Reputation ]
[ Obama Bribes Investors To Buy $1T Toxic Debt ]
[ Bailout Rewards Bank Corruption – Economist ]
[ Freeze $1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives As First Step To Recovery ]
[ National Service Bill Clears Senate Hurdle ]
[ Obama And His Dick (Cheney) ]
[ Obama & The Neocon Middle East War Agenda ]
[ Cmdr Confirms Netanyahu Mass War Plans ]
[ Zionist Crime Syndicate Organizations In The USA ]
[ Racist, Sexist Israeli Military Shirts Show Zionist Evil ]
[ New MOD UFO Files – Fascinating Stories ]

pr rpm 02-03 ratings / home xi begins / twilight disc sales / today

March 23, 2009

There was a sizable rise in the ratings for Power Rangers RPM during its second week, with episodes 2 & 3 both receiving a 1.1/5 rating. The previous week’s premiere only got a 0.7 & 0.6.. Yay.. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight also saw a small rise in their rating with a 0.7/3. 🙂

The Xi Alternate Reality Game in PlayStation Home has begun. Today at 10AM ET, the teleport in Central Plaza (as well as the one in the EU Home Square) began working and it sends you to a new space called The Hub. There, you follow clues and perform tasks to help solve a mystery. The first three tasks are currently available and I’ve already played through them all. 🙂 Here’s a little backstory on the mystery that I stole from the forum.. :p

During HOME Alpha testing, everything was normal until “They” figured out Jess was secretly working on a project, apparently alone, code named Xi, which was almost done. Jess went into hiding, but reprogrammed Stapler and the Pods before leaving. Now Miguel (a native Spanish speaker) has let us into “The Hub” to help him find Jess and discover what is Xi. He believes Xi is NOT related to HOME (i.e. Not a new space, new clothes, ect.). He cannot actively look for Jess because he believes the entire AFK team is being watched, but he is ready to help us because “‘They’ can’t watch us all.”

Three million copies of Twilight on DVD and Blu-ray were sold on its first day of release on Saturday March 21st. Heh. :p

I awoke in the morning and made sure to stay up to date about the Xi thing in PlayStation Home on the forum. In between, I watched Tim & Eric (hahaha, so horrible), Look Around You (yay, finale.. don’t have to watch it anymore.. lol @ the “Hot Jon” poster though.. what was up with that? :p) and an episode of Wolverine And The X-Men (ep 19.. very good episode 🙂 ).

I was going to watch a second episode.. but then I heard that the Xi teleport was finally working (it opened at 10AM ET), so I had to get to that right away. The new space is called The Hub. Just like the clues leading up to the release of this space, there are now clues to follow within Home. Awesome. First, I was told to look around the space to collect three pieces of paper. Then I solved a puzzle on a website (via the Hub’s terminals), then received a code to input into my HoloPAD (another terminal-like thing where you keep track of all the clues you’ve found so far). I then went to see Stapler, a robot, for an “expedition”. I got a question which led me back to searching websites, then inputted the answer into the HoloPAD as well. And now I’m already done for the day. Heh. But The Hub looks great. There’s still a lot of stuff locked for now, including the space’s three teleports and the manhole cover in Central Plaza..

I was having so much fun. It was great.. but then of course my dad came home from dialysis to fuck it all up like he always seems to do. He noticed that the cat threw up somewhere, then wouldn’t stop bitching and complaining about what a dump of an apartment we live in.. again. While I at least ignore all the depressing stuff, he has bring it right back out. I quickly shut off my PS3 and got back online and left him to watch Ellen. Then his bitching changed to that directed toward the TV instead. He’s very racist and prejudiced (he once told me he used to be in the KKK, but he lies so who knows), so every day he comes home from dialysis and bitches about Ellen just because she’s gay. He seemed happy that her marriage was made illegal during the election. I get so sick of his crap that I retreat to my room to get away from it. All this has been happening for a while. I just didn’t feel like mentioning it until now.

So I got online for a while to get away from his BS. But I eventually got bored and returned to the living room. I then watched four more episodes of Reno 911: Season 5 (lol), followed by United States of Tara (wow, something exciting finally happened :p) and Wolverine And The X-Men (episode 20.. throughout the episode, I was thinking “how long before they reach.. this particular storyline?” and then the ending did exactly that, yay 🙂 ).

Then I got back in PlayStation Home for a while, mainly visiting the new Xi space.. and other regions. So your Xi progress is saved to your HDD.. since I went to the UK version and didn’t have to play through everything again. Neato.. And just as I was getting bored of Home yet again (I mean, all the Xi tasks were completed.. what is there left?).. it was time to get offline. We had some supper, then I got online and news-gather. In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (haha, good episode), How I Met Your Mother (rerun.. *yawn*), Two & A Half Men (hahaha.. rerun), Rules of Engagement (haha) and CSI Miami (eh it was alright)..

Hooray, I made another torrent — Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1. Sure the upload is pretty much non-existant when I’m downloading a torrent.. or completely nonexistant when I switch the modem to my PS3.. But still. I saw no season torrents with complete SC-SDH encodes, so.. yeah.. Plus, I included the movie, the preview special, and the TV Guide Sneak Peek CDROM ISO. 🙂 ..The cash-in four-episode Volume 1 DVD is out tomorrow. I’ll wait for the Season 1 Blu-ray that’s due to arrive later this year though. :p See ya..

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Sunday 03.22.2009 — Okay. Okay. Okay.

March 22, 2009

I awoke at about 9AM or so and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, then watched Bleach (somehow, my DVR recorded Fox News this morning.. causing this episode to be automatically deleted to make room.. so I had to go online and download it there 😦 ..pretty good episode, surprisingly..? :p), Transformers Animated (heh, not bad.. I guess) and four more episodes of Reno 911: Season 5 (lol). I then eventually made my way back to my room and got online for a while.

A bit later, I was lucky enough to pull myself away from the computer and watch some stuff on the bedroom DVR — Supernatural (Thursday’s episode.. wow), Everybody Hates Chris (ew, a couple Family Guy-style flashbacks there.. only not good..) and the latest two episodes of Ugly Betty (good episodes). We had some supper, then eventually watched Funniest Videos. I also read the Death Note manga s’more (I should really purchase the rest of the series.. two volumes left.. especially after seeing all these little things they skipped in the anime series’ second half).

In primetime, we watched Simpsons (hahaha), Party Down (the new Starz comedy series from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.. it was a slow start to the series, but I liked it.. I mostly checked it out for Lizzy Caplan though :p), Desperate Housewives (wow, big episode this week.. and ahh! mini-cliffhanger for a month :p), Family Guy (lol) and American Dad (also lol). And that was.. about.. it.. yes.. hmm..

Sooo.. which one of these PSN IDs do you think is better — the official PlayStation EU Portable ID (hopefully coming to the US site ASAP), or the new Playfire ID? Hmm, I think I like the official one more.. ‘cept for that British flag..

See ya.

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“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” — Thomas Jefferson’s Warning