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batman begins de canned? / titanic sce flaw / today

October 31, 2005

If you’ve been to a store or checked online recently, you’ve probably noticed that Batman Begins: Deluxe Edition is getting harder and harder to find. Well, there’s a reason for that. According to a couple sources, the collectible 72-page comic book that came packaged with the two-disc set was a limited item. However, another source claims that there was a rights issue with the comic and that it was pulled after the initial batch of discs went to retail. I don’t know how much credence there is to that last one, since DC Comics and Warner Bros reside under the same corporate umbrella. In either case, it looks like the two-disc set is being reissued by Warner Home Video sans comic book. Batman Begins: Special Edition – as it’s now listed on WHV’s site with a new UPC (012569766778) and a slightly lower SRP ($29.95) – is being shipped out and should be in stores soon.

Crap. This makes my (as well as your) copy of the Batman Begins: Deluxe Edition even more special. And I’m stuck with a scratched case. Grrrr. 😡

TheDigitalBits reports a minor encoding error on the recent DVD release of Titanic: Special Collector’s Edition. It occurs on Disc One at about 1:19:19, and only lasts one frame. But still.. isn’t that annoying? 😦

It was barely past midnight when I finished up the LJ entry and posted. I was so tired, I nearly fell asleep in this very uncomfortable chair in front of my computer. So I passed on doing anything else and headed off to sleep.. I eventually woke up the next morning and got online for a bit. My dad went off to the grocery store for a couple things. Then he came back, we had some breakfast and watched the usual morning TV. Regis & Kelly’s Halloween show was rather lame, but Ellen’s was pretty good. 🙂 Once they were over, I returned to my room for a bit because my dad had said some not-so-nice things to me during the latter show. I know what he said was true, but that’s doesn’t mean I want to hear them out loud. 😦

I read two more great chapters of Fingerprints #4, then soon got back online again for a bit. I updated my LJ userinfo just a bit, then looked through the day’s mail. Soon, Passions started. It was alright. I tried my best to ignore my dad’s scathing remarks about me while I watched. He was bitching about me never fixing myself up, saying that’s why we never go out. No. My dad being broke is why we never go out. I do fix myself up and.. we just sit at home and go nowhere. So what’s the fucking point in doing it? It’s a waste of time.. Once Passions ended, I watched Montel. It was about Bird Flu, so I decided to watch. But I fell asleep. I woke back up soon after it was over and watched two more DVD episodes of Lois & Clark: Season 1. These actually weren’t that bad. 🙂 Then I watched episode 20 on the Gantz Vol 8 DVD. Loooved the episode. There were a few things I wasn’t expecting. But that cliffhanger until the next volume. Damnit. :p When that ended, it was a little past 5PM, so I got online to news-gather..

While I’m doing that, my dad gets only a sandwich for supper (remember, there’s not much left) then heads outside, not wanting to deal with any possible trick-or-treaters. *rolls eyes* Nonetheless, I finished up online at about 6:45, then read two more chapters of Fingerprints #4. Then I looked through the DVR and watched Kakurenbo (pretty good film, wish it was longer) and the first episode of But Can They Sing? (surprisingly good performance by Time Force‘s Michael Copon — I voted for him — and they mentioned he was the Blue Ranger.. haha). During the latter, I got hungry and remembered I didn’t get supper. So I did.. My dad finally came back in at 9PM, and the latter show ended soon after that. He reported that no trick-or-treaters came into the apartments. Maybe because it’s pretty much filled with druggies, drunkies, and child molesters..? (well I’ve heard there’s at least one of each) ..We rewound and watched another great episode of Prison Break. 🙂 Once that was over, we found some Blue Collar TV repeats to watch. Then I returned to my room for the night..

Today was something else.. I really wish I could media buying tomorrow. I wants my Episode 3 DVD before Thursday. Even though I won’t have time to watch it until at least the weekend. 😦 ..See ya..

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Sun 10.30.2005 — it’s boring when you’re broke and lonely..

