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hedgehog’s dilemma.

March 30, 2011

I had a difficult time sleeping during the night, so I didn’t wake up until a worried call from my aunt at around 11AM or so. If I don’t reply to one text, she gets worried. And probably rightfully so.. After some hours online, I then spent most of the day playing Free Realms PS3. Throughout the day, I kept looking at the time and being surprised how much time had passed. And yes, it’s finally working. You can only level up to Level 5 on all the jobs available for free though. And the 46 trophies are only available upon purchasing a membership. Bastards. Memberships range from $4.99 for a month to $34.99 for a lifetime. On FREE Realm$. :/

But there are so many jobs: Soccer Star, Kart Driver, Ninja, Warrior, Wizard, Miner, Fisherman.. I got addicted to something as simple as fishing and got to Level 5 on it already. It’s relaxing, a bit like real fishing..? ..I finally shut that off at 8PM though, then watched a couple Blu-rays — Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone (a rewatch before the new one.. never really noticed how alike Shinji and I are 😦 yes, I cried a bit more) and Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance (first watch of this one.. the first one was pretty good, but this one.. WOW! loved this one.. but now where do they have to go for the remaining movies? And “Q”? the heck kind of title is that? :p).

After some more time on PlayStation Home leveling up in Aurora.. that was about it. See ya.


aftermath part 2.

March 29, 2011

I was awoken by the cat a it earlier than usual.. in the morning. I watched some Conan (lol) and Batman (Batman & Robin walk into a library and ask the librarian if she’s seen any unusual-looking people.. lol @ that alone :p).. before falling asleep again for a few more hours. I awoke and watched another Batman, then got online for a little while. I really don’t feel like watching the morning TV anymore.. since it was something my dad and I almost always did together. At noon, my aunt contacted me and told me that they had turned off the ventilator today. He has now officially passed on. I hope he isn’t suffering anymore, wherever he is. 😦

After the time online, I watched yet another Batman (The Hub airs them like crazy, so I do the same :p ..ooh, Batgirl is cute), followed by last night’s Mad Love (lol).. My aunt contacted me again. She came and picked me up. I needed to sign a form so my dad could get cremated. My dad had told me he wanted cremation so many times, so I had no problem signing. The silent car ride however.. in which I held back a few tears on the way back.. however..

I returned home and watched last night’s The United States of Tara (good start to the season 🙂 lol @ next week. “MY EYES!”) and The Hard Times of RJ Berger (lol, good episode.. and they actually made the Jersey Shore guy fit.. next week: Paris Hilton, haha). After that, I.. got online some more. I was hoping the PS Store had been updated, but no. Way too early for that. UPS arrived with my two Blu-rays — Black Swan & Evangelion 2.22. And of course the one I was more excited about (Evangelion) had to have to banged up slipcover. And it’s such a nice textured one too. Grrrr.

After a while of waiting for the PS blog, I gave up and got the PS3 online instead.. and waited some more. I had some boring soup that my dad had bought weeks ago for supper.. Eventually, the PS Store was updated and Free Realms PS3 was released. But of course, it had plenty of problems. After the long install, I was left trying to get it connecting all night. Then I finally read that it needed a completely new install to work. So I deleted and reinstalled. And while waiting for that I messed around on the PSP. Once it finished, it STILL wouldn’t work. I created a character, then couldn’t connect. Then I had to create my character again with a new name since the original one I had just chosen was now taken.. and I again couldn’t connect. Great first day, SOE. 😡

I also made the time to play some more Aurora in PlayStation Home.. and also watch The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump (DVRed a week or so ago.. at least the comedians I had wanted to see were shown before the recording cut short.. really don’t like how some are written for them and so it sounds so fake :/ ). And later, I watched Conan as well (lol).

I just can’t believe I can pass by such a terrible event in my life with the shedding of so few tears. I lived through the passing of my mother at age 5, then my grandparents also passed on some years later. I hated getting hurt emotionally, so I became silent and shy to everyone. Now due to this, I have no real life friends and no way to go anywhere. I now worry about the PC or PS3 no longer working, then I’d be even more shut off from the world. *sigh*

..See ya..


