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fantasticar / today

November 30, 2006

AintItCoolNews provides a look at the Fantasticar that will be featured in the upcoming sequel Fantastic Four: Rise Of The The Silver Surfer. Coool. 🙂

I awoke early and got online for a while. I also burned the CD I had downloaded yesterday. We watched some of the usual morning TV, followed by Big Day (ooh, another ‘real time’ show.. only this one’s a comedy.. *drools @ Marla Sokoloff* I like it already) and CSI NY (pretty good episode this week). We watched the news. I fell asleep. My dad woke me up in time for Passions though (ugh, more bad writing.. yay @ finally revealing Jared, hope it doesn’t take forever.. then I loved and hated Sheridan becoming evil in a split second like that.. but mostly hated :/ ).

After my dad went off to the store again, we watched Clerks II. I quite enjoyed the film. Very funny. My dad enjoyed it as well. For the parts that he was awake. :p Then I wasted the rest of the time up to 5PM looking for my name in the myspace credits. I thought it would be under my online name, but it was under my real name. And the end was cut off of it. *shrug* Damn, those names went by quick. I’ll have to check out those special features later because my dad was so hellbent on seeing the news. The first snow is coming tomorrow and he’s worried about our plans out there..

I soon got back online and news-gathered, as usual. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 8PM. Then we watched My Name Is Earl (lol), The Office (lol.. damnit, so close to purchasing this series on DVD now :|), Scrubs (yay, it’s back), 30 Rock (lol) and Grey’s Anatomy (awesome episode). I fell asleep during the latter. But my dad did too. I woke up at 4AM and watched the end of it, then decided to finish up this entry. :p

See ya.

[ Threats To Internet Freedom All Too Real ]
[ Lou Dobbs Exposes North American Union On CNN ]
[ Intelligence Czar Negroponte Can Waive SEC Rules! ]
[ The Global Elite – Who Are They? ]
[ Jewish Spy In US Navy Pleads Guilty (Media Almost Silent) ]
[ Be All That You Can Be – Leave The Army ]
[ Litvinenko Radiation At 12 Sites – Top Russian Also Poisoned? ]
[ Iran To Host World Holocaust Conference ]
[ The Truth About Fluoride – It Is POISON ]
[ Scientists Fear Results Of Collapsed Ice Shelf ]


tmnt lost ep / jlu & bb dvd / today

November 29, 2006

The Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Website finally reveals what was so bad about Lost Season‘s “Nightmares Recycled” episode that got it stopped in production by 4Kids. It was going to be revealed in this episode that Hun and Garbageman were “conjoined twins that were surgically separated at birth”. That’s it. What an awesome idea. Too bad 4Kids had to ruin the series for everyone with this and Fast Forward. *rolls eyes* -_-

On March 20th 2007, Warner Home Video will release Justice League Unlimited: Season Two and Batman Beyond: Season Three, completing the two series’ release on DVD. So can’t wait.. for the first set anyway.. :p

I awoke at 3AM (and again at 5AM). After finishing up the previous entry, I got online a bit, then watched Monday’s new Oban Star-Racers (awesome). After some more time online, I caught a classic episode of Mighty Morphin on Jetix (ah, still good after 14 years and 34646743 viewings.. I doubt the Disney seasons will age that well). After some of the usual morning TV (and an unscheduled nap), I finally got to watch Monday night’s Heroes (awesome episode). My dad returned from dialysis as that finished. Then we watched Deal Or No Deal (damnit, CNBC used to rerun the NBC episodes a day or so later.. but now they’re showing older ones.. I guess I just won’t watch it at all).

We had some lunch, then eventually watched Passions (man, Miguel is an asshole “I love you, Kay. I’d never go back to Charity if she comes back.” *Charity comes back* *Miguel immediately fucks Charity while Kay watches* such bad writing lately). My dad wasn’t feeling that great yet again, so he went to nap and I wasn’t able to watch the movie I was so looking forward to seeing. So I wasted about three hours in GTA San Andreas instead. *sigh* When 5PM came around, I shut it off and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online at about 8PM.

