nothing important.

July 10, 2011

I haven’t written an LJ entry in a while now. Why? Well, because nothing has been happening. I got Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Extended Edition on Blu-ray and immediately watched through that in six days (half-movie a day, like when I completed my collection of Extendeds on DVD :p). I also finally watched Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Season 1 on DVD. I bought it months and months ago but waited for the second season premiere to finally watch them all again (Wednesday night at 8:30PM ET on Nicktoons.. and about time! Season 1 completed airing in 2009! Damn Disney for buying up Marvel and halting everything.. and canceling Spectacular Spider-Man! Grr!). The Volume 1 Blu-ray was exclusively at Best Buy in the US.. so it should’ve been no surprise that it didn’t sell well and no more Blu-rays of the series were released. Gr. And the Blu-ray (which I also own) featured the series in widescreen while these DVDs cut it to full screen. Ugh. :/

Besides that, not much has been happening.. except video games and more video games. I’ve fallen into a more immersive experience to try and forget all the drama.. as I mentioned before. I’ve always had a tenancy to want to keep my hands busy in one way or another, so this fits. And due to PlayStation Plus (activated the free month later on an alternate account, teehee), the free games from the Welcome Back program, and the games I’ve recently bought that I haven’t finished either.. there’s way too many options to choose from. Burnout Paradise went on sale this week (only $8), so I bought it.. and had to start my game all over again. I previously had a free EU version downloaded during PS+, but that expired.. and the game save didn’t work with the US version. :/

Yay, I have food stamps now.. but of course I spent over half of them foolishly on expensive crap right at the start of the month. Then again, some of this microwave crap is expensive. No way to get around it.. unless I just starve or something.. Plus I made a few possibly-hasty DVD purchases at the start of the month and am running a bit lower than usual in the bank as well (or maybe that was due to some damn cable bill BS). Wish I could return this Avatar: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray now.. that I only bought to exchange the slipcover for the banged-up one my copy had. Plastic’s still on it.. so it should be no problem. I should probably actually watch my copy too…

My aunt let me go to Best Buy at the start of the month and that was great.. but I usually just get new releases on Tuesday and there are barely any definite new release purchases coming up this month, hence the possibly-hasty purchases. Naruto Uncut Season 3 Vol 2 DVD set for twice as much as Amazon. Ack. Too late to return that one though. I’ll start watching Season 3 tomorrow. I passed on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood at Best Buy too, found them at about half the price on Amazon and bought them too. Now I just need the last DVD set coming next month before a complete series viewing.. And now back to Avatar. $40. I thought to myself that I’d get the money back once I return it so it’s fine (and the better-looking-than-mine slipcovers just tempted me too much). I just didn’t think about how long it’d be before I could return to Best Buy. Stupid me. 😦

With the lack of entries lately.. even though I’ve been starting to get the PC online a little more often recently.. I’m considering not paying up to LiveJournal for more time on my paid account.. when it expires in October. Oh, that gives me plenty of time to think about it, I guess.. The spam comments are starting to get more abundant, then I have to delete them one at a time.. on Firefox 5 that seems to have some annoying bugs in it. Grr.

Well, back to my PS3 I suppose. Those Aurora orbs in PlayStation Home won’t collect themselves… See ya.


June 29, 2011

I just now noticed that the Harry Potter DVDs had been touched. I packed and folded that box closed myself during the frantic moving day, so it definitely wasn’t me that picked one of them up and made the inner packaging fall out of the slipcover.. then put said slipcover back in the box BESIDE it. I still own some of the movies on DVD and have been upgrading them to Blu in the form of the now-“missing” Ultimate Editions. I guess since this can’t be resolved by the return of the stolen discs.. or any actions upon the thieves whatsoever.. I guess I’ll just have to buy all four Ultimate Editions all over again.. like I had to do some DVDs & games when my dad stole and pawned them some years ago (a couple repurchases even occurred twice). Still thirty bucks a piece at Amazon. And I had never even got around to watching them…

