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August 31, 2007

Kyl416 has revealed the October Toon Disney airdates for some Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episodes. Episode 1726: “Red Ranger Unplugged” will premiere October 1st and 1727: “Home And Away” will follow on October 10th. The two-parter will wrap up on October 15th with 1728: “Home And Away II”. An as-yet-untitled episode 1729 will air October 22nd, then the penultimate episode 1730: “Two Fallen Foes” will debut on October 29th. The two-part season finale will then follow in November…

In other Jetix news from Kyl416… After a couple of brief three-episode marathons on September 28th & 30th at 7PM ET respectively, Superman: The Animated Series & Batman: The Animated Series will debut on the schedule full-time on October 1st.. Digimon: Data Squad will premiere on October 1st and air new episodes on Mondays & Fridays..

4KidsTV have finally announced their fall Saturday morning schedule, airing on FOX. The final six episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward, which have already been released on DVD, will make their TV debut beginning September 8th. And since TMNT creator Peter Laird refused to make the show into a stupid card game show for the next season, they’ve instead picked up something quite similar in the form of Dinosaur King. *rolls eyes* Even though I’ve seen them on DVD, I’ll be watching the Fast Forward episodes again since there’s said to be an alternate ending for the aired version of the season finale..

A AAA promotional website reveals that Circuit City will have a 30-minute “Production Diaries” bonus disc with the 2-Disc & Blu-Ray editions of Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer on October 2nd. Cool. 🙂

It looks like Region 1 is getting cheated yet again.. unless this Spider-Man Deluxe Trilogy, being released in the UK, shows up as a store-exclusive here. Our DVD trilogy only has one disc for Spider-Man 1 & 2. :/ Not to mention the superior “ledge” cover art I was hoping to own on Spider-Man 3.. without the gross red border for the 2-disc. Maybe that’ll become store-exclusive here too.. *shrug*

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then watched some morning TV. Not long after that, we took off. Our monthly money had come in after all. I withdrew some, went to a couple stores (including Best Buy.. but I didn’t get anything), then we went out to eat. We returned home in time to watch Passions (blah.. and oh, great.. it’s pre-empted on Monday for fucking golf, so there’s only four episodes left now.. super). Not long after that ended, I watched three more episodes of Heroes: Season 1 (still quite awesome..). Once those were over, I got online to news-gather.

I finished up online a little early, but then discovered that there was football game on. I soon returned to my room and got back online for another few hours. But my dad wasn’t that much into the game and we soon watched The Soup (lol.. ha’s @ Keith Olbermann’s appearance).. and some Girls Next Door (yeah.. I really shouldn’t get the DVDs.. glad I waited and came to my senses). Not long after that ended, I returned to my room for the night.

My ankle is bleeding for some reason. And my back has been hurting just about all day after sleeping wrong or something. I hate being human sometimes. 😦 ..See ya..

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August 30, 2007

Disney Video has added a listing for the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Volume 3 – Blue Sapphire DVD to their website. It lists the two special features to be expected by now, as well as a 161-minute runtime, confirming that it contains seven episodes — 1713 to 1719. That means Volume 4 will open with the “Once A Ranger” two-parter..

20th Century Fox seems to have learned their lesson and will release single-disc and two-disc versions of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer together on October 2nd. A Blu-ray Disc version will also be released. I’m glad I’ll be able to avoid Jessica Alba’s disembodied head on the cover this time. I wasn’t so lucky with Fantastic Four: Extended. Though I do hope that “2-Disc Set” part on the cover is only a sticker.. Now all we need is that silver-colored 2-disc art on store-exclusive steelbook packaging. Ooh. 🙂 will begin streaming episodes of Late Night with Conan O’Brien by Noon PT the day after they first air. Coooool. 🙂

A new information release has been posted to the website, detailing a Russian capture (and escape) of five extraterrestrials in January 1985. Wow.

I awoke a little later in the morning than usual and got online for a bit. I’m getting so pissed off at eBay. All I did was let an e-mail address go “invalid” and they suspended my account.. a little over a year ago. And now whenever I contact them about it, all I ever get is automated e-mails that don’t help at all. Grr. I was actually thinking about selling some DVDs there, instead of just buying. *sigh* We had some breakfast, then still wasted the rest of the morning online.. We eventually watched Passions (I can’t stand Kay’s storyline right now.. and Vincent –played by a PR alum– is.. now most likely dead 😦 ..that bitch Sheridan.. I’m almost glad I won’t be able to watch anymore at this point).