We watched Bones (pretty good), but my dad didn’t like the show. He took another short nap while I watched Day Break (wasn’t that great of an episode this week, surprisingly enough.. at least until the end anyway.. what happened to Mitch Pileggi’s character? 😦 ). I was told to wake my dad up before 10PM, so I did. Then we watched Medium (whoa, good one this week). Then I returned to my room and listened to a recently downloaded CD. 🙂

This may sound crazy to some.. but I’ve been feeling very bad about my regrettable purchase of Superman Returns at Best Buy. It’s really been bugging me. Every time there’s a mention of it, I groan. At first, I thought I should’ve purchased it at Target. But now I’ve finally gotten time to think about it and have decided to get it at Circuit City. *shake fist @ all the store-exclusive bonus crap that makes decisions like this so hard* See ya. >_>

[ Federal Judge Strikes Down Bush On Terror Groups ]
[ RIAA Legal Ruling Could Shut Down The Internet ]
[ Olbermann Blasts Gingrich Threat To Free Speech ]
[ Edmonds – The Highjacking Of A Nation: Part 1 & Part 2 ]
[ Iran President’s Letter To The American People ]
[ 1,245 Secret CIA Flights Revealed By Euro Parliament ]
[ Pentagon Still Overstating Iraq Army/Police Readiness ]
[ Feds Launch Pro-Psych Industry Marketing Campaign ]

super replacement / dvd ads dec 3-9 / media / today

November 28, 2006

DavisDVD has details on how to obtain replacement discs for today’s DVD release of Superman: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Click here for all the details…

Next week sees the release of a few more big DVD releases. Click on the respective retailer for that ad for the week of December 3rd to 9th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. Having a free Rocky Balboa ticket with the 24: Season 5 DVD sorta turns me off from buying it at Best Buy altogether. Plus, Circuit City will be a buck cheaper and include a $5 gift card. 🙂 Looks like I’ll have to price-match Pirates 2 at Best Buy for their bonus third disc. Why does Circuit City get the lower prices when Best Buy used to? *shrug*

I finished up the previous entry, then got online for a bit. I also read some Gantz, then watched some morning TV. I got ready and we went out media buying..

First, I headed to Target and.. didn’t purchase the Superman Returns 2-disc. I went to Best Buy and purchased it there instead. Then heavily regretted it. Now I’ll have to wait until Friday to return it and buy the Target version. Without the coupons because I foolishly left the other two with the DVDs on the shelf. Damnit.. I moved on to Circuit City and price-matched their Clerks II with mini comic book (really mini, can barely reach the second clip inside the case.. it’s the “Where’s the beef?” prequel story) from $17.99 to $13.88. Yay. Then I went to Wal-Mart and picked up the crappy Power Rangers Mystic Force DVDs for $14.84 each. These are probably the worst ones they’ve come out with yet.. I moved on to two other stops that didn’t have their icee machines on. Grrr. Then we returned home..

I inventoried the new DVDs, then we watched Passions (*sigh* so lame) and last night’s Prison Break (so awesome). My dad was wanting some soda since everything’s running out, so we went back and I bought one for him.. and the icee machine was back on.. even though the “out of order” sign was still up. I got one anyway. :p We returned home again and watched the second half of the King Kong: Extended DVD (the back two hours.. awesome). It didn’t end until a bit after 5PM. Once that ended, I got back online to news-gather. We had breakfast for supper again, then finished up online close to 8PM..

We watched Standoff (yay, a school standoff *sees them leave school* damnit 😦 ..the “computer geek” is sooo hott) and House (whoa, awesome). Then we checked out My Boys (we gave up after a few minutes of this Sex and the City ripoff) and 10 Items Or Less (and now for a ripoff of The Office.. but still pretty bad). After it was over, I returned to my room and it was 11PM before I knew it..

See ya.

[ Makow – Central Bankers Seek Totalitarian Power ]
[ The US Empire – Beginning Of The End Game ]
[ Living At Your Own Risk In America ]
[ UK Big Brother: Watching, Listening And Shouting ]
[ UK Police Wearing Nazi Chic – Uniforms Begin To Befit Fascist Policies ]
[ Iraq Descends Into Hell, Bush Increasingly Alone ]
[ AK Defies Court – Refuses Release 2006 Vote Database ]
[ Software Will Let Users Dodge Govt Internet Censorship ]
[ Litvinenko Left Trail Of Radiation After Poisoning ]
[ Was Litvinenko Murdered To Embarass Putin? ]
[ FDA Approves Fluoride In Bottled Water ]
[ Adding Acetone To Fuel Said To Increase Mileage ]
[ Women Talk Three Times As Much As Men ]

proo song / mega morphin 15 / prwf deleted / hobbit update / saw 3 dvd / nbc cable jan / today

