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Sun 07.31.05 — If I hear someone say “Blame Canada” one more time, my head will ‘splode!!!

July 31, 2005

Somehow, I woke up quite early and I could find nothing to watch on TV. Luckily, I had my recently-completed Power Rangers S.P.D. “Wormhole” VCD to watch. Yay. I liked this episode.. though it did still focus a lot on S.P.D. even though it had the Dino Thunder rangers there. And the story was a bit too.. “packed” into a single episode. 😦 As revealed in the episode itself, this seems to be a second part to the SPD / DT teamup, with the DT Rangers heading to the future previously (but their minds were erased before being returned). Heh. It would be neat if that rock that showed Ethan and Kira the future (in “The Hidden Episode”) actually sent them into the future (and later the other Rangers). >:) It didn’t sound like they met the Black Ranger in that episode though (who is voiced by someone other than JDF pretty well here.. yet someone else was too lame to even place him in the closing credits — I eventually discovered that Jeffery Parazzo voiced Tommy in-suit).. Anyway, Gruumm takes advantage of a wormhole in space and goes to conquer Earth in 2004, but it didn’t sound like he expected the DT Rangers to be there. Soon, the entire SPD team follows him into 2004 and a huge battle erupts. I liked the part where the three lady rangers took down a monster all on their own. And the Orangehead using weapons that looked like altered forms of some Time Force weapons. :p The “no one gets inside our circle” bit was kinda cheesy though. Gruumm is being controlled in this episode by some higher force.. that’s heading to Earth following this episode. Awesome. You also notice that Morgana’s gone and returned to the child-form Mora, and that Broodwing is nowhere to be seen either. Also, Kat has a new uniform.. and what looked to me like new eyes.. *shrug* At the end, when Gruumm defeatedly departs through a now-closing wormhole, Cruger erases everyone’s minds (including his own) so they’ll never remember this meeting.. as a little sad-sounding music plays. 😦 One more note: lol @ the credits guy still misspelling Conner as “Connor”. :p Can’t wait to see these teamup episode(s) aired officially in September or October. 🙂

I find it kinda funny how some thought my recent snobbery about the Saban eras of Power Rangers being better than the current Disney era (which it is) means that I didn’t even like Space. That was most likely my favorite season from the Saban eras. :p I’m just not liking this third era that Disney has created so far. I’m glad I didn’t expect much from S.P.D., because in all, that’s what we’ve been getting so far. The more recent episodes have shown improvement though. Looking ahead a bit into Magiranger, I’m already not expecting much from Mystic Force either. You better redo that horrible megazord cockpit next year, you cheap Disney bastards. 😡

Now, to go and be bored until the newspaper arrives..

Okay, so it wasn’t boring. I decided to watch last night’s episode of Samurai Champloo. At first, when I found out this would be a “clip show”, I didn’t like it. But Mugen’s little comments were so funny. Nice episode. 🙂 Then the newspaper arrived and I looked through the ads for this coming week. The big check won’t arrive in time for Tuesday, so I may have to wait until Wednesday afternoon.. I watched last night’s awesome episode of Paranoia Agent, then found Honey on one of the Encore channels and watched that most of the way though. Nice movie. Almost regret passing on the DVD a while back. Almost. :p We had breakfast during that.. After that, I put in another MST3k DVD: “The Hellcats”. Man, was that a bad one. It was little easier to sit through with the jokes though. 🙂 My dad left to pick up a few more things with his few remaining dollars and returned in time for the end. In retaliation, my dad took over the TV right away in search of his own crappy movie to enjoy. *sigh* So I escaped to my room..

Here’s a little thing that’s kinda neat. Power Rangers S.P.D.‘s Brandon Jay McLaren has signed on under (Dino Thunder‘s) Emma Lahana’s name at RangerBoard (since they’re going out in real life.. lucky bastard) and asked for help on downloading the leaked S.P.D. episode, “Wormhole”. Teehee. :p

I stayed online for quite a few hours. Then around 3:30PM, I finally got bored of that and read a couple more chapters of Harry Potter 6. 🙂 Soon after I was done, we had another barely supper and watched some movie my dad found on Lifetime: The Dive From Clausen’s Pier, starring Michelle Trachtenberg as a shallow bitch who leaves his newly-quadriplegic boyfriend for a guy much older than her with only mental problems. 😦 Anyway, there was a commercial for Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story, a new (very Dangerous Minds-ish looking) movie premiering on Lifetime August 22nd. And it looked like Power Rangers Ninja Storm‘s own Navy Thunder Ranger Jorgito Vargas Jr. plays the role of a student in the film as well..

I watched the rest of that movie. Then we watched America’s Funniest Videos over on ABC. Funny stuff.. Then my dad headed outside and I headed over to USA to watch / tape the new episode of The 4400. Awesome episode. I wasn’t that interested in the main “4400-of-the-week” story, but the continuing storylines surrounding it got more interesting. I wasn’t expecting that ending. Can’t wait for next week’s episode. I also can’t believe the season finale is ahead in August already. 😦 Since there was nothing better to watch for the rest of the night, I took the time to read another exciting chapter of Harry Potter 6. 🙂 Unfortunately, it ended at a point where I wanted to read more.. but didn’t have the time.. 😦

Man, am I looking forward to this week. Money. For my media. To keep me sane. And this week, I’ll have to pick up a few things from past weeks that I couldn’t afford at that point.. This weekend was alright. Except for the boredom. I’m also somewhat glad to get this month over with.. I hope we go without a TV for as little time as possible tomorrow. I need me teevee. See ya.