October 30, 2005

I woke up just before 6AM and got online almost immediately. But not for long. I return to the living room and watched some music videos.. I forgot to mention that my dad was lucky enough to find four bucks out in the hallway last night. Someone just dropped it. At a time when we have only cents left (until Tuesday), four dollars is a lot. He soon woke up and went out to buy a newspaper since they had stopped delivering them.. I watched last night’s BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (lol, but not as good as other past episodes). I took a break to look through the newspaper’s ads for.. Thursday. 😦 Then I watched last night’s new episode of Full Metal Alchemist (whoa, so awesome).. Now I’ve run out of crap to watch (I don’t feel like watching Kakurenbo right now).. 😦

We had some breakfast, then I rampaged in GTA San Andreas for a few hours. At 11PM, I turned that off and watched episode 18 & 19 of Gantz. So awesome. 🙂 But then noon arrived and my dad wanted his TV back for NASCAR. *shrug* So now I’m here..

It’s time to watch a whole bunch of stuff on the bedroom DVR. Yay… This time, I watched this past week’s new episodes of Everybody Hates Chris, Bernie Mac, Malcolm in the Middle (lol), Supernatural (nice) and Veronica Mars (awesome). I got done way earlier than usual somehow. I tried watching an anime I DVRed a while back, Submarine 707 Revolution.. but got bored rather quickly and deleted it. And now I’m still bored.. 😐

I got online for a while, but I even got bored of that eventually. So I read another chapter of Fingerprints #4, pausing once during for a rather lame supper.. because it was all we got. Then we watched two hours of America’s Funniest Home Videos across two channels. They should really change the name. Only a half or a third of them are funny. And only a small amount of those earn the term “funniest”. And those rarely win the prize at the end of the show. Makes no sense..

I finally got to see last year’s Simpsons “Treehouse Of Horror” that I missed, and then watched some War At Home repeat. *sigh* Then I read two more chapters of Fingerprints #4. I got done just in time for the new Grey’s Anatomy. This was a great episode. The best performance I’ve seen from Monica Keena yet. 🙂 Once that was over, I returned to my room and checked out a DVR recording that just ended. I DVRed Thursday’s Days Of Our Lives repeat on SoapNet just to check out Wild Force‘s Sandra McCoy’s performance in the episode. Teehee. I fast-forwarded through everything else. :p

Today was okay. Except for the boredom. *shrug* But the weekend’s finally over. Yay. Now I just hope they don’t run out of the Star Wars Ep III DVD by Thursday. Like my Best Buy claimed it pretty much sold out of the Batman Begins 2-disc on the first day. 😦 Also, another long week of Lois & Clark: Season 1 DVD episodes ahead. A part of me just isn’t looking forward to it.. See ya.

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Sat 10.29.2005 — can’t wait for Halloween.. to be over..

October 29, 2005

I woke up and turned on the TV. Checked out some music videos.. and got bored.. My dad soon woke up too. I watched last night’s episodes of Best Week Ever & Reba on DVR, watched Lindsay Lohan’s new music video, then checked out a MadTV rerun for a 100th time. Then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ new episode that I had already seen before but was taping anyway started. The dad and cat commenced to take a nap.. and so did I. At least until TMNT ended. Which it just did. *sigh* I still miss when TMNT episodes actually premiered on TV instead of DVD. Next week is #86: “Bad Day”, another episode already released on DVD. And now there’s nothing to do…… *bored* 😐

I decided to play some GTA San Andreas for the first time in a while.. while waiting for my dad to wake up. He soon did. Then he went outside. Damnit. So I turned it off and waited s’more. But soon, he did come back in. And we watched the Bewitched movie DVD. It was okay, but it’s mostly just a basic romantic comedy. More worthy or a rental really. :/ teehee @ the two-second appearance of Lightspeed Rescue‘s Alison MacInnis as one of the auditioners.. Now my dad’s off at the grocery store again..

I waited for my dad to return, then watched the Saw: Uncut Edition DVD. No wonder the runtime isn’t listed on the DVD cover. I didn’t even notice anything new. My dad fell asleep for maybe half of it this time. But I enjoyed it just about as much as the first time I watched it on the original DVD release.. Once I was done watching a few of the special features (the “Saw In Sixty” easter egg on the “Cut Media” menu is pretty stupid), we had supper of whatever we could find. *sigh* Then my dad’s news started, and I read the first chapter of Fingerprints #4.. Now I’m waiting for the damn news to be over. :p

Once the news was over, I took over the TV again and watched the new episodes of Zoey 101 (lol), Zatch Bell (lol so good), Naruto (wow) and Unfabulous (better than Zoey.. I’m really liking the love triangle forming). Then I wasted about 30 minutes just looking around on the DVR. But then my dad wanted to watch something. So I found him some more Jeff Foxworthy.. and returned to my room a little early.. Where I got online..