November 27, 2006

Poweranimals has discovered a Power Rangers Operation Overdrive song performed by Samuell Benta, who will be playing Will the Black Ranger next season. I like it. 🙂

Buena Vista has filed to protect the phrase “Power Rangers Mega Morphin’ 15” for next year’s 15th anniversary. “BVS submitted six separate filings to protect this phrase for more than 320 different products. Action figures. Cell phones. Pagers. Pencils. Table tennis tables. TV shows. Change purses. Mouse pads. MP3 players. Soccer balls. Snow globes. Even bras and panty hose.” O_o

MR-Aftershock provides a look (and a listen) at some deleted scenes from the famous “Forever Red” episode of Power Rangers Wild Force. Coool. Also, SnoopsWarner provides some behind-the-scenes footage from the equally awesome Wild Force episode “Reinforcements From The Future”. 🙂

Now we see why New Line is in such a hurry to make The Hobbit. reports that Saul Zaentz, owner of Tolkien Enterprises, will get the movie rights to The Hobbit back next year and wants Peter Jackson to direct the film. Yay. 🙂

Now here’s something unexpected… Lionsgate will release Saw III on DVD January 23rd in four flavors: theatrical full screen, unrated full screen, unrated widescreen & and a Blu-ray Disc. Yay @ getting the unrated version right away.. even though it’ll probably only be like 20 seconds longer like the previous movies in the series. Nonetheless, can’t wait see this one. I’ll still buy this release and the double-dip next October, like always. A thread post says that a three-hour version exists, while DavisDVD claims this one is just five minutes longer. Interesting..

ABC has pulled The Nine effective immediately (yay).. Meanwhile, some NBC cable networks have announced some new January premiere dates. SciFi moves Battlestar Galactica to Sunday night at 10PM ET starting January 21st (following the new series The Dresden Files at 9PM ET), while Jake 2.0 repeats take over Friday nights starting January 5th. Star Trek: Enterprise begins airing on SciFi on January 8th. On USA, Monk & Psych return on Friday, January 19th for the rest of their seasons..

Even though I was quite sleepy, I ended up staying awake online past 2AM. Ugh.. I awoke the next morning, got some breakfast, and watched Frisky Dingo (hahaha.. useless crap) and Skyland (eh, it was alright). Before I knew it, my dad arrived home early. Like he should have on Friday.. Anyway, we watched Family Guy (rofl) and War At Home (lol). Then my dad watched his news as I got online for a bit. We then watched some Passions (*rolls eyes @ Theresa’s storyline* “you have the other half of this coin that I got from a psychic who told me we’re soulmates” so set up by Jared because he’s the rich bastard who blew up Alistair’s train– oops *shuts up*).

Once that ended, I watched Ned’s Declassified (lol.. yay, outdoor scenes) and the first half of the King Kong: Extended DVD (more like first hour twenty mins.. great stuff). I also checked out the deleted scenes (aww @ Colin Hanks’ character development scenes that were cut). After that, it was already 5PM. We had some supper and I got online to news-gather. I finished that up close to 8PM.

We watched the new episodes of How I Met Your Mother (lol, great), The Class (lol, surprisingly good), Two & A Half Men (lol) and Old Christine (lol). My dad wasn’t feeling that great, so he headed off to bed. Then I fell asleep watching CSI Miami and didn’t wake until nearly 6AM. :p

See ya.

[ Chavez Derails Plan For Global Dictatorship ]
[ Pentagon Devising Way To Give Bush An Iraq Out ]
[ Iraq President Asks Iran’s Help In Stabilizing Iraq ]
[ Rep Charles Rangel Thinks He Owns You! ]
[ What Else is the Mainstream Media Lying About? ]
[ Wooldridge – Immigration’s Sickening Futility For America ]
[ Guides To The JFK/RFK Kill Zones ]
[ Israel Ups The Stakes In The Propaganda War ]
[ Litvinenko Plot Thickens – The Hand Of Zionist Oligarchs? ]
[ It’s Official – No Actual Shortage Of Holocaust Survivors ]
[ A Tricky Little Problem – The Missing “Holocaust” ]
[ CO Subdivision Bans Christmas Wreath With Peace Sign ]
[ Global Warming Killing Species Sooner Than Expected ]
[ Major Radio/TV Morgellons Information Posted ]
[ Largest US School Systems – 50% Dropout Rate! ]
[ Highland UFO – Triangles Return To Illinois Skies ]