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[ Former CIA Officer – US Plans Nuclear Attack On Iran ]
[ Israel Security Company Prime Subway Bomb Suspect? ]
[ US Fraud Found In Iraq Reconstruction ]
[ Why The Secret About The ‘New Planet’? ]


Sat 07.30.05 — a wormhole delivers an SPD episode from the future! ..yeah, that was lame..

July 30, 2005

Whoops. Canada’s Family Channel accidentally aired the Power Rangers S.P.D. / Dino Thunder teamup episode “Wormhole” this morning, instead of “Messenger, Part 1”. Uh oh. I think the problem was that “Messenger, Part 1” was episode 21, while “Wormhole” is most likely episode 31. Ha. Click here for a behind-the-scenes picture recently posted to RangerBoard by Poweranimals. And for some spoilers, check out this thread at HenshinJustice. For those wanting to download the episode itself, just click here for PsychoRed’s encode. 🙂

I woke up quite a few times.. then fell back to sleep. But it was my cat’s pitiful plea for attention that knocked down some of my crap in the living room and finally woke me up. -_- I watched some music videos, then got all excited over the SPD / DT teamup episode airing early in Canada. :p I returned to the living room and we soon watched the entire episode of Best Week Ever. lol @ Grace Park segment for Battlestar Galactica.. But now my dad is trying to take over the TV, so I must go.. *runs off*

Since there was nothing to watch on TV whatsoever, I’ve just been going back and forth from the living room and my computer all morning, waiting impatiently for someone to finally put the SPD / DT teamup episode online. And the encode at Blitzed is finally up. Yay. *torrents forever* I’d rather get their version than the one linked too above. This file’s a bit smaller (185MB compared to PsychoRed’s 202MB :p ).. and I need my space.. to burn it to a VCD later.. so I can actually view the damn thing. :p Yes, my computer is that ancient..

We watched whatever we could find on TV, while keeping the volume low just in case. We watched most of a couple movies: Head Over Heels and Daddy Day Care. I liked both, but the latter one was a little more entertaining. Now my dad’s watching Raising Arizona. I couldn’t get that interested though. So I’m here. Until now.. *runs off again*

I managed to read another great chapter of Harry Potter 6.. even though the sound of the TV and the loud music from the druggie next door didn’t help that much. Soon after I finished that up, we had a rather pitiful supper. We don’t have much left to make a real meal. 😦 And now I’m bored once again, so I think I’ll look around online for a bit..

After some time online, I still couldn’t get into what my dad was watching on TV. So I listened to my recently-burned CD again. Unfortunately, like many other times, the personal CD player lulled me off to sleep. Damnit. Luckily, I awoke to my dad gone and was just in time to watch the new episode of Zatch Bell. Awesome episode. I’ve been waiting for some backstory on this series since the start. It was great to finally get a bit of it. Once that was over, I watched an hour of Whose Line over on ABC Family, followed by some X-Play over on G4.. and some Jeff Foxworthy Show on Nick @ Nite. I gave the TV back to my dad so he could watch his news.. and here I am..

Today was very boring. :/ See ya..

[ Former MI5 Agent Says Bombings Look Like Inside Job ]
[ London Attack – Murdered Brazilian Was Not Wearing Bulky Jacket ]
[ US Govt Employees Rewarded For Lying, Fined For Truth ]
[ Defense Team Says Saddam Was Attacked, US Denies It ]
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[ H5N1 Bird Flu Confirmed In Siberia ]
[ Tenth Planet Discovered In Outer Solar System ]
[ Ruins On Mars Around Crater With Ice? ]

x-files 2 still coming / inside out? / simple life 4 / vista stops dvd piracy / today

July 29, 2005

X-Files co-executive producer Frank Spotnitz once again assures us that a second X-Files feature film is still on the way. Hope so. Damnit..

Possible bad news to those who have been enjoying FOX’s The Inside… The series star, Rachel Nichols, will be joining the cast of Alias this coming season. 😦 ..Maybe I’ll actually start watching Alias.. Maybe..

FOX has renewed The Simple Life for another season. And even though Paris Hilton sounded like she didn’t want Nicole Richie on the next season, they’re both coming back for it. Haha..

According to, Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Vista operating system claims that it will end DVD piracy for good. lol. So funny.. But the part about the new version of Internet Explorer (7.0) having protection against spyware and malware sounds somewhat promising..

I finished up all the usual LJ stuff and fell asleep very quickly. But thanks to a toothache, I had a hard time sleeping. 😦 ..I awoke the next morning and got online for a little bit. I got off just time for some supper. Then I watched some morning TV and played with the cat. But I got bored and soon returned online. :p After a while, I got bored of that too. So I set up an Ad-Aware scan and left it to read another chapter of Harry Potter 6. We got the mail during it. I got another letter from Social Security. My check would be going up by about $20 at the beginning of the month. Yay. I finished the chapter just in time for Passions. Another great episode. The whole “disaster” thing is awesome. Ack, an aftershock. And there’s a tsunami coming that Alistair refuses to let anyone know about. Haha.

Once that was over, I ended up watching Wednesday night’s season premiere episodes of Tripping The Rift. I was surprised by how far they went with the digital nudity. I bet the mice humping being pixeled out was only so they could call the Season 2 DVD “uncensored”. :p After that, my dad convinced me to watch the previous episode of The Inside that I DVRed over a week ago. Pretty good episode. Glad to see the whole “web” thing wasn’t stretched out too long. A nice two-parter is fine. 🙂 Then I transferred a Degrassi TNG episode to VHS, while I read another exciting chapter of Harry Potter 6 and my dad napped. Luckily, I turned the TV volume down for the transfer. The rental guys came by again. We stayed quiet until they left. Then my dad started bitching again about being tired of hiding already. You’ve done it before, idiot. And it’s only until Monday. Sheesh.

