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April 30, 2004

Casting for the 13th season of the hit series Power Rangers has already begun, according to

Power Rangers will be shooting in New Zealand from September for approximately 8 months, with the selected Power Rangers cast playing the roles for a 12 month period. What most people don’t know is that Power Rangers has actually been shooting for the last 18 years (last 3 in New Zealand), each year with a new team of Power Rangers – each with a new, unique personality & characteristics.

The series has a world wide release and provides a great launching pad for young & emerging talent – Perfect for all screenfaces members. Power Rangers could put you on the international map! Think Heath Ledger in ROAR, or Guy Pearce in NEIGHBOURS… Power Rangers could be your step into the big league.

Yup that “18 years” thing is quite inaccurate. Also, reports a few more interesting details (and thanks RipCurl at RangerBoard, for getting the info):

Sides for POWER RANGERS: S.P.D. (Season 13)
Jack Manners
Schuyler “Sky” Blake
Bridge Carson
Sydney “Syd” Cole
Elizabeth “Z” Manners

Unfortunately, due to the contract with the website, RipCurl refuses to post the scriptlets. 😦 …anyone feel like faking an actor’s subscription for $59 to get them? :p

RipCurl does provide some character details based on the scriptlets though…

Jack and eli”Z”abeth are sister & brother, not husband wife. The characters seem to be in a “academy” on Earth or something. One of the sides has to deal with the two girls fighting over their “dorm room” space. Z really is liking to be the pink ranger for this, and if you watched Deka Rangers, you will understand why (her character is almost a direct copy of DekaPink… selfish, superficial…etc). Jack embodies all the cliched bumbling hero type. Another Conner it seems. Bridge seems to the “cool” headed one from his side. Maybe will be the “oldest” of the group. Can’t make heads or tales of sky yet, but he seems to be buddy buddy with Jack. Syd, the other girl, seems to be irritated of Z…so there is bound to be conflict.

IvyDraken has posted a few mp3 links at RangerBoard for the up-and-coming band, Eyeshine. The guy doing the lead vocals in no other than Mighty Morphin Power Rangers‘ Johnny Yong Bosch. Coooool. I like ’em. πŸ™‚

‘Simpsons’ Cast Settles Salary Dispute — Yay. πŸ™‚ Now it can run for 246345 more years. :p

Conan O’Brien: “It’s been reported that Christina Aguilera has been payed close to one million dollars to film a commercial where she fakes an orgasm. *enter the usual lame slut joke here*” O_o She also had to cancel her new tour recently to rest her strained vocal cords a bit. Doctor’s orders. I hope she’s okay…

A lot happened today. I watched the Mad Mad House finale this morning and quickly erased it from the DVR. I found it to be a guilty pleasure, so I’m glad it’s over.. until season 2…? Anyway.. got my smaller check and pre-ordered the X-Files: Season 9 DVDs. Tonight was okay. The new Joan of Arcadia episode was great. I also watched that damned Degrassi TNG mini-episode. Those Noggin bastards: “Here’s your new episode… for five minutes!” *yanks it back*. Ugh. Stupid, stupid idea. Couldn’t they just show the full episodes now? Sheesh. They aired weeks ago in Canada…

I’m actually looking forward to the weekend for once. Hope it doesn’t suck… See ya.

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April 29, 2004

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy‘s Archie Kao is really getting around.. He was on tonight’s new ER (that I neither watch or care for), and possibly CSI as well… πŸ™‚

New Line’s senior president of marketing, Mike Lasorsa, has recently done a brief interview with It contains some very interesting info on the upcoming Lord of the Rings DVDs, including that the Return of the King Extended Edition will be over four hours long! O_O

There’s some talk that Roswell: The Complete Second Season will finally be released some time in August, due to the fact that Fox usually releases TV on DVD in six-month cycles. I hope so. Can’t wait to own all three seasons. πŸ™‚

There’s a rumor already circulating that the Kill Bill Vol. 2 DVD is due in stores on October 12th (maybe because this site is reporting an October 11th date for the UK?). I haven’t even watched Vol. 1 (on DVD) yet… :p Web site reported a rumor that Lucasfilm will mount a Star Wars television series in 2006, after the last Star Wars movie, Episode III, premieres in theaters in May 2005.

Cool. πŸ™‚

From the Sakura-con Anime Convention comes this small update on the Evangelion live action film:

Live-action Eva has a working script and ADV is currently in negotiation for a director. WETA is currently committed to its current projects including a remake of Narnia but they are still on board.

At least we’re still hearing something about this film, unlike how the Dragonball Z live action film faded from existence completely…

Spyro V: A Hero’s Tail — Let’s hope this one isn’t a screwjob, like Enter The Dragonfly was…

Today has been.. a day. I woke up and.. watched stuff on the DVR. I became so bored by the last episode of Macross Plus, I fell asleep until my dad arrived home. He spent most of the day with his true family and their garage sale. He came home for Passions, then went back again. I put in the next MMPR VCD I had to watch just in time for him to arrive home. Teehee. I watched That 70s Show from yesterday. That was so a body double for that opening scene. *rolls eyes* Then watched Friends and Will & Grace (of course). I’m taping two hours each of Tru Calling and Mad Mad House (finales), so I wasn’t able to see CSI. I could download/burn it.. or wait until the summer reruns. *shrug*

Friday, friday, friday. A lot of crap to do in so little time… See ya..

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April 28, 2004

Whee. Time for another Power Rangers alum sighting. But this time it’s someone behind the camera. I was watching The Ellen Degeneres Show this afternoon and I noticed a familiar name in the closing credits. I reversed it using the DVR and found that Lior Rosner now does the theme music for Ellen. He is best known is PR circles as composing the Power Rangers Wild Force theme. Cool. πŸ™‚

Roswell‘s Nick Wechsler (Kyle) will make an appearance on Thursday night’s two-hour Tru Calling season finale. Just thought some would want a heads-up… πŸ™‚

KryptonSite is reporting that Smallville series regular Sam Jones III, who plays the role of Pete Ross, will be leaving the series by the end of the season. Be warned that the article does contain a slight spoiler for an upcoming episode…