Sunday 11.26.2006 — eleven twenty six oh six

November 26, 2006

I woke up quite a few times starting from around 5AM. Eventually, I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. then watched Trinity Blood (pretty good I guess), Bleach (same), Eureka 7 (omgwow.. after 31 episodes, the main plot is finally revealed :p), .Hack//Roots (omglotsoftalking), Oban Star-Racers (VHS transfer), Beakman’s World (I’m starting to feel.. weird watching this :p) and the last two episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (and so the first season is complete.. now me wants Season 2 on DVD :p ..the blooper reel on this one was nice, but deleted scenes next time, please?).

After all that, my dad got his TV back. We got in an argument over control of it again. Those assholes at NBC just had reschedule today’s football game until primetime. It all their their fault…. and maybe a little mine… *hides*

After some time online (quite a bit actually), I went to my bedroom DVR and watched Ugly Betty (great episode), Veronica Mars (awesome), Supernatural (from over a week ago.. lol @ the MySpace part) and ‘Til Death (lol). We also had breakfast for supper because that’s all we had. 😦

I returned to the living room DVR and we watched the new Reba (haha.. gawd, I hate the local CW affiliate for continuously screwing up the audio). My dad went to my room’s TV to watch his all-too-important football game while I watched Simpsons (lol), American Dad (haha), Desperate Housewives (great episode) and Zoey 101 (the silver hammer? -_-). I would’ve watched Ned too if Nickelodeon hadn’t decided to air it eight minutes early. Grrrrrr.

I checked out some Aqua Teen Hunger Force for like the second time ever. Man, that was crap. And it’s heading to theaters? Well, now that I think about it, that Jackass bullshit did too. I now see how the other crappy animation got on Adult Swim as well (12 oz Mouse, Assy McGee etc). Just goes to show how far they’ve dumbed us down over the years, making us easier to enslave.. I sorta nodded off during. Then returned to my room. Sooo happy this crappy weekend is over. Let the slightly less crappy week begin. -_- See ya.

[ Pentagon Docs Classify CA Vets Peace Group As ‘Threat’ ]
[ Video: Montana Senate Candidate Exposes North American Union ]
[ Miller – Blind Obedience To The Canons Of Capitalism ]
[ Russian Air Defense Rocket Deliveries To Iran Start ]
[ Mexico On Eve Of Massive Uprising Or Civil War? ]
[ UK Cops – Litvinenko May Have Committed Suicide (Sure He Did) ]
[ Litvinenko Was Apparently A Sacrificial Lamb ]
[ RFK And McCarthy ]
[ Death By Aspartame ]
[ Fluoride And Babies Don’t Mix, Says ADA ]
[ Court Shocker – 10 Months For Dem Child Porn Producer ]
[ 10 Is The New 15 As Kids Grow Up Faster ]

Saturday 11.25.2006 — 6002.52.11 yadrutaS

November 25, 2006

I awoke and soon took over the TV. I watched Web Junk 20 (host still sucks.. which is starting to drag the videos down as well) and MadTV (haha). We had some breakfast and I watched the new TMNT Fast Forward (wow, that wasn’t that bad..), as well as four more DVD episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (awesome, three to go already). My dad went to a few places and returned. I couldn’t find nothing to watch after all that, so I returned to MadTV. It ended nine minutes early. Maybe because the Scrubs episode they showed after it was one of those extended ones?

When my dad left again, I transferred another Oban Star-Racers to VHS.. I wanted to go and finally use two of my free movie tickets today (must hurry, all four expire December 31st), but my dad didn’t feel like going today. Damnit. 😦

After Oban, I watched The Brandon T. Jackson Show (so lame, trying to be a rip-off of Chappelle’s Show) and Ghost Stories episode 6 on Anime Network (lol @ all the pop culture references in the dub). After a while, I chose to watch The Green Mile (awesome movie.. this DVD will replace my old one in the crappy snapper case.. yay). I like it then long movies are spread across two discs. It makes it easier to schedule the the two parts. When LotR Return of the King: Extended was released, I watched all three extended movies across six days. :p I also did two days for Titanic..

