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Saturday 07.31.04 — It’s all downhill from Dino Thunder..

July 31, 2004

LMAO. :p ..I still won’t support Kerry though.. that would only be the lesser of two evils.. barely..

Uuuuugh. The DVR forgot to record tonight’s episodes of Vandread (..or I forgot to set them to record?). Now I must wait for the re-airing late Tuesday to see them. 😦 ..Or I could buy the DVDs I’ve decided I will get eventually anyway.. *shrug* Night.

I was to burn the MMPR Season 3 Vol 1 VCD last night, but I didn’t have enough space apparently (ugh). So I had to finally burn another ‘special features’ VCD I had planned to burn (in order to delete some of the items burned). Ah well…

8:01AM (Dino Thunder spoiler warning)
Today’s power hour was quite awesome. Turbo was pretty good, but I wish they had revealed the identity of the Phantom Ranger, that he was actually an android inhabited by spirits of fallen Rangers. Ah well… Dino Thunder was awesome. Somewhat better than last week, yet simpler than last week. 😐 Elsa hatches a plan to blow up Jupiter to cause devastation on Earth, but they defeat her. Twice. Ethan and Cassidy are now just “friends”. :/ And Ethan convinces Kira to be nice to her too, helping her to get the foot in the door on the local news. Her first assignment doesn’t go too well, but she comes through in the end with… “A Ranger Exclusive”. :p Not only did the awesome Mezodon Megazord debut, but White Ranger’s morph sequence did too. Quite cool. The Triassic Ranger finally defeated the evil White Ranger clone.. and somehow, Blue and Yellow could still stay in morph. *shrug* I wonder if Mesogog has feelings for Elsa, with the way he looked at her and touched her hair in that one scene. Hmm.. Also, Cassidy kissed Kira… *perv* 😉 I enjoyed this episode a lot, only somewhat less than last week. Heh.. I forgot to record this episode (I really need to get used to setting it up earlier). I’ll just tape it tomorrow… Next week, Ethan gets.. “Tutenhawken’s Curse”! O_O

I went out to a few places…

I started at Best Buy and picked up Neon Genesis Evangelion – Platinum Vol. 01 (with series box). I have no idea when I’ll get to watch this.. and I doubt I’ll ever watch the Director’s Cut DVDs I bought a while back, now that the DC episodes are to be included on future Platinum volumes. :/ I’ve never seen DVDs packaged like this before: a slip cover WITHIN a slip cover. :p (I like the unseen-above Asuka-in-plugsuit side of the box most 😉 ). There’s even commentary on the first two episodes, something fairly new for anime DVDs.. but I’ve heard they’re pretty lame. Someone claimed that it rambles on about all these other ADV titles. Blah.. Then I headed over to Walgreens for a few things. Haha. Skittles gum. They look just like Skittles.. only it’s gum. What will they think of next? Then I checked on Spider-Man 2 at Blockbuster. This time, it wasn’t on the shelf AT ALL. I asked and was told that they’re ordering more copies and they should be in Thursday.. and they have copies to purchase. I guess that last person never returned it either.. like the other two? Sheesh..

Also, reports on new information concerning those mystery Spider-Man animated DVDs appearing in Musicland stores. They’ve been pulled from the shelves with no explanation. I wonder if Marvel really did release those in order to get back some royalty money sucked up by Disney’s DVDs of the same episodes? Maybe we’ll never know…

I guess that ex-bitch has my dad under her little finger. Pathetic. The other day, he went to visit her to see how her yard sale was going… and returned with a toaster oven we don’t really need. And today, he left to “get lottery tickets” and returned hours later with another piece of crap lamp from the sale. *sigh*

It took two tries, but I burned my next CD…

Prometheus Hits, Volume 8 CD
Moby & Public Enemy – Make Love, Fuck War (Clean)
Nina Sky featuring Jabba – Move Ya Body
Bowling For Soup – 1985
Modest Mouse – Float On
Chronic Future – Time And Time Again
Linkin Park – Breaking The Habit
Seether featuring Amy Lee – Broken
Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules – Mad World
Jamie Cullum – All At Sea
Chantel Kreviazuk – In This Life
Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine
Mis-teeq – Scandalous
Kevin Lyttle featuring Spragga Benz – Turn Me On
Blink 182 – Down
D12 – How Come
Ricky Fante – It Ain’t Easy (On Your Own)
Chumbawamba – On eBay (Radio Version)
Elvis Presley – That’s All Right
Simple Plan – Addicted
Creed – With Arms Wide Open
Hampton The Hampster – The Hampster Dance Song

…while casually watched a few movies on TBS. Soooo bored.

