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Saturday 05.31.2008 —

May 31, 2008

I awoke in the morning, finished up the previous entry, then watched Best Week Ever (lol) and The Soup (lol). Then I got on the computer and burned some CDs. But I finished those in time to watch The Spectacular Spider-Man (awesome episode.. and next week looks even awesomer, can’t wait), Ben 10: Alien Force (not bad), Transformers Animated (eh it was okay) and three more episodes of DBZ Season 5 (I was actually bored during these for some reason.. for the most part anyway).

My dad and I then fit in three movies during the afternoon. Coool. First up was another Netflix selection — Awake. I liked this one a lot more than I thought I would. Wished I had purchased it that day instead of changing my mind now. :p Then I watched Meet The Spartans: Unrated. Utter crap. I was expecting bad after Date Movie and Epic Movie.. but this was a whole new level of horrible. Eugh. Definitely not buying this on Tuesday. My dad was wise enough to get outta there once it started. Wish I did too. Though Carmen Electra in a black Spidey suit was kinda hot.. And we followed that up with Vantage Point. The story repeating six times was rather annoying, but the ending where all the.. vantage points intersected was cool. But it was too late. I was waiting for it to be over. I doubt I’ll buy this DVD in a few weeks either..

I got back online, listened to one of said burned CDs and eventually had some supper. And then the internet disconnected again. But this time, it wouldn’t come back. I once again had to reboot the whole computer just to get it working again. *sigh* I eventually got away from the computer long enough to head t o the bedroom DVR and watch Day Break (now I’m caught up.. until tomorrow :p ..great episode, definitely considering a DVD purchase) and two episodes of Naruto (now I’m caught up.. until about an hour before I started watching these :p).

And that’s about it, I guess.. See ya.

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prjf bts pics / today

May 30, 2008

A RangerBoard member has found a few Power Rangers Jungle Fury behind-the-scenes pics from Red Ranger Jason Smith on his official site. Neat. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. and got online for a while. And I forgot to finish the previous entry before going to bed again. :/ Eventually, I returned to the living room only to find that my dad was returning home from dialysis. We watched some TV, then I got back online for a bit. But then I watched Spider-Man (cool), followed by three more episodes of DBZ Season 5 (awesome.. feels somewhat new to me since I didn’t get this far watching the uncut DVD versions before 🙂 ).

Next, I played GTA IV for a few hours. I completed a mission, then another, then another.. and before I knew it, I had my second safehouse. Too bad the first one’s toast though.. And by the time I reached that point, it was past 5PM. I shut it off and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. So I’ve added an FLV downloader to Firefox and now need another player for them. WMP doesn’t play them at all, while VLC only plays some of them.. and not so well. :/

Once my dad returned from outside and got over the severe weather coverage, we watched another Netflix selection — Employee of the Month. The film certainly won’t win any awards since it’s pretty unoriginal.. but both of us laughed quite a bit. Very funny film. And for perhaps the first time, Dane Cook didn’t annoy me. Wow.. Afterward, I just returned to my room as the storm my dad was so concerned about just passed us by. *shrug*

See ya.

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pr 2009 & krdk update / pr zeo dvd ships / smallville & office extras / today

May 29, 2008

Poweranimals has some good news and bad news for the Power Rangers fandom.. depending on how you look at it, I guess. He’s posted an AIM chat log of a conversation with one of his sources. They reveal that the sentai-cloned idea for next year’s season, Power Rangers R.P.M. is now out the window due to it sounding too much like fellow Disney property Cars.. and maybe it’s due to Speed Racer‘s failure at the box office? They’re now trying to come up with a new plotline.. They also reveal that Toei are the ones wanting the PR seasons be the same as the sentai seasons storywise. Ugh. And that Cartoon Network did not pick up Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, explaining its start date delay from fall 2008 to 2009. It’s already filmed its whole first season of 40 episodes, and Adness will be shopping it around to other networks. 😦

