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January 31, 2003

I’m tired. I have the monthly check in hand but I can’t go to the bank until father gets home. Which should me at LEAST 30mins from now.


I went to sleep about 5AM and woke at 12:15PM. ISN’T THAT ENOUGH??!?!? Ugh. Must. Stay. Awake.

*falls asleep on keyboard* xkgxggzzzzzzzzzzzz


week in review

January 30, 2003

I FINALLY finished this e-mail crap. All day, I was pre-occupied with my e-mail program. I hadn’t checked it for a week and it got up to 200+ e-mails (mailing lists and spam mostly). But it’s finally taken care of.

My dad has been acting strange this week. He has been actually staying home nights this week. He finally bought that CD stereo for his car after our old one was stolen months ago, then we went out for a drive to test it, and ended up at the Dairy Queen. I had not had a Blizzard in TOO long… But anyway, he even mentioned we may actually go to a few baseball games this season. We haven’t gone to a game in 3 or 4 years! And baseball is pretty much the only game I enjoy watching (atleast when we went long ago).

I’m getting to like Grand Theft Auto 3 even more now. At first, I thought it was just okay. But, now that I’m actually starting to understand how to play, it’s SO cool. I’ll be going to Blockbuster tomorrow after I get my monthly check to rent Spyro 4. Can’t wait to try it out.

I also watched three more PR Time Force episodes early today. This time around it was the “Dawn of Destiny” trilogy of episodes. I almost forgot how awesome those episodes really were. These episodes include the last shots of building destruction for quite a while in the series. After 9/11, building destruction and frightened civilians and things related were cut from future episodes and airings afterward of early episodes were edited. 😦 Glad I taped the episodes before they were butchered. 🙂

Well, there’s nothing else to update you nosey people on, so see ya… 🙂

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( A First Look at The X-Files: Resist Or Serve )

Perfect. Just…Prefect.

January 30, 2003

Here is a fine reason why I hate this fucking life:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Uploads and new account creation have been disabled. The Geekshelf Gallery will disappear on 2003/02/15. Save your files now!

And just a week or so after I joined. Just great. All the previous pics I posted here in this journal will become dreaded red X’s. Shit like this keeps happening to me. It never ends. Just little things like this. Totally pisses me off. Just MANY different little things happening one after another to make my life a living HELL. I have to lighten up damnit, before I do something..not-so-good. So I’ll just watch Conan O’Brien. See ya…

something to do…

January 28, 2003

It’s very hard to pay attention to the State of the Union address when I have a nice new PS2 to play… I’m trying to watch it for when he mentions Project Prometheus (the nuclear space rockets). But I used the name first dangit! I started Project Prometheus YEARS AGO (HERE)!

Ah well, my PS2 is coooooooooooooooooooooooooool. 🙂 I’d like to rent Spyro 4 soon though. I’d usually buy a Spyro game right away, but I’ve heard the game has lots of defects, so I’m going to hold back to just a rent right now.

When I bought the PS2, got this free CD/DVD wallet..thing… it holds 16. I just decided to go to Best Buy because of this free..thing.. *cough*. But anyway, I should get back to laughing the President’s lies during this State of the Union address bull shit. See ya later… 🙂

Alien Hunter: The Movie

January 28, 2003

Alien Hunter
Director: Ron Krauss; Producer: David Varot; Screenwriter: Joe Cardone; Cinematographer: Darko Suvac; Cast: James Spader, Carl Lewis, Leslie Stefanson, John Linch, Nikolai Binev
Sci-fi thriller: An alien black box is found in the South Pole, where a government agency is conducting botanical experiments.
Status: in production; Release: TBA

This movie better rule… It’s a direct-to-video release, I believe. Sounds fuckin’ cool anyway. The listing is from by the way…

Oh, my dad is home. Gotta go get that PS2 now. See ya. 🙂

Dark Angel & PS2

January 28, 2003

I just finished reading the first chapter of the next book I’m reading. I think I bought back in November, read two chapters, and gave up on it. But now I’m starting over from the beginning again. The book is titled Dark Angel: Before The Dawn by Max Allan Collins. This book is a prequel to the hit TV series (until FOX cancelled it for the shit show called Firefly that is also cancelled). There’s other novels coming that supposedly takes place after the TV series.