We had some supper and now I’m online for a bit.

After some time online, I returned to the living room and watched Naruto (both episodes.. I wish they could have re-aired the ones I missed last week, but I guess they don’t care for reruns), Zatch Bell (aweso– okay, this one lost my attention this week), BoBoBo BoBoBoBo (lol), and another episode of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (lol). Then I fell asleep watching MadTV. 😦 Now I’m awake for this short time to finish the entry…

See ya.

[ Bush Secret Spying/Wiretapping On Americans Remains ]
[ Roberts – Bush’s Lone Victory: Defeating The Bill Of Rights ]
[ Ritter – Made In Israel: Bush’s Desire For Iran War ]
[ Ex-Employee Says FAA Warned Before 911 ]
[ 911 Demo Proof – Statements From Firefighters, Police ]
[ Stang – Population Extermination: How Will It Be Done? ]
[ US Helicopter Fires On Iraqi Funeral Party ]
[ UK Monitors To Eavesdrop On Street Conversations? ]
[ Photo Negatives Of RFK Assassination Disappear ]
[ Litvinenko, Russian Oil, Gas & The TRUE Voice Of America ]
[ Did This Cost Litvinenko His Life? ]
[ Dead Russian Spy Was Israeli Double Agent ]
[ The Energy Crisis Ruse – Shell Oil & The 244.35 MPG Fiat ]
[ Black Friday ‘Not Even Close’ To Busiest Shopping Day ]

super dvd blunder / crank dvd / thanks for nothing day 2

November 24, 2006

DVDActive reports that Warner Home Video has screwed up on next Tuesday’s DVD release of Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. The version of Superman III included in the 13-disc set is actually the bare-bones 2001 DVD release and not the new edition. Also, the original 1976 Dolby Stereo sound track is missing from Superman: The Movie. Ugh. Glad I’m only getting Superman Returns..

On January 9th 2007, the film Crank will be released on DVD and Blu-ray with quite possibly the most useless special feature ever: an expletive-removing “family friendly” audio track. I guess the nudity, strong violence and drug use in the R-rated film are okay for family viewing. :p

I awoke in the morning, got online, watched some morning TV.. and fell asleep a bit during the TerrorStorm DVD special feature.. My dad soon returned home from the hospital. Way too late for me to try getting Superman Returns PS2 at Best Buy. And now that I’ve heard some bad reviews for the game, I doubt I’d buy it for much higher than Best Buy’s seven-hours-only price of $19.99 (Target has it for about $25 through Saturday.. and Scarface PS2 for $30). I hear the free-roaming is great (with his powers), but the game’s story.. isn’t. It’s repetitive and someone finished it in just 6 hours. Once you completely beat it, I hear you can become Bizarro and destroy Metropolis. Neat. 🙂

Anyway, we had some lunch, then watched Passions (lame Thanksgiving episode that pauses all the important storylines for a day.. booo). Not long after that, my dad wasn’t feeling so great. He went off to sleep.. while I watched four DVD episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 instead of the usual three. I want to get this over with so I can have some time to watch my movie DVDs.. before 24‘s new DVD season. :p I then played some GTA San Andreas for some reason (*runs from cops* *shoots down helicopters* ah, fun). My dad got some fast food for supper, then I wasted some time on my cell phone. $2.50 for an under-thirty-second ringtone? Grr.

I finally got online to news-gather a little after 6PM. And of course, I again didn’t find all that much. At 8PM, I returned to the living room and we watched Ghost Whisperer (*yawns* *stares @ Jennifer Love Hewitt’s massive cleavage* *repeat*) and Close To Home (eh it was alright). My dad wasn’t feeling great so he went to bed. I watched The Soup (lol), followed by two more DVD episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (awesome show, highly recommended). lol @ Wayne Brady playing the role of Barney’s gay brother in next Monday night’s new episode. :p Once that ended, I returned to my room.

I can already feel that this holiday season will be just as lifeless as the last. With no way to afford gifts and all the family moved away, it just doesn’t work anymore. That and my dad acting like the Grinch himself.. See ya.

