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new years eve

December 31, 2010

I awoke to my dad taking off for dialysis again.. I got online, downloaded and uploaded 145 Days, then fell asleep watching some DVRed MAD. :/ ..I awoke a few hours later and soon watched the final four episodes of V: Season 1 (really good episodes, especially that finale.. wow.. so looking forward to Season 2 on Tuesday night now, it’s following No Ordinary Family 🙂 ). My dad returned home from dialysis during that and.. pretty much just went in and out of sleep all day. :/ I did get my “free” Blu-ray in the mail from Disney Movie Rewards though — Eight Below.

After those episodes were over (and the BD-Live refused to work for some reason), I found nothing else to do. I watched this morning’s Regis & Kelly with my dad, then I eventually watched the first couple episodes of Claymore on Netflix streaming (it’s not bad.. but barely keeping me interested as well.. hm). And then I wasted some time on PlayStation Home before finally getting back on the PC to news-gather a little after 6PM.

It seems my dad is back to normal. He ran dialysis all three days this week. He awoke from his nap a little before 6PM, thought it was 6AM (again surprised when I set him straight).. then went right back to bed, leaving me hungry for some supper yet again. Ugghh. I guess I must stoop to leftovers again. Luckily, we actually have some. My dad usually just throws it out. -_- ..But instead, my dad awoke.. and made supper. He didn’t have anything just because he wasn’t hungry.

I watched a couple DVRed episodes of MAD (Transformin’ Grill, lol), followed by Glory Daze (lol, good episode). And then I got onto PlayStation Home, foolishly thinking they had some find of New Years Eve event just because they did last year. I eventually find nothing. With the new quietness, my dad had to wake up from his nap and come into the living room to see what was going on. I stayed on Home up until maybe 10 minutes before midnight, then we sorta justed the countdown in silence.

My dad couldn’t find any of the musical performances entertaining and gave up. I eventually returned to Home (which I had left idle) before soon shutting off the PS3.. My dad didn’t mind returning to bed until after I returned to my room for the night. :p

See ya.. and Happy New Year..?



December 30, 2010

I awoke in the morning and my dad told me immediately that I missed another earthquake. Damnit. Missed that last one two years ago too.. I got online and took care of 145 Days of Power Rangers (site says “A Friend In Need Part I” all over it.. but it’s “Ninja Quest Part I” instead.. looks like it’ll start at Day 118 instead). I then wasted pretty much the whole morning online.. while my dad mainly slept. I looked into getting Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty on disc again. Costs too much on ebay. And this version claims it’s only in German..? 😦 I own all games in the series on PS2 & PS3, except this one..

Eventually, I took over the living room TV and watched four more episodes of V: Season 1 (more very good episodes.. except in one scene where a NYC building is seen in one spot, then seen in another spot..? Damnit, cheap green screen :/ ). I couldn’t really think of any reason to do anything else today, like the got the PS3 online, so I took my time watching these episodes. And by the time I was finished, it was already 5:30PM already. Heh.

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, nothing to watch yet again.. and my dad was asleep. So I finally watched The Lovely Bones on Blu-ray. Annoying when I see a great movie via rental or pre-disc release download and then eventually buy it. I wait a while before watching the movie again and the disc just sits until then. This was a beautiful movie. I loved it.. all over again tonight. So glad I now own it.. after that illegal download. :p My dad didn’t pay all that much attention to it once he awoke. This was his second viewing as well though.. Yellow Ranger Rose McIver looked so young here compared to Power Rangers RPM, yet they were released in the same year..? :p

After that movie was over, we just found some reruns on NBC to take up our time.. and that was about it. See ya.


December 29, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online, soon downloading and uploading today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. Season 1 & 2 are finally complete.. I then watched Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (yum, Black Widow.. and now I’m all caught up on this one.. aw man 😦 ).. eventually followed by the first four episodes of V: Season 1 (the recent 2009 series, of course.. I bought this a few months ago in Best Buy exclusive Blu-ray Steelbook, but waited until closer to Season 2 premiere, which is now next Tuesday :p ..good show, except maybe the cheap-looking green-screen backgrounds at times.. looking forward to Season 2 🙂 ).

