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Saturday 10.31.2009 — Spectacular Spider-Man: Canned or No Canned?

October 31, 2009

In an interview article with Marvel’s Eric Rollman and Chris Yost, Newsarama claimed that they said that The Spectacular Spider-Man was “over and done with”. After a fan outcry over this comment, Marvel Animation Age contacted Eric Rollman and he abruptly changed his stance back to “no decisions have been made either way” concerning the fate of the series. :/

I awoke too early in the morning to the cat falling off the TV again. We’ve tried really hard to try and get him off there, but no luck. He started going up there even more, probably for the attention he craves. We’re worried he’ll someday fall and take the cable DVR box with him. He’s already gently shoving it aside whenever he’s up there. :/ ..So I got online for a bit, then watched Degrassi TNG (ha, nice episode).. before falling asleep again..

I awoke later on with no idea about what to watch, so I mainly just channel surfed.. and slept more.. But eventually, I watched The Vampire Diaries (wow, good episode) before an all-new Kamen Rider Dragon Knight — “Swan Song” (pretty good episode.. thought this venting had more emotion, unlike others say). I then followed that with The Soup (lol).

I got online for a little bit.. but eventually returned to the living room.. and fell asleep for most of the afternoon. My dad and I then pretty much watched two and a half movies or so in a row on Comedy Central until the night was over.. and I fell asleep again (Scary Movie, Scary Movie 3, Club Dread *yawn*)..

Aaand that was about it? Oh, one trick-or-treater came to the door.. but my dad ignored them since we had no candy anyway.. See ya.

[ If People Die After Swine Vaccine? It’s Just Coincidence ]
[ Pandemic Flu Vaccine Programs Fail More Often Than Not ]
[ Tamiflu Resistant Swine Flu Passed Human-To-Human In US ]
[ 40,000 Get ‘Serious Virus’ In Ukraine – At Least 30 Dead ]
[ ENDA Moves Forward In Senate ]
[ Japan Begins To Withdraw Stimulus Measures ]
[ China Warns At World Slump If Stimulus Pulled ]
[ Ron Paul – Iran Sanctions Are An Act Of War ]
[ Obama Opens US To All With AIDS ]
[ New ‘Smart Choices’ Food Labels Just Another Con ]
[ Junk Food As ‘Addictive As Drugs’ ]
[ How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA ]
[ Tickets To See George Bush On Sale For $4.95 ]


pr rpm 31-32 spoilers / scrubs s9 & ted s2 dates / chuck s2 press / dbz dragon box one us / today

October 30, 2009

KyL416 has now officially revealed the final episode titles and spoiler descriptions for Power Rangers RPM. The series finale will consist of episode 1931: “Danger And Destiny, Part I” and 1932: “Danger And Destiny, Part II”. Both episodes will air on December 26th. Now here’s the final spoilers…

PRRPM Episode 1931 – “Danger and Destiny, Part I” – The magnetic blast goes off and all electricity goes out in Corinth. Venjix activates the hybrids and the city is his. The rangers battle an attack bot but they keep losing rangers. Venjix deletes Gem & Gemma. Dillon struggles with being activated as a hybrid. And Ziggy runs to save Dr. K. This may be the end of Corinth.

PRRPM Episode 1932 – “Danger and Destiny, Part II” – In order to defeat Venjix, another virus will have to be inserted into his system. The rangers have Tenaya walk back into enemy lines to insert the virus. Meanwhile the rangers have to hold up against Venjix in a fight. Dr. K is able to reverse Venjix’s deletion of the Gold & Silver Rangers. Reunited they attack Venjix in his weakened state. Venjix is defeated and the war is over.

