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Sunday 04.30.2006 — day eleven: a brief subsission

April 30, 2006

I awoke close to 9AM and soon watched Samurai 7 (eh it’s okay), Eureka 7 (I’m liking this series, may buy this on DVD eventually.. Best Buy has the first five-episode volume for only $16.99 already) and FullMetal Alchemist DVD episodes 11 & 12 (awesome). The I decided to rampage in GTA San Andreas for a bit.. and before I knew it, it was.. now. Ack. 😐 During that time playing, I noticed that my dad has watched a local weekday morning news too much. Since the channel’s logo is now slightly visible at all times in the corner of the screen. Ugh.

I went to my bedroom DVR right away and watched Doctor Who (whoa), Veronica Mars (awesome) and the Bernie Mac season finale from a few weeks ago. It looked pretty good. I identified with a situation in the first episode, then kinda got too much into digging out lost stuff in my room. :p I finally plugged in my boombox. And it’s been months since I reorganized, maybe even years. *shrug* Time to kill another hour..

I wasted about an hour online, then returned to the living room and watched Simpsons (lol), War At Home (lol), Desperate Housewives (pretty good), Grey’s Anatomy (also pretty good), Family Guy (lol, even though I’m way tired of gay people on TV.. I find no problem with the people themselves, I’ve just seen too many on TV) and American Dad (haha *rolls eyes @ the manboobays*). Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night..

The Best Buy visit yesterday made me feel a little more sane. For now. I sure hope my dad returns home soon. *sigh* See ya.

[ Hollywood Profits Off 911 With Fictional Flight 93 Movie ]
[ Bush Defies, Mocks HUNDREDS Of Laws ]
[ Makow – The ‘Ugly’ Cause Of World War Two ]
[ Latest News On Breakup Of Comet 73P ]


Saturday 04.29.2006 — day ten / media buys

April 29, 2006

I woke up somewhere after 9AM and sighed. I had reset the alarm to wake me up early so I could catch more TMNT shorts.. but forgot to turn it on. :/ I began looking for them anyway and got a new one. πŸ™‚ It would be great to see these shorts on the TMNT DVDs.. Once 4KidsTV was over, I read a little and watched / taped last night’s new episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I liked some parts (like Aang’s scene with the prisoners), but the useless injected humor was more apparent than ever. And all that did was give my eyes a good rolling workout. Even during the potentially awesome flashback scene, they had to screw it up with some humor by blowing the guy’s clothes off. I was surprised he didn’t cover himself all comic-like with his arms. Thanks for ruining your only worthwhile show, Nickelodeon! -_-

After some time online, I realized I probably won’t be going to Best Buy on the final day of the sale prices and got all depressed again. And I chose not to watch the DVD I had scheduled just in case there’s a chance I am able to. So I checked the mail and got back online for awhile. Then I called my dad and eventually brought up Best Buy. Fine, I’ll give up some gas money. That just means less money for actual groceries. She’s heading here now..

I’m back. First, my aunt passed the chore of driving me around to her husband. I had to show him where to go. He stopped off at a gas station but didn’t ask for gas money. So I just didn’t mention it. :p I noticed that his gas tank was up to full anyway.. even though she was complaining about gas money.. I stopped off at Best Buy first.

As you can see, I only picked up American Dad and FMA Vol 9. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was already out of stock. Maybe if Best Buy didn’t stock it like an average anime title (a low amount of copies), I might actually have a copy (instead of FMA.. I won’t be watching this volume, which is supposed to come out next Tuesday, for months.. but they only had two copies in stock, so it was now or not for awhile).. Next, I stopped off at Kroger and got some groceries to help last me a few more days. Then he finally dropped me off at home. I actually managed a ‘thank you’ this time, after a mostly silent drive. *sighs @ no FF7:AC*

After some time online, I watched some TV over supper. But then I got back online for a while longer. Eventually, I returned to the TV and watched Ned’s Declassified (lol), Drake & Josh (alien invasion lol) and Naruto (pretty good.. still can’t seem to take Rock Lee seriously since I’ve noticed he’s voiced by the Jetix announcer). After some more time online, I watched BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (rofl), Justice League Unlimited (whoa cool.. two episodes left 😦 ) and MadTV (lol)..