March 28, 2011

I stayed up online, then I got on PlayStation Home for a little while. For some reason, I just couldn’t get as high scores as before. Maybe it was the late time, or maybe it was something else.. I eventually gave up and slept. The next morning, I went back into PlayStation Home for awhile. I also watched a couple episodes of Batman (haha’s @ Penguin’s walk.. and eating “sardines”, ew), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (I don’t think I’ve watched this in a season & a half.. but had to see this classic-style Superman episode 🙂 “he’s become a di–” “–different person.” lol. :p) plus two more episodes of Kids In The Hall on Netflix streaming (lol).

By 2:30PM, I had grown tired of Home (even by checking out the Japan server for the first time in months) so I shut off the PS3 and got the PC back online. I have some shows to watch. I just don’t feel in the mood to watch them.. And so I stayed online for most of the afternoon and into the evening a little too. I just had a couple more slices of leftover pizza for supper. This is my life now, I guess. Pizza Hut or Hot Pockets.. every damn day and night, since I know only the microwave. And I can’t go anywhere due to no driver’s license and my dad ruining the car anyway.

My aunt is helping me straighten out my social security for all the bills that I must now pay and such. I doubt they’ll leave budgetary room for my media purchases that keep me sane though. So whatever they come up with in the end probably won’t last very long. It’ll be the end of my credit.. or my sanity and eventually my life. Tomorrow’s Blu-rays have just shipped for tomorrow, and a couple more releases have been pre-ordered for next Tuesday as well. I hope I can make this all work out.. without him.. And now I finally cry, but only for a moment. 😦

I finally get off the PC at about 7PM, then get the PS3 back online. I check out PlayStation Home for a little while, then check it out sporadically throughout the night (more leveling up in Aurora).. while watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager (yesplz, let’s talk about sex-related subjects.. and that’s it.. for 44mins.. *yawn* @ the moment between the two 7th Heaven alums as they pass each other in the hall way with a look :p ), Make It Or Break It (finally, the show we’ve all been waiting for! or at least I have.. easily my favorite show on ABC Family right now, check it out on Netflix streaming :p ..I mainly like it for the gymnastics competitions and the drama around that, not so much the teen angst.. and the chicks in leotards sure doesn’t hurt 😉 ..very good start to the season, half-season.. whatever 🙂 ) and The Event (wow, better than the last few episodes.. dramatic things actually happened this time :p ).

My dad’s cup still sits in the place he left it over three weeks ago, that Sunday he went to the hospital with a blood clot.. and never returned. I can tell that the cat misses him too. He keeps looking in his room and out the window, meowing. And every once in a while, I think of a moment that I had with him and cry a little inside. My media shell won’t let very much of that emotion out. It hurts.

See ya.

Sunday 03.27.2011 — brain death.

March 27, 2011

I awoke at about 10AM this morning due to staying up to maybe 2AM or so on PlayStation Home.. I changed my mind about going to see my dad in the hospital.. until I read my aunt’s e-mail saying that my dad was on life support now. *sigh* I changed clothes and got a bit more presentable for my visit. And then I changed my mind again.. once I heard that he was in a coma. -_-

After some time online, I watched Gokaiger (episode 4, very nice.. I was considering not watching anymore, but I’m now reconsidering), last week’s Power Rangers Samurai (good episode 🙂 ).. and finally today’s new episode of Power Rangers Samurai (also pretty good, maybe a bit batter than last week imo 🙂 ). After that, I got online for a little while.

And soon, I watched Bleach (eh, it was alright I guess), Kekkaishi (good episode.. ooh, new power?) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (great episode, as usual 🙂 ). And then I got online again, of course. Now I mainly waited for the new Power Rangers Samurai encode.

I was chatting with some friends online, joking around, and was feeling rather happy. So of course just before 6PM, I got the news that quickly washed all that away. The hospital performed an EEG on my dad and could find no brain function at all. … … Upon the news, I did get rather depressed.. but it refused to show in any physical way.. and that just made me even more depressed. I watch a sad movie and I cry like a baby right away. But right now? Nothing. Nothing but a small frown and my heart feeling very.. heavy.

Once the encode was released and the download started, I.. stayed online for a while longer, then returned to the living room.. I ordered another pizza for supper (last one this month, I promise… maybe). Then in primetime, I watched Simpsons (lol.. haha’s @ Futurama in the opening, nice), Bob’s Burgers (haha, I guess), Family Guy (rerun so I didn’t pay too much attention), American Dad (lol) and Shameless (the season finale, nice ending to it all.. then the credits started and my jaw dropped upon hearing the announcer guy say Season 2 won’t be until NEXT YEAR, wtf? 😦 ).

