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Saturday 06.30.2007 — double feature

June 30, 2007

I awoke in the morning (duh). Then we soon headed out to eat breakfast. Awesome.. Once we returned home, I watched Degrassi TNG (great episode), The Best Years (The N tries again at a one-hour drama.. and unlike Whistler, I enjoyed this.. and I’ll keep watching.. good choice on doing this show instead of the PROO team-up, Brandon Jay McLaren.. you’re better here than would’ve been there :p) and Best Week Ever (lol). My dad took off somewhere while I was watching this, so once they ended, I played s’more Spidey 3 (I’m too lazy to collect items when they don’t even count them for you on any menu.. I may move on to another game).

My dad finally returned and we first watched Shooter. I really enjoyed this movie. Except for maybe one thing the main character did near the end, I enjoyed every minute. And I loved the references to our government’s true evil deeds as well. My dad slept through most of it.. Next, we watched Ghost Rider: Extended Cut. It got a bit cheesy at times, but most of it got good upon his first transformation. At least I enjoyed it more than Constantine anyway. *hopes for a sequel even though the odds are probably against it* Once it ended, I returned to my room and got online for a bit..

After some time online (and supper), I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Painkiller Jane (I missed an episode, so this one’s from 6/22.. and utterly predictable 😦 ugh @ scifi definitely airing the episodes out of order.. the girl-girl kiss was neat though), The Loop (lol, still miss his brother’s friends from Season 1 😦 ), Naruto (great stuff), Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (surprisingly good, though it all went a bit too fast.. should’ve been a two-parter.. I hope what wasn’t explained here will be explained later, thus forming some kind continuing storyline) and BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol). Then I returned to my.. computer..

See ya.

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samuell @ rb / gta4 song / today

June 29, 2007

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive‘s Black Ranger Samuell Benta has posted to Rangerboard.. in order to sell his rap CD. Neat. 🙂 *actually considers buying it if it has his “Operation Overdrive” song is on it* He also claims that him and the rest of the OO Rangers (minus Dwayne) will soon record a song called “Overdrive Accelerate”..

The song featured in the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV is “Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)” by The Boggs. Check out their MySpace page to listen and download it. Awesome. 🙂

I awoke and got online for a bit. But that soon got boring and returned to the living room.. I had a very weird dream. It opens with my dad and I going to the grocery store. While shoving a cart through the place, I fall asleep. I wake up back at home, thinking maybe it was a dream. Or my dad had somehow brought me back here. I returned to the store and put some things in my cart. As I was heading to the front, this guy came to me and talked about some stuff that I didn’t care about at all. I was just all “oh.. kay”. He followed me as I turned and went a bit too far past the registers and toward the front door. The place was like a maze for some reason. He said something, then I explained I needed to get to a register. But he redirected me to a room where they interrogated me or something, as if I shoplifted. He looked through the cart and began berating me about what was inside. A jar of peanut butter I had brought from home for some reason, a jar of mayo, something else.. and a magazine with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie on the cover. He said something about how they’re not real girls and how I shouldn’t like them.. or something.. Then I woke up. :/

I got online for a bit longer, then had a little breakfast and watched some morning TV. My dad’s check arrived in the mail and we eventually watched Passions (haha, very good musical episode.. my dad hated every note). My dad then took off to cash it.. I started up and played some more Spidey 3 while he was gone.. and finished the game story. Wow. This may just have handled the story better than the movie did. Venom’s voice kept changing from Topher’s voice to Venom’s deep voice and back again (I don’t remember that in the movie anyway). And there was no musical number. Phew. After much work, I defeated the two main baddies.. then went off to begin collecting the items in the city: spider emblems and meteorite fragments. When you collect them all, one gives you the black suit back, the other.. does nothing.. *shakes fist @ no playable Venom*

I shut it off when my dad returned with supper a little after 5PM. I then got online to news-gather. I then finished up online at about 7:30.. At 8PM, my dad took off outside.. but then came back in. We watched my next Netflix selection — The Devil Wears Prada. Eh, it was an alright movie. *shrug* Emily Blunt was hot.. Once that was over, I watched The Soup (lol) before returning to my room..

See ya.