I returned to my room soon after that to find my PC had freezed up after I quarantined the files Ad-Aware found. Ugh. So I rebooted and got online soon thereafter to news-gather. We had supper during and after.. I held off on watching the new shows on The N right away in order to keep the TV volume low in case those rental guys came back. So I read another chapter of Harry Potter 6. 🙂 At 8PM, I finally watched the new episodes of Degrassi TNG (lol @ “goofbag”.. I bet it was changed for the US airing) and Instant Star (another nice episode.. I want the soundtrack CD already). After that, I could find nothing better to watch on TV. So you know what I did? Yup. I read another great chapter of Harry Potter 6. :p I also watched a little of the new episode of Best Week Ever, then decided to leave the rest for tomorrow morning. lol @ the “Ask Best Week Ever” segment visiting the set of Passions.. My dad came back in and we watched some stuff on Comedy Central, including a part of that Dave Chappelle stand-up special. But then I let him watch the news as I returned to my room for the night..

Today was surprisingly average. I’m looking forward to the weekend. But mostly for what comes after.. See ya.

[ Bin Laden Brothers Warned NASA Scientists About 911 In 1987 ]

[ South Tower Exit Wounds Tell 911 Tale ]
[ Kaminski – If Joe Was Right… ]
[ EPA – Cars LESS Fuel Efficient Than In The 80s! ]
[ $1.5 Billion Gift To Big Oil Sneaked Into Energy Report ]
[ Mystery, Deadly Pig-Born Virus Spreads In China ]
[ Water Ice On Mars Raises Hopes Of Finding Life ]
[ New World Found In Outer Solar System ]

prspd sched change / arrested s2 art / foxcast / xquest / batman follow-up / today

July 28, 2005

According to BurgundyRanger, Toon Disney has changed their Power Rangers S.P.D. premiere schedule. Episodes 1524 & 1525, “Reflections” Part 1 & 2, will now debut together during the battlizer marathon on August 12th, starting at 9PM ET (the new episodes, not the marathon). They will then premiere together on ABC Family the next morning at 10AM ET, as part of its own airing of the battlizer marathon.. 🙂 now has DVD cover art for Arrested Development: Season Two. Nice. 🙂

FOX has jumped on the recent “podcast” fad bandwagon and has created a section of dedicated to downloadable MP3s recapping some of their hit TV series. They even have RSS feeds for each show.. Neat. 🙂

FOX has also announced their next reality TV endeavor — XQUEST. Wow. “Big Brother in Space”. *rolls eyes*

Okay… a quick follow-up on yesterday’s Batman news. We’ve confirmed with sources in the know that the new 2-disc Batman Forever DVD will NOT include a new director’s cut as previously rumored. It was apparently something that was considered, but we’re told it ultimately didn’t happen. Just FYI.

Damn. 😦

Once the usual LJ stuff was done, I once again fell asleep pretty much right away.. I awoke a little earlier than usual and got online for a while. I finally burned another awesome CD as my dad went off to another handout place..

Prometheus Hits, Volume 19
Akon – Lonely
Rob Thomas – This Is How A Heart Breaks
Hilary Duff – Wake Up
The Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes – Don’t Cha
Jessica Simpson – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done (Video Mix)
Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot
Eminem – Ass Like That
Gwen Stefani – Cool
The Click Five – Just The Girl
Bowling For Soup – Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
The All-American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret
Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
Theory Of A Deadman – Hello Lonely (Walk Away From This)
Daniel Powter – Bad Day
Acceptance – Different
Carrie Underwood – Inside Your Heaven
Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow – Picture
Black Eyed Peas – Pump It
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand

Once I got the CD finished, I watched this week’s episode of Stella on DVR. So damn silly. lol. :p Then I tried listening to my new CD. But I fell asleep. And the batteries ran out of the CD player. Again. So I recharged those. Soon, my dad arrived home with some more food. After putting it all away, we watched last night’s Mind of Mencia. Sooo funny. I’d probably buy it on DVD.. I petted the cat for a while, then got online for a bit. Soon, it was time for the mail. Nothing at all today. *sigh* Then we watched the day’s episode of Passions. Pretty good episode again today. Especially the new revelation at the end. Wow. I actually didn’t see that coming..

Soon after that was over, I loaded up The Sims: Bustin’ Out yet again. The married couple raised the baby up to a child (Zack). Then I tried to do some skill-building and goal-completing. First, the maid was eaten by one of the mutant plants. Then they mourned her grave in the back yard like they knew her forever. Then Patrick, the husband, went to water the mutant plant and got eaten by it too. So I just reloaded the game at that point. Problem solved. Except they’ve hired another maid.. and she’s a ghost. Ack. :p I turned it off at just a bit past 5PM, then got online for the usual news-hunting. We had another one of those damn “whatever you can find” suppers again. Ugh. 😦

