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ranger returns in proo? / simple life & stacked dvd / today

August 30, 2006

Shadowzord has gotten in contact with Antonia Prebble’s manager about the possibility of her returning for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (she played Krista in PRDT and Claire in PRMF). Unfortunately, they haven’t asked for her to come back yet. But the manager did let slip that they “had a call about one of the old rangers”. But there’s no contract made yet, so they couldn’t disclose who it was. Interesting…

TVShowsOnDVD have already received details on the December 26th DVD release of The Simple Life 4: ‘Til Death Do Us Part. All 10 episodes will be placed on one two-sided disc. Damnit. I hate those things. 😦 ..Meanwhile, Stacked: The Complete Series will be released on three one-sided discs on December 12th. At least it’s confirmed that this show’s over with. Yay. :p

I awoke in the morning, got online for a while, and had a little breakfast. I watched Conan last night, but DVRed it and watched it again this morning (it was the first episode since the Emmys). My dad watched, then went off to his hospital appointment. I finally finished The Prisoner (but the last chapter probably won’t be uploaded until tomorrow), then watched three more episodes of Arrested Development: Season 3 (it’s quite odd that they mention the guest appearances by Scott Biao and Justine Bateman on the back cover, but not mention the biggest guest star anywhere on the cover — Charlize Theron :/ ..she’s so hot, even when playing a mentally challenged person :p ).

Once I finished that up, I read some of Gantz Volume 4. And then, I managed to get the final chapter of The Prisoner uploaded after all. I know the twist ending will piss off some, but I would rather have it than the predictable one. I’m already considering a sequel from a different perspective.. When that was taken care of, I began news-gathering. I finished that up, had some supper, and watched Passions (blah).

I sorta fell asleep on the couch for a bit, but I awoke in time to watch the premieres of Bones (eh, it was alright) and Justice (ah, another promising series from Jerry Bruckheimer.. I like it πŸ™‚ It was like the CSI of.. law..). My dad came back inside in time to see the latter anyway. Once they were over I returned to my room.. and read s’more Gantz. :p

Recently, I’ve been delving deeper into myself with this paragraph of my entry… But this time, I’ll only use it to ask you to please read my recently-completed story, The Prisoner. And leave a review, of course. If you like my usual links at the bottom of the entries, you’ll enjoy this story of a massive conspiracy surrounding 9/11. Or not. I think I may have rushed the last chapter a bit. I suck. 😦

See ya.

[ Behind Bush’s Plans To Bomb Iran ]
[ They Know Everything You Do Online ]
[ Mount Weather Underground ‘City’ – Is This Bush’s Secret Bunker? ]
[ NIST To Probe Whether WTC 7 Downed By Explosives ]
[ Lyndon Johnson Clearly Implicated In JFK Assassination ]
[ The Reincarnation Of Abraham Lincoln Into JFK? ]
[ Illegals Stomp US Flag, Hoist Mexican Flag Over CA City ]
[ NAFTA Superhighway = Mexican Drivers, Say Teamsters ]
[ Illegal Crossed US ‘Border’ 4 Times In 10 Days ]
[ Disturbing Twists, Turns In Release Of Wanta $4.5 Trillion ]


dvd ads sept 3-9 / kevin csi / media / today

August 29, 2006

Click here for the Best Buy, Circuit City & Target retail ads for the week of September 3th through September 9th. I’m so getting Lost: Season 2 at Best Buy for the cheaper price and bonus DVD. Supernatural: Season 1 also has a Best Buy exclusive bonus DVD.. but I can’t buy everything. 😦 ..I’ll finally be getting Ace Ventura though in the form of the cheap new release (only $13 for both films and some episodes of the animated series). Yay. πŸ™‚ And I really hope the next FullMetal Alchemist volume is in stock on time and I don’t have to wait two extra weeks for it like the last volume earlier this month. Grr..

Britney Spears’ husband (who most likely ruined her career) will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of CSI. Please don’t let him “sing”. Please..