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death note double dip? / today

June 28, 2007

I’m somewhat looking forward to the Death Note anime series’ US DVD release. So I was disappointed to hear that a 4-episode Death Note, Volume 1 DVD will be released on November 20th, in both $24.98 Standard and $39.98 Limited Editions. Why, you ask? All signs are pointing to a double-dip conspiracy. First, the Standard Edition retail price is a little lower than usual for anime DVDs. And the Limited Editions will each only include figurines, no boxes to hold the complete series. Viz is also releasing these volumes every month, instead of the usual “every other month”. Add to it the news that a Japanese rebroadcast of the series over the summer will include new never-before-seen.. scenes.. *shakes fist @ Viz* 😡

I awoke in the morning and played with the cat a bit. Then my dad took off to get some food. We’re very low on it and money. 😦 I got online.. and mainly looked up Buffy info on Wikipedia. *overload headache* :p ..Yay, I got a new demo disc in the mail from PlayStation Underground.. We watched Passions (ha), followed by three more episodes of Reno 911! Season 4 (rofl @ Terry). Once those ended, I just played some more Spidey 3 (good story.. I like how Spidey isn’t the only one infected by the symbiote.. at the same time as him 🙂 ..there isn’t much to do in sandbox mode though.. there’s only some bland crime patrols and 11 race challenges.. then two sets of collectible objects open when the story is completed *shrug*).

I shut off the game a little after 5PM, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 8PM.. I did watch Attack of the Show! for that new GTAIV promo though (at the very end). Wow.. There wasn’t much on tonight, than my dad took off outside for hours. So I just watched the remaining five episodes of Reno 911! Season 4. Very funny stuff. There was a very brief defect in episode 11 though. And it didn’t look like an authoring defect. It was probably on their version of the episode. At just short of the 6-minute mark, there’s about two very brief flickerings of snow on the screen. No audio defect, just video. And it shows up on both players. :/ But it’s so minor, I don’t think I’ll do anything about it..

Once I finished those (and the only extended scene on the entire release), I returned to my room for the night.. I watched as my dad played the security guard outside (ooh, rumors of a soon-to-be-evicted neighbor stealing an air conditioner *stakeout*). He used to be one. But now he’s obsessed with acting like one. And he still bitches at me about my DVDs. :/ See ya..

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proo 22 title & spoilers / tmnt 2k8 & cgi / whose line s1v2 / today

June 27, 2007

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episode title.. from Episode 1722: “One Fine Day” is expected to air on August 6th on Toon Disney. TV Guide also provides short descriptions (single sentences, really) for all unaired episodes up to that point, including next Monday’s new installment and the much-anticipated team-up episodes. 🙂

4Kids actually tried passing a proposal for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) to morph into a card game series for the next season in 2008. Ewwww. Luckily, Peter Laird turned them down and another proposal has already been chosen. Let’s just hope that the chosen one is WAY better than that. Yuck.. Meanwhile, Steve Murphy reveals on his blog that there is now a “70-30” chance of a sequel to the TMNT CGI film. Coool. 🙂 ..And if the two TMNT CGI Australian releases that I mentioned yesterday wasn’t bad enough, Australia’s EzyDVD has an awesome exclusive tin case with purchase of the two-disc. *drools* *curses Warner* *hopes for US store exclusive steelbook.. or bonus disc.. or both*

Warner Home Video will finally release Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US): Season 1, Volume 2 Uncensored onto DVD on October 9th. Cooool. But I still need to pick up the first volume. Though a two-pack is being released the same day.. :p

I awoke in the morning to my alarm.. then awoke again an hour later. I watched Noein (it’s growing on me), Tokko (awesome.. and there would only 3 DVD volumes to collect *yay*) & Macross Plus (*gives up in the first minute* too boring). During which, the maintenance guy started working outside in the hallway.. and moved on when our fuse blew. Our apartment supplies electricity to the plugin in the outer hallway. -_- The TV, DVR & AC went off. I had to unplug & replug the DVR a few times before it started working again.. My dad returned home from dialysis, then we eventually had some lunch.