I finished all that up and played around with the cat for a bit. But then I saw the truck pull up outside and quickly hit “mute” on the TV. They were coming to pick up the living room TV, which we have no money to pay for right now. We stayed silent until they left and they eventually moved on.. Eventually, it reached 8PM. I watched the new episode of Kept and my dad went outside for a bit. Pretty good episode this week. Once that was over, I finally put that S.P.D. music video promo on my tape, and followed that up by re-watching / taping Monday’s new episode, “Zapped”. teehee @ what looked like motocross footage from Ninja Storm playing on the TV in the opening scene. :p My dad returned near the end of that, but I continued on. I watched Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu episode 6, the last of the Vol 2 DVD. Another great episode. I found the two-stories-per-episode deal annoying at first, but I’m starting to like it now. I also like the small amounts of continuity here and there. Can’t wait for the next volume (*drools @ the brief shot in the Vol 3 preview of Testarosa removing her shirt.. even though she’s supposed to be like 12* >:) ).. Then I watched this week’s episode of Reno 911! that had just finished DVRing (the previous DVRing had screwed up with those damn power outages). Hilarious. 🙂 Soon after that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was.. also okay. *shrug* My dad doesn’t think we’ll be able to hide out from the rental guys until the first of the month. Pssh. It’s just until Monday. And they’re closed Sunday. *rolls eyes* See ya..

[ LaRouche: Cheney’s ‘Guns Of August’ Threaten World ]
[ CIA Tries To Bury Truth On Bin Laden Escape ]
[ Atrocious Sign Found At London Underground Station ]
[ London Bombing – Why Was The Brazilian Electrician ‘Petrified’? ]
[ House Approves CAFTA | The Treasonous, Robotic CAFTA Vote ]
[ US Army Computers ‘Shut Down By Hacker’ ]
[ Giant Electric Current Generated In Nevada Test ]
[ Oldest Dinosaur Embryos Found ]

arrested s2 / batman se / today

July 27, 2005

20th Century Fox has released new details concerning the October 11th DVD release of Arrested Development: Season Two. Yay. 🙂 have gotten their hands on new details concerning the upcoming Batman Special Edition DVDs…

The holiday shopping season is shaping up to be one hell of a wallet-buster. Along with all of the requisite big summer guns, Warner Home Video will debut brand new two-disc special editions of Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Due on October 18th, each set will feature a new digitally remastered anamorphic transfer of the movie. Bonus features are set to include director commentaries by Tim Burton and old “nail in the coffin” Joel Schumacher, new documentaries, making-of featurettes galore, cast and crew interviews and nine music videos from Prince, Seal and the Smashing Pumpkins. You’ll be able to pick up the Dark Knight individually, or collected in the Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997 box set.

There’s also word of a new 150-minute Director’s Cut of Batman Forever to be included via seamless branching. Nice. I may just buy the box set..

After the LJ stuff, I pretty much fell asleep right away. Again. Blah.. I awoke in the morning, watched some of the usual morning TV, and had some breakfast. My dad and I got into a little of an argument. He was actually considering getting satellite TV after saying he never would because of the horrible reception a friend of his got with it in a storm. Just because it was cheaper. Then he even said that I don’t even pay for the cable $150 cable bill. Uh, yeah I do, asshole. I’ve been giving him my small check for months now (mostly because he demanded it). Before, I only payed out about half of it for the $40/month cable internet. Damn, he’s a retard.. So I got online for a while, to get away from the idiocy. The mail eventually arrived. Still no check. *sigh* But my dad did find a good deal on another HDTV. He’ll most likely be getting it at the end of the month. It’s cheaper, and sounds a little better than the one we have now..

Eventually, Passions started. The “disaster” continues. I really liked this episode, even with the inaccuracies. :p After that, I watched another episode of Montel Williams because Sylvia Browne was on discussing supernatural stuff that I’m very interested in. I should get her new book, that covers UFOs.. Once that was over, I played more of The Sims: Bustin’ Out. My sim (Jessica) went after the bachelor (Patrick) once again. He kept leaving before she could pop the question. Gr. But she eventually was able to do it. Yay. He said yes, and they were married. Then the house got really busy, since there were now four living there. Ack. And soon, Jessica and Patrick had a baby together. 🙂 I was starting to get everything straightened out for the next sim day.. when my dad demanded his TV back for more of his bullshit news. I angrily saved, turned off the PS2, then returned to my room to news-gather..

Once I finished that up, we had supper. Then I found time to read another chapter of Harry Potter 6. Not long after 8PM, my dad chose to go outside for a bit. I took over the TV and finally watched Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu episodes 4 & 5 on DVD. It took me a little while to get into it again, but I liked these. They were alright. It’s something to watch until the real Full Metal Panic! 2nd season is brought over to US DVD. The episodes ran a little past 9PM, so I paused Veronica Mars on the DVR until they were over. Then I watched it too. My dad came in at that point and also enjoyed the episode. I’m still considering whether or not to get that Season 1 DVD in October though.. Soon after that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was okay. I might as well stop looking for that check in the mail. The letter said it would come around the 21st, but the lady on the phone said to my dad that it would come at the beginning of the month. *sigh* ..See ya..

from ..

5 books (or series of books) you liked as a kid/teenager:
1. Extreme Zone 1-8 by M.C. Sumner
2. Roswell High 1-10 by Melinda Metz
3. Goosebumps?
4. ..can’t think of anymore..
5. i said I can’t think of any more!

4 favorite poems or short stories:
1. ..umm.. can’t think of any..

3 books, plays, or poems that you couldn’t stand:
1. ..again.. no idea..

2 books, plays or poems that haven’t been made into movies yet but should be:
2. Area 51 Books 1-9 by Robert Doherty.. atleast the first one anyway..

1 book (or series) that you think everyone should read:
1. hmm.. let me think….. EXTREEEMMME ZOOOONNNE!!!!!!