I read another chapter of Gantz (*drools a bit @ the gratuitous.. animated nudity* >_>) before heading off to sleep.. I awoke a bit early the next morning and burned a CD. Then I read s’more Gantz ( :p ) and played some music. My dad went to the handout place and got barely anything worthwhile. 😦 Then I went out to media buy..

First, I stopped off at Best Buy and picked up Arrested Development: Season 3 (my collection is messed up due the change in packaging from slim cases to one two-disc case 😑 ) , TMNT: Volume 5 (ooh, lenticular cover *stares at it for hours like they hope kids will*), two more WB Fall free discs and four more HBO free discs. Bwahahaa. Next, I moved on to Kroger and got a few groceries, as well as the new TV Guide with free Lost Season 2 Deleted Scenes / Season 3 Preview CD-ROM that claims to be free when the magazine price was raised by a buck for this particular issue. *rolls eyes* I got another icee on the way home.

I inventoried the new discs, then we watched Passions (*rolls eyes @ Theresa shutting out Ethan now*). After that, I watched the first three episodes of Arrested Development: Season 3 (lol), followed by Oban Star-Racers (awesome episode.. looked like a season finale to me.. and I suddenly have the urge to tape the whole season :p). When that was over, I returned to my room and soon news-gathered. I tried playing the Lost TV Guide CD-ROM, but they’ve somehow made it so you must open an .EXE to play the videos (no online sharing for you).. and it just happens to “perform an illegal operation” every time I try to open it. -_-

I finished online, then read some more Gantz. Next, I read through the TV Guide.. until it was time to watch the two episodes of Dead Like Me (awesome.. I should really get around to seeing how much the DVDs are going for now) and Eureka (eh, it was okay). My dad came back in from outside in time to watch the latter. Then I returned to my room once they were over.. and read the rest of Gantz Vol 3. And had a hell of a time fitting Vol 4 on this damn computer..

I look at a picture of my mother and it reminds me of my fading memories from before she passed away. Everything was so.. good then. Easy. Simple. But then she passed away when I was only five years old. It changed me forever. I’m a bastard son, you know. My dad married my mom not even a year before she passed. I still remember attending the wedding. And so without her there to help out, things just continued to slowly get worse and worse. Until now. We can barely afford to live from month to month. I’m feeling more depressed then ever before, and so is my father. I can tell. But at least his moment of rest seems to be coming soon. Then I will be alone. With nobody. He’s the only person I can talk to on a regular basis. Ever since my mom passed, I find it hard to speak to anyone else in real life. I still can’t drive either. So that means I’ll be stuck here. Forever. My only friends are online. So of course my computer is getting worse by the day. And I can’t really afford another one at this time. Everything seems to be against me. Some say that these are tests that you must pass in life. But I can’t pass them. I’m too weak. My only future is no future at all…

[ US Intel Officer Arrested Suggesting New 911 Investigation ]
[ Video – Bush Admits Iraq Had Nothing To Do With WTC Attack ]
[ Buchanan: Open Borders Make Bush Responsible For Attacks ]
[ Flight 93 ‘Was Shot Down’ – New Book ]
[ Bush Now Claims To Be Literate! ]
[ See ‘Terror Storm’ Free! Newest Hi-Res Version Now Online ]

punisher extended dvd / hsm remix dvd / today

August 28, 2006

The Punisher: Extended Cut will arrive on DVD shelves on November 21st. It includes 17 minutes placed back into the film, as well as an animated deleted scene that was first meant to open the film. All this and more for only a $19.98 SRP. πŸ™‚

I’m glad I didn’t buy this one when I wanted to. Buena Vista has scheduled a High School Musical: 2-Disc Remix Edition for release on December 5th. Nothing more about it is known at this time. Except the $29.99 SRP…

I awoke pretty early in the morning. Then my dad woke up and chose to watch. the news. So I got online for a bit, and read some more Gantz. Man, the manga’s awesome. It’s a bit different than the anime. But I can’t wait to reach the point where the anime left off. :p My dad soon left for another appointment. When he returned, we had a little breakfast and watched Mind of Mencia (rofl @ the Bush wiretapping skit at the start.. and that lady saying that Bush is doing a good job for a retarded person :p) and Reno 911! (lol). Then my dad went off to another hospital appointment. I soon read the rest of Gantz Vol 2 and then downloaded Vol 3..

