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Saturday 02.28.2009 — pr rpm title 07 & abc promo / twilight exclusives update

February 28, 2009

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title. Episode 1907: “Ranger Red” will premiere April 11th at 12:30PM ET on ABC.. I’m sensing a theme… (The previous episode is titled “Ranger Green”.) Since ABC refuses to promote it properly, I’ve been repeating the premiere date more than usual. So here we go again… Power Rangers RPM premieres next Saturday morning, March 7th, at 12 Noon ET on ABC. I quit saying “ABC Kids” because some seem to think it’s a separate channel.. LinearRanger has both the 15-second & 30-second versions of ABC’s first (and likely only) new Power Rangers RPM promo for download. Or you can also view both on YouTube.. Can’t wait. 🙂

Oh, remember that Twilight Blu-ray with bonus content at Target? Well, they’re also releasing that version on 3-disc DVD as well. Also check out all the store exclusives revealed so far.. Just thought someone would want to know.

I awoke to the alarm at 8AM, then soon watched Best Week Ever (ugh), The Soup (lol) and this month’s four episodes of Degrassi TNG (whoops, got behind on The N’s airings for bit there :/). But I completely forgot about the TMNT: Back To The Sewer season (possibly series) finale. Most likely due to my DVR’s new shit software not alllowing me to set my manual recordings for the whole week at one time because it refuses to load the whole week anymore. I set the friday night / saturday morning recordings just last night..

I went ahead and watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars (awesome episode, wow.. can’t wait for Part 2), the new Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (this show keeps getting better every week.. awesome episode here too 🙂 ) and Batman: The Brave And The Bold (loved the ending.. it’s nice being in on the stuff referenced too, since I’ve read the 52 & Infinite Crisis comics.. all the episodes so far have been quick to get everything done in 22 minutes, so I expected more of the same here.. but then.. “To Be Continued”.. yay 🙂 )

I fast-forwarded through Jungle Fury repeats yet again.. and ABC Kids finally aired a promo. As I guessed, I’m betting this one will just be redubbed as the one basic promo to air every week. LinearRanger has both the 15-second & 30-second versions. They’re also both on YouTube.. I watched four more episodes of Reaper: Season 1 (very good episodes.. very nice to refresh before Season 2, I’m surprised how many parts that I had forgotten), followed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (wow, weird episode.. good ending though).

We had some supper, then I got online for a while. We later watched some Family Guy syndicated reruns, then I got back online again.. Sooo CN finally found the time to air another episode of Naruto on Saturday night (tonight).. and it’s a rerun? WTF? I’m way behind on my Naruto DVRings, but that’s no excuse for a damn rerun. Grrrr.. I stayed online for the rest of the night.. See ya.

[ US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property ]
[ Asian Power Rising In Global Downturn ]
[ None Dare Call It Conspiracy ]
[ New Evidence Shows Global Economy Paralysis ]
[ World Depression Fears Up – US Reveals Decline ]
[ JP Morgan Forecloses Despite Promised Freeze ]
[ Iran Threatened With Economic Meltdown ]
[ Give To Rich To Help The Poor? ]
[ Makow – The West’s Fatal Embrace Of Communism ]
[ Nation’s Food System Nearly Broke ]
[ Germany May Arrest Holocaust Row Bishop ]
[ Effect Of Cell Phones On Neuron Survival ]
[ Sir Richard Attenborough Speaks About The Yeti ]


morfanominal pr fan doc / prccg / twilight target blu / abc pushes daisies / spidey xd debut / today

February 27, 2009

Power Rangers SPD star Matt Austin has been too busy with many different things in his life lately, so he hasn’t been able to devote much time to cutting his feature-length Power Rangers fan documentary Mor-Fan-Ominal. But he has recently released this nine-minute segment on YouTube. Looking awesome so far, Matt. 🙂

Bandai has revealed where those Power Rangers Collectible Card Game cards went. They’ve been more difficult to find in store lately. This is because… “Sales were not very strong for this product and the retailers decided to pull it from the shelves. It has not been discontinued but there are currently no plans to release Series 2 at this time.” 😦

