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my lame life / outing / Push Play Vol 1 DVD / etc

August 31, 2003

I always find myself thinking the worst or coming up with wild theories that leave me sad and alone. Like I’m here waiting for my dad to return from church so we can go to Circuit City. I automatically think that maybe he’s over at his ex’s/daughter’s house (they live next door to each other) in an attempt to avoid me and driving that far. In the rain. I suck. But I can’t help but feel that I’m not always wrong… and he’s already back but refuses to go because of the flooding. Whatever.

*haha’s @ this chick talking about a sex fantasy with oompa loompas on vh1’s “I Love the 70s”*

My dad was awesome enough to take me to the three places I wanted to go. Then we even stopped by Burger King. I looked everywhere I went for the Ninja Storm DVDs, but of course didn’t find them. I went to Circuit City for that music video DVD that I had to buy a selected CD for (I chose Kelly Clarkson).

This music vid DVD must be my favorite of this kind so far, and for one reason alone: it contains the UNCUT version of Christina Aguilera’s “Can’t Hold Us Down” video (some sexually suggestive scenes were asked to be removed by MTV). Here’s the complete “track list” for those who want to know: 1. Kelly Clarkson – Miss Independent; 2. Christina Aguilera – Can’t Hold Us Down; 3. Heather Headley – I Wish I Wasn’t; 5. Maroon 5 – Harder To Breathe; 6. R. Kelly – Soldier’s Heart; 7. Ruben Studdard – Flying Without Wings; 8. Bowling For Soup – Punk Rock 101; 9. Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You; 10. Brad Paisley – Celebrity; 11. Anthony Hamilton – Coming From Where I’m From; 12. Ziggy Marley – True To Myself. It comes in a keep case (yay) and the title is “Push Play: Super Collection of Hit Music Videos, Vol. 1”. That “Vol. 1” makes me really hopeful for the future (especially with over half of the “tracks” here being ones I like).

I also went to Borders to pick of a copy of..a magazine. And to Walmart (which was only blocks from Borders) because I had heard they had the PS2 Network Adapter for only $25. That was surely a waste of time. And that’s it. See ya.


PR DVD reviews / today = bored to..sleep

August 31, 2003

*lol @ the pop tart ad with the Yeti*

I found myself extremely bored tonight so I searched Yahoo for Power Rangers DVD info. Here’s some reviews I found instead:

Best of PR: Ultimate Rangers [DVDTalk][Digital Monster Island]
PR Ninja Storm: Volume 1 [DVDAnswerMan] [] [Digital Monster Island] [DVDTalk] [KidzWorld]

Be warned, not all these reviews are positive. I also found this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie review from 1995…by one Roger Ebert…

Nothing happened today. At all. After the morning, I fought with my sleepiness and watched some Family Guy episodes from the Volume 1 DVD set, then gave in and slept. Then I woke and it’s been me here in front of this computer ever since. Quite sad. I may want to fit in a few more Family Guy episodes later

See ya.

Saturday morning 8.30.03: on the way down…

August 30, 2003

I expect this entry to be very short…

I went out to breakfast again, which is always nice. Too bad I may have to stop soon, once Ninja Turtles’ new season begins… Then we got home. The mailman arrived. A received notice that they were dropping my monthly check from $456 to… $41? And the letter doesn’t even explain why! My dad’s going to appeal it for me next week though. I should have seen something like this coming. Whenever I get ahead in ANY way, something always comes to fuck up everything and drive me back down into my endless depression. That’s why I quit trying for a real life long ago. I will not live on $41 a month…

So I saw that new Teen Titans series for the first time this morning. Wow. Much better than I thought it would be. The episode I saw anyway. I gotta remember to watch the new episode tonight…

Oh. I guess the morning’s over now. So I’ll just post this. See ya.

sched / degrassi / stitch / ps2

August 29, 2003

Another week of Power Rangers has already been added to my airing schedules page. And I added the next few episodes for Smallville too.

I just finished watching the season finale of Degrassi. It was very… intense. In a way, I could identify with what Craig went through (I won’t spoil for those who haven’t seen it). To tell you the truth, I even shed a few tears…

I tried watching Stitch! The Movie this afternoon after depositing this month’s check…but I fell asleep after seeing only 5-10 minutes. Bwahahahaa. I’ve heard it wasn’t that great anyway. I guess I’ll wait a few days and try watching it again…

Since I actually saved quite a bit from the previous month’s check, I’m finally starting to look into buying a PS2 Network Adapter again. We’ll see, I guess… In fact, I think I’ll do some research on that right now.

See ya.

Ninja Storm Cine-Manga & DVD specs…

August 29, 2003

So Ninja Storm Cine-Manga Vol 1 has been scheduled for delivery by UPS on September 2nd, the same time the landlord has scheduled to begin stripping and repaving the parking lot out front. Ugh. I hope they’re able to deliver it…

But more importantly, the first specs are in from DVDPlanet for the upcoming Power Rangers Ninja Storm DVD volumes out in December. Vol. 4: The Samurai’s Journey and Vol. 5: Cyber Clash will each have an 80 minute runtime (or 4 episodes each) and under special features, we have a “Sneak Peak of Upcoming Bonus Material On Future Volumes”. Coooooooool. My mind is swimming with the possibilities. Finally! Special features! As you can tell, I am very excited.

