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mmpr 2010 sched jan-april / crisis on two earths blu / today

November 30, 2009

BurgundyRanger has revealed the first three weeks of scheduling for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 2010! And Disney is using new episode production numbers for these reruns. Strange.. It all begins January 2nd at 12 Noon ET on ABC with “Day Of The Dumpster” & “High Five”, continues January 9th with “Teamwork” & “A Pressing Engagement”, then the episodes “Different Drum” & “Food Fight” are set to follow on January 16th. But then on January 23rd, one “new” episode will be preceded by a rerun instead. The following months will feature more annoying pre-emptions.. in between parts of “Green With Evil”. Damn.. Cannot wait to see these reruns though nonetheless. :p

Warner Bros recently announced the DVD & Blu-ray releases of Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths for February 23rd. The two Special Editions will include some Justice League Unlimited episodes, a Spectre animated short, “The New World” featurette, and sneak peek at the next DC Universe Original Animated Movie. The Blu-ray will add on top of that an extended version of the “New World” featurette, the Wonder Woman 1976 pilot episode and the more recent Aquaman unaired pilot starring Smallville‘s Justin Hartley (sweet! even though I already bought and sold a cheap Smallville season to get that promo DVD at Best Buy :p ..but now it’s on Blu!). 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. at 4AM. I got online for a bit, then my dad finally headed off to dialysis. I soon watched American Dad (lol) and last week’s Heroes (good episode) before nodding off to sleep for a little while. I awoke later and took my meds, then had some breakfast. I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home. New space. Neat..

My dad returned home from dialysis and was soon on the phone rescheduling my hospital appointment. He just couldn’t drive me across town today, especially after the dialysis that makes him feel weak. Oh, and he’s about out of gas and can’t afford more until tomorrow. I hope we can make the appointment tomorrow at least.

After Home, I also played some LittleBigPlanet for the first time in a while. Ooh, fun. Though I was a little rusty.. After that, I then caught up on some more TV with Glee (haha, good episode), Castle (cool), The Prisoner Parts 1 & 2 (I had watched the first two parts before the hospital, but fell asleep.. and here I fell asleep again.. damn) and two episodes of Rita Rocks (haha).

I got online to news-gather, then we had a lame supper out of what very little food we had left behind.. In primetime, we watched my next Netflix selection — The Proposal. Funny movie. We both liked it. But it was lighter on the comedy that we expected though.. I followed that up with last week’s House (good episode) before returning to my room for the night.. as my dad slept again..

Damn, I was really wanting to make this a new start for these entries. Makes them different. Fresh. But these annoying bed sores and itches are taking my time right now. My feet still hurt if I walk on them too much, just not nearly as bad as it used to. I’m also wondering if this huge amount of sweating that I am doing is because of the new prescriptions.. or because I’m pretty much sitting in front of a heater in the living room. A heater that may be turned up too high because while I am feeling the heat my dad still says he’s cold. 😦

Well.. see ya..

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The Paranoid Pariah returns.. mostly healed!

November 29, 2009

If you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter, you know that I finally went to the hospital and that’s where I’ve been all week. In case not, here’s the tweets. I would’ve been nice to have been able to hear back from people during my very uncomfortable and isolated stay. Had to wait until I returned home to read all the tweet replies. Thanks guys! 🙂

Hospital Twitter Log

Okay, I’m on my way to the hospital. Wish me luck. Hope I can at least keep tweeting..
11:38 AM Nov 23rd from txt

Day 1 complete. Day of endless waiting for room. IV put in active arm. Got room, two suppers, then dad left me alone 😦
11:56 PM Nov 23rd from txt

Day 2. Lady wrapping my legs was a hot Katee Sackhoff lookalike. Damn. In uncomfortable bed, feeling like a sad lab rat
10:17 PM Nov 24th from txt

I’m so lonely. I miss my TV & DVDs. I miss my friends online. And I miss my kitty. 😦
1:16 PM Nov 25th from txt

Day 3. Light at end of tunnel. May be released by weekend, but not holding my breath. The world does enjoy stomping out my hope & happiness.
11:01 PM Nov 25th from txt

Thanksgiving = new people working. New people = being awoken for tests & vampirism (happened twice already!). And done badly to boot. Ugh.
12:43 AM Nov 26th from txt