Today’s been something else. *shrug* See ya.

[ Universal’s Flight 93 ‘Hijacked’ By Truth Seekers ]
[ New Film Exposes Phony Drug War & Police State ]
[ New York – Tens Of Thousands March Against Iraq War ]
[ Bush’s DU Afghanistan Horrors – Death Made In America ]
[ Mexico To Legalize ‘Personal’ Pot, Cocaine & Heroin ]
[ Spy-Chipped Levi’s Brand Jean Now In US ]
[ NAFTA’s Disastrous Role In Mexican Invasion Of America ]
[ Mexican Militants Urge Latinos To Arm Themselves ]
[ Many Illegals Arrested In Raid Already Back On Streets ]

prmf 11-12 desc / prmf dvd 1 promo / 4400 sched / day nine

April 28, 2006

Out of nowhere, Disney actually releases episode descriptions for the next two episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force: “The Gatekeeper” Part I & II. And BurgundyRanger was nice enough to bring them to us. These episodes sound great. πŸ™‚

14-11 – Premieres MONDAY, MAY 8 (7:00 p.m., ET/PT)
“The Gatekeeper, Part 1” – Clare takes on the legacy of her mother as the Gatekeeper. Necrolai is about to destroy the rangers but Clare steps forward and the forces of evil use her to raise the gate.

14-12 – Premieres MONDAY, MAY 22 (7:00 p.m., ET/PT)
“The Gatekeeper, Part 2” – The gates have been raised and Morticon is set free. Nick goes to save Clare while the others hold off Morticon and Clare uses the rest of her powers to lower the gates. The rangers destroy Morticon with the help of the White Ranger.

Disney Video has added a trailer to their website for the Power Rangers Mystic Force, Volume 1: Broken Spell DVD. It includes a shot of the actual DVD cover art (all the sites seem to have the plain-font version made for retail ads) and the narrator sounds like that like that one from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It also helps confirm the red DVD case that I saw in a recent video retailer magazine. :/

SirStack has placed his awesome Power Rangers Spoiler Warnings website back online. Check it out. πŸ™‚

USA Network has pushed back the third season premiere of The 4,400 from June 4th to June 11th. Instead, they have scheduled a 12-hour “essential episodes” marathon for June 4th starting at 9AM ET. That will be followed by an all-new one-hour special The 4,400: Unlocking The Secrets at 10PM ET. And it sounds like we’re getting another two-hour season premiere on June 11th. Cool. πŸ™‚

After staying up a bit late online, I fell asleep around 2AM or so.. I awoke the next morning to my alarm. I wanted to get some things out of the way before being able to get the heck out of here for a bit. So I watched some morning TV, as well as episodes of My Name Is Earl (lol), The Office (lol) and Reba (lol.. i was saving it, but.. yeah). Then I watched those last three DVD episodes of Justice League: Season 1 (“The Savage Time”.. probably my favorites this season πŸ™‚ ). My aunt even delivered some food for the cat and myself. And I forgot to thank her again because I’m such an ass. Then I figure out they’re not taking me to Best Buy today after all because they misunderstood what I said on the phone yesterday. I’m such a fucking idiot..

I called my dad about it. He said he wasn’t feeling good right now, but I changed the subject right to Best Buy like the insensitive asshole I am. I let him go and called my aunt. Even though I have a hard time talking to anyone but my dad. But of course she wasn’t home. So I just shoved the tears aside and got online for a bit. When that screwed up like everything else in my life, I went and watched the new Passions (*drools over the mermaid chick*). After that, I didn’t feel like playing any games and just got online over an hour earlier than usual, then eventually news-gathered. I finished so soon that I then watched this week’s new hour of That 70s Show (lol)..

