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May 31, 2005 has gotten a hold of full DVD specs & cover art for the September 13th release of Smallville: The Complete Fourth Season. I’m liking it, especially the art.. 🙂

The N has greenlighted a new original series titled South Of Nowhere, from famed creator / executive producer Tom Lynch (his previous projects include Caitlin’s Way, Secret World Of Alex Mack and Galidor). The teen drama series will focus on “sexual and racial identity and self-discovery”. Filming will being in July, and it’s set to debut on The N in November 2005.. 🙂

It sounds like The WB has decided to take away Kids WB’s weekday afternoon block, and replace it with a “young adult” block. Also, the Kids WB Saturday morning block will expand another hour, to 12PM. This will take effect in January 2006. Expect a schedule to be announced soon. Click here for the details..

justjared @ blogspot has uncovered a few more secrets at Lost‘s website. Nice mugshot, Kate. :p

LiveJournal has announced that they will be having another 24-hour sale on permanant accounts. You will have all paid user benefits, 50 user pictures, and the benefit of never having to pay for your account again. It’s tempting. I’d like more user pictures uploaded.. But the permanant account will cost $150.. so no. 😦 ..But they also announced that there’s now MP3 support for LJ phone posts. Yay. I may try it out again very soon.. 🙂

I ended up stayed up pretty late last night (2:30AM.. ack). I even got around to reading another chapter of Extreme Zone #2.. I had a dream. I could feel it was a continuation of the dream that I couldn’t recall before. I was going all over town in one of those scooter things (y’know.. that thing that’s like a skateboard.. but with a handle coming up). It started with me trapped in some school were others were being held hostage. I escaped out a back door, got on my scooter, and rode off. None of the authorities all around the school even stopped me. It was close to supper time, so I headed home. Once I got there, I discovered that my parents (not my real parents) weren’t there. Just my brother and sister (not the real ones either), who were about my age. I looked over my money (including a couple over-sized and redesigned five dollars that I had gotten from the bank at some point), and decided to head out to buy supper for us. So I left on my scooter to pick up a pizza. Here, I remember leaving the scooter someplace.. then looking around the area. Then my real-life dad picked me up and we drove off. I soon asked him to turn around to pick up the scooter. He sighed heavily.. and that was about it. I had a feeling that the blue silver scooter wasn’t originally mine. I think I had stolen it in the previous dream. Hmm..

I woke up in the morning halfway past 9AM, just in time for the evil dictator’s monthly press conference full of bullshit. Woohoo. -_- After that, I watched some of the usual morning TV. Blah. Then I decided to take a bath. After my dad kept bitching at me about doing so for like ever. But no ‘thank you’ whatsoever. Ass.. I finished just in time for Passions. Today’s episode was pretty good too. Except for the fake-out murder. Damnit. ..Maybe tomorrow.. Ned & Fancy’s storyline is heating up. They stumbled upon a crime scene and gotten their fingerprints all over everything. :p ..After that, I returned to my room for a bit while my dad vacuumed. The finally watched two more DVD episodes from X-Files: Season 3 (the two-parter “Nisei” & “731”). So awesome. 🙂 Then after that, I returned to my room a little early in order to news-gather. I got done a little early, had a lame supper due to our day of poorness, then got back online for a while.. I actually cut off my “beard” too. It was getting getting rather long.. but I only let it get that way because it matched the hair better, but I’m getting it cut tomorrow so.. *shrug*

In primetime, that was once again not a thing to watch. So I channel-surfed and eventually settled down to watch a NCIS repeat (that I’ve never seen.. because I’ve watched like two episodes of it ever). It was okay.. Then, I moved on to Comedy Central and watched their premiere of the Dave Chappelle: Killin’ Them Softly stand-up special. Hilarious. Almost makes me want to see the unedited DVD version somehow.. After that, I most played with the cat.. while my dad watched Blind Justice. :/ And that was it..

Today was okay.. I guess. ..I miss my media buying.. *withdrawal* 😦 Must.. hold on.. until.. Friday.. See ya..

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May 30, 2005

VengeanceGreenRanger has posted a picture to RangerBoard that reveals a few nice things to come on Power Rangers S.P.D.: a new SPD van, Red Ranger’s battlizer (which looks like RIC version 3.0 to me), and SWAT mode. It also features shots of Shadow Ranger’s new ATV, and an upcoming shot of the A-Squad.. 🙂 (You can tell how little I’m interested in this season so far by me forgeting the title of the sixth ranger off the top of my head.. haha)

With just a week to go before the release, has posted a press release for the Power Rangers S.P.D., Volume 1 – Joining Forces DVD.. And it doesn’t really confirm anything new.. *moves on* ..Meanwhile, there’s rumors of Count Duckula coming to DVD as soon as September.. 🙂

For those who didn’t join Veronica Mars right at the beginning and can’t wait for the DVD release (like me), UPN will start the season all over again from the first episode starting Tuesday, June 14th. It will then move to its new fall timeslot on Wednesday, June 15th.. and continue from there. 🙂

Teen actress Lindsay Lohan’s breasts have been digitally reduced for the forthcoming Disney film Herbie: Fully Loaded, to avoid offending family audiences.

roflmao! So funny.. But damnit, that’s what I was looking forward to most in that movie. *pouts* :p

Nine Inch Nails have canceled their scheduled appearance on the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, after a disagreement with MTV over having an image of evil dictator George W. Bush behind them as they performed their latest hit single “The Hand That Feeds”. The song has been called “a warning against blind acceptance of authority, including that of a president leading his nation to war.” Awesome. ..MTV continues to show how much they suck..