Once that was done, I played with the cat a little and watched some TV. I also watched FullMetal Alchemist episodes 37 & 38 on DVD (awesome). Then I got back on the computer.. and read more Gantz. Even though I’m reading them now, I’d still buy an unedited English translation if anyone ever licensed it.. I then began news-gathering. I took a break when my dad returned in order to watch Passions (damn it was bad today) and get some supper. But then I got back online to finish it up. Until the power went off and on for the second time today, screwing everything up. My dad thinking someone may be stealing our electricity now. What a fucking wonderful life this is.. -_-

I finished up online, then wrote some more of The Prisoner. I hope to have this last chapter online by 9/11. I have maybe one and a half scenes to write now.. At 8PM, we watched Prison Break (so awesome. except the excessive weather bullshit across the screen), Vanished (yay, getting slightly more interesting now πŸ™‚ ) and the season finale of Kyle XY (awesome finale, can’t wait for Season 2 :p ..and this show’s sci-fi cheapness reminds me a bit of MMPR‘s sci-fi cheapness :p). Once all that was done, I returned to my room for the night..

I wish I could ask my dad about his life experiences. But I’m too much of a wuss, scared about breaking my media shell in the process. He once talked about working as a chef in some diner a long, long time ago. But I don’t really know how true that could be. Because after all, he told me a bump on his shoulder was caused by something strange falling from the sky. *rolls eyes* He’s losing his memory at times now. Upon seeing Dick Clark on the Emmys last night, he forgot that he had had a stroke awhile back. And I once had to remind him how old I was (okay, he was about a year off). He has to go to dialysis almost every other day. I feel I have a front-row seat to see my father slowly die. And I don’t want to see it. Even if I sense the damn shell has broken my emotions for him.

That sucks. But so does our rundown home, our low income, our bad health, my ancient computer, my wasted life. Don’t ask me to look on the bright side. Because for me, it hasn’t existed for a very long time. And there’s no signs of it ever coming back.

See ya.

[ September 7th ‘Terror Drill’ Set For Chicago ]
[ Iran Test Fires Radar-Evading Long Range Missile ]
[ Hurricane Expert Threatened For Pre-Katrina Warnings ]
[ Chemtrails – Cancers, Bacteria, Sedatives, Vaccines Found ]
[ $600 Million Baghdad US Embassy Amid Chaos ]
[ Mind Control – America’s Secret War ]
[ Our Solar System – More Planets Than We Know ]

Sunday 08.27.2006 — a useless living

August 27, 2006

I finished up the previous entry, then finished reading Gantz Vol 1 and downloaded Vol 2. But now I think I’m heading off to sleep..

I tuned to C-SPAN before I fell asleep and caught a little of some kind of interview thing with some Homeland Security guys and 24 cast & crew (the ones who play Tony, Chloe & President Logan.. as well as the executive producers). They talked about antiterrorism.. but the insights into the show were all that interested me. I’m sure they’ll air it again a few times throughout the week. Just look for this week’s installment of “American Perspectives”.

I awoke in the morning and had a little breakfast. Then I took over the TV and watched Eureka 7 (awesome) & Samurai 7 (pretty good), followed by the final three episodes of Surface (now that I remember all these loose ends, I wish NBC hadn’t canceled it so soon.. I wanna know what happens next 😦 ). My dad took off to spend some spare change on groceries, and came back as I was finishing up. Then I got online..

After quite a bit of time online, I went to my bedroom DVR and watched Blade: The Series (awesome) and Who Wants To Be A Superhero? (pretty good, I guess.. I’d buy the DVD though.. if it were available in stores for cheap and not only on the SciFi Channel website store :p). Then I got back online for quite a while. I also read a few more chapters of Gantz and had a not-so-great supper..