Once that ended, I watched three more episodes of Heroes: Season 1 (so awesome, especially “Homecoming”.. except maybe where I must turn the volume way up to hear most of the deleted scenes :p). I finished up by 5PM yet again, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM.. My dad once again ran outside for awhile, so I didn’t watch the movie I had wanted to. He eventually came in and we watched World’s Funniest Commercials 2007 (not as funny as past specials.. there were only a few that were really funny, others were only a little funny.. and the rest were more “cool” than funny :/ .. oh, and the host segments are lamer than ever) and Masters of Science Fiction (the third episode, I actually liked it more than the other two.. one more to go.. and two episodes left unaired for some stupid reason). Not long after that, I returned to my room for the night..

I haven’t been writing Meta Theta Pi lately because I’m completely overhauling the main plotline of the second episode. I think I’ll be introducing the “rapist” sooner now, but he won’t start out that way. I’m currently thinking he’ll start out small on the evil scale and continue to get worse over the course of the episodes. 🙂 ..But to tell you the truth, my heart isn’t into it as much as it was the other story idea I had. It would’ve been an epic multi-plotted story about the government’s illegal takeover of the US. But I felt I couldn’t do such a huge thing properly, so I moved on to this instead.. See ya.

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alex mack s1 dvd / kids wb fall / today

August 29, 2007

The Secret World of Alex Mack: The Complete First Season will hit stores on October 2nd.. from someone that isn’t Nickelodeon / Paramount. Wow. Then we see the cover over at Amazon and discover why. They’re hoping to cash in Jessica Alba’s TV debut appearance in the show. They’re giving her second billing when she only appears in three episodes of the 13-episode season. Ha. Nonetheless, I’m getting this one. And hope that the whole series will be released. 🙂

Animation Insider provides a rundown of Kids’ WB’s upcoming 2007-2008 season. Eon Kid sure looks similar to something I’ve seen previously. *coughmegamancough* The new season of The Legion Of Superheroes sounds somewhat interesting, with a new 41st century alien clone of Superman showing up during it. And not to mention the appearance of Superman & Lex Luthor in the two-part season premiere of The Batman. Cool. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. I did some updating of my DVD collection, then I eventually watched those two animated Ghostbusters episodes that technically kept me from removing it from my “New & Unwatched” folder for.. a few years. About time, right? I liked the first one better than the second, even though seeing that helicopter the the second one reminded me of the toy version I used to have.. and of far-simpler times.. Next: Ace Ventura. :p ..With nothing better to do, I got back online. Then my dad returned from dialysis.

I managed to read another chapter of Harry Potter 7 (yay), then watched Passions (eh it was mildly interesting). Once that ended, I watched.. Heroes: Season 1. But in the latter half of the fourth episode, it went all defective. And it was even during Ali Larter’s stripping scene. Damnit. I convinced my dad to take me back to Target for a replacement. Wow @ Friday Night Lights: Season 1 being out of stock already. They still had plenty of what I was looking for on the shelf though. I hate how they have to open the replacement copy to stop people from returning that one. My previous copy also had a defect in the cardboard packaging, so I was looking forward to getting rid of it now that a disc had screwed up too. But the lady took out a box-cutter and scratched up the side of the new one. Grrrrrr. At least when I returned home, I started where I had left off and it didn’t defect again.. through episodes 4-6 anyway..

I finished up the episodes just as it was getting pretty hot inside. My dad had turned off the air conditioner to defrost it. 😦 I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. After dealing with the air conditioner defecting as well, we had some supper. Then I finished up online by 8PM.. My dad ran off outside, so I began reading another chapter of Harry Potter 7 instead of watching a movie. But then he came back in and we watched my next Netflix selection — Blades of Glory. It started off rather devoid of laughs, but it ended up being rather funny. I liked it. I like to buy it.. but not exactly at Best Buy’s price this week. Even though they have a bonus disc. Hmm.. Anyway, the funniest part was definitely the Will Farrell / Will Arnet chase.. on ice skates. lol. *drools @ Office‘s Jenna Fischer in that lingerie thing* A few of the deleted scenes provided were quite substantial to the plot. Wonder why they were cut. 😦 Once the movie ended, I finished up the chapter and returned to my room.

See ya.