My dad returned home from dialysis, then eventually fell asleep. And then once the episodes were over, I had no clue what to do either. I wasn’t in the mood for a game or any of the shows I had left to watch right now.. and so I ended up falling asleep for a little while as well. :p I awoke a little while later and got onto PlayStation Home for a bit. I’m tempted to buy that new yacht from Loot. Looks nice.. I eventually got bored of that too, then got online to news-gather. I also ordered some pizza for supper because I was feeling in the mood for it.

In primetime, nothing on TV again. And so we watched my next Netflix selection that arrived today — Killers. Haha. A good rent, but glad I didn’t buy when I was considering it. Phew.. During the movie though, my dad had to answer a call.. and stay on while some telemarketer tried to get him to buy some trip to Florida. And instead of just hanging up or something, he just kept talking and stringing him along for 15-20mins. I got sick of waiting to get back to the movie and got online for that time instead. All these damn telemarketers probably got his number from buying that cheap-yet-expensive trash that refuses to return even though he says he will. I’m sure he won’t, will be charged and overdrafted, then he’ll have to change banks AGAIN. -_-

Well, that was about it really.. See ya.

power rangers samurai trailer itunes / today

December 28, 2010

Oh hey, if you have iTunes, you can now download that very first Power Rangers Samurai promo for free. Thanks Nickelodeon! 🙂 ..Now I need to re-install iTunes. Damnit..

I awoke in the morning and got online for some hours, downloading and uploading 145 Days of Power Rangers etc. The rarely-aired “A Friend In Need” three-part crossover with Masked Rider should be coming up pretty soon now.. We had some breakfast, watched some morning TV, then I found myself back online again. But after a bit more arguing, I got my dad to take me back down to Best Buy so I could replace my Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D Blu-ray.

I handed them my copy with the annoying crack behind the disc, went and picked out the perfect copy from all of them on the shelves (at least three locations, seemed to have a lot more of the 3D than the basic 2D only version).. but then that damn customer service girl had to remove the plastic with a pen, damaging the case a bit in the process. Grrr. It’s not a crack, but still very annoying.. after all that looking though every copy for the perfect one.. then she just ruins it. Doubt I’ll return it again though.. *sigh*

We returned home.. and I got online for a little while.. again.. But I eventually took over the TV when there was nothing on and checked out PlayStation Home for a little while (encountered some rather idiotic noobs in the theater.. that’s what happens when a bunch of people get new PS3s for Christmas, ugh.. then I joined a costume party of sorts in Central Plaza.. before felling asleep). Once I awoke, I moved on to some DC Universe Online Beta (I’m on a particularly annoying boss battle right now that I’m finding utterly impossible to win.. and when that happens, it’s annoying when you have to pay up in the game’s virtual money of which I have a limited supply just to repair your armor.. over and over.. after failing to defeat like ten guys all attacking you at once.. over and over.. -_-).

Eventually, I got tired of all that BS and decided to go ahead and watch my scheduled movie a bit early — Predator on Blu-ray. Yes, the infamous Ultimate Hunter Edition with the newly “remastered” movie. There were times where I noticed in the picture and was all “ugh”, but they were few and far between really. And I actually enjoyed it more here than I did on my DVD version. *shrug* ..After that, I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.

In primetime, nothing was on TV yet again of course. But this time, I remembered another show we needed to catch up on. And so we watched two more episodes of Mentalist (good episodes, liked them a bit more than expected.. now only three to go before being caught up). My dad soon went to bed early and I watched tonight’s two-episode season finale of Tower Prep (wow, really enjoyed both of these episodes, great stuff.. but that ending to the season and possibly the series left me going “um.. okay?” :p ..hope it comes back for more).

Well, that was about it.. See ya.


December 27, 2010

I awoke in the morning after 5AM to my dad looking defeated. Me could get his car started. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that besides the front driver side brake going out, the.. gas.. meter thing doesn’t keep track of how much gas is really in the car either. It goes back and forth randomly. I reminded him that could call AAA. Might as well use something that you paid for. Damn. While he was getting his car working, an ambulance showed up. They headed next door again. Probably overdosed on something. :/ My dad told dialysis he would be late, then eventually got the car started and left.