I took over the TV while my dad was outside. I watched Just Legal (pretty good, I guess). Then my dad convinced me to watch the start of the Emmys. And then the whole thing. lol @ the opening sequence with Conan O’Brien visiting the sets and stars of Lost, The Office, 24, House & Dateline NBC: To Catch A Predator.. so awesome.. as was Kiefer finally winning Best Dramatic Actor for 24, and the series itself getting Best Drama Series. lol @ the whole Bob Newhart thing too. And all of Conan’s moments. πŸ™‚ Pretty much everything else was sooo boring. Catch the whole show again tomorrow (Monday) afternoon at 4PM ET on Bravo. Or just the opening sequence that was probably the best part. :p

Once it was over (it ended on time!), I finally got to watch the season finale of The 4400 (awesome.. great to be unpredictable with the shooting scene.. so looking forward to Season 4 next summer). Once that ended, my dad took back his fan (I need it to tape because my Wal-Mart VCR sucks) and went to bed. And I returned to my room for the night.

Another useless day finally complete. Many more useless days to come. Whee. 😐 See ya. I guess.

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[ The Cheney Presidency -Who’s Really In Charge? ]
[ Jimmy Carter Calls Blair ‘Compliant & Subservient’ ]
[ UK Trash Cans Now Bugged To Monitor Citizen Trash! ]
[ Aspartame Soda An Indirect Factor In Esophageal Cancer ]
[ Monsanto Buys ‘Terminator’ Seeds Company ]
[ Global Warming – 2005 Hottest On Record ]
[ Russian Scientists Forecast Global Cooling In 6-9 Years ]
[ Astronaut Reporting Alien Spacecraft To Houston – Audio ]
[ Picture – Painted Ceiling In A Smoking Area ]

Saturday 08.26.2006 — more edgemont / media makes my world.. not suck ass..

August 26, 2006

Encore WAM will finally drop The Tribe from their schedule beginning September 1st. In its place, they will air an extra episode of Edgemont. And Edgemont starts from the beginning on September 1st as well, with full hours premiering at 7AM ET and re-airing at 5PM ET. It’s another great chance to see the series.. I just wish I could have seen the first few seasons of Tribe, but they chose to run the last season into the ground instead. 😦

My days on the internet are definitely numbered. I shut off the computer again last night so it wouldn’t overheat. Then I had some trouble getting it up and running this morning. *sigh* Now I’m watching the VH1 Top 20. *yay’s @ getting rid of that pinhead* *boo’s @ not having Rachel Perry actually host in person* 😦

I watched two more DVD episodes of Surface (awesome) and had a little breakfast. Then we watched The Soup (lol) and eventually Silent Hill. I thought it was awesome.. and I’ve never even played the games. Unless you count that one time I played a SH3 demo for like five minutes before giving up. :p They sure fit a lot into two hours..

There was nothing on TV at all, so my dad went around to a few.. things. Ugh. We had some supper and found Bubble Boy on Comedy Central (lol). When that was over, my dad went to my room to watch his football game. I stayed in the living room and watched Angelic Layer episodes 1 & 2 on Anime Network (aww, cute show.. about girly doll robots that fight), followed by Naruto (cool), Zatch Bell (about damn time Ponygon’s human showed up) and BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol).

When I was done with all that, I didn’t even realize that my dad had gone to bed already. He’s getting tremors in his arms again, for some reason. *sigh* 😦 I returned to my room for the night…

See ya. I hope.