And so ends another day. The world just loves to throw shit at me.. and somehow I survive.. for the next day full of more shit.. See ya.

Saturday 03.26.2011 —

March 26, 2011

I awoke in the morning and watched GI Joe Renegades (thought this was a rerun because it wasn’t labeled new on the on-screen guide, so I caught a later airing to DVR.. good episode though) and Batman (yup, trying out the classic series on The Hub again.. mainly because I wanted to check out Catwoman.. wow, she was hot :p). But not long after I finished that one, I fell asleep for a little while. I had stayed up to 3AM again last night after all.

Nothing really happened yesterday, so I didn’t mind doing an entry. I mainly wasted the whole day away on PlayStation Home. Fringe was great though, as usual.. I awoke some hours later and watched another Batman (two-parter that was aired back-to-back at like 3AM), followed by Eagleheart (haha), Extract (good movie, DVRed it from a premium channel.. needed more Mila Kunis though, really liked her character 😉 ), Ricky Gervais Show (rofl), The Middle (lol) and Astonishing X-Men: Gifted (these Marvel motion comics keep getting better, in story and animation.. I only got this one at first because it was written by Joss Whedon :p ).

After that, I finally got online for a little while. I also agreed to finally go an see my dad tomorrow.. and of course it has to be around Power Rangers Samurai time. Damnit.. In primetime, I watched Victorious (lol, good episode), Big Time Rush (lol, also pretty good), iCarly (just the rerun that followed :p), R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (hahaha, a witch episode :p ) and No Ordinary Family (ABC couldn’t fit it into their precious schedule on Tuesday, so they threw it on a few days early.. very good episode tonight, wow.. and the preview for the season-and-possibly-series finale a week from Tuesday? wow).

*sigh* See ya.

fringe renewed for season 4! / today

March 24, 2011

FOX has officially renewed Fringe for a complete fourth season of 22 episodes. Awesome! As if there were any doubt.. :p

I was up until about 2:30AM online when I finally gave up on a constantly freezing Firefox and went to sleep.. I awoke early the next morning to the cable box once again falling to the floor. The cat just wants to sleep on top of that warm surface sooo bad. He don’t care that his hair and vomit got into the last one and screwed it all up. I placed something on top of it now.. so he was probably trying to knock it off. Ass. 😡

After some time online, I returned to the living room and watched some morning TV.. and Hot In Cleveland (lol.. season finale already, damn).. before falling asleep for a few more hours.. I awoke again and watched Retired At 35 (not bad for a finale here either, haha).. then started watching Capricorn One. I DVRed it off of one of the premium channels and fell asleep about 15 minutes in last night. :p

But I didn’t get into that very long.. again. Some government woman came by to “help” me with my life without my dad. She had information only the only family member would know.. by reading this blog.. She asked me a bunch of questions. I answered maybe a third of them, then I finally got her to leave. Must remember to check the peephole more often. Oh, and possibly not write this blog for a while again after this entry. I make some things seem somewhat overdramatic here. Because isn’t it the purpose of a blog to vent frustrations in an emo fashion (well, originally)..? What little emotion I have left anymore is vented here, then the most of the more light-hearted, fun and news-worthy things are left for my twitter.

I eventually got back to Capricorn One and really liked it.. except I thought it ended a bit too early. :p It’s about the NASA faking a landing on Mars and a whole conspiracy surrounding it. The set looked pretty cheap though. Haha. :p ..Once that ended, it was already 5PM. Ack. I got online for a little while.

In primetime, I watched Community (oh great, another homage episode.. the only that really made this show entertaining.. at one point..), Perfect Couples (hahaha, I guess), The Office (lol.. oh wow, great episode 🙂 ), Parks & Recreation (lol, good episode here too), 30 Rock (lol, mainly @ the Aaron Sorkin bit.. even though I’ve never liked or watched West Wing or Studio 60), Outsourced (hahaha, I guess.. again) and The Hard Times of RJ Berger (second season premiere, lol awesome, so glad it’s back.. not a fan of the heavy Jersey Shore crossoverage though.. stupid reality shit like that is killing brain cells).

