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June 30, 2002

He’s done it before and has done it again. I had to go to the.. bathroom. When I finish, my dad has changed the channel to the crappy news. I was watching music videos and he decided to change it. I think he would’ve been polite enough to ask if he could change the channel but I guess that’s overestimating. He’s 61. I’m 19.

He just gets on my nerves way too often. “You stink”, he keeps telling me. What’s the use of taking a goddamn shower when I’m right back to normal within hours? There is none. All of his comments are REALLY helping my degrading self-esteem as well. If this keeps up, I may be dead by the end of the year…somehow…

But now back to the thing that blocks myself from all reality, delaying my suicide… television. Nahh…I change my mind. Maybe later…

See ya…


Theme of the Week 20

June 30, 2002

Q: Have you found the love of your life, or are you still looking? If you’re still looking, what are you looking for?

A: I thought I did once. But I guess not. I wish I could be looking, but I’m too shy even for that anymore. I guess I am destined to be alone with my ever-growing depression until my death, whether it be by my own hand or not…

See ya.

Think of a TV series…

June 22, 2002

Think of a TV series…

It began on the WB, focussing on a teenage boy, from another planet. He crashed to this planet during a now famous event, and was discovered by a human couple who took him in, in 1989, and adopted him. He is dark haired and handsome, and as the series moves on, he discovers new powers, and tries to learn more about who is is, where he is from, and what he can do. He has been described as being “not from around here” and the only things he has of his planet is part of the ship he crashed in, and some strange writings that are undeciferable. Towards the end of season 1, and then into season 2, we start to learn a little more about the alien side of things. He has been advised to just act as a normal teenager with a normal life.

As well as the boy, there is a girl, a human, short, dark haired. It is clear to all they are in love. The girl is going out with a typical High School jock, who sends his friends to “sort out” the alien teen. Towards the end of the latest season, she developed Cordelia-esque vision type powers. As well as this girl, the alien teen also had a relationship with a blonde girl, and we all know he is destined to be with somebody who is nor quite her, but almost.

The boy is aided by his friends, a wacky blonde who likes to solve mysteries, and her almost geeky friend who tags along to help her. We’ve also got the millionnaire who takes an interest in the activities of the teens, and is trying to learn more about the alien stuff going on. Also, one of the female lead characters appears to be an upstanding member of the local community, but is just trying to find her place in life. In one episode, she had a vision about a blonde girl buried alive underground. The wacky blonde and the short dark human girl once had an argument about “flipping out”

Among the production team is David Nutter, and the show has included songs such as “Destiny” by Zero 7, “Have a nice day” by the Stereophonics, “Perfect memory” by Remy Zero, and songs by Dido and Nelly Furtado. One of the cast also played in the recent All Star Hockey game.

So what is the show?

It’s both Roswell & Smallville!

(Insert Smallville bitterness here)

*acts as if he never stopped writing new entries*