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March 31, 2010

I awoke very early (5AM) and got online to finish up the previous entry, then checked out PlayStation Home. But then I fell asleep.. until about 10AM. :p I returned to PlayStation Home for a bit, then my dad returned home from dialysis. We soon watched Ellen.. but I eventually made my way back to PlayStation Home. A couple more cable & internet outages occurred and they got me rather annoyed. And eventually, I got bored of it and got online way earlier than usual (about 4:30 or so).

I got online early to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.. I also headed to the bedroom DVR and fit in two episodes of Supernatural (“Sam Interrupted” & “Swap Meat”.. very good episodes, wow.. maybe I should catch up with this one next). My dad quietly returned to bed for the evening, screwing up our night again. But oh well. Instead of the new shows that I DVRed instead, I watched Chuck (another great episode, of course 🙂 ), two episodes of Caprica (caught up on it now.. it’s been getting better, surprisingly enough.. and that “finale”.. wow), tonight’s South Park (lol, good episode.. the pope protecting pedophiles and reference to Caprica, nice :p) and Ugly Americans (lol.. the hot demon chick wasn’t on the episode last week.. but she returned this week, yay :p).

My dad woke up just in time for the news, of course.. as if he were just laying in there waiting to get up or something. But no luck. I was watching South Park by that point. Hawhaw.. I returned to my room for the night.. and got April fooled by KryptonSite right at Midnight. lol. D’oh. :p

See ya.

[ ObamaCare Will Send Old People To ‘Death Panels’ ]
[ Shulman’s IRS Tax Police To Enforce Health Care ]
[ Health Care Battle Ends – War On Social Security Begins ]
[ Video: Another Reason Why The Congress Is Useless ]
[ Another Militia Group Indicted By The Feds ]
[ Video: Lt Col Risks Court Martial Over Obama Citizenship ]
[ Obama – Hated By The Chicago Law School Faculty ]
[ More ‘Change’ – Obama OKs East Coast Oil Drilling ]
[ Video: Understanding The Mechanics Of A Police State ]
[ Drockton – ‘Heil Canada’? – New Law Would Surrender Sovereignty ]
[ Swine Flu No Big Deal? Look At Years Of Life Lost ]
[ Grandma Electronically Tagged For Selling Goldfish To Teen ]
[ UK Cops Get New Metal Detector Glove ]
[ Vatican – 3 Reasons Not Liable For Sex Abuse, Coverups ]
[ Man Jumps From Empire State Building ]
[ Common Toads Can Detect Earthquakes In Advance ]



March 30, 2010

I awoke… and had to get only to finish the previous entry. :/ ..We watched some of the basic morning TV, but we soon headed out to.. store. So I was finally able to spent most of my remaining monies until Friday on some junk food.. to hold me out until then. Yay.. We returned home.. and I got on PlayStation Home for a few hours. Grr, damn tattered clothes. 😦

I soon took a break from that and instead watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars (last Friday’s episode.. should really keep up with this one.. pretty damn good episode 🙂 ) and Greek (spring break finale.. also a very good episode, wow). But.. then I returned to PlayStation Home for another hour or two.

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Castle (still pretty good, though a bit deflated compared to Part 1.. but the ratings for this two-parter were apparently good enough to get the show a Season 3 pick-up, so yay), Ricky Gervais Show (lol), Lost (another very good episode, of course.. eight episodes left.. just can’t contemplate a Lost-free existence 😦 ) and finally.. V (the long-awaited return.. pretty good start, look forward to what’s to come).

And.. see ya.

[ Tax Horror – White House Secretly Passes Currency Controls ]
[ The Hidden Annuities Tax In The Health Bill ]
[ Searches Prove NO Mandatory Chipping In Health Bill ]
[ Ron Paul – Healthcare And Economic Realities ]
[ Any Doubt About Who’s Running Our Country? ]
[ CNN Attempts To Portray Patriots As Terrorists, Backfires ]
[ CNN Loses Half Its Viewers! ]
[ Causus Belli – Infiltrating The Militias ]
[ Zionist-Controlled Congress Sends $3 Billion To Israel ]
[ 300 Zionist-Controlled Reps ‘Sign’ Allegiance To Israel ]
[ Makow – Illuminati Created The US To Advance New World Order ]
[ Lovelock – Put Democracy On Hold For Climate ]
[ Magnets To Brain Lessen Morality – Cell Phones, Too? ]
[ Archaeologists Find ‘Door To Afterlife’ ]

