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April 30, 2008

[Current Music Download|Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer – Beat It @ SendSpace]

A brand new Kamen Rider Dragon Knight trailer is now on Veoh. It features new actors for many of the roles (improvements imo), as well as many of the other Kamen Riders. My anticipation for this series was just amped up quite a bit after watching this trailer. *runs off to watch it 23457345 more times*

Now here’s something I wasn’t expecting anytime soon. On August 19th, Warner Home Video will release Justice League: Season One on Blu-ray Disc. All 26 episodes will fit on three BD-50s and go for a retail price of $59.95. Now all we need is confirmation that these episodes are in widescreen rather than the full screen of the original DVD. Though some new special features would be nice too..

Another anticipated Blu-ray release has finally been announced. Cloverfield will attack Blu-ray shelves on June 3rd. Special features-wise, it looks to include all that was on the basic DVD, but with a “Special Investigation Mode” added.. whatever that is. :p

I awoke in the morning.. and got online.. all morning. Though I did transfer something to VHS during.. My dad returned from dialysis and we soon watched Ellen. I returned to my room for a while and played some mp3s (I’ve been downloading quite a few of them lately) while my dad watched his news. Then at 1PM, I watched four more episodes of American Dad Vol 3 (lol.. damn, only two more left.. yay), followed by Medium (great episode.. *shakes fist @ cliffhanger* worst. cliffhanger. ever. because I’ve been waiting weeks for this to come up, and then *to be continued* :p).

We watched Oprah (David Blaine broke the breath-holding record on her show.. neat), then I got online to news-gather. we got some fast food for supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. We then watched Til Death (lol) and Back To You (lol), followed by Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem – Unrated on DVD. Wow, they didn’t even try to spruce up the stereotypical human characters, did they? In some respects, it was better then the first AVP. But in other ways, I didn’t think it was. And so in some ways I liked it.. and in other ways I didn’t. :p I’m glad I waited to watch it at night. Very dark movie..

Soon after it was over, I returned to my room for the night. See ya.

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April 29, 2008

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of May 4th to 10th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. Surprisingly, Best Buy is the only one of these three stores advertising the fourth and final DVD season of The 4400, on sale for $24.99 this week. Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3: Fire, Volume 3 with four never-before-aired-on-US-TV episodes is going for the usual $9.99. Target has some sort of exclusive Speed Racer DVD for $9.99 to promote the upcoming theatrical film and it includes movie money to see it. Cool.. A part of me would almost wait until Sunday to get in on Circuit City’s “free Blu-ray remote with PS3 purchase”.. even though I’ve been set on getting it at Best Buy. :/

In a recent podcast, Greg Weisman revealed that the upcoming DVD volumes of The Spectacular Spider-Man will include extra footage not seen when the episodes aired on TV due to BS&P censoring. Coool. But it’s a shame to hear that these volumes may be edited together into 3-or-4-episode “movies”, then individual-episode season sets will follow later on. :/

For some unknown reason, Sony will release So I Married An Axe Murderer: Special Edition on DVD & Blu-ray on June 17th.. completely devoid of any special features whatsoever. Ew. At least the previous DVD release had the trailer. Geez..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, but the n we watched some morning TV. I then got ready and soon headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to Best Buy and arrived a few minutes before opening. There was quite few people out front waiting. But once I got inside, I noticed they didn’t even have GTA IV on the shelf yet. They had plenty of its strategy guides out though. I picked up The Golden Compass 3-disc (2-disc with exclusive bonus disc). Every copy’s packaging had something wrong with it, from a scrape on the front to a razor cut on their spines. Ugh. Every copy seemed to have the light scrape across its back though. It was probably done during manufacturing. So after much trouble, I eventually found the most non-screwed-up copy I could find and got out of there.

I stopped by Borders and got nothing, then got an Icee. My dad stopped off for a little more gas at one of the last stations to have it cheap and while in line, I opened the DVD. The two discs are on a double-sided flap in the case with the bonus disc in the usual disc location. Cooool. No annoying envelope. TheDigitalBits claimed yesterday that the bonus disc has deleted scenes, but its actually a 40+ minute bonus disc with three featurettes: “Meet The Cast”, “Stunts” & “Locations”.