See ya.

torchwood miracle day starz date / today

March 23, 2011

Starz has announced the US premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day for Friday July 8th at 10PM ET. Torchwood alums John Barrowman & Eve Myles are joined on this US production by Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pullman… Okay, looking forward to it. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while. It was then that I was told that my dad’s condition had gotten worse during the night. They asked if I wanted to come and see him.. and I just didn’t know. Over the years, it seems I’ve lost a lot of my emotion. I could cry easily at some sad movie.. yet I couldn’t shed a tear upon this news. And that just made me feel all that much worse. It seems it is all about to end now. I really didn’t think it would last this long…

I finally managed to let a few tears free before falling asleep again for a few hours. After some more time online, I watched Mike & Molly (lol) and Traffic Light (hahaha). And during the latter, the police came knocking at my door. I got all nervous and.. shaky as I talked to them. I had no clue what they were here for. They asked about any weapons or anything.. and then they went upstairs. Oops, wrong apartment. :/

After all that, I got online for a few hours. Mainly the rest of the afternoon again. And then I ordered some pizza for supper again.. I got the PS3 online for a while and watched a couple more episodes of Kids In The Hall on Netflix Streaming (lol).. Then in primetime, I watched The Middle.. or I would have if the weather reports hadn’t interrupted. I gave up and chose to download later instead.

After some time in PlayStation Home (leveling up in Aurora), I watched Modern Family (lol) and Mr Sunshine (hahahaa.. *plays Pac-Man on phone instead*). And then I got into playing some more Tetris PS3.. for a couple hours. :p I checked the mail after midnight.. and then that was about it again.


prs 10-12 or 12-14 titles & prs sched update / green lantern knights blu / lotr extended blu / today

March 22, 2011

Nickelodeon On Demand’s schedule for May has revealed the next three Power Rangers Samurai episode titles (beware, onward it gets a bit spoilery) — episode 110 or 2012: “Jayden’s Challenge”, episode 111 or 2013: “Unexpected Arrival” and episode 112 or 2014: “Room For One More”. The first number would be Nick’s airing order and the latter would be Saban’s production order. Steven Skyler tweeted that his character, the Gold Ranger, will debut in episode 13.. but it appears to be airing as episode 11. So Saban’s hinting about the origin perhaps being the 10th aired episode by typoing “All will be revealOed.” on their official twitter & facebook many times now means nothing?

I guess plans change..? Speaking of which.. Nickelodeon was planning a three-week break for Power Rangers Samurai after last Sunday’s episode, but now listings sites are being updated to say that the next new episode will actually air this coming Sunday, March 27th — “Forest For The Trees”. Due to this, the next episode, “Test Of The Leader”, has been moved up to the original return date of April 10th. I hope Nickelodeon still somehow pulls the premiere episodes out of the vault and airs them in April as the 10th & 11th episodes, but I’m no longer so sure about that. 😦

Warner Bros has set a June 7th release date for the next DC Universe Animated Movie, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. How about that? Another “Knight”-titled.. title.. before a similar DC theatrical film. Good timing.. The release of Batman: Gotham Knight coincided with The Dark Knight. :p And just like that one, this will be a series of stories. Definitely looking forward to both it and the theatrical Green Lantern. 🙂

Finally, the huge Blu-ray boxed set most everyone has been waiting for — The Lord Of The Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition. The 15-disc set (that 5 discs covering each film) has an SRP of $119.98 and will be released on June 28th. It will feature all the bonus features presented on the original DVD releases and the Limited Editions.. as well as some trailer for an upcoming video game. The films will again be spread across two discs each to preserve the HD audio & video quality. I still have fond memories of watching the entire saga.. in six days, at one disc a day. May do that again. :p ..Don’t really care for the “Extended Edition, Extended Edition” on the cover art.. but I really hope I can afford this. It appears myself and many others have held off on buying the theatrical edition boxed set on Blu to get this release instead. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then watched some Conan (lol.. it’s been gone just a week.. but I missed it :p ). I fell asleep during it, then awoke a couple hours later and finished. Then I got online for awhile again.. that ended up taking most of the afternoon. Firefox 4 was released today, and I likes it. 🙂 ..Later, I watched some unimportant things on the DVR.. then got back online again to news-gather way earlier than usual.