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August 28, 2007

“Professor Mist” provides us with two retailer ads for the week of September 2nd – 9th: Best Buy & Target. The prices for the main three TV DVDs I was looking to get have the exact same price at both stores. Ack. The Office: Season 3 – $32.99, Prison Break: Season 2 – $37.99, and Robot Chicken: Season 2 – $21.99. Though both stores do have exclusive packages for The Office. Best Buy’s “Welcome Aboard Kit” includes some neat-but-probably-useless trinkets for $42.99, while Target has a “Nifty Gifty” Edition with bonus disc and sounds-ugly alternate cover art for $37.99. I’m leaning toward the latter, though the cover art sounds like a turn-off. So I may just get the basic version. And with no bonus disc for Prison Break (yet anyway), I’m now seriously considering holding off on buying it altogether until it goes on sale for $20 sometime next year.. *shrug* I’ve also been dying to purchase The Hitcher (2007) ever since I netflixed it and now it’s finally on sale for $9.99. Yay. 🙂

Update: TheAdMan has posted the 9/2-9/8 Circuit City ad. The $36.99 price on Prison Break: Season 2 + $5 gift card may just be enough for me to purchase it after all. :p I also find it a bit odd that DOA: Dead Or Alive is in said ad a week early. Hmm..

I awoke in the morning earlier than I expected, over an hour before the alarm. So I got online for a bit, then eventually got ready and took off to media buy…

I headed over to Target a little after 9AM and picked up the Heroes: Season 1 – Target Exclusive Collector’s Edition DVD. Nice. Their alternate cover art is cool. That half-circle pictured here is actually a window showing a part of the foldout digipak within, on both sides. One side shows NYC and other images in drawing form, while the other side shows the real-life versions. There’s listings for what’s on each disc, and Target’s exclusive Disc 8 has been added to them. The 45min disc includes the Q&A session, as well as “character profiles”. I’m sooo looking forward to watching all this. 🙂 ..Meanwhile, Wal-Mart’s exclusive has been confirmed as a bonus disc (actually packaged inside the DVD for once) containing four episodes of Friday Night Lights and a sneak peek of Bionic Woman. And Best Buy’s comic has been confirmed as a print of an online graphic novel being printed among all the others of Season 1 in October. *yawn*

We returned home, had some late breakfast, then I got online to inventory the new DVD release. We eventually watched Passions (whoa, someone died.. neat), then my dad took off somewhere. I then watched the first three episodes of Heroes: Season 1. Great episodes (of course). Upon seeing a scene I had missed on TV, I realized it may have been better to wait for DVD like a friend of mine did. But then again, noticing hidden helix symbols I didn’t notice the first time was pretty neat too. :p Thanks again to Universal, for taking the time to organize the deleted scenes by episode. Most other TV DVDs just throw them on the last disc instead of giving you the option to view them right after the episode they were cut from.. I wonder how they’re going to release Heroes: Season 2. There’s a six-episode miniseries Heroes: Origins airing at the end, making for a total of 30 episodes. Would they be together, or as separate releases? :/

My dad returned and fell asleep pretty quickly. He never was able to get into this show. I finished up the episodes right at 5PM, then got online to news-gather. We had a lame supper, then I finished up online a little after 7:30.. But at 8, we watched Just For Laughs (lol), then he took off outside. I sorta watched i-Caught (aww @ the ending montage thing.. ugh @ the report all but begging for the end of the free internet -_-), then my dad returned. We watched Bill Engvall Show (lol), then he went back outside again. And I just.. yeah.. See ya.

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August 27, 2007

Someone in Switzerland has reported to Rangerboard that he recently purchased the German DVD release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1 from and has received the new & improved version of the set with all English tracks included. Yay. It was previously available without English tracks for three episodes.. But now I can’t get around to purchasing it until October. :p

I awoke in the morning, got some breakfast, and watched two more episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 (ah, definitely the best time of day to watch them.. reminds me a little of when I originally watched some of these on Saturday mornings :p ..and I’m still too sleepy to roll my eyes at the now-cheesy parts). After that, I played some more Scarface (now I can tell I’m really getting bored of this game.. I mostly just raised my wanted level, then ran from the cops :p). My dad returned from dialysis all weak again, so he bitched and moaned about it..

We eventually watched Passions (well, most of it.. my dad fell asleep half way through.. then I fell asleep half way through that :p ..the witch stuff is just getting worse, and with only nine NBC episodes left, the story that will continue on DirecTV where I can’t view it makes it not so high a priority either). We awoke after it was over and took off to the grocery store, even though he still felt weak and I now had a headache. I finally picked up a little for myself, then returned home. I should still have a fair amount of money left for next month.. Maybe..