We watched Passions (yay @ demons.. and the proposal), then eventually followed that with three more episodes of Reno 911! Season 4 (lol). After that, I just played some more Spidey 3 (damn, Mega Lizard was tough.. the game story is pretty good, but the graphics and free roaming aren’t *swings through Central Park, attaching web to invisible objects and bumping into them* *swings through the streets as well as through cars* It’s also very easy to see the coloring done to the cut scenes due to being able to switch from one suit to another: I had no idea the black suit was actually two shades of black :p).

I shut off the game shortly after 5PM, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 8PM. We.. well, I.. watched the two hours of Hidden Palms. It’s an okay show. Would’ve been way better if the superior quality of the pilot continued through the series though. 😦 ..After that, I watched Traveler. Really good show, especially this week. Though at the same time, it reminds me how much better the similar Prison Break is. 🙂 My dad mostly went in and out all night. My cat has really been wanting to go outside lately, but it’s not gonna happen..

I’m really going to try and save up beginning next month. For what, I have no idea. Wish me luck. :p See ya..

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mmpr dvd info / krdk cast / tmnt aus 2-disc / dvd ads jul 1-7 / film crew reminder / media / today

June 26, 2007

New information has been revealed concerning the replacement discs for the German Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1 DVD set. They won’t begin being shipped out until the end of July…

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight‘s Matthew Mullins appeared on last week’s America’s Got Talent, as part of the martial arts group Sideswipe. Cool. They were chosen for the competition, so expect to see them again Tuesday night.. in two weeks..

It sucks when countries of origin get treated worse than others. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Lost Season has already been released on DVD in Australia (the US won’t get to see it on TV until next year), and now Australia has a Two-Disc Deluxe Edition of the TMNT CG movie with more extras than we are getting here in the US. Their bare-bones one-disc edition even has the superior cover art. *pouts* 😦 ..But at least I hear the US won’t have to wait long for their Lost Season DVD (it’ll be released “more than likely” in early 2008)..

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of July 1st to 7th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. I guess the studios don’t want to release that much this week, due to the Tuesday falling just before a holiday. I am considering some older titles that are on sale though. And I can’t wait for Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society. 🙂

The Film Crew is a new DVD series from the makers of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Shout! Factory will release the series’ first installment, “Hollywood After Dark”, on July 10th. The second installment, “Killers From Space”, will follow on August 7th. I’m looking forward to this. 🙂 I hope Best Buy stocks them or imma be pissed..

I awoke in the morning.. and got ready. Then we took off to media buy…

First, I stopped off at Circuit City and picked up Shooter for their exclusive bonus disc. Since it’s plainly coming from the studio itself, I was hoping for at least a two-disc case. But it was only in a sleeve thing inside. 😦 ..I moved on to Best Buy and tried to return Ergo Proxy Vol 1. No luck there. And I tried to lie and say it wasn’t in stock.. and we proceeded to wait ten minutes while someone got a copy and brought it up. Damn.. I also bought Reno 911! Season 4, while price-matching it down $2 and adding at $5 Reward Zone certificate. From $19.99 to $13.77. Yay..

We went to the grocery store and I was lucky to have some money left for things there. :p Then I got my Icee on the way home.. We eventually watched Passions (what a wonderful waste of time.. ‘cept the demon things I guess), then I watched Saul of the Mole Men (lol) and Beakman’s World as my dad took off somewhere. He returned just in time for the first three episodes of Reno 911! Season 4 (lol), then I played s’more Spider-Man 3.. At 5PM, I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online rather close to 8PM..

At 8, we watched America’s Got Talent. I liked that 14-year-old girl… for her singing. Hope she goes far, though another girl singer for the second year in a row may not be that great. *shrug* Ew @ Leonid. They only brought him back because they know some actually like seeing that freak show for some retarded reason.. My dad took off outside and I watched On The Lot. Great films. I missed last week’s episode because my bedroom DVR screwed up, so I’m hoping for a DVD release of just the films more than ever. There’s some really good ones among them that’s be worth the purchase. And I can’t view them on the site. I tried viewing the America’s Got Talent video that I linked to in the news above today. But it messed up IE and I had to reboot the computer just to get it unfrozen. 😐 So yeah.. I returned to the room for the night.