We returned home and watched Ellen. I played wit h the cat, like usual. Then once the news was over, I watched four more episodes of American Dad Vol 3 (lol), followed by last night’s Bones (good episode.. though next week looks a bit better). After that, I returned to my room to inventory the new disc and to news-gather. We had some supper, then I eventually headed to the bedroom DVR to watch Saturday’s two episodes of Naruto (great episodes.. lol @ the latter one).

At 8PM, we watched a couple episodes of According To Jim (lol), followed by Reaper (wow, some episode..) and last night’s House (haha’s @ the opening shot being “STRIKE” :p ..pretty good episode). My dad fell asleep during the latter, then I snuck off to my room.. See ya.

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prjf spoiler 15 / sarah connor s1 dvd / cn lego indy / himym britney / dark city dc / today

April 28, 2008

Kyl416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and description. Episode 1615: “Bad To The Bone” is expected to air June 2nd art 8PM ET. Check out the description under the spoiler cut.

PRJF Episode: 1615 – “Bad to the Bone” – Writer: Bruce Kalish – Everyone is still making fun of Lily for being too nice. After a battle with Porcupongo, Lily is fed up with being so nice and shows her bad side. Lily becomes a rude customer at JKP and refuses to help the other rangers. Fran confronts her and through a tussle they find Lily has been affected by one of Porcupongo’s quills. As herself again, Lily rushes out to rejoin the rangers.

Also, have a look at the Spirit Rangers — the first US original Rangers since Lightspeed Rescue (or SPD if you count reused uniforms) — appearing in a three-part episode later this season. 🙂

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman has revealed that a Season 1 DVD set is scheduled for release sometime around August, and that it will include a lot of special features. Awesome. So can’t wait. Amazon.UK has a July 28th release date for it.. and some nice cover art.. Meanwhile, Showtime has confirmed an August 19th date for Dexter: The Second Season. Yay. 🙂

Cartoon Network will debut a new LEGO CGI animated short film on Saturday May 10th at 9PM ET. LEGO Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Brick will run for over four minutes and be hosted by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star Shia LeBeouf. Cool. 🙂

CBS has issued a press release announcing that Britney Spears is set to return to How I Met Your Mother for its May 12th episode, which begins filming today. Whatever gets this series a bump in ratings and keeps it on the air.. Though I admit, I did enjoy her first appearance. 🙂

The long-awaited Dark City: Director’s Cut is finally heading to 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray Disc on July 29th. About time. I’ve been waiting for this release since I saw the film on cable. :p This new cut will be 111 minutes long, or about 15 minutes longer than the theatrical version. The disc will also feature three commentary tracks.. Ew @ using the Batman movie re-release font on the cover art though..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a few hours. I was about ready to transfer some things to VHS when my dad returned home. We watched Ellen, then my dad saw some news. I then watched four more episodes of American Dad Vol 3 (lol), transferred Degrassi TNG, watched Spider-Man (the last episode on my VHS.. hope the Jetix “green facts” crap stops soon.. but they’ll probably just be replaced by “you’re watching”.. ugh), and transferred South Park..

After all that was over, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. We then watched Big Bang Theory (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol, great episode), Two & A Half Men (lol), Rules of Engagement (haha) and CSI Miami (alright episode). Then I returned to my room for a while.

I returned to the living room a little later to watch the fairly new episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury — 1810: “Blind Leading The Blind”. I somewhat enjoyed this episode as well. It’s nice not having Flit talk over the zord battles but I think they shouldn’t shut him up completely. He appears in this episode for one very brief shot where he says nothing, and that’s it. :p Master Swoop was pretty cool. Hope we see him again (we probably will). The monster names are also improving. Maybe Bruce is trying to leave the series on a high note? Well, high by his standards anyway..

Well.. see ya.