After a short delay, the German Power Rangers Zeo DVD sets have arrived in America in record time. Some have already posted pictures of the new boxed set, which is now in a overlapped discs digipak case instead of those cool thin cases that the first three seasons came in. 😦 But I suppose it’s what’s inside that counts.. And I’ll be ordering mine on Tuesday. :p

TVShowsOnDVD has posted Warner’s press release for Smallville: The Complete Seventh Season on DVD & Blu-ray. Cool. Unaired scenes, featurettes, commentaries.. a comic book? Hmm.. The site also has new details for The Office: Season Four DVD. The Office Convention footage sounds interesting, as does the “Second Life” footage. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Er, all morning.. pretty much. The Spider-Man 1994 Complete Series torrent finally finished. Yay.. We went to the grocery store and I spent the rest of my money (until Tuesday) on more of the new Mt Dew flavors. Yup, I think I like Voltage the most. I was surprised to see the three in 12-packs already. I wonder if there’s 2-liters as well..

We returned home, and after some time online, I watched Greek (pretty good episode, though broken glasses in need of fixing didn’t help my viewing.. I did see that Power Rangers Time Force‘s Erin Cahill is in next Monday’s episode as a bridesmaid though.. cool 🙂 ), Mind of Mencia (it just hasn’t been as funny this season so far.. then he actually poked fun at Heath Ledger in this episode -_-), Spider-Man (heh, got behind again) and three more episodes of DBZ Season 5 (coool.. may think about expanding it back to four episodes a day).

After all that, it was already nearing 5PM. So I got online to news-gather.. and find a video codec. Some AVI files lately haven’t been able to play in WMP, but they do in VLC. So I found out which codec was needed and installed it. Then instead of just the audio and visualization crap, I now have a scrunched picture in the middle of the screen. Ugh. Getting close, I guess.. We had some fast food for supper yet again, then I tried to burn a disc and failed. Why doesn’t Roxio have the audio/data disc option like Nero? Now I’ve got to find free software that does that. Grr..

So at 8PM, I had forgotten all about the Lost finale just because I hadn’t set a DVRing for it. I was planning to watch a movie. Heh. So we watched the first episode of Journeyman (hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have downloaded and burned the whole series to data DVD since Fox is usually all TV DVD crazy.. but then again.. where’s John Doe? *shakes fist* .. *adds torrent*). After that, I watched the Lost finale. Awesome. The island moved. Whoa. And I really wasn’t expecting them to go home this soon. This really makes me wonder what the format will be for next season now..

I got online for a while, then really late at night.. the cable goes out. Both TV and internet. The TV went out, came back one, then shut off and came back on again.. but the internet stayed off that whole time. Strange. 😦

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dvd ads jun 1-6 / avatar s3 set / transformers blu / vh1 already loves 00s / today

May 28, 2008

Click the corresponding retailers for their ads for the week of June 1st to 6th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Semi-Pro & The Eye will both be available in 2-disc editions for $22.99 across the board. Still don’t know if I should get both, or one or the other. :/ ..The craptacular Meet The Spartans is also out this week, with the lowest price being at Circuit City – $13.99.. with free T-shirt! I’m considering it.. even though I’ve sorta already downloaded a DVD rip.. *hides from MPAA* ..Best Buy will be offering a selection of catalog titles for $6.99 with free movie cash to Incredible Hulk and an exclusive Incredible Hulk / Hellboy II / Wanted / Mummy 3 Preview DVD. Cool. Not sure if the movie cash here may be good for the other films, since Circuit City has a similar deal (but without bonus DVD) claiming the movie cash is good toward all films featured on Best Buy’s preview DVD. Hmm..

Paramount has set the Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 3 Collection 5-disc DVD set for release on September 19th. Check out this link for a look at the awesome cover art. I really want to get the season sets eventually, but I’m just unable to get them in September when a lot of other TV DVD releases are set for release as well. At least I’ve been noticing the regular price on the first season slowing dropping. My Target now has it for just $39.99..