My cat awoke me a couple times in the early morning. He even interrupted a dream that I can barely recall now. I do remember that it was really getting good though when I woke up.. 😦 But I eventually woke up on my own at around 9AM, watched the usual morning TV, and had breakfast. The rest of the morning consisted of more TV, playing with the cat, watching that Comedy Central Norm McDonald special (Back To Norm) on DVR, and.. not much else. Once it was time for the local news though, I got online for a bit instead. :p I eventually returned to the living room and watched the day’s episode of Passions. lol @ the cartoon-like chase that’s ensuing with Ned & Fancy in Vegas. And yay, Luis is finally getting told off, and by his own sister. Ha. And yay @ the 4400 Season 2 ad. So can’t wait for Sunday.. After that, I watched the first episode of the new VH1 reality series, Kept.. but only for Power Rangers Wild Force‘s Ricardo Medina Jr. Note to his female fans: he’s already topless in the first episode.. Even though he didn’t act all that well in PRWF, I was rooting for him here. I was relieved when he wasn’t cut. :p ..After that, I watched two more DVD episodes of X-Files: Season 3 (“The Walk” & “Oubliette”). Damn, this season’s awesome. Whoever I heard say that Season 3 was the series’ highest point.. I might just agree now. 🙂 After that, I returned to my room to do the day’s news-gathering. I took a break for supper, but soon returned to it..

There wasn’t really much to watch tonight.. so I watched the “world premiere” of Romy & Michele: In The Beginning on ABC Family. I rather liked the movie.. but I couldn’t compare it to the original movie.. because I haven’t seen it in quite awhile. The stereotypical Arizona at the start was kinda lame.. with the fake cacti, the stereotypical western people, and the cheap digital effects to make it look all hot and desert-y. :/ But the movie wasn’t too bad (*drools @ Katherine Heigl in that bikini top.. and jumping all around.. and Kelly Brook in that leopard-print bikini thing). :p I’d buy both movies on DVD.. The commercials for ABC Family’s new series Wildfire littered throughout the airing were interesting.. because it’s a complete ripoff of Caitlin’s Way.. except that the main characters are older. ..After some online time, I went channel surfing and eventually found an episode of Judgment Day to watch. But my dad decided to come in at that point and demanded to see the (last hour of the) Indy 500 victory banquet crap that I DVRed for him earlier in the evening. Immediately. So we watched. Yay @ Danica Patrick getting Rookie of the Year. Everything else was.. *yawn* ..Until the winner was hit in the face with a pie or something. Haha. :p Soon after that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

AIM quote of the day.. er, whatever..
PrometheusUFO: ..everyday is the least productive day of my life.. *yay’s*

Today was rather boring. The TV & DVD made it all a little better though. *shrug* Too bad there’s no media buying tomorrow though. 😦 See ya..

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Sun 05.29.05 — the day of the hometown race that i don’t really care about

May 29, 2005

This guy has uncovered what Lost really is.. a text adventure game. lol. 🙂

I went to sleep at around 12:30AM last night. Then, my day started horribly at 6AM. My dad woke me up with his damn Indy 500 morning coverage that he must watch. Dumbass. And now I doubt I’ll get enough time on the TV to empty the DVR of last night’s Adult Swim shows. *sigh* *bangs head on desk*

My dad continued watching the damn pre-race crap. The only parts I found interesting were the celebrities showing up.. :/ ..My dad eventually gave the TV over to me, and I watched those four DVR recordings from last night: Zatch Bell (oh, a nice big helping of Sherry back-story.. *YAWN*), Samurai Champloo (awesome), Paranoia Agent episode 1 (whoa. I’m hooked. and yay @ not censoring “bullshit”.), and S-CRY-Ed episode 1 (I didn’t find it that interesting.. I’m still considering if I should give it a second chance next week). Now my dad’s locked up in his room listening to the Indy 500 race on the radio (they don’t air it on TV until 7PM here, for some retarded reason). I care very little for it myself. He’s only tuning in for Danica Patrick.. which is the only reason that I’m interested at all.. :p

Also, according to my DVR’s TV listings, the new episode of Robot Chicken won’t be airing tonight. But on next Thursday at Midnight ET (11PM here). *scratches head* O_o Edit: But the Cartoon Network site says it’s a rerun, and the next new episode is actually next Sunday night.. :p

I read maybe half a chapter of Extreme Zone #2. Then I watched two more DVD episodes of X-Files: Season 3: “The List” & “2Shy”. Some great episodes, especially the latter.. except for its outdatedness.. and how incorrectly the internet is represented. :p And since I have nothing better to watch, I’ll be watching more episodes all this week. 🙂 After those, I read the rest of that chapter.. My dad’s still locked up in his room with the radio to the Indy 500. I think he may have fallen asleep. We did wake up rather early. And now I’m booorrrreeeddd…

Oh, and I think someone within Mutant Chat tried to get my AIM login info. One of them IMed me today and asked me to login with my AIM login info on a site that wasn’t an AIM site in order to see a “RangerBoard poster”.. to “see if it works”. I didn’t fall for it though.. >_>