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Sunday 04.27.2008 — lost s4 & freakazoid s1 dvd art

April 27, 2008

TVShowsOnDVD now has front cover art for December 9th’s Lost: The Complete Fourth Season – The Expanded Experience DVD, as well as back cover art for July 29th’s Freakazoid!: Season One. Coool.

I awoke a few hours before the alarm, then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I so wants GTA IV. Like Circuit City, Radio Shack also has a $10 gift card with purchase.. but what would I buy there? And two stores also have a “Xbox + Xbox GTA4 = bigger gift card” deal (Best Buy & Kmart — latter by mail :/). I would’ve gone for a similar PS3 deal, but no such luck.. 😦

We had some breakfast, then I took over the TV and watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (I could barely even stay interested this week.. though the long-needed explanations were nice), Code Geass (did they edit out a close range gunshot sound.. yet left it in a much more graphic scene later? weird.. I couldn’t get much interested in this either.. I’ll give it a couple more weeks or so), Death Note (this somewhat disappointed me as well.. Near’s english voice sounds like Jodie Foster 😦 ) and Witchblade (again, hard to keep interest.. that and I was fighting away sleep..).

Next, I watched the first four episodes of American Dad Vol 3 (I enjoyed the Illuminutti episode.. even though I found their making fun out of the Illuminati annoying the first time around.. and still do), followed by X-Play‘s live special at 12pm ET (first GTA IV gameplay in a live 12-minute special.. no wonder they’re pissed about the youtube gameplay videos.. there’s a also a one-hour special for the game tomorrow night at 8PM). I then got online for a while.

But I soon pulled myself away from the computer long enough to head to the bedroom DVR and watch Doctor Who (pretty good episode.. duel sonic devices, coool.. O_O @ ending), Battlestar Galactica (blah, boring for the most part), CSI (before the DVR cut it off anyway.. I guess I saw enough though) and Gossip Girl (damn, should’ve watched this first.. looking forward to next week). We had some supper in there somewhere, then I got back online..

In primetime, we watched Simpsons (lol.. Bart’s last line was priceless), Zoey 101 (this episode was a little too cheesy.. *learn a lesson* *random musical performance* I still in 2008? :/), Desperate Housewives (very good episode), Family Guy (lol, especially @ the sequel to the tube man commercial) and American Dad (lol). Then I returned to my room.. and that was about it..

See ya.

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Saturday 04.26.2008 —

April 26, 2008

I awoke to the alarm in the morning, then soon watched Degrassi TNG (very good episode), TMNT Lost Episodes (ah, this definitely feels like the 2k3 finale that I’ve been hoping for ever since laying my eyes on Fast Forward, sorta like “Countdown To Destruction”.. looking forward to part 2 next week, though sorta not because it may be the last real 2k3 episode ever 😦 ), Blue Dragon (too little excitement, too late.. *gives up*), Spectacular Spider-Man (quite possibly the the best episode yet.. this series keeps getting better every other week.. due to the on-and-off reruns.. but next week is actually new, yay), Ben 10: Alien Force (it was alright) and Transformers Animated (alright too).

Next, I watched the final four episodes of Eureka Seven (great episodes.. the ending made me emotional all over again). Once that was over, we watched my next Netflix selection — Wristcutters: A Love Story. It wasn’t bad. Kinda like an emo Wizard of Oz or something. Guy kills self, ends up in another world where he goes on an adventure to search for someone. I liked it. My dad fell asleep pretty quickly.. I then watched Ebert & Roeper, followed by Thursday’s My Name Is Earl (yay @ the ending) and The Office (lol, great stuff).

We had some supper, then I soon returned to my room and got online for a bit. But then I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Ugly Betty (pretty good episode) and two episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures (if only SciFi had scheduled the two-parters together instead of having part 2 of one then part 1 of the next here.. yay @ replacing the annoying black girl with a more bearable black boy.. hehe, sonic lipstick). Then I just returned to the computer.. and eventually caught some MadTV..

See ya.