At 7PM, I watched / taped John Doe, but lost interest and called my dad again. I think he said something about them giving him the wrong medicine and that’s why he didn’t feel so good today. But he says he may be out of there by Sunday or Monday. I also asked about finally going out tomorrow. It’s the last day of Best Buy’s sale prices. 😦 ..Once that show was over, I watched Ghost Whisperer (season finale, part 1 of 2.. where it took forever to get to the real story in the last 15 minutes of the show), Reba (haha), Modern Men (season finale after like the first six episodes?), The Soup (lol), Chelsea Handler (eh it’s okay) and Instant Star (whoa, great episode). I also paid close attention to my DVRings and noticed Nickelodeon decided at the last minute to not air one of its two new back-to-back episodes tonight. Gr. The next episode will air next Friday at 8PM instead. Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.

Asshole is me. Me is asshole. Goodnight.

[ MSNBC Poll – 94% Think Bush Lied US Into Iraq War ]
[ Nobel Scientists Letter To Bush Opposing Nukes ]
[ New Katrina Report Rips Bush Again ]
[ Pravda – End Times Values Signal Demise Of America ]
[ Republicans To Push For $100 Gas Rebate Checks – A Bribe To Drill Alaska? ]
[ Ripoff – Chevron Earnings Soar 49 Percent To $4 Billion ]
[ Pentagon Hacker Says He Was Hunting UFOs ]

“I talk to absolutely no one. Couldn’t keep to myself enough. And the things bottled inside have finally begun to create so much pressure that I’ll soon blow up.” — Relient K – Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been

lost s2 & scrubs s4 dvd / tv press / day eight

April 27, 2006 is already reporting a tentative September 5th, 2006 DVD release date for Lost: The Complete Second Season. The site also reports to expect Scrubs: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD in October 2006 (Season Three is due on May 9th). Yay. So can’t wait for these. πŸ™‚

ABC has issued a press release concerning their May Sweeps programming. Included are major spoilers for the season’s final episodes of Lost, Invasion, Alias, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and more. Read at your own risk.. Meanwhile, SciFi Channel has issued a press release detailing its original films to premiere in 2007 (*yawn*), and another one details the network’s next two news specials, Countdown To Doomsday & Quest For Atlantis: Startling New Secrets, that are set to air June 14th and July 9th respectively.. πŸ™‚

I stayed up late and watched the new episodes of South Park (rofl awesome) and Mind of Mencia (lol), then got online a bit more. I finally fell asleep at about 2AM. I had a few dreams, but I only remember the one where I walked all the way to best Buy. Like that’s possible.. I awoke in the morning, watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. Then I watched SciFi’s Passions (lol), CSI NY (great episode, lame promotion.. “CSI NY is going to rock, I kid you not.” ..Kid Rock guest starred), and two more DVD episodes of Justice League: Season 1 (“Metamorphosis” ..awesome). My dad called a couple more times. They’re using the dialysis machine on him now. He thinks the small check he usually gets will come tomorrow and help me out with the food problems, but it actually won’t come until Monday. *sigh* At least he claims he may be out by the beginning of next week..

I checked the mail, then played Ultimate Spider-Man for a bit (I started out by trying to defeat Venom in the story mission, then just tried to raise my city goal numbers to unlock the alternate suits.. I really like the Combat Tour idea and hope they put it in the Spidey 3 movie game) and watched the new Passions (lol @ that huge foggy skeleton hand pushing those people around *cough*cheap effect*cough*). I then had some supper and got online to news-gather. When that was done, I watched Hope & Faith (lol) and Less Than Perfect (lol more) on the bedroom DVR.

Then at 8PM, I watched the new Will & Grace (lol), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go (I’ve been catching this show while looking for PRMF promos and am continually surprised that it doesn’t suck as much as I thought it would) and CSI Vegas (awesome). Once 10PM came around, I returned to my room for a bit. I returned in time for the local WB affiliate’s pre-empted airings of Smallville (great episode, but lol @ how gratuitous Lois’ shower scene looked *drools nonetheless*) and Supernatural (whoa, so wish I could get this on DVD). I so wished that The CW would be on our UPN affiliate because they don’t pre-empt for damn basketball games and their reception isn’t as bad. But no, it has to stay on the crappy WB affiliate in the fall. 😦

Once those were over, I returned to my room for the night. Looks like I’m finally getting out for once tomorrow. After the DVDs I plan to buy, that’ll leave maybe $20 for groceries. That’ll be enough for the weekend anyway. :/ See ya.