Today was okay. Tomorrow’s a different story.. *drools @ A-Squad‘s female Red Ranger* >_> I highly reccomend you check out Derik’s latest RangerBlog entry. It’s pretty long, but definitely worth it.. 🙂

See ya..

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tmnt 4kidstv / nbc nov / smallville ratings / predator remake / today

October 28, 2005

On Saturday morning, a new Halloween episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will make its TV debut (“All Hallows Thieves”; it’s already on DVD). And now, to show how stupid 4Kids really is, they plan to re-air an episode they previously aired out of order about a month or so ago the next Saturday (“A Wing And A Prayer”; November 5th). First they screwed up my tape by airing an episode at an earlier time than originally scheduled (on the same morning). I moved on to the next tape in order to tape the episode later, and to keep the episodes in order. But now they’ve screwed up my new tape too, by airing this episode out of order. Grrr.. 😡 Edit: Yahoo! TV still claims it’s airing episode #85: “A Wing And A Prayer” next Saturday morning. But 4KidsTV just aired a Next Week promo for #86: “Bad Day”. And I’m more likely to believe them…

Now NBC has issued a press release concerning its November sweeps schedule.. Here, I’m mostly interested in the spoilers for new episodes of Surface & Medium. Don’t forget to get your 3D glasses in the November 21st issue of TV Guide in order to properly view Medium‘s 3D episode on November 21st. :p ..NBC has also announced that My Name Is Earl‘s first season has been extended to 24 episodes. Yay. 🙂

Smallville‘s new season has been doing pretty good in the ratings since the move to Thursday night. Last week, the “Aqua” episode landed in third place behind CBS’ Survivor & NBC’s Joey / Will & Grace. And now, with the NBC shows being reruns last Thursday night, Smallville‘s “Thirst” episode actually tied with NBC’s 8-9PM hour.. 🙂

Proving once again how bad Hollywood is becoming… there’s now a rumor of a Predator remake in the works. Ugh. *headdesk* 😦

I stayed up pretty late online last night, and didn’t go to sleep until after 2:30AM.. But I still woke up around 8AM the next morning. I got online for a bit, then watched some of the usual morning TV and had some breakfast. But I soon fell asleep again. When I woke up, it was nearly time for Passions. It couldn’t keep me interested though. For some reason, my video retailer magazines are arriving in the mail a little late. At least now they’re catching up. Passions itself was somewhat interesting, mostly for the Simone and Ethan scenes.. When that was over, I watched two more DVD episodes of Lois & Clark: Season 1. These were pretty.. okay. :p Then I tried re-watching the first of the Edgemont Season 4 episodes that I had already taped to prepare for the unwatched / untaped episodes starting next Thursday. But I guess I had still seen them too recent. So I deleted it and all the set recordings until the new one (to me) airs. Then I eventually got online almost a whole hour earlier than usual. I finished up maybe 15 minutes before 6PM..

But I let my dad watch the rest of his damn news. Then I watched / taped the the new Power Rangers S.P.D. episode from the DVR — 1535: “Insomnia”. This was sorta like last week, only in reverse. Last week, I got more than I expected. This week, I got less than I was expecting: a boring clip show.. The episode opens right where the previous episode left off. Mora sees the Magnificence and runs off, dropping her doll on the way. Meanwhile, the Rangers overhear Doggie say to Kat that if the A-Squad were still around, they might have defeated Gruumm by now. That night, they get — you guessed it — insomnia. They can’t sleep after hearing what Doggie said. They meet in the break room and the clip show begins, showcasing one Ranger at a time (except for Jack & Z together at the beginning.. and leaving Omega out of it entirely). While recalling the past, they begin feeling good about themselves again. Then the Rangers finally put the pieces together at the end of the episode. They remind the audience of everything Gruumm has stolen — diamonds, gold, iridium, the meteor fragment, and plasma — and deduce that he is building something big. Even though a different reason for stealing the diamonds and gold was mentioned previously.. Doggie joins them and the Rangers tell him of what they just came up with. He agrees and ushers them off to bed.. Meanwhile, Gruumm drags Mora back to the Magnificence room. He’s found out that she disobeyed him by the doll she left behind. She pushes her into the room and closes the door behind her. The audience finally see what the Magnificence looks like. He’s pretty much some big brain floating in a jar with an eye protruding on a stalk. The Magnificence brainwashes her to serve him.. and that’s it for the episode. Only three episodes to go. Unless you count “Wormhole”, which now most likely fits after this one.. Next week — “Resurrection”: SPD receives an SOS call and the Rangers go check it out. It’s the A-Squad. They’re back and they appear unmorphed on-screen for the first time ever. But Bridge points out that there’s still something off about them though.. Hmm, interesting. 🙂