adelaide kane secrets / today

March 29, 2010

Power Rangers RPM‘s Adelaide Kane (Tenaya 7.. *drools*) will be starring in a new family TV movie on NBC.. presented by WalMart! By this trailer, Secrets Of The Mountain looks like a more family-friendly version of National Treasure (with some inevitable WalMart brand product placement, of course). Interesting. It’s set to premiere on Friday April 16th at 8PM ET. I can already see a “WalMart exclusive” DVD release coming some months later. :p ..Ms. Kane is currently filming a somewhat more interesting project though — the horror film Donner Pass. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online briefly before watching Cheyenne Cinnamon (haha.. at least it’s somewhat better than some adult swim shows I know –> ), Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job (um.. okay.. wtf was that? :p ) and The Sarah Silverman Program (hahaha, nice episode). And then I checked out PlayStation Home for a little while. I can’t believe there’s actually a virtual golden suit that costs $15.. and I’m starting to see a lot of people wearing it.. it sparkles and money continuously falls out of its pockets. lol. :p And a part of me wants it.. but damn, that’s too expensive. >_>

My dad returned home from dialysis, then we had some late breakfast and watched some morning TV. But eventually, my dad got t o feeling weak or whatever and headed off to bed again.. I watched all four episodes of V in preparation for the new episodes that begin tomorrow (very good episodes.. again.. can’t wait for Tuesday night), then.. returned to PlayStation Home., to waste more time.. There’s a new update to Grand Theft Auto IV that mainly added the Episodes From Liberty City trophies to the list. Neat. I guess the disc version won’t have a separate list.

My dad woke up and we had some supper, then he watched his brainwashing TV news. Ugh.. I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Human Target (another very good episode.. and wow, they’re getting some hotties in this show every week.. I definitely noticed before this, this is just my first time mentioning it.. Moon Bloodgood this week.. past episodes have featured Emmanuelle Vaugier, Leonor Varela and Grace Park 🙂 ), Justified (there’s just something that bored me about this show.. and yet I like it enough to keep watching?), Rules of Engagement (lol) and 10 Things I Hate About You (lol, nice start to the season).

And.. yeah, bye.

[ Militia Raids Part Of Government Effort to Provoke Violence, Purge Dissent ]
[ Leaderless Resistance – Disconnecting From the System ]
[ 2 Female Suicide Bombers Kill 38 In Moscow Subway ]
[ NYC Activates Security Plan After Moscow Bombings ]
[ Obama Goes To Afghanistan To See US Death Machine ]
[ Army Admits Continued Slaughter Of Innocent Afghans ]
[ US Stocks Soaring – WHY? ]
[ Feds To Give $600m Housing Aid To Five States ]
[ French Scientists Try To Combine H1N1 & H5N1 ]
[ CDC Now Acknowledging H1N1 Spike In GA ]
[ China Set To Produce More Legal ‘Highs’ ]
[ US ‘Concerneds’ Over Australia’s Internet Censoring ]
[ Fear Dictates What Music Teens Listen To ]
[ Astronomers Discover 90 Percent MORE Universe ]
[ Biblical Plagues Really Happened Say Scientists ]

Sunday 03.28.2010 —

March 28, 2010

I awoke in the morning.. at 4AM.. and finished up the previous entry. I also watched some Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town.. before I fell asleep again. I awoke some hours alter and watched Legend Of The Seeker (another good episode 🙂 ), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (great episode.. though a bit too many comedic moments in this one, IMO), Victorious (lol, not bad..) and the latter five episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You: Volume 1 (yup, a show with “10” in it only aired 10 episodes before a “finale”, harhar.. new episodes begin Monday though, so I got this DVD out of the way first.. these latter episodes were especially good 🙂 ).

My dad wanted to see his NASCAR race.. but he managed to fall asleep and stay asleep for the first hour of coverage.. allowing me to watch all that I did. Yay.. I got online for a while next. I was going to head to the bedroom DVR again, but my dad’s race a rained out and he offered that we watch a movie instead. I’ll have to empty the bedroom DVR sometime during the week now. It didn’t have enough space for Supernatural.. so I must download instead.. when I reach that episode anyway.