Today was.. okay, I guess. In the morning, I watched more stuff on DVR. Then after Passions, I got a chance to watch Stuck On You. Is it better than “Something About Mary”? Of course not. Better than “Me, Myself, and Irene”? ..Actually, I thought it was even just a little below that. Was it funny? Hell yes. Worth a rental? Oh yeah. Worth a purchase? Barely… :p I did enjoy the Alien Vs. Predator behind-the-scenes featurette as well as the Day After Tomorrow trailer within the DVD’s “Inside Look” section though. πŸ™‚ But the highlight of my night had to be the new Smallville episode. WOW. And that’s all I’m saying about that. After that, I watched the new South Park. Hilarious. I liked how the episode reflected current events with a sci-fi twist. Then after that, some new show aired, Shorties Watchin’ Shorties. Didn’t really like it. >_> Then I finally watched that last episode of the original TMNT‘s first season. Awesome. πŸ˜€

See ya…

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April 27, 2004

Turtles In Space DVD... a whole week early!Big Fish DVDStuck On You (Widescreen) DVDLove Actually (Widescreen) DVD

I was pretty much in and out of sleep until it was time to media buy. :p First, I went over to Best Buy and picked up all the DVDs above. I was surprised to find the new TMNT ’03 DVD there a whole week early.. and cheaper than Target, where I usually buy it. πŸ™‚ Also, the DVD’s only special feature seems to be instructions on how to play the new TMNT trading card game. Ugh. Big Fish, Love Actually, and Stuck On You were all pretty much blind buys.. so I hope I like’em! Then I visited the mall pretty much next door to check out the Disney Store for any Power Rangers Dino Thunder merchandise.. that I could use. I had heard they had DT hats, but my local store only had it in S/M. 😦 Maybe I’ll just buy the large cap online when I get my next check (this weekend). But I did buy 4 packs of Disney Store exclusive Dino Thunder Tongue Tape candy though (I guess all the good flavors were taken.. sour grape?), as well as a cheap Ninja Storm FM radio in Dino Thunder packaging. Ha. Since I rarely exercise.. by this time, I’m.. hot. So I decide to stop off at the food court on the way out for a slice of pizza.. while my dad sat outside and waited. Teehee. Then after another short stop, we’re home. …I should go to that mall more often…

lol @ the recent product placements in Passions. So cheesy.. I love it! *Kay finishes taking a shower, she puts down hair care product for camera close up* *Luis drinks Brita filtered water while decrypting the Crane CD-ROMs* :p Anyway.. after my dad left for work (and some additional web surfing), I watched some more crap on my DVR. Gargoyles: “City of Stone, Part 1” was cool. But I found Macross Plus episode 2 just slightly better than episode 1, which I thought was pretty bad. Then, I watched two more classic TMNT episodes. I’m really liking it so far, and the Saturday morning childhood memories it’s bringing back. I’m already hoping for more DVD releases. πŸ™‚

Dark Horizons has a whole lot of movie release and start dates. Coool. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see Farenheit 911.. and Bewitched.. and Aeon Flux.. and.. yeah..

Also, this report from Cabin Fever filmmaker Eli Roth has me really interested in seeing Scavenger Hunt. *perv* πŸ˜€

They also have some info on the upcoming Angel TV movies.. that I don’t really care for. I also don’t like that whoever wrote it automatically guessed that Tru Calling has been canceled just because Eliza Dushku’s character is going to appear in the first movie. Ugh…

Speaking of FOX TV series being canceled before their time, Dark Angel‘s Jessica Alba is in final talks to star in one of the next big comic-based movies, Sin City. Yay. πŸ™‚

Well, time to go. See ya…

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April 26, 2004

This press release has surfaced, revealing the true U.S. premiere month for The Tribe season 5. September 2004 is a pretty long wait… *pouts* 😦

I found something totally lame during last week’s visit to Target.. and I totally forgot to mention it. American Idol. Collectible Trading Card Game. Ewwwww. I was looking for the new Dino Thunder cards and saw those instead. :/

Anyway, today was.. average, I guess. I woke up and watched the usual DVR stuff, including last night’s Punk’d season premiere and a new Division episode. I’m glad to see Amy Jo Johnson’s role becoming more and more important with every episode. πŸ™‚ I also got to watch the first two TMNT ’87 episodes. As soon as I got used to how everything looked different than what I’ve gotten used to in the new series, I really liked it.. but not as much as the new series. The old series is just too jokey at times. :p The rest of the day was just plain boring. It was so boring, I almost didn’t even find any news to post above. Though I did watch the controversial Lone Gunmen pilot for the 6258539th.. on my newly-burned VCD. πŸ™‚ At least I have the media buying to look forward to tomorrow…

Damn. I would really like to get a GBA SP. For cheap. Because there’s a lot of games I’m interested in: those yearly Power Rangers games, the continuous Spyro rip-offs, and now the classic Super Mario Bros (in June). Lucky bastards..

See ya.

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Sunday 4.25.04: “Since when has there been evil Power Rangers?” — Ethan in White Thunder, Part 3

April 25, 2004

*sighs in relief* This morning went by fast. After Best of Power Rangers, I watched more crap on the DVR, of course. Even a few things I transferred to VHS. I finally watched / transferred Armitage: Duel Matrix. I was thinking of waiting until I bought the DVD to watch it, but I am glad I didn’t. It’s a good anime movie, but barely a good enough movie to own on DVD, in my opinion. :p Then I watched my DVR recording of last night’s SNL repeat, only to tape the segments with Christina. πŸ˜€ My dad came home from church and eventually took over the TV for his basketball game and nascar race. Blah. And so now I’m bored, listening this guy in the neighborhood saying pretty much the same thing every 10 minutes. Ugh.

Just finished watching the Win A Date With Tad Hamilton DVD. I liked it. It was a nice little romantic comedy. πŸ™‚ There was a good amount of deleted scenes too. The only ones I found to be unfairly cut though were the two with Paris Hilton’s cameo. In a bikini. *ahem* Anyway.. I wish I could find more time to watch my DVDs. I plan on getting three more this Tuesday. :/

Awesome night of TV, the highlight being Arrested Development, of course. πŸ™‚ But how my dad’s friend spoke to me on the walkie talkie started me thinking: what if my dad’s lies go beyond just working at a place he doesn’t really work at? His friend was talking to me as if I were ten. And everyone else he knows in the neighborhood does the same. Maybe he’s saying I’m retarded or something? Or that he actually got me through his fake “Child Protective Services” job? No idea. But I wouldn’t put it past him. I’m so close to finally revealing his lies…

Hmm. I wonder why I do my entries in this format for the weekends? Anyway.. see ya…

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Saturday 4.24.04 — national child hormone addiction prevention day