Can’t believe that in order to change the address on my free subscription to Maxim (currently extended to September 2023!), I still have to mail a letter or call. What is this, the 80s? If so, I thought it’d be a bit more awesome than this. :/

My Amazon Prime free trial ran out at the end of May.. so I guess it’s back to the good ol’ US Mail next month unless I want to pay up for UPS release-date delivery. Or make yet another Amazon account to get the free trial again. Hm.. I really miss visiting Best Buy and picking out the most pristinely-packaged dent-free DVDs & Blu-rays on the shelf. Ah, those were the days.. that’ll most likely never return..

Yesterday’s media buys included The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition on Blu-ray. I purchased (and still possess) both the original Theatrical & Extended DVD releases, so I chose to wait for the Extendeds to upgrade to Blu. It’s currently $70 on Amazon, but it’s very well packaged. Three black Blu-ray cases of five discs each (two Blus for the film, three DVDs of bonus features each) in thick golden cardboard that is held closed with a magnetic clasp. I also watched the first half of Fellowship last night. Looks like this upgrade was worth the wait.. I also purchased Sucker Punch: Extended Cut on Blu. Never seen it, hope it’s good. Enjoyed Snyder’s Watchmen anyway.. but not so much 300.. >_>

I thought the downward spiral that is my life was bad before.. but now it seems to be becoming more of a free fall.. Whee. See ya.

a life now incomplete.

June 27, 2011

Just about everyday still, I remember something I was forced to leave behind and get depressed all over again.. no matter how long I play games or watch TV shows and movies. It seems my media is just fighting a losing battle now. I’ll miss that microwave egg cooker plate thing (even though I was getting too lazy to even use it), the marble towel roll holder we had had for years (roll now just sits alone.. without a home), the yardstick we had used to.. reach for things.. All kinds of items that held memories. Everyday, thinking of something small like those.. All those books I wish I had saved.. probably thrown out by now.. or sold.. The thought alone makes my stomach ache. 😦

I guess in the latter years, my life became more about possessions because I thought they wouldn’t hurt me like humans easily could. But as usual, I was wrong. I didn’t expect items to go away like humans do, but they did. And now I feel incomplete.. Also in those latter years, my dad became my butler or roommate more than my father. I regret that. Some of my possession addiction may have stemmed from finally being able to spend time with him. Our interests forked.. and I missed him. We used spend time together. But with things costing more money for him, that eventually stopped. But every week, I was able to take a drive with him to get more discs. And then I would save some TV and movies so that we could watch them together. But in the latter days, he slept a lot more…

I’ve at last got the HDMI cable to work so I can finally see what’s partly the big deal about Blu-ray besides the fancy blue cases. My first purchased Blu-ray was Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (gotten at a good deal due to a price match screw-up), then my first purchased one watched was The Dark Knight… So it sort of felt right that the first purchased Blu-ray watched in HD video quality (audio still goes into the TV) would be.. Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Yup, still getting some older unwatched Blu-rays out of the way. The movie was alright. Seemed more kiddy than the previous two.. Awesome picture though.

I’d probably feel a third better or so if I could just find those first four Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Blu-rays. But I’ve pretty much looked into every box I have here and nothing. They cost me about $30 each.. and now I have the recent 5th & 6th here too. Not much point in having them without those first four. Damnit. Those guys better not have stolen them. Though I’d say it’s pretty likely they did by this point. Or they got lost among all the other junk he had in the back of his truck.. I would call and inquire.. but.. I obviously can’t and no one else seems to care enough about the matter to do so.. And on top of that I’m still finding plenty of disc cases damaged by them carelessly throwing the boxes about during the move. Definitely not worth what I paid them. 😡

I was going to look through my collection of video retailer magazines and throw a good amount of them out.. but anymore I’m too depressed-lazy-uncaring to do that. So in the closet they stay for now. I have quite a few more discs that were displayed on a bookcase because they were spayshul (great TV show seasons, plus movie series like Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings).. but the bookcase didn’t come along so I guess they must stay in there crappy boxes as well. The very few visitors I get seem surprised there’s still so many boxes not unpacked.. as if I have a place to store these items outside of their boxes. Silly humans.