I’d like to get a new computer.. or a PS3.. but what I had hoped to save over the next two light DVD months will probably go to September since it’s shaping up to be the most expensive DVD month so far this year. *sigh* I am beginning to consider selling some of my DVDs though. I may go through my DVDAF and begin putting some in that near-empty “For Future Sale” folder. But then where do I sell them? The only place that buys used discs in my neighborhood closed down, and I certainly wouldn’t get much out of them if I tried GameStop again. *shrug* ..See ya..

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tmnt’s bright future / masters scifi eps / kidnapped / the n july / resident evil double dip / today

June 25, 2007

Some positive news has come in from Dan Berger, webmaster of the Official Ninja Turtles website. Discussions are still ongoing concerning the possibility of a sequel to the TMNT CGI movie. Meanwhile, FOX’s 4KidsTV will air the remaining six episodes of TMNT Fast Forward in September. Then from January to May 2008, 4KidsTV will finally air “most or all” of The Lost Season! *yay’s* Peter Laird is also in talks over another “new direction” for the next season of TMNT 2k3, currently set to begin in Fall 2008. There’s also talk of a new Ninja Turtles video game, as well as retro merchandising for the original 1987 animated series. Wow. 🙂

ABC has issued a press release detailing installments of their new series Masters Of Science Fiction. Four episodes are set to air starting August 4th, with two more not yet scheduled. I’m looking forward to seeing these. 🙂

NBC has decided to run the remaining episodes of its canceled series Kidnapped, beginning this Sunday night at 12AM Midnight ET. Your local channel may vary though, so check your listings.. Yay. Now I don’t have to Netflix it. 🙂

Animation Insider provides a schedule (with brief spoilers) for The N’s new episodes of Degrassi TNG & The Best Years through July. Both series begin premiering new episodes this Friday night, starting at 8PM ET. 🙂 ..But among those Nickelodeon July highlights is still no mention of when the third and final season of Avatar: The Last Airbender will begin. 😡

Sony will once again release Resident Evil on DVD. The Resident Evil / Resident Evil: Apocalypse – Double Feature Resurrected Edition 2-disc DVD will be released on September 4th for the retail price of only $19.94. Among the exclusive special features is a bridging scene that connects these films to the upcoming theatrical release Resident Evil: Extinction, as well as a free ticket to the new film. I really don’t want to buy these again. I really hope that bridging scene is on the Extinction DVD though..

I awoke and got online a bit. After that, I had some breakfast and watched all of Ergo Proxy Vol 1. I was going to watch only two, but I couldn’t get into it as much as I thought I would. I watched the rest so I can try and return it tomorrow. Maybe I’ll Netflix the rest.. *shrug* After that, I got online again and my dad returned home from dialysis.. We eventually watched Passions (ugh), then my dad took off to sleep before it was even over. He was way too weak to stay awake again. 😦

I went through the living room DVR and deleted some things. I also watched today’s premiere of Wayside (I remembered liking the books back in school, so I wanted to check out Nick’s new animated series.. this wasn’t as good as them, of course.. and it pushed the morals a bit too much, but what do expect for something scheduled so close to Nick Jr).. A little after that, I watched the X2: X-Men United steelbook DVD. Great film, even for the third time. :p I liked all the little things that connected it with the first movie that I didn’t quite notice before. As well as all the subtle parts that told you something big was coming for the third film. Too bad the greedy studio screwed that all up. They couldn’t wait for Singer to become available again. Brett Ratner: “No talking, more fighting! Grr!” Then they added a scene at the end of the credits that pretty much threw the whole movie out the window..

My dad woke up and took off to a few places, but still wasn’t feeling good. The movie ended and I returned to my room in order to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online just in time for 8PM.. We watched Kyle XY (geat episode this week 🙂 ), then my dad took off outside. So I played some of the Spider-Man 3 PS2 game. It’s not that bad really. It’s mostly just the useless free-roaming that’s lame. I swear this is a PSP game though. When you have to press certain buttons, they come up on screen all huge as hell. :p My dad came back in a few hours later and we watched The Soup (lol), then I returned to my room..

See ya.