I heard that Comedy Central had to pay FCC fines for that “shit” episode of South Park. Man, I think they said it over 100 times.. :p

Just finished watching my 40 Days And 40 Nights DVD. It was as good the second time as it was the first, when I rented it. :p I played a little of my burned CD before that. But now my dad’s home.. and I’m bored once again. 😦 Watching Lethal Weapon 2 with all the replaced words is somewhat entertaining though: “I don’t give a frig.”, “You son of a snitch.” :p

Dang, almost everything after noon was so boring. And there’s more to come tomorrow. Yay! .. 😦 Well.. see ya.

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power picks week 3 / new tmnt cover art / american dad pilot / marrs / today

July 30, 2004

It’s Friday again, so on comes another Power Rangers Power Picks! This week, fans can vote for “Best Battle“. You can vote for either Space‘s “Countdown to Destruction”, Time Force‘s “Clash For Control”, Wild Force‘s “The End Of The Power Rangers”, and Ninja Storm‘s “Storm Before The Calm”. And this time around, your treated to a short clip from each episode. 🙂 My vote was no contest.. it definitely goes to “Countdown To Destruction” this week. 🙂 now has large cover art for the two upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD releases: Vol 12: Croc Attack! (out October 5th) & Michelangelo’s Christmas Rescue (out October 19th). Nice. Can’t wait to pick these up…

American Dad, the new FOX animated series, already has the 5-minute pilot episode on it’s upcoming website. The series comes from the creator of Family Guy, and is set to premiere following The Simpsons after the Super Bowl… (I’d rather download it off of Suprnova. The file size is three times as much, but it’s not Windows Media Video. :p )

I found the most amazing article last night concerning the war on terrorism. And it just happened to be written by the man who wrote my favorite book on the UFO & alien subject, Alien Agenda. War On Terrorism: Fact Or Fiction? reveals all kinds of pieces to the 9/11 puzzle that just don’t fit together. Like a passenger on one of the planes called on a cell phone and claimed the plane was being hijacked.. yet they were acting rather kind to the other passengers. And that in an interview suppressed in the US, Osama bin Laden said that he had nothing to do with the attacks, that an attack like this one would be against what he stands.. and that the US government are the ones actually behind the attacks that day. It also points out times in the past that the US government has tricked the American people into supporting a war they otherwise wouldn’t. All this information and more all in one article. Like Alien Agenda is sort of an encyclopedia to its subject… I recommend you read it. 🙂

This morning began well enough.. but as usual, my dad had to screw it all up again. I wanted to finally watch Hellboy this morning, while my dad was still at home (he works again today). But no. My dad would rather go down to his true family’s house.. and see how they’re doing in their gawdamn yard sale. I’ll never get to see this movie. And so the morning became quite boring. Thanks father, for this.. oh, and for screwing up my future life by abandoning me that time when I was way too young. We were rightfully kicked out of that apartment complex for it. But I was never the same again… So I decided to play some Vice City to relieve some father stress. My dad arrived home, we got the mail, deposited my check, got back home.. and my dad was called over to some neighbor friends.. and went over to them to chat.. when we had very little time to waste. I can’t stand how much he cares for everything else, throwing me aside every chance he has.. Then I got inside to find someone else has closed my fserv script. I’m trying to serve some cool stuff you might not be able to find in many other places.. and I’m downloading more episodes for VCDs. So when they use the wrong command to close the script.. and it makes it “perform an illegal operation”.. I get very pissed off. I warn them not to do it, but they do it anyway.. and they’re banned from the fserv. ..So far, I’m having a pretty crappy Friday… So my first purchase was three books from Amazon for $35 (Melinda Metz’ new release “Raven’s Point” — which I’ve heard is more.. gory? — and two hardcover Extreme Zone books.. I must have the complete series in hardcover.. now that my paperback copies are withering away from overuse :p). Whee.. Then we watched Passions. It was pretty good, but it seems like most the best story parts are behind it for now.. After my dad left for work, I chose to copy some shows on my DVR to VHS in order to delete them (I need the space this weekend). I chose to copy the episode of Karen Sisco and the T.H.E.M. special from a while back.. After that was complete, I watched another episode of GitS:SAC (awesome! ..wish I had more than four episodes to watch.. and only two left until September 😦 ) and an episode of Robotech: Masters (somewhat less awesome.. lol @ a teen sounding like an old woman). Then I watched the new episode of Degrassi TNG. I really liked the episode, as usual.. I can’t believe the season finale is already next Friday though. We already know that The N’s season premiere is October 1st, so that’s a little wait. :/ I hope Radio Free Roscoe comes back then too… Anyway, primetime was pretty boring. We watched the WB reruns all night.. but my dad actually stayed inside all night so.. eh…