April 24, 2004

8:00AM (Dino Thunder spoiler warning)
Ah, so it has all come full circle. We now have yet another boy that’s voice sounds so dubbed in “White Thunder, Part 2” (“I, Eye Guy” anyone? Only this time was much worse). Every time that jokester talked to Cassidy and Devin, I couldn’t help but laugh. lol. He sounds a girl. Probably because they think us Americans won’t understand their New Zealand accents. For some reason, I didn’t quite like Cassidy and Devin’s b-plot in this episode. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for it this morning. Anyway… there were new opening credits! Yay! With a whole bunch of scenes to come: Black and White Rangers get ATVs? The Brachio Zord battling spaceships in new NZ footage? New White Ranger / Trent and Ms. Randall / Elsa credits? Woohoo! The White Ranger finally claims his own zord in form of White Drago Zord, as the rangers instead battle a goofy-looking MOTW, Angor. The rangers sure don’t learn, do they? Conner and Kira went after White Ranger again and got their asses kicked. Again. But they did get their own zord too, in the form of the sweet Parasaur Zord. I loved his ‘Final Cut’ finishing move, as well as Tommy’s first use of the Energy Orb attack against Zeltrax. All in all, a great episode.. but just a little bit less great than last week, in my opinion. Can’t wait for next week’s conclusion to this 3-parter: Tommy finally uncovers White Ranger’s identity just before a Black & White rematch! πŸ™‚

9:07AM (Ninja Turtles spoiler warning)
Overall, “Rogue In The House, Part Two” was awesome. My most favorite part though was the ending, when Zog the Triceraton sacrificed himself to kill Shredder… but, as expected, Shredder survived.. as did Baxter Stockman.. I think. :p Can’t wait for next week.. whatever is coming up next week… *scratches head*

So I just finished watching last Thursday’s Tru Calling (and setting up the DVR recordings for the week). Whoa. That episode must have been the BEST one so far. I loved it! Can’t wait for the two-hour season finale this Thursday. πŸ™‚

I’m now minorly pissed because I totally forgot that there’s no episode of Dino Thunder to tape on ABC Kids today because of my state’s lack of daylight savings.. and that so-called “sport” called golf. *pouts* I’ll just have to tape both “White Thunder” Parts 1 and 2 next Saturday…

My dad may just be starting to like Chappelle’s Show. I only found it a little bit annoying when he broadcasted almost an entire DVD episode over their “neighborhood watch” walkie talkie channel. *sigh* And this afternoon consisted of.. sleep, since I didn’t get much of it last night. Then I woke up and watched another volume of my MMPR S1 VCDs.. since had four burned and ready to watch, as well as two more ready for burning. :p

I got a new AOL CD for my collection in the mail today. It’s the first time I’ve seen the container made of wood though. *adds to overflowing collection*

Also, my dad’s preparing to go to some going-away party tonight for this cool guy in the neighborhood. My dad doesn’t even think of inviting me. Oh, there’s going to be alcohol at this party, and I’m only 21.. so that must rule me out. *rolls eyes* I most likely wouldn’t go anyway, but it’s the part about asking me that’s missing. He goes off to do fun things all the time without me, and it just hurts.. when I’m sitting alone with nothing to do than watch more damn TV. It just seems he doesn’t care about me whatsoever…

Booooooorrrreeeed. And I’m sure there’s only more to come tomorrow afternoon, when my dad just has to watch his precious basketball game. And I was planning on watching some things tonight, but my dad’s plans fell though so.. I have to wait and try again in the morning. I’d finally like to fit in a few episodes of the original TMNT

I can’t believe a part of me wants to go to bed already. Maybe because of my lack of it last night. And I guess I need to be up in the morning to complete some.. watching. And SNL and MadTV are repeats. And I want to start the process of burning the next VCD… So see ya…

Power Rangers Revelations Archive, Part 3

April 24, 2004

Yes, it’s that time again… time to archive more Power Rangers revelations. These are mostly facts, rumors, and trivia surrounding the history and storylines of the TV series. Feel free to check out the previous installments: Part 1 & Part 2

Superpower1979: But here’s something you didn’t know.. Ryan and Trip were in Forever Red, cut scenes.
Jnkhill1480: really??
Superpower1979: yeah
Cyrax9: I heard Max was i the Hummer in another as well.
Jnkhill1480: what scenes? do you know?
Jnkhill1480: hey…how come i don’t know about this….
Superpower1979: There was a scene where Wes and Eric contacted the future to see if the fight would interfere with the timeline
Jnkhill1480: ohhh..neat
Jnkhill1480: how’d you find out about it?
Digimansion02: how else
Digimansion02: Chris
Jnkhill1480: Oh, yeah.
Superpower1979: and the other scene was at the Lightspeed Aquabase, apparently rebuilt. where Ryan was the new Captian
Superpower1979: The Wild Force originally got more screentime as well, that was cut too.

“Commander Crayfish” wrote in message…
> Gao Red wrote:
> >Or are you going to change the way things work when we speak with
> >the cast and crew that work on the show?
> Canon means anything deemed authoritative or sanctioned for a particular piece
> of work. Canon is not synonymous with continuity, and no mistake should be made
> therein. There’s canonical proof Alex is the Quantum Ranger (a coloring book
> used it for his backstory), but that doesn’t mean it’s in-continuity.
> That said, the series bible is the thing by which the entire freaking show
> hinges upon. Tommy sent the Jungle Blaster. Billy’s last name is Cranston.
> Serpentera crashed on the moon after the climactic final battle in Scorpion
> Rain. The Phantom Ranger is a ghost robot. Skull married Kim. Yeah, this stuff
> can be invalidated in the final product — so can stuff we knew for a fact
> years earlier on the show.
> Fiction exists precipitously close to the edge of retcon.
> “I can togo to the store and by some more alckohle if you
> like. But I don’t think I shoulc be mdringiving.” – Anonymous
> **********************************

SirStack: “Early script drafts for “Reinforcements From The Future” imply they desired using the Gaoranger movie Duke Orgs, but since they didn’t have the suits, they used hybrids for the Mut-Orgs. It was either that or harken back to season 2 and use horrible footage cutting & pasting to try to imply they’re fighting the two teams of Rangers. Smarter to use what you have instead of pretending to have what you don’t. ”