I got online for a little while after the S.P.D. episode was over. Then just barely fit in the last chapter of Fingerprints #3 before 8PM. Then we watched the new episodes of Ghost Whisperer (so.. emotional..), Hope & Faith (lol), Hot Properties (rofl) and the season finale of Over There (ooh, no overdone cliffhanger.. nice). Then I soon headed to my room for the night..

Today was alright.. My dad asked a friend of his living in the neighborhood about his health problem. He discovered that someone else had the same problem here. All they did to stop it was to stop taking Ibuprofen (Advil), which my dad took quite often. My dad has switched to Aspirin and he says his urine seems to have gone back to normal. Yay.. Can’t wait for the weekend.. to be over. As well as Monday through Wednesday. I have to wait until Thursday for the media buys this week. Since I literally have five cents in my bank account until then. 😦 ..See ya..

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santa’s slay / destroy all humans tv / over there over? / fox & cbs nov / 3hr long kong / today

October 27, 2005

I had thought that Santa’s Slay, an upcoming holiday horror film starring Roswell & Lost star Emilie de Ravin, was getting a theatrical release. Or at least it would go directly to DVD. But according to Yahoo!’s TV listings, it airs on Spike TV this coming Saturday evening (October 29th) at 7PM ET.. “After a millennium of spreading Christmas cheer, Santa Claus reverts to his demonic self and gives the gift of fear. Adult Situations; Language; Nudity; Violence.” Ooh.. :p The TV listing claims its 150 minutes long and rated R. I’m betting it’s edited for TV though.. since it’s airing in a two hour timeslot. Expect the unedited DVD in stores on December 20th..

DESTROY ALL HUMANS! (FOX, New!) – Writer/producer Jim Dauterive (“King of the Hill”) is spearheading a half-hour CGI-animated comedy based on THQ’s best-selling sci-fi video game “Destroy All Humans!” at FOX. The game, a spoof of ’50s Hollywood B-movies, tracks Crypto 137, a bulbous gray head alien who has landed on Earth and is intent on destroying it. The project, which has a script commitment, is set up at 20th Century Fox Television where Dauterive has an overall deal. Should it move forward, “Destroy” would be the first primetime broadcast series based on a videogame. Since its release in June, “Destroy” was sold 1 million units worldwide.

Just thought I would update with a more descriptive newsbyte. *yay’s again* Hope it’s picked up.. and that it doesn’t suck.. 🙂

OVER THERE (FX) – The cable channel isn’t expected to renew the freshman drama, which concludes its 13-episode run tonight. “I feel really good about it creatively. It’s a tough show and at times a very darkly truthful show,” FX president John Landgraf told USA Today. “Chris and Steven did a really good job of developing their characters over the long haul. The last run of episodes is quite moving… [but] the ratings are probably below the level of sustainability from our standpoint.” Landgraf nevertheless stressed no final decision has been made. The show’s most recent episodes have fallen to sub-2.0 million viewer levels after opening to 4.06 million viewers in July.

Boooo. *pouts* 😦

The major networks are starting to reveal their spoiler-filled November sweeps details. Among the notables over at FOX are MADTV‘s “Milestone 250th Episode” on November 12th, Stacked‘s season premiere on November 9th, and Prison Break‘s “fall finale” on November 28th. Also click the link for November spoilers on new episodes of Arrested Development, House, Reunion & Family Guy. 🙂 ..Meanwhile at CBS,.. there isn’t as much as much to note. But feel free to check it out though, for the CSI spoilers at least.. :p

Less than two months before the Dec. 14 release of Universal’s remake of King Kong, the studio has agreed to release director Peter Jackson’s three-hour cut, which will push the budget to $207 million, Variety reported.

