starz fall hard / cw fall premiere dates / ps home 7.1.10 / today

Starz shows their true stupidity and cancels both Party Down and Gravity. Ugggghhh. Party Down was soooo funny! ..And Gravity was finally going somewhere with its storyline in the now-final episode, even having a painfully sharp cliffhanger that will now never be resolved. Great job, Starz! Fucktards.

In more positive news, The CW has already announced some Fall 2010 premiere dates. Yay. The new cheerleader drama Hellcats will premiere September 8th at 9PM ET, followed by Nikita on September 9th at 9PM ET. 90210 & Gossip Girl are back September 13th, followed by One Tree Hill & Life Interrupted on September 14th (yay!). And finally, the classic Thursday night duo of Smallville & Supernatural are reunited on Friday September 24th. ๐Ÿ™‚

PlayStation Home will see a rather significant update tomorrow (Thursday) with the debut of the Midway carnival space. Purchase tickets to play the ten carnival games for over 100 virtual prizes, plus get a free “Darla’s Den” personal space. I have soooo been looking forward to the Midway space in PlayStation Home.. but now I’m not so excited upon learning that the place is pay-to-play. You have to spend real money for virtual tickets just to play the carnival games for virtual prizes. Sony claimed Home was free, and it certainly is.. if you want the bare minimum of virtual items. Paying for virtual clothes is one things, but virtual tickets too? Ugh… I am excited for the FREE Independence Day event and mini-game though. That sounds cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ ..And I’ve gotta get that Apartment UFO. :p

I awoke in the morning and soon watched Make It Or Break It (very good episode, this is definitely my favorite ABC Family show right now).. while uploading my first PS3 video creation to YouTube. I actually created it last night and fell asleep while uploading to Facebook since I couldn’t get YouTube to work (changed password, duh!). Of course it’s Power Rangers, the best parts of the “Fighting Spirit” episode that I watched yesterday. Click here to check it out. Completely edited and uploaded from my PS3. Pretty cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

I checked out PlayStation Home for a bit, then watched the final eight episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (more great episodes.. Thunder Storm! yes, Lothor is a buffoon, thanks for finally admitting it! ..the Rangers stumble into the “Take On Me” universe in “Drawn into Danger” — haha — and the final four episodes wrapped everything up nicely). I was just going to watch four today. But my dad returned home from dialysis and then went to bed rather quickly, so.. yeah..

I checked out PlayStation Home again for a while (scorpion stomping in Sodium One! finally upgraded my boots to level 4, sweet), followed by some time in LittleBigPlanet (decided to spend some time on this game again due to the iimpressive Marvel stuff coming July 7th.. may just have to buy more than just Venom and the level kit :p).

I got the PS3 offline a little earlier than expected due to rising boredom (not because my dad was bitching like a 10-year-old), then got online to news-gather. In primetime, nothing. Again. So I stayed online for another hour to get some extra things done instead. We then watched America’s Got Talent (haha) and Persons Unknown (another very good episode.. wonder what was up with the obvious censoring though.. did they think they would get away with multiple utterances of “asshole”? Perhaps they would have on SyFy? *shrug*).

And that’s about it for another lame entry. Bubye.

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[ Medically-Caused Deaths In America ]


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