I watched a couple episodes of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (yeah, enjoying this more than Wolverine & The X-Men).. before falling asleep near the end of the second one. Argh. Damnit milk. Hate you.. I eventually awoke though and got online for a bit. It was then upon looking at my Netflix queue I noticed that quite a few titles were being removed from my instant queue upon the new year, including one that I was really wanting to see but still hadn’t gotten around to yet. So I got the PS3 online and streamed Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker right away. Great movie, loved it. But now where’s the Blu-rays for these older DCAU movies? Damn. Phantasm & Sub-Zero are also being ripped from my queue on the first. Aw man. 😦 Now that I think about it, I don’t even know which version of Return of the Joker I watched. Netflix website only claims 70 minutes. I’ll have to check the PS3 app later. :/

After that movie was done, I played some more DC Universe Online Beta. I hear the villain side of this game is funner. I should really get around to trying that out.. because the superhero side is kinda boring. Fight, fight, fight, collect, fight, fight, fight. The voices are good though. Superman is Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau is Supergirl, as in the recent DC Universe animated movies.. and of course Kevin Conroy is Batman & Mark Hamill is Joker. 🙂 Hmm, I should’ve made my mentor Batman instead of Superman, would hear him more often. Still not sure I’ll buy it next month though. $60 for the disc and $14.99 a month after the first free month? Hm..

I didn’t really really know what to do once I got tired of DCUO for the day. I eventually watched a couple more episodes of Blue Mountain State (lol, funny show.. very much in the same vein as those teen comedy movies.. and the episodes are put on Netflix streaming right after they air).. then played some Prototype (mainly just rampaged through the open world NYC though.. it’s like living in a city of aluminum cars and cloned meat sacks.. *picks up, throws car* *car bounces off other car* “BOOM!* *picks up, throws pedestrian* *SPLAT!* *changes appearance to match that of a pedestrian, evades military* *repeat* :p).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there was nothing to watch yet again (thanks for the three-hour Chuck-a-thon, NBC.. but they’re still reruns). And so I finally watched Close Encounters Of The Third Kind on Blu-ray. Great movie, and it just looked better than I had even seen it on Blu-ray. Wow. It’s on sale at Best Buy this week for just $7.99. Good deal for all three cuts of the movie. I bought my copy months ago for $15 or so though. :p Since I was only able to own the latest cut of the film on DVD, I chose to watch the original theatrical version tonight. Maybe next time I’ll watch Special Edition.

I was falling asleep a bit near the end there.. but I managed to stay awake.. unlike my dad. :p Well, see ya.

Saturday 12.25.2010 & Sunday 12.26.2010 —

December 26, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while (downloading 145 Days), then I had to listen as my dad got all depressed over our Christmas sucking even though it has sucked for a few years now.. I fell asleep, then awoke again a few hours later and got online again (uploading 145 Days)… My dad continued to be a bit too creepily nice to me, though he hasn’t mentioned anything about the relatives in a little while now.. We had some breakfast and I watched The Soup (lol) and Leverage (good finale 🙂 ).

And soon after that, I decided to finally watch my next Netflix selection — Eat Pray Love. First thing I notice was the near 5 hours runtime on sleeve. wtf? They counted both cuts of the film on the disc. I started the 2 1/2 hours director’s cut.. and we both were bored by it pretty quick. My dad really likes Julia Roberts.. but.. fail.. I think I fell asleep in the middle, then my dad made supper at about 3-4PM. The movie ended, then I quickly downloaded and watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special (great episode, though could’ve been a bit awesomer.. Season 6 trailer, wow!)/ And then I watched another Castle (down to two episodes now, yay).

My dad got done with supper and appeared to the preparing to go to sleep. He also mentioned Saturday Night Live before I started Castle, as if it was on at that time. I set him straight and I soon got online for a bit while my dad wanted to see some news.. Later on, I was bored and returned to the living room.. and soon watched some holiday special my dad was watching. But he eventually got bored of it and went to bed. I watched a couple episodes of GI Joe Renegades (holiday episode, just what I need.. gladly it’s only in Part 1.. good episodes though 🙂 ) before returning to my room. But I eventually fell asleep..