There’s a reasonable amount of things to look forward to tomorrow.. that are all before noon.. 😐 See ya.

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mmpr jacket / tmnt xmas dvd detail / new shiri dvd / halo 2 hack / today

July 29, 2004

Oh look, now provides us with a picture of the previously-reported Mighty Morphin Power Rangers jacket. *looks* *snickers @ how it looks on him*

The official Ninja Turtles website has let out a new detail about the upcoming Christmas special DVD.. that it won’t be as special as first thought: “Michelangelo’s Christmas Rescue is scheduled for release on October 19. It’s currently set to contain 3 episodes, the Christmas-themed show from season three that’s based on the Mirage Studios comic book Michaelangelo #1 and two other as yet undisclosed episodes.” Hmm.. a future volume released before the others, maybe? *shrug* I guess time will tell…

One of Shiri Appleby’s (Roswell) other films that previously debuted on Showtime is being released to DVD next week, titled A Time For Dancing. She stars alongside Alex Mack‘s Larisa Oleynik in the film. I’m still considering a purchase of this one. I only have one new media release to buy next Tuesday… :/

*lol @ “hacking” a website to promote the release of Halo 2* It is original though. I’ll give’em that…

The morning was rather boring. My dad arrived home just before Passions and sorta woke me up. I could’ve missed some of the episode. And it was a great one too. I had thought my dad went to get his check in the morning, but after Passions, he left to pick up his paycheck.. again.. for over three hours. Maybe it wasn’t ready? *shrug* I had planned to watch Hellboy after Passions, but my dad had to leave again (he claims he wants to see it too). So another afternoon wasted.. except I watched three more shows and deleted them from the packed DVR, including last night’s Ashlee Simpson Show and Reno 911! (lmao, one of the funniest episodes of season 2 so far). At least today’s Friday… oh wait, it’s Thursday. Damnit… At least my dad finally came home and ordered some pizza (haven’t had any in quite a while 😦 ). But as soon as dinner was complete, he was right outside.. like always. I even tried drilling into him that a show he wanted to see was airing tonight. But nope. He just continues to show how little he cares for anyone but his friends and ‘true family’… Ugh. Fuck it all. *sigh*

See ya.

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Ana Johnsson – We Are

July 29, 2004

I’ve been playing this song from the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack for a little while now and I’ve only now noticed how much the lyrics seem to be talking about current world events. 🙂 I bet they accepted this submission for the soundtrack only because she sounds sort of like a mix between Avril Lavigne and Evanescence… :p

See the devil on the doorstep now (my oh my)
Telling everybody oh just how to live their lives
Sliding down the information highway
Buying in just like a bunch of fools
Time is ticking and we can’t go back (my oh my)

What about the world today
What about the place that we call home
We’ve never been so many
And we’ve never been.. so alone

You keep watching from your picket fence
You keep talking but it makes no sense
You say we’re not responsible
But we are, we are
You wash your hands and come out clean
Fail to recognize the enemies within
You say we’re not responsible
But we are, we are, we are

One step forward making two steps back (my oh my)
Riding piggy on the bad boy’s back for life
Lining up for the grand illusion
No answers for no questions asked
Lining up for the execution
Without knowing why

You keep watching from your picket fence
You keep talking but it makes no sense
You say we’re not responsible
But we are, we are
You wash your hands and come out clean
Fail to recognize the enemies within
You say we’re not responsible
But we are, we are

It’s all about power then
Taking control
Breaking the will
And reaping the soul
They suck us dry till there’s nothing left
My oh my, my oh my

What about the world today
What about the place that we call home
We’ve never been so many
And we’ve never been so alone.. so alone