[ London Bombing Aftermath – The Spin Continues ]
[ Aspartame – The Cause Of The Enormous Diabetes Epidemic ]
[ Blair Pledges To Withdraw Troops From Iraq ASAP ]
[ All Americans – Help Defeat CAFTA! ]
[ Remarkable Lay Pattern Found In Ohio Crop Circle ]

“[Artificial sweetener] Aspartame is a molecule of three ingredients, aspartic acid, (40%), an excitotoxin, a methyl ester which immediately becomes methanol (10%), and phenylalanine (50%) which as an isolate is a neurotoxin, goes directly into the brain, lowering the seizure threshold and depleting serotonin. Lowered serotonin triggers manic depression or bipolar, suicidal tendencies, mood swings, insomnia, hallucinations, panic attacks, etc. The molecule breaks down to a witches brew of toxins including diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.” — LINK

sw ep3 dvd art / mallrats x / voltron / more lost secrets / abc fall / today

July 26, 2005

New details have been announced concerning the Star Wars — Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith DVD. The release date has been moved up a week to November 1st, and the cover art has been revealed.. Soo can’t wait to see it again. 🙂

There’s also new details on the upcoming Mallrats X DVD, which has been changed to just Mallrats: 10th Anniversary Extended Edition. I don’t really like the new cover art all that much, or the fact that it’ll be a damn double-sided disc. But I am interested in the new extended version, which is almost 30 minutes longer than the original version, so I’ll probably buy it nonetheless.. :/

It has been revealed that there is a big-budget feature film based on Voltron being planned. Neat. 🙂 ..Maybe this will gain some new attention to Power Rangers as well? *shrug*

has put together a nice mini-guide to the new secrets now hidden on Lost‘s website. Nice. 🙂

Speaking of Lost… ABC has announced its fall premiere dates. Lost‘s new season will begin on September 21st at 9PM ET, and will be followed by another sci-fi series of interest, Invasion, at 10PM ET. Also, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy return on September 25th, and Night Stalker debuts on September 29th..

After all the LJ stuff, I fell asleep rather quickly. I awoke the next morning to my dad being angry with the cat. He had a hard time sleeping because the cat was jumping all over his room last night. Ugh. So I.. tortured him a little. Bad kitty. We watched some of the usual morning TV, as well as an LA police chase and the Discovery launch in Florida. Soon after that, I returned to my room and got online for a bit. I returned to the living room in time for the mail. Again, no check. *sigh* ..The new video retailer magazines came though. There were two separate articles in one revealing that extended editions of Fantastic Four and Wedding Crashers will eventually be coming to DVD (with the latter being “unrated”). I waited, played with the cat.. and eventually, Passions finally started. More plotholes. Whee. How did Noah’s car get to the club, and since when did Noah have a car? Haha. But the exciting part had to be the ending. The witches accidentally caused an earthquake. Uh oh. Like to see where this leads tomorrow..

Once that was over, I played the promotional DVD that came with one of the retailer magazines. I loves me some free DVDs, no matter what’s on them. :p After that, I played The Sims: Bustin’ Out for the rest of the afternoon. First, I got my sim (Jessica) moved onto the next house. Damn, Tinsel Bluff is nice. Love the view of the city. I was more laid back about it today.. after reading some tips online this morning. And I used a couple cheats too. :p Then I checked out my new bachelor sim in Free Play mode. At first, he mourned the heck out of her girlfriend that passed on. But I turned him around and did some skill-building. He even created a few mutant plants in the incubator (that now resides in the hidden room). >:) I soon turned if off though, and got back online to news-gather for the day.

After I finished that up, we had a rather unusual supper (eggs & rice.. yummay). Then we watched some That 70s Show repeats until primetime. At that point, we found an episode of NCIS to watch (*drools @ Abby once more*), then some other repeats (that we’ve never seen) of According To Jim and Rodney. At 10PM, I made time to read another interesting chapter of Harry Potter 6. As I was finishing up, my dad finally decided to give our cat a bath in hopes of getting rid of the fleas. But he had to cut it short when the storm that hadn’t even reached here yet cause a series of short but annoying power outages for our area. One, off, on, off. Ugh. That sure didn’t help this ancient computer any. Once it seemed like it had passed (and after helping the cat get a little dryer), I returned to my room for the night..

Today was okay, I guess. But it sure didn’t end that well. The damn storms took forever to get here, then they screw with the power. Grr. See ya..

[ Blocked Pics Show US Child Abuse, Rape At Abu Ghraib ]
[ Why Pentagon Blocked Release Of Abu Ghraib Photos ]
[ Hollings: ‘Bulldoze My Dad’s Home And I’ll Be A Terrorist’ ]
[ No To CAFTA, North American Community & Guest Workers ]
[ Israel – The Source Of Atrocities ]
[ Photo Of London ‘Bombers’ Has Been DoctoredComments ]
[ China Closes Lab Isolating, Sequencing H5N1 Bird Flu ]
[ China Names Fatal Sichuan Illness – Streptococcus Suis ]
[ Nebraska Man Charged For Sex With Wife, 13 ]

prspd aug info / pr questions / degrassi dvd / smallville s5 / nick rewind wave 2 / nbc fall / today

July 25, 2005

BurgundyRanger has posted Toon Disney’s Power Rangers S.P.D. episode descriptions for August. These actually sound pretty good, especially the “SWAT” two-parter..