Yay. I guess I might be getting my PS2 tomorrow…err today. And I got Grand Theft Auto 3 in the mail Monday already. Can’t wait to start playing. >: ) Check out the links to my media collections below.

Well, I gotta go…um, just sleep. See ya ’round.

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January 27, 2003

My dad stayed home to file taxes. I watched 3 more PR Time Force episodes today too. So, I’ll most likely have my PS2 by tomorrow. 🙂

And there’s really nothing else to write about right now, so see ya. I’m gonna go play my Time Force PS1 game. I STILL haven’t completed it. 😉

Another post…

January 27, 2003

So I sat in front of the computer all day, doing nothing else at all. Dad went to church at 9am and 4pm then watched the Super Bowl over at his true family’s house. I got to see a few of the ads. The Hulk looks hilarious and The Matrix sequels look coooooool.

I finally finished Area 51: The Truth yesterday. It was an awesome climax to seven-books-worth of story. There was also a preview for the continuing series of Area 51 books. It looks like the series will become more self-contained books beginning with this one. Area 51: Nosferatu, which comes out later this summer, seems to be an alien take on Dracula, who will be portrayed as half-alien in the book. I can’t wait for this one. 🙂

Oh no! It’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie 2! lol. Actually, it’s from the Fast and the Furious sequel. The color matching is just reminiscent of Power Rangers for me… 😛

Well, back to the weekday grind tomorrow…of sleeping til noon then watching TV and chatting. 🙂 See ya…


January 26, 2003

Here’s some ideas I have for CDs I would make when/if I get a CD burner…

Alien & Conspiracy Tunes CD:
Sheryl Crow – Maybe Angels [4:55]
Smash Mouth – Who’s There [3:34]
Pennywise – Alien [4:08]
Moby – We Are All Made Of Stars [4:33]
Mark Snow – Materia Primoris (The X-Files theme) [3:21]
Soul Coughing – Unmarked Helicopters [3:25]
The Toyes – Waiting For The Aliens [4:00]
Blink 182 – Aliens Exist [3:13]
Foo Fighters – Next Year [4:39]
Meat Puppets – Unexplained [3:43]
Alien Crime Syndicate – Take Me To Your Leader [3:06]
The Lillingtons – I Got Abducted By A UFO [2:24]
Fountains Of Wayne – I Want An Alien For Christmas [2:19]
Will Smith – Men In Black [3:54]
Will Smith featuring Tra-Knox – Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head) [4:20]
Sheryl Crow – Redemption Day [4:28]
Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta [3:39]
Sheryl Crow – Subway Ride [4:07]
*Bonus Track*: Nine Days – End Up Alone [3:58]