You keep watching from your picket fence
You keep talking but it makes no sense
You say we’re not responsible
But we are, we are
You wash your hands and come out clean
Fail to recognize the enemies within
You say we’re not responsible
But we are, we are, we are

It’s all about power then (we are)
Taking control (we are)
Breaking the will (we are, we are)
And reaping the soul (we are)
They suck us dry till there’s nothing left (we are, we are)
My oh my, my oh my

We are
We are (it’s all)
We are
We are, we are (take control)
We are
We are
It’s all about power
Then taking control

darklight description / 4400 series? / today

July 28, 2004

Yay, I’ve found a description for Sci Fi Channel’s upcoming TV movie, Darklight: “A secret society fights evil with evil, unleashing the demon Lilith to kill a rampaging monster — but will she save humanity or destroy it? Shiri Appleby (Roswell), Richard Burgi (The Sentinel, SCI FI Pictures’ Decoys), John de Lancie (Q of Star Trek) and David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis and the indie hit Cube) star.” Coool. Sounds like a lower-budgeted Hellboy to me, only that Roswell babe Shiri Appleby is being unleashed instead. 😉

The 4,400 is doing quite well in the ratings, as this USA Net press release says. But what interests me is that they’re now calling it a “new original series”. Could they have plans to pick up the mini-series as a regular series, as has been rumored (if it did well in the ratings)? Let’s hope so. 🙂

My dad just doesn’t understand anime. He came from the generation who had Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry. He claims live action movies are “more original” than any animated film, and whenever I happen to be watching anime and they curse, my dad is all surprised or something. *rolls eyes*.. Then my day got off just a perfect start for such an unlucky person as I.. with yet another computer failure (by doing something as simple as attempting to play a WMV file in Winamp). Whee. I have a feeling it’ll fail permanently within the next month. I can’t afford to get a new one, and my dad doesn’t care enough about me to pay for it either. So I’m screwed, like always… After Passions and my dad leaving for work etc, I finally watched Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex episode 1. Wow. I really liked it. So much that I want to spread out the rest of the episodes since Volume 2 isn’t due until September. 😦 After that, I watched the next episode of Robotech: Masters. Still liking it… Once my dad got home, he actually sat down and watched some primetime TV with me for the first time in forever. But it didn’t last long, and he was soon back outside as usual. The wednesday night FOX shows are pretty good.. but it wasn’t the same…

In all, today was very boring for the most part. Blah. See ya…

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power pick win / ann music / roswell alum airdates / newtype usa bumfuk / media buys / today

July 27, 2004

*lol @ Video Universe’s screwup on the White Thunder DVD description*: “The Power Rangers face a dangerous new enemy in this collection of episodes from the DINGO THUNDER series…”

ABC Family has announced the episode to be included in this coming Sunday’s Power Rangers Power Picks timeslot. The Quantasaurus Rex won the “Coolest Zord” poll, and so Power Rangers Time Force episode 1120: “Quantum Secrets” will be airing this Sunday (as some had guessed). 🙂 Atleast we didn’t get another Ninja Storm episode we’ve all seen 245365363567536 times…

Another Power Rangers alum is turning to music, it seems. Ann Marie Crouch, Wild Force‘s Princess Shayla, is preparing a video for release on DVD and VHS. More details to come…

Sci Fi Channel has announced the premiere airdate for a new TV movie starring Roswell‘s Shiri Appleby, called Darklight. The movie debuts the night of September 18th. And ooh, Shiri looks hot in that pic. 😉

While we’re on the subject of Roswell alums, the Hallmark Channel has announced the premiere airdate for Katherine Heigl’s new TV movie, Love’s Enduring Promise (which is the sequel of her previous movie, Love Comes Softly, which is due on DVD in September): November 20th, 2004.

LOVE’S ENDURING PROMISE – January Jones (“American Wedding”) stars as 19th century schoolteacher Missie Davis who finds herself at a crossroads, torn between the love of two very different men — and forced to choose between two very different futures. Katherine Heigl and Dale Midkiff reprise their roles from Love Comes Softly, based on Janette Oke’s inspirational bestseller and Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated Original movie to date. Logan Bartholomew and Mackenzie Astin star in this much-anticipated sequel, directed and co-written by Michael Landon, Jr. Saturday, November 20 (9/8c)

AnimeNation has confirmed via direct communication with Newtype USA Magazine that as of the current issue, retail and news stand copies of Newtype USA Magazine will continue to retail at $9.95 per issue but will no longer include a free sampler DVD. Only consumers with a subscription to the magazine purchased directly from the publisher will continue to receive the monthly bonus DVDs.