Day 4. Dad had a sandwich for Thanksgiving because of me. He tells me cat is missing me too, acting different. Hope I’m home tomorrow. 😦
7:57 PM Nov 26th from txt

Getting bathed by a nurse: priceless… Now get me the hell out of here!
11:02 AM Nov 27th from txt

Day 5. Not going home today due to some mental doctor bullshit. Must wait until tomorrow now. Gawdamnit. One more night in the cold cage…
5:18 PM Nov 27th from txt

I’m having a hard time sleeping again tonight, partly due to myself.. and the nurse that woke me up with a thirst for blood. Neeed sleeep..
4:19 AM Nov 28th from txt

Told Dad to set DVRing for KRDK. Of course he failed and forgot. Must wait months to VHS a re-airing now.Ugh. Please let me go home already!
10:28 AM Nov 28th from txt

Mental doc trying to ‘change’ me. I don’t want to change
3:16 PM Nov 28th from txt

(except the legs). I wanna go home and get back to normal damnit.. Discharge is in progress though. Slow, slow progress. 😦
3:26 PM Nov 28th from txt

Day 6. Nope, not going home today either. Slow docs suck. Hard.
about 24 hours ago from txt

If I’m not discharged early tomorrow, my dad says he’s gonna just leave me here another day. He cannot miss his football. Geez. :/
about 22 hours ago from txt

And now the chance of getting out today is already slimming. Guess I shouldn’t expect better from the hospital that killed my mother…
about 9 hours ago from txt

Dad’s come and gone again. Can’t find anything on TV. Hard spot in bed hurting my butt all week. Still no end to torture in sight.
about 5 hours ago from txt

Doc came and pretty much said bye. Great that dad couldn’t wait. But he’s coming again now. :/
about 4 hours ago from txt

Day 7… After 10,000 years I’m free! It’s time to co– er, go home! Yeah!
about 2 hours ago from txt

My whole time in the hospital, I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to mention here post-log… but now I can’t think of any of it. Damn.. I’m outpatient now. My next appointment is tomorrow. But due to my dad’s dialysis, we’ll probably have to reschedule to Tuesday. They have to rewrap my legs every few days. I also have prescriptions for an antibiotic.. and an antidepressant. :/

Well, see ya tomorrow. 🙂

an idiot’s update: no tomorrow?

November 18, 2009

Boring and uncomfortable days spent in front of the TV, then boring and uncomfortable later evenings sitting at the computer while waiting for video files to download or burn to disc… That’s pretty much all it has been lately. So I thought.. why bore you with an even more boring than usual version of my boring life?

My legs have been looking worse and worse or years now, actually. Maybe a couple times they would leak a little.. but then that would be it. I tried water pills, but they didn’t really work. And that time a few years back where I slipped on some ice and hit my knee pretty hard.. Thanks to some friendly neighbors, I made it back inside my home. There was no blood really, just a lot of pain. The next day, I managed to crawl (literally) into an ambulance and head to the hospital. Once they saw what bad shape my legs were in, they only took a few x-rays, filled out a pain prescription and booted me back out within hours. Even now, that knee still makes an odd clicking or rubbery sound whenever I bend it.

And then one fateful morning, I awoke to my leg hurting quite bad. the pain would eventually go away, but the leg would never be the same again. It began leaking and wouldn’t stop. This of course caused problems with both my clothes and the carpet. My dad complained, put down newspaper and began spraying the hell out of the house. A little while later, the other leg began leaking as well, of course making the situation even worse. But for some reason, I refused to go to the hospital. I really don’t know why. It could have to do with my schedule of DVD purchases or fear of it being something more serious than I think. I soon made up what may be an “excuse” by telling myself that my dad doesn’t care enough about me. After all, he appeared way more worried about the odor and stains in the carpet than my health.

I don’t know how my current predicament came on, but it did. The bottoms of my feet appeared to become raw or something. Every step I took now caused me pain (or rather, every time I lifted my feet). This led to sitting in front of the TV all day long for this past week or so, even during the boring crap my dad watches. He knew about this new problem, but for some reason I still wanted to hide it from him. I’d wait until he went to bed or dialysis before getting up and struggling into my room to download new TV episodes for my PS3. One day, I think I sat there for 15 hours. The computer chair was a lot more uncomfortable to sit in than my usual living room spot, so I cut back on internet time a lot. The clear leaking liquid would go onto the floor and harden, but when wettened by new leakage it would become sticky. It also appeared to conduct heat. So annoying.