…Whoa… O_O reports that Animaniacs & Pinky And The Brain are finally heading to DVD in Mid-2006. Yay.. 🙂

I awoke in the morning at 15 minutes until 8AM. My dad had already gone off to the handout place again. I got online for a bit. My dad returned just as I started watching the usual morning TV. We barely got anything again this week. *sigh* After that usual morning TV, I let my dad sleep (since the cat kept him up part of the night) and watched last night’s new episodes of South Park (rofl @ the Indian Burial Ground storyline.. and blah @ just about everything else), Drawn Together (rofl @ that medical waste man: “Kill meeeee!!”) and Freddie (heh.. it was alright). Then I got online a bit more. :p Soon, it was time for Passions. It was an average episode.. And soon after that, I watched three more DVD episodes of Lois & Clark: Season 1.. even though I found it difficult to stay interested. Even with the debut of kryptonite, something I had been looking forward to. :/ By the time it was over, it was a little past 5PM. I got online to news-gather. I had a little supper during, and was lucky to finish at 7:30..

I fit in most of another Fingerprints #3 chapter before 8PM.. Primetime began with two Halloween installments of Smallville and Night Stalker. Both were pretty damn good.. especially the first one. 🙂 *drools @ the vampire babes* ..Night Stalker is so X-Files-y.. except it doesn’t have the whole alien thing that attracted me to X-Files in the first place. :/ ..Whe all that was over, we watched last night’s CSI NY on DVR. Nice episode here too. 🙂 Then I read the rest of that Fingerprints #3 chapter and returned to my room for the night..

Same ol’, same ol’. Nothing changes. *yawn* At least nothing big enough for anyone to notice. I tried to get away from the things that haunted me. It didn’t work. They followed, in another form. A druggie & drunkie next door who don’t care how loud their stereo is, or at what times of the night (like tonight). A maintenance man who supposedly takes advantage of having access to all apartment keys by sneaking in our apartment and stealing my DVDs (he seems to prefer sci-fi). A father who just doesn’t understand that the DVDs I collect aren’t strictly for collecting. They keep me the closest thing to sane in an insane world. And it’s only gotten way worse since our dictator attacked his own innocent people on one horrible day in September 2001. He doesn’t care. He’s a puppet for a group that intends to take over the world. And our final days of freedom have only just begun…

See ya.

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jyb @ ohayocon ’06 / but can michael sing / scrubs s2 bonus / today

October 26, 2005

Hasso_Opitz over on Rangerboard reports that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers‘ Johnny Yong Bosch will be appearing at the Ohayocon anime convention in Ohio, which runs from January 6th-8th 2006.. 🙂

VH1 has revealed a song list for Sunday night’s premiere episode of But Can They Sing? (think “Celebrity Idol”). Power Rangers Time Force‘s Michael Copon will sing Gavin DeGraw’s hit “I Don’t Wanna Be”, which is the theme song for the other show he appeared on, One Tree Hill. This should be interesting.. 🙂

Best Buy will once again have a bonus disc packaged with Scrubs on DVD. This time, on their copies of Scrubs: The Complete Second Season, out November 15th. reports that the exclusive bonus disc will include “20 minutes of extra footage, including ‘Marital Bliss’ and ‘ Alternate Lines'”. Yay.. 🙂

I was woken up by the cat quite early. But I was nice enough to let him sit on my lap while I was still half-asleep. Even though I wanted him off me so I could sleep better. :p I finally woke up a few hours later. We watched the usual morning TV and had breakfast. Then watched a bit more morning TV. We called Osco and they were just getting in the Diet Pepsi. Yay. So we went down there. I bought in on their 2 12-packs & 2 bags of Doritos deal, got some milk, and got $5 cash out with the debit card. After all that, my bank account was down to a measly 5 cents. Phew. So close. My dad took the five bucks and bought some bottled water elsewhere, then we headed home.. My dad settled in to watch some more TV while I got online for a bit..

I returned to the living room in time for today’s installment of Passions. It was a little more interesting than yesterday. lol @ Tabitha vs Statue. *rolls eyes @ NBC’s retarded ‘Lost is a repeat, so watch Martha’s shitty Apprentice instead!’ promo* ..When that was over, I watched three straight DVD episodes of Lois & Clark: Season 1. And I didn’t like them all that much. They were okay though.. I gave my dad the extra dollar back from the purchase of the water earlier to buy some cat food, since we were running low on that too. I looked through the new free issue of OPM that arrived in the mail. I’d so like to open the demo disc (to check out Ratchet: Deadlocked), but I’d rather wait for the thinpak DVD case on newsstands in about a week. *sighs @ the stellar Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories review and wishes he could afford a PSP to play it on 😦 * ..Just after 5PM, I got back online to news-gather. Then had some supper. And I finished up online around 7PM..