I also finally watched my Netflix selection today — Due Date. lol, funny stuff. I liked it.. and I need to laugh. So the unexpected “can’t let go of dad” subplot was surely.. unexpected. -_- ..And with any way I step forward comes the inevitable two steps back. The TV has been blinking snow very rarely for a little while now, possibly due to keeping it turned on 24/7. It’s mainly been shortly after turning it on.. but now of course it’s done it a few times after switching from the PS3’s HD feed to the cable box’s SD feed.. so that’s just plain fucking awesome news.

I would say the main thing in the way of doing daily entries again would be that I’m playing games a lot more often. So I maybe put the PC online mainly to download some TV for maybe a day.. then leave the modem on the PS3 for 2 or 3 days at a time. Oh and the new chair for my “new” smaller computer desk isn’t all that comfortable, so I’ve been limiting my time on it.

The cat did make the move with me.. for now. The place doesn’t allow pets, but something is very slowly in the process of being worked out. Ugh. He hides whenever someone comes to the door. He had only known the previous apartment his entire life, so that’s understandable.. This place is said to be full, but I haven’t really seen any of my neighbors yet. I still choose to go and check the mail late at night. No interaction is better than an awkward interaction..?

See ya.. I guess..

missing.. everything.

June 20, 2011

I finally watched my first Blu-ray here in my new.. home.. I Am Number Four. Wow, the Smallville writers sure enjoy stealing from Roswell. They did it once.. and here they do it again. Glowing hands, blue crystals, human-alien relations.. Overall, it felt like a PG movie to me.. but it’s PG-13? I guess I liked it though.. because I liked Roswell. :p The optimistic open ending for sequels bugged me a bit.. because you don’t really know if they’re coming or not.. I’d most definitely prefer a Roswell movie instead though. :p

Later on Sunday, I also watched Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-ray. For probably the first time ever, I opted for the slightly cheaper single disc rather than the combo pack version. It was a choice between a DVD copy of the movie.. or a limited time video game demo included on the disc and nowhere else.. right now. Fortunately, all the other bonus features were the same.. so the choice was easy. I really enjoyed the movie as well. 🙂 After that, I caught the Falling Skies two-hour series premiere on TNT. Moon Bloodgood, Jessy Schram and Sarah Carter (can never forget Los Luchadores :p).. wow. And the plot is somewhat similar to AMC’s Walking Dead but with an invasion of aliens instead. And the episodes seem more.. episodic.. than continuing plotline. *shrug*

I’m trying to start scheduled disc viewing again today with the start of True Blood: Season 3 to get it done before the fourth season premiere next Sunday.. I also found my PSP charge cable today, so I guess that’s a small victory. It’s a bit more difficult to overlook the Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Blu-rays though. They’ve got huge brick packagings, there’s four of them.. and I still cannot find them even after looking into most of the boxes. Ugh..

I’m also missing a lot of small things that I ended up leaving behind. There was a spice rack type thing with salt, pepper, sugar-cinnamon.. and most importantly bacon bits. 😦 ..I look at my nails and think “it’s about time I cli–” ..Oh wait, I can’t. Can’t find the clippers. Or I want to comb my hair. Nope. No comb found. And there’s also this drawer container for the silverware that was left behind. What little silverware was saved just lays in the drawer and moves to the back when I open it. I just keep remembering all these little things like that that I forgot or left behind. And the worst part was that they had told me there was an option to put what I left behind in storage to go and grab later. Then when they later told me it was just going to all get thrown out.. that was when I nearly worked myself to death packing everything up for them. And in the end, I had to leave behind just about my entire non-fiction UFO and alien book collection. There were some great books in there. Some I was considering reading again. But now that’s no longer an option.