1524 – Premieres MONDAY, AUGUST 1 (7:30 p.m., ET/PT)
“Reflections, Pt. 1” – An amazing new weapon is needed when a copycat criminal strikes New Tech City.

1525 – Premieres FRIDAY, AUGUST 12 (9:30 p.m., ET/PT)
“Reflections, Pt. 2” – Sky struggles with the memory of losing his father and comes face to face with the villain responsible.

1526 – Premieres FRIDAY, AUGUST 19 (7:30 p.m., ET/PT)
“SWAT, Pt. 1” – Piggy and friends steal SPD technology; the Rangers are sent to Zentor to train for SWAT mode.

1527 – Premieres MONDAY, AUGUST 22 (9:00 p.m., ET/PT)
“SWAT, Pt. 2” – Under the command of a tough drill sergeant, the Rangers must learn to work as a team before they can earn a powerful new weapons’ technology.

1528 – Premieres MONDAY, AUGUST 29 (7:30 p.m., ET/PT)
“Robotpalooza” – The Rangers nearly reach their breaking point when both Gruumm and Broodwing send robot after robot to attack the city.

More then ever it seems, people are asking for your questions to ask Power Rangers alums over at Rangerboard. Windgrail is asking for questions for Lightspeed Rescue‘s Sean Cw Johnson, Sasha Williams, Alison MacInnis, Monica Louwerens and Ron Rogge. And cyberblue is asking for your questions for Rhett Fisher. Wow..

FUNimation has finally released details concerning the Jay And Silent Bob Do Degrassi DVD, and it sounds awesome! The DVD will be released in both rated and unrated Director’s Cut editions. And there’s an impressive amount of extra features. I rather like the cover art too. The unrated version looks like it has a partial slipcover. Both versions are due in stores on November 8th. Soo can’t wait. 🙂

Sci Fi Wire reports on some new characters set to appear on this coming season of Smallville, which begins in early September. And one of them will be played by Buffy & Angel alum James Marsters.. This season sounds exciting. Can’t wait for it to start. 🙂

Nickelodeon’s Rewind Collections of DVDs continue… The Adventures Of Pete & Pete: Season 2 and Clarissa Explains It All: Season 2 are due for release on November 1st. 🙂

NBC has finally announced their fall premiere dates. The scifi mystery series Surface will debut on Monday, September 19th at 8PM ET, on the same night as the 2nd season premiere of Medium. My Name Is Earl premieres the next night at 9PM ET (this looks like it would make a great back-to-back with Scrubs.. so bring the show back, you NBC bastards!). The mention of two Apprentices only makes me want to hurl, as does 10.5: Apocalypse (the sequel to a very cheesy previous miniseries), which airs November 27th & 28th.. :p

Once the usual LJ things were done, I watched a little of an old 007 movie that my dad had left on the living room TV before going to bed. Not bad.. Then I found time to read another exciting chapter of Harry Potter 6. I stayed up past 1:30AM. But soon after that, I fell asleep.. I awoke late than usual, had some breakfast and watched some of the usual morning TV. But I soon got tired of that and got online for a bit. I soon got off and had some lunch. The the mail arrived. No check yet again. So it looks like I’m not going out media buying tomorrow. *sighs* ..Passions was okay, but I was still bumming over the “no check” thing.

Once that was over, I played more of The Sims: Bustin’ Out. First, I killed the female of that household that I created in “free play” mode. Then moved into the house in “bust out” mode. If you remember, I’d been doing horribly yesterday at Clubb Rubb. My female sim moved in with this new bachelor and her life finally started to get on track again. She was doing way better. And getting very close to the guy. But then I found out that I can’t buy or build anything here. Grrr. Then my dad had to bitch about getting the game off at 5PM for his bullshit “news”. So I did. I couldn’t save the game either. Double grrr. So in over the last two days, I’ve grown very pissed off at this game. I angrily made my way to my room and got online to do the usual news-gathering. And the computer proceeded to piss me off as well. Once I finished that up, we had a supper.. of tuna sandwiches.. >_>

In primetime, we watched the new episode of Wildfire over on ABC Family. Nice episode. Then I forgot all about the new episode of Power Rangers S.P.D. until I noticed the DVR was recording it. Today’s episode: “Zapped”, the first to premiere on Toon Disney in primetime. Some are pissed because they don’t have Toon Disney. I don’t really care because I do. In fact, my cable company gets Toon Disney crystal clear, while ABC Family is still having those vertical lines I complained about a while back (not to mention the volume is real low). I would tape this.. if it weren’t for the large Toon Disney logo in the corner. But after watching this, it may be a small price I have to pay to get a nicer picture for my VHS archives. :p ..But I’m getting off course. Surprisingly enough, I really liked the episode. The new opening sequence, with new shots of Omega and Red Ranger’s battlizer, is better than the previous one in my opinion. And the story actually wasn’t too bad either. Morgana gives this horrible magician a powerful wand and he must pay her back by fighting SPD and capturing a microbiologist for her evil cause. One of my favorite scenes had to be the interrogation of Mysticon’s former assistant, which included Z playing a CD of the song “Me”, written by Matt Austin (Bridge) and possibly performed by Alycia Purrott (Syd). So Syd was a pop singer in the past after all. My favorite part was the end of the scene, where Bridge broke him with his annoying talking. lol. The others are jealous of Omega for getting the orders to watch the magic show (which was where the interrogation led them), so they disobey orders and come along in the audience. Syd is hired as Mysticon’s new assistant. Her outfit’s top half isn’t that exciting.. but the bottom half.. hose.. *drools a bit* ..Anyway, Mysticon soon battles them in one of Broodwing’s robots and is easily taken out by the new six-zord formation Delta Max Megazord.. I think it was called. :p I liked it when they were reprimanded for going against Doggie’s orders at the end too. Haha. Not to mention Broodwing starting to hate Gruumm, after he demanded another robot for free. I’d like to see how that develops. The series is finally getting interesting. Yay.. No preview for next week’s episode yet though. 😦

I got on the computer for a while to type up some my PR-related thoughts for the LJ entry. Once I finished that up, I waited until the end of the hour.. then watched an hour Girls Behaving Badly over on Oxygen. I liked the old one that I saw before better than the first (new) “Revenge of the Boys” episode. The pranks were too short. 😐 They were both still pretty funny though. Soon after that was over, I just returned to my room for the night..