And there’s a multi-disc idea I have for Power Rangers…

Ultimate Power Rangers Vol. 1 – ??:
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Go Go Power Rangers (Extended Version) [4:35]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – We Need A Hero (Clean Version) [5:24]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Fight (Clean Version) [3:40]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – 5-4-1 (Clean Version) [2:22]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Lord Zedd (PR The Album Version) [2:39]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Go Green Ranger Go (Clean Version) [3:01]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Combat (Clean Version) [2:26]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – I Will Win (Clean Version) [5:10]
MMPR – Amy Jo Johnson & Walter Jones – Down The Road [0:52]
MMPR – Unknown – Shape It Up, Bulk & Skull (Part 1) [0:45]
MMPR – Unknown – Shape It Up, Bulk & Skull (Part 2) [1:44]
MMPR – Power Jet – Ayeyaiyai (Alpha Song) [3:48]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – White Ranger Tiger Power (Clean Version) [1:03]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Tenga Bye Bye [2:43]
MMPR – The Mighty RAW – Go Go Power Rangers (Instrumental TV Version) [0:58]
MMAR – The Mighty RAW – Go Go Alien Rangers (Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers theme) [1:01]
PRZ – Unknown – Unleashing The Power (Early Power Rangers Zeo theme) [0:31]
PRZ – Zeo & The Mighty RAW – Go Go Power Rangers (Power Rangers Zeo theme) [1:02]
PRZ – Nakia Burrise – Stick Together [1:59]
PRZ – Super Power – Go Gold Ranger [2:21]
PRZ – Zeo & The Mighty RAW – Go Go Power Rangers (Power Rangers Zeo theme – Instrumental) [0:27]
PRT – Super Power – Power Rangers Turbo, Go! (Power Rangers Turbo theme) [2:26]
PRT – Fulflej – Shift Into Turbo [3:41]
PRT – Unknown – All I Really Need [0:33]
PRT – Unknown – Waiting For Your Love [0:53]
PRT – Unknown – Tell Me Now [0:37]
PRT – Unknown – Sunshine [1:28]
PRT – Unknown – Is That The Best You’ve Got [0:30]
PRT – Super Power – Turn On The Turbo [1:14]
PRT – Super Power – You’re Gone, Piranhatrons [0:50]
PRT – Crash & The Creeps – Confusion (Performance Version) [1:09]
PRT – Super Power – Power Rangers Turbo theme (Instrumental Version) [0:27]
PRiS – Super Power – Power Rangers In Space (Full Version) [2:20]
PRiS – Super Power – Go Go Power Rangers (Power Rangers In Space Remix) [0:38]
PRiS – Super Power – Go Fly Win [0:41]
PRLG – Super Power – Power Rangers Lost Galaxy theme (TV Opening Version) [1:01]
PRLG – Super Power – Power Rangers Lost Galaxy theme (Instrumental) [1:00]
PRLR – Super Power – Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue theme (TV Opening Version) [1:01]
PRLR – Super Power – Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue theme (Instrumental) [1:02]
PRTF – Super Power – Power Rangers Time Force theme (TV Opening Version) [1:02]
PRWF – Unknown – Power Rangers Wild Force theme (Preview Version) [0:31]
PRWF – Unknown – Power Rangers Wild Force theme (TV Opening Version) [1:01]
PRWF – Unknown – Power Rangers Wild Force theme (ABC Family Promo Remix) [1:00]
PRWF – Ann Marie Crouch – Ode To Nature [1:38]
PRWF – Power Rangers Wild Force theme (TV Closing Version) [0:30]
PRNS – Unknown – Power Rangers Ninja Storm theme (ABC Family Promo Version) [1:00]

I really just wanted to test the lj-cut thingie with something long, so… 🙂

See ya.


January 26, 2003

Just woke up. Yay. So I got up at 6:30 am with my alarm just fine. Then, I layed back into bed. Then, I just woke up about 20 minutes ago. Fun. And now it’s time for…

DVD Must-buys for Tuesday, Jan. 28th
Hmm, what am I getting this week, you ask? Well, nothing! Yup, no new releases to get this week. There’s some major releases coming in February, with 2/18 being the busiest week with five new releases I’m considering buying. 🙂

Well, that was fun. Hey, isn’t some football Oh yeah. that Super Bowl thing. Eh, I’ll watch…for the ads. I’m not into sports much, participating or watching…

And my dad has left for the all-day church etc. crap, leaving me here alone all day again. I finally got around to watching The Bourne Identity yesterday and not soon after it was over was my dad out the door. He got the mail, with the W-2s, and said his ex knows somewhere his taxes could be done cheaper. And so he didn’t return until really late last night. And now, he’s gone again. It’s like I’m living alone. 😦

Well, see ya ’round…