Meanwhile, it has now been revealed how Eddie Guzelian would have ended Power Rangers RPM if he hadn’t ended up being let go. Upon Venjix’s destruction, Dillon would have been activated as a “Sleeper Venjix” who was never really human at all and then tranform into his ultimate form for a final battle. Wow. >_>

ABC has set Scrubs to return for its ninth season a little earlier than I expected. The “remodeled” series is set to return with back-to-back new episodes on Tuesday December 1st at 9PM ET. The article claims that not only will there be a new cast.. but the hospital setting will be gone? WTF?! ..Better Off Ted will then return for its second season the following Tuesday, December 8th, at 9:30PM ET. πŸ™‚

TVShowsOnDVD now has the press release for the January 5th DVD & Blu-ray release of Chuck: The Complete Second Season. Can’t wait to see these again. πŸ™‚

On November 17th, FUNimation will release Dragon Ball Z onto DVD for possibly its last time.. before its 24635635345 releases on Blu-ray. Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box One more closely matches the Japanese DVD releases of the same name and will include the first 42 episodes of the series with all its original themes and previews included.. Fucking great. lol. I got about halfway through the series purchasing the volumes used.. and now they’re collecting dust. And now my intentionally-cut-to-widescreen boxed sets are about to suffer the same fate..? Hooray! *throws his cash around as if it were confetti* Yay! Cannot wait to buy all of these again! ..or maybe not.. Whatever..

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry. My dad left for dialysis, then I eventually watched South Park (lol, so funny) and three episodes of Naruto Shippuden (caught up with Disney XD.. and not all that much happened really.. or I fell asleep for parts and just forgot.. or Disney XD censored all the action :p). Then I played some more Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. πŸ™‚

My dad returned home from dialysis sometime after 11AM, then we eventually watched Ellen. My dad soon left to head to the bank as I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home. I was trying to figure out an original Halloween costume for Home.. but mainly ended up almost falling asleep. So I moved on to more Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. Really liking this game. Wow.

I finally shut off the PS3 a while after 5:30, long after my dad had returned then went to bed again. Next, I got online to news-gather.. and since there was still no food in the house, my dad got a pizza for supper. Yay. πŸ™‚ ..In primetime, we watched Smallville (ooh, very good episode.. that ending felt too soon for me for some reason, dunno why).. then my dad returned to bed. He still wasn’t feeling all that great. I watched FlashForward (40 minutes wasted watching this show just to see the very last minute! It’s like what Lost used to be at the start.. only boring..).. then I returned to my room for the night as well.

See ya.

[ Obama Swine Flu Emergency – Prelude To Martial Law? ]
[ First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1 ]
[ UK Medical Chief Warns Of Anti-Vaccine ‘Extremists’ ]
[ Claims Of Many Flu Dead In Ukraine, Full Hospitals, Panic ]
[ Ukraine Schools Close, Travel Restricted After Deaths ]
[ Ukraine Deploys Mobile Army Hospitals In Swine Flu Crisis ]
[ WHO Emergency Response Team To Ukraine ]
[ Video: Vaccines Cause Of Cancer & AIDS – Vaccine Pioneer ]
[ Barack Obama – So Much For The Superhero ]
[ Obama Said To Have Given White House Perks To Donors ]
[ Americans Awakening To The 9-11 Betrayal ]
[ Memoirs Of Hitler Aide May Impact Holocaust ]
[ Freed Pedophile Raped Boy After Doc Gave Him Viagra ]

being human us in 2010 / 24 s8 promo / transformers 2 dvd sales / today

October 29, 2009

SyFy Channel has picked up a US version of the hit UK supernatural drama series Being Human for 13 episodes. “Being Human is a re-imagining of the acclaimed BBC original. Three 20-something roommates, a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf, struggle to keep their dark secrets from the world, while helping each other navigate the complexities of living double lives.” I really enjoyed the first very brief season of the UK series, so I’m hoping this is great as well. According to SFX, Syfy even passed on co-producing the original UK series.. and now they’re making their own. Ha. :p The US series is expected to premiere in Summer 2010.. while the UK version’s second season is set to begin airing in the UK in January 2010. πŸ™‚

FOX premiered the very first promo for the upcoming eighth season of 24 last night during their MLB World Series coverage. Missed it? Click here to check it out. The new season will begin with another two-night, four-hour event beginning January 17th on FOX. πŸ™‚

Video Business reports that Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen has sold 7.5 million DVD & Blu-ray units in its first week in stores. Wow. And 1.2 million of those are Blu-rays. The first installment in the series sold 8.3 million copies in its first week..