Oh well.. Time to just sit in my chair and escape this horrible planet for a few more hours. Day after day.. See ya on PSN! I seem to be spending more and more time there..

disappearing discs / power rangers on netflix!

June 18, 2011

Life continues to suck. After putting it off for a long time, I finally pulled most of the boxes back out of the closet (that my aunt hastily dumped in there) looking for the remaining missing Blu-rays. And of course I did not find them. The first four Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Blu-rays. Of course, I bought the 5th & 6th ones this week. Was considering finally watching them all. But now it seems there’s no damn point. It looks like they’re gone. Missing. Stolen, perhaps. The damn movers were boxing DVDs like them themselves (and ruined a few of them by just throwing them in boxes, assholes), since they were on top of my DVD / Blu collection boxes.. so I say they’d have the opportunity..

Also can’t find my old PS3 hard drive. I was wanting to maybe reinstall it for a bit to transfer some more game saves. But no. All this would be too fortunate for me. 😦 Also pretty sure I lost my PSP charge cable. Ugh. I’ll have to plug it into my PS3 like a controller to charge it from now on I guess..

And so with all this new depression I haven’t even been watching any movies on Blu-ray or DVD for a few months now. Instead, I have been losing myself and escaping in an even more immersive experience — video games. They’ve become so important recently that I just leave the PS3 on for days and leave it online.. rather than switching the internet back to the PC or something. I take a breaks to charge the controller and watch some things on the Netflix app. I fell asleep at like 3AM last night in my PlayStation Home wardrobe. PlayStation’s Welcome Back program has sure helped this, giving me plenty of free games to download and play. I’m really enjoying Burnout Paradise, free from PlayStation Plus on my EU account. After July 3rd, I’ll have to buy. $19.99, for a download, and not even counting DLC. Why is such an old game still so expensive? Argh..

Sooo.. did you hear that Power Rangers was added to Netflix streaming? All 732 episodes that aren’t Power Rangers Samurai. First, it was added as one huge listing, but has now been separated by season due to problems with various apps not showing the episode list right. Mighty Morphin‘s three seasons are together (and also includes Reversioned, ew), Alien Rangers‘ ten episodes are separate.. as well as all the other after seasons after that. Unfortunate though is that the Mighty Morphin episodes are the international master tapes with some edits to them, and Time Force has the post-9/11 edits. Ugh.. Also, all episodes of Beetleborgs & VR Troopers are also available for streaming.. I was going to watch all of PR all over again (after just completing a run before Samurai), but then a comment on Saban’s Power Rangers youtube page that DVDs are on the way changed my mind. I’ll just watch some favorites instead. And I’ve been wanting to rewatch VR Troopers for a while now. My dad and I used to watch it together before school. I think he was more interested in the main female than the show itself though. ;p

Well, back to it, I guess. I’ve looked in just about every box for those missing discs. Time to try again. It’s about all I can do now… *sigh*


June 11, 2011

As you may have heard, I’ve got a new apartment. The landlord heard the same.. and soon I was shoved out of the only home I’ve known for over a decade, long before he even owned the place. Last Wednesday ended up being a frantic day.. once that landlord screamed at me to be out of there by the end of the day. My aunt helped me pack for as long as she was able to, and I thank her for that. But once she left, it became one horrible one-man marathon. I packed as fast as I could to meet that deadline, especially after I was told the remains would be thrown out rather than put in storage like it had been stated earlier in the day.

And in the end, I didn’t make that deadline. I forgot and missed some items that I’ll really miss. Now I need a new desk chair.. something to sit my bedroom TV on.. and I guess I’ll have to replace some books that I was forced to leave behind as well. If I’m even able to… I think I was able to pack up all of my discs though — games, DVDs, Blu-rays — they’re all in these boxes here somewhere. Probably. The following two days was spent resting in my new cell for the most part.. because my muscles continued to ache for that whole time..