Now how retarded is that? That’s the only reason I ever bought the damn things on the newsstand in the first place. *flips the bird to ADV* 😡

Last night, my cable modem disconnected for a bit. I wasn’t able to reconnect until I restarted the computer the next morning. 😦 I burned a VCD of Sunday’s episode of The Days last night, but now I’ll most likely be downloading the other version available on Suprnova and burning again tonight. *grumbles @ missing narration at the start of the episode* So after that, it was finally time to media buy…

Today’s buying was pretty plain this time around, since I’m so low on cash until Friday. I’ll most likely be going back out on Friday and doing a bit more media buying then.. I started off at Best Buy (of course!) and bought all the items pictured above.. as well as some free Reggae Sampler CD (hey. it’s free.). Can’t wait to finally see these DVDs. And rofl @ the “FBI Anti-Piracy Warning” on both CDs. The logo makes the back covers look horrible, not to mention that the warning is very useless.. Then I went by Borders and bought the new issue of Black Belt magazine.. because of the Jason David Frank article. :p Then I stopped at Target and got just about nothing. And finished with Blockbuster to find that Spider-Man 2 was STILL out. lol. They had three copies, but two weren’t returned.. and the last copy is being bogarted by one of those ‘Unlimited Rental’ people for the last ten days. 😐

After Passions (i’m liking the direction it’s finally going in), I discovered the other version of The Days episode also has this narration defect at the start.. WTF? The narration starts at mid-sentence on both versions, yet it’s complete on my DVR. Grrrrrr. I guess people are too lazy to do real work and just pass around one encode forever… After my dad left for work, I.. messed around online some more. :p Later, after about 2 or 3 times of trying previously, I watched Ghost In The Shell from beginning to end without falling asleep (though at times, it was close). It was okay, I guess. I thought it was about time to try watchng it again, since I bought the first four episodes of the series today. 😉 Also, Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence is coming to US theaters in September, so I’m thinking the DVD would be due in early 2005? *hopes* ..There was nothing to watch in primetime at all. I tried watching Navy NCIS for the first time ever, but lost interest after my dad had to escape outside. *sigh*

*ponders splitting up his future daily entries between news and ..non-life..* Hmm.. see ya.

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erin dvd review / idiot vote / funi anime net / today

July 26, 2004

*hopes System Of A Down’s Boom! music video (directed by Michael Moore) is on the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD*

Erin Cahill’s (Power Rangers Time Force) recent direct-to-DVD movie, Creature Unknown (I’m phrasing it that way even though I’ve heard her appearance is a short one), has got a pretty bad review on DVDTalk. I’m betting the reference to another Pink Ranger’s direct-to-DVD horror flop is there by coincidence alone. :p

CREATURE UNKNOWN: Another horror-fied Big Chill update? Gimme Infested where that Power Ranger chippy karates killer insects over this rubber-suit yawner. Wait, that’s not exactly fair. Like many a practitioner of the thespianic arts, this cranky critter’s just a victim of crummy storytelling: Half dozen yappy twentysomethings hold a fireside blame game (a.k.a. high school reunion) only to become an all-it-can-eat buffet for a mutant tree frog. Predator and Pumpkinhead musta had better agents! Where there’s the grotesque consequences of Mother Nature noodling there’s USUALLY a mad, mad, mad scientist lurking nearby. That’d be Chase Masterson workin’ a black leather vest as the genre’s first “biker babe” genetic tinkerer. She’s also got the pickled siblings of our leapin’ lizard in her woodland bomb shelter and the real skinny on no-camera-tricks-required twin brooders Matt and Chris Hoffman. Two breasts. (Steady, Trekkies. Not Ms. Masterson). Nine corpses. Killer cam. Gratuitous goth gal. Squirrel squashing. Decapitation. Gratuitous urination. Puking. Most often overheard? Expletive-enthused variants of “What was that!?!” and “What the … !?!” The latter being an apt summation of the flick itself. (2003, 79 mins, 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen [Despite cover’s Fullframe claim], DD 5.1, Featurettes, Trailers.)

lol @ the idiots voting for something other than Q-Rex in the Power Picks poll in an attempt to piss off Rangerboard. Pathetic really. *coughvoteq-rexcough*