[ Airline Insanity A Beta Test For Police State ]
[ Russia Rejects Sanctions Against Iran ]
[ NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Dead In Italy, Greece ]
[ The Fluoride Conspiracy – The Toxic Fluoridation Of Drinking Water ]
[ EPA Accused Of Misleading Data On 911 Dust ]
[ Creature Taken From Man’s Stomach After 29 Years ]
[ Scientists Flock To Test ‘Free Energy’ Discovery ]
[ Is Bush An Idiot? – Video ]
[ Miracles Or Madness? ]

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” — Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961

tmnt lost download / x-men 3 uk / today

August 25, 2006

[Current Music Download|Evanescence – Call Me When You’re Sober @ SendSpace]

For those who would rather not watch those three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Lost Season episodes on YouTube, a download thread has now been set up at Rangerboard. But the person who started the thread got the numbers incorrect. These are episodes 1, 3 & 4 of the 13-episode “Lost Season”. People seem to be having a rough time getting a hold of the second episode, “Demons And Dragons”, which is also supposed to be on 4Kids On Demand through the end of September at least.. *shrug*

This news from the UK (DVD Region 2) reveals that we may just be screwed over again by Twentieth Century Fox. They’re getting a Two-Disc Special Edition of X-Men: The Last Stand. While we here in the US are only getting a basic one-disc edition and a “Stan Lee Collector’s Edition” (the one-disc with comic book) to fool us into thinking there isn’t another release to come. The UK has gotten many Fox two-disc DVDs right away in the past while the US got barely anything, then we had to wait for the two-disc DVD releases six months or so later. Anything to screw the fans out of their dollars, right Fox? The consumers began catching on to your two-release bullshit, so you’re trying to trick them once again with this so-called “Collector’s Edition”. *rolls eyes*

I awoke in the morning. I had fallen asleep earlier than usual the night before, so I woke up early too. :/ I watched some music videos, got bored.. and fell back to sleep for a bit. I awoke again, got online, had some breakfast, and watched some morning TV. My dad hates Regis Philbin. He’s so full of himself all the time.. My dad then had to leave on yet another hospital appointment. I got online for awhile after that. Then I watched two more DVD episodes of Surface (it’s getting really good now.. and there’s only five episodes left 😦 ).

I got back online for a few hours (and news-gathered for a part of it) until my dad returned home. We watched Passions (get in there, Ethan!), then I got back online to finish up news-gathering. I got side-tracked by supper and downloading some manga, but I still finished up online just in time for 8PM.. But there wasn’t really anything on TV worth watching. I checked out Funniest Videos (not in the mood for Christmas just yet, damnit), then watched some Whose Line when my dad went outside. But he came back. 😦 I changed it to a Reba repeat and got really bored. That and I was really looking forward to reading the Gantz manga I downloaded. So I went to my room and did just that (scanlations rock). And that was about it..

See ya.

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[ Target Iran – Here We Go Again | Israel Prepares For The Next War ]
[ Bush Can Reinstate The Draft Or Lose Iraq Completely ]
[ Bush, Saddam Should Both Stand Trial – Nuremberg Prosecutor ]
[ US Agents Implicated In ‘Suicides’ Of Euro Security Experts ]
[ Costs Of Secrecy Skyrocket To $9 Billion A Year ]
[ FDA Poised To Take Our Health ‘Straight Over A Cliff’ ]
[ How To Avoid War Over Water – A Global Problem ]
[ After 70-Yr Ban Hemp May Soon Be Legally Grown ]
[ Strange Goings-On Follow UFO Footage Discovery ]
[ Cows ‘Moo’ With Regional Accents ]

star wars 30th dvd set / potc2 dvd details / today

August 24, 2006

Before you rush out to buy the new Star Wars: Limited Edition DVDs on September 12th, keep this new tentative information from TheDigitalBits’ Rumor Mill in mind. They claim that an ultimate DVD boxed set of all six films will be released in 2007, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the series’ first film release. There will be “more changes to the films, and there will be LOTS of new, never-before-seen special features”. One of the new changes will be a CG Yoda for Episode I, in order to match with Episode II & III.. I wasn’t going to buy the Limited Editions anyway. I just don’t care to own the original theatrical versions..