My dad’s finally starting to inquire about why I don’t just go to the hospital. He rarely shows real concern with his comments though. More curiosity, methinks. He.. actually hasn’t.. seen the legs since that day I visited the hospital and he doesn’t seem to remember that day now. He fetches me some things and I do as well during my bi-daily visits to my room. I’ve ordered Tuesday’s DVDs from Amazon, but they won’t be here until next Tuesday. Ugh.

But I guess that’s about it. An idiot in bad shape has gotten in even worse shape. At least I am still alive… for now…

See ya..?

dollhouse closed / today, no yesterday

November 11, 2009

FOX has decided not to pick up any additional episodes of Dollhouse, leaving this season with just 13 episodes.. and has officially canceled the series as well.. RARGH!!! PROMEY SMASH!! *storms FOX headquarters, eventually leveling it to the ground* ..Ahem, anyway.. Click here to check out what Joss Whedon had to say to So sad..

I awoke too early in the morning once again, then my dad eventually left for dialysis.. I got online for a bit, then watched Castle (good episode, heh) and Heroes (good episode). After some more time online, I watched Legend of the Seeker (nice start to Season 2.. and cool, James Gaylyn — aka Colonel Truman.. how many Power Rangers alums does that make now? :p).. followed by three episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (great episode, didn’t watch these yesterday so here they are).

My dad returned from dialysis during those episodes, then we eventually watched Ellen. But then I watched the final four episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (awesome.. “Hostage Crisis” was a bit better than I remember it, neat).. then I followed that by playing some more Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time (now I’m tracking down the gold bolts, I wants me another trophy :p).

We had some pizza for supper (the oven variety.. with plenty of peppers and crap for me to pick off), then I eventually got online to news-gather.. There wasn’t all that much on tonight, so I let my dad watch his CMA Awards and I stayed online a bit longer.. I could no longer stand the desk’s chair and returned to the living room while listening to my new Now 32 CD. Then I caught some of the end of the awards too.. just because I was there.. and didn’t feel like getting up.. I did eventually returned to my room for the night though.

I.. think I’m finally considering going to the hospital. Even though he doesn’t come out and say it, my dad might actually care enough about me. He told me yesterday that.. he didn’t want to see me die before him. And on top of that, the legs are becoming more difficult. The bottoms of them hurt more (while standing on them), and it’s getting harder to stand on them without falling over. It’s probably too late by now. Though it’s most likely been “too late” for me for a long time now.. Plus, today is the anniversary of my mother’s passing.. *sigh*

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no news / today

November 9, 2009

I awoke rather early in the morning and watched two episodes of Bleach (downloaded.. they were alright.. I guess..), Naruto Shippuden (ep 5.. coool), Family Guy (lol) and Cleveland Show (think I fell asleep for a part of this one.. but that’s okay because this one ain’t that great anyway). I fell asleep for a bit, then got online. And after some morning TV, I watched Titan Maximum (haha.. lol, megamum) and Bored To Death (season finale.. aw) before checking out PlayStation Home for a little while. I mainly got the new (“free”) DJ kit and set it up at my log cabin. Hehe.

My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some Ellen.. but then I returned to PlayStation Home for a little while longer. But then I watched four more episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (awesome, love the overabundance of multi-parters in this show :p) and another Mercy (very good).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, especially that car scene), Accidentally On Purpose (haha), Two & A Half Men (lol), Big Bang Theory (lol) and CSI Miami (cool). I kept falling asleep during these shows though. Especially the last two or three. Damnit. 😦

Well.. see ya..

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Sunday 11.08.2009 —

November 8, 2009

I awoke way too early in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. The only title I was interested in was Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut for this week.. and no one mentions it.. so it’s going to be high as hell. Bastards. And Warner isn’t even issuing a $10 off coupon until next month.. for this limited & numbered release.. There was no Bleach (the first of the two was the one I accidentally deleted, so I deleted the other and waited for torrents.. oh well), so I eventually watched Grey’s Anatomy (wow, good episode actually.. still one episode behind.. need to get caught up damnit) and four more episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (awesome.. again 🙂 ).