Okay, so Best Buy and Target will be the only stores offering Twilight on 2-disc Blu-ray for a while when it’s released on March 21st. And now TheDigitalBits reports that the Target version of the Blu-ray will feature a free iTunes digital copy download and a 45-minute bonus disc. Nice. I know where I’m getting it now. 🙂 ..Or if useless toys is more your thing, has an exclusive Ultimate Collector’s Set Blu-ray edition. But due to the Blu-ray being exclusive to Best Buy & Target for a limited time, Amazon has a release date of May 5th on the boxed set. :p

Series creator Bryan Fuller has revealed the status of those last three episodes of Pushing Daisies. ABC must air them before a Season 2 DVD with the episodes can be released. Otherwise, the DVD won’t be released until after September, when the contract runs out. Ugh. Damnit, ABC. 😦

I’ve now heard word that The Spectacular Spider-Man will make a rather big premiere on Disney XD. The first three episodes of the series will air back-to-back on March 23rd at 7:30PM ET. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a great series that deserves the ratings. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and watched Being Human (S01E04.. very good episode, looking forward to the next one) and United States of Tara (all caught up on this one now.. good episode too.. and aw, poor boob double with uneven nipples :/). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen.. while he bitched and complained about whatever little thing he noticed. Ugh.

After my dad watched his news and took off to the bank with his check, I watched two episodes of Reaper: Season 1 (yup, only two.. wasted too much time beforehand, so.. :/). And then I checked out PlayStation Home (the Watchmen stuff on UK Home is pretty neat.. I sooo wish they’d put it on US Home.. damnit) before playing more LittleBigPlanet (beat the Tundra level, then tried to get the tutorial complete trophy.. but didn’t get it for some reason 😦 ).

At 6PM, I soon shut it off and got online to news-gather. We eventually had some sort of supper.. In primetime, we watched Ghost Whisperer (this season was pretty bad for the first few episodes.. but then the current plot started and I’ve been somewhat enjoying it again, this episode especially), Flashpoint (ripped from the headlines! an economic crisis episode.. really liked it 🙂 ) and Dollhouse (this show slowly keeps getting better every week.. cannot wait for FOX to rip it off the air and piss me off yet again >_>). Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

[ US Economy Shrinks Fastest In 26 Years ]
[ Future ‘Bleak’ – Ex German Vice-Chancellor ]
[ Zionist Straw – ‘Talk Of Police State Is Daft’ (Sure) ]
[ Obama’s ‘We Will Recover’ Pipe Dream ]
[ ‘We Will Recover’ – Obama… No We Won’t Says Celente ]
[ Howls Of Protest Greet Obama’s $4T Budget ]
[ Globe’s Servers Fail After Obama Gay Story ]
[ SW US Heading Toward Water Catastrophe ]
[ Arnold Declares California Drought Emergency ]
[ New Threats From NanoMaterials & Manmade Viruses ]
[ Oz Tries Reduce Animal Gas Emissions (Cuckoo) ]

pr rpm eddie guzelian speaks / dvd blu ads mar 1-7 / spec spidey at mcd / today

February 26, 2009

The former Power Rangers RPM Executive Producer himself, Eddie Guzelian, has now spoken out on the RangerCast Forum about the season. He claims Jungle Fury was originally intended to be the final season, but they ended up hiring him for the new final season RPM. “Because it was the final season of the show, the executives at Disney pushed me to shoot for something that was ambitious. They told me to ‘swing for the fences’ and often reminded me that, because the show was essentially already canceled, I had ‘nothing to lose.'” He also states that his relationship with Disney was good.. until his termination. :/

Eddie Guzelian: “Ultimately, I came to believe that the show was in desperate need of a real change, a shot in the arm. It’s not even that I felt the show was bad or anything like that. There were elements in all the seasons, including Jungle Fury, that I really liked. It had more to do with the simple fact that the show was feeling tired after having been on the air for so many seasons. There were times it felt like the characters were just going through the motions, sleep walking, and it felt like somewhere along the way, the audience had fallen asleep along with them. For better or worse, I decided that I wanted to do something that would literally reach out through the TV screen and slap viewers across the face.” Sooooo true..