I read two more awesome chapters of Fingerprints #3, then watched the repeats of Still Standing & Yes Dear. And then watched Monday’s Medium on DVR (awesome). After a short break to check on the World Series game, we watched the new episode of Invasion (whoa, awesomer). A little later, I fit in another chapter of Fingerprints #3, then headed to my room for the night..

Today was something else. :p But it was only Wednesday. Damnit. See ya..

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smallville sndtrk 2 / destroy all humans tv / eva unedited / star wars tour / media buys / today

October 25, 2005

Hollywood Records will (at last) release a second Smallville TV Series Soundtrack CD on November 8th. Smallville: The Metropolis Mix will feature Lifehouse’s “You And Me”, All-American Rejects’ “Dirty Little Secret”, and more. All will have or eventually will be featured on the hit TV series.. 🙂

Fox Broadcasting Co. has acquired the rights to develop THQ’s best-selling sci-fi video game Destroy All Humans! into a half-hour computer-animated comedy by former King of the Hill writer/co-executive producer Jim Dauterive, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Coooool. 🙂

Kyle Pope’s Edit List column at reports that the first episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion airing completely unedited last week. The episode was previously edited before its original airing on Cartoon Network in February 2003. I’d be interested to see what happens with episode 2…

Star Wars creator George Lucas — surrounded by stormtroopers, Wookiees and Darth Vader — appeared in Boston on Oct. 22 to help unveil “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination,” a new museum exhibit that opens this week before traveling to six other cities.

*cough*Copying Lord of the Rings*cough* :p

I awoke at about 7:30AM for yet another day for blandness.. We finally stopped getting the paper that my dad stopped paying for last month. *sigh* It’s going to screw up my media buying. But my dad don’t care. He’d rather that I not do it at all. But then I’d go insane, so.. Anyway, in the boredom, I got online for a while. Then watched some morning TV and had a little breakfast. But soon, I was off to media buy once again..

First, we headed to best Buy. I had intended to replace my scratched-packaging copy of Batman Begins for a new one, but they were sold out. Grrrr. I did buy Bewitched, Titanic and Gantz Vol 8. As well as some free stuff — that PlayStation2 buying guide, another Sin City comic, Rome preview DVD, some free music video DVD, two more copies of the Elizabethtown preview DVD, and a couple pairs of those VH1 3D glasses. :p I passed on the final volume of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu until next week, since they had a lot more copies of it than Gantz. I ended up with just under $20 left for the month. SO we checked out Osco Drug for sale on Diet Pepsi. But they didn’t have any. Damnit. Soon after that, we just headed home..

I unwrapped everything and got online to inventory the new DVDs. Then finished up and watched the day’s installment of Passions. Not much happened again today, except another damn bait-and-switch story tactic. Grrr.. Once that was over, I watched two more great DVD episodes of Lois & Clark: Season 1. 🙂 I bought this DVD set at Target for $18.88.. but I saw it at Best Buy today for $15.99. Damnit.. When that ended, my dad finally woke up and we went off to the grocery store. I had more money left over for the month than I was expecting, so I bought some groceries.. while my dad.. er, outdid me price-wise. :p So we’ll be surviving a few more days at least.. I got home, ignored most of my dad’s happiness over the haul of food, and watched Sunday’s new episode of Unfabulous that I forgot all about watching live but DVRed. It ended just in time for my dad’s news. We had the first real supper in a little while, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up at about 6:30..

I found some time to read two more great chapters of Fingerprints #3.. Then there was nothing new to watch in primetime. So we watched a few shows I DVRed last night: Prison Break (whoa.. and OMG @ the revelation at the end.. want this on DVD too :p) and Surface (great episode.. want this on DVD too :p). Then we watched the My Name Is Earl repeat up until 10PM. Then we watched the new episode of Close To Home (another nice episode 🙂 ).. After all that was over, I just returned to my room for the night..

Today was alright. But there’s still a bit to go to survive the month.. See ya.

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sin city tv? / scrubs cast & poll / titanic gift set / miyazaki month / whose line nov / today

October 24, 2005

The Weinstein brothers, Harvey & Bob, are considering a TV series based on the Sin City graphic novels and feature film. Neat. Hope it doesn’t suck..