Danica didn’t win. ..Damnit.. But she did make history (first woman to lead a Indy 500 lap, and a finish in the top 5).. As the Indy 500 wrapped up, I watched / taped this year’s Maxim Hot 100 special from VH1. By dad at last came out of his room and pretty much waited for me to finish up. Once I did, I went through the DVR, looking for more to delete.. but could find barely anything. 😦 I gave the living room TV over to my dad and retreated to my room for a night of boredom. Wheee……

I can’t recommend to you enough to check out Edgemont. It’s finally returning to US TV on Wednesday. It’s going to air everyday at (around) 4:30AM ET and 5:30PM ET on Encore WAM. One episode per day. And I’d tune in at the start if I were you, because it’s structured like a soap opera, with a continuing storyline. It stars Smallville‘s Kristin Kreuk, and this was the first series I saw her on not too far before Smallville started (and she was able to continue to film both since they both filmed in Vancouver). This was the series that I based my brief Westmont series of stories on.. except my version was much more graphic.. and had some supernatural stuff. :p I wrote it to start with because I missed Edgemont once it left US TV with the change of FOX Family to ABC Family.. So I’ve really been looking forward to it returning.. and now it’s only days away. Yay. 🙂 *end promo*

I was bored, so I watched whatever I could find on my bedroom DVR. First, I watched most of a Conan O’Brien episode from last Tuesday (Evangeline Lilly.. *droool*). Then, I watched the first episode of UPN’s The Bad Girl’s Guide. The operative word being bad. I was barely able to sit through the whole episode. And TV Guide warned me it would be horrible, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. Ack. -_-

First, I read another exciting chapter of Extreme Zone #2. 🙂 I followed that up with some online time. Then I finally got around to watching the GTA San Andreas prequel DVD that came with the two-CD soundtrack. It was pretty cool. 🙂 They probably planned to include this before the game, but it ran too long (21 minutes).. After some time with the cat, I got back online for a quite a while. The computer started acting strange, so I scanned for viruses. Nothing. So I just rebooted instead.. *shrug*

Today was rather uneventful. *sigh* 😦 ..See ya..

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Sat 05.28.05 — the day of the invite & the outside world

May 28, 2005

I awoke a little after 7:30, then tuned over to ABC Family’s “Red Rangers Revealed” Power Rangers marathon. But like last night’s marathon, it only reminds me of how awesome the show was in the MMPR Productions days.. and how much it sucks now (I’ve become a Saban snob :p ). Ninja Storm had its moments, but I didn’t like it all that much. I only liked Dino Thunder so much for the references to the Saban days. And SPD has had it’s moments too, but has been mainly disappointing so far.. *sigh*

A rather long day… First, I watched a little more of that marathon. Then, I watched the weekend’s new episode of Best Week Ever. *shrug* It was alright, I guess. Then, I watched the last three DVD episodes of Chappelle’s Show: Season 2. Hilarious (especially the latter two, with Wayne Brady and Black Bush). 🙂 Next, I remember looking through some DVR recordings and deleting a few. But I fell asleep for a little while.

Soon, I woke up. I guess it was an hour or two later. My dad had fallen asleep in his chair too. :p I watched a little MadTV over on Comedy Central. Then, we watched the I, Robot All-Access Collector’s Edition DVD. I really enjoyed this movie. A murder investigation turns into a fight against artificial intelligence to save the world. Nice. 🙂 I almost could’ve bought the the original DVD release months ago, instead of waiting all that time for this release. I barely watched any of the special features, except for a making-of featurette and the four deleted scenes. It’s a pretty well put together release though. But the packaging isn’t see-through like the original DVD. 😦 ..But it came with a free ticket to Fantastic Four. Yay. 🙂 ..And the living room DVD player barely screwed it up at all. Just a few small freeze-and-starts during the last third of the movie.

I woke my dad up and he went to get the mail. My older sister sent me an invite to her wedding on July 2nd. Waaay up north. And he didn’t invite my dad. Because she still hates him for something years ago. I think it he refused to loan her money or something. I doubt I’ll go though. I have no way to get there on my own after all. 😦

After watching a little Dogma on Comedy Central, I mentioned that I had barely eaten anything all day (just a popsicle and some chips). So upon finding there wasn’t any food ready to make, he’s gone off to get more fast food instead. Yay. 🙂

So we had supper and watched the rest of Dogma. Then, we watched the start of the pre-recorded Indy 500 Festival Parade. Blah. My dad eventually went outside to talk with his friends.. and I soon got addicted to staring out the window. I watched these kids play out in the parking lot, and it reminded me of a time when I actually went outside for a reason other than to get in the car. I eventually got myself together a little bit, then headed outside for the first time in quite a while for some fresh air (and to stare at those underage girls *cough*). Anyway.. Thanks to the flood lights installed in our parking area, I could only see one lonely star in the sky. :/ I went back in for a moment, but soon came back out and joined my dad and his friends. lol @ their joking around. Like my dad commented, one of them said I looked like some biker guy.. :p

Eventually, they all broke up and returned to their homes. I took control the of the TV and watched the remainder of an hour of Whose Line, even though my dad keeps bitching that the show is “nothing”. I think he doesn’t want to like it just because he thinks they should take the competitiveness seriously. That’s not what it’s about, idiot. When that was over, my dad took over the TV and I returned to my room for the night..

Today was rather boring, but it ended surprisingly less than boring. 🙂 See ya..