“I will try to recreate the thoughts that sprang into my head when I first watched Go-Onger footage (on youtube)– “Holy Shi#! I just promised Disney that I could turn this into a show that would appeal to an OLDER audience! I must be out of my f@#&ing mind! Holy Shi#! Wait, what’s on the front of that zord? Are those motherf#*&ing eyeballs…!?” ” ROFL. :p

Click the corresponding links for the retailer ads for the week of March 1st to 7th: Best Buy & Target (scans). The new Wonder Woman animated feature will be available for $19.99 for the 2-disc DVD.. and $29.99 for the Blu-ray. Ugh. I’ll probably go for the 2-disc DVD again. Target will have an exclusive “Origins” comic with the 2-disc DVD, while Best Buy will have an action figure packaged with both the 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray (no extra packaging for a toy that’ll just collect dust, kthnx). Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic is out this week as well. The DVD will be $19.99 at both stores, but the Blu-ray will be two bucks cheaper — $24.99 — at Target. I’m pretty sure all copies have E-Movie Money to Watchmen, even though only Best Buy is advertising it. But Best Buy will also have Watchmen E-Movie Money in the $6.99 each The Matrix, Matrix Revolutions and Constantine DVDs. 🙂 I already own all three of those though. :p ..Sucks that I’ll have to go to the library and pay 15 cents to print up the damn ticket though..

The Spectacular Spider-Man will be featured in the McDonald’s Happy Meal from February 27th to March 26th, time to coincide with the Disney XD’s network series premiere on March 23rd at 7:30PM ET (restarting from the first episode). I’m glad they’re finally promoting the show. It needs and deserves it. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then soon fell asleep. I awoke again a few hours later and we watched some Ellen. Then after the news, I watched Aaron Stone (hm, not bad.. damnyoudisney) and three more episodes of Reaper: Season 1 (very good episodes.. I’m actually liking them more now than when I first saw them on a weekly basis, heh). Then I checked out PlayStation Home (new Warhark space looks good.. but I’m more exciting for the Watchmen virtual stuff in Home UK.. hope it all comes to US too 😦 .. not the Street Fighter clothes, especially after hearing about the game’s DLC that you must pay.. to unlock it on the game disc, wtf) before playing some LittleBigPlanet (*fails multiple times at next story level* *plays Flip-Flop the rest of the time in order to get the #5 high score.. for now*).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched CSI (last week’s episode.. very good one), Leverage (S01E11.. wow, better than usual.. hope Lauren Holly’s character returns.. Brent Spiner guest-stars on an episode directed by Jonathan Frakes, haha :p), Kath & Kim (this was also slightly better than usual, hehe) and 30 Rock (ditto, better than usual.. though I usually don’t think too highly of this show, so..). And that was about it for the night..

See ya.

[ The Bankers Manifesto – 1892 Document Foretells 2009 Economic Crisis ]
[ Video: Ron Paul Upsets CNBC With Truth About Economic Crisis ]
[ ‘Impossible’ To Know How Much Needed To Save Banks ]
[ Watch Now As Pension Funds Get Vaporized ]
[ US Social Safety Net Coming Undone ]
[ Sinclair Book Publisher Terrorized Into Quitting ]
[ Mahler Gets 6 Years In Prison Over Holocaust Statement ]
[ Closing The Borders To Free Speech ]
[ HI Legislature Kills Bill Banning Aspartame ]
[ Healthy Teen Dies After Acne Treatment ]

pr rpm the final season? / march sweeps fox cw / today

February 25, 2009

MR-Aftershock has posted to Rangerboard that he has been in contact with Cheryl Saban, Haim Saban’s wife, and she believe that Power Rangers RPM will be the last season (at least in live-action). But then MR got in contact with someone who’s trying to save the series (likely a series veteran). *hopehopehope* Power Ranger RPM premieres on ABC March 7th at 12 Noon ET (or early in the morning Saturday or Sunday etc.. check local listings).