And so my dad and I watched my next Netflix selection — Have You Heard About The Morgans?. Yes, another light romantic comedy. The usual fare to rent, watch once, enjoy, the n eventually forget about. I buy all the good movies. :p We both enjoyed this one though. It was funny enough. The silences early into the movie were a bit odd though. No music or anything. :/

We had some supper, then I got back online again.. In primetime, we watched two episodes of Til Death (lol.. no resolution to one thing in the latter episode.. odd), Minute To Win It (still interests me, surprisingly), Family Guy (lol, good episode.. and AWESOME opening sequence 😀 ), Sons of Tucson (lol), Simpsons (lol.. especially the sign “Welcome To Israel: Your American Tax Dollars At Work”.. so funny, but mostly because it’s quite true) and Cleveland Show (so Cleveland is now acting spontaneous and retarded like Peter? these guys are making too many shows that are pretty much the same thing.. damn :/ ).

And.. returned to my room for the night. See ya.

[ Satanic Ritual Abuse In UT – The Glenn Pace Memo ]
[ Utah Satanic Ritual Abuse – Satanists At Large ]
[ Bankrupt States Seek To Tax Nearly Everything ]
[ Glass-Steagall Act Text Erased From Google ]
[ $12 Billion Vanishes In Palestine – No Results To Be Seen ]
[ S Korea Navy Ship Hit By Mystery Blast ]
[ ‘No Way’ Ship Had Internal Explosion – S Korea Survivor ]
[ Rape Of Females In Military Soars ]
[ New Catalytic Converter – Cleaner, Cheaper Cars? ]

Saturday 03.27.2010 — ONLY Clowning Around is more like it.

March 27, 2010

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then soon had some breakfast. And then I watched the first five episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You: Volume 1 (haha @ the hollow acting in a certain scene in the first episode.. don;t know why I didn’t notice it the first time.. lol, very good show though.. looking forward to the new episodes that start Monday), followed by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back To The Sewer (a special episodic airing of the 13-part webisode series “Mayhem From Mutant Island”.. plays out even worse all together.. I know Nicktoons will at least be able to make something better than this, right? :/), The Soup (lol).. and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (the classically silly “No Clowning Around“.. hahahaa, not too much BS added this week.. saving it all for “Green With Evil” next week I guess.. Part 1 & 2 air the next two weeks.. then no more for all of April.. ugh 😦 ).

I got online for a bit and.. waited for my dad as he waited for the mail. But he eventually gave up and we headed out to the grocery store. I really wasn’t sure where to spend my remaining money (until Friday), so I attempted to split in between groceries and Home. I got a bit of groceries.. and ended up with $4.99 in the bank. D’oh. ($5.00 is the minimum credit card charge on PSN wallet and Home.) Oh well. I’ll just have to wait until Friday to complete my Aliens vs Predator costume collection. Teehee. They’re only available until the end of April. 😦

We returned home and my dad quickly took off to a few more stores. I got onto PlayStation Home and returned to IREM Beach. There’s a second wave of free treasure item to collect.. and it seems more difficult to collect here than it did months ago on my Japan account. Wants the tattered castaway-style clothes damnit. Every fifteen minutes, a new shiny.. and most of the time.. it’s something I already have. Got the sea slug today. That was pretty neat I guess. :p

My dad and I had some supper, then he complained as it reached 7PM. And so I shut off the PS3, returned to my room and got online. :p ..After some time online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched two more episodes of Bones (finally caught up on one show anyway.. until Thursday.. good episodes though 🙂 ). Then I returned to the living room and we watched some Wanda Sykes.. and then I fell asleep..

See ya.

[ The McCain-Lieberman Police State Act ]
[ ObamaCare Rx – An ‘Emergency Health Army’ ]
[ Fed Takeover Of Student Loans Hidden In ObamaCare ]
[ Health Care Mandate – Now The Legal Fight Begins ]
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[ Video: Devvy – The IRS Is Not An Agency Of The US Govt ]
[ The Jews Behind Obama’s Health Care Scheme ]
[ Truth Has Fallen And Taken Liberty With It ]
[ Pentagon Wants $33 Billion More To Kill In Afghanistan ]
[ Haiti Is Pentagon Training Ground For Afghanistan ]
[ Think BEFORE Using ANY Online Backup Service ]
[ Swine Flu Over? Guess Again — And The News Gets Worse ]
[ Earth Has NO PLAN To Avoid Extinction ]
[ Earth Entering New Age Of ‘Geological Time’ ]
[ Bees In More Trouble Than Ever After Bad Winter ]
[ Hubble Shows Universe Expansion Is Speeding Up ]