[ American Samizdat – Plot To End Internet Freedom Grows ]
[ Your Nightly News: Understanding Propaganda – Part 1 ]
[ 911 –Β Flight 93 Definitely Shot Down ]
[ 911 Newspaper Headlines – Anomalies, Contradictions ]
[ Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison ]
[ Privately, Bush Favors Citizenship For Illegal Aliens ]
[ Ex-White House Chief Of Staff Cousin Jailed For Anti-War Effort ]
[ TX Sec State Orders Creation Of ‘Emergency Paper Ballots’ ]
[ May 1st Immigration Boycott Attempt To ‘Close’ US Cities ]
[ Senate Investigation Recommends Abolishing FEMA ]
[ Bird Flu Detected On Great Britain Farm ]
[ Bird Flu Now Confirmed In Ivory Coast ]
[ Best US Efforts Might Not Slow Bird Flu Pandemic ]

scifi slate / dvd ads apr 30-may 6 / day seven

April 26, 2006

SciFi Channel has revealed it’s development slate. Among the new programming is a Battlestar Galactica prequel series titled Caprica, as well as a project I’ve been waiting to see for quite awhile, Chariots Of The Gods, based on the nonfiction extraterrestrial book.

CHARIOTS OF THE GODS — A six-hour miniseries based on the worldwide best-selling novel by Erich von Daniken, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ meets ‘The Da Vinci Code’ in this startling tale of extraterrestrial infiltration of human evolution. When a soldier returns from his tour of duty, he brings with him an artifact that holds the key to uncovering one of the greatest secrets in the human existence – aliens have been interfering with human genetics since ancient times, and Earth has become a pawn in a covert war between two alien factions. Suddenly, his seemingly harmless souvenir makes him the target of forces he cannot comprehend. As he struggles to accept these cataclysmic truths, he discovers that he alone may hold the key to securing Earth’s future. ‘Chariots of the Gods’ will be executive produced by Irwin Winkler (‘Rocky Balboa,’ ‘De-Lovely’), David Winkler and Rob Cowan, and will be written by John Whelpley (‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’).

Click here for the Best Buy, Circuit City & Target media retail ads for the week of April 30th to May 6th. Looks like a very light week for me. Gotta get Jewel’s new CD at Target for the bonus DVD, as well as FMA Vol 9 at Best Buy. πŸ™‚

I awoke a little late in the morning freezing. 😦 I fed the cat, had some breakfast, and watched some morning TV. Then I watched SciFi’s Passions (pretty good) and got online for a bit while transferring something to VHS. I was surprised when the hour show transferred with no problems. Next, I watched two more DVD episodes of Justice League: Season 1 (“A Knight Of Shadows”.. it was okay, lol @ the Playboy-like Mansion scenes :p ) and played Ultimate Spider-Man for a few hours. Yeah, the Spidey 2 game was based on a movie and this was based on a comic book, but I still don’t like how cartoony the world looks. I hope there’s a Spidey 3 movie game coming up more like Spidey 2.. Then I watched today’s Passions (everybody‘s going to Rome), got a little supper, and got online to news-gather.

Once I finished that, I watched last week’s Pepper Dennis (better episode than expected). Then at 8PM, I watched Bones (good episode), Lost (another damn recap special *sigh* ..I lost interest after about 10mins) and Invasion (this series started very slowly and boring.. ly.. but it’s become very good lately.. glad I’m taping it because with possible DVD releases of this, Lost, Prison Break, Smallville, How I Met Your Mother & Supernatural in the fall before their next seasons, I doubt I’d be able to afford them all 😦 ). Once it hit 11PM, I returned to my room for the night.

I’m worried for the cat now. He’s acting more hungry than usual and I have only three little cans left to give him over the next three days, like my dad told me to. He’s used to having the soft and hard stuff daily. *sigh* See ya.