Before heading to bed last night, I watched Naruto Shippuden (episode 1, uncut via free PSN download.. nice start, though I wish I had seen the episodes leading up to it.. dubbed that is.. on TV or something), Secret Girlfriend (lol, good episode) and Naruto Shippuden (episode 1, Disney XD’s edited vers– *falls asleep soon after starting it.. damnit*).

I awoke in the morning.. and got online for a while.. and had many problems with the cable modem. Throughout the day. It would keep disconnecting once the bandwidth would stop being used or something. 😦 ..We watched some morning TV and had some breakfast.. After he was done with his news, I took over again and got onto PlayStation Home (new stuff to waste my money on! yeah! *throws money* *wears new clothes for five minutes, then changes to something else* >_>), then played some more Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time (awesome.. loving this game.. even the Clank solo gameplay, which I used to not like.. so yay).

A little after 5:30, I shut off the game and got online to news-gather. Then we had some fast food for supper, mainly paid for by ourselves.. since there wasn’t anything else left in the kitchen. :/ But at least I convinced him not to make it burgers for the 234536363th time (Taco Bell!).. In primetime, we watched Community (lol), Parks And Recreation (lol), The Office (lol, damnit.. promo fooled me again.. can’t we have a full Halloween episode for once? I guess not) and 30 Rock (lol).

Room for night. See.

[ US Emergency Declaration Increases Concern ]
[ Swine Flu Cases ‘Vastly Underreported’ – CDC ]
[ Obama Girls Get Swine Flu Shots ]
[ Judge Throws Out Taitz Obama Birth Case ]
[ Harvard Microbiologists Poisonings Raises Security Concerns ]
[ US Rich-Poor Income Gap World’s Most Extreme ]
[ Houston Is Bankrupt (Also CA, OR, Most Pensions) ]
[ US Economy Up For First Time In Over A Year ]
[ Taxpayers Paid $24,000 PER CLUNKER In Program ]
[ Lower Oil Drops Exxon 3Q Profits To Only $4.7 Billion ]
[ Thirst For Oil Threat To US Natl Security – Military ]
[ The Death Spiral Of The American Newspaper ]
[ Iran Says It Is Ready To Co-Operate On Nuclear Issues ]
[ UN Sends Food Aid By Text Message To Iraqi Refugees ]
[ Another New ‘Al Qaeda’ Osama bin Laden Video? ]
[ Is The Holocaust A New ‘Religion’ With 10 Commandments? ]
[ Schools Must Report Every Playground ‘Racist’ Incident ]
[ 1,000 Nursery School Kids Branded ‘Racist’ By Teachers ]
[ Scientists Five Years From Making Artificial Sperm, Eggs ]
[ Scientists Set Record With 13 Billion Year Old Star ]
[ Russia To Build Nuclear Powered Spaceship ]

chuck season 2 dvd blu date / district 9 blu gow3 / fox friday update / today

October 28, 2009

At last, Warner Bros has revealed that Chuck: The Complete Second Season will hit DVD and Blu-ray on January 5th. The 3D version of the post-Super Bowl episode and two pairs of 3D glasses will only be available on the original shipment of these, so I’d try and get yours right away. Not only for that reason, but because this’ll make for a good recap before the third season premiere which has now been confirmed by Warner for a January 2010 start on NBC… Now which version should I get? I have Season 1 on DVD, but could always upgrade it to Blu later.. yet Warner’s lack of menus on Blu is really annoying, especially with TV series.. Hm..

PlayStation Blog recently revealed an additional special feature that will only be on the Blu-ray version of District 9 when it hits stores on December 29th. In a PlayStation first, the Sony-released disc will include the God Of War III E3 2009 playable demo only when played in a PS3. Coool. I keep seeing all these XBOX demos on DVDs (like Madden with Chuck: Season 1 for instance) and getting angry. About time they started doing this for PS3.. I was going to get this movie anyway.. so bonus. πŸ™‚

FOX’s schedule shuffling continues… ‘Til Death will now return on Sunday January 10th at 7PM ET, with back-to-back episodes. And since it seems they have so damn many unaired episodes of this series, FOX will also air four new episodes in a mini-marathon on the evening of Friday December 25th. Hawhaw.. After Dollhouse airs its back-to-back new episodes for the Fridays of December 4th, 11th & 18th.. it be back with new episodes in the new year at its regular time of Friday 9PM ET on January 8th. Still no idea what’s going to air before it however..