Paramount has also announced the September 2nd Blu-ray Disc release of Transformers. The 2-disc set is said to feature a brand new HD encode of the film to take advantage of Blu-ray’s larger disc capacity. It will also feature quite a few HD featurettes.. TVShowsOnDVD also claims a couple “cash-in” DVD re-releases of the film are expected on that date as well, a 1-disc DVD with Optimus Prime mask and a 2-disc DVD with transforming Megatron packaging. :/

VH1 is at it again. They can’t wait for the decade to end to make another “I Love The…” series, so on June 23rd begins the eight-year/part series I Love The New Millennium. Two of the eight installments will debut each night through June 26th, covering the pop culture moments of the years 2000 to 2007. I very much hope it’s more than just Best Week Ever segments. :p

I wasn’t able to sleep until nearly 5AM. First, I stayed awake making sure a torrent completed without disconnection. It seems to be working better than it did yesterday, only disconnecting 2 or 3 times so far. Then I realized maybe I shouldn’t have drank so much of the new Mt Dew flavors. All three have ginseng after all. And after trying all three, I think Voltage will win. It has the sharpest flavor and tastes the most like an energy drink, which people who aren’t me seem to like. :p

I eventually slept until about 9AM, then got back online for a while. I then watched the latest two episodes of Power Rangers Jungle Fury back-to-back — “Ghost Of A Chance” I & II. As mentioned before, I fell asleep about halfway through Part 2, so I missed some of the episode. Their new suits were awesome. As was the final scene with Fran. Heehee. Hope to see it continued a bit next episode though.

My dad woke up, then we watched the season finale of Ellen. Soon after the news started though, I got back online for a bit. I returned to the living room to find my dad sleeping. So I took over the TV and watched the first three episodes of DBZ Season 5 (great start.. Cell is most likely my second favorite saga, behind Freiza), then played GTA IV for a few hours. I was finally lucky enough to beat that mission that I had failed 24983495 times (by being able to corner the guy’s car and go to town on it), and the one after that. Then I went out with friends and rampaged for the rest of the time. The hospital does make a good standoff base. Should do that again sometime..

I shut off the game at about 5PM, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, listened some some mp3s, then I finished up online by 7PM. I then went to the bedroom DVR and watched two more episodes of Naruto (yay, almost caught up). Then since there was nothing on TV, my dad and I watched a Netflix selection — 27 Dresses. I heard good things so I wanted to see it. It wasn’t bad. Basic light romantic comedy fare.. And after that, we watched a CSI NY rerun.

I got online and soon found a recent episode of Passions being streamed. W. T. F. And I watched the show for years.. but.. wtf. Theresa’s suddenly Ugly Betty with a big poof of hair, glasses and some fake jagged teeth.. while Vincent (played by Power Rangers Wild Force‘s own Philip Jeanmarie) is trying to take over Sheridan’s life by only using a wig and some make-up.. W. T. F. For once, NBC actually dodged a bullet with a cancellation.. See ya.

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prjf spoiler 19 / office s4 date / media / today

May 27, 2008

Kyl416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and description.. and whoever wrote the latter certainly did not do a good job. Episode 1819: “Path Of The Rhino” will likely debut on July 7th.

PRJF Episode 1819 – “Path Of The Rhino” – Writer: Nico Manley – Dominic was sent out by Master Mao to find purpose for his life. He finds out that RJ and the others are really Power Rangers and he wants to join them. He now knows that this is his purpose in life. Casey is dubious but Dominic proves he has the spirit of the Rhino. Dominic becomes the Rhino Ranger.