[ Impeaching Bush – State By State ]
[ Snow Called Bush An ‘Embarrassment’ And ‘Impotent’ ]
[ HAARP Build-Out To 3.6 Billion Watt Capacity Complete ]
[ Experts – Global Warming Behind Record 2005 Storms ]
[ Pentagon 911 – The Blue “Tarp” Is A Service Tent ]
[ Wounded US Soldiers Fight Off Bill Collectors At Home ]
[ Chavez Provides Cheap Oil To 181,000 US Families ]
[ FL Woman In Wheelchair Killed By Cop’s Taser ]
[ Carbonated Soft Drinks Killing Us Gently ]
[ NASA – Mini-Comets Approaching Earth ]
[ Dead Cats & Dogs Used To Make Pet Food ]

lost experience / day six

April 25, 2006

ABC and over twenty channels around the world that air Lost will take part in a global interactive “Lost Experience”. Clues will begin airing with the May 2nd UK episode, the May 3rd US episode, and the May 4th Australian episode. Lost viewers around the globe must “Unite to Solve a Great Mystery, Based on the International Hit TV Show”. Check out ABC’s press release or this SciFi Wire article for details.. πŸ™‚

After staying quite late playing GTA San Andreas and finishing up the previous entry online, I didn’t get to sleep until nearly 3:30AM. Ack. Then the cat kept waking me up all night. I finally woke up around 10AM and watched SciFi’s Passions (nice), Medium (pretty good) and two more DVD episodes of Justice League: Season 1 (“Legends”.. awesome, wasn’t expecting that ending to Part 1). Then I just played s’more GTA San Andreas for a few hours (just like in real life, I do badly with girlfriends). My dad called near 4PM. He asked if everything was okay. I lied and said it was. Then he told me I would have to call my aunt myself if I needed to go anywhere (she has the car again). The same aunt that drove me in complete silence the last time he was in the hospital. I like her, but my confidence is now nonexistent so I find it hard to talk to anyone but my dad (ever since my mom passed away). *sigh* Guess I’m trapped here then..

I shut off the PS2, checked the mail, then had a little supper and watched the new Passions (also pretty good). Just after 5PM, I got online to news-gather. My aunt called. She doesn’t have gas money until Friday, so I’ll have to wait and media buy then.. Once I was done online, I watched last night’s 24 (so awesome). Then that finished just before 8PM. At that point, I watched According To Jim (lol), Hope & Faith (lol), House (great episode.. “House vs God”.. heh @ that “tie” ending so the Christians wouldn’t be pissed), Scrubs (lol.. great episode, intense ending) and Teachers (lol). Once that was all over, I returned to my room for the night.

Great. The food is running out and I must wait until Friday to get more. If I can even afford it at that point. *sigh* -_- See ya.

[ Vermont Lawmakers To Call For Bush Impeachment ]
[ Bush Explains How God Made Him Go To War ]
[ The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything ]
[ ‘Osama’ Tapes, Bombings Promote ‘War On Terror’ Hoax ]
[ ‘Loose Change’ 911 Video Now Free Online ]
[ 911 And The WTC South Tower ]
[ 911 – The Japanese Put It Together – Tokyo Journal ]
[ 911 – When An Irresistible Force Meets An Immovable Object ]
[ Teens Sue Rumsfeld Over Recruiting Database ]
[ Vatican Has Top Secret Docs About US Nuke Programs ]
[ Mystery Underground Vibrations Around The US ]

prmf 12 title / jetix td morning / lost clock / 24 dvd survey / misc tv / day five

April 24, 2006

The next Power Rangers Mystic Force episode is titled 1612: “The Gatekeeper II”. It will premiere on Toon Disney May 22nd, two weeks after Part 1’s first airing. Once again, there’s a rerun in between. With a rerun next Monday as well, that’s only one new episode every other Monday. Ugh.. But do check out Power Rangers‘ entry at Uncyclopedia. It’s hilarious. πŸ™‚

Since ABC Family’s Jetix morning block will be gone before the year is out, it looks like Toon Disney is trying out a morning block. On Sunday May 21st, Toon Disney will air a Tommy-centric Power Rangers Generations marathon from 9AM to 1PM ET. They have scheduled MMPR‘s “Green With Evil” Part I, II & V, “White Light” Part I & II, Zeo‘s “King For A Day” Part 1 & 2, and PRDT‘s “Back In Black”. πŸ™‚

Now you too can share what it feels like to be in the hatch on Lost. With, you get your own countdown clock to reset every 108 minutes (or however long you want). It even keeps track of users’ high scores. πŸ™‚