CLFunaro: Bandai footed the bill for Ryan.
CLFunaro: Random fact in the PRLR credits sequence.
CLFunaro: Look at the skyline behind Ryan.
CLFunaro: That’s Tokyo.
CLFunaro: Test footage Rainbow did of the suit in action, we think.
Puperazzi: Interesting…
CLFunaro: Video mastered, thus why it doesn’t look much like PR or Sentai.
Superpower1979: What was the Titanium Ranger doing in Tokyo?
CLFunaro: The suit was made in Tokyo.
CLFunaro: You guys noticed the original Titanium suit was all… Shiny like a Toei suit, right?
CLFunaro: Lasted for two eps.
CLFunaro: It WAS a suit like Toei got, made by Rainbow Productions in Japan.
CLFunaro: Fitted to Rhett — thus why it looked baggy on the suit actor in stunts.
Superpower1979: Then why aren’t they shiny in PR footage?
CLFunaro: The suits cost a ton of money.
CLFunaro: It’s the only JP suit to be used on PR for a Ranger.
navythunderrngr: yeah what, is the material difference. PR uses generic Lycra right? so sentai…?
CLFunaro: It’s a form of spandex they can’t make in the US.
CLFunaro: I know that, they’ve tried.
CLFunaro: It’s a brand name, I think.
Superpower1979: But aren’t the Hurricanger suits on lend to VRKP?
CLFunaro: Yeah, they’re leasing them.
CLFunaro: Which is just…
CLFunaro: I GUESS it’s cheaper than fabricating.
CLFunaro: All PR helmets needed new master molds struck.
CLFunaro: (I know for a fact some of these were destroyed in the Disney buyout, thus my panic the sky was falling…)
Superpower1979: What was destroyed in the Disney buyout?
CLFunaro: Master molds for helmets, that I can verify from someone in props.
CLFunaro: The stock cars they refit for seasons, too.
Superpower1979: Why’d they burn them?
CLFunaro: The Rover. :~(
fireforce112383: why did disney destroy everything anyways
CLFunaro: Beats me.
CLFunaro: They didn’t destroy a LOT, just…
CLFunaro: Anything that wasn’t going to be sold to staff, on ebay, or be retained in storage was junkable.
navythunderrngr: idiots!, I want a PR museum
CLFunaro: So Goldar and shit are still in a warehouse in the desert.
CLFunaro: PR had three enormous warehouses.
CLFunaro: Just… Saban kept EVERYTHING.
CLFunaro: Disney, understandably, wanted that space.

Digimansion02: Chris, all this never used episode stuff sparked a recent question,whas Dream Force Angels?
CLFunaro: Also known as Dream Force Princesses…
CLFunaro: The Girly Mystic Knights for Fox Girlznet.
CLFunaro: Ali’s first work for Saban.
CLFunaro: Four girls, all hot, who fight crime in bodices.
CLFunaro: Circa PRLG.
CLFunaro: Pre-PRLR.
Digimansion02: were any Dream Force episodes filmed?
CLFunaro: Yes, and it made it to the pilot stage, I know that.
CLFunaro: Should have somebody ask Ali if she did beyond that.
CLFunaro: Any show with Ali’s booooooosoms on display is aces with my crew.
Puperazzi: MacInnis?
CLFunaro: Wurd.

CubeRanger: Ashley is the ugliest girl Ranger ever.
TimeRed2K1: *gasp*
CubeRanger: ::waits for disagreement::
CubeRanger: I’m kidding.
CubeRanger: Ashley was pretty.
CubeRanger: Someone got thrown of the set because he said he impregnated her.
CubeRanger: Anyone remember thaT?
Superpower1979: lol
Superpower1979: I heard that too.
CubeRanger: I think it was like a 15 year old kid.
CubeRanger: Max something.
CubeRanger: They used to talk about it all the time in the newsgroup.
CubeRanger: The kid would deliver all the latest info.
CubeRanger: He used to write a newsletter too.
Superpower1979: I probably wasn’t around for that.
Superpower1979: But I heard it screwed fan relations for a while.
CubeRanger: It was back in Turbo, I wasn’t either. I did a search in the google groups.
CubeRanger: The kid played a character on Buffy recently.
Superpower1979: really?
Superpower1979: weird
CubeRanger: And had deleted scenes in Catch Me If You Can
Superpower1979: I heard Kat had stalkers.
CubeRanger: Amy Jo Johnson quit Power Rangers because of the stress it put her under. So she probably had stalkers too.
CubeRanger: Infact, she and Steve Cardenas were at a shopping mall promoting the movie, and she wouldn’t come out of her dressing room. Steve told her that she could stay inside, and disapoint hundreds of kids. Or she could come out, and greet
CubeRanger: all the fans that came to see her.
CubeRanger: She came out, but said when they got back home she needed to make a few changes, and wah-lah a few months later bye bye Kimberly.
Superpower1979: I heard Patricia Ja Lee was injured on the set, but Saban still made her finish up the day, and she had to drive herself to the hospital.
CubeRanger: I heard that too,.

Dr Victor Adler: i wonder why they dropped the Divatox/Dimitria storyline in Turbo
Superpower1979: I’m sure it had something to do with Hillary Sheppard reprising the role.
CLFunaro: Chip didn’t wanna do it, and Hilard was back…
CLFunaro: Hilary, bah

CLFunaro: They [Transformers fans] accept separate but equal canon statuses
CLFunaro: This fandom NEVER has.
Dr Victor Adler: Well, it’s hard when there’s only one continuity for it.
Dr Victor Adler: I wonder if they’ll be able to carry on one continuity forever.
CLFunaro: It’s PR’s greatest strength AND greatest weakness.
Superpower1979: Well, one good thing about continuity is, it’s one of the few things that sets it apart from Sentai.
CLFunaro: Like Dr. Who, PR becomes impossible to “get into” past a certain point.
CLFunaro: Roadshow had a five year contract. Assuming Disney honors it…
CLFunaro: PR will hit 620 eps or so.
CLFunaro: That’s 80 short of Who.
CLFunaro: Who took twenty five years to get there.
Superpower1979: Well, it can always be renewed if things go well.
CLFunaro: But you see my point.
CLFunaro: That’s REMARKABLY.
CLFunaro: I think, when PR hits the fifteen anniversary…
CLFunaro: Do it, end it.
CLFunaro: Earth-2.
CLFunaro: Like DC comics.
Superpower1979: Why end it?
CLFunaro: And for the twentieth anniversary, we GO BACK to Earth-1 for a crossover.
CLFunaro: Digimon had to end the Adventure continuity after 02.
Superpower1979: yeah, Digimon was more complex than PR.
CLFunaro: It had gotten, in the space of two years, so convoluted and overburdened that it could NOT sequel itself.
CLFunaro: PR has hit saturation, I feel.
CLFunaro: Give us a new dimension, and give us a new Zordon figure, new mysteries, etc.
CLFunaro: Don’t say “it doesn’t matter anymore,” say…
CLFunaro: “We loved it so much we’re afraid we’re just going to keep cheapening it, so we’re going to try something new.”
Superpower1979: Well they try to keep it fresh, even with the continuity that every so often gets the chance to show up.
CLFunaro: Right, but you see my point here.
CLFunaro: PR can’t suddenly say…
CLFunaro: “This is Lord Bukaa — he was more powerful than Zordon, and has been around twenty thousand years.”
CLFunaro: If you suddenly minimize Zordon, the fans… Will hate you.
CLFunaro: Conversely, in ANOTHER DIMENSION, they won’t care. They’ll like world building then.
Superpower1979: Well they don’t have to say that he’s more powerful than Zordon.
CLFunaro: But you see my point, I think.