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May 27, 2005

More Lost secrets revealed… Check out the Official Oceanic Air Website for a seating chart of the doomed Flight 815. Enter the infamous unlucky numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) by clicking the corresponding row numbers and you’re treated to a teaser trailer for Season 2 of the series coming this fall (though it’s only comprised of taglines and scenes from Season 1).. Also, some seats will highlight green when you click on them. These are the seats of some of the survivors seen in the series. Keep clicking around (or not) and you’ll find more hidden surprises. 🙂 has put together something to make our summer TV viewing a little less boring. It’s a look at the new TV series airing this summer — Comedies, Dramas & Limited series and Original Movies & Mini-Series.. Yay. 🙂 Oh, and Reality Competition and Unscripted series..

According to director Rob Bowman, an R-rated Elektra: Director’s Cut DVD is on the way in November 2005.. 🙂

Golden Palace Casino is going too damn far. First, the buy a few food items with images of celebrities in them or whatever… and now they’re naming children. Yes, a boy by the name of GoldenPalaceDotCom Silverman. They payed $15,000 to name the baby. He’s gonna be pissed at his parents when he gets older..

I awoke in the morning to a surprise. I had fallen asleep very early the night before, so I woke very early too. I finished up yesterday’s entry and posted it, then spent some more time online. I took a break to watch a little TV with my dad while eating a rather simple breakfast. But I soon returned to my computer. After finding a secret in the Lost season finale on my own, I just got addicted to finding more. So I ravaged the internet for just that. For the rest of the morning. Then I uploaded most of them together in my LiveJournal gallery. 🙂 ..I soon had to go though. Passions started. Somehow, today’s episode seemed to go by rather fast. It furthered the story a little bit, but not by much.. :/ lol @ the witch lady making crying baby sounds at the end.. *old lady opens mouth* *sound of baby crying* lol.. Anyway.. After that, since I played the day’s episodes of Chappelle’s Show last night, I played GTA San Andreas some more. It was just your average rampaging though. Except when I finally tried out the taxi missions.. After that, I played episode 23 from the GitS SAC Vol 6 DVD. Last episode on the DVD already. *sigh* It was a pretty good one too.. Soon after that, I returned to my room and began news-gathering. I took a break for supper, but soon returned to it..

I forgot all about the Radio Free Roscoe 1-hour series finale.. until I saw it DVRing. I rewound it and watched. Great episode(s). It resolved everything a little too quickly but.. it was a nice send-off. And it was nice to leave it a little open-ended concerning the radio show’s future. I admit it. I cried. A little. I’m gonna miss this show.. After that, I found a re-airing of last October’s “Strength In Numbers” Power Rangers marathon over on Toon Disney, and watched “Time For Lightspeed” (the worst PR teamup ever), “Reinforcements From The Future” Part 1 & 2 (the best basic PR teamup ever), and “Forever Red” (the best PR teamup ever.. notice that I said ‘basic’ for Reinforcements :p). I took another look at Lost finale after that (damnit, I must know the mystery). At least, according to what my dad heard on Jimmy Kimmel (which has been lies before), the “monster” will finally be revealed in the middle of next season.. and a search plane will crash on the island. :p ..Soon after that, I just returned to my room for the night..

Today was rather boring, really. So I can’t wait for the weekend, where even more boredom awaits. Yay. See ya..

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insurrection dvd shots / futurama return? / today

May 26, 2005 has provided a look at the menus and deleted scenes to be included on the Star Trek: Insurrection – Special Collector’s Edition DVD, due in stores on June 7th. Niiice. Can’t wait to pick up my copy (and I haven’t even seen this movie yet).. 🙂

Fresh from the successful return of Family Guy from cancellation heaven, there now is talk that Fox may be interested in reviving Futurama as well. According to several sources, including, preliminary talk centers around producing new episodes or films directly for the DVD market. Bear in mind that this is strictly at the rumor stage, but if interest is there and DVD sales figures remain strong we may actually get this great show back.

This was a good show, but not good enough (in my opinion) for me to care rather it’s coming back or not. I just wanted to pass the rumor along.. *shrug*

Last night, I didn’t really stay up that late. I didn’t watch Jimmy Kimmel, even though by what I saw, it looked like a Lost after-party kinda thing. Four cast members and the creator showed up in the parts that I saw. My dad later gave me the living room TV and I changed it over to Conan. I was finally able to set the first DVR recording for Edgemont. Can’t believe it’s already only a week away. Sooo can’t wait. 🙂 ..I awoke in the early morning to the sound of my dad rearranging the damn kitchen. The landlord had said he would replace the gas water heater with an electric on Wednesday.. but now he’s doing it today. Supposedly. So my dad got busy moving everything away from that area. :/ I had some cereal for breakfast. My dad eventually put the cat away in his room for the day. I read another chapter of Extreme Zone #2. 🙂 All before 8:30AM. Wow. When they didn’t start the job as soon as they had arrived, my dad tried to start it himself by draining the water heater. But it didn’t work too well. He went outside for help or something and I decided to stay in my room for a while. Soon, the guy actually came and began working. I ignored most of it and found things to do online. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. And I’m glad they caught a problem with the old heater. He said we could’ve died from carbon monoxide poisoning from the leak. Ack. So now we have hot water again.. I played around with the cat, and watched most of Price Is Right. Then, I got online for a bit. Again..