FOX has begun a fan survey to help decide on the cover art for the 24: Season Five DVD set (which would most likely be released in December). They also want feedback on switching the releases from digipack foldout packaging to thinpack dvd case packaging (like the Family Guy DVDs). I would much prefer the thin DVD cases, even though it wouldn’t match with my 24 DVD collection of the previous four seasons. πŸ™‚

FOX & Toyota are partnering to create a series of Prison Break mobisodes (mobile phone episodes).. Meanwhile, The CW has announced the 2006-2007 Kids’ WB Saturday morning schedule. Most interesting to me would be Legion Of Super Heroes, featuring a teenage Superman. Yet another animated series to help promote a movie (“Batman Begins” –> “The Batman”, “Superman Returns” –> “Legion of Super Heroes”). And this one even sounds like a recent Justice League Unlimited episode (only that one featured Supergirl).. Also, Cartoon Network’s Boomerang Channel recently began airing thirteen never-before-seen episodes of Captain Planet And The Planeteers. This sixth season began airing on Saturday..

I had a couple dreams. The first was my dad returning home. *sigh* Then I woke up, fell asleep again, and had another. In this one, I took a walk around the neighborhood and on the way back home, I found my aunt at another house nearby. And all of our stuff was there too. She told me not to ask about it. I so wanted to, but didn’t. Then while trying to find a way out of the house, I found some stranger deeper within the house. He had lots of junk food around and was eating it like crazy. My aunt came into the room and he left. Then she talked about cat toys (she has quite a few of them, including what is most likely our cat’s brother). I wanted to ask what the hell happened to our apartment, but I didn’t. And soon woke up..

I had a little breakfast and watched the Passions repeat (woohoo @ Father Lonigan vs Tabitha), last night’s Robot Chicken (lol) and two more DVD episodes of Justice League (“Fury”.. woohoo, chick fights πŸ˜‰ ). Then I just rampaged some more in GTA San Andreas (finally got the wanted stars to go up to six.. intense). I shut it off for a slightly early supper and to watch the new Passions (told ya it was a mermaid). After that, I got online to news-gather. I finished up in time to watch the new episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force — 1610: “Petrified Xander”. I liked this one quite a bit. Where’s Leelee’s father? Believe it or not, they already explain it in this episode. Necrolai turned him into a worm for an unspecified reason. :p I also notice that Leelee is now dressing darker in public now that her secret identity is known to the viewer.. Xander gets a zit and uses Clare’s flower perfection potion to clear it up. But then he begins changing into a tree (nice make-up job on that, by the way). Beware the many puns. Phineas: “First a Power Ranger and now a tree. You’re really branching out.” :p It’s nice to see our friendly neighborhood troblin’s home for the first time as well. It’s mostly just a tent in the woods with stuff scattered around it. Clare makes an antidote just in time. Xander thanks them, which unlocks a new spell code: the Mystic Force Fighters! ..The boxing gloves.. Xander battles the monster-of-the-day in some pocket dimension using the new gloves. This part seems to be mostly PR-original footage (yay), since I think the gloves went to Red in the sentai version. In the end, it’s revealed that all the Rangers can use the gloves. Meanwhile, the Rangers figure out how to read the map and find another puzzle to solve: a locked treasure chest. They let Toby figure it out while they battle the monster-of-the-day, then sneak it away to Rootcore when it’s opened. Inside the chest is a large egg. Udonna explains that it is the last remaining dragon egg (!). *end of episode* I’m really enjoying the continuing Fire Heart storyline. I hope they do more like this one in the future. πŸ™‚ Next week: another rerun. 😦 But on May 8th — 1611: “The Gatekeeper”..

My dad called from his hospital room during PRMF, so I had to go back and watch the part I missed. At 8PM, there wasn’t really anything to watch. So I just stayed online until 8:30. Then I watched How I Met Your Mother (lol great episode), Two & A Half Men (lol), Old Christine (lol) and CSI Miami (pretty good). Then I played some more GTA San Andreas for about three hours (yup, to almost 2AM). I mostly just explored.. and connected with two more girlfriends. I’d rather not speak to that first one anymore. She dumped me.. then I didn’t save. :p

I managed to live through the day thanks to my media. But it still feels so lonely around here. *sigh* 😦 See ya.