SCRUBS (NBC) – Cheryl Hines (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) is set to guest star on the show’s upcoming fifth season. She’ll play Paige Cox, the sister of John C. McGinley’s character, a devout Christian who comes to town for the baptism of Dr. Cox’s son.

At least this reminds us this awesome show isn’t canceled. *shaking fist @ NBC for postponing it to mid-season* 😡

Once again, Disney needs your help to decide on which commercial to use for next month’s DVD release of Scrubs: The Complete Second Season. Watch all four and pick you favorite. You may even win a copy of said Season 2 DVD set. 🙂 Click here..

At the last second, Paramount has announced the release of a Limited Edition Gift Set of tomorrow’s DVD release of Titanic: 3-Disc Special Collector’s Edition. It will be arriving on November 8th, and will include the 3-disc set as well as a collectible coin and film cell. And the retail price will be the same as this Tuesday’s release: $29.99. :/

Throughout January 2006, Turner Classic Movies will be airing Hayao Miyazaki’s classic anime films every Thursday night at 8PM ET. Here’s a schedule

January 5th — Spirited Away (2002) & Princess Mononoke (1999)
January 12th — Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) & Castle in the Sky (1986)
January 19th — My Neighbor Totoro (1993), Porco Rosso (1992) & Whisper of the Heart (1995)
January 26th — Pom Poko (1994) & Only Yesterday (1991)

ABC Family Channel has issued a press release, letting us know about two never-before-seen episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? to premiere in November.. 🙂

I fell asleep fairly late, yet still woke up quite early. I watched the usual morning TV.. and soon fell asleep. But maybe 40 minutes later, I woke back up, had a late supper, and watched a bit more morning TV. Then I got online for a bit. Then played with the cat up until Passions started. Today’s episode was okay. I hope that guy coming to Sheridan isn’t that one who just left. Grrrr. Ooh, mystery woman out to kill Alistair..

Once that was over, my dad went out to try and sell some more stuff for food money (he failed) while I checked on some things on the DVR. Then I transferred another Lost episode to VHS while reading another chapter of Fingerprints #3. Then some asshole banned me from a torrent just because I ran out of hard drive space in the middle of downloading. Grrr. Once I finished up Lost (and my dad returned home), I watched the feature-length pilot episode of Lois & Clark on DVD. Loved it, especially the latter half. I still recall watching this show with my dad every Sunday night on ABC. 🙂 ..That was over just in time for my dad’s 5PM news. I played with the cat a bit, and it was 5:30 before I knew it. Ack. So I got online to news-gather. I finished up some time after 7PM..

We had another “whatever you can find” supper since we had so little food left to last us a whole week (and my dad’s failing to sell some stuff earlier sure didn’t help). Then we watched some pre-primetime TV.. until primetime.. At that point, we watched the new episodes of King of Queens (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol.. want.. on.. DVD.. now.. er, after the end of the season), Two & A Half Men (lol *drools @ Jodi Lyn O’Keefe*), Out Of Practice (ha.. funny, but it still feels like Frasier, which felt uptight and thought it was better than everything else.. ugh), and CSI Miami (awesome.. great prologue to the Miami / NY crossover). Once all that was over, I just returned to my room for the night..

Today was rather average. Much like most days. I wish I had a more exciting life. Then I probably wouldn’t post every single day. But the entries would be more interesting.. than.. this.. See ya. *curls up into a ball in a corner somewhere*

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Sun 10.23.2005 — nothing to do… but watch more gawdamn tv..

October 23, 2005

I had one crazy dream last night. Unfortunately, I can already only remember part of it. My dad and I kept being awakened by one thing or another invading our home and our privacy. I couldn’t stop them. I stopped one thing and something else happened. There were that many people in our home. Eventually, we thought we had got it taken care of.. and were about ready to return to sleep. But then a couple of guys used a copy of our key to get into our apartment, thinking we’re asleep. They intended to steal. We stop them.. but then it’s as if we’re back to square one. Everyone else is back invading our privacy as well. A bit later, I think my dad tried to take them to the police station.. but their parents called them into their homes. And they got away with it? *shrug* ..I guess this all sprouted from some stranger IMing me about my dad’s health last night. Somehow, I guess I just didn’t grasp that my private information could be taken off here and placed or discussed anywhere.. It leaves me cold. Or that could just be the damn heaters not doing their job. Hmm.. :p

I woke up, watched some MadTV repeat and looked through the morning newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Then I watched last night’s episodes of BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo (rofl) and Full Metal Alchemist (whoa O_O) on DVR. I also caught some ‘sneak preview’ airing of I Love The 80s: 3D — 1980. *shrug* Must remember to get those 3D glasses at Best Buy. :p ..Then I checked out Ebert & Roeper.. but then it was time for my dad to take over the TV for his damn sports. 😐 So I’ve returned to my room..