After finishing the previous entry, I got the PS3 online and played through another level on Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. Never do that again. By the end, I kept nodding off, dropping the controller, killing Ratchet, etc. I got it done though.. then made myself awake long enough to watch another episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (good episode.. now two to go, yay). And then I finally went to sleep…

In the morning, I awoke and got online for a while.. then returned to sleep.. A few hours later, I awoke and got online for a.. while.. Then I watched two more episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (good stuff.. all caught up now too).. before.. falling asleep again. I awoke a bit later and.. my dad and I watched some morning TV..

And once he was done with his news, I took over and played Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time.. for the entire afternoon. Awesome. I particularly like how there are space areas that are open sandboxes.. of space. There’s little moons to land on and explore, side missions to do for bolts and enemy spaceships to shoot out of the sky. And your spaceship even has a selection of four radio stations to listen to. The music is only instrumental, but there’s some funny commercials and host segments mixed in as well. I’m liking Pirate Radio the most right now. Definitely a huge improvement over the auto-pilot space battles of the previous game. πŸ™‚

I shut it off somewhere around 5:30 and eventually made it online to news-gather. Then we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched Monsters Vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space (the Halloween special.. the opening was very funny.. got a bit pukey over the “moral of the story” hidden within the plot though :p), The Middle (lol), Modern Family (lol), Cougar Town (lol.. damnit, keeps reminding me of Scrubs.. a similar joke here, a familiar music bit there) and Eastwick (damn, missed some stuff when I fell asleep last week.. but it was still okay).

And.. see ya..

[ LA Free Swine Flu Vaccine Clinics Overwhelmed ]
[ Feds May Toss Unused Swine Flu Vaccine ]
[ Video: The Victims Of The 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine ]
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[ Wooldridge – America Is Filling Up With Dump People – Part 2 ]
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[ US Hero Quits Afghan Post Over Unwinnable War ]
[ California Considers Taxing Marijuana ]
[ America’s Drug Crisis – Brought To You By The CIA ]
[ Attempted Murder Of 6 Harvard Microbiologists ]
[ Bishop Fined Β€12,000 For ‘Denying’ Holocaust ]
[ Italian Professor Doubts Holocaust As Portrayed ]
[ Zisblatt Caught Lying On Tape About Holocaust ]
[ Holocaust Demythologizer Sues Spielberg ]
[ CA Teen Gang-Raped Outside School Dance – Kids Watch ]
[ Australians Banned From Living On Coast? ]
[ Indian Engineer ‘Builds’ Glaciers To Stop ‘Warming’ ]
[ Human Sperm & Eggs Both Made From Stem Cells ]
[ Robot Armies Will ‘Explore Alien Planets’ ]
[ Abducted? Woman Vanishes, Turns Up In Manhattan ]
[ Britain Delays UFO Hacker’s Extradition ]

matt austin docu dvd / gta eflc anime ad / today

October 27, 2009

Power Rangers fansite No Pink Spandex has a look at the official teaser trailer and DVD cover art for Power Rangers SPD actor Matt Austin’s new John Hughes documentary Don’t You Forget About Me. The title will be available on DVD and iTunes in Canada on November 3rd. Unfortunately, there isn’t a US release at this time, but one is said to be coming soon. But if impatient, US folk could always import. It’s the same DVD region after all..

AnimeNation makes mention of (and embeds) a parody advertisement featured in the currently-XBOX-exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. It’s a commercial for Princess Robot Bubblegum, a fictional anime series. It’s very funny. Do check it out. πŸ™‚

I slept until maybe about 4:30AM or so. :/ I got online for a bit, then watched two more episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (very good episodes.. three to go now until I’m caught up).. then I think I fell asleep again.. until a more normal waking hour. I got online again, then we watched some morning TV.. pretty much all morning.. *shrug*

Then in the afternoon, while I waited what seemed like forever for the release date delivery of my video game.. I watched Bored To Death (lol, possibly the best episode yet :p), Greek (Thanksgiving! heh.. good episode), two episodes of Rita Rocks (lol) and Mercy (another good episode.. I’m liking this show).