[ Don’t Blame Only Bush, It Is Also You, The People ]
[ International Meddling Continues To Backfire On Bush ]
[ Rumsfeld – Owner Of ‘Slave Breaker’ Mt. Misery Plantation ]
[ Conspiracy To Steal Wanta’s (Our) $4.5 Trillion Exposed ]
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[ GIs Taunt Thirsty Iraqi Children With Water – Video ]
[ ‘Road Home’ From Katrina Too Long For Many ]
[ GPS Surveillance Creeps Into Daily Life ]
[ Poisoned Ex-Russian Spy & Putin Critic Dies In UK ]
[ Radioactive Polonium Killed Russian Ex-Spy ]
[ Chemtrails, Nanotech And Morgellons ]
[ ‘Different & Frightening World’ Coming Faster Than Expected ]

prmf vol 2&3 dvd minireview / thanks for nothing

November 23, 2006

SnoopsWarner has received the Power Rangers Mystic Force: Volume 2 & Volume 3 DVDs a bit early and has posted a mini review on RangerBoard. Again, it’s nothing to write home about. Just eight more episodes in a very random order. The Power Rangers SPD DVDs were awesome and more money was put into making them so. Then the season ended up being crap and the DVD sales were affected, so they’re taking it out on this series with cheap DVDs. Snoops reports they didn’t even care enough to put the full title on the spines. All that’s there is the “Power Rangers” logo, not even the “Mystic Force” part. *rolls eyes*

I awoke at 4AM and got online for awhile. But after looking through the newspaper’s large amount of ads for no particular reason, I fell asleep for a while again. I awoke to a boring parade on TV and my dad being frustrated over a lack of response from a Thanksgiving handout place. He keeps calling, but they don’t answer. Even though he called yesterday and got an order in already. Ugh. The order eventually arrived though. Twice. :p I noticed the Best Buy ad claimed that a ticket wasn’t needed for the media 7-hour specials tomorrow morning. I hope I can get there in time.. after my dad returns from dialysis..

I watched three more DVD episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (the last of them being last year’s Thanksgiving episode.. what a coincidence), followed by last night’s CSI NY (eh it was alright) and some more of that Game On! documentary (I saw the last hour before, but now I’ve seen the second half hour, yay.. I had heard that Sony turned on Nintendo to release PlayStation, but I didn’t know that Nintendo turned on them first *flips ’em off so as not to overuse his fist*). Once it reached 4PM, I left my dad all tired (perhaps from all the turkey) while I got online to news-gather. And of course, there wasn’t much to report..

At 8PM, we watched the two-hour Deal Or No Deal Thanksgiving special (the big amounts were eliminated quickly — twice — so they didn’t win much.. depressing 😦 ) and Grey’s Anatomy (ahhh, awesome). The cat stayed in the kitchen most of the night after seeing a cat outside. The black cat stopped and sat on the porch for a while while our cat just stared. And it stared back. Then it took off and he waited for its return. :p ..My dad took off for bed and I returned to my room for the night. And read some Gantz.

..Yeah, see ya..

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[ BBC Shows CIA Involvement In RFK Assassination ]
[ Private Spies Stalk The Internet ]
[ Netanyahu And The End Times ]
[ France OKs Firing At Israeli Air Force Over Lebanon ]
[ How Israel Killed For The Atom Bomb – With Timeline ]
[ Alan Cantwell On The Origin Of AIDS ]
[ The Real Story Of Thanksgiving ]

dbz dvd in widescreen / 24 s6 premiere art / spidey 3 posters / tmnt cgi trailer / today

November 22, 2006

There’s been a recent uproar online among Dragon Ball Z fans concerning the upcoming uncut season sets on DVD. FUNimation’s trailer claims that the episodes will be in widescreen when they were originally created in full screen. That means the possibility that FUNi is cropping or stretching the image to make it that way. A FUNimation representative originally came forward and claimed that more of the original footage would be visible, but that only raised even more questions since the episodes were originally full screen.. Today, a FUNimation representative has come forward and posted an image comparison. There seems to be more image on the left and right, but some has been removed from the top and bottom. Since the original FUNi DVDs were said to be zoomed in, couldn’t they have just zoomed out for these new releases and not lose 20% of the original picture? But then FUNimation wouldn’t be able to use the “cool” marketing term “widescreen” when promoting these DVDs. Or be able to release a “more uncut” version on a future HD disc format. *rolls eyes* Stay tuned… now has cover art for the 24: Season 6 Premiere DVD due in stores on January 16th 2007. If what I’ve heard is true, that a huge 911-like event opens the season, then I could see why they’d want this is stores so soon. Some (idiotic) people will watch these episodes and will want them on DVD right away. No thanks, FOX. I’ll be the smart person who waits until December 2007 for the full season DVD release. 🙂