I guess February is no longer sweeps month… Fox has issued a press release detailing their March sweeps plans, including spoilers for the month’s new episodes of House, 24, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, Family Guy and American Dad.. Meanwhile, The CW has issued their own press release that mainly covers the special guest stars to come during March and April (beware the minor spoilers here as well, though).

I awoke in the morning and immediately watched two episodes of Wolverine and the X-Men (episodes 109 & 110.. and I liked it more than I have previously.. maybe I’ll start getting through them faster now.. I’m up-to-date with the Canadian encodes on them, as well as Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2.. but I’m not sure if I want to watch them or wait for Disney XD to catch up months from now.. almost half the season’s out already), Legend of the Seeker (I’ve been waiting somewhat impatiently for the next episode.. and I get a recap episode, great.. they did a fairly good job at it though) and United States of Tara (good show 🙂 ).

My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some Ellen, then I got online for a while. But I eventually watched three more episodes of Reaper: Season 1 (very good show.. wonder what Season 2 will be like now that they lose their jobs and apartment? :/). And then I checked out PlayStation Home for a bit before playing more LittleBigPlanet (look up the Flip-Flop community level.. wow). We had some supper and I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, there was nothing on.. that my dad cared about. We watched Rita Rocks (yay, season finale..), The Whitest Kids U Know (I missed DVRing the last two episodes, so this is the first of those.. why is IFC not re-airing them at all after the night of the premiere? :/), Lost (awesome episode.. great seeing Zuleikha Robinson on TV again 😉 ) and Kyle XY (really good episode this week.. but.. only three episodes left? 😦 ).

And that was about it. See ya..

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[ Byrd – Obama In Massive Power Grab ]
[ Globe Cover Story – Sinclair Charges Against Obama ]
[ Obama Thugs Post Fake Reviews Of Sinclair Book ]
[ Leahy To Launch Probe Into Bush Abuses ]
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[ Roberts – How The Economy Was Lost ]
[ 54% Americans Say NO To ALL Bailouts ]
[ Savers Pull Record Amount From Banks ]
[ Citigroup Hush Money From Obama Admin? ]
[ BoA Fights To Hide Bonus Payouts ]
[ BoA Heiress Blasts Bank Leaders As Idiots ]
[ Peak Oil Lie – US Has Utterly Giant Oil Reserves ]
[ Anti-Terror Fight ‘Will Need Privacy Sacrifice’ ]
[ Insane Israel Lobbies For War On Iran ]
[ What Medical Maniacs Inject – Slow Death By Vaccine ]

cw fall 2009 / twilight blu exclusive / media / today

February 24, 2009

The CW has announced six early TV series pickups for the 2009-2010 season, including Smallville, Supernatural and Gossip Girl. Wow, a ninth season for Smallville. They better get him flying by the end of this season damnit..

As you may know by now, Twilight will be available on 2-disc DVD & 2-disc Blu-ray Special Editions on Saturday, March 21st. But the Blu-ray will be exclusively available at only Best Buy & Target stores from its release date to May 5th. Summit Entertainment seems to think the male demographic mostly buys Blu-ray, so they’ve limited the release of this film that’s aimed at the female demographic. Or maybe the two stores paid some big bucks. *shrug* With the cover arts looking like they do, I’m hoping the slipcovers are textured.. sorta like that of the Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End 2-disc DVD. :p Also hoping for a good price for that Blu-ray. But with the exclusiveness, I can’t be that sure anymore..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. We also watched some morning TV. But then I got ready and we soon headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to Best Buy. There, I retroactively price-matched LittleBigPlanet. Within 30 days of the purchase, you can find an ad with a lower price and price-match with only a receipt. Fry’s had the game for $10 cheaper in their ad this week, so I got that money back. Yay. I also picked up Death Note Vol 9 (the series is finally complete, hooray.. may start watching it all next week) and Sex Drive: 3-Disc Best Buy Exclusive Edition DVD (the movie disc is a flipper and the bonus disc is in an envelope.. ugh.. but I got them to price-match their $19.99 price down to $16.99 🙂 ..and the three featurettes on said bonus disc were going to be exclusive to the Blu-ray, hmm).