During the last show.. after 4PM.. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time finally arrived via UPS. Awesome! I installed, then played through the “teaser” and first level before running out of time today. :/ But it was great so far. I really like it. And I already have three new trophies out of it. The bolt collection trophies count the ones you’ve spent.. so that’s good. I really wish I could get back to playing it before tomorrow though. :p

At about 6PM, after some more connections problems with the cable modem (grr), I got online to news-gather. We had some supper out of what was left in our fridge (not much left now..).. In primetime, there was nothing to watch yet again. So I took over and finally watched Contact on Blu-ray. Awesome film IMO, even for my 346346346th viewing. :p But now I’m not so sure about V For Vendetta being my #1 favorite movie over this one. Damn. Heh. My dad fell asleep like halfway through. It didn’t even feel like 2 1/2 hours to me. :p

Returned to my room. Blah. See ya.

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[ 4 Students Same CA High School Commit Suicide In 6 Mos ]
[ Pedophile Checks For Those Not Working With Kids ]
[ Poisoning Ourselves To Save The Planet ]
[ Climate Chief – Give Up Meat To Save Planet ]
[ Nearly Pure Water Found In Craters On Mars ]
[ Alien Sky – David Talbott’s Story Finally Told ]

netflix streaming on ps3 *flips xbox off* / today

October 26, 2009

It’s official. Netflix streaming will be coming to the PlayStation3 system next month at no additional charge. Yay. I put my account on hold for pretty much a whole year now, waiting for this to be implemented and no longer be exclusive to another system. Looks like I’ll be reactivating my account now, rather than terminating it altogether. Yay, Netflix. πŸ™‚ The press release goes on to say that initially a free Blu-ray Disc will be needed to implement Netflix streaming on your PS3 via BD-Live, and tells Netflix members to visit in order to request one. *does so* Hope it isn’t a tiny screen like other BD-Live streaming. That’s lame..

I awoke in the morning.. got online.. then slept again.. then got online again. I think I might have watched some morning TV as well.. My dad returned home from dialysis more worn than usual and complained about them overrunning him at the dialysis machine again. Ugh. We watched some Ellen, then he eventually went to bed.

I watched Titan Maximum (haha) and two episodes of Crash (caught up.. can’t believe it.. the show’s sorta bland this season IMO) over the course of the afternoon.. in between some regular TV and other things I can’t remember. At 5PM, I got online to news-gather and we eventually had some supper.

In primetime, all of CBS was reruns.. so I watched Heroes (great episode.. I like how they’re going slower with the story this season), Gossip Girl (so weird watching this show live.. maybe the second time ever.. good episode though) and Castle (better than usual, really liked it.. and Firefly fans cannot miss the very start for a reference to the series). And that was pretty much it.

Canno– Whoop. Better shut up. Last time I did that, I got vertigo that screwed up my whole week.. and it still isn’t gone. It started last Monday morning. 😦 ..See ya..

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[ 36,000 Die Annually In US From Regular Flu ]
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[ Obama Did NOT Promise To Sign Defense/Hate Bill ]
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[ The Protocols Of Zion & The Illuminati Road Map – Part 3 ]
[ Study Confirms Four Kinds Of Cell Phone Cancer ]
[ US Teen Girls Getting Breast Cancer ]
[ The Real Climate Change Catastrophe ]
[ Cops Apologize For Fining Non-English Speakers ]

Sunday 10.25.2009 —

October 25, 2009

I fell asleep at maybe midnight or so.. then our cat woke me up at 3:30AM by pouncing too close to me. :/ And then the newspaper’s arrival awoke me again at about 4:30.. I gave up and watched last night’s two episodes of Bleach (*yawn* well, Rukia’s battle was a little interesting, I guess :p), then looked through the newspaper’s ads for no real reason at all (the game’s set for release date delivery from Amazon). I then fell asleep for a lot of the morning as my dad got to watch plenty of his silly news.