Superpower1979: Yeah, even though I thought Wild Force and Gaoranger over did it a bit on the amount of Zords, I wish they would’ve used the Gao Knight footage at least once.
CLFunaro: They wanted to.
Superpower1979: What stopped them?
CLFunaro: Lack of time, as I understand it. Also, no suit.
CLFunaro: And yeah, you can color correct Kongazord and pretend…
CLFunaro: But that looked cheap when they did it to Demonite’s clone.
CLFunaro: And also, he didn’t have a hockey mask.
Dr Victor Adler: They could’ve just used Sentai footage.
Superpower1979: Well, I guess you can only do so much footage with 40 episodes.
CLFunaro: * is checking something *
CLFunaro: I think I recall WHY they didn’t use Fire Mountain Howls at all, despite the lack of the suits in the US…
Dr Victor Adler: Really?
CLFunaro: The Dukes were going to be the Mutorgs.
Superpower1979: That would’ve been cool.
CLFunaro: * checks, looks *
CLFunaro: I think the idea was (if they used series footage and not film) that they’d have done something with Volcano Aurg and Fire Monkey — but they didn’t want an Org embodying nature used.
CLFunaro: This has been a while, I may be off somewhat.
CLFunaro: And, you know, no suit.
Superpower1979: ahhh, yeah.. it sounds like they had a lot of reasons
CLFunaro: Shame, but I know Derik was delighted.
Superpower1979: Why was he delighted?
CLFunaro: He really, really loves Ultimus.
CLFunaro: He wanted Gao Panda, and for the US to actually DO Grizzly…
CLFunaro: But they basically made the color corrections he wanted to the Bison.
CLFunaro: Ultimus was his baby.
CLFunaro: When we found out Fire Monkey was getting a toy anyway, he started yelling at a mutual friend in Bandai.
CLFunaro: The orange and black striped Tigershark was his compromise for Grizzly…
CLFunaro: Ultimately Sharky himself just got used.
CLFunaro: The motorized Bison was SUPPOSED to be Aurochzord.
CLFunaro: Stupid packaging people.
Superpower1979: I thought that was weird for them to recolor everything like that.
CLFunaro: The intent was “all-US Wildzords along with Red Ape.”
Superpower1979: And we never got the Elephant because of it.
CLFunaro: That didn’t all come together.
CLFunaro: As I understand it, we weren’t EVER getting Elephant.
CLFunaro: Bandai US just didn’t want to release it.
Superpower1979: Really? any particular reason?
CLFunaro: Not that I ever got, just “we didn’t want to use it.”
Superpower1979: The Elephant was one of my favorites.
CLFunaro: (I find it amusing, per the Sentai art book, what originally was meant to be GaoMammoth became Revolver Mammoth)
Dr Victor Adler: Yeah they didn’t release the Mighty Mammoth either.
Superpower1979: There was a GaoMammoth?
CLFunaro: The art book Will Maberry scanned had a bunch of Gao animals they’d pitched in the planning stages, or designed.
Superpower1979: Crazy.. I heard they actually intended to release 100 Power Animals originally.
Dr Victor Adler: Is it true that the Blast Dragons were remodeled from the Zyu2 Zord sketches?
CLFunaro: * shrug *
CLFunaro: And dammit, don’t call them that. If John was here I’d beat him SO MUCH for it. πŸ˜‰
CLFunaro: Zyu-Dai Hybrid, or if you have to, Zyu3. I prefer hybrid.

CLFunaro: See, if MMPR Prod. had had enough lead time…
CLFunaro: I think they should have worked something out with Bandai JP and Toei.
CLFunaro: “So, we’re gonna reuse Serpentera this season.”
CLFunaro: “Any desire to do a BIG Gao Serpent toy, that’s evil?”
CLFunaro: Venjix tricked it out.
CLFunaro: Of course, I’m stupid this way.
CLFunaro: I always thought Saban should have sent a Zedd costume to Japan.
CLFunaro: “We’re paying for one monster. Saving you hundreds of thousands.”
Superpower1979: That might have worked, I wasn’t too thrilled with the cgi design they made.
CLFunaro: “Please use him as a monster du jour. Don’t feel beholden to our use of Zedd.”
CLFunaro: Understand, FR’s budget was slashed repeatedly.
Dr Victor Adler: Why was it slashed?
CLFunaro: They couldn’t hire an outside studio to do Serpentera, as was intended.
CLFunaro: PRWF kept getting its budget undercut by Disney.
Superpower1979: ahh, that sucks
CLFunaro: And they had… Weeks to get the CG done.
Superpower1979: I wonder why they kept cutting it.
CLFunaro: Whereas the US Wildzords do look JP-accurate.
CLFunaro: Disney didn’t want to pay what Saban did.
Superpower1979: And here I thought Saban was cheap.
CLFunaro: PRNS’s budget is smaller than any past season. The move to New Zealand was the only way to keep the show in the black.
CLFunaro: Saban actually paid quite a bit for the show over the years.
CLFunaro: PRNS had a nice ad budget, but… Disney doesn’t mind that stuff.
Superpower1979: It must be a lot cheaper to do things in NZ, because production value seems to be up this year.
CLFunaro: It is.
CLFunaro: Much.
CLFunaro: Their CG is world reknowned.
CLFunaro: Plus, you save a ton if you don’t have to maintain the suits.
CLFunaro: Of course, MMPR prod. wasted money with the scourge of the series.
CLFunaro: City fights.
CLFunaro: Oh god, the money they wasted on city fights.
CLFunaro: * hits head *
CLFunaro: Nobody cares, past a certain point.
Superpower1979: city fights cost more?
CLFunaro: You have to block off blocks of downtown LA.
CLFunaro: And get major clearance to use explosives.
Superpower1979: ahhh
CLFunaro: Insurance, coordination, lighting…
CLFunaro: It’s like eight times what an Angel Grove Park fight runs, at the low end.
Superpower1979: Yeah, PRNS didn’t have much city fights I noticed, but fortunately, neither did Hurricanger.
CLFunaro: City fights are great when it’s Countdown.
CLFunaro: When it’s WEEKLY?
CLFunaro: Well, PRNS did a couple. All About Beevil leaps to mind.
CLFunaro: But that was so fucking beautiful, I forgive.