I got my icee, then a two-liter, and returned home. We watched Ellen, then I took over and watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (now the African American characters are acting stereotypically too.. wow) and the first three episodes of Reaper: Season 1 (yup, watching these before next Tuesday’s Season 2 premiere.. felt bad watching my burned data DVDs though.. I’ll get the real DVDs eventually, just haven’t seen them on sale yet). I got on PlayStation Home for a bit (haha @ the hidden messages in UK Home pretty much screaming about some kind of maintenance elevator to some space below ground.. where’s the elevator? no idea), the played some LittleBigPlanet (yay, more.. levels complete).

I bought some pizza for supper because I.. did have more money than usual for this late in the month. :p I then got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there was absolutely nothing new on network TV at all. But my dad found something lame and watched that. Ugh. I then took that time to write some more Truth-Seekers. But later in the night, he hand ed it over to me.. and soon fell asleep. I watched Lie To Me (good show 🙂 ) and Heroes (wow, very good episode) before 11PM came around and I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

[ Video: Kill The Messenger – Sibel Edmonds Spills Her Secrets ]
[ Stimulus Bill Gives $1 Billion To Jews ]
[ AIG Asks Fed For More Bailout Money ]
[ Wall St & Bernanke – The Blind Leading The Blind ]
[ Problems Rise With Falling Oil Prices ]
[ Gun Control Through Ammo Import Ban ]
[ Obama’s War On Terror May Resemble Bush’s ]
[ Israel Goes Low Profile To Sway Obama On Iran ]
[ Obama Picks Anti-Iran Zionist For Iran Post ]
[ Soldier Doubts Obama Eligibility – Defies Orders ]
[ Obama Admin Tries To Kill Email Case ]
[ Obama Flops On Secrecy ]
[ US To Offer Substantial Aid To Gaza ]
[ Gaza White Phosphorus Was US Made ]
[ Freed Gitmo Inmate ‘Victim Of Medieval Torture’ ]
[ MySpace, Facebook Creating Mindless Narcissism ]
[ Physician Blasts CDC Over Morgellons ]
[ Strange Fish Has See-Through Head ]

spec spidey v4 dvd press / today

February 23, 2009

TVShowsOnDVD now has a press release for the The Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 4 DVD. “It also features a ‘Play All Episodes’ function for seamless viewing experience.” Hmm, sounds to me like the first volume didn’t sell as well as expected due to the news of an upcoming complete season DVD.. and so Sony has canceled the complete season DVD. The DVD (and possibly Volumes 2 & 3 as well) will be able to play the episodes with or without the movie format that was the only option on Volume 1. Hmm.. Oh well. At least we have these volumes..

I thought I’d have another chance to watch some stuff this morning, like I usually do every morning that my dad is off at dialysis. But no. I was awake past 4AM. I heard my dad’s alarm go off. He woke up, then started watching TV. He’d be going to dialysis soon. But before I slept, he mentioned how he should take days off again. Cut to hours later. It’s nearing 10AM and I awaken.. even though I had set the alarm for 8AM. Then my dad comes out of his room, claiming to not be feeling good. Oh, and that he never woke up this morning until now. Not at all. Rrrrright. Damnit. -_-

So my PS3 remained full as he watched his Bonnie Hunt.. and I got online for a while. But a few hours later, after he was done with the news, I watched Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job (I actually laughed during the “prices” commercial skit.. >_>), Look Around You (not as good as Season 1.. but haha), Ugly Betty (didn’t DVR it last Thursday for some reason, so I had to download.. and then re-encode so the PS3 could play it 😦 ), Being Human (episode 3.. very good 🙂 ) and Eastbound & Down (not as good as the pilot episode, as I feared.. but still pretty good). And then I fit in some LittleBigPlanet (yay, another trophy).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched House (great episode), 24 (pretty good episode.. though next week looks better.. hope the comedies are reruns again so that I can watch it live :p) and Medium (very good episode.. that teenage girl of theirs is going up so fast). And that’s about it. See ya..