At long last, AintItCoolNews has something posted concerning Spider-Man 3 that hasn’t been removed at Sony’s request. Yet. :p Check out these cool posters featuring both red-and-blue and black Spidey that sorta recreate a scene from the trailer. Niiice. 🙂

A new trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CGI film being released in theaters in March 2007 will be attached to the new film Eragon, in theaters on December 15th. 🙂

I woke up in the morning, got online a bit, and watched some morning TV. Bleh. We had some breakfast.. then went out to a couple places to purchase a few things. We returned home.. then I got online s’more.. Before we knew it, Passions started (bleh). Then I watched three more DVD episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (“Okay Awesome” is definitely one of my top favorite episodes), followed by TerrorStorm: A History Of Government Sponsored Terrorism (awesome eye-opening film.. I highly recommend it). It ended just after 5PM, then I got online to news-gather.

We had some supper, I made some time for Prisoner’s Story, then I finished up online by 8PM.. We watched Show Me The Money (many of the babes here are hotter than those of Deal Or No Deal.. but I don’t like the game itself all that much.. the questions are easy, then suddenly really hard: no gradual rise to it :/ ), Day Break (wow, an hour where interesting things happened but not much was resolved.. the perfect temporary replacement for Lost :p) and Medium (ha, a “Groundhog Day” episode.. I thought Day Break was over already :p). Once all that was over, I soon returned to my room for the night.

See ya.. and Happy Thanksgiving to those who’ll actually have one (not me).. 🙂

[ Depleted Uranium & The REAL Reason For The Draft ]
[ LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: ‘Those SOBs Will Never Embarrass Me Again’ ]
[ Time To Re-Open The JFK, RFK Murder Investigations ]
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[ How Multinational Corporations Avoid Paying Taxes ]
[ Medical Mystery – Morgellons Syndrome ]
[ Each Person’s Genetics Differs Far More Than Thought ]

24 s6 premiere dvd / prison break date / get smart / media / today

November 21, 2006

20th Century Fox once again shows how much they cannot wait to get their hands on your money.. or maybe it’s a ploy for ratings? They have scheduled a 24: Season 6 Premiere DVD for release on January 16th 2007. This release will include the first four hours of the new season (as well as the first 12 minutes of the next hour) just days after they premiere on TV as part of the usual two-night, four-hour “event”.. *rolls eyes*

FOX has issued a press release announcing the return of Prison Break on January 29th 2007. Additionally, a recap special will air the week before, on January 22nd. So glad we don’t have to wait until March this time.. :p

AintItCoolNews reports that Anne Hathaway has been cast as Agent 99 alongside Steve Carell’s Maxwell Smart in the new Get Smart film. Good casting for the character herself, but …isn’t she a bit too young for him? :/ *creepy*

I awoke and watched Oban Star-Racers (whoa, great episode) and the 4th episode of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (awesome). Because of the holiday this week, my dad had to go to dialysis today. 😦 I watched some morning TV, then watched last night’s Heroes (omg so awesome). MY dad returned home near the end of that. When we was feeling better, I got ready and went out media buying..

First, I went to Circuit City and picked up How I Met Your Mother: Season One and Punisher: Extended, as well as four copies of the Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny free sneak peek DVD. I only picked up three, but the checkout lady added another. :p She also added what first looked like an empty CD sleeve. The back claims that I have to go and download the CD for free online. Cheap bastards don’t even want to make sampler CDs anymore.. On the way home, I got my icee.

We watched Passions (blah for the most part), then Prison Break (awesome) and the first three DVD episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (lol, so awesome).. Once those were over, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I read some Gantz.. At 8PM, we watched Standoff (nice) and House (haha, great episode.. though next week looks better). Once they ended, I returned t o my room and tended to the next downloaded volume of Gantz. :p

*journal entries on auto-pilot* See ya.

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