I awoke in the morning and finished up the previous entry, then I got onto PlayStation Home (the thing kept losing the “network connection” right after loading up.. then the third delete & reinstall of the app this week alone fixed it.. damn..). While waiting for the install though, I watched last night’s The Boondocks (lol, Tyler Perry cult.. awesome).. and then returned to PlayStation Home. For many hours in fact. I met some new people and kept being invited from space to space with them. Pretty neat to be.. not all alone for once.

My dad returned home from dialysis, then soon went to bed.. and I stayed in PlayStation Home the whole time. Shortly after 2PM, I finally pulled myself away from it long enough to watch the last four episodes of Family Guy Vol 8 (lol, very good episodes.. the deleted scenes were rather funny too.. nice to separate them by episode this time, but it would’ve been even nicer to have put them in each episodes’ “extras” menus that currently only features commentaries and “original televised episodes”).

I then went to ModNation Racers for a bit. I keep trying the best I can to beat the Sinkhole career race, but I have no luck whatsoever. The differing difficulty from race to race in career is annoying. I hear they’re working on it though. Pretty soon, I might just gave up on this game until I hear of a patch… My dad woke up again, then eventually made some supper.. and went right back to bed again. I briefly got on PlayStation Home again before opting to get online to news-gather instead.

In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha, I liked the testimonial montage.. the rest was just okay..). My dad then woke up again with no recollection of getting up for supper… then we watched The Good Guys (my dad’s liking this one, as do I đŸ™‚ ) and Persons Unknown (another very good episode.. really liking this show, I see why they plucked it from SciFi for airing a big network instead.. I wonder if the season finale will be two hours since the Season 1 DVD is out August 17th and the season wouldn’t be done airing in time otherwise :p).


[ Video: BP Toxic Rain Could Destroy North America ]
[ Video: Toxic Gulf Rain Already Destroying US Crops ]
[ How The BP Disaster Could Kill Millions ]
[ Years Of Toxic Rain From BP Dispersants For US ]
[ BP Must Stop Using Toxic Dispersant NOW ]
[ Makow – In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse ]
[ First Gulf Hurricane Formation Possible In Seven Days ]
[ BP Execs, US Regulators Bushwhacked All Life ]
[ Gulf Oil Catastrophe – Epic Lies And Deceit ]
[ BP Workers Burn Sea Turtles Like Ocean Trash ]
[ Worker Claim Well Leaking Weeks Before Explosion ]
[ Oil Hits Sea Side Florida – Beaches Kept Open ]
[ Oil Now Reported Just Offshore Of Cuba ]
[ Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) ‘Held Back Evolution Of Life’ ]
[ Man Finds OIL In Oyster In NC Restaurant ]
[ Obama Limits BP Liability ]
[ Oil Rig Safety Outsourced To Marshall Islands ]
[ BP Chief Attends Yacht Race As Oil Rages In Gulf ]
[ Video: Martial Law And The BP Disaster ]
[ The Gulf Disaster And The NWO Agenda ]
[ How The Illuminati Use Sex And Blackmail ]
[ Video: ‘Obama Said He’s Not Securing Border On Purpose’ ]
[ US Soldier Tells How He DIED For 15 Min After Being Shot ]
[ Son Kills Father Who Translated For US In Iraq ]
[ Afghan Mineral Deposits Now Worth 3 Trillion ]
[ Blackwater Gets $120 Million Govt Contract ]
[ George Clooney Joins The NWO CFR ]
[ A Little Known Fact About The 9/11 Planes ]
[ Over-Consumption Destroying Earth And Happiness ]
[ Firms Paid To Shut Down Wind Farms During Wind ]
[ US Boy’s Homemade Hat A School Weapon ]
[ Sunscreen Scam Why Is Skin Cancer Still Rising ]
[ School Cancers Rise Near Cell Phone Tower ]
[ Human Race Will Be Extinct Within 100 Years – Top Scientist ]
[ What’s Wrong With The Sun? ]
[ Billionaires Plan To Give Away Billions ]
[ NASA Warns Meteor Storm Could Hit Hubble, ISS ]


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