The DVD release of The Office: Season 4 has been officially announced by NBC Universal, and its now set to arrive in stores a week earlier than first thought. All 19 episodes (or 14 if you count the double-length episodes as one) will have the SRP of $49.98 and be released on September 2nd. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up yesterday’s entry. Then we got ready and soon headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to FYE and sold off all 7 volumes of Robotech Remastered (I only liked Macross anyway.. and even that wasn’t all that much) as well the original TMNT live action movie (the old cardboard case version that I’ve since replaced with a plastic-cased version). I got a bit more than I expected. Then I hurried to Best Buy and picked up DBZ Season 5 & DBZ Double Feature 2 for $45. Yay. On our way back home, I picked up an icee and also found that the three Dewmocracy flavors were out already, nearly a week early. Cool. So I had to get one of each. :p

Upon returning home, we sorta watched Ellen. I then got pissed off once again by my connection shutting off due to utorrent. It must’ve happened like 20-30 times today. The connection drops out, then I replug the modem. Again and again and again. Not to mention that the connection, or possibly the irremovable malware, is making it impossible to open certain websites now (on both Firefox & IE). Including a few news-gathering sites and my DVD collection site. And the connection won’t stay on long enough to download AVG. It just keeps getting better and better..

I gave up on all that crap and watched.. the new E! reality shows Denise Richards: It’s Complicated & Living Lohan… I gave up on both about halfway through and deleted them from the DVR. Don’t know I recorded them in the first place. Reality shows suck.. I then watched last week’s Greek (very good episode), then returned to my room. I shut off utorrent so I could stay connected. I news-gathered (with the sites I could reach anyway), then had some Taco Bell for supper.

I then was able to download and install AVG Free. It seems better than I remember it on my old computer. Hmm. It even found stuff that PC-cillin didn’t. While it was scanning, I watched an episode of Day Break (wow, great episode.. but why did TVOne skip a week just for a Memorial Day marathon the next day? :/). The scan was able to get rid of everything after a reboot. The rundll errors upon startup were annoying, but a lot less annoying than the malware itself. And I’m able to view those websites again. Yay.

In primetime, we watched the season finale of According To Jim (haha), followed by the summer premiere of Moment of Truth (I feel dirty) and the season finale of Bones (another one forgotten on the DVR.. great episode though). It wasn’t until I returned to my computer that I realized that Firefox still isn’t loading the pages as fast as it used to. Sites and images take forever to load sometimes, other sites load incorrectly. And a connection dialog box sometimes comes up, as if I had lost my connection when I actually hadn’t.

As soon one problem is solved, another rises to take its place. Always. -_- See ya..

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no news / today

May 26, 2008

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then watched two episodes of Oban Star-Racers (awesome) and Brad Neely Special (the Super Deluxe ads made it look retarded.. but I actually liked it *hides*). My dad returned home and we watched some Ellen, then I got online again as my dad watched some news.

But I soon took over the TV and watched the final three episodes of Oban Star-Racers (awesome finale.. made me get all emotional all over again) and Spider-Man (“Turning Point”.. wow, very intense finale with Spidey getting pissed like that). After that, I got the PS3 online again and played the demos I haven’t minded playing until now. Then after failing that GTA IV mission again, I opened my own free mode game and rampaged for a while. It mostly involved grenades and cars. :p

I soon shut it off and got back online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. Since there was nothing on tonight, we watched National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets. I liked it. My dad liked it more than the first. But I sensed something missing that was present in the first film, so I liked it a little less than the first. But I still liked it. Good movie. These are how deleted scenes should always be included: intros. No commentaries that force you to watch them twice if you want to hear the comments and the scenes themselves. The easter eggs on disc 2 were rather average.

My dad went off to bed, then I eventually went to my room. But I soon returned to watch.. the latest episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury — 1814: “Ghost Of A Chance II”. I would’ve watched / taped it yesterday if the closing credits had been in there original format, but they weren’t. Pretty good episode. But I fell asleep near the end, so I’ll have to watch it again. And I might as well watch both parts together..

See ya.

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Sunday 05.25.2008 —

May 25, 2008

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I doubt I’ll be able get enough money out of these DVDs to get what I nee- want anyway. 😦 ..We had a crappy breakfast, then I took over the TV and watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (hmm, a little better than I was expecting), Code Geass (it was alright), Death Note (another great episode), Witchblade (wow) and Transformers Animated (ha @ the constructicons acting like stereotypical construction workers :p).