[ CA Becomes Second State To Introduce Bush Impeachment ]
[ Bush Meets Privately With Pro-Iran Attack Think Tank ]
[ Top Bush White House Jobs Go To Jews ]
[ Thermite Identified As Culprit Of WTC Collapse ]
[ Pentagon 911 Blue Tarp Photo Uncovered ]
[ Possible Missing Link In 911 Pentagon Evidence ]
[ Bird Flu – Feds Plan To Detain Sick-Looking Travelers ]

Sunday 04.23.2006 — day four: it begins

April 23, 2006

I awoke at about 10AM (I did stay up to about 2AM after all), had some breakfast and watched some MTV (first time seeing Super Sweet 16.. why is this on Music Television?). Then I watched Samurai 7 (like Champloo, this barely keeps me interested), Eureka 7 (very interesting.. heh @ all the similarities between this and Eva :p), DVD episodes 9 & 10 of Full Metal Alchemist (awesome), and two more episodes of Justice League: Season 1 (Gorilla City.. :p). Then before I knew it, it was.. now..

It’s time once again to watch a bunch of stuff on the bedroom DVR. This time, I watched Doctor Who (pretty good), last Sunday’s Malcolm in the Middle (lol), The Loop (lol.. but season finale already?), Thats 70s Show (lol– I hate Randy!) and Unan1mous (so bad.. that I lost interest). And now it’s already past 5PM. :/

I rampaged in GTA San Andreas for a couple hours. I didn’t know how much I missed it.. Then I had some supper and watched Simpsons (lol), War At Home (lol, especially @ that anti-Bush joke), Family Guy (rofl.. one of the funniest in a while), American Dad (lol.. I guess), Just For Kicks (but I only made it about halfway before giving up on it), Malcolm In The Middle (lol.. can’t believe there’s so few episodes left) and Wonder Showzen (first time watching.. so retarded, rarely funny.. but I did enjoy the anti-Bush parts.. why is this also on Music Television? :p). After all that, I returned to my room for the night.

I’m starting to feel it. The loneliness is starting to set in now. And there’s still at least two days to go. *sigh* See ya..

[ Illinois Legislature To Vote Bush Impeachment Bill? ]
[ Photo – More World Class Bush Diplomacy ]
[ Makow – War On Terror Is Elite Mind Control ]
[ The White Flames Of Thermite At The WTC – Photo ]
[ Evidence Of Thermite On WTC Core Columns – Photo ]
[ Sex Slavery Continues – The Missing Girls Of Iraq ]
[ Republicans Try To Whitewash Environment Collapse ]
[ More Astonishing Underwater Ruins Near Japan – Photos ]
[ Comet Fragment Impact Possible May 25th? ]

Saturday 04.22.2006 — ron wasserman tracks / day three

April 22, 2006

The Power Rangers music download thread I visited once, linked to on my LJ, then never went back to.. has been very busy. They now have instrumental versions of Ron Wasserman’s “Go Fly Win”, “Got No Time”, “Hope For The World” and “Unite”, as well as the ‘Evil Rita’ version of “Go Green Ranger Go” and full clean versions of “Lord Zedd’s Theme”, “Zords” and “Rita Rita Rita” (aka “Hey Rita”). Niiice. πŸ™‚ Only now, you have to sign up to the message board to check out the thread. And be warned those who’ve had a bad history with RapidShare, that’s where they’re all uploaded to..