The cable switchover seemed to occur immediately, but I didn’t get around to setting it all up until a few days later. The cable guy couldn’t get a second cable jack here to work either. Glad I had wired it all up from the one jack beforehand.. He asked me for $140 cash upfront while he worked. I thought something seemed odd about that, especially once that amount didn’t show up on the receipt. *rolls eyes*

A depressing end.. and a new beginning.. to an more depressing chapter. At least so far anyway. I feel even more alone here than I ever have before. See ya…

a blu-ray sunday

May 29, 2011

I awoke in the morning, after getting the last night’s anime out of the way (Bleach was yawnworthy, Kekkaishi was good.. hope it isn’t over like it seemed to be.. and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was just awesome like always).. and Batman.. I decided to watch Blu-ray movie all day today.. since most of the TV series were were over for the season and watched (great ending to Supernatural, wow.. watched that late last night).

So I actually started with my next Netflix selection (on DVD) — Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds. Wow. That was a great movie. Very suspenseful. His character gets kidnapped in Iraq and buried alive. The entire movie takes place in his box underground. Enjoyed it from beginning to end.. It was about time I watched this one. It’s been sitting here for a month or two, mostly forgotten about due to all the drama that refuses to leave me alone…

Next up, I went in a somewhat opposite direction with Eight Below. I got this Blu-ray for free through Disney Movie Rewards a while back and decided to finally give it a watch. It was pretty good. It’s a Disney film about a pack of dogs left in Antarctica to fend for themselves. The animal acting was pretty impressive.. but not so much the human acting. :p The dogs get into some adventures while trying to survive down there.. I partly picked this selection (among the three or so titles to get free) to see more of Moon Bloodgood. But since this is Disney and almost the entire film takes place in a cold climate.. and the stars are the dogs.. I didn’t get to see much of her at all. :p

And then I got online for a little while. Running low on food yet again. Damnit groceries. Buy only some and you pay like you got a lot. :/ ..So I ordered more pizza, of course. I’ve been considering, who deliver groceries right to your door. I saw a code on a TV commercial that gives you $20 the first order and free delivery for a while. $60 minimum order though, and their selection is lacking. Tried to find Mtn Dew Code Red on Amazon. $30 for a six-pack of 2-liters, wtf? :/ ..Also, the toilet is defecting again. Water keeps entering and exiting the bowl randomly, and now always clean either. Plus the tank is dripping onto the floor.. but oh well..

Anyway, I watched yet another movie on Blu-ray — Love & Other Drugs. I came for the Anne Hathaway nudity (of which there is plenty).. but it ended up being a pretty good movie too (unlike Havoc IMO). 🙂 ..And then a little while after that, I watched The Green Hornet. This was a very fun and funny movie IMO. I really liked it, so bring on the sequel. :p Would also have been interesting to see what it would have been like if they has stayed closer to the source material though. By then the day was pretty much over..

I hate change, but when it’s forced upon you to survive.. change becomes the only option. And so that’s what I’m facing now. Upon hearing about a prior appointment, the landlord said that I didn’t have to go to court last Tuesday. And that same day they left a paper in my door telling me that I had to get out by Thursday or they’d throw me out. So I of course was less than believing when he explained that the date wasn’t a hard deadline.. so it was no surprise when I was scared a bit by something as simple as UPS knocking at my door that day. Such a wuss. I hope I get this apartment I’m up for.. even though it doesn’t look all that home-y but office-y.. because it would definitely better than being homeless.

See ya.

media helps deny life.