Today kinda sucked.. until that S.P.D. episode brightened it up a bit. I like watching new Power Rangers in primetime. 🙂 Well.. see ya..

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Sun 07.24.05 — *steps outside* *becomes human water fountain*

July 24, 2005

After the LJ stuff, I returned to the living room and fell asleep rather quickly. And I just woke up.. My dad used a mosquito repellent on the cat in hopes of repelling the fleas. I hope it doesn’t harm him or anything.. 😦

When I woke up this morning, I swore it felt like a Monday. Weird. And I actually thought it was until the large Sunday newspaper arrived. I looked though the ads for Tuesday, even though I may not be able to go because of the slow bastards at Social Security. I watched last night’s episodes of Samurai Champloo (awesome) and Paranoia Agent (awesomer.. the ending was damn cool). I guess I dropped Fooly Cooly. It’s just too weird, and I need the DVR space.. I was saddened when I noticed the Dragon Ball Z uncut episodes have been airing weekdays on CN, and before they’re released on DVD. If I had known it was going to be more than one night a week, I would’ve tried to watch it. But now it’s too late. They’ve gone past episodes that I have yet to see. *sigh* ..We had breakfast, then finally watched The Inside double-header from maybe three weeks ago. Great episodes (though I liked the first one more). And I like the continuing storyline that’s forming too..

Once that was over, we headed out to buy some groceries with my small amount of remaining money in the bank. Diet Pepsi mainly, for the addictive sugar substitute Aspartame that also makes you sick. Ah well. I don’t care about living anyway.. And damn, was it hot out there. They even set an excessive heat warning through tomorrow night or whatever. Temp in the 80s, heat index of 95. Very humid. Felt like I was going to melt out there. I did, but only a little.. We arrived home and put everything away. My dad’s waiting for his NASCAR crap to start. I think I’ll head online for a bit..

Wasn’t able to find time for MySpace. Until today. Yay. While I was approving or denying the latest friend requests, I thought of maybe publishing certain things from my LJ over in that blog too. Like my media buying section every Tuesday. Except that it will show up over there as soon as I write it instead of at the end of the day. Hmm. *thinks*

Anyway.. After that (and checking a few other sites), I moved my PS2 into my room and played The Sims: Bustin’ Out. For almost six hours. With no breaks. Ack. 😐 I checked on the household I created, then played on the the main “Bust Out” mode for a while. I’ve reached Clubb Rubb.. or whatever it’s called. Man, it’s hard running a club and working during the day. My female sim proposed to a guy.. then found out he was already married. Heh.

I soon turned that off and returned to the living room. I watched a part of The Sweetest Thing for like the 4663463th time because it was what my dad was watching. And I forgot about watching Shiri Appleby’s Pizza My Heart. 😦 ..We had barely anything for supper again, then watched America’s Funniest Videos. In primetime, we watched the new episodes of The 4400 (awesome episode, so hoping for a Season 2 DVD) & Family Guy (rofl.. but it sounds like this is the last new episode until September 11th 😦 ). We also watched the American Dad pilot repeat. Heh. I was surprised that my dad actually stayed in and watched the animated shows. And he laughed a few times. He usually only likes the classics: Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry.. Once that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was okay. I should’ve turned off the game sooner and read another chapter or two of Harry Potter 6 though.. Damnit, that check better be here tomorrow. See ya..

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Sat 07.23.06 — …wait, today is Saturday?!

July 23, 2005

Ahh. Finished up wit h everything for tonight. And I watched the opening of Conan too. 🙂 ..My dad has decided to sell the Shania Twain CD and DVD that I was nice enough to buy for him as gifts. I might as well stop buying him shit if he’s just going to turn around and sell it off. He says we need it for bottled water. I said I would buy that when my check arrives. Idiot..

For those curious about the now-infamous Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas “Hot Coffee mod”, and have a non-PS2 version.. you’re in luck. Click here for the PC version, and click here for the Xbox version. And here’s some screenshots from the PC version.. *sighs @ there being no PS2 version* 😦

Goodnight. *walks off*

I woke up reasonably early and watched some TV.. Captain Planet (that brought back memories), VH1’s Top 20 Countdown, and Best Week Ever (watched “live” instead of off the DVR for the first time in quite a while). *rolls eyes @ everyone seeming to think the sex mini-game in GTA: SA is unlocked by a simple code. Um.. no. I wonder if that footage they showed was actually from it or not. They probably just pixelated it to make it look more interesting or whatever. *rolls eyes* After that, I didn’t watch anything on the DVR due to the impending arrival of the mailman and the possibility of depositing the check before the bank closes. I watched some Hogan Knows Best, and episodes of Phil of the Future & Lizzie McGuire that I recall seeing before.. even though I rarely watch the shows. ABC Kids should quit showing the same three or so episodes every week. The mailman arrived with nothing but an ad and a video retailer magazine for me. *sigh* The check better be here Monday.. or Tuesday.. or I’m completely screwed. It always seems as if I have the worst luck in the world..