DVDActive now has details and cover art for the December 5th release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, in one-disc and two-disc editions. The retailer ad says the official announcement isn’t supposed to be until September 19th. Maybe that’s why the news disappeared from DavisDVD earlier this week.. :p

I stayed up late online. And got a dose of adware that I can’t get rid of. Then things got even worse and the screen started screwing up really bad. I deduced that the computer was overheating and shut it off completely before going to sleep.. I awoke the next morning and it was okay again. For now. It looks like I have to open it and clean it out. That’s what I was told was the cause of a previous computer loss. *sigh* We watched some morning TV before I got online and my dad took off. So I took this time to play a little of the Lego Star Wars II demo. Awesome. Looks even better than the first.. demo. I still haven’t gotten the game yet. I’m eager to get Sims 2 now that it’s a PS2 Greatest Hit though..

My dad returned from a few grocery stores and we had some late breakfast. Then we watched some more TV and I played with the cat a little. I got bored, so I got online for a bit too. Before I knew it, Passions started (Spike getting away really pissed me off). Then I watched two more DVD episodes of Surface (ah, there’s the NBC announcer.. and now that I hear it again, I wish I was still missing it :p). Once those were done, I got online to news-gather. I also looked up the Gantz manga, heard that it was better than the anime, and got frustrated that there’s no US release of it yet. 😑

There wasn’t a single thing to watch tonight, so I stayed online for a bit longer and then wrote some. My dad soon came in just as I was considering playing a video game. He’s always unknowingly ruining things. *pouts* So I ended up watching those Office repeats instead, followed by the new Windfall that I had forgotten about (aww @ Frankie and her new love interest). When that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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[ CA Assembly Guts Bill To Promote Gays In Textbooks ]
[ New Controversial ‘Hitler’ Restaurant In India’s Financial Hub ]

pr super legends? / today

August 23, 2006

Buena Vista has trademarked Power Rangers Super Legends for “the television series and other products” earlier this month. Also, Jetix snatched up the domain name last month. What ever could this be? Something special for the 15th anniversary of the series next year, or just another retitle for Power Rangers Generations? ..I hate not knowing things like this.. :p

I once again fell asleep before I was able to finish yesterday’s entry. I awoke the next morning, finished, and posted it right away.. After some time online, we watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. But then my dad had to go the hospital again.. I watched Oban Star-Racers (another great episode), then fell asleep. When I woke up, I watched two more DVD episodes of Surface (it’s getting good now.. I still miss the NBC announcer guy narrating the recaps though). After failing to find something on TV, I went to get online and found that my cable connection wasn’t there at all. I had to reboot to get it working again. My dad is starting to suspect something with the cable again since the picture keeps going out for a few seconds at a time. I hope this isn’t related..

I wasted time on fixing up AIM, then my dad returned home. I did my usual news-gathering and found nothing. Then I went to pick up some water and also got a little fast food supper. We returned home and watched some sitcom reruns. I got the first issue of another free subscription to OPM (a full year!). Glad I didn’t buy this issue earlier in the month. I was wanting to try out Lego Star Wars II.. Then we watched Passions (please don’t kill off the mama.. and I would have dropped Gwen ages ago, Ethan.. she keeps complaining about your obsession with Theresa when she’s the one obsessing about her.. every single scene she’s in she complains about her *rolls eyes*) and World’s Funniest Commercials (once again the commercials are pretty funny and the hosts are pretty retarded.. well, the lines written for them anyway.. “Was that Mel Gibson driving that car?” *rolls eyes*). Once those were over, I returned to my room for the night.

Sometimes I wonder why the human race advanced this far? Was it meant to be this way? Could it have been possible to advance in a different direction than the one we took? Because sometimes I don’t really like the way everything has turned out.. See ya.

