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still missing life.

May 14, 2011

Hmmm.. Maybe it’s about time I update? Alright.

Near the beginning of the month, I was able to leave the apartment again and go to a few places. My aunt said something that made be believe she had talked with the landlord so that I could stay here for at least one more month for less than half the usual rent. I was happy. But of course I was incorrect. The landlord came for the rent some days later and was disappointed I didn’t have all of it. And then some more days later, I got a summons to court in the mail to take back this dump. And that appointment just happened to be placed at pretty much the same date and time as another appointment. Just great. The world really wants to ruin Tuesdays for me, it seems. And well, everything else too, I guess.

My aunt hasn’t even contacted me at all since then. I assume she’s dealing with her own life right now and can’t be bothered to care for me so much as she used to. And I understand that. I don’t want to be a bother. *shrug* I’m pretty much out of food now.. I so miss fast food. Taco Bell, Burger King, even Subway.. Haven’t any any of it in months, except pizza of course. I splurged a little and got two delivered last night. Because what else am I going to eat? Getting a bit tired of them again too.. but oh well..

I have enough to at least pay for the rest of the rent this month, but my aunt said not to. I also have a small social security check to deposit, if I can ever make it back up to the bank. My monthly social security has gone up too. Just a measly $60 or so, but still.. I also got a summons for jury duty in the mail. I usually get out of it due to my handicap. I’d fill it out and return it if I had a frickin’ stamp.. All this depressing crap going on and I still don’t have my main escape to take advantage of. PSN is still offline and has been for over three weeks now. So the only human contact I’ve been having is through this computer. And now who knows where I’ll be after May 24th…

I had a dream recently that I was considering turning into a story or something.. but I’m too depressed to do anything like that now.. so I’ll just describe it here instead.. First, there were these huge gelatinous creatures outside. I think they were purple (it was night outside so it was a bit hard to tell). The more people they absorbed, the bigger they got. I used some kind of PSP purple light app thing to slowly make them smaller. They shrank as they spat out the humans they had swimming about inside them. One became so huge (way taller than a house) that I could see through it and to the people within. I fought past the fleeing humans and these creatures to make it to my home, where I encountered another type of creature.

My home had been invaded by these red bug-looking creatures. They were completely red, except for a few small areas such as the mouth, which were black. They started out pretty small, then grew to at least a foot long and very wide really quickly once they had been impregnated by another one very easily (touching was enough to cause it). Their chests ballooned up and the babies just burst out of their chests. I used that purple light app thing on my PSP to slowly kill them too. At end of the dream, I struggled to kill what appeared to be the last pair of them before their chests burst open and their babies would be released. But I awoke before I could succeed or not. I think I was thrashing about a bit too much to stay asleep. :p

See ya.


Sunday 10.10.10tententententententen — TEN. Oand Forty two.

October 10, 2010

I fell asleep way early last night.. and I eventually had a dream where I snuck onto the set of Power Rangers Samurai. I had brought a burned DVD of some Time Force episodes for some reason. I played a couple of them on this TV and a crowd gathered to watch them. Then I walked around for a bit with a few of the new Ranger cast members, appreciating the New Zealand sights. Then I found myself at the site where they were filming a scene. Linkara was there, in the scene, oddly enough. Ha. Not long after that, I think I left though. I didn’t want to get caught. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online to check out 145 Days of Power Rangers (last of the episodes that were reversioned.. newer-to-me episodes begin tomorrow 🙂 ). I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (Dollhouse: Season 2 on Blu for $39.99.. and the first pressing will include a mini comic book.. looking forward to giving the entire series a watch on Blu.. soon), then soon watched Bleach (so bored.. again.. *falls asleep until the end of the episode* oh, convenient). Kekkaishi (another good episode, getting interesting), Hell Girl (also getting more interesting), The Twisted Whiskers Show (yeah, watched some of The Hub on its first day.. liked the Tom & Jerry style comedy mixed with CG animation in this one *set some DVRings for future episodes*) and.. two more episodes of Hell Girl (heh, two more very good episodes.. wow, what a BITCH in “Bound Girl”.. and that’s sorta funny because the story involves dogs).