My dad dropped me off at home, then went elsewhere. I watched Robot Chicken (rofl, especially at “The Worst Halloween Ever” involving a Pink Power Ranger costume.. as well as the Joss Whedon cameo at the end), followed by Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (it wasn’t as good as the last Marvel Animated Feature, Iron Man, but still pretty good.. ugh @ the next movie’s preview.. Avengers Reborn sounds interesting, but it’s that they’re heavily ripping off Teen Titans.. both in animation style and the movie’s original title: Teen Avengers). After that, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM..

My dad took off outside as I watched Kyle XY (wow, great episode.. mid-season finale next week 😦 ) and Greek (haha @ “Lunch Buffet”). He returned though in time for Slacker Cats (lol.. and my “only old cartoons are good” dad actually laughed once, wow) and American Body Shop (lol, I now see why they had to air this one at midnight.. there were a few words I was surprised they didn’t bleep). After all that, I read another chapter of Harry Potter 7 (*finding time*).. and returned to my room for a bit..

I returned later and watched the new episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive — 1724: “Ronny On Empty II”. It was on par with Part 1, for the most part anyway. I liked it to a reasonable extent. The cheap-looking Egyptian “secret chamber” looked stupid, complete with a power line running across the ceiling. And when Will freed Ronny from the power-draining device, she acted as if her power was magically restored immediately. Great scene to open the episode with too: a vomit-inducing “funny” scene featuring Norg. >_> I do commend them on finally making a holiday episode though. I miss them. Even though I’d rather have a Christmas episode than a two-part Halloween episode. I’m also glad they’re continuing to focus on other Rangers and not just Red all the time. Battlefleet’s Megazord mode was pretty cool too.. Next episode — 1725: “Things Not Said” on September 10th.. whatever the heck that’s about.. Once that ended, I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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Sunday 08.26.2007 — only two more days.. two.. more.. days..

August 26, 2007

I awoke in the morning and found my dad once again watching MadTV reruns. They get old after a while, but not to him I guess. :/ I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. We also had some breakfast. When MadTV ended, I found some X-Play to watch.. But then I fell asleep and he returned it to Comedy Central to watch their butchered version of My Bosses’ Daughter yet again. Even though I have the unrated version on DVD.. So once I woke up, I got out of there and returned to my room. 😐

I finally read another chapter of Harry Potter 7. I’m enjoying it.. but I’m finding it hard to make time for it. 😦 ..I got online for a bit, then went to the bedroom DVR and watched Doctor Who (wow, great episode.. *shakes fist @ SciFi for taking a week off in between this two-parter, thus making us wait two weeks for Part 2*) and Jekyll (the two-hour season finale.. haha @ the Axel F ringtone in an otherwise serious scene.. ooh, neat ending).

What’s the meaning of BBC America’s stupid “british accent” warnings. The craziest, as said by Graham Norton: “The British accent is ridiculous. So much so that I’m struggling to keep a straight face talking to you right now. Perhaps you might like to use closed captioning.”. O_o And the station IDs where actors breath fire for no reason at all. Ugh.. Anyway.. I’m really itching to start Meta Theta Pi episode 2.. even though the only part I’ve planned out well is the beginning.. :/

I returned to the living room and.. started writing the new episode of Meta Theta Pi. Just the first scene so far.. Then I eventually watched The 4400 (wow, great episode.. 😦 @ no episode next week for crap tennis). Then my dad and I also watched Mind of Mencia (lol). But for some reason, they moved the new episode of American Body Shop to Midnight. so I had to DVR that and watched Mencia repeat instead. I wonder if the episode got too graphic to air at 10:30.. :p

Wow, weekend’s over already. Felt like it just started. Weird.. See ya.

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Saturday 08.25.2007 — Operation Overdrive Vol 3 DVD on Nov 27th

August 25, 2007

Ah, nothing like reminding some of a prediction and it turning out wrong the very next day… TVShowsOnDVD reports that Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Volume 3: Blue Sapphire is set for DVD release on November 27th. Yay. :p I predict this one will be the first volume containing seven episodes — 1713 to 1719. I hope this one’s correct anyway..