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Sunday 06.24.2007 — Operation Overdrive to be complete on DVD

June 24, 2007 reveals cover art for the first two volumes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive on DVD, Volume 1: Brownbeard’s Pearl & Volume 2: Toru Diamond. Both of them will be released on September 18th, and run for 138 minutes each. Why so long? Disney has finally decided to release the entire season in five volumes. 🙂 With the runtimes, I would say each will contain six episodes. Expect two of the remaining three to include seven episodes. It’s a step in the right direction, anyway. And they actually worked a little more on improving the artwork as well (if only the Jetix crap wasn’t on there). Thanks, Disney. I’ll buy these on release date, even though everything else is coming out on the same date (such as Smallville: Season 6, TMNT 2k3 Season 1 Part 2, DBZ: Season 3, Family Guy: Volume 5 *headdesk*). Maybe if these sell well, they might consider completely releasing a good season on DVD…

I awoke.. and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. After that, I watched Bleach (*falls asleep*), Blood Plus (eh it was okay) and Tenjho Tenge (okay.. this is the last one I’m going to watch -_- *not enough fanservice*). We had some breakfast, then I played Lego Star Wars. I completed more of the game. So close to unlocking the other door. When it came time for my dad’s race, I moved it into my room for a bit. I unlocked that last door and played the Episode IV preview level. Yay. 🙂 Now I’m online again..

I was online for a quite a while because there was a lot to catch up with on Rangerboard. The news about the Operation Overdrive DVDs was quite interesting. If they stick to this schedule and release two more volumes in December (11th my guess), they could release the final volume in February (12th my guess), just a week or two before Jungle Fury begins. Maybe there’ll be a sneak peek since it’s so close? :p I’ll probably even collect them all and watch them all together as a season, like I’m doing with Avatar, TMNT 2k3 & Eureka 7..

I was online for a bit longer, then we had some supper. We watched Graham Norton (I’m starting to like this show.. even though I only know about half the celebrities who appear on it :p) and Fast Cars & Superstars (the grand finale.. glad that’s over with). After some playing with the cat, I watched The 4400 (the mediocre season continues! the whole Kyle plot is somewhat interesting though.. grr @ VCR shutting off after just 16 minutes) and Simple Life (haha). Not long after that though, I returned to my room..

See ya.

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Saturday 06.23.2007 — ..mmmovies..

June 23, 2007

I awoke in the morning to my dad watching MadTV. Blah. But I watched anyway.. We had some breakfast, then my dad took off somewhere. I took the time to play some more Lego Star Wars (I finally finished the storyline.. except the other door that’s still locked). My dad soon returned and we watched Reno 911! Miami – The Movie. Lmao. Soo funny. I was surprised that they managed to make it even funnier than the TV series. But then again, they were able add a few jokes that would never be able air on TV. I want another movie, with the way it ended and everything. :p Also: *drools @ Saul of the Mole Men‘s Irina Voronina as a topless “Russian Model”, both in the film and part of an 11-minute extended scene. Wow, those extended scenes were long. Two ran for over 20 minutes with them just improvising for pretty much the whole time. The theater-centric PSAs were funny too, especially “Shut The Fuck Up”. :p

My dad took off again for a bit, so I played some more Lego Star Wars (I have to replay the levels and collect things to open that locked door.. I sooo want the second game already).. My dad soon returned and we watched my next Netflix selection — Because I Said So. Aww, a nice romantic comedy. I liked it, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it when I considered it. *drools a bit during the two Lauren Graham / Piper Perabo / Mandy Moore dressing/undressing scenes* :p

My dad started on supper and I got online for the first time today. At 5PM. Wow..

I got online and got updated on Power Morphicon at Rangerboard. Former crew member Tony Oliver was there filming a Power Rangers “documentary”. Interesting.. I checked out some other stuff online too, like a place to purchase the Buffy: Season 8 comics. I can either get all the issues separately, or get the first volume on November 14th (combining the first five issues). Hmm. Even though I have a small collection of comics from years ago, I’m getting it more for reading than collecting. And I probably won’t be reading it for a while because I still have two more seasons left to watch on DVD. :p *yay’s @ Faith returning in Issue 6*

Ack, 8:30 already? *runs to DVR*

I went to the bedroom DVR and watched two episodes of The Loop (the series has been scaled down from the first season, with some things I liked about it now gone 😦 ..haha @ “No, I know what 24 is. It’s propping up a network.”), Naruto (cool.. thanks for spoiling, commercial for next week’s episode!), Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (eh it’s okay) and BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol.. my DVR cut off early.. even though it was set to end a minute after it ended 😐 ). Then I got online again..