FUNimation is now interesting in creating a cable / satellite channel for uncut dubbed anime.. and they want your feedback through this survey. I hope they make one.. yet I’m still waiting for Anime Network to get here…

The day began fairly early (6AM). I managed to watch and delete last Saturday’s episodes of Dragonball GT and Gargoyles before my dad woke up.. because the DVR was bitching about how little space was left. :p DBGT was pretty cool. But damnit, why did ABC Family have to drop three of their four Gargoyles timeslots just as the storyline was improving? *pouts* Later in the morning, I tried listening to the Maria Mena CD I had bought last Tuesday.. but I fell asleep. That always happens.. on any CD anymore.. while I’m using the personal player anyway. Maybe it was my lack of sleep during the night again? 😐 A while after Passions (lol @ those recent ‘videocam’ commercials for Joey) and my dad leaving for work again, I finally got time to watch two more episodes of Robotech: Masters. lol @ ‘bioroids’, *perv* This series definitely isn’t as great as Macross, but on its own.. it’s okay, I guess. The rest of the day took forever to end. I watched most of a Raymond repeat, then wasted the rest of the night here in front of the computer with nothing better to do. 😦

I leave you with this query concerning the Toon Disney promo for next week’s new episode of Power Rangers Dino Thunder: …why is Elsa trying to cut through Jupiter’s atmosphere? O_o ..See ya..

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Sunday 07.25.04 — a boring ol’ sunday.. except for tv..

July 25, 2004

In keeping with my life’s number one rule, the damn toothache kept me tossing and turning all night. *sigh* 😦

Let the boredom begin. I’ve done all the usual Sunday morning things.. and I watched Vandread episodes 10 & 11. Great episodes. Can’t wait to see next week’s episodes, which conclude Season 1 (..and Season 2 starts the week after).. I also burned episode 1 of The Days to VCD.. The second episode airs tonight. 🙂

Here’s some Star Wars TV-on-DVD news from the San Diego Comic-Con. The Droid Adventures and Ewoks animated series will both be released on DVD “later this year”. And I believe I’ve kept the best for last… Star Wars Clone Wars – Seasons 1 & 2 will be released on DVD in Spring 2005, to coincide with the premiere of Season 3 over on Cartoon Network. 🙂

Sooo bored. I set a few recordings on the DVR.. then feel asleep.. When I woke, my dad was watching his NASCAR race. He’s going back to the church this evening to tape some concert. *rolls eyes* So now I’m waiting for tonight’s new shows… *touches swollen gum* 😦

So weird. I’d had his secret craving for pancakes for like years. Then I finally got some yesterday and today. And now I can’t stand them. Again. lol.. I wonder why my regular mIRC freezes for a short time on a regular basis.. yet my fserv mIRC script is just fine. 😦 My dad’s went off to church for some reason.. and I’m more bored than ever…

I felt that tonight’s new episode of The 4,400 wasn’t as good as the last two weeks, but it was still okay. The preview for next week though.. WOW. I want this series on DVD right now.. especially with the not-so-good video quality I get from taping off of the USA network. :p Now my dad is watching some crap he recorded at church tonight. *rolls eyes* As long as he’s finished before The Days starts…

The new episode of The Days was pretty awesome. I probably like it so much because I see a little bit of me in the series narrator, Cooper. He seems like alternate universe version of me.. or something. What I could have eventually become if I hadn’t given up on living so long ago.. *shrug* Can’t wait for the new episode next week. 🙂

A part of me feels like this day has lasted forever.. so I’m very glad that it’s just about over… See ya.

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Saturday 07.24.04 — Dino Thunder & RahXephon

July 24, 2004

8:02PM (Dino Thunder spoiler warning)
The ‘stuffing the ballot’ of the Power Picks vote has proven without a shadow of a doubt that Rangerboard members can act like children too. 🙂