Time for the weekly bedroom DVR clean-out. Yay. This week, I watched Everybody Hates Chris (lol), Bernie Mac, Malcolm in the Middle, a King of Queens episode I passed on a few weeks back, Supernatural (pretty cool), a half-episode of Reunion I missed a while back that re-aired Thursday, and (the best for last) Veronica Mars (so awesome). And now I must go..

I fit in a half-chapter of Fingerprints #3, then watched some Funniest Videos and What I Like About You, and barely watched Twins. Then came another hour of Funniest Videos. Once that was over, my dad watched to watch the World Series game for the hour with nothing better to watch. I fit in another 1 1/2 chapters of Fingerprints #3.. Then it was finally 9PM. We watched Desperate Housewives (awesome) and Grey’s Anatomy (pretty good)..

I’m so glad this uneventful day and weekend are over. Ugh. Tuesday is so close. 🙂 ..I’ve been considering changing my default LJ icon to another Blue Ranger from the past for a while now. Since SPD has been an overall disappointment so far. And with the same executive producer returning next year, I have little hope for Mystic Force at this time as well. Hmm, Time Force..? ..See ya..

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Sat 10.22.2005 — nothing to do… nothing to.. do..

October 22, 2005

When I woke up, it was nearly 8AM. I watched Best Week Ever (lol), then watched some MadTV and VH1 Top 20 Countdown.. Then I watched / taped the new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — “Grudge Match”. I really enjoyed this episode. 🙂 So glad it didn’t debut on DVD first. Man, that’s annoying. Next week is the premiere of the Halloween episode already released on DVD. *sigh* lol @ the Marvel Megamorphs commercial during it. It looked all *Spider-Man, Wolverine & Captain America battle Dr Doom in their Zords* to me. :p ..Once that was over, I had a small argument with my dad over something he said yesterday.. then flatly denied ever saying it today. Him and and his horrible memory. Grrr. Now my dad has gone off to another handout place.. and I have.. nothing to do..

I was looking around the channels and found Welcome to the Dollhouse and watched it. It was okay. I think I’ve watched it before.. When that ended, I watched / taped last night’s new episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Great episode. 🙂 Then I watched this morning’s new episode of Flight 29 Down. I missed Episode 2, but it doesn’t look like I missed much. The ‘cheerleader’ one is still a stupid bitch. Only now the only adult that was with them is now gone. Ha. I really don’t know if I’ll keep watching. I didn’t really like these two episodes.. Soon after that, my dad drove me over to Target. I picked up a couple things quickly and headed back home. I was surprised he did it, with how much gas we have until the beginning of the month. He’s broke now, and there’s over a week until he gets any more money.. *sigh*

Just finished watching the Elektra: Director’s Cut DVD. If you own the original DVD (like me), I don’t recommend getting this one. It’s not all that better. And I had a hard time staying awake, like I did during the original too. :p The theatrical DVD is 96 minutes, this one is only 99 minutes. Not much of a difference. And I think they only took a couple of the deleted scenes on the original DVD and added them back in. They should’ve at least put the Matt Murdock cameo back in. Damnit. I’m considering keeping this one and getting rid of the original DVD. This one is part of Fox’s numbered “Collector’s Edition” series that I’ve been collecting (but only the movies I like, of course). This one’s #22. :p

We looked around the channels for a bit. Soon, we had some supper and watched Thursday’s new episode of Night Stalker on DVR. This one was better than the last two. 🙂 Then I watched Ned’s Declassified (lol), did some more channel surfing, and then watched the new Naruto (awesome). No Zatch Bell this week. 😦 We channel surfed for another half hour (watching some World Series out of boredom).. then watched the penultimate episode of Over There‘s first season. Great episode. The season finale looks even better. 🙂 I changed it over to Jeff Foxworthy Show for my dad, watched a bit, then returned to my room for the night..

Today was.. *shrug* And I bet tomorrow will be more of the same.. See ya.

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