I got online for a little while.. a bit earlier than usual.. then eventually went to the bedroom DVR and watched Bones (very good episode). I was going to watch at least three to get caught up, but nope.. only one. 😦 The chair is just so very uncomfortable now. And the liquid I continue to leak from my legs gets sticky.. and heat conducive.. on the floor.. I instead went to the living room, watched some of my dad’s sports.. and fell asleep rather quickly for a few hours methinks. We eventually had some supper. My dad does not know how to spend food stamps. Only like $60 left for the rest of the month already. Plus the landlord bitched about the $50 he still owed him, so he paid it off. 😦

In primetime, we watched American Dad (lol), Family Guy (lol), Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show (lol, not bad.. I see it has it’s own production number though, as if it may become a full series if popular enough.. ha) and Desperate Housewives (haha, good episode again this week 🙂 ). But my DVR chose not to record Family Guy & Clevelend Show, so two more things to torrent. Damn. Instead, I found the latter half of Not Another Teen Movie on MTV. Wow, MTV sucks so much now. No music-related programming at all anymore, except for a few hours of music videos early in the morning. And now the parent company is shuffling in show from their other networks, like South Park and World’s Strictest Parents. Still so many commercials, not to mention the line changes during the movie. “I give backrubs.” *gasp* Makes no sense now. :p

My dad went to bed, and soon so did I.. I wrote up this whole thing at around 5AM on Monday. How ’bout that? ..See ya..

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Saturday 11.07.2009 —

November 7, 2009

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while, then soon watched Degrassi TNG (good episode). But then I wasted most of the rest of the morning watching CW4Kids and waiting for a possible new TMNT Turtles Forever promo that never came. Boo. But at the end, I watched the new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight — episode 131: “Xaviax’s Wrath”. This was an AMAZING episode. Wow. And an ending you must see to believe. Too bad the usual download link wasn’t available by posting time. Oh well. It’ll eventually be on my twitter, like usual..

Not long after that was over, I watched five more episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (awesome episodes, enriched a bit further by the featurettes for each episode.. I watch them right after the episode they are for, even though like most Warner Blu-rays they want to play right through all the episodes no matter what you want :p). And a little after that, I watched New Adventures of Old Christine (lol), Gary Unmarried (lol), two episodes of Medium (good episodes.. need to catch up on this one at least.. thinking more and more about dropping Ghost Whisperer every day) and Secret Girlfriend (yes, another second viewing.. can’t believe there’s only only one episode left this season. for a total of six? :/).

We had some supper and watched some lame movie, then I got online.. wasting pretty much the rest of the night. But then at 11PM, my dad and I actually watched the first half of Wanda Sykes Show (lol, not bad), all of SNL (lol.. Taylor Swift, we had to see that).. and the the second half of Wanda Sykes Show on DVR (haha). I was quite sleepy by the end of all this. But before nodding off where I sat, I accidentally deleted one of the new Bleach episodes I was DVRing. Damn. :/

See ya..

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mmpr 2010 toys first look / tmnt turtles forever date / cn new 1hr series / today

November 6, 2009

No Pink Spandex has a better look at the incoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toyline, which is starting to show up in some stores now. Wow. I usually never buy the toys, but with this line it’s going to be more difficult than ever before to resist. A part of me just wants to get the whole set of Rangers.. or just the Pink Ranger.. or just the Green Ranger.. Haha @ Zordon. It so looks like Patrick Stewart.. or more likely the movie version of Zordon. Neato. I’d also like the Deluxe Dragon Dagger that’s coming out as well. :p

CW4Kids has finally announced that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever will make its long-awaited world premiere on November 21st, from 10AM to 11:30AM ET on CW4Kids! And in case you miss it, CW4Kids has already scheduled re-airings of the three “episodes” that make up this movie on the following three Saturday mornings, November 29th, December 5th and December 12th. Cannot wait. 🙂 Hopefully, there’ll be a nice promo or two to see in the morning as well..