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abc tv dvd dates / today

April 25, 2008

Here’s something I wasn’t expecting anytime soon. ABC has announced a whole bunch of TV DVD releases today. Desperate Housewives: Season 4 opens the release month on September 2nd, then Grey’s Anatomy: Season 4 & Ugly Betty: Season 2 follow on September 9th. Dirty Sexy Money: Season 1 & Private Practice: Season 1 are then released on September 16th, followed by Brothers & Sisters: Season 2 & Samantha Who?: Season 1 on September 23rd. But the only one out of all these that I’ll definitely be picking up on release date is Lost: Season 4 on December 9th. :p ..I wonder what happened to Pushing Daisies though. Last I heard, Season 1 was set for early September. Maybe on September 2nd, which only has one title..?

I awoke in the morning.. and pretty much got online all morning. I also transferred some more files that I had saved to CDs a while back.. and downloaded. Once my dad returned home from dialysis, we soon watched Ellen. I got back online for a bit, then watched Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (:/) and Spider-Man (good episode). My dad took a nap as I watched four more episodes of Eureka Seven (Vol 11.. this one was briefly pulled off the shelves due to it being defective.. and I bought it on release date.. no problems though, great episodes.. final four tomorrow.. I hope), followed by Scrubs (lol.. sorta sad ending too) and 30 Rock (funny at times, but still overrated).

Shortly after 5PM, my dad woke up and I returned to my room to get online and news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 6:30. I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Supernatural (eh, it pretty much got the entire episode before running out of space.. cut off at the brothers in the car at the very end.. some episode too).

Then at 8PM, we watched Ghost Whisperer (surprised it took this long to make a horror movie themed episode.. lol @ the look he gave Jennifer Love Hewitt once the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” reference came up), Duel (nice), The Soup (lol) and Best Week Ever (haha, not as good as usual though). After all that, I returned to my room and watched some GTA IV gameplay videos on youtube.. as they came and went. :/

See ya.

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no news / today

April 24, 2008

I awoke in the morning and we watched the usual morning TV. Blah. After Ellen, I got online for a little bit though.And I also soon discovered that the VCR was seriously screwed from the DVR transfer late last night. Damnit.. We had some late breakfast, then I soon watched South Park, followed by four more episodes of Eureka Seven (Vol 10.. still awesome.. except for the part where the disc became somewhat defective and I had to switch it from my PS2 to the cheap region-free player to watch the last episode, 42.. I still defected a couple times, but it played through.. the PS2 didn’t want to play the episode at all.. and now I have to repurchase this volume someday.. since I bought it months ago).

Next, I watched the latest two episodes of Spider-Man (the X-Men crossover coming to DVD soon, heh). Once those ended, I used the VCR head cleaner and.. it was fixed. Yay. Now I don’t have to waste another $50.. right away.. I got online to news-gather, then we had a crappy supper. I also went to Disney XD and was about to watched the latest episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury that doesn’t air until Sunday night, but I changed my mind and stopped it.. even though with all the DVR recordings on Sunday night, I won’t be able to catch it on TV until the usual late night Monday timeslot. :p

I finished up online right at 7PM, then went to the bedroom DVR and watched Day Break (yay, first new episode.. wow, got pretty good here). Then at 8PM, we watched Smallville (ha, Mr & Mrs Smith.. very good episode), Grey’s Anatomy (heh, it was alright) and Lost (wow, great episode.. of course). But damnit, the bedroom DVR filled up and cut off the very ends of CSI and Supernatural. 😦 Like the last 3 minutes or so..

So I returned to my room and read a couple issues of the Buffy: Season Eight comic.. that I downloaded. $15 just seems a bit too steep for such a thin book (Volume 1 = 5 issues). :/ See ya.

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krdk pics / birds dvd update / cbs may sweeps / scifi who ratings / today

April 23, 2008

Henshin Justice Unlimited has debuted its Photo Gallery, and the first pictures uploaded were those of the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight wrap party the webmaster recently visited. They’ve also uploaded a batch of Dragon Knight screenshots. While the US is pretty much in the dark about the series, an online article about the series has popped up in Japan. :p

TVShowsOnDVD delivers some great news and not-so-great news concerning Warner Home Video’s long-awaited DVD release of Birds of Prey: The Complete Series. First, the unaired version of the pilot episode will be included. It features some alternate & deleted scenes and a different actress playing the role of Barbara Gordon. Coool. But Warner has also revealed that the video will be matted or letterbox widescreen instead of the basic anamorphic widescreen.. But I guess it’s good that it’s in widescreen at all..?