March 26, 2010

I awoke at about 8AM and got online for a bit. And then I watched Chuck (wow, very good episode.. I was a bit worried when I heard Subway would be sponsoring the show more.. to keep it on the air at all.. but they’ve integrated it fairly well), Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town (just the one I missed most of the other day), Leverage (another huge viewing gap between the two-part finale.. the second time for me out of two seasons.. apparently, the show was going to be canceled.. but new funding came through, so it isn’t.. man, I would’ve HATED for the series to end this way :p) and Caprica (better not get THREE episodes behind, so here we are.. not that bad of an episode, actually.. I watch the show for the scifi and they barely put any in it, just like with Battlestar Galactica.. ugh.. but there was more scifi here than usual, so yay.. and that ending.. wow).

After all that, I got back online for a bit. Soon, my dad returned home from dialysis, we had some lunch then he went off to bed as usual..I checked out PlayStation Home for a little bit…. Okay, all afternoon.. and up until about. 8PM. I went around to all four regions though. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.. My dad awoke once in the afternoon, but eventually returned t o bed. Then he awoke just before 8PM. It was then that we had some later supper.

We then watched Human Target (another great episode, of course.. and Grace Park *drools*), Blue Mountain State (lol, oil change.. quick ending though) and two episodes of United States of Tara (wow, nice start to the season..). My dad began feeling quite bad again and returned to bed. 😦 ..I returned to PlayStation Home.. and soon fell asleep..

See ya.


March 25, 2010

I awoke quite early in the morning.. due to my dad getting up.. at 4AM. I got online for a bit, then watched two episodes of Pretty Wild (uhh.. ew..? except for the blurred nudity, I suppose). During the latter episode of that, I did fall asleep however. I awoke a few hours later and got online for a bit. My dad soon began watching the usual morning TV even though most of it was reruns for some reason.

But not for long. I took over the TV and got onto PlayStation Home. Paying real money for virtual items? Sure! The limited-time Aliens vs Predator costumes are especially awesome (yes, I’m the one cheating with the lightsaber :p). Check out more of my pics from today here. I’m especially proud of this one. Heh. :p

So I was on there for quite a few hours.. while my dad left on an errand and returned. Then I idled in IREM Beach while trying to collect those pesky “shinys” — “buried treasure” free virtual items that can be found in the water every 15 minutes. While doing this, I watched South Park (rofl, another hilarious episode.. especially the Sarah Jessica Parker bits :p ), Ugly Americans (lol, a bit better than last week I think), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (hah, fairly good episode I guess) and Greek (haha, another good episode.. looking forward to the “finale” next week).

I then returned to PlayStation Home for some more hours (including a visit to the EU for their limited Kick-Ass costumes).. We eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Community (lol, especially @ Cookie Crisp), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lol, nice), 30 Rock (baggin’ on my hometown, terrific.. lol) and The Marriage Ref (lol.. at times). And that was pretty much it. See ya.

[ 20 Ways ObamaCare Will Hack Away Our Freedoms ]
[ ObamaCare Is A Financial DISASTER ]
[ ObamaCare Passage – A Full-Scale Retreat ]
[ The Shadow Government’s Healthcare Bill Rules ]
[ Amish, Muslims Exempt From ObamaCare ]
[ Republicans Force New House Vote On US Health Bill ]
[ Poll – 55% Favor Repeal Of Health Care Bill ]
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[ Drockton – The Truth About Healthcare In America – Part 3 ]
[ The Scary, Scary Social Security ‘Crisis’ is Back! ]
[ 25% Republicans Think Obama Is The ‘AntiChrist’ ]
[ Safe Or Not, Nano-Foods Coming To Stores ]
[ New Study Fuels Bitter Debate Over High Fructose Corn Syrup ]
[ CA May Vote On Legalizing Pot – LA Times ]
[ Russia Says Siberian Winter COLDEST On Record ]
[ ‘The End Of Motorized Transportation In The US’ ]
[ Nanobots Successful In Fighting Cancer ]
[ Dogs Dying From Injected Microchips ]
[ Pope Implicated In Sex Coverup Of 200 Deaf US Boys! ]
[ Bush Wipes Hand On Clinton After Haitian Handshake ]
[ Video: Bush Wipes Sweaty Haitian Handshake Off On Bill ]

ron wasserman rock band / family guy v8 & american dad v5 dvd / ps home mar 25 2010 / today