*sigh* See ya.

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prjf theo lily script / pmc / today

June 22, 2007

Poweranimals has posted the first Power Rangers Jungle Fury casting scriptlet, featuring a scene between Theo & Lily, two of next year’s Power Rangers. Sounds cool. 🙂 Too bad these scenes used to cast the actors never make it to actual episodes…

The first ever Power Rangers convention, Power Morphicon, begins today in LA and runs though Sunday. I soo wish I was there.. especially after seeing these threads at RangerBoard. 😦 *sighs* *reloads RB every five minutes* Wow, that Bandai America USB helmet game thing looks cool..

I awoke in the morning and finally got those two hours of Hidden Palms transferred to VHS. It took like 34645676 stops and starts to do so, both late last night and this morning. My VCR took it personally when I stopped and started recording a lot for those Robot Chicken host segments, so it’s been a bitch all week.. I then took myself away from the internet long enough to watch another episode of Buffy: Season 5 (awesome.. three to go, this afternoon). My dad returned from dialysis, then I got online and wasted some time on Rangerboard (reasons in the news above)..

We watched Passions (lol @ Gwen’s comment about Theresa/Ethan being like a soap opera that doesn’t change after not watching it for 10 years), followed by the final three episodes of Buffy: Season 5 (watching all these back-to-back gave me the feeling of.. stalling.. but the payoff in the end was.. wow.. even though I had already known about it for a while.. I still got a bit emotional though.. again.. this was definitely my favorite season yet). Once that ended, I got online a little early and began news-gathering. We had some supper. Then I got some free time, so I finally read through my friends page for the first time in a while. *skips past 35445 lame BWE posts* I hate that my browser feels like freezing for a few minutes after loading pages on LiveJournal. It’s probably why I don’t do this more often anymore..

There was nothing to watch until 9PM, so I let my dad watched some baseball game while I stayed online a bit longer. At 9PM, my dad took outside, so I no longer felt like watching National Bingo Night (also wasn’t in the mood to get cards, so..). I played with the cat, then eventually watched Best Week Ever (lol.. still find the new Sizzler annoying) and The Soup (lol). And I stuck around for Wildest Dating Show Moments 2 (-_-). After my dad took over the TV to watch his news, I returned to my room for the night.

Another day complete. Why? No idea.. See ya.

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pr super legends info / heroes s2 sched & tour / today

June 21, 2007 has an article for Power Rangers Super Legends, including the previously-mentioned Nintendo DS screencaps and a few new details that may or may not also apply to the other versions of the game. Among them is the news that you’ll be able to choose from sixteen past & present Rangers to play. On the DS version anyway. Neat. 🙂

In a surprising move, NBC has decided to finish airing the second season of Heroes a month early, in April 2008. The six-episode spin-off anthology series Heroes: Origins will then air through May.. Meanwhile, NBC has also issued this press release gloating over the worldwide success of Heroes. :/ They also announce a “Heroes World Tour” where cast members travel the globe to promote the show. They’ll arrive at New York City’s NBC Experience Store on August 28th, just in time to sign copies of the Heroes: Season 1 DVD & HD-DVD out the same day..

I awoke and got online for a bit. Then watched some morning TV. When my dad took off, I watched Macross Plus (I enjoyed it more this.. third time.. the two times, I gave up after the first episode). My dad returned from the grocery store, then I eventually got online again. At 1PM, we watched Passions (haha). Then I watched three more episodes of Buffy: Season 5 (great episodes.. her mother’s death made me quite emotional.. and it didn’t really help that my mother’s name matched hers 😦 ). When those ended, I once again got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online at 8PM.

Eight o’clock came around and my dad had run off outside again. I chose not to pause TV and wait this time. Instead, I played some more Lego Star Wars. I’m nearing the end of the story already. 😦 My dad came in and out a few times, but I barely noticed. When I finally shut it off, it was already 10:40PM. Ack. What the heck happened? :p Not long after that, I just returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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