I awoke early in the morning even though I had ended up staying awake quite late online.. My dad watched some MadTV reruns, followed by Planes, Trains & Automobiles (haha’s). Then my dad took off on an errand, so I watched last night’s episodes of South of Nowhere (mmm, teen les– er, i mean, great story) and The Best Years (another good episode here too.. haha’s @ having a pretty good idea what big revelation is to come.. from the very first episode :p). My dad returned and I found stuff to watch on the On Demand channels for awhile. Mostly just music videos and movie trailers though. Rendition looks like an awesome movie. It’s about a man coming home to his family in America and being kidnapped at the airport due to suspicion that he may be a terrorist. And it stars Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon. Neat.

I made it to my room, just in time to.. pause the TV and get online for a bit. Then I watched all six hours of Fallen on ABC Family. Or a bit less than that due to the pausing and then fast-forwarding most of the commercials. I enjoyed it, though watching it all together was a bit exhausting. There were quite a few similarities to Star Wars, but mostly near the end.. When that finally ended, I also watched Naruto (lol) and BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (*yawn*). And that’s about it..

See ya.

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heroes target re-update & more / hsm2 dvd & blu / ani emmy noms / today

August 24, 2007

And now there’s word that Target’s exclusive “Collector’s Edition” of Heroes: Season 1, out next Tuesday, does have a 45min bonus disc after all! It will feature the Museum of Television & Radio Panel Q&A.This will make it an eight-disc set. Yup, back on for Target. Now that all that’s straightened out, there’s also word that Wal-Mart will provide some sort of Bionic Woman speak peek with their Heroes DVD. Ugh. I doubt Best Buy’s exclusive comic will be anything other than a story or two from the online graphic novel, which will see its first season released in hardcover on October 24th. And the novel is expected just after Christmas… Wish I could get to Best Buy tomorrow. Their Reward Zone “Summer of Entertainment” promotion gives me a $10 certificate for every $100 spent there.. and I’m only three bucks away from another one. But the thing ends after Saturday. 😦

It’s been just a week since High School Musical 2 debuted on Disney Channel, and now Amazon already has it for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray. This “Extended Edition”, that only seems to have one new music sequence, is set for release in both formats on December 11th. Hmm, that just happens to be the date I’ve predicted for the next volumes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive..

Animation Insider provides a look at the animation-related nominations for September 16th’s Primetime Emmy Awards. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Robot Chicken & South Park are all nominated for Outstanding Animated Program. Wow. FOX’s short-lived Drive is nominated for Visual Effects in a Miniseries. Ha. The Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Stories of Stephen King episode “Battleground” is also nominated in that category. That was definitely my favorite installment of that anthology miniseries. It was about toy soldiers (y’know, the classic green variety) that came to life to kill a guy. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then played some mp3s.. I eventually pulled myself away long enough to watched the final three episodes of Angel: Season 3 (wow, some ending.. a part of me wants to skip to Season 4 instead of Buffy Season 7 first.. when I can fit it in my schedule, that is). My dad returned home from dialysis and got all weak again. *sigh* We watched Passions (heh) before he took off somewhere. Then I finally watched the uber-boring-but-still-somewhat-worrying — and free — Pretext For The North America Union DVD that I had ordered ages ago, followed by two more episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 (finally starting on the 4th disc.. then onto the 5th disc.. and the three discs of Season 5 :p).

At 5PM, I returned to my room and got online to play more mp3s.. and news-gather. One after the other, since my computer is too old to do both at the same time. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 8PM. We then watched Set For Life (*shrug*), followed by Masters of Science Fiction (the second installment from 8/11.. sorta better than the first episode anyway) and The Soup (lol).

I played with the cat some. He doesn’t want to play with his toys at all. We’ll probably have to get new ones, since he didn’t really lay in my lap until I changed out of the clothes with the old stray cat’s hair on them. My dad heard that the stray that chased ours the other day has been caught by animal control or something. The stray that we let go.. returned to the apartment he originally lived in. Yay, happy ending. Except for our cat, who only eats, sleeps and meows. And nothing else. At all.

See ya.

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heroes target update / fnl guarantee / today

August 23, 2007

There’s now word that there is no bonus DVD with Target’s exclusive Deluxe Edition of Heroes: Season 1 now that this image of the ad has surfaced. The “45 minutes of content” is more likely referring to special features already on the basic release. So the only exclusives that remain are the mini-paintings and alternate cover art. Maybe I’ll get it at Best Buy after all ($36.99 + comic).. But then again, Circuit City will have Heroes for $37.99 and they offer a set of exclusive trading cards. Hmm..