My dad took off as I watched three more episodes of Oban Star-Racers (ooh, getting really good now.. hoping to fit in the last five episodes tomorrow). My dad returned.. and went to his room to listen to the Indy 500 race.. when I remembered telling him I had wanted to watch the sequel movie today. I even had it loaded and waiting. I took it back out once he pulled that bullshit though and got online for a bit. I’ve been accidentally keeping the computer monitor on too much again and it’s starting to act up. Everything onscreen does not look nice in purple..

I went to the living room to watch an episode of Spider-Man, but returned to my room soon after.. I got online for quite a while, mostly dealing with my utorrent-related connection problems. I need to open a port all of a sudden just to keep torrenting. I never had this problem on the previous computer (on the same cable modem). So it keeps disconnecting and I must keep unplugging/plugging the modem to reconnect. It’s as if I’m meant to suffer in this life. Ever single thing goes wrong. And when I’m if I’m able to fix them, other things come up. It’s inescapable.

I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched Supernatural (I can’t believe I didn’t get around to watching the season finale until now either.. wow @ that ending, great episode) and the May 10th episodes of Naruto (cool.. now I’m only four episodes behind :p)..

My dad soon went to bed and I set some new DVR recordings. I can’t believe Nickelodeon’s sudden persistence to get H20: Just Add Water over with. Two back-to-back new episodes were scheduled today and now there’s going to be four more new episodes Tuesday through Friday at 7PM too. And there’s two more next Sunday, taking them up to episode 20 by that point. That leaves just six more to go. I’ve sorta downloaded both seasons already though. But I’m transferring them to tape for some reason too. :p

Damn. That weekend went by so fast.. and I surely wasn’t having fun. The world makes sure of that.. See ya.

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Saturday 05.24.2008 — TMNT FF on CW / Transformers on Blu

May 24, 2008

With 4Kids invading CW’s Saturday morning block and renaming it CW4Kids, I wasn’t really expecting all that much to change. But Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward will join the line-up on June 21st. :/

TVShowsOnDVD, during a report about the DVD rights for the original Transformers animated series, revealed that the live-action Transformers film will finally come home as a Two-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray Disc on September 2nd. Awesome. Maybe It’ll be my first Blu-ray. Hmm..

I awoke in the morning, then watched Spider-Man (nice continuing some back story from the two-parter), three more episodes of Oban Star-Racers (awesome), Mind of Mencia (lol), Reno 911! (lol) and Friday’s Ellen (yup). My dad went off somewhere, then I got online for a bit. When he returned, we watched National Treasure on DVD. Very good movie. I have bought it twice after all. I’m hoping to see the sequel for the first time tomorrow..

I got back online for a while and we soon had a crappy supper. Then eventually pulled myself away from the computer long enough to head over to the bedroom DVR and watch Battlestar Galactica (last Friday’s episode.. pretty good actually.. but mostly for that ending O_O) and Gossip Girl (the season finale.. I haven’t really enjoyed this post-strike story arc as much as the earlier episodes though :/). And that was about it..

See ya.

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nbc fall dates / pushing daisies s1 / supernatural digital / today

May 23, 2008

NBC has announced their fall premiere dates. Heroes returns on Monday September 22nd, with a clip show and a two-hour premiere. Looks like they moved it back a week.. The new Knight Rider series premieres on September 24th, with one-hour premieres of My Name Is Earl & The Office following on September 25th. Chuck & My Own Worst Enemy will then debut on each side of a new Heroes on September 29th. 🙂 Crusoe, which sounds a little like a Lost ripoff (flashbacks), will have a two-hour series premiere on October 17th..

Warner has finally announced the DVD & Blu-ray release of Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season. The 3-disc sets will include all nine episodes and a featurette for only $29.98 in DVD or $39.98 in Blu..