CLFunaro: I think they gave PRLR their all, but they knew PRTF was going to have this huge media push across the board.
CLFunaro: So they didn’t do what they did for Galaxy.
CLFunaro: There was no investment for a cast that won’t carry over, irrelevant stories…
CLFunaro: I wonder at what point they decided to cut Ryan.
Superpower1979: ahhh, yeah. I noticed that PRLR didn’t really stand in comparison to PRLG in some aspects.
CLFunaro: If nothing else, I give Chip credit for that idea.
Dr Victor Adler: They cut Ryan?
CLFunaro: I was never sure if they would cut Timefire out entirely, or always keep him a semi-antagonist.
CLFunaro: Also note the US-Quantum design they used heavily in promotion.
CLFunaro: I think what they wanted to DO with Timefire was in flux.
CLFunaro: And Titanium had a great suit, and only needed a new belt buckle.
CLFunaro: He was to debut with the Time Shadow.
Superpower1979: That would’ve been interesting.
CLFunaro: Well, look at how the Time Shadow arrives.
CLFunaro: And eclipse… Of the sun.
CLFunaro: Cute narrative tie.
Dr Victor Adler: Did they not like Time Fire, because of the similarities to Red?
CLFunaro: I think that was the main logic.

CLFunaro: People ask why Cam never popped the helmet rather than remove it…
CLFunaro: Duh, they won’t make new helmets.
CLFunaro: Stupid hobbitses.
Superpower1979: Yeah, they could’ve made a suggestion to Toei on that one.
Superpower1979: To make Shurikenger’s helmet openable, even though they would have no use for it.
CLFunaro: I’m reminded of a story from the old days, about the PR/Sentai staff conferences in Japan.
CLFunaro: “Why didn’t you just ask Toei–”
CLFunaro: And I’m stopped.
CLFunaro: “Look — nobody TELLS Toei to do anything. We ask nicely, or we have Bandai do it for us.”
CLFunaro: “We TOLD Toei to do Zyu2. And they did it with super high production values, new Zord summonings and poses…”
CLFunaro: “And we paid through the nose for it.”
CLFunaro: Saban basically paid for half a season of Zyuranger, rather than just some cheapo monster fights.
CLFunaro: That’s… Evil brilliance.

CLFunaro: Incidentally, Roger Velasco is making porn movies now.
CLFunaro: I just found this out.
CLFunaro: His gimmick is, and I swear to god…
CLFunaro: He does a woman, and then farts on her.
CLFunaro: God bless America.

CLFunaro: Disney didn’t buy Saban for PR.
CLFunaro: They bought it for Fox Family.
CLFunaro: Disney had NO IDEA what to do with PR for months.
CLFunaro: Some great stories to be told one day, once gag orders end.

CLFunaro: Everyone wishes PRTF had more time travel in it.
CLFunaro: The writers wanted that.
CLFunaro: My god, we didn’t get a five-part “lost in time” miniseries so we could get Movie Madness.
CLFunaro: That fucking OFFENDS ME.
Superpower1979: yeah, that would have been nice
Superpower1979: I loved Movie Madness and all, but that would’ve been cool.
CLFunaro: I think you can see most of what it would have been in its original form.
Superpower1979: yeah
CLFunaro: Eric and Circuit desperately trying to get the team back…
Superpower1979: and what was with Time for Lightspeed? It seemed incredibly rushed, and I’ve seen Timeranger vs Gogo Five.. and while I’m not one to push Sentai plots, it was really good compared to what we got
CLFunaro: If it’s Forever Red?
CLFunaro: If it’s an event which DEMANDS epic treatment and a big budget?
CLFunaro: Then yes.
CLFunaro: If it’s “annual crossover?” No.
CLFunaro: Time For Lightspeed — two episodes of plot hastily rewritten to be one.
CLFunaro: It was gonna climax with the wedding. :~(
Puperazzi: Now that would have been good.
Superpower1979: another budget cut I assume?
CLFunaro: Time Force didn’t get the “back sixteen” picked up.
CLFunaro: And, you know, the movie was never made because of that SAG thing.

navythunderrngr: why in the world was the gingaman henshin sequence used in trakeenas revenge?.. anyone know?
Superpower1979: yeah, I was wondering that myself.
Superpower1979: They already had the Lost Galaxy morphs, yet all the sudden it’s Gingaman.
Superpower1979: very weird.
DavidGoode: You mean when they turned the dial on their morphers to their respective colors before morphing?
Superpower1979: yeah
CLFunaro: Bad editing.
CLFunaro: Remember, Trakeena’s Revenge was raced through production in time for the premium.
CLFunaro: They had a week and a half post-prod, IIRC.
CLFunaro: They had to get them shipped nation-wide, and even THAT was a crock of shit.
Superpower1979: yeah, that mcdonald’s thing was dumb
DavidGoode: Then maybe they should’ve just forgot the whole thing.
CLFunaro: Not really possible.
CLFunaro: They had a contract.
CLFunaro: And you don’t break that shit, not with McDonalds.

CLFunaro: Kendrix and Leo had the romantic music.
CLFunaro: That’s as maintext as PR gets.
Trickstyle182x: it couldnt get build on cuz kendrix left the show
CLFunaro: Yes, I am aware.
Trickstyle182x: i know your aware.
DavidGoode: They could’ve built on it before then.
Superpower1979: I wanted the Ancient Rangers saga.
CLFunaro: They were too busy badly adapting Gingaman plots in 13 eps.
CLFunaro: Schedule!
Superpower1979: Yeah, but they didn’t expect her to get sick.
CLFunaro: And now she’s working at a Denny’s in Pasadena…
CLFunaro: Poor Val.
Puperazzi: Wha?!
Superpower1979: It would’ve been great.
Puperazzi: Denny’s is no place for her!
Trickstyle182x: are u serious chris!??
CLFunaro: Last I heard.