I had a dream where I think I was watching some Will Ferrell movie where his character was talking a bunch of hilarious BS to a church full of people and this uptight pastor guy got all angry about it. The others in the church didn’t like the pastor for attacking him though. And then when I woke up.. a real religious show was on TV. Odd.. I got online (downloading 145 Days), then.. soon fell asleep again. I awoke a little while later, checked out the ads for Tuesday (wow, Resident Evil Trilogy Blu $25, Spider-Man Trilogy Blu $20.. there goes my extra money :p).

I started uploading 145 Days, then eventually watched last night’s R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series series premiere (lol, that Christmas episode was so lame.. until the end.. Santa riding that red hummer limo, he be pimpin’ :p ..the second episode was better, with that awesomely depressing ending 🙂 .. love the promos too: “Don’t let your parents watch it alone.” :p) and another Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Police State episode, mostly stuff I already heard.. *shrug*).

After that (and some late breakfast), I asked my dad if I could go to Best Buy today instead of Tuesday due to the only new release coming out early. After a lot of complaining from his end, we took off. I got to Best Buy and didn’t even consider the crowds would be that crazy. But I went ahead anyway. I was going to get Spider-Man Trilogy on Blu, but they only had two copies in stock on the shelf and they were both banged up. Oh well. So I got Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D (my first 3D Blu-ray.. that I can’t play in 3D! There’s a 2D version on it too.. I accidentally price-matched from $29.99 down to $18.99 plus a $5 off coupon, bwahaha), Resident Evil: The High Definition Trilogy Blu-ray (price-matched from their $44.99 to Frys’ $25, for three movies? veddy nice), How I Met Your Mother: Season 5 on DVD (price-matched to Target’s $14.99) and Serenity Blu ($15, might as well finish the collection).

Sooo many people in that store, long line at the register. And I had to wait and wait to find someone to help me get Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D out of the back room. They changed the release date from Tuesday to today. Eventually, I got handed a copy and headed to the register. Of course, once I opened it, it had an annoying crack in the thin eco case right behind the disc. Grrrr. Probably can’t get my dad back there to replace it right away either. I told him I wouldn’t need to go Tuesday if I went today. 😦 The disc appears fine, but I’m sure that crack would haunt me for years if I kept it that way. And the clear white Blu-ray 3D case isn’t easy to replace by yourself either.

My dad’s mind seems to get all loopy and messed up after a particularly stressful event. I mentioned how he began asking where my passed-away mom as well as my aunt were, as if they’re around a lot. That eventually went away, but he’s still acting a bit nicer than he used to, and he needs to be reminded of things that he should already know. This happened soon after the car’s screwed-up brake got even worse. The sounds are even louder now. I think he must’ve had something happen on one of those runs to the grocery store last week that made it even worse. He has no idea how the brake got messed up in the first place. I told him it might’ve been that time he accidentally pressed his feet on both the brake and gas while in line at the bank trying to reach into his back pocket, but he laughed and told me that I was the crazy one.

My dad wasted some money on a cheap heater and then some oven thing that he never used and has already boxed up to return. He’s now just leaving it sit there, collecting dust. I tried to tell him that if he doesn’t return it, they’ll automatically take the payments out of his bank account instead of just billing him in the mail, but he just doesn’t understand that either. He saw he had some extra money left unspent from his time in that home.. and wasted it instead of using it to fix his damn brake. Now he’s deathly afraid of driving it after some event last week that he never even mentioned to me at all. *sigh* -_-

Once we returned home, I soon got online for a while to inventory the new discs.. then we had some supper.. then I got online again for a while.. Once my dad’s Colts game was over, we soon watched Salt on Blu-ray. We both really liked it. Good movie. I thought the very non-subtle open ending was kinda strange though. We watched the 100min theatrical version though. Need to watch the 104min Director’s Cut or 101min Extended Cut next time. I hear one has a different ending. Hmm. The Salt Blu-ray also features an exclusive Salt theme for my PS3. Wish more Blu-rays did that.. I followed that movie with Glory Daze (haha, good episode) & Come Fly With Me (lol, very funny.. need to keep getting this one) before returning to my room for the night.