After all that was done, I got the PS3 online again. There were actually a couple things I was interested in getting out of PS Store’s new releases today. I was interested in getting the Ratchet & Clank costumes for LittleBigPlanet 2, but they’re $3. Regular price. I could get them anytime. However, I had been on the fence for a little while now about buying Tetris (PS3) for $10. But today (and for the following week), it’ll be on sale for just $5. So I booted up the demo I already had and unlocked the full game. The trophies are tough. Most of them are for the multiplayer mode. :/

At 8PM, I shut that off for a bit and watched No Ordinary Family (wow, very good episode this week.. two episodes left and not looking good for Season 2 😦 ..ABC just threw the next episode to Saturday 10PM, wtf? :/ ). I then went to PlayStation Home (level up in Aurora, faster, faster!) for a few hours.. before playing some more Tetris. And then I watched some Skins US (finale, yay.. not bad) and Conan (lol).

Yeah, I stayed up past 3AM. Everything’s upside down anymore. Nothing matters. I don’t go outside anymore, except a few feet to check the mail on some days. Getting tired of eating the same stuff everyday (so pizza yet again tomorrow, I guess). And the worse is.. I never took the chance to really talk to my dad in a very long time, and I fear I’ll never get to again. About life experiences, y’know.. before it all started going to hell..

Oh well. It seems we’re finally about to reach our destination now.. See ya.

yester– er, today

March 21, 2011

I awoke in the morning and got online, then soon watched some morning TV.. then got online again. I fit in a watch of The Pee-Wee Herman Show On Broadway (Saturday night’s HBO special.. wow, lots of memories of watching that CBS show when I was a kid 🙂 ..I might’ve liked Penny back then, but her cartoon here only left me thinking “what is she on?” ..just blahblahblahblahblah :p ..hope that Spider-Man musical gets filmed like this too.. if it ever happens..).

After some more time online, I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home. I started at about 2:30.. then my the evening, I kept saying I would shut it off in a few minutes.. and then it hit 8PM. In between more PlayStation Home, I watched tonight’s new episodes of How I Met Your Mother (hahaha, great episode this week 🙂 ) and Mad Love (lol). I finally got the PS3 shut off and watched tonight’s Chuck (haha, good episode here too 🙂 ..but another break in new episodes? aw man!) and The Event (pretty good).. while pausing to get online at some commercial breaks. :p

By the time I was done with them, it was after midnight. I checked the mail and watched some TV. And that was about it.. See ya.

Sunday 03.20.2011 — It’s Red vs Blue!, not that one..

March 20, 2011

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while. And that turned into a little too long. Damnit.. I soon watched Bleach (eh, they copy the overlong battle thing from Dragon Ball Z.. but at least they don’t always make Ichigo like Goku, who decides the winning side all the time), Kekkaishi (hahaha, good episode) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (awesome episode, wow 🙂 ).

And soon after that, I watched both last week’s episode and today’s new episode of Power Rangers Samurai. I think that last week was still just a little better than this week. I’ve never liked Power Rangers copying sentai, at first probably due to the footage being all fuzzy ( :p ).. but now that I’ve grown up it’s more about the Japanese culture bits still being there.. in an American show. :/ Though I did like the White Tiger. It reminded me of MMPR’s White Tigerzord (of course). Man, if Jackie Marchand where still working on this show, she would’ve put some very short reference to this somehow being that zord.. even if it got the continuity-obsessed fans scratching their heads again. :p ..I couldn’t pay much attention to the new episode due to texts coming and going during it though. I’ll have to give an additional viewing sometime this week, I guess. *shrug*

And then I got online. All afternoon. All day long. Waiting and waiting for the Power Rangers Samurai encode. I had some movies and such to watch.. but oh well… again. :p And the encode never came this time. Oh well.. I spent some of the time waiting finally doing a huge collection of links at entry’s end. I missed getting the real news rather than the BS the mainstream spits out.. With everything else, it’s just difficult to find time to collect them. :/

In primetime, I watched Simpsons (though it was a rerun), Bob’s Burgers (this week, the family of huge worms gets fascinated by animal buttholes…? um.. okay..?), Family Guy (lol, this is definitely my favorite episode in a while, from the main plot.. and the mention of Passions.. really do miss that show, haha, and I never saw the DirecTV exclusive episodes), Cleveland Show (hahaha I guess.. well, the Family Guy cameo was good anyway :p) and Smameless (very good episode this week, wow.. Amy Smart, yum! ..and next week’s the finale already? 😦 ).

And that about it for another day………………… See ya.

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