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[ Soros – No Bottom To World Financial Collapse ]
[ Lendman – The More They Do The Worse It Gets ]
[ Clinton Begs China To Buy US Debt ]
[ Slim Pickings If China Won’t Buy Western Debt ]
[ China Losing Interest In Buying US Debt ]
[ Jail Men Who Stole Our Economy – Ex Legal Chief ]
[ Citibank Duped By Nigerian Scam ]
[ Yet Another Zionist Jew Appointed At Treasury ]
[ ‘Change’ – US Launches New Iraqi Offensive ]
[ Obamaniacs Plan To Censor The Internet? ]
[ Finally, ONE Senator Questions Obama Citizenship ]
[ Amnesty Calls On US To Stops Arms To Israel ]
[ US To Resume Filling Strategic Oil Reserves ]
[ Images Show Ku Klux Klan Still Around In 2009 ]
[ Why Raytheon Designed A Ray Gun ]
[ India To Launch Astronauts In Asia Space Race ]

Sunday 02.22.2009 — Watchmen Home interview

February 22, 2009

The Watchmen live webcast interview that I mentioned last week is going down in PlayStation Home on February 23rd at 11AM ET. To watch, just visit this site. And if you miss it, I hear there’s going to be some way to see it later on, either as a download or streaming in Home UK. *shrug*

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. And then I watched Bleach (eh it was okay), Code Geass (another great episode.. wow), Leverage (alright) and CSI (nice). My dad then took off somewhere even though I was wanting to watch a movie. Gr. So I watched Battlestar Galactica (eh.. okay), then played some LittleBigPlanet.

My dad returned home.. then got all bored and bitchy. He wanted to watch a movie now. Nope. Too late. I’m in the middle of a level now.. So he took off again for a few hours while I finally beat the Sensei’s Lost Castle story level (phew) and then hung out a little in PlayStation Home (mainly getting my lost items back after finally giving up on the idiots to fix it rather than shoving it under the rug.. still can’t get that echochrome cubes thing back, no matter what I try.. damnit 😦 ).

My dad returned home from visiting a friend and I soon shut off the PS3, then returned to my room and got online for a bit. We eventually had some supper, then I made it to the bedroom DVR and watched Bones (I’m behind on this only because it’s more difficult to find time for a two-episode DVRing.. from a month ago on 1/22.. circus episode.. was.. hmm.. but the hockey one was alright).And then then I just got back online.. and that was pretty much it..

See ya.

[ Makow – Extortion! The Real Reason For War & Depression ]
[ Stop Obama Or US Will Cease To Exist ]
[ Video: Alan Keyes Says Obama Is A Communist ]
[ Rense Targeted By Obamafascists ]
[ Bankers Must Serve Not Rule Says Brown ]
[ Monetize This! – Resolving Spiraling Public Debt ]
[ First Tax The Booze, Legalize Pot, Recession Done ]
[ Video: How Rifles Protected People During The LA Riots ]
[ Joni Mitchell Has Morgellons – Career On Hold ]
[ Fast Food Nations Eating Themselves To Death ]
[ ‘Atlantis’ Was Just A Blip On Google Earth ]

Saturday 02.21.2009 — prrpm 06 title / prrpm new info / middleman canceled

February 21, 2009

Kyl416 has revealed the next Power Rangers RPM episode title. Episode 1906: “Ranger Green” will premiere on ABC April 4th at 12:30PM ET.

MR-Aftershock has confirmed that as of February 2nd, series veteran Koichi Sakamoto is still working on Power Rangers RPM. He’s also confirmed that Judd Lynn is in fact credited as RPM‘s Executive Producer for episodes 1919-1932. 🙂 There will be fraternal twins in the series that are named Gem & Gemma, played by Mike Ginn & Li Ming Hu respectively. These may just be our Gold & Silver Rangers. The same source also claims that this will be the final season of Power Rangers

After soooo much waiting, ABC Family finally puts Middleman fans out of their misery.. so that a new misery can replace it.. and announces that they will not pick up the show for a second season. However, the unproduced 13th episode of the first season will be released in the form of a graphic novel titled The Middleman: The Doomday Armageddon Apocalypse just in time for Comic-Con.. I’m sad. 😦 Though Creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach is still hopeful that if the upcoming DVD sells well, it may be back in some form..