I woke up just before 9PM, had a little meal, then looked for more TMNT shorts. I took a break during the TMNT repeat to watch Best Week Ever (lol), and then returned to searching. I caught one TMNT short I already had and a couple new ones (#11 & 12). Click here if anyone wants to download some of the shorts, er “Mini Eps”.. even though the encoder of these mixes in the episode footage promos with the completely original animation shorts.. :/

Once I was done online, I watched The Soup (lol.. and ooh, Simple Life 4 begins June 4th on E!), Modern Men (lol), and two more DVD episodes of Justice League: Season 1 (“War World”.. awesome). I played some more Destroy All Humans!, but once I failed a seemingly impossible mission and rampaged a bit.. I was bored with it for now. I nearly fell asleep. So I shut that off and finally watched The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe on DVD. I very much enjoyed it. It was kinda like a tame and not-as-awesome version of Lord of the Rings for the kids. But I still liked it quite a bit. Can’t wait for the second film. πŸ™‚

After a lot of time online (downloading the new tracks mentioned at the top of this entry and taking a break for RapidShare to let me back in), I watched the new episode of Naruto on DVR just after it ended (awesome). Then I ran out of crap to watch. So now I’m back online again. :p

After all those new Power Rangers mp3s, I just had to make a new CD for my collection. That took forever. While that was going I just watched some Power Rangers Generations because it was the only thing on worth watching. Man, “Ninja Quest” was awesome. Too bad Disney is too damn lazy and/or cheap to make the footage fit an original story rather than just hire people to translate the sentai. Still showing the classic stuff just makes the current stuff look worse. PRNS to PRMF pales in comparison to MMPR to PRWF. Even Turbo was better than SPD. *sigh* See ya.

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new prmf titles? / reno 911 s3 dvd / syriana dvd / day two

April 21, 2006

Some Power Rangers Mystic Force episode titles have been added to Yeah I know. That site isn’t exactly known for accurate information. But remember, Wild Force‘s “The End Of The Power Rangers” episode title was first found there, then it ended up being true.. *shrug* Here’s the titles — 1617: “Ranger Down”, 1621: “Koragg’s Trial”, 1622: “Heir Apparent Part 1” & 1623: “Heir Apparent Part 2”. πŸ™‚

Paramount has revealed official cover art and disc specs for the Reno 911! The Complete Third Season Uncensored DVD set. Expect the new season to start airing at around the same time. The same week if Mind of Mencia‘s DVD release is any indication.. Can’t wait for the new season, as well as the upcoming theatrical film (Spring 2007). πŸ™‚

At first, Warner announced one-disc DVD specs for its release of Syriana. Then they release specs for a Two-Disc Special Edition instead. And now we’re back to one-disc specs again. I was going to pick this up on June 20th, but not now that they decided to hold back the real DVD release for a few months to try and screw people out of a few bucks. 😑

I stayed up a bit late again last night, burned another CD, and watched / taped the last Degrassi TNG director’s cut episode. I ended up falling asleep at about 3AM, then I woke up the next morning before 9PM. I watched some of the usual morning TV, fed the cat, and fed meself. :p Then I transferred this week’s Medium to tape while online for a bit. Next, I watched SciFi’s Passions (awesome supernatural storyline) and two more DVD episodes of Justice League: Season 1 (“Paradise Lost”.. cooool). Then played some more Destroy All Humans! (wow, I’m actually enjoying it more by playing the main story missions.. so can’t wait for the sequel) and watched the new Passions (*drools over the hot mermaid* Hope we see more of her.. but too bad it’s looking like Charity all over again *rolls eyes*).

Once 5PM came around, I had a bit of supper and got online to news-gather. Then waited until John Doe started, and watched / taped that. I really liked Karen too, but I heard the writers didn’t know what to do with her character, so.. *shrug* I followed that by watching the new episodes of Degrassi TNG (those damn Christians forcing their religion on others 😐 ) and Instant Star (aww @ the second school visit.. nice episode). After that, I just played Destroy All Humans! for another two hours. Yay, I finally finished the main missions at Santa Modesta and did the first at Area 42. Such an emotional moment when my alien self broke into the lab and saw my comrade dissected like that. *destroys the lab in retaliation* I soo recommend this game, especially if you enjoy aliens.. especially the old alien films, since this game takes place in the ’50s (the sequel will take place in the ’60s). C’mon, it’s a $20 Greatest Hit already. πŸ™‚ ..I should really go back and do some of those side missions, and explore Area 42 a bit more.. Once 11PM came around, I shut off the PS2 and returned to my room for the night..

The loneliness is starting to eat at me now just a bit. I really wouldn’t be able to live like this permanently. I just wouldn’t be able to take it.. See ya.

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