Cartoon Network has picked up a couple — as well as their first — one-hour live-action series: Tower Prep & Unnatural History. At first, I groaned.. but then I grew a bit interested in Tower Prep, a series that sounds like it centers around a school for superheroes. And why not? The pilot was executive-produced and written by Paul Dini, who’s also famous for his work in the “DC Alternate Universe” television series Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond & Justice League (oh, and ABC’s Lost too). Interesting.. Both shows go into production this January.

I awoke early in the morning again and got online. Once my dad took off to dialysis, I checked out PlayStation Home for a bit.. while still somewhat asleep. Then I eventually watched FlashForward (wow, stuff actually happened here this week.. very surprising 🙂 ). Eventually, my dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some Ellen before he took off to bed again.

I watched an episode of CSI, then got started and watched the first six episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (well, the movie and the first two episodes :p ..I tried to give the movie another chance, but it still disappointed in the end.. luckily, the series is a lot better.. there’s a featurette for every episode, it seems.. wow.. so I watched each featurette after each episode, hehe.. the first two only ran about 6 minutes each).

By this point, it was already past 5PM.. so I got online to news-gather. And we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we only watched Smallville (wow, some episode.. my dad couldn’t get into it though) before my dad went off to bed again. I then watched last night’s CSI (pretty good I guess), soon followed by The Soup (lol) and The Soup Presents (lol).. Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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no news, too lazy? / today

November 5, 2009

I awoke early in the morning and got online for a while. But we eventually watched some morning TV before my dad headed off somewhere. I took this chance to get the PS3 online and check out PlayStation Home for a bit. I bought the bit-overexpensive Ratchet & Clank personal space. I just couldn’t resist owning everything R&C in Home. Except that new yellow shirt. Ew.

Next, while waiting for the mail, I watched CSI NY to get it off the DVR (not bad). What I had bee n waiting for arrived during the show, but UPS just knocked at the door and left it there. And a nosy neighbor had to poke her head out.. The packaging for Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Complete Season One Blu-ray was about as bad I expected it to be. Hate digibooks. Hate. But I love this series and must own it.. Thanks for the cardboard flap over top of it and around back that I now cannot stow inside the packaging or throw away. :/

Due to what time it was, I opted to begin the series tomorrow and give one more day (for now) to Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. I finally took part in the battle with a really cool explosive ending and got the Insomniac Museum unlocked. Woohoo. I just wish I could have made a new gamesave so that I could play through that battle again. But oh well. I got two more trophies, making for a PSN total of 130 in all now. I finally made it to level 5. 🙂

At about 5PM, I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather.. and we eventually had supper.. In primetime, we watched Community (hahaha), Parks And Recreation (rofl @ that particular scene, priceless), The Office (lol, good episode) and 30 Rock (lol, pretty good I guess).

And that was pretty much it again. See ya.

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prspd blog part 4 / today

November 4, 2009

Power Rangers SPD‘s Greg Aronowitz recently posted (on Halloween, no less) an “SPD Part 4” blog entry.. on his blog. Like the previous installments, this one continues to explore the alien make-up effects. That last image of Kat is cute. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. after.. not really having all that much of a night’s sleep anyway. The cat kept jumping where he isn’t supposed to making a racket, waking me up about every hour or so. :/ My dad eventually woke up for his dialysis, then left.. for it.. I got online for a little while, then played some more Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time (must get Insomniac Museum, grrr.. so I went back and collected some Zoni that I had missed.. oh, and completed Raritanium Tournament for another trophy, yay).

My dad returned home from dialysis and we soon watched some Ellen.. then I got online for a bit again. But at about 1PM, I got back into Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time and collected the remaining Zoni.. then wasted my time doing something that doesn’t get Insomniac Museum unlocked — Challenge Mode. I didn’t find this out until it was too late. I was out of time for the day. And Clone Wars on Blu-ray would arrive via UPS tomorrow. Perhaps I can try again late tonight..?

I got back online after 5PM and news-gathered. And we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched the usual — Hank (hahaha.. Thanksgiving episode already..? ok), The Middle (lol, possibly one of my favorite episodes of the series so far..), Modern Family (hahaha.. but lol @ that very last scene :p), Cougar Town (lol) and Eastwick (lol @ all the beating around the bush about what they are.. they’re in a town infamous for witches.. but what are they?!?! :p).


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