NBC seems to be going all-out to get people hooked on Friday Night Lights. The Complete First Season is being released next Tuesday for a small $29.99 SRP (Best Buy’s offering it for only $19.99!). And now there’s even a money-back guarantee if you don’t get hooked. Wow. O_O

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. We then watched some morning TV and I spent some time with our newly-returned cat. He still meows to go out, but stops when you give him some attention. 🙂 ..I got online again, then my dad took off to the grocery store again. When he returned, we watched Passions (*sighs @ all the storylines forming that we won’t see the end to* goddamnyoudirectv.. 11 NBC episodes left), then he soon fell asleep..

I watched three more episodes of Angel: Season 3 (great episodes.. three to go), then was surprised when they ended way before 5PM. I got online to plan out the next episode of Meta Theta Pi a little.. and to news-gather, of course. We had some supper, then I finished up online at about 7:30PM.. At 8, we watched my next Netflix selection — Vacancy. I quite enjoyed it. Some scary stuff.. at least while the lights were out. My dad got up and turned on a lamp near the end. 😦 ..After that ended, we had time to finally watched Monday’s Kyle XY (awesome). Then I returned to my room..

Our cat has grown muscular and more heavier than I remember. But a lot of his mannerisms are still the same. I can tell he’s miserable though. Now that he’s experienced how it is outside, he wants to stay out there. He keeps meowing and meowing. The night we got him back inside, he meowed himself hoarse. *sigh* See ya.

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jla cgi / janeane 24 / skunk fu / today

August 22, 2007

SuperheroHype now claims that the Justice League theatrical movie may only be a CGI film, now that Happy Feet director George Miller is attached to the project. :/

Janeane Garofalo has joined the cast of 24 for its upcoming seventh season. Click here for the press release containing minor spoilers about her character. *rolls eyes judgingly* >_>

No matter how much we’d like to deny it, I suppose Yin Yang Yo! is doing well on Toon Disney. Because next year, Kids WB will air a new Skunk Fu animated series.. featuring a kung fu fighting skunk. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

I awoke in the morning and got online while transferring something to VHS. I also finished typing.. proof-skimmed.. and posted the first episode of Meta Theta Pi to FictionPress — “Rush Week“. Please read and review.. all two people who care enough to read this section of my entry. Thanks. As I said before, I’d like to make it darker as it goes along. That said, I don’t know if I’m doing that rape episode as soon as I had first planned (episode 103). Episode 102 & 103 may be a two-parter.. This episode also seems cheesy at times. I didn’t exactly intend it to be that way. 😦

I returned to the living room and watched two more episodes of Angel: Season 3 (great episodes.. and I’m surprised they were able to say “I’m only alive when you’re inside me” on WB). My dad soon returned from dialysis. I had some lunch, then took off to my room for a bit.. We eventually watched Passions (lol @ treating Pretty like she’s the ugliest girl ever or something because of a scar that is easily-hideable by her hair).

Once that ended, I took over and watched two more episodes of Angel: Season 3 (I really thought this season hasn’t been going that great.. until I saw “Sleep Tight” :p ..haha’s @ the talking burger right out of a Pixar film or something), the first episode of the Witchblade anime (from the Otaku USA Oct 2007 DVD.. I think it’s already better than the TNT series due to all the fanservice :p ..but the sub just doesn’t seem to fit the animation that well.. why must she moan as if in heat before attacking someone? uhhh.. huh..) and last week’s Ergo Proxy (what the fuck was that about? *headache trying to understand it* Then he wakes up and it’s over.. *half-hour wasted* :p).

When all that was over, it had reached 5PM already. I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper. I finished up online rather close to 8PM.. At that time, we watched Anchorwoman (Simple Life potential.. wasted *yawns almost completely throughout*) and Bill Engvall Show (haha).

Near the end of the latter show, our cat returned for more food. We were worried since a larger cat had scared him off yesterday and hadn’t seen him since. My dad put the food out, but kept the back door thing open. He kept talking and talking to him while he ate. Then he actually walked inside and my dad closed the door behind him. Yay. Except he didn’t get along so well with the younger female stray my dad had brought in as a replacement. So in the end, he asked me to put the stray back outside. Even then, it wasn’t perfect. Our cat wanted back out. He kept meowing and meowing. 😦

See ya.

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