[ Bush Sacked CIA Chief George Tenent Over 911 Cover-Up ]
[ New WTC Complex Photos Show Bizarre WTC 7 Collapse ]
[ Zionist Racism Exposed Again – ‘They Aren’t Human, They Are Arabs!’ ]
[ Gay Discharges Mount As Bush Orders Troop Recall ]
[ Moret – Global Diabetes Epidemic Caused By Depleted Uranium ]
[ Chinese Cops Crack Down On Striptease Funerals ]
[ Music Makes Your Brain Happy ]

tmnt lost youtube / 4400 s4 / devlin stargate / dvd ads aug 27-sep 2 / media / today

August 22, 2006

For those who don’t have Comcast on Demand and were wanting to see the “lost season” of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series before they hit DVD, most of the 4Kids On Demand episodes have now shown up on YouTube… #105: “Lap of the Gods” – Part One, Part Two & Part Three. #107: “Legend Of The 5 Dragons” – Part One & Part Two. #108: “More Worlds Than One” – Part One & Part Two. Enjoy. Because I sure can’t. 😦 has a Eureka 7 behind-the-scenes video now online, featuring Johnny Yong Bosch (former Power Ranger and the voice of Renton). Click here to check it out. πŸ™‚

USA has issued a press release confirming that the hit sci-fi series The 4400 will be returning in Summer 2007 for a fourth season of 13 more episodes. Yay. πŸ™‚

AintItCoolNews’ Quint has done an interview with Dean Devlin, asking him about his upcoming films. He reveals that the Stargate sequels are only in the early discussion stage. I hope they happen. He also reveals a tiny bit of what the second film may be about.. He also tells his favorite dirty joke. lol. πŸ™‚

Click here to see the Best Buy, Circuit City & Target retail ads for the week of August 27th to September 2nd. I’m surprised by how low the prices are Arrested Development: Season 3 ($19.99!). Can’t wait to finish my collection. And I wish I could pick up Veronica Mars: Season 1 again, since it’s also $19.99 this week.. TMNT: Volume 5 (of the original animated series) isn’t in any of the ads, but the Best Buy website has it priced at only $9.99. πŸ™‚

I only stayed up late to about.. 2AM this time.. Then I woke up before 7AM. I wrote a little more Prisoner (ah, the classic “villain explains the evil plan” scene :p). I then got pissed about how slow my dad was going. He has to go to the handout place and back before I get to media buy. And Best Buy seems to finally have a DVD I’ve been waiting for them to get in stock for the entire month now. So I stayed online in the other room just in case I do anything I’d regret. And of course my dad seems to sense my urgency and takes forever to finally leave. On my more fortunate note, my monitor has stopped wavering. For now. But then it returns once I mention it. Of course.

I got into reading this leaked government document concerning an alien energy device. It even reveals that the next alien visitation to Area 51 is set for November 2009. These Serpo info releases are something else.. My dad returned with some pretty good stuff. Then I went out media buying at last.

First, I went to Best Buy and picked up Full Metal Alchemist Vol 11 (finally!) and Silent Hill (Best Buy had a bonus DVD, so I passed on Circuit City’s comic book.. even though the bonus DVD is only promotion for some Silent Hill PSP release :/). I also got two free copies each of the WB Fall 2006 TV Preview DVD & the HBO Sampler DVD (omg, four full episodes! First episodes of Big Love, Rome, Deadwood & Entourage.. and it’s in a thin DVD case! must get more! :p). I got an icee and some gas for my dad before returning home. Then I got online to inventory the new discs.

We watched Passions(lol @ covering up just her face, then taking it off.. as well as taking back the part about her being dead *prepares for a month of close deaths* ..I like that new Maria Sharapova Nike commercial πŸ™‚ ), then I checked out the free DVDs (the extended commercials for the WB-produced new fall series were pretty good.. and there’s even a couple special features on that HBO DVD). I then watched two more DVD episodes of Surface (awesome.. but I now notice a story flaw.. they changed the origin of the creatures mid-series so a certain scene early in the series no longer makes sense :/ ). Once those were done, I got online to news-gather. We had a rather lame supper, then I finished up online close to 7PM.

I took over the living room TV while my dad was outside and watched two episodes of Dead Like Me (okay, after seeing “The Bicycle Thief” episode.. I want this series on DVD sooner than ever :p) and Eureka (awesome episode this week). Once all those were over, I returned to my room for the night.

I wish I had a life. I built the shell around me to block out the drama. But it also blocks things I don’t want blocked. 😦 See ya.