Eventually, the day’s episode of Passions started. Mostly stalling again. Blah. But yay @ Sheridan breaking it off with Luis. And lol @ Fancy sleeping with “Ned” after a stolen late dinner (slut). But I guess she likes the bad boys.. After that, I watched three more DVD episodes of Chappelle’s Show: Season 2 as my dad went off somewhere. lol @ the internet mall sketch. Unfortunately, the DVD player had to include its regular amount of screwups while watching. I fell asleep during a musical performance and woke to find it frozen. Then I watched through the following episode. When I tried fast-forwarding through the musical performance in that episode.. it froze again. So I just took the DVD out and took a break. My dad soon returned home with some groceries, then I looked closer at a few scenes from last night’s Lost finale with the VCR-like options of the DVR. What I found most intriguing was the black metallic claw(s) seen rising out of the ground at around the halfway point, coming up right behind Locke (within the ‘explosion’ over his right shoulder). Then the metal band around Locke’s leg right after he was saved from being pulled underground with said leg. As well as the eyes and nose that formed in the black smoke that flew away soon after. Really freaky.. Then, I put in the GitS SAC Vol 6 DVD and watched episode 22. Wow. I very much liked this one, as I do like many of the series’ episodes. 🙂 After that (and having to try and ignore the DVD player’s continued freezing and starting), I returned to my room for the day’s news-gathering.. I got it almost done with it when I took a break for supper. But soon, I returned to it..

Ah, the first night of summer reruns. Can’t you just smell the staleness? :p There wasn’t anything to watch whatsoever. So I watched three more DVD episodes of Chappelle’s Show: Season 2. It’s weird. I recall this season being funnier than it actually is. Though it could just be the foreground audio being too loud ruining the experience. 😦 Already only three more episodes left.. After that, I watched Whose Line for the rest of the 9PM hour. Then watched an hour of X-Play. My dad slept through most of the latter two. Unfortunately, I soon fell asleep too.. and didn’t wake up until around 6AM the next morning.. :/

Today was okay.. again. Except for maybe the water heater replacement. Being in my room the whole time got boring. But let’s hope the ‘okay’ trend continues. :p ..See ya.

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spd questions / roscoe us dvd / paramount title dvds / not another teen movie dvd art / today

May 25, 2005

Rangerboard administrator Ray-Z is now asking for your questions for the Power Rangers S.P.D. cast. He plans to take them (well, probably just the good ones) to the June 12th Los Angeles Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention. 🙂

For those who are jealous of the Canadian fans of Radio Free Roscoe for having the Season One Greatest Hits DVD all to themselves (or if you’re unable to import it), the disc is now coming to the USA on July 12th. 🙂 The disc includes eight episodes (“The Power Of Radio” (Part 1 of 2), “On The Air” (Part 2 of 2), “About A Girl”, “Political In Pink”, “Girl Talk Radio”, “How To Lose A Girl” (Part 2 of 2), “Bad Boy” & “All Or Nothing” (Part 3 of 3)), commentary from John Delange (producer), Kate Todd (Lily) and Ali Mukaddam (Ray), and a 10-minute behind-the-scenes featurette. Now only if they would release that soundtrack CD down here..

Paramount is starting a rather lame trend with their DVD releases, according to TheDigitalBits Rumor Mill. They claim that a Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Special Collector’s Edition DVD is tentatively set for August 3rd, and an Airplane: Don’t Call Me Shirley Special Collector’s Edition DVD is due on November 15th. I’ll most likely just buy the former.. At least it isn’t being done to the more dramatic movies.. 2-disc & 4-disc versions of the Titanic: Special Collector’s Edition DVD is due on October 18th. 🙂 now has cover art for the July 26th DVD release of Not Another Teen Movie: Unrated Extended Director’s Cut. Neat. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy‘s Cerina Vincent finally made it to the front cover in (most of) her nude glory.. 🙂

I awoke rather early in the morning and took the time to watch the final hour of Revelations (mostly to free up even more DVR space for tonight). *shakes fist @ the non-conclusive conclusion* So it was a mini-series.. that’s now becoming a regular TV series. Since NBC called it the “season finale” in all their commercials. :/ ..My dad woke up as it was ending, and I soon fell back to sleep. Later, I awoke to my dad fixing up the place for the damn landlord. *rolls eyes* We had breakfast and watched the usual morning TV. But soon, I escaped to my room and got online for a bit. A few hours later, I returned to the living room and read another chapter of Extreme Zone #2. I had a little lunch as Passions started. Today’s episode included just the right balance of stalling and storyline to not get me pissed off too much. lol @ the witch baby snoring like an old man. Tomorrow looks even more interesting.. After that, I watched a little Montel (with Sylvia Browne) and reorganized my large tape collection a little, as my dad went off to see that bitch that I despise. I watched three more DVD episodes of Chappelle’s Show: Season 2, including that infamous-yet-overrated Rick James episode. During the last of them I had to switch over to the PS2 because the living room DVD player felt like acting up again. The PS2 goes through the HDTV speakers.. but for some reason, the background audio sounds louder than the foreground. The laughing was so loud, I could barely hear some of the lines. Ah well, it was only that damn Rick James episode anyway.. I moved back to the living room DVD Player to watch the 1st episode of GitS SAC Vol 6. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the episode before it again (Part 1).. so I didn’t know what the heck was going on. And my body wanting to sleep didn’t help that much either. I kept drifting in and out. Damnit, body. You’re the one who woke me up at 6:30 this morning. 😦 ..After that, I returned to my room and began to news-gather once again. My dad said he would return with supper after talking with that cunt. But I finished the news-gathering.. and he still hadn’t come back. And I was getting hungry. So I waited. And watched / taped Sunday’s episode of Shinzo. It was so cheesy. so ripping off DBZ. And badly at that. :/ My dad finally returned during it. But he didn’t return with anything for supper. So he just pulled a few things together and had a lame supper instead. Ass.