I took over the TV while my dad was away and watched / taped the Edgemont season finale. I wasn’t expecting an ending like that for Mark & Laurel. And that cliffhangerish ending with the possible political scandal brewing. Yay. Can’t wait for Season 3. 🙂 I let my dad watch some NASCAR qualifying, then I took over the TV again as he napped. I watched another very funny episode of MST3k: “The Crawling Hand”. Then I switched over and played The Sims: Bustin’ Out for a while. I finished up my family, then built a house for them. I even made a secret room (with the bookshelf-camouflaged door). Dunno what to put into it yet though.. They started off great too, when what looked like the entire neighborhood came over and had a party that lasted late into the night. I turned it off because my dad made me something for supper. Now I’m here. Surprised that this fun day is a Saturday.. :p

I found some time to read another great chapter of Harry Potter 6. Then watched a little of this movie that my dad was watching, The Good Girl. But soon, I returned to my room to watch some shows on CN. I forgot about the three-part episode of Teen Titans that I had wanted to watch. I rarely watch it, but I like it. I just can’t find the time to watch.. Anyway, I watched Justice League Unlimited (wow, an epilogue to Batman Beyond.. awesome) and Zatch Bell (also pretty awesome.. looking forward to next week). My dad went outside for a bit and I took over the living room TV. I only found and watched an hour of Whose Line. Then we watched an episode of The Jeff Foxworthy Show. :p After all that, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was.. okay, I guess. Somehow, it felt like a Sunday. *shrug* See ya..

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tmnt 19 art / scifi dvds / horror dvds / wb fall dates / w&g live / today

July 22, 2005 already has DVD cover art for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Volume 19: Mutants & Monsters. It reveals that six episodes will be included, and that it’s another video game tie-in, like Vol 13: Battle Nexus. Wow. I’m also surprised the cover’s out so soon. It’s not available in stores until October 4th..

The Digital Bits’ Rumor Mill reports that Batman Begins, and all four Special Editions of the previous films, will all hit stores on October 18th. Ack. Too much.. to buy.. Also, Star Wars: Clone Wars – Volume 2 will make its DVD debut on December 6th.. 🙂

Remember the details I told you about Saw: Uncut Version yesterday? Well, now I have links! Check out the DVD’s specs and cover art. So can’t wait. It’s coming October 4th. 🙂

Meanwhile, the House Of Wax 2005 remake will make it to DVD just in time for Halloween as well. A 2-disc widescreen edition is due on October 25th. And the cover art’s not bad either. I wonder if that short behind-the-scenes series that aired on MTV will be included..

The WB has at last announced its fall premiere dates. Supernatural will make its debut on September 13th at 9PM ET, while Smallville doesn’t return for its fifth season until September 29th.. 🙂

NBC has announced that the eighth and final Will & Grace season premiere will be a live episode, airing September 29th. Nice. 🙂

I got done with the LJ stuff in time to watch Conan once again. But I was so tired, I fell asleep pretty much right away. Damnit.. I awoke the next morning around 8AM.. and.. got.. online. :p Then I watched some of the usual morning TV, and listened to Now 19 (well, the songs I actually like anyway). Once that was done, I got online some more. Most of time was used searching and downloading mp3s for the next CD though. I was angered when I still didn’t get the check in the mail today. Grrr. If it doesn’t come soon, Tuesday is screwed. And I won’t be able to buy some groceries that we need so badly. 😦 Soon enough, Passions started. Just enough happened to keep me interested..

Once that was over, I watched / taped the day’s great episode of Edgemont. Then I had to waste some time rewatching scenes after my dad had left because he kept interrupting me. Grrr. Then I played some game again. First, I played The Sims. I was finally able to make the couple have a baby.. which was taken away from them too damn fast. Then the ghost of that guy I killed yesterday made another appearance. Spooky.. Then, I played The Sims: Bustin’ Out, where these girls had a pool party and all these guys came over to join them. Whee. I also started work on a family of my own.. but didn’t finish it in time. I turned it off and had supper, then got online to news-gather.

Once I finished up, I waited.. then rudely took over the living room TV while my dad was watching the Indianapolis Indians baseball game. I watched the new episodes of Degrassi TNG (*whoo @ catfight* awesome episode) and Instant Star (wow.. loved the musical performances in this episode.. and the story wasn’t too bad either). After that, I watched Mind of Mencia on the DVR. Soo funny. I then returned it to his baseball game and watched a little of that. He returned from outside and watched too. And kept whining about the impending loss of our wonderful HDTV. He held them off last Saturday, but it won’t work again. They’ll probably be coming for it in the next week. I’ll have to move my bedroom TV into the living room if I want to save my DVR recordings. And I must. I barely use the TV in my room anyway. And my dad plans to get a smaller, cheaper TV from another rental place at the beginning of the month.. We also worried about my check that was supposed to have arrived late this week. If I don’t get it, I can’t buy some groceries to keep from going hungry. And to actually be able to go out on Tuesday for the new media that will keep me sane for another week. It’s a very dark time for us.. I began reorganizing some of my crap for the rest of the hour, then returned to my room for the night..

Today was blah. SSDD, as some say. Another boring weekend ahead. Maybe I could catch up on my Harry Potter 6 reading though.. See ya.

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