DavidGoode: That would’ve been interesting, with an Ancient Rangers saga. Kind of how they did the “Wild West Rangers” thing in MMPR season 2, right? Minus one of the Rangers going back in time.
CLFunaro: Well, it would have been the five Galaxy Rangers being thrown back in time via the Galaxy Book.
CLFunaro: Witnessing the final battle of the previous team.
CLFunaro: Their deaths, the capture of the three Galactabeasts by Deviot…
Superpower1979: wow, that would’ve been cool
CLFunaro: They’d have been active participants in it.
Superpower1979: I had always wondered how they would’ve done it.
Superpower1979: Was it going to be all American footage?
DavidGoode: There’s something that didn’t make much sense in Lost Galaxy, though. How did Deviot get that key for the box with the Pyscho Ranger datacards? They never explained that, or how that alien got the datacards in the first place.
Superpower1979: who said there was a key?
CLFunaro: Deviot had the key because he’d last —
CLFunaro: We saw one, Matt.
DavidGoode: He had it in his hand.
CLFunaro: He had the key to the lockbox.
Superpower1979: ahh
Superpower1979: I forget πŸ˜›
CLFunaro: He’d last experimented on the Psychos during the “five year intermezzo.” They had apparently been stolen or something.
CLFunaro: Remember, Deviot was the original creator of the Psychos.
Superpower1979: say what?
navythunderrngr: huh?
CLFunaro: Yeah, Chip and I talked about this for a bit.
Trickstyle182x: “five year intermezzo”???
Trickstyle182x: whats that?
CLFunaro: That was always how Derik and I read their dynamic, and Chip was —
Superpower1979: interesting
CLFunaro: “Yeah, that was basically what we were going for.”
DavidGoode: When was this? That was never explained anywhere in the entire series.
Superpower1979: Why’d he base them off the Space Rangers?
CLFunaro: Well, recall that Deviot and the Psychos kept referring to a shared past.
CLFunaro: I really didn’t think they were.
CLFunaro: Similar color scheme, but the core MMPR had the exact same.
DavidGoode: But that still doesn’t explain how he got the key, or how the alien got the datacards.
CLFunaro: He’d last experimented on the Psychos during the “five year intermezzo.” They had apparently been stolen or something.
CLFunaro: See?
CLFunaro: He’d gotten the datacards BACK.
CLFunaro: And then lost them again.
CLFunaro: He’d apparently just found them again on the black market.
Superpower1979: interesting
CLFunaro: They had to scramble for backstory.
CLFunaro: But it all makes sense.
CLFunaro: Deviot in both instances made Megazords and Rangers that didn’t work without ACTIVE lifeforces to animate them.
DavidGoode: Umm, okay.. That still doesn’t make sense to me.
CLFunaro: The Rangers used monster souls, and the Megazords used Galactabeast souls.
CLFunaro: He couldn’t just… Do this stuff, he had to BASE it off things.
CLFunaro: You see how sensible this is, on the whole.
CLFunaro: GOOD retcon.
CLFunaro: The real question is where the Psychos were before Astronema got them.
CLFunaro: But that is a story for another time.

Superpower1979: Dark Specter, the Quasar Sabers.. what connection do they have?
CLFunaro: They’re active power sources to energize the Rangers/Megazords.
Superpower1979: ahh
CLFunaro: Indeed, the Psychos could not fully die while Spec lived.
DavidGoode: Which is why they were turned into spirits, and then put into datacards, I guess.
Superpower1979: wait, so Deviot created them from Dark Specter?
Superpower1979: I guess he would’ve had to, but that would mean that he was affiliated with him as well.
DavidGoode: Which would mean that Deviot has gotten around more than it seems.
CLFunaro: You know, the five year intermezzo. Originally ten, then kicked down to five, now pretty much cemented as one.
CLFunaro: Does NOBODY remember Paulie’s notes on PRLG?
DavidGoode: Oh, so you mean that Deviot found the datacards after Countdown to Destruction, but lost them, then he searched for them on the black market?
DavidGoode: I would assume the “intermezzo” thing is the “break” between PRiS and Lost Galaxy.
Superpower1979: yeah,
Superpower1979: it was originally supposed to be the time period
CLFunaro: Given that’s what the word means, yes.
CLFunaro: I had a GREAT fic once set between Chameliac Warrior and PRiS/PRLG that set up how/why Deviot found the Psycho cards again.
Superpower1979: but future seasons counterdict it
CLFunaro: And what this “new technology” he installed was.
Superpower1979: cool
CLFunaro: Well, I think I can forgive five years between 1998 and 1999.
CLFunaro: Simpsons time.
CLFunaro: This is PR, I can accept that.
DavidGoode: I guess it makes more sense now, but it doesn’t explain how Deviot got the key, though. I know it explains the datacards being with the alien.
CLFunaro: He had the key because the lockbox was his.
CLFunaro: That’s why.
CLFunaro: proof of ownership.
CLFunaro: You CAN blast it open — but he had the actual key.
Superpower1979: besides, it’s not like a lockbox can’t be broken
CLFunaro: Precisely.
CLFunaro: I suspect it wasn’t locked.
CLFunaro: But just… To prove it was his.
CLFunaro: After all, the alien still planned to kill Deviot.

Superpower1979: I’m actually curious.. was Deviot still a part of Trakeena in Trakeena’s Revenge?
Puperazzi: I’d say Deviot was gone after the final mutation.
CLFunaro: He was expunged, she no longer had ANY Deviot elements in her.
CLFunaro: Besides, I think we all know Final Form Deviot is the Gregory suit.
CLFunaro: He even has the cable-dreds.
Superpower1979: the Gregory suit?
DavidGoode: “Gregory suit”? I’m out of the loop, obivously..
CLFunaro: Mutiny’s, um… Brother.
CLFunaro: From Ginga/Mega.
CLFunaro: GREAT suit.
CLFunaro: He was a teched out pirate guy.
CLFunaro: He’s exactly how I’d picture technorganic Deviot.
Superpower1979: oh I get what you’re saying
CLFunaro: God, I miss Deviot.
CLFunaro: He was the man.
Superpower1979: He was pretty cool.
CLFunaro: Well, Prince whatsiface only had two forms in Ginga.
Superpower1979: Gregory is from the Gingaman vs Megaranger team up
CLFunaro: I’m just saying Gregory, another character…
CLFunaro: He looks JUST like how I’d imagine technorganic Deviot would look.
CLFunaro: And thus, if we presume Deviot was expelled from Trakeena in the final mutation…
CLFunaro: I think we can all pretend that’s what he would have looked like.

pr sched / smallville 3’s end / bop & wonder rumors untrue / today

April 23, 2004

The next few weeks of Power Rangers listings have been added to my airing schedules entry.. with thanks to for providing the listings.. from an unmentioned source…

The final three episodes of Smallville‘s third season have finally been revealed…

“SMALLVILLE” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
JOHN SCHNEIDER DIRECTS – When a Kiwatche Indian (guest star Nathaniel Arcand, “The Lone Ranger”) steals a mythic knife from the caves, he is bestowed with superpowers similar to Clark’s (Tom Welling), causing the young man to believe he is the legendary Naman, “the man who fell from the stars.” Clark learns the Kiwatche legend foretold of a knife that could kill Naman and sets out to reclaim it before the young Indian can use it on Lionel (John Glover). Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Annette O’Toole and John Schneider also star. John Schneider directed the episode written by Ken Biller (#176220).