Though I did eventually watch last night’s The Troop (haha) and a couple episodes of Ghost Whisperer (I find it was an excuse to watch something on Friday night rather than nothing.. so I got way behind this season since there’s something A LOT more worth watching opposite of it now.. who knows, may drop it altogether). I finally gave up on trying to find something to watch, returned to my room and got online. But then I returned to the living room during my dad’s football game a bit later.. and fell asleep. For many hours. Damnit.

I returned to my bedroom DVR and fit in Gossip Girl (good episode) and the start of 90210.. before I gave up and returned to the living room again. We eventually had some supper, then we soon watched Funniest Videos (haha) and Desperate Housewives (lol, very good episode).. before I returned to my room for the night.

Very uneventful day. *sigh* See ya.

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[ Ever-Present Surveillance Rankles British Public ]
[ UK Bobbies Can’t Say ‘Good Evening’ Anymore ]
[ Avnery – Where Have All The Friendships Gone? ]
[ Sweatshop Conditions In US Cities ]
[ In Dallas, Tickets For Not Speaking English ]
[ Asteroids Should Be Next For Man In Space – Panel ]
[ New ‘SuperEarth’ Planets Point To Alien Life ]
[ The Death Of American Culture – Photos ]

Saturday 10.24.2009 — pr rpm 29-30 spoilers.. and no 31-32 titles..

October 24, 2009

KyL416 has revealed the two penultimate episode titles and spoiler descriptions for Power Rangers RPM. Episode 1929: “If Venjix Won” will premiere on December 19th at 12PM ET. Episode 1930: “End Game” will then follow right after at 12:30PM ET. And here’s those spoiler descriptions…

PRRPM Episode 1929 – “If Venjix Won” – Ziggy accidentally teleports him and Dr. K into a cave! The rangers need to find out the password to Dr. K’s system in order to get them out of the cave. Their failed attempts trigger a time capsule video that Dr. K compiled should they fail to destroy Venjix. The rangers watch in horror as they figure out what the password might be before its too late.

PRRPM Episode 1930 – “End Game” – Venjix’s end game is about to reveal itself. Every attack bot has been a calculating step closer to his plan. The city is filled with hybrids just like Dillon. Venjix is going to activate them all and Corinth will be brought down.

The last two episode titles have also been revealed somewhere online but everyone’s afraid of legal trouble with Disney if they utter or even link to them before October 30th at Midnight ET.. I’d hate to go up against Disney too, so be back here next week for the last title.. er, titles.. *runs*

I partly finished the previous entry.. then went to sleep. I awoke in the morning, finished and posted it.. Then I was able to take over the TV once my dad got bored of news and watch Degrassi TNG (hehe, nice) and Batman: The Brave And The Bold (musical, yay! ..but I fell asleep near the end 😦 *leaves on DVR for later*). I believe I went in and out of sleep for a bit, then I watched Titan Maximum (fell asleep during it like a week ago, so here it is again :p) and The Spectacular Spider-Man (awesome episode, loved every minute.. I’m really gonna miss this one 😦 ..rather it gets picked up and have to wait forever for another season or it’s dropped.. and it’s forever without it 😦 ).

My dad left on an errand and I got online for a while.. and soon uploaded more Home pics.. *ahem* ..And then it was time for a new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight — episode 129: “Calm Before The Storm”. I.. fell asleep.. pretty early into it.. but luckily, it was only a clip show.. and it recorded thrice (VHS, DVR1, DVR2 :p).

Later one, I decided to watch more shows waiting to be watched on the PS3 — CSI (good episode.. and caught up), Defying Gravity (the season and possibly series finale.. great episode πŸ™‚ .. 😦 ), Grey’s Anatomy (oh, a spayshul episode rather than a regular one I was hoping for.. hm) and Crash (finally, nudity.. about time.. and not all that much from Jessy Schram 😦 ..I found this season so far to be pretty boring without too). After that, we had supper.. then I returned to my room and got online.. for the rest of the night.

And that was pretty much it really. Hm.. See ya.