See ya.

life unexpected reprieve? / christmas eve

December 24, 2010

TVShowsOnDVD reports a bit of hopeful Life Unexpected news today. The upcoming April 5th DVD release of The Complete Series has now been re-titled The Complete First & Second Seasons. Hope this means we’re getting another season, though I’m not holding my breath just yet. *hopes* 🙂

After the previous entry, I was thinking about perhaps staying awake a little late and playing some DC Universe Online Beta. But then my dad woke up a little after 1AM and decided to stay up. At first, it was because his alarm clock was set two hours later, but then he just chose to wait until it was time for dialysis. I immediately worried that he would fall asleep and miss dialysis. I tried to stay awake with him to keep an eye out, but I eventually fell asleep..

I awoke the next morning to my dad nowhere to be found. He had gone to dialysis. I got online for a bit, then watched a couple episodes of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (“Gamma World” two-parter, nice.. ooh @ Black Widow all tied up in Part 2 😉 ). Then I got online again.. My dad arrived home just as I got online to check out DC Universe Online Beta. But then he sat down and started taking his mixed up thoughts and I.. just couldn’t continue. It sounds like he’s somehow mixed up my aunt and my mom in his head. He keeps saying things that a mother would be more likely to do than an aunt. He said that my aunt had left me here suddenly but that I’m free to stay as long as I like, as if I usually live with her. 😦

I shut off the PS3 for a bit and returned to TV. My dad also suddenly worried about my appearance and health, something he hadn’t done in a long time. He had since given up.. I watched last night’s Conan (lol), followed by three episodes of Men In Black: The Series (the two-part series finale.. and the previously-Hub-unaired Christmas episode), Twisted Whiskers Show (haha, Christmas special.. and finally Mystery Science Theater 3000: Santa Claus on Netflix streaming (lol, this brought my down-in-the-dumps spirit back up a bit, it was actually better than that Santa Claus vs The Martians episode). But I was brought back down a bit again once my dad woke up from a nap and thought it was Monday morning. Friday evening, dad, Friday evening..

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, nothing again. But at least I put it to good use this time. I watched three episodes of Castle (not bad, so very behind.. so lots of free space on the main USB drive now, yay) followed by Leverage (the first half of Sunday’s two-part finale.. wow, very good episode). I got online until my dad went to bed, then I.. tired to watch the other half of Leverage.. but fell asleep. Damnit. 😦

It’s just another day to us.. but a bit belated Happy Holidays nonetheless.. See ya.

power rangers samurai sneak peek! / today

December 23, 2010

Nickelodeon has now posted a sneak peek clip from Power Rangers Samurai. Us US folk can view it on their website. Others will have to make do with the embedded YouTube video below. This season is looking awesome so far. All signs point to Power Rangers Samurai premiering the weekend of February 5th. Cannot wait. 🙂

I awoke early in the morning, then got online for a little while.. and then I soon fell asleep.. I awoke a few hours later and got online again, then got the PS3 online to check out the updates to PlayStation Home. It was a little while after that that it started. My dad had fallen asleep, so I snuck the PS3 online. But once he awoke, he began asking where my mom was. She had passed away over 20 years ago. But I just couldn’t tell him the truth. I guess I was just too scared or weak concerning what he might do upon the news.

He brought up going to the grocery store, so I brought up going to Best Buy. And so we did, picking up some gas along the way. The place was pretty busy.. and of course they didn’t have what I was looking for. Ugh. The strained brake on the car appeared to be quite a bit worse than before, as if he had strained it again while I wasn’t in the car.. This different version of my dad seemed happier than the normal version, aside from being more forgetful. He came to a conclusion that my mom must have left with my aunt (his sister) earlier while he was asleep or something.. and I stayed silent.