In primetime, I watched / taped the 2-hour season finale of Lost (“Exodus” Part 2 & 3). Whoa. So awesome.. especially Part 3. We got a slightly closer look at the “monster”. It sounded so mechanical. Especially when that thing was reeling him in — *ching* *ching* ching*. You could tell from the look in Locke’s eyes that this wasn’t the same “monster” that he saw before. At least I think so (the first time he saw the thing, they directed him to act as if he were seeing the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.. and he seemed scared once he saw it this time). I knew Charlie would come across that heroin eventually, as soon as I first saw it weeks ago.. :p Heh @ Hurley being the first reader of that comic book on the plane that Walt read later on the island. omg @ those pirate-looking guys taking the kid though.. then blowing up the raft? Crap. Then they finally blew open the hatch.. to find a long shaft of darkness with a very short ladder. Whoa. So can’t wait for next season. I actually managed to tape all two hours of it too.. even though I had to fan it to keep it cool at every commercial break. -_- My dad kept going in and outside, but he eventually got hooked and watched the rest of the finale too. I also enjoyed the preview commercial for ABC’s new fall series Invasion. 🙂 ..After that, we somewhat watched the Alias season finale. I have barely seen this show at all. I saw the pilot episode, a part here, a part there.. then this episode.. I couldn’t believe they were ripping off Resident Evil. I kept laughing or rolling my eyes at all the cheesy plot developments. What has become of this show? The first episode was a sharp spy drama. Now they’ve resorted to ripping off sci-fi plots..? Ugh. Then that cliffhanger ending. What the heck? “let’s elope” “okay” “don’t say you’re a bad guy” “I’m a bad guy” *car crash & black within two seconds* lol. It went by so fast, my dad thought she hit him over the head with something. lol. I was hoping this episode was a dream of Sydney’s or something. But nope. :/ After that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

Today was pretty average. But then the awesome Lost season finale boosted it a bit. So.. above average? 🙂 Not as great as yesterday, but still.. See ya.

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[ Our CRIMINAL ‘Justice’ System ]

spd ep titles 19 & 20 / jetix sched change / new truman dvd / desperate ratings / media buys / today

May 24, 2005

Kress12 has posted to Rangerboard the next two episode titles for Power Rangers S.P.D.. They are 1519: “Dismissed” and 1520: “Perspective”. These are expected to air on June 18th and 25th respectively (in their new 10AM ET timeslot — look below), though it isn’t yet confirmed..

Kyl416 has posted to Rangerboard a new ABC Family JETIX schedule, effective June 13th. The Power Rangers S.P.D. premiere timeslot has changed. It’s moving to 10AM ET. Also, the Fantastic Four animated series is coming to Saturday mornings, and The Tick animated series has been scheduled for Sundays. Just check out the link for the whole thing..

TheDigitalBits reports that Paramount plans to release The Truman Show: Special Collector’s Edition on August 23rd. ..Maybe about a year after I bought the original DVD release.. Damnit. ..I’ll probably buy it anyway.. The release will include anamorphic widescreen video, along with 8 deleted & extended scenes and the 2-part “The Making of The Truman Show” documentary. Click here for a (small) look at the cover art. It looks so much better than the version I bought. 😦 Thanks to Paramount for finally upgrading that annoying cover banner though..

More than 30 million viewers tuned in to the May 22 first-season finale of ABC’s hit Desperate Housewives, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Wow. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and had a rather simple breakfast of hot pockets. *shrug* We got ready, then headed off to media buy once again.. 🙂

First, I stopped off at Best Buy to replace the Ghost In The Shell: SAC Vol 6 & DBZ Uncut Vol 1 DVDs that were ravaged by some bitch last week (oh, and they were defective or something). While picking up the replacements (couldn’t find another copy of DBZ Uncut *shakes fist*), I also picked up Chappelle, Day After Tomorrow, & I Robot. I price-matched with Circuit City on the latter two, and they each also had a free ticket to Fantastic Four (yay, we’re going for free). I asked her to be careful when opening the replacement GitS: SAC, and she did a pretty good job doing so. Yay. When all was done there, I went on to Target.. and I only got an Icee (I actually buy one every single week.. I just don’t mention it). :p Then, we headed home..