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[ Israeli War More Likely As Iran Misses Nuclear Deadline ]
[ Iran Misses Nuke Deadline In Defiance Of Zionist West ]
[ Tehran’s Nuclear Deal Deadline Extended ]
[ Russia Pledges Military Cooperation With Iran ]
[ George W. Bush To Become ‘Motivational Speaker’ ]
[ Makow – Hollywood’s Scathing Portrayal Of Judaism ]
[ Cell Phones May Be Linked To Brain Cancer ]
[ Mystery Sea Beast Washes Ashore – Photos ]

cw nov / today

October 23, 2009

The CW has issued a press release detailing its November sweeps programming. It’s includes spoilers for the month’s new episodes of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Smallville and more, so beware.. πŸ™‚

I finished the previous entry, then got onto PlayStation Home for a little while before it went offline for upgrades. Then I slept until my dad woke me up.. about.. 90 minutes later. I got back online with the computer to get away from his boring news until he left, then switched the modem back to the PS3. Then I went back to sleep.. but unfortunately not for long. I kept checking to see if PlayStation Home was back online for quite a while, and soon watched FlashForward (ooh, iiinteresting.. for once) and CSI NY (not bad I guess).

I soon checked out the PlayStation Store and was disappointed to see no Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time dynamic theme since the EU store got one this week. 😦 ..Eventually, PlayStation Home finally made it back online. I checked out all the new spaces.. and again probably spent a bit too much on virtual items. Damnit. During this time (a long time), my dad returned from dialysis then napped then woke up then napped again.. I finally shut it off at about 3:30 or so and watched Cougar Town (lol), CSI (wow, very good episode.. S10E03) and a bit of Ellen (ha).

After all that, I finally got online to news-gather. My dad eventually awoke and I opted to order pizza for supper again.. since he’s low on food stamps again and there’s not much food left in the house for the upcoming week.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (very good episode this week.. my dad lost track with that ending though :p), Dollhouse (wow, also pretty good episode πŸ™‚ *Dec 4th promo*.. *deflates*), The Jeff Dunham Show (stand-up comedian with puppets.. doing a skits show.. eh, it’s not that bad.. yet) and The Soup (haha). About it.

See ya.

[ Top Insurer Tells 1,000 GPs NOT To Give Swine Flu Vaccine ]
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[ Mandatory Flu Vaccine For NY Health Workers Canceled ]
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[ Alert! Still Time To Kill The Hate Bill ]
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dollhouse gone in november, doubles in december / today

October 22, 2009

FOX does what its famous for and screws up another good thing. They’re now scheduled to pre-empt all the new episodes previously set for Friday nights in November and replace them with reruns of House and Bones. After the October 23rd airing of Dollhouse, the next episodes now won’t be aired until December 4th at 8PM ET, where the series will air two back-to-back new episodes for three weeks.. then return to its 9PM ET timeslot in January. Brothers will move to Sundays at 7PM ET and burn off its remaining episodes by years’ end and Til Death will go on hiatus once again..

I finished up the previous entry once I awoke at around midnight, then eventually watched the new South Park at about 3AM (lol). But I gave up on watching anything else due to my dizziness and went to sleep.. I think I had a few dreams during the night, but I only remember the last one in particular. I think it was my first wet dream, but I’m not so sure. I somehow ended up in a backseat of a car with a high school girl.. while two other ones were in the front seat. And.. it happened.. They.. might have been older. Maybe. >_>

Anyway, I awoke.. saw some morning TV and had some breakfast before my dad headed off to get a new eye exam. And then I got online for a little while, while uploading some Home pics from yesterday (perv, taking pics of virtual Japanese girls in bikinis -_-). I was going to get on PlayStation Home after this, but changed my mind once I heard that the usual Thursday update had been delayed by a day again. Ugh. 😦

Over the course of the afternoon, I recall watching Secret Girlfriend (new episode, noice), Defying Gravity (good episode.. one to go), New Adventures of Old Christine (haha), Gary Unmarried (finally got where it was heading since the beginning of the season..), Glee (haha, good episode.. but damnit, now I want a slushie), Castle (haha, good episode, especially that ending), House (great episode) and two episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (into the DVRed episodes now, need the space.. oh, good episodes too, especially the Black Panther one).

By then, it was nearing 6PM so I got online to news-gather.. then we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched Community (lol @ trophy case), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lol, good episode) and 30 Rock (lol). And that was it. Yup..

See ya.

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