Anyway… the new Dino Thunder episode, “A Star Is Torn”. WOW. I loved this episode! So much happened! Conner and Ethan have to pick up some techno-thingy from Anton Mercer Industries in order to complete Triassic Ranger’s new zord-sized vehicle, ignoring Kira in the process. But Kira is the focus of the episode (yay), and she has gotten a record deal.. but they want to change her image way too much. Also, Ethan is on some kind of love match website, filling out his profile. Zeltrax resurrects the alien spacecraft from “Day Of The Dino, Part II”, and sends some centipede thing down to Earth that’s easily destroyed by the Triassic Ranger’s new Triassic Mega Rover. Meanwhile, Tommy and Zeltrax take part in their final battle aboard the spacecraft. Zeltrax is also easily destroyed, as is the ship. Later, they get a whole bunch of people together for a concert to film a real music video. Emma sings “Patiently” within the series for the first time. 🙂 Ethan also meets a love match from that website at the shoot.. and it just happens to be Cassidy. Awww. 😉 Now let’s watch as their relationship goes almost nowhere until the end of the season, as usual… I liked this one so much more than last week. 🙂 Next week, Elsa seems to create some like of device to take over the world.. and the Rangers have to go and destroy it. Looks neat.. …I wonder if Triassic Ranger has Super Dino Mode?

And during the classicly bad Turbo episode, did anyone else cringe at T.J.’s line of “we’re here to toss your salad”? :p

I was going in and out of sleep this morning.. then my dad surprised me with pancakes. 🙂 I haven’t had pancakes in.. years.. Now, it’s pretty much complete boredom until my dad leaves for work… *sigh*

Oh look, screenshots from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ‘Season 3’ premiere episode, “The Big Brawl, Part Two”. 🙂 It premiered in Australia recently, and Parts Three and Four are up next.. The the new US ‘season’ begins on the Fox Box September 11th…

Also, has cover art and a description for the upcoming direct-to-DVD special TMNT: Michelangelo’s Christmas Rescue. 🙂

So, after my dad left for work… I fell asleep. Damnit. I should’ve done that earlier. :/ Once I woke up though, I watched Vandread episode 10.. then RahXephon: The Motion Picture. Damn. I should’ve expected it to be so.. fast. The movie does retell the 26-episode story of the series though, and it also includes a few new scenes taking place from 15 years before the series timeline to 60 years after. And some within the series storyline too. My hopes were probably too high though, since I didn’t really like the movie that much. But that was only because I had just watched the series so recently. And damn was it.. fast. :p I think I recommend the 7-volume series over this movie. They cut out a good part of the story.. and it just went so.. fast. lol. has officially announced the subtitle for Episode III, due in theaters next year: Revenge Of The Sith. Haha. I knew it months ago.. :p ..But upon seeing the six movies listed as the “complete” saga at the bottom of the article.. what about the closing trilogy (Episodes 7-9)?

The rest of the night, I stayed here in front of the computer. All the while trying to survive this damn toothache. 😦 Besides Dino Thunder and RahXephon, today was so boring.. See ya.

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power picks week 2 / prdt ps2 cover art / jdf mag scans / csi hirings / today

July 23, 2004

The Power Rangers Power Picks website has been updated for the next vote: Coolest Zord. This will likely decide the Power Picks episodes to air on August 1st. 🙂 has the cover art for the upcoming release of Power Rangers Dino Thunder for PlayStation 2 (and the GameCube art is just about the same). Also, the site is listing an even earlier release date than seen before: August 31st, 2004. 🙂

Ooh, here’s larger scans of the two pages from the newest issue of Black Belt magazine, featuring Jason David Frank: cover & page. Thanks, . 🙂

Yay. CBS has noticed they’ve screwed up with the whole CSI firings thing… and now Jorja Fox is rehired, with George Eads in talks. 🙂

Today began with Regis and Kelly’s morning show. I wonder why Regis was rushing the whole show? And Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke Hogan, sang. She sounded okay… and she was kinda hot too. *lol @ his entire family having blonde hair like him*.. I watched a few hours of Beyond Belief on SciFi after that. After Passions (wow), we finally got to watch Starsky & Hutch (even though it seemed my dad wanted to abandon me again). Very funny movie. I liked it. Would’ve been better as a rental though. After the movie, my dad couldn’t wait to get away from me. He was out the door so fast. His ex was released from the hospital, but my dad thinks she’s still very sick… 🙂 er.. 😦 … I messed around online until he got back (since there was nothing better to do). *grrr’s @ no new Degrassi TNG again this week*.. We decided to get some burgers from Rally’s for supper. As he left, I muttered that he would get what I wanted wrong. Oh, and he did. *rolls eyes* Anyway.. we watched some WB repeats until he just HAD to call the.. her again. She got him to pick up her medication and he was off. And he hasn’t been seen since. *sigh* I just hate being alone…

See ya.

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