March 24, 2010

Here’s some old news for ya.. since I don’t visit Rangerboard as often as I should anymore. 😦 ..Anyway, a couple Ron Wasserman songs have shown up on the Rock Band Network (songs available for purchase and play on Rock Band 2) — “Revengers” (probably a rejected theme for the upcoming The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series with a changed word so it could be released) and Ron’s tribute to his Mighty Morphin Power Rangers days “Fight Back“. Both are available now for Xbox 360 and will likely follow on PlayStation3 & Wii. I don’t really care for these kinds of games.. but this is pretty cool nonetheless. 🙂

Fox Home Entertainment has revealed that both Family Guy: Volume Eight and American Dad: Volume Five are scheduled for DVD release on June 15th. Family Guy will feature 15 more episodes for the hefty retail price of $49.96 SRP. Ack. Special features include a featurette, some deleted scenes and a crapload of “karaoke”. American Dad will include 14 more episodes for a $39.98 SRP. Its special features include commentaries on every single episode, deleted scenes and.. a couple other things. Oh, and both releases now mention that they’ll feature uncensored audio tracks. Nice.. I’ll probably be the sucker who picks up both on release date. Never seen them released on the same date before. :/ ..No way am I getting that Cleveland Show garbage though, whenever it’s released..

PlayStation Home will see a pretty good update tomorrow. The North American region will open the new Assassin’s Creed II space, finally redecorate the SingStar VIP space (the door to the space no longer works, but I have it in my favorites and it’s still done up for Christmas, lol), and features Aliens Vs Predator virtual costumes in the Mall “far a limited time” (aka until the end of April).. in order to jack up the sales. The new “Anime” personal space doesn’t really look all that much like anime to me. :/ ..Meanwhile, EU Home continues its annoyingly-exclusive movie promotions with a couple of Kick-Ass superhero costumes. And they’re free, just like the past costumes for Watchmen, Star Trek and GI Joe. There was even a free Avatar shirt. 😦

I awoke in the morning.. and pretty much stayed online all morning. I was covering taking over the TV.. but my dad woke up and took over for his usual morning TV. Too late. We had some late breakfast.. And by about noon, I did take over and checked out PlayStation Home for a bit. For the first time in a little while, I checked out the other two main regions of Home and a few of their exclusive spaces. That Hustle Kings space needs to be here is NA now. :p As does a more realistic space suit.. like the one from the GAME Moonbase in the EU.

I watched the first couple episodes of Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town (finally starting this.. now that it’s over.. will probably need to rewatch the second one again later though, missed a good part of it 😦 ). I bought another pizza for supper (Pizza Hut’s $10 deal is awesome.. Meat Lover’s + Chicken, woohoo) and shut off the PS3 way earlier than usual. :p And I eventually got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Modern Family (rerun), The Middle (lol), Modern Family (lol.. “I just ate the sun!”), Cougar Town (especially good episode this week, lol) and Life Unexpected (another very good episode.. I’m really enjoying this show.. and now I think my dad is hooked as well, hahahaa). And.. that’s it. See ya.

[ Rep Dingle – ‘ObamaCare Will Eventually CONTROL THE PEOPLE’ ]
[ Health Bill A TRANSFER OF POWER, Kills The Constitution ]
[ There Is No ‘Good & Welfare Clause’ In The Constitution ]
[ Video: National Bankruptcy Will Repeal ObamaCare ]
[ States Health Care Lawsuits Don’t Have A Chance ]
[ PDF: Transcript Of States Lawsuit ]
[ Obama, In 1980, Said He Was Born In Mombasa, Kenya ]
[ Reporting The Dirty, Nasty, Vile Truth About Our Govt ]
[ Exploding Breast Implants Could Blow Up Jetliners ]
[ Heathrow Worker ‘Ogled Colleague On Body Scanner’ ]
[ D225G Transmission In Duke University Cases ]
[ DHS Sec Director Convicted In Illegal Alien Case ]
[ Ban Smoking In Cars Say Big Pharma Drug Pushers ]
[ Tobacco Linked To Mental Illness ]
[ Facebook Linked To Rise In Syphilis ]
[ Can It Really Be The End Time? ]

media / today

March 23, 2010

I awoke in the morning and.. watched some morning TV. We had some breakfast, then soon headed out to media buy…

I headed to Target and picked up the Now 33 CD. Yup, that’s pretty much it. And I didn’t even know it was coming out until I saw the ad on TV. And I have all 33 volumes. :p ..I got an icee, then my dad made a quick visit to the grocery store. We returned home and watched Ellen (well, Obama and his sham of a health care bill took over for most of the hour, ugh). I got online, then watched Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job (hm), Simpsons (lol) and Scrubs (hahaha… Zach Braff says the show is ending though.. and I hope so..)