CBS has issued a press release announcing their May sweeps stunts. The biggest would definitely have to be the writers’ crossover between CSI & Two & A Half Men. The writers of Men have written an episode of CSI while the CSI writers have written an episode of Men. Haha. The Two & A Half Men episode will air May 5th, while the CSI episode will air May 8th. Check the press release for spoilers on those episodes, as well as the season’s final episodes of the CSIs and Ghost Whisperer.

SciFi Channel makes a big deal about huge ratings for their recent season premiere of Doctor Who. So they’ve finally learned what BBC America already has (with Torchwood): air the episodes as close as possible to their UK premieres so that some won’t give up on waiting and download them instead.. Well, at least I hope so.. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and watched some TV. Then I transferred a couple things from DVR to VHS while I got online for a bit. I watched the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight pilot episode on Veoh, then installed VeohTV and downloaded it. Heh. And it definitely looks better once downloaded (definitely not the same for the trailer though). All episodes of Firefly seem to be available on VeohTV too (for viewing only, of course). Hmm.. My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen. Then he got weak as usual and headed to bed for a nap. 😦

I got back online.. to check out VeohTV a little more. About.. 90 minutes later, I finally watched four more episodes of Eureka Seven (ooh, now it’s getting really good.. 12 episodes left), followed by this week’s Greek (eh, it was interesting to see the back story at last.. but another part of me was bored by it at the same time). After that, I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I wasted the remaining hour listening to some mp3s.

My dad wasted over a half hour of primetime outside, during which time I got quite bored. Once he came in though, we watched ‘Til Death (lol) and Back To You (lol). And after that, we watched Cloverfield on DVD. I just couldn’t wait any longer to see it. I loved it. I almost want to watch it again right now. My dad on the other hand soon got a headache due to the quick camera movements and left the room.. then eventually went to bed. I had no such problems though. The special features are nice, though a more complete archive of online content would’ve been nicer (the 11 easter eggs provide a small sampling).. or oh I don’t know, the trailers? :p

See ya.

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dvd ads apr 27-may 3 / sarah connor s2 / media / today

April 22, 2008

Click the corresponding retailer for their media ad for the week of April 27th to May 3rd: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. The Golden Compass‘ 2-disc edition is going for $22.99 at all three stores. But Target has a book with it.. and Best Buy has a bonus third disc. Ooh.. Grand Theft Auto IV is going for $59.99 everywhere, as expected. But Circuit City is offering a $10 gift card with purchase. Click here for a more complete list of GTA IV deals & bonuses.. And for those who haven’t picked up Cloverfield this week, it’ll be on sale again next week at Best Buy for a buck less than their price this week — $14.99. :p ..I really wanted to get GTA IV on release date.. even though I most likely won’t have a PS3 until next month (I hope). But it looks like I won’t be able to afford both titles that I want next Tuesday. I guess I’ll have to wait until Friday on GTA IV and hope that they still have some copies left. 😦

FOX has issued a press release announcing that they have picked up Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a second season of 13 episodes. Also, Brian Austin Green has been bumped up to series regular for this upcoming season. Yay. 🙂

I awoke in the morning to my alarm and watched some morning TV. But then we got ready and took off to media buy a little bit earlier than usual..

I went to FYE first.. and waited outside a few minutes until it opened. :p I sold a few DVDs, then bought one of the two Cloverfield steelbooks that they had on the shelf. It’s in the style of a mangled military case with “U.S. Government” indented across the back. Cool. It was $19.99.. I moved on to Best Buy and bought Cloverfield.. again. I just couldn’t pass up the bonus disc, especially after seeing how few copies had the bonus disc attached to the back. And I also liked the brown seal that the steelbook didn’t get. :p I price-matched it down a buck, to the Circuit City & Fry’s price of $14.99 though. Click here for new pics of the store exclusives..