I opened all the DVDs, and tried out the GitS: SAC DVD on the screwed-up living room DVD player that wouldn’t load it before. It loaded this time. Yay. 🙂 Then, I got online to inventory the new DVDs.. After some waiting (and a nice lunch), Passions started. It was definitely less boring than recent episodes. I was actually interested in just about every storyline today. 🙂 Haha’s @ getting my first $5 off Reward Zone certificate just hours after going to Best Buy for last time this month (there’s only one DVD I’m interested in next week.. and I can’t afford it now.. so.. I’ll just get it in June). After that, we watched / taped last night’s season finale of Medium. I was thinking about not taping it anymore.. then they just had to pull this awesome episode. It didn’t really feel like a finale, but a “Part 1” kind of episode (damn cliffhangers 🙂 ). I’ll most likely keep on taping next season. Darn. :p ..After that, my dad went off to fill his gas tank and I watched the final three DVD episodes of Scrubs: Season 1. They were very awesome, as was the Best Buy exclusive bonus disc. 🙂 I was surprised that the DVD player didn’t screw up once, during this or the next show.. Then I watched the first DVD episode of Chappelle’s Show: Season 2. It was pretty funny. Can’t wait for three more tomo– oh wait. That probably wont happen. The damn landlord (who is addicted to mowing the apartment complex’s lawn multiple times a week for some reason) is ripping out our now-unused gas water heater and replacing it with an electric one. Possibly an all-day job. A loud job. 😦 ..Chappelle ended right at 5PM. I moved into my room to begin the day’s news-gathering. I took a break to reboot the lagging computer, and to have supper. Then eventually got back online to finish up..

With everything I was doing online, I was a little late for primetime. But there was nothing to watch, so I really didn’t miss anything. My dad was outside, so I watched / taped Sunday’s episode of Robot Chicken (lol @ the smurf murder mystery). Then I watched / taped Saturday’s episode of Shinzo. I barely watched it once again though. But I did catch the explanation for the whole “start again” bullshit at the beginning of Season 2. They should’ve explained it way before that.. My dad came back in as I was watching it. Luckily, it ended in time for us to watch the very great season finale episode of House. 🙂 This must only be the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve watched House live instead of DVRed (*drools @ Maria Sharapova’s camera commercial*). I liked the non-cliffhanger ending too. I like cliffhanger endings, but there’s just too damn many of them. So it was great to see resolution here. I’m looking forward to next season already. 🙂 ..Soon after that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

I can’t believe it. The okay day yesterday continued into today and became even better. A good day? Seems like it. Even though the computer’s lagging and my dad’s bitching soured it a little. But I can’t help to start flinching. The rubber band always springs back, after all… See ya.

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spd dvd 2 & 3 art / sith record box office / star wars tv actor? / blog murder / today

May 23, 2005

On the eve of Volume 1: Joining Forces‘ release on June 7th, have already gotten a hold of DVD cover art for Power Rangers S.P.D., Volume 2: Stakeout and Volume 3: Wired. Nice. Disney’s cover-making people are finally growing brains and are finally attempting to match up the covers with the episodes included. 🙂 The DVDs are expected to be released this September. I’m educated guessing Sept. 6th.. and I haven’t been wrong yet. :p ..I’m also guessing that there will be no skipping of episodes here. Volume 1 will include the first five episodes. I’m guessing Volume 2 will now include 1506: “A-Bridged”, 1507: “Sam, Part 1”, 1508: “Sam, Part 2”, 1509: “Idol” & 1510: “Stakeout” (hence the volume title). And Volume 3 is likely to include 1511: “Shadow, Part 1”, 1512: “Shadow, Part 2”, 1513: “Abandoned”, 1514: “Wired, Part 1” & 1515: “Wired, Part 2” (again, title). Yay. 🙂

The final Star Wars film ever grossed a whopping $158.5 million in its first four days of release (Thursday to Sunday), shattering previous single-day, opening day, three-day and four-day box office records in North America.


While on topic

George Lucas has reportedly checked on the availability of Australian actor Matthew Newton to see if he’s free to appear in a proposed Star Wars television series, according to the Australian Sunday Herald Sun newspaper.

AnimeNewsNetwork would like to offer our sincerest sympathies to the family and friends of Simon Sek Man Ng (19) and his sister, who were murdered in their home on May 12th. Simon wrote regularly in his online blog about studying Japanese, which he became interested in through anime. His final blog entry helped police arrest his assailant.

I too would like to offer my sincerest sympathies to their family and friends. A blog entry just moments before you’re murdered.. 😦 *shivers*

I stayed up late last night.. online. 😐 I awoke in the morning to the usual morning news that my dad watches. Soon, he went to check out Kelly Clarkson performing on the Today show. She’s changed her hair to blond too. *recalls his comments in yesterday’s entry about Lindsay Lohan’s new blondness* *hits head on desk multiple times* 😦 ..Anyway.. After watching the opening of Regis & Kelly, we went off to the grocery store again. I even bought a few things. 🙂 And I still have enough money for one more Tuesday this month (there’s another.. but there’s barely anything coming out of interest that week).. We got home, I had some online time, and we had a late breakfast.

Then I got back online for a bit.. until it was just about time for Passions. teehee @ Las Vegas crossover with Nikki Cox’s character. And that “cool” teacher from Boy Meets World playing a pervy gambler. :p It was still a rather boring episode though.. except for the toddler-switching and Tabitha convincing Sheridan to run the DNA test again. 🙂 ..Afer that, I watched three more awesome episodes of Scrubs. Very funny. But the DVD player screwed up once again during the third episode, and I actually ended up playing the DVD in the PS2 on the living room TV. I was surprised when the picture wasn’t that bad. It played S1m0ne horribly years ago on my bedroom TV. :/ Then I watched some of the special features, including the very funny outtakes and deleted scenes. 🙂 Only three episodes to go.. I watched a little of Oprah to see Tom Cruise promote War of the Worlds a bit. Then I returned to my room to news-gather.. My dad didn’t have anything to make for supper, so I offered the bratwursts I had bought at the grocery store earlier. We had a small argument over the way of cooking them (just grill them, dumbass.. no boiling). Gladly, he cooked them up correctly.. but my dad still complained afterward that he cooked them wrong. Dumbass. They tasted perfect to me..