After that, I then got onto PlayStation Home.. and ended up staying there for pretty much the rest of the afternoon.. and up to 7PM. We had supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Castle (just had to see this one right away.. very good episode, wow @ that ending.. with the early talk of a “movie”, perhaps they were hinting to this two-parter being one.. if ABC chose to air them back-to-back or something?), Life Unexpected (another very good episode, really liking this show), Sons of Tucson (lol).. and the new episode of Lost (wow, great episode this week.. explained quite a bit 🙂 ).

And.. that was pretty much it again. See ya.

[ Obama Signs Near Trillion Dollar Health ‘Reform’ Bill ]
[ A Bad Day For America ]
[ Twitter Users Call For ‘Bullet For Obama’ Over Health Bill ]
[ Could Obama Face Impeachment Over ‘Slaughter Solution’? ]
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[ Uninsured Idiots – ‘It’s Going To Be Like Christmas!’ ]
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[ ObamaCare To Be Enforced By IRS ‘Bounty Hunters’ ]
[ ObamaCare To Cost US Families $15,200 A Year ]
[ More Than States Will Sue Over Unconstitutional Health ‘Law’ ]
[ Drockton – The Truth About Healthcare in America ]
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[ The Zionist Face Of American Government ]
[ 30 Million Kids Got Vaccine Tainted With Pig Virus ]
[ Rotavirus Contaminated With Pig Virus – No Risks!? ]
[ Severely Toxic Chinese Fluorides In Your Water? ]
[ Fox Poll – 79% Say US Economy Could Collapse ]
[ Broadband Plan Would Expand Government Power Over Internet ]
[ The Real Story Of The Men Who Stare At Goats ]
[ Video: Mass Mind Control – Bernays Explains How He Got US Women To Smoke ]
[ Mars Photos – NASA’s Most Extraordinary Images EVER ]

avatar last airbender book 1 lce dvd / today

March 22, 2010

To coincide with the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie this summer (only titled The Last Airbender due to some lame legal headbuttage with James Cameron), Paramount will re-release the series onto DVD. The volumes will be re-released in cheaper double-volume sets.. and there’s a release for Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 1: Water – Limited Collector’s Edition on June 22nd.. I am so glad now that I have yet to buy this series in season sets on DVD (only have the volumes so far). This seven-disc set will likely include the six discs from the original release (five volumes + a special features disc) as well as a newly-pressed disc just for an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary (lazy). It will also include a “beautifully illustrated paperback book”. And that cover art is soooo much better than the current version. It finally looks like a book! :p ..Wonder what’s up with this Amazon listing for a “Definitive Collector’s Set” though? Hmm..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then checked out PlayStation Home.. before getting onto Heavy Rain. And so my quest for the game’s only gold trophy began. I was only all morning.. and it wasn’t until I was almost done that I figured out that I had used the wrong save file.. and hadn’t met the requirements for the trophy. Ugh. My dad had returned home from dialysis, so we soon watched some Ellen.

I then returned to Heavy Rain and played through a good part of the game in one sitting all over again on the right save this time.. until I figured out that I had missed collecting a piece of evidence and had to play a good part of it.. all.. over.. again.. But finally, by about 6PM or so, I finally got the game’s only gold trophy. Argh. With it, I reach a 198 trophy total. I’m only two trophies away from finishing Heavy Rain‘s trophies and getting my first platinum. Wow. Doubt it’ll happen though. :/

I got onto PlayStation Home for a while.. My dad finally woke up at 8PM and we had some supper. We eventually watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, good episode), Rules of Engagement (haha), Two & A Half Men (lol), The Big Bang Theory (rofl, hilarious episode this week) and CSI Miami (pretty good episode actually). I soon fell asleep.. until I was awoken shortly after midnight due to the cable going out completely. My dad immediately suspected the asshole next door who has stolen our cable twice before. After about 15 minutes off, it finally came back on though. 😐

And that was pretty much it. See ya.