We returned home and I returned to my PS3, having no idea what to do. After having problems staying awake and finding something, he decided to go to the grocery store.. and so he went. I hung out with friends on PlayStation Home for a bit, then solved a problem I had with DC Universe Online Beta (not enough HDD space.. or v1.03 fixing everything..? ..dunno.. ooh, new Harley Quinn and Catwoman loading screens.. and then after all that time updating, the servers are offline, damnit :p).

My dad returned home with some things from the grocery store. He still seemed more cheerful than before.. even though I heard a definite grinding or bumping sound as he pulled in the car. And unlike usual, he was hungry.. and when I said I wasn’t, he insisted I eat something since I hadn’t eaten much today. Rather than being the usual “whatever”. He didn’t go to dialysis on Wednesday. He slept right through it. I hope tomorrow’s dialysis can set him straight, like I seem to recall it did in the past…

I gave the TV back to my dad and got the PC back online about an hour earlier than usual. Nope, not because I was trying to be nice to my dad. I read my twitter feed on my phone and heard about the Power Rangers Samurai sneak peek. I had to get my PC online to watch, download and upload that sucker. :p It was awesome.. but of course my program for downloading it again didn’t want to work. Grrr.. I eventually straightened it all out though and got it uploaded to YouTube, as you can see above. 🙂

My dad and I had some supper, then I.. stayed online to news-gather and such.. In primetime, there was nothing much to watch yet again. And so I watched Easy A on Blu-ray. Hey, that rhymed (haha, a reference to the movie :p). I really liked it, as expected as soon as I saw that first trailer. Very good movie. My dad gave up on it rather early and left to go other things, then he eventually went to bed. It’s odd having him know about current obligations such as tomorrow morning’s dialysis, yet not know simple things that have been commonly known for a while. He was worried about waking me up in the morning, even though I’ve been sleeping the living room for years. And he inquired about me having a key in case I left while he was gone tomorrow morning (we know that’ll never happen). :/

I watched the recent Christmas episode of Leverage (haha, good episode), followed by.. Tuesday’s Conan.. then soon went to sleep as well.. See ya.

pr samurai vod debut / today

December 22, 2010

BurgundyRanger has received Nickelodeon’s Video On Demand schedule for February 2011 and has revealed that Power Rangers Samurai will very likely make its VOD debut on Tuesday February 8th. Only very likely? Because it’s listed as simply “Power Rangers #101”. :p Episodes 102 and 103 are scheduled to appear on the service on February 15th & 22nd respectively. So it’s now looking very likely that Power Rangers Samurai will makes its cable broadcast premiere during the weekend of February 5th. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online (downloading/uploading 145 Days), then watched Men In Black: The Series (a day behind.. think I’ll keep that another day though, a two-parter began today :p ..and this episode was very jokey btw, ugh). Not long after that, I fell asleep.. I awoke a few hours later to a knock at the door. UPS arrived way earlier than usual to drop off my new Blu-rays. Awesome. Around 11:30AM rather than 4-5PM. I unpacked then soon got online to inventory the new discs — Salt, Easy A (been waiting impatiently for a few years to see Emma Stone to get the spotlight she deserves, looking forward to watching this) and Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy (three one-hour “movies” in three two-disc sets for just $22.99? sure, why not.. I was originally on the fence about getting these or just the last installment since I’m not so much a fan of pillarboxing :p least the last one’s in widescreen.. if the volumes go Blu for the widescreen episodes, I’m in for that too).

My dad fell asleep, then I.. got the PS3 online.. of course. I checked out PlayStation Home and saw there was nothing to get at Winter Wonderland today (aw). But then instead of playing another game, I watched The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Blu-ray. I liked it a little more the previous installment. Another definite step up from the first movie, which I had a hard time liking.. I checked out PlayStation Home again, then headed over to Netflix to watch an episode of Blue Mountain State (chose to watch the new episodes via Netflix rather than download or DVR.. and got so behind because I forgot about them :p, good episode.. thanks for keep my place, Netflix :p).