“SMALLVILLE” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Forsaken” (large associated image/small)
PETE IS TORTURED BY A CROOKED FBI AGENT – Clark (Tom Welling) decides to tell Lana (Kristin Kreuk) his secret so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, an errant FBI agent (guest star Gary Hudson) kidnaps and tortures Pete (Sam Jones III) to try and force him to reveal Clark’s secret. Also, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) panics after the FBI gives him 24 hours to turn over information on his father (John Glover) or face jail time, but help arrives from an unexpected source. Allison Mack, Annette O’Toole and John Schneider also star. Terrence O’Hara directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders (#176221).

SEASON FINALE – “SMALLVILLE” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Covenant” (large associated image/small)
A MYSTERIOUS GIRL FROM KRYPTON COMES TO TAKE CLARK HOME – Things come to a head in Smallville when Kara, a beautiful girl (guest star Adrianne Palicki) with superpowers, who claims to be from Krypton, comes to entice Clark (Tom Welling) to fulfill his destiny. Overwhelmed, Clark turns to his parents (John Schneider, Annette O’Toole) for advice but is shocked when Kara forces Jonathan to finally reveal the deal he made with Jor-El. Also, Clark makes a discovery that ultimately redefines his relationship with Lex (Michael Rosenbaum), and Clark’s relationship with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) takes a final turn.

Whoa. Anyway… the rumor about the Birds of Prey DVD release was only a lame April fool’s joke from Wizard magazine. Bastards. See If I’ll ever buy their overpriced magazine again…

And it only gets worse… TV Guide Online has revealed that the Wonderfalls rumor concerning The WB eyeing the series’ pilot episode for a possible pick up in the fall.. is also false. *sigh*

Besides the disappointment following the discovery that those rumors above were false, I has an okay day.. I guess. I got a lot off the DVR for the recording of tonight’s Macross II: Lovers Again. I also watched episode 1 of Macross Plus… and didn’t like it too much. So much, I’m trying to decide between trying ep 2 or just deleting eps 2-4. *shrug* Then tonight’s TV was sooo boring. Barely anything new at all…

Ah well.. see ya..

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ps2 / tmnt3 / colin / hellboy / arrested / kingdom / multi video / today

April 22, 2004

Well, here’s something that’s funny.. and very sad at the same time: PlayStation 2 Better Than Sex? Yes, this guy chose a PlayStation 2 over female affection. *rolls eyes* has placed a few awesome spoiler sketches online (under “Blast From The Future”) of a ..character.. that appears late in the 3rd season of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.. Cooool. πŸ™‚

Roswell star Colin Hanks’ new ABC sitcom series due next fall now has a title: “News To Me”. ‘Hanks stars as a young reporter who makes waves at a respected magazine in the Warner Bros. Television/Acme Productions project, which is loosely based on the life of Time writer Joel Stein.’

Guillermo del Torro, director of Hellboy, has stated that on the official Hellboy website, “We are in talks with Gonzo Anime for the Hellboy anime series.” Along with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, del Torro will be involved in the plotting of the anime project, along with other follow-up projects, to make sure the plot flows with the entire Hellboy mythology.

Neat. πŸ™‚

In a halfway intelligent move, FOX has decided to air last Sunday’s pre-empted episode of Arrested Development, titled “Not Without My Daughter”, this coming Sunday night at 9:30PM, in place of “Let ‘Em Eat Cake”. But… “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” hasn’t been rescheduled for the next Sunday. Instead, “Daughter” will be FOX’s “season finale” and “Cake” is being shelved. Ugh. And the true season finale sounds like a very cool season-ending cliff-hanger-esque episode too… 😦

Stephen King has posted a short note to his website to let everyone know that the first season of Kingdom Hospital would be released on DVD, probably in October.

Cool. I stopped watching this show on ABC just recently (schedule problems), but I’ll put it under buying consideration in October… πŸ™‚

MX Entertainment Debuts Multi-Channel Video Technology in New Trey Anastasio Live Concert DVD — Wow. Very interesting. I’d like to see this technology on a concert DVD I would actually buy though…

I had really great/bad dream again as I was laying asleep on the couch. I went to my high school reunion.. that I think I was invited to in a previous dream. I went there and I saw all these people I knew.. and liked.. Then we walked out to this outdoor theater or something for a speech. I sat down in a wrong chair at first and began moving around, trying to find mine (with my name on it).. but I couldn’t find it. I wondered if my name was even here since I had dropped out. So I never really heard the speech. Instead, I was near the back and one of the teachers that I barely remember said something about that she’s glad I’m here? A new beginning? *shrug*Then this one guy I knew (semi-friend?) was giving me some kind of candy dispensing.. thing. But then he gave it to someone else I somewhat recalled next to me. Strange. Then, I was brought back to where these teachers were talking and waited. Then I started to go back inside once the thing was over, as I.. pointed things out to people…. And now I barely remember a dream that happened before that. I think I had seen a movie with Jason David Frank as the star.. with a group of kids.. then I went to the location in the movie.. and found them. Strange.. again. But that second one was major. I hadn’t seen those people in so long. I.. miss them. I regret dropping out. I regret the hole I’m in now. But there’s no turning back. I’ve dug the hole too deep. All hope has been lost…

Today.. has been a roller coaster, I guess you could say. It started out well enough, with some DVRness and a visit to the pharmacy. Then I identified with today’s Montel Williams show a little and began to cry at times. The episode was about teens being prescribed antidepressants that made them worse than they were before the meds, one even ending in a suicide. For a moment, I even thought ‘maybe I should get some of these antidepressants.. maybe they’ll help.. or finally get me to end what I’m too chicken to end’. *sigh* But the day got better once I restored the shell. NBC’s thursday night was ..good. Except that surprise ending to Scrubs.. I was like “what the fuck? you dumbass.” :p

I can’t believe how fast it seems this week is going. Yay. See ya..

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Most memorable line …I hadn’t gotten laid in 2 years…
How many people will read it 50
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