My dad awoke again at noon and we had some supper, then I got online for a while as my dad watched his usual Sunday sports stuff.. that he usually falls asleep during. :/ ..And eventually I got around to watching Bones (season premiere, a pretty good episode too) and Gossip Girl (hah, couldn’t get behind on this guilty pleasure.. even though all the live streaming on the Gossip Girl website this season seems so unrealistic :/). I did however finally gave up on 90210 and deleted all the episodes from my bedroom DVR.. once my DVR filled up and couldn’t record a show. Damnit. 😦

My dad got some fast food for supper because it was slightly better than the same old simple crap he was going to make.. we watched Funniest Videos before he went off to bed really early.. I watched Simpsons (lol), Cleveland Show (oh come on, that movie theater gag was a straight rip off of Family Guy.. might as well just call them all the Black Griffins :/), Family Guy (the original is still the one least likely to disappoint, like it always have been.. funny episode, haha @ the ending :p), American Dad (hahaha, not bad), Community (eh it was okay) and 30 Rock (I was really getting sleepy by this point, so I missed a good part of it.. oh well, this show’s overrated IMO).

And that was about it. Except Bandai found some old Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned promo DVDs lying around and smacked Power Rangers Samurai stickers on them before handing them out at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con. Lucky bastards. Getting the reversioned “Day of the Dumpster” episode DVD for free when I paid $13 for it (with the MMPR Cycle Accelerator toys on Amazon) last week. :p ..See ya..

Saturday 06.26.2010 — Hey, leggo my stego! / strange dream

June 26, 2010

I awoke in the morning, got online for a bit, then soon watched Party Down (haha, very good finale), Gravity (good finale here too.. but wtf @ that ending -_-), The Whitest Kids U Know (lol, very funny), five more episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (the White Ranger saga.. last year, Doug Sloan did an episode that shouldn’t have been a “Part 4”, now this year he does one that should have been a “Part 4”.. haha.. good episodes, especially “Leader of the Whack”.. wanted to hate it for being all jokey all of a sudden in a season of mostly serious business, but deep down I loved it.. sorta like the plot of the episode itself :p), Scoundrels (eh, not bad.. I guess), The Gates (slightly better.. I suppose) and The Soup Presents. I fell asleep during that last one, for a few hours…

Over the last week or so, I’ve been having these rather realistic dreams. I never really mentioned them before because I think they went to the back of my mind and I all but forgot about them once I awoke. In this series of dreams, our family was still alive and living prosperously. My dad, my mom.. and we talked to our other family members all the time, unlike here in reality. My mom went into business at some kind of store. It might’ve been for clothing. But the most memorable part was when two very distantly related family members showed up to stay with us for a week or two.

I don’t recall how exactly we were related, or even their names. I think they might’ve been sisters, and somewhat older than me at the time. I was still in school, but it had let out for the summer.. Well, the most memorable moments would definitely be all the times I or other family members (mainly I) would catch them in multiple states of undress. >_> Sometimes underwear, other times even less. One rather odd time.. they were taking a bath together. I guess that isn’t very realistic. :p

We would go out to places together, involving some long walkway place one night where we would stop, sit and get caught in some things. Don’t think I can describe it much better than that. It was weird scene.. But finally I fell asleep today and it was time for them to leave. I was sad, mainly because I was wanting to see more of them, both figuratively and literally. *ahem* So their father came and took them home, but they left a few items which I then gathered up to remember them by. I had unfortunately taken so few pictures during their stay. 😦

Perhaps later, I was at the store that the family owned. This family arrived and trashed the place, then began stealing our merchandise. Don’t recall where my family was. I was all alone in the store for some reason. I began to cry, from real tears to fake ones once I realized it was working on them. They took less than that had originally grabbed, then returned to their old beat-up volkswagen that the kids had to push or pull to even get it started down the street. Once they were gone, I surveyed the damage and began to cry for real.. And that’s about where I woke up. Actually, now that I think about it.. it may mot have been multiple dreams over a week or so, but it just felt that way. It was the most realistic dream(s) I’ve ever been able to remember though. Something else…

I awoke from the dream and got online to immediately get it all down before I forgot it. Then I pretty much wasted all night only. We eventually had some supper.. but yeah, mainly online all night. That gave me a lot of time to look into things. The sci-fi book series Extreme Zone that I first read way back in the day finally has a couple released as ebooks.. but Book 2 & 4 in an eight-book series? O_o ..If I had any kind of ebook device, I’d buy them again though. I have the original paperback books, and I once attempted a school library binding collection.. but only have 1, 2, 4 & 8. :/ I also found my five-year-old book series guide (geocities has since deleted the original version).

Anyway.. see ya.