And then I finally turned to DC Universe Online Beta. But instead of playing it, it had to download a patch.. then it downloaded the patch again.. then it froze my PS3 so I had to start over the download.. and then it froze again. Wow. Well, there’s a whole hour wasted. If these bugs keep up, I may just cancel my pre-order. They should really be sure everything is ready for release rather than throw it onto shelves earlier just to have a cool release date (1-11-11).. I checked out PlayStation Home one last time, then shut it off before supper.

My dad hasn’t been feeling so good. He slept through supper and most of the night last night, then slept right though his dialysis time this morning as well. He awoke for a little while in the late morning.. then sleep for a few more hours. We were running out of groceries. I had to remind him that he has food stamps. He couldn’t remember that or what day it was. He then went to the grocery store for some things, then we eventually had some late supper. My dad said he almost fell down while out. While waiting for supper, I got another weak spell after feeling hungry for a while. Weak spells suck.

In primetime, we watched two episodes of Human Target (last week and tonight’s Christmas episode.. it appears to be getting more campy, no likey 😦 ..and Guerrero’s awesome moments seem a bit fewer and far between due to the new cast 😦 ) and Million Dollar Money Drop (I was unsure about watching it, but my dad got all excited once I mentioned it.. so yeah..). And that was about it.

See ya.

power rangers samurai toys spotted / today

December 20, 2010

Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer for the Power Rangers fan on your Christmas list? Then it seems you should check out your local Wal-Mart. Power Rangers Samurai toys have been spotted (and purchased) at a Wal-Mart in North Carolina. Specifically, the full line of “Mega Rangers”, Auto Morphins, the “Mooger” henchman, and the Samurai Megazord. Plus the packaging for the Mega Rangers line seems to feature images of real versions of the toys’ alternate suits that fans got all angry over originally for not being show-accurate. Now it turns out they may just be after all. Stay tuned. 🙂

The Samurai Story
A new generation of Power Rangers must master the Samurai Sword and mystical Symbols of Power which give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest, and Earth. Under the guidance of their all-knowing mentor and the aid of their devoted animal Zords they battle the dark forces of the Underworld and a mysterious Warrior bent on destruction.

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then I watched Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III (lol, these are always better than the Family Guy specials.. good time here, and new season January 9th, yay!).. followed by The Star Wars Holiday Special (yes, that.. the previous special got me in the Star Wars mood, so I stuck with it and watched this again.. yeah, it’s horrible.. but the Rifftrax commentary track does wonders 🙂 ). My dad soon came home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV.

Eventually, I took back the TV and watched Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (older one, the Wall Street episode from earlier this season.. I see why this mysteriously fell off the TV schedule soon after airing, they really hit this right on the head, wow.. and its such a recent event too). I then checked out PlayStation Home (took off my winter gear and made myself look like some gangsta hamster, a la that awesome Kia Soul ad :p ).. before moving on to DC Universe Online Beta (I froze three times while playing today alone.. not to mention all the bugs that need fixing.. and yet the release date was just moved up on Amazon to less than a month away..? *hopes for non-fail upon release* because besides the bugs, I’m really enjoying it.. I’m leveling up slowly since you’ll just have to start all over at release anyway, just reached level 9 and was invited to the JLA Watchtower space station.. awesome 🙂 ).

My dad went to bed for a nap, then woke up a bit too early. We eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there was nothing on TV yet again.. except for two hours of FOX’s new game show Million Dollar Money Drop (maybe I’ll keep watching this week.. but beyond that? doubt it). My dad went to bed, then I returned to my room for the night.

We’re getting more snow overnight, so my dad’s unsure if I’ll be able to go out to media buy tomorrow. I think I partly media buy just as an excuse to get out of the house and/or spend time with my dad. We don’t do anything together anymore really, except that and watch TV.. I was still unsure about which store to get them from as well. But once I heard about a deal on Amazon, I jumped on it. I ordered Salt & Easy A together on Blu-ray tonight and got two $5 discounts applied, making for a total of under $30. That beats Target’s $5 gift card. And I went ahead and put that Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy Blu-ray into the order too. Thanks for price-matching, Amazon! But we’re still through once my free trial of Amazon Prime runs out next month. :p

See ya.