May 23, 2011

On the less depressing front.. a lot of these recent season finales have been pretty damn good, such as The Mentalist (wow @ that ending) & Bones (with the small hintings plus events in Emily Deschanel’s personal life, the ending wasn’t all that surprising to me.. but still great).. I’ll have to rewatch the Castle finale. I fell asleep for the middle part. :/ And of course the Smallville series finale.. was probably the most awesome they could do with what budget they had. *CG action figure saves the day!* :p I’m getting behind on Supernatural‘s current season again. And enjoying Supernatural The Animation more since it’s based on the first season before the series went more “serious business”. :/

I guess due to the popularity of House of Anubis (“new episodes” coming soon!), TeenNick has started airing another international series H2O: Just Add Water. Three hot Australian teens become mermaids when wet. Oh, and they have water manipulation superpowers. It reminds me a bit of Alex Mack. 🙂 After airing 1 1/2 seasons, it disappeared from Nickelodeon.. but now it’s back. I rewatched all those episodes, then was disappointed when TeenNick stopped and started over at that same point mid-season. And so I pulled out my four-year-old unwatched data DVDs and watched the rest of the season that way. I thought Ash looked familiar. Craig Horner went on to play the title role on Legend of the Seeker. :p Really would like to watch Season 3 too, especially after I spoiled the finale for myself. I should find a place to download..

I got another all-too-brief “extended” Gamefly free trail from one of the recent TV commercials (with a different e-mail) and played some games. It was mainly Portal 2. I liked its humor.. but the puzzles just kept getting more and more challenging. I returned that and soon got Sly Collection. Really enjoying this one. I should buy it.. or let it get lost in the mail or something. :p I could get it pretty cheap with the $20 in Amazon credits I got from pre-ordering LA Noire.. Yeah, I also purchased L.A. Noire. At first, I wasn’t liking it all that much.. but that soon changed. There really isn’t all that much to do in the 1940s LA sandbox beside the rather linear story (or should I say stories?). That’s what turned me off of it at first.. but then I kept playing the cases. You solve one case and the next one begins, plus there’s side street cases to solve during those as well. And there’s historical locations to find and add to the map. Haha’s @ this game’s version of “GPS” = your partner giving you directions upon request. :p

Power Rangers Samurai probably could be better.. but that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. Plus I’m hopeful that it’ll get better.. like it somewhat did once Antonio showed up. At first, I explained away the low quality at the start due to its going into production so quickly. And then came that talk about Johnathan Tzachor. Ugh. Hoping Nick will finally air the real first (produced) episodes by the time the “second season” (the latter 20 episodes) begins airing. According to Kimberley Crossman’s twitter, it sounds like she’s a prominent female character with fight scenes somewhere in those latter 20 episodes (currently filming). Iiinteresting. Anddamnsheshot. lol. :p

My sleeping schedule has been all screwed up at times. I stayed up and on PlayStation Home until maybe 3AM on Thursday night, then I couldn’t fall asleep.. so I stayed awake through the next day as well (except for a few short naps totaling less than two hours altogether). I slept better the following nights. And I also fell asleep for a good part of Sunday too. :p ..I really wish I could go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, especially after all the positive talk I’ve been hearing about it. I have FOUR FREE tickets here that I printed up months ago.. but now they’ll probably just go to waste.. Just wait until Blu-ray like with everything now I guess. Oh well. See ya.

still missing life.

May 14, 2011

Hmmm.. Maybe it’s about time I update? Alright.

Near the beginning of the month, I was able to leave the apartment again and go to a few places. My aunt said something that made be believe she had talked with the landlord so that I could stay here for at least one more month for less than half the usual rent. I was happy. But of course I was incorrect. The landlord came for the rent some days later and was disappointed I didn’t have all of it. And then some more days later, I got a summons to court in the mail to take back this dump. And that appointment just happened to be placed at pretty much the same date and time as another appointment. Just great. The world really wants to ruin Tuesdays for me, it seems. And well, everything else too, I guess.

My aunt hasn’t even contacted me at all since then. I assume she’s dealing with her own life right now and can’t be bothered to care for me so much as she used to. And I understand that. I don’t want to be a bother. *shrug* I’m pretty much out of food now.. I so miss fast food. Taco Bell, Burger King, even Subway.. Haven’t any any of it in months, except pizza of course. I splurged a little and got two delivered last night. Because what else am I going to eat? Getting a bit tired of them again too.. but oh well..