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August 21, 2006

Buena Vista once again goes the way of the two-tier money-grubbing DVD release tactic. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest will be released on December 5th as separate near-bare-bones one-disc and two-disc Special Edition. And of course the one-disc is now priced at the same SRP range that most of us paid for the first film’s two-disc edition back on its first week of DVD release. *rolls eyes* The one-disc will go for a $29.99 SRP, while the two-disc is set at $34.99 SRP. 😦 [Edit: DavisDVD has removed all mention of the news for some unknown reason. The cover art is still uploaded, but no longer mentioned on the site.]

DVDActive now has disc-by-disc details for the November 28th DVD releases of the four Christopher Reeve Superman films, as well as Supergirl.. I was considering buying these (well, the four Supermans) practically “blind”. But I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford these. Maybe I’ll just get Superman Returns that day after all..

AintItCoolNews’ Quint has interviewed Kevin Munroe, the director of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CGI film coming to theaters in March 2007. He reveals that Mako’s role of Splinter was recorded before the actor’s unfortunate passing. It’s also revealed that Karai will be in it, and that it takes place after Shredder has been defeated. He slips and almost says Shredder will be in the film, but then says he meant Splinter. Hmm.. Check it out. πŸ™‚

Someone has already seen the two-episode Avatar: The Last Airbender special (that’s actually comprised of episodes 212: “The Serpent’s Pass” & 213: “The Drill”) and made a rather lengthy and spoilery review for it. Click here, or wait for its premiere on Nickelodeon September 15th at 8PM ET. πŸ™‚

The 4400‘s Jacqui McKenzie has posted a bulletin on her MySpace page announcing that she had received word that The 4400 has been picked up for a fourth season. Yay! πŸ™‚

The N has issued a press release detailing the August 29th release of The N Soundtrack CD. It will hold 11 tracks, including full theme songs for Degrassi TNG, South of Nowhere and Beyond the Break, as well as performances by some of The N’s stars. A CD-ROM extra will provide a sneak peek at the second ‘season’ of Beyond The Break. The release also announces that the one-hour season premieres of Degrassi TNG & South of Nowhere have been scheduled for September 29th at 8PM & 9PM ET respectively. Can’t wait. πŸ™‚

I stayed up really late last night. First, I had to stay up after my dad had gone to sleep to watch the new Mystic Force. Then I decided to transfer the “new” Degrassi TNG to VHS. But I made the mistake of falling asleep. I then woke up a few hours later and had to rewind the tape. :p I woke up another few hours later and had some breakfast. When our evil dictator took over the networks to spout his latest line of bullshit, I got online for a bit instead. My dad soon left for his hospital appointment.

And I eventually gave up on the neverending bullshit occurring on my computer and watched the first two DVD episodes of Surface. Lake Bell and that boy’s sister as soo hot.. and it’s a great series too. :p When that was over, I got online to news-gather. And I realized my monitor was getting even worse. It moved from the color changes, to ghost images.. and now the picture is wavering. Just fucking perfect. -_- I got all queasy, but didn’t know if it was due to viewing the monitor or my continuously degrading health.

I finished the news just as my dad returned home. He fell asleep during Passions, so I had to wake him up for the only important scene in the entire episode at the end (I will miss mama’s cleavage 😦 ). Once that was over, we had to pull together our own supper since there’s so little left, then I got back online again. I watched some Raymond reruns my dad watching.. then began the first full TV night of the new fall season. :p We watched Prison Break (awesome premiere, looking forward to this season.. I heard the creators intended this to be a two-season story.. and now that it’s a hit, they’re planning a trilogy of two-season stories) and Vanished (it wasn’t that bad.. I’m itching to get into the Illuminati or whatever conspiracy stuff though), followed by Kyle XY (awesome episode.. except maybe one little flaw *learn a guy is spying on family* *decides to take out the cameras* .. *goes directly to the carnival* O_o). Once that was all over, I returned to my room for the night.

Why must everything in my life go wrong? So wrong that I must bury myself in TV and DVD in order to convince myself that life doesn’t completely suck..? See ya.

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