I awoke at 6AM and quickly finished up the previous entry. I fell asleep watching the final episode of Conan. 😦 ..So after that time online, I returned to the living room and soon watched The Soup Awards (haha). Then I nodded off for a couple more hours. I eventually woke back up and got around to watching the morning’s new episodes of TMNT: Back To The Sewer (eh, not bad I guess) and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (wow, the story started to speed up a little more here.. nice.. and there’s our first appearance of Kamen Rider Strike, interesting).. in between time online.

I fast-forwarded through today’s reruns of Power Rangers Jungle Fury looking for RPM promos again today. Still nothing. Watch them have one basic 30-second promo next week at 12:55PM or so that they’ll then just reuse by replacing “next Saturday” with “coming up next” or whatever. :/ I’m not going to like the closing credits over the last scene, if they’ll continue to do that. 😦

Over the course of the day (while my dad mostly sleeped), I watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (not bad.. but next week’s hero team vs villain team episode looks a lot better.. but just watch them cram something that epic into a mere 22 minutes :/ ), two episodes of CSI NY (had to catch up), Knight Rider (eh.. blah.. not liking the new direction.. and I found it hard to keep interested) and the first four episodes of United States of Tara (yes, four.. and I’m liking it so far 🙂 ).

After that though, my dad woke up and watched his news, I returned to my room and wasted all night online. Damnit. And that was about it.. Except.. A neighbor my dad talked to sometimes died tonight from his diabetes. His wife is away due to surgery at the hospital when it happened. My dad told me the maintenance guy had to climb a ladder to their back porch.. and that’s when he saw him on the floor. I’ve seen him around, but I never really said much more than a “hi” to him. And now we’ll never see him again.. due to a disease that.. I probably have as well..

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[ Roberts – From One Assault On The Constitution To Another ]
[ Video: The Real Purpose Of The Second Amendment ]
[ Mounting Resistance At The State Level ]
[ Veteran Trader Blasts Obama Stimulus ]
[ Stock Decline Hits Depression Levels ]
[ Confidence Fades In US Food Supply ]
[ Bill Maher Flashes The Satanic Sign On HBO ]

best buy anime / today

February 20, 2009

Best Buy is now removing less popular anime DVD releases from their stores that haven’t sold anime as well in the past. That sucks. I’d say 90% of my anime has come from there. I’ve rarely ordered anime online, preferring to get them in-store instead. Luckily, my usual store isn’t on the provided list of stores dropping their anime stock.. Though at the same time, I wish I could take part in those stores’ 50% off sale next month. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry. I.. don’t even remember falling asleep. Heh.. So got some breakfast and watched the first two episodes of Being Human (wow, pretty good show 🙂 ..a ghost, a vampire and werewolf living together.. sounds like it’d be a comedy, wouldn’t it? but it’s not :p). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen (blah), then he saw some news (more blah) while I played with my cat a little (I do this quite a bit actually.. I just rarely mention it).

After that, I took over and watched Sex Drive: Unrated.. even though the message beforehand warned me to see the theatrical version first. Axxo defaultedly encoded the unrated version instead of the theatrical version when this unrated version is better suited as a special feature. It parodies other unrated cuts at many points in the film by adding random naked ladies walking around, putting in alternate takes of some scenes (complete with the actors laughing and the director calling “cut”), and making a few particular shots linger longer than they did originally (probably, haven’t seen the theatrical version yet). I quite enjoyed the lingering on the boobies.. but the balls.. not so much. I had to look away. lol. And then the scene after the credits was pretty funny too. Plus Seth Green’s performance as the amish mechanic was priceless. I think I may just buy Best Buy’s exclusive 3-disc DVD on Tuesday. 🙂

After that was over, my dad and I watched Rita Rocks (hm) and Important Things (dunno if I’ll give this one a third try). And then I checked out PlayStation Home briefly before playing some LittleBigPlanet (Sensei’s Lost Castle, grrrr *pulls hair out* ..but then I got pulled into a friend’s online game, that was funner 🙂 ). But at 6PM, I had to shut it off for my dad’s news.. and supper, I guess..