And I was surprised to see another early release: next week’s Death Note Vol 4. And it was a version without a useless patch, like Vols 1-3.. and was only $15.99. So far, the volumes have been $19.99.. I moved on to Half Price Books.. and sold some books. I got a little less than I had hoped for though. 😦 ..After that, my dad went to the grocery store (while I stayed in the car) and I got an icee (while my dad stayed in the car). :p

We returned home and watched Ellen. After the news, I soon watched four more episodes of Eureka Seven (Vol 8.. great episodes). My dad returned from an errand and we soon watched Medium (very good episode). My dad then fell asleep and I watched the day’s Spider-Man (cool). Once that was over though, I returned to my room to inventory the new discs and to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online quite early. I soon watched Naruto from the bedroom DVR (great episodes.. yay @ more Hinata)..

I read some Death Note, then got online for a bit longer. Soon we watched According To Jim (lol.. eh), Reaper (it wasn’t bad.. ha’s @ how one thing is very quickly resolved in the opening scene :/) and Bones (a bit confusing since this is the episode that was pushed back from airing for a year due to the VT shooting, complete with a small last season subplot being continued.. and a gun is never really fired in this episode, that takes place at a college :/).

I soon returned to my room for the night. See ya..

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avatar dvd premiere & finale / gits2 us dub / today

April 21, 2008

TVShowsOnDVD have now confirmed that the DVD release dates for the remaining volumes of Avatar: The Last Airbender will not change, meaning that as many as four episodes will debut on the Book 3: Fire, Volume 3 DVD on May 6th before they premiere on Nickelodeon. Wow. Also, the four-episode “movie” series finale will be on the Volume 4 DVD July 29th, very soon after it debuts on Nickelodeon.. The trailer mentioned can be found on YouTube, complete with the loud screams of overexcited fangirls. :p

Bandai Entertainment has acquired the license to Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence and will be re-releasing it on DVD & Blu-ray Disc with a new English dub by the dub cast of the Stand Alone Complex TV series.. and reportedly not the one the cast has already done for Manga’s UK release a few years back.. Yay. The lack of an English dub was the main reason why I didn’t purchase it, so now I will. 🙂 That and I didn’t really like the first movie. The series was awesome though..

I awoke in the morning and.. fell back to sleep a few times. I did stay up past 3AM after all. :p I finally woke up once my dad returned home from dialysis. I quickly did some transferring to VHS, then we watched Ellen. I got online for a bit. After the news, I watched four more episodes of Eureka Seven (aka Vol 7 of 12.. awesome episodes), followed by H2O (hehe, nice) and Spider-Man (cool). Then I ran out of DVR things to watch, so I soon returned to my room and got online a bit early to news-gather..

We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 6PM. But not without problems from the crappy monitor. It began doing its usual discoloration crap. I guess the PC shutting off the monitor after idleness isn’t the same as me pushing its power button. Now I know.. I headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Torchwood (“Exit Wounds”, the season finale.. wow.. 😦 ). Then I just read some Death Note.

At 8PM, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol, good episode), Two & A Half Men (Charlie Sheen cannot act dramatically 😦 ..otherwise, lol), Rules of Engagement (haha.. it was alright) and CSI Miami (pretty good episode.. :p @ the 20-something teens.. that were hot.. ack @ that ending :p). After that, I returned to my room for a bit.

But later (after my dad had gone to bed), I returned to the living room and watched the new episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury — 1809: “Good Karma, Bad Karma”. Wow. I actually.. liked this one. Maybe we’ve reached the point where they’re editing episodes while others are airing.. and they saw how badly Flit was received and removed him completely? We can only hope. He wasn’t in this episode at all. I also liked how the little kid plotline sorta tied into the Jarrod plotline. Though I enjoyed the Jarrod plotline a lot more. Didn’t know why that kid wanted a kite of all things.. until it blended itself into the sentai footage later. Oh. :/

Well.. see ya.

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