I have enough to at least pay for the rest of the rent this month, but my aunt said not to. I also have a small social security check to deposit, if I can ever make it back up to the bank. My monthly social security has gone up too. Just a measly $60 or so, but still.. I also got a summons for jury duty in the mail. I usually get out of it due to my handicap. I’d fill it out and return it if I had a frickin’ stamp.. All this depressing crap going on and I still don’t have my main escape to take advantage of. PSN is still offline and has been for over three weeks now. So the only human contact I’ve been having is through this computer. And now who knows where I’ll be after May 24th…

I had a dream recently that I was considering turning into a story or something.. but I’m too depressed to do anything like that now.. so I’ll just describe it here instead.. First, there were these huge gelatinous creatures outside. I think they were purple (it was night outside so it was a bit hard to tell). The more people they absorbed, the bigger they got. I used some kind of PSP purple light app thing to slowly make them smaller. They shrank as they spat out the humans they had swimming about inside them. One became so huge (way taller than a house) that I could see through it and to the people within. I fought past the fleeing humans and these creatures to make it to my home, where I encountered another type of creature.

My home had been invaded by these red bug-looking creatures. They were completely red, except for a few small areas such as the mouth, which were black. They started out pretty small, then grew to at least a foot long and very wide really quickly once they had been impregnated by another one very easily (touching was enough to cause it). Their chests ballooned up and the babies just burst out of their chests. I used that purple light app thing on my PSP to slowly kill them too. At end of the dream, I struggled to kill what appeared to be the last pair of them before their chests burst open and their babies would be released. But I awoke before I could succeed or not. I think I was thrashing about a bit too much to stay asleep. :p

See ya.

does it really get better?

April 25, 2011

Just like one night a little while ago, I had very difficult time getting to sleep. And this was after a great lack of sleep too. I pretty much stayed up all night the previous night. But I was feeling weak.. and cold.. so I tried to sleep early. I couldn’t for a while, then I finally got a couple hours before waking up again. Now I was sweaty and had a headache. Crazy. And again, I had a difficult time going to sleep.. But I finally did and awoke a bit late the next morning.. so yay?

The night before, I watched the latest episode of The Killing and burst out crying upon the lines “It gets better.” “Does it?”. The show’s about a teenage girl who was murdered and its aftermath with the cops and her family, told one day per episode.. It’s pretty good so far. Haha’s @ Power Rangers SPD‘s Red Ranger Brandon Jay McLaren playing a suspected pedophile now. :p

The PSN outage continues to wear me down day by day. I’ve caught up on a lot of unwatched shows that I had due to preferring to get the PS3 online instead. But I’m really missing PlayStation Home and Free Realms. I also got into the inFamous 2 User Creation Beta and have really been wanting to try it out. *sigh*

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then watched Batman (yeah, Julie Newmar would have to be my favorite Catwoman in this series so far.. only seen one episode with Eartha Kitt, but she’s probably a close second.. haha, Sandman blowing white powder at your nose to knock you out.. crazy :p ) and Hellcats (good episode 🙂 ..definitely like Aly Michalka’s music in the show rather than her band’s).

I then pretty much got online all afternoon, waiting to hear something about PSN going online.. like I have been doing some days lately. Come on, Sony. FIX IT! :p ..And then I caught up on Nikita (latest two episodes, both were very good 🙂 ), then watched The Event (ooh, interesting), The Hard Times of RJ Berger (so saw that coming, maybe even from the premiere :p ..still funny though, of course) and United States of Tara (this one’s still good too).

And online again.. to the computer that almost always has to be rebooted every 2-3 days to stop the freezes and lagging. 😦 Now I got to check the mail. Haven’t done it since Thursday.. See ya.