I got online to news-gather.. And in primetime, we watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (good episode), Dollhouse (great episode, showing improvement.. also enjoyed the close-up shots of that “nude” promo image during the “returns in” bumpers.. as well as the new Hulu ad starring Eliza Dushku 😉 ), Howie Do It (haha) and The Soup (lol).

And that’s all, folks.. See ya.

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dvd ads feb 22-28 / watchmen dvd cuts / sin city & arrival blu / eva 1.11 / today

February 19, 2009

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of February 22nd to 28th: Best Buy (scans) & Target. I was just going to get one of two new anime titles this week at regular price, but there’s an interesting deal or two here that I may get instead (then just get the anime next week). Sex Drive: Unrated will be available at Best Buy in an exclusive 3-disc edition for just $19.99 (that means a bonus disc). Its Blu-ray and some others are all $29.99. That’s too high, so I’m not even going to mention them.. Is Sex Drive any good? I’ll have to look into that..

It’s getting annoying that new DVDs are now getting cheaper right away after their release. Best Buy has the High School Musical 3 Blu-ray for $26.99 this week, but it’s in this ad for next week for just $22.99. Grrrrrr. Also, the three separate foil-packaged Back To The Future releases have been available at Best Buy for a few weeks now for $15 or $20 each (forget which). And now in next week’s ad, they’re only $10 each. Argh. :/ Did I mention that each movie comes with a Best Buy exclusive film cell? Neat. This last Tuesday, I also saw a whole stand of current DVDs with the same “film cell” sticker as these. The only one I can recall is Scarface (1-disc) because I picked it up and looked at it. :p

Watchmen director Zack Snyder has revealed that there will be no more than three versions of the film when it hits DVD & Blu-ray later this year. This includes the 2hr 36min theatrical cut, the 3hr 10min director’s cut, and a 3hr 25min cut that will incorporate the animated Tales of the Black Freighter into the film. Wow. But of course, Warner isn’t going to give you all these versions right away. Zack Snyder claims that the theatrical & director’s cuts will be released in time for Comic-Con, then the third “ultimate cut” will see a separate release later in the fall. And not to mention before those there’s also the Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic and Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter releases on DVD & Blu next month.. :/

On April 21st, Sin City will arrive on Blu-ray Disc. The two-disc release will include both the theatrical and unrated cuts, as well as a new interactive comic book special feature.. Also on April 21st, the 1996 sci-fi thriller The Arrival will also arrive on Blu-ray. But it sounds like there’ll be no special features. 😦 ..My first two DVDs purchased were The Arrival / The Arrival II double feature and Contact. I wants Contact on Blu so bad, but I’ll probably pick up The Arrival too. It’ll be nice to get it away from that crap sequel in my collection. :p

Now this is just getting ridiculous. A new “1.11” cut of Evangelion 1.0: You Are [Not] Alone will be released on DVD & Blu-ray in Japan just in time for the theatrical release of Evangelion 2.0: You Can [Not] Advance. “The 1.11 release will include new cuts and digital mastering.” This is the third version of the movie now.. and FUNimation has only acquired the second “1.01” version for US release later this year. Ugh. -_-

I awoke earlier in the morning than expected.. for getting to sleep at 5AM.. and got online for a while. We then watched some Ellen, then headed out to the grocery store. Upon returning home, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not bad..) and Battlestar Galactica (eh.. not bad..). And after that, I just played LittleBigPlanet for a few hours (Sensei’s Lost Castle is really pissing me off now) until supper was ready..

I got online to news-gather about a half-hour early.. Then in primetime, we watched My Name Is Earl (wow.. what the heck was this? O_o), Kath & Kim (Ron White, nice), Grey’s Anatomy (pretty good, I guess) and Monday’s Medium (wow, good episode).. before I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

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