And I leave you all with something interesting I found on the PR newsgroup, mentioned by Linds and XPeeple:

Today marks the day that Haim Saban’s original insight was confirmed: Power Rangers was able to run successfully for 10 years, as proposed in the 1994 TV Guide cover story.

See ya. 🙂

Dino Thunder / Kindom Hearts ‘anime’ & misc crap

August 28, 2003

Doug Sloan: DT will be great. Amazing cast. Just awesome. We’ll be announcing in a couple of weeks.

Awesome. 🙂

Disney Plans Kingdom Hearts “Anime”
As part of its opening marketing blitz for the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts 2, Disney announced it would produce a Kingdom Hearts animation. There is no word on where the show will see production, but there are signs that it would be made for worldwide consumption. More information should come to light at the Tokyo Game Show in September.


DiC Kids. Haha. …I have a dirty mind…

My dad’s trying to make me more independent. He tells me to buy more than just media with my checks every month. He means food… I do have a good amount left over. Me and my dad didn’t even think I would still have $150 in the bank at the end of the month..and I think I get another check tomorrow…

I was able to go out today! To the grocery store. Yay…even if because of the heat, I become a human water fountain.

My Ninja Storm Cine-Manga Vol 1 shipped today. Whee. Can’t wait to get it. So much, I even sent it UPS. 🙂

See ya.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Power Rangers!

August 28, 2003

Today, August 28th, 2003, is exactly 10 years after the day that the very first episode of Power Rangers aired on Fox Kids. Happy anniversary, Power Rangers! And here’s hoping for 10 more years… *ponders rewatching Forever Red for bazillionth time on DVD later today* Check out these european marketing sites for a cool look at Time Force and Wild Force. And make sure to check out those trailers! 🙂

I think I’ll just go to bed early tonight. There’s nothing going on!

See ya.

[ George W. Bush: Killing the Earth one “rule” at a time. ]

ABC Family Kids’ Block Fall 2003 / SciFi Channel books

August 27, 2003

Here’s the new Fall schedule:

WEEKENDS (effective Sept. 13)
7:00 — Digimon
7:30 — Beyblade
8:00 — Best of Power Rangers
8:30 — Power Rangers Ninja Storm
9:00 — Beyblade
9:30 — Daigunder
10:00 — Digimon Frontier
10:30 — Medabots
11:00 and 11:30 — SAT: Spider-Man
11:00 and 11:30 — SUN: Power Rangers Ninja Storm

WEEKDAYS (effective Sept. 15)
7:00 — Digimon
7:30 — Beyblade
8:00 — Power Rangers Ninja Storm
8:30 — Best of Power Rangers

I’m wondering what we will be getting out of that extra NS episode on Sunday…

I’m also happy to see the Best of PR timeslots weren’t reduced in any way. And Daigunder sounds like an interesting anime series. Never really cared for Digimon. But I will miss Galidor. I thought it was an awesome show. At least I still have the entire season on VHS…

Oh, and look, SciFi Channel has decided to begin releasing “non-fiction” books under the “SciFi Declassified” name. Whee. I’m personally more interested in the mentioned “The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed” special to air on SciFi in October. Hmm.

See ya.

ninja storm dream / two towers

August 27, 2003

That had to be one of my weirdest dreams I ever had. In the dream, I got ready to watch an all new episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Only it seemed more like a promo. There were Rangers I had never seen before and the announcer mentioned an “adventure to find the first ninja command center” and it was in the same theme as the ninja theme of Mighty Morphin season 3, yet something I had never seen before on the show (my reaction was “oh my god”). And at the end, there was some kind of mention of “east rangers” and “west rangers”. And when it was done, my first words were “what the hell? That had a completely different vibe”..or something like that. No wonder it had a “different vibe”. It was a dream. 😦

I watched Two Towers again today. I hadn’t seen it since December…and I sorta fell asleep. I guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Then I woke in time for the “big finale” and the sound screwed up. I found out it was the DVD player screwing up after I restarted it and it worked fine again. I guess it’s best to fall sleep during this version that I’ve seen already instead of the extended version like I did with the first film… 😦

And now AIM is screwing up again so I must reboot. See ya.

Silent Warnings DVD / Metamorphosis / cine-manga out

August 27, 2003

I watched my Silent Warnings DVD earlier tonight. Now that I look back on it, it’s definitely not as good as my movie (Alien Hunter, due on DVD Oct. 28th). It was still a good movie for those who thought Signs should have been more *thriller* than it was. It’s a nice ride from beginning to end though. Especially those bits of bare chests that were removed before SciFi aired it… And taking the ending into account, I wonder what the chances are of a Silent Warnings 2

When I first saw the cover for Hilary Duff’s new CD (see previous entry), I immediately noticed they had airbrushed it…and I was saddened…

The first volume of the Power Rangers Ninja Storm Cine-Manga already “ships within 24 hours” from and I already placed my order. 😉

Anyway, I’ve got to get to bed. See ya.