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Waiting for the reboot…

January 30, 2002

Not much is going on really. Someone new owns our apts now and is really fixing up the place. Maybe by this time next year, living here won’t suck…as much. He has lots of plans for this place.

Also, i’ve managed to get a lot more pages up on the downloads site, leaving mostly the difficult ones left to do. Ugh. hehe.

I think I’m starting to stay online too long. I usually stay online 10 PM-5ish AM weekdays. And maybe come back online to check e-mail around noon, when i wake up. But now myself staying online all afternoon until my dad usually gets home from work.

*sigh* My life is here. When i disconnect, i’m no one again. Just a useless overweight person who everyone stares at sickeningly. I now regret having my picture online. Because some make fun of me just as I have in real life before.

I slowly got addicted to the internet. The more I connected, the more I pushed away my real life, and now I have none. The only life I have now is here in front of this keyboard. If you could even call it that…

I flood myself with media. TV. DVD. Shows. Movies. All to blind myself from how terrible I have made my life. I sometimes find that I have failed this life, and I’m just wait for myself to “reboot”… to die and to start over. Hopefully not here on this terrible planet.

This planet has many terrible things. War. Discrimination. Poverty. Pollution. It all adds up. It all collides to kill a once-beautiful planet. It’s all happened before onn a planet you people call Mars. And it will happen again.

See ya…


Truth-Seekers update #5- #342 online

January 28, 2002

Story #342: “Attack Of The Clones” is now online at the new Truth-Seekers webpage:

The Truth-Seekers Webpage

Hope ya enjoy it!….

(I don’t know how much longer I’ll be adding updates here. I losing interest in posting here lately because of all the ads.)

Well, see ya…

Prometheus Realm Downloads Under Contruction

January 21, 2002

I’ve finally decided what to do with the Prometheus Realm Downloads site. I’m creating the pages for the different downloads. I’ve only made pages for Truth-Seekers and Westmont High so far. The rest will be up… eventually.

Prometheus Realm Downloads

see ya.

Truth-Seekers update #4

January 20, 2002

“Attack of the Clones” is going great. I’ve actually planned out the whole story this time around, instead of just thinking up an idea and making it up as i go.

It may just be the best story so far. But I’m taking my time to make it even better, so it may be a while before it actually gets online…

The next story… I don’t know what I’ll be doing. Maybe focusing on Krystal, who first appears in “Attack of the Clones”.

Then the next stories will be “The Charac Ordeal” trilogy/miniseries.

See ya.

The Future of OD (and my OD)

January 20, 2002

If OpenDiary closes, this OD is going with it. I never will pay for something such as this…

I just hope they give us a warning so I could download it before it disappears…

Final Word on my Websites

January 16, 2002

The Prometheus Realm:

This site is pretty much dead. I may update it every once in a while, but I’m really just too lazy anymore to update a site barely anyone goes to.

Project Prometheus:

This site will stay active, but I may still not update often. I’ve sort of lost interest in UFO research at this time.

Prometheus Realm Downloads:

Since Tripod has turned off directory listings (Curse you Tripod!), I am looking for new webspeace to put all that downloadable crap on. The new webspace must have directory listings on (so visitors can see what’s in folders), be free (or..reasonably priced), and must have 50MB or more. If you know such a place, please contact me.

Prometheus Realm Forums:

I wished these were popular and that many people would post there. Maybe I could add even more forums and actually visit if some people were actually interested in posting. Until then, it’s dead…

Well, see ya…

It’s official! Classic Power Rangers return to TV

January 14, 2002

MMPR episodes haven’t aired on TV for years. And beginning March 3rd, they will begin airing again. Here is the link to the press release:

ABC Family Announces Kids Block Premiering Saturday, March 2 — Power Rangers, Digimon and Marvel Properties Featured in Lineup :

So beginning March 3rd, classic PR will begin airing on ABC Family. When I first heard Disney had bought FOX Family, I thought it would be terrible and I would lose all my favorite shows on that channel. But for the time being, all those shows are still airing (except for Edgemont, which has disappeared from the schedule before Disney’s acquisition).

I’m so hoping that they are aired in order. And I can’t wait to see these episodes that have mostly faded from my memory.

Well, see ya…

DVD addict…

January 9, 2002

Since I bought my DVD player about a year ago, I have bought 60-some DVDs. Back when I bought VHS, I had bought under 15 total. But DVD is so different…

Check out .

See ya…

WARNING: February 1st, 2002!

January 9, 2002

February First, Two-Thousand-Two.

My “friends” on SciFi

January 4, 2002

I chat on, in the room called #dominion most of the time. There, I go by the name A£¡en Hµn†e®¤¤ ³°°°™. You (readers) should check it out sometime. Maybe you’ll even be nicer than the so-called “friends” I have there.

I do have real friends on SciFi. There are fewer now than there once was for some reason.

Then there’s my “friends” who I have always thought of as some of my best friends until they make fun of me because I’m overwieght. When they do, I don’t know what to think. One moment, we’re laughing at some joke or something then they make fun of me. I’m starting to think that they may not be my friends…

And this other person, who I talked about before, thinks i’m acting for attention when i’m really depressed. But, nevermind him. He’s definitely no longer my friend.

When they make fun of me, I just keep thinking more about leaving SciFi. If they continue to bash me, I may just leave, never to return again. I won’t be a doormat forever.

See ya…