In primetime, we watched the one-hour Still Standing season finale (both were pretty funny, but I thought the latter episode –the actual season finale– was the better one). Then, we watched the season finale of Two And A Half Men at its new time (that didn’t take long :p ). That was was pretty funny too. But when we discovered that the second episode was actually a rerun, my dad went to get some fresh air outside and I took a break as well.. Then, we returned in time to watch the season finale of CSI Miami. This was a very great episode. The ending was nice.. and I hope the character that left comes back. We’ll miss her. 😦 Soon after that was over, I returned to my room for the night.. Today was okay. A lot better than the last few. 🙂 I hope that continues at least through the media buying tomorrow..

Can someone help me? I’m trying to put together an Emma Lahana CD of all the songs available so far (recordings from Dino Thunder, and the songs on her site that won’t be on her upcoming album). Here’s what I got: “Freak You Out” (full website version), “Patiently” (full website version), “Just Words” (full website version), “Something More” (Thunder Struck Part 2 version), “Freak You Out” (Day Of The Dino Part 1 version), “Freak You Out” (Wave Goodbye version), “Freak You Out” (Techno Ranger remix), “Freak You Out” (Wes Janson’s First mix), and “Freak You Out” (Wes Janson’s Second mix). Does anyone have an mp3 that I don’t have? I also need to find a different mp3 of Kira Ford & Kylee Styles’ “True Love” (from Diva In Distress).. since Nero can’t read the one I have for some damn reason. *pouts* I’d be sooo grateful if you sent them my way. Thanks!

And now I leave you with… The History of the Internet (lol). See ya..

[ WTC Smoke & Mirrors On 9/11 – Demolition Expert Says Explosives Planted In Towers ]
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Wow, this whole ‘Piano Man’ thing would make an awesome movie..

Sun 05.22.05 — the usual media shell maintainment..

May 22, 2005

lmao @ the MadTV season finale. Awesome. I was happy there was a new “Average Asian” sketch. I was starting to miss those.. But after it was over, my dad changed it over to the much-less-funny SNL. 😦 ..Why did Lindsay Lohan change her hair color? Damnit. Just when I was starting an infatuation with her, she had to go and make herself look unoriginal. Ugh. I hope it’s just for a role, and she changes back soon.. 😐

I awoke to my alarm again and started the day with some more MadTV repeats and some breakfast. Eventually, I watched last night’s new episodes of Zatch Bell (lol.. the weirdest episode yet) and Samurai Champloo (awesome). Then I tried following that up with three more Scrubs episodes, but the DVD player’s disc tray is acting up now. I try to open it — “tray error”. Over and over. So I eventually gave up and watched Hour 5 of Revelations (pretty cool). Finally, I returned to the Scrubs DVDs, managed to open the damn tray, and played three episodes (as well as some cool special features) with no problems.. 🙂

First, we finally watched the 2-hour CSI Vegas season finale (written & directed by Quentin Tarantino). It was so damn awesome, I refused to delete it from the DVR. If only they released it by itself on DVD, like a few recent series finales. I’d sooo buy it, especially if it was an extended version.. or had deleted scenes. 🙂 teehee @ using ‘volume’ for the episode title(s) — “Grave Danger” Volume 1 & 2. 🙂 ..Then, we tried watching the new remastered version of The Mask DVD that I recently purchased. I forgot how awesome the movie was. It only makes the sequel look even worse in my eyes (even though I haven’t really seen the sequel.. and most likely never will). But after having to smack around the disc tray until it opened, and about 20 minutes into the movie, it started freezing and starting all over the place again (and the audio went to near-mute after The Mask honked that horn). Grrrrr. I soon gave up and watched the rest of the movie in my bedroom DVD player. The living room DVD player is getting so bad, I’m thinking about moving my bedroom player in there. We’ll just have to live without the.. awesome.. Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.. speakers.. that can only hook up to the living room player. 😦

My dad bought supper from Rally’s again as I watched the Zoey 101 repeat.. barely. I was polishing my skeleton key. It’s gotten quite rusty. (And no, that wasn’t a euphemism.) ..So we had supper and watched Super Troopers over on Comedy Central because there was nothing better on. My dad soon escaped to talk with his damn friends.. and I watched / taped the awesome season finale of Desperate Housewives. I was surprised how much was revealed. I can only think of one secret still intact.. unless there’s more we don’t know about. And that ending. Ack. Cliffhanger. :p ..It seems that the VCR has now become immune to the air conditioner cooling it off. I’m back to fanning it at the commercial breaks. Grrr. Sooo can’t wait to tape the Lost two-hour season finale. -_- ..My dad arrived near the end of the episode, claiming he forgot. He didn’t forget. He just doesn’t give a fuck about time anymore.. So we watched the awesome season finale of Grey’s Anatomy after that. Wow. lol @ the syphilis storyline. omg @ the revelation at the end. :p

Ah, another rather uneventful weekend complete. I barely escaped boredom thanks to my precious media. Another day where it kept my mind off killing myself. Yay. 🙂 ..See ya..

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