Now here’s a first: the Supernatural: The Complete Third Season DVD will include digital copies of the complete season. Ha. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Then we watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. But not long after that, I got back online.. and my dad left. He’s visiting my aunt way far away and will be gone all day… I returned to the living room and watched Spider-Man (eh..) and three more episodes of Oban Star-Racers (awesome.. except when the PS3 remote started acting like a controller out of nowhere 😦 ).

After some more time online, I then got online with GTA IV.. and played free mode from 1PM to 6PM. As I was shutting it off, my dad returned home with some fast food for supper. I returned to my room and found myself unable to reconnect to the internet. Fucking awesome. I tried again and again for nearly an hour, disconnecting and reconnecting. Then I rebooted the damn computer and everything was fine. Thanks for getting me seriously behind on news-gathering, piece of crap. -_-

And in the process of rebooting, that malware has found Firefox and is starting to fuck with it too. PC-cillin can do nothing about the damn thing and the PC blocks me from deleting it myself. Certain websites that used to load fine now won’t load at all, just like IE did. *sigh* 😦

So at 8PM, I watched Greek (5/12 episode.. i’m a little behind :p ..good episode). Then we watched the two-part season finale of House (great episodes.. but just a bit more on the former than the latter though.. the DVR screwed up the recording on part 2, so I downloaded both and put the files onto DVD and the PS3 played them fine.. yay), followed by The Soup (lol). Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya. Well, I should anyway..

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instant star s4 date / today

May 22, 2008

The N has issued a press release announcing that the fourth and final season of Instant Star will begin airing on June 2nd at 8PM ET. Then the remaining twelve new episodes will air weeknights at 8PM. That’s the whole season in just two and a half weeks. Wow. :p They’re probably trying to promote their recent acquisition of That 70s Show, which will air following it and begin the week before on June 30th..

I awoke in the morning and watched some morning TV. Then I got online for a bit. We watched some Ellen, then some news. Blah. It was nearly 1PM when I took over the TV. I watched three more episodes of Oban Star-Racers (awesome), followed by Spider-Man (I hope the new series treats the return of Venom better than this one did.. making him Mordo’s bitch, shameful). And then I got my PS3 online again and played some GTA IV multiplayer. It’s nice when you finally find a free mode game without without any psychos. I wants a heli next time though. I shot one down. Heh. My PSN is PrometheusUFO (duh.. though I should’ve lowercased it all). I should add it to my profile or something..

I finally shut off the game at about 10 til 6. Ack. I quickly got back online and news-gathered. We had some supper, then I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Doctor Who (“The Sontaran Strategem”.. *watches Martha’s clone rise out of the slime nude* “ooh.. ew.. ooh.. ew” etc.. awesome episode.. damn you SciFi, making us wait two weeks for part 2 just so they could air a movie marathon instead 😡 ).

At 8PM, I returned to the living room and decided to watch Ugly Betty in there for like the second time ever. My dad really doesn’t for the show.. so I had a hard time paying attention. May have to watch it again on the bedroom DVR after all. Damnit. Then we watched the two-hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Great episodes. Very good role from Jurnee Smollett. Her character’s story was the highlight of the show. Except maybe for the end I guess.. Ooh, they’re re-airing part 1 of the Lost finale next week, before parts 2 & 3, with supposedly “new footage”. Yeah right.. But I’ll probably tune in anyway since there’ll be nothing better on.. and because it’s not another damn clip show..

All night, my dad was depressed. At least I’m able to somewhat ignore my depression, but he seems to be drowning in it. He’s tired of dialysis making him feel week. He wants to stop. But if he does, he’ll die. And I think he wants to die, just like I do. When I was a kid and gave up on making a life for myself, I didn’t think I would last this long. I thought I’d be gone by now. But once he’s gone, I’ll definitely have to go with him. I haven’t had friends around here in years and all our family has moved far